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My computer was stolen - I bought a Sony Vaio laptop - it's been terrible. Worst touchpad ever - ended up having to buy a separate mouse and disconnect the touchpad. Now the battery is no good and they don't make replacements. They are not available from any of their suppliers and if you buy one from another supplier it won't work. The screen will freeze and you'll get nothing unless it's plugged into an outlet. You can't get any information from customer support. I would never buy anything from this company ever again.

Sony Vaio laptop worst computer in the world. Don't buy! They no longer make these computers. They are only available as refurbished. There is no Sony support or updates to keep the computers current. It isn't just my computer that is a lemon, it is all Sony computers. Mine is in the repair shop at the retailer where I purchased it more than I am using it at home! Fortunately I purchased a 3 yr warranty because as soon as it's up, this thing goes into the garbage!

I had a Sony Vaio laptop before. Unfortunately, it only lasted for 2 years because of defective fans. Switched to another brand.

My daughter owns a Sony Vaio Intel i5 notebook. She seldom uses her notebook as she has iPad and iPhone too. Yet one day it started to fail after 2.5 years. Warranty is for 2 years. The screen went totally black after a few minutes usage. It sometimes opened fine but went again, sometimes did not open initially but opened after several attempts but went black soon. Brought it to Sony Official Service Center. They said they examined it and found a faulty motherboard. And guess what they said - it costed more than the price I bought it (I bought it for 1450TL they ask about 1500TL for the motherboard).

I am very much pissed off and refused the repair and have to pay 40TL for the **. I brought it to a elsewhere for repair. And tatatataaaaa, they said it is due to faulty memory, and nothing wrong with the motherboard or graphics card. They replaced memory and I paid total of 90TL to them. How come official service could not identify what's failing but a small repair shop could? I think Sony thinks customers are fools and trying/inclined to sell super expensive parts instead of focusing on finding faults. Shame on Sony.

My Sony Vaio was not booting at the eleventh month of purchase. I contacted customer support. They send me recovery DVD after the warranty expired. The dvd did not fix the problem. The Hard disk must be replaced, but they say I am out of warranty even if I informed Sony about the problem within warranty period. I am not able to use the laptop for more than one year. I am not gonna buy a Sony ever and never. I will go with Apple products, they never let you down on warranty.

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Purchased the Vaio for my wife for Christmas. It worked very well for the first year, then it started intermittent operation. I had a friend look at it but it seemed to work away from home just fine but upon returning the problems would start over again. I just put it in the closet and left it for a year or so then my wife took it to work and had her company's IT guy check it over. First he thought it was the motherboard but the he found the solder was melted from portions of the boards because of excess heat. He cleaned and resoldered with a higher temp solder I guess and it seemed to work ok.

Well it has quit again and now will not turn on. Power the thing and the indicator lights just flash on then right off and no screen. After several hundred attempts I gave up. I want to know why Sony sells this inferior product and we all want it because of their usual good quality product. I have bought other Sony items that only worked through the warranty period and it has cost me a couple thousand bucks. Should I be angry? Well you be the judge. I have Sony's junk that I can't even sell because it is just scrap. Maybe they should try to sell it off for scrap before they market it to the public. I own several more different brands of PCs and they usually are taken out of service due to old age. Heck my Sony stuff is worthless and still looks brand new. HEY SONY HOW WOULD YOU FEEL???

I am organizing a class action suit against SCEA with reports of fraud, theft, and everything else we can dig up. I have an issue with a repaired PS4, paid the fee for service, and Sony refuses to disclose what I paid for (what they did to fix my PS4). My concern is that they reloaded the software because the problem was caused from their firmware upgrade. I am pissed off and sick reading how this company has tried and successfully stuck it to people time and time again. Please contact me at ** if you would like to be part of this suit. Again this is real, not just a threat, you can go to the BBB and see my exchange with them on this topic.

I have problem for the battery dead. And I has been check to the Best Buy to sure that the battery dead but when I call the Sony they really don't like to accept due the extend warranty? They say something reason I cannot accept, and push the responsibility to software or Best Buy?

I have bought a Sony Vaio computer for one year. First liked my laptop but suddenly realized that there had been become some cracks at the left up corner of the screen frame.. and top of the computer charger jack input. I searched for the same problem if anyone have.. and surprised that "yes". I contact with the Sony Turkey about this problem but they did not help me. Please help me about this problem... I do not want to live a regret for buying a Vaio.

TV developed pixel issues after only a few months of use. Contacted Sony warranty department immediately. It has now been over 2 months and I am still looking at a TV with hundreds of broken pixels. Trying to get any information from their warranty department is useless. You cannot even speak to a manager or customer relations department. You will always get tech support and they know nothing about the warranty process and are very incompetent putting you on hold for 30 minutes at a time every time you call.

The latest information I received is that Sony will do a buy-back of their poor quality TV. Sounded fair at first but what a nightmare. Even though they have your credit card information, they will pick up the TV first then process the buyback in 6 weeks!!! That's right. Your TV goes bye-bye and your home theatre is empty until they cut you a check a month and a half later. And judging by their warranty process so far, I don't believe I will ever see a check after they take my property! So they get a TV and I get nothing for however long they decide. Is this is the kind of warranty service you would expect from a name like Sony? I did not and will never buy another Sony product of any kind again!

My fiance bought me a Vaio convertible laptop 2 years ago. Last year in April the hard disk drive failed after an automatic update. It was still under warranty so I was able to get it repaired. Earlier this month and almost exactly a year after the first incident the same problem happens again. We have an extended warranty which covers failed parts and accidental damage until May first of this year. Sony claims to have no record of the purchase or records of the first time I had to send my computer in. They ran me through some simple troubleshooting which didn't work and then insisted that I go to Best Buy to get an estimate, but that there was no guarantee that Sony would pay for anything. Sent it in to the Geek Squad. Got an estimate about the failed hard disk drive, but received someone else's repair estimate.

Even after sending in the correct estimate to Sony they continue to tell me that the damage won't be covered because they are still looking at the wrong estimate. I filed a Better Business Bureau complaint against them and a woman called me to "resolve" it, but she left me a voicemail with the wrong phone number to get back to her. I called and it was disconnected. So I called customer relations again and basically pushed buttons until I got a human on the phone to transfer me to the proper department. Spoke to another man who told me to get my laptop back from Best Buy so they could have me run some troubleshooting. I refused since I had already done it with two other Sony reps and at this point I had already been without my laptop for almost a month. Then after I told him about my warranty information that I had already sent in he told me that Sony would contact Best Buy and pay for my repairs.

About an hour later I get a call from Sony again about my BBB complaint and the woman tells me that they won't be able to fix my laptop because it is out of warranty. After telling her about the man I just talked to she goes into my records and tells me that they are canceling it because they can't find the records for it. She claimed to not be able to see any of my account information. And when I asked to be transferred to someone who could look this stuff up for me, she said there was no one she could transfer me to. I asked to speak to a manager and she told me that there was no manager. She continued to basically tell me that she wanted to help me but couldn't, literally repeating the same line after everything I said. When I confronted her with how the first person I talked to had lied about getting my computer fixed she didn't acknowledge it whatsoever.

She also continued to tell me to go online to find support, which I had already tried multiple times with no results again. Finally I gave her an incident number I had from an email from last year when I had to get the invoice sent to me so I could send in my laptop the first time. Then she tells me she will transfer me to the sales department where someone could look up my information. The next person tells me that they still can't find any records of the sale even though I was staring at the invoice they had emailed to me. The one important piece of information they need that is missing from the invoice is the order number, which somehow got cut off or didn't get copied over when they sent the invoice.

Now they are blaming me for not having the order number even though it was them in the first place who failed to send it. Then they tell me that I have to call the extended warranty department and talk to them about it. Finally the woman who had stayed on the line tells me she is going to transfer me again, but then says she is going to talk to them and find my information.

From the very start of this ordeal I have been lied to multiple times by many different people. They've tried to brush me off by claiming they can't do anything. I've been given the runaround and had to answer the same questions and tell the same story to every single person I've come in contact to. Still waiting to hear back about my missing order information and the status of my computer. By the way, when I was on the phone with the woman from Geek Squad she informed me that the reason Sony sends everyone to Best Buy is because Sony isn't good with customers and so they made a deal with Best Buy.

In a completely separate incident my fiance and I purchased some DLC from Sony's online store for DC Universe. After it wasn't working properly we called online support where the man told us that there was something wrong with the server and that after it resets in "a couple hours" the downloadable content should work just fine. And if it didn't work properly we were told that we could return it. After giving them the benefit of a doubt we waited for a couple of days and to no avail the content still did not work. When we called customer support to return the content the person told us that it was non-refundable. After waiting on the phone for 4 hours and going back and forth with managers and associates they finally told us they would refund us with store credit. Unacceptable, I paid with my credit card and that is where I want my money refunded.

They had to put in a special request to a separate department who we were not able to speak to, who then emailed us a letter saying that they were denying our refund request. So I had to call my bank to have the charges contested. Still in the process with that, but all in all every interaction I have had so far with Sony customer "support" has been awful and it seems to only have gotten worse. NEVER BUYING SONY AGAIN.

I bought a Sony vaio tap 11 at Best Buy and I brought it cause it wouldn't charge with a power surge. And three times bringing it to Best Buy and it's embarrassing. And when they plug it in it charges fine. Has anyone ever had this problem?

DON'T BUY SONY NOTEBOOKS if you plan to use wifi. A notebook (HP) I had for 8 years catches triple the internet speed than this stupid piece of ** I bought for 1300$. Worst thing I purchased in my life. Thought hooray got myself a great notebook that I can use for college. Mhm fml. Wifi gets interrupted all the time. You can't watch videos, you can't play any games, you can't load Facebook for very long. Sometimes you wait for google to load for 20 seconds. Ugh, shouldn't internet speed and stability be one of the most important features these days? Obv not for Sony. I tried to contact them about this but they always brushed it off. Thanks for giving a crap Sony.

I have owned a Sony Vaio for a couple of years now and it has gotten more and more difficult to operate as times goes on. I had it checked by a tech and with no junk loaded on it, he said that it should be operating just fine but it does not. It takes me 30 minutes to type 2 sentences in an email if I have Skype open and nothing else. The scrolling issue is beyond frustrating. I've just about had it with this thing. Time to recycle it!

Last year I bought a new Sony Vaio on eBay. A few months ago the hard disk crashed and they (Sony) told me to bring it to BestBuy for service. BestBuy confirmed that it needs a new disk, but now Sony will do nothing without an official vendors invoice and say that the detailed bill from PayPal is not sufficient. I can only surmise that they are giving me a run around until the one year warranty expires. What a cheap ** outfit.

The worst was service support Best Buy. I own SVT14114CXS, it had repair issues, upgraded to SVT15115CXS. It had some issues and led to me return to Best Buy for service, it had virus, they said was not. I paid Staples 150.00 to fix, virus were there and reappeared so I took to Best Buy to find out why they checked out, said it needed to be sent out. I felt not comfortable, so a tech from Sony made a home service repair given. This is a new computer, I can't understand why it so plagued with problems. Now I purchased a warranty 060214, was not updated, I needed service call support who said I have no warranty.

This was 10/14, contact warranty US customer forward me invoice: "Sony Parts Order Number: **; Date: Jun-03-2014; Order contains the following item(s): 3-year Onsite Service for Laptops, Item: 27-PPSNB3T04 1 $229.99". So this warranty was not found by your customer service in PI and in the slowest and mundane efforts I complain, I still need my computer and want Corporate Executive contact to resolve this warranty issue and repair problem. I'm tired of all calls being routed to PI and even quality notation is poorest I've ever had to deal with. So the matter is urgent.

My Sony Vaio developed a crack in the top right hand corner of the case near to the on-off switch 4 days after the warranty had expired. Sony insist it is down to physical damage and not a design fault. Hope they will honour The Limitations Act.

I will never ever buy another Sony laptop or any other product. Have a Vaio laptop, purchased 6 Mar 2013 that requires repair and we bought an extended 2-yr warranty (thru 6 Mar 2015). Called them on 13 Feb 2015 requesting repair, saying it's under extended warranty. This laptop had same repair (screen separation from laptop / keyboard base) within 8 months of purchasing the laptop.

They advise their system does not show I have extended warranty and they have to research if indeed we have one and this will take 2 business days, i.e. 18 Feb latest. I provide them with my contract confirmation # and advise that I can email them my bill of sale and Sony 2-yr warranty email confirmation received 25 Mar 2013. The CSR advises this won't do as they have to confirm in their systems. I asked to speak to CSR supervisor as they tell me this will take 2 business days also. I say, "Fine. Have supervisor call me."

We wait and wait and they call us today, Friday 20 Mar 2015, saying they have to refile our repair request and we will hear from them in 2 business days, i.e. 24 Feb 2015 earliest, and they still have to confirm if I have an extended warranty. I say this is unacceptable as I have the proof and want to email it to them and please give me your email address. CSR says this info isn't acceptable as they have to confirm it exists in their systems. I again request to speak with a supervisor and they say, "That will take 2 business days at a minimum." I say, "This is ridiculous. Have supervisor call me," and CSR says, "Of course, and it will be 2 business days." This Vaio laptop is the last Sony purchase we will make. #sony #sonynocustomerservice #sonyvaio #sonystinks. Totally unacceptable customer service!!

I loathe when software and computer companies force update times down the consumer's throat. It always updates at the worse possible time and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

First was the 55-inch new digital TV, it had horizontal lines. I contacted support and was told no fix at the time, the lines would go away in 15 mins. I should be patient. A month later the TV was taking over an hour to "warm up", so I called again. I was told by support that they were working on a solution. This was a new model, so I googled it and found everyone had the same issues. I waited a few more months and made another call and explained that it was at the point that it was no longer usable, that I had to wait over 6 hours if the lines would even go away. Sony said they open a ticket and would cover it under warranty. I waited and contacted Sony a final time and was told my product was no longer under warranty, I would have to pay for parts and a certified technician to install them. I gave them the ticket and my dates of calls about the issue. They of course had no such record.

I purchased this laptop from HHGregg in Ocala FL. It was the most expensive laptop they had. Cost 1,000. I thought it would be OK. I used it for a few weeks and then took the supper off, cause I had another computer. I downloaded my QuickBooks on it. When I started using again it quit working. It just kept messing up. So I took it to be fixed. 95.00 and week later, I got it back. Still didn't work right but did work. I finally downloaded Windows 8.1 and it seemed to be working OK. I had to re-download QuickBooks, re-enter all info, lost all the previous years. Was able to enter 2014. But now my Windows Explorer doesn't work right. When I click on it, it comes in about the size of a postage stamp. I have to work it open on the touch screen. Every time I click on anything it comes in tiny. I have to stretch and wiggle it and it jumps around.

I tried to get help from Sony. Finally found my model number, and it doesn't match any of the numbers they have. They say look for another number - there isn't any. So I don't know how to get any help and I can’t go thru their services, because they don't have my model number listed or in their help services. I have already spent to have it repaired when it was only 6 months old and it didn't work. I have gone thru everything on the screen on top and everywhere to try and fix this and thru the help line. I will never buy another Sony product or deal with that company. No wonder they are having so much trouble. When I spend 1000.00 on a laptop, I expect it to work well, and last for a few years, and this one has been nothing but trouble. I don't know what to do. I am about to throw it in the trash. I am not a techie and it seems that they would make it easier to figure out for us dummies, but I never had this problem with any other computer. I would never recommend Sony to anyone. Especially when they don't even put the correct model number on the machine, so you cannot get any help from them.

User profile cannot be loaded. Called SONY VAIO customer support and was forced to pay $99.99 to have my issue fixed. This is an incompatibility problem between SONY VAIO and Microsoft Windows and SONY is scamming consumers to pay $99.99 to make their laptops be usable again. I was told by the tech that there are hundreds of thousands SONY VAIO consumers with the same issue and they cannot fix this for free. How is the consumer being penalized for two major companies mistakes? Will be searching for Class Action initiation about this scam.

Please band together to show this money hungry company that we won't be taken for fools. For the last year i have experienced the most difficult time dealing with this company and their representatives. After reading numerous comments about the unfair treatment of their customers, years worth of people being walked all over, and endless conversations that have done nothing, i have had enough. It is time for all of us to get together and recognize that this company is taken full advantage of us all in order to make some money. This costs us our time, hard earned money, and for some of us sentimental items that we will never get back (I personally lost pictures of my late parents with no apology or empathy from sony. They are absolutely robotic.) If you would like to make a statement for a letter to be sent to the globe and mail about our honest opinions of sony for publishing, please email me. I would love to hear from you.

I received an Experia Z2 tablet and extended warranty was purchased. The tablet battery life was extremely short, there's no way to delete a picture or a video until I downloaded an app, and within 3 months a second screen was showing up when it is turned on. I contacted sony to have it repair, it took me more than 1 month when someone can finally send a box so I can return the tablet for repair to the extended warranty people. Since then I've been calling no one seems to know where the item is to give me the status. Thanks God I kept the receipt that Fedex gave so they could track that they did received the item. I've been calling, there is no way to speak to a supervisor and I've been transferred left and right with no update and put on hold for a long time. Now, I can only obtain an email address to tell someone about the dilemma, which of course was a wrong email address.

I purchased a replacement Sony Vaio laptop in 2011 after my laptop from college had a hard drive failure. I expected this replacement would first and for most, WORK! Second, I expected the customer service and warranty to be beyond reproach after my previous experience with Sony and the 5-year life span of my previous laptop and Sony Ericsson phone. This has not been the case. The 2011 laptop was extremely problematic. After nearly 2 years of battery, hard drive, power connectivity issues, Sony Support delays, and data loss, the machine was finally replaced in February of 2013. These issues cost me billable hours, project bids, time, and money. I wanted out from dealing with Sony's equipment then.

I experienced first hand that the laptops sold by Sony could NOT handle the architectural and 3D engineering programs I required. Unfortunately in 2013, my extensive case history and loss did not matter to Sony. The several MONTHS of problems only warranted an exchange and I was forced to pay the price difference for a new model. This on top of the expense of several batteries and data retrieval. Without any other options, I was forced to comply and pay additional fees for a new warranty and 'upgrade' . It is 2014 and the same problems are repeating themselves: all due to a manufacturer flaw. The fans are too small for the laptop and the heat generated by the battery leads to overheating the machine, damaging the battery, hardware, and connections with the power source.

My 'new' machine is exhibiting the same symptoms: overheating, power communication from the battery to the hardware, data loss, and sudden hardware failure. The problem is in the design of Sony laptops - they simply cannot handle the processing power required for architectural and engineering work. Now I am left with a defective laptop and a service plan that was outsourced leaving me to re-communicate the extensive hardware failures repeatedly.

My experience with Sony, and the past 3 weeks of unresponsive 'customer support' have me trapped seemingly in a pattern. I guess this is how Sony does business. There is no telephone number for Sony customer support, only a general e-mail address.

After 29 emails, I finally was called on 10/16/14. I was told that Sony would process a rebate for $1,524; We were disconnected. Melvin, the customer service rep, never called back. Instead, I was called back today, 10/20/14, and told by Chris that he was unaware of my extensive case history, unaware of my correspondence with Melvin, and there was nothing he could do. Thank you for reading, and all that you do to represent the lowly consumer!

Other pertinent case history references: BBB ID #**, 2011 VAIO MODEL# SBS1512DCXV, 2013 VAIO MODEL# VPCF13WFX. Current Repair ID #: Best Buy, GEEK SQUAD Order #**, Previous Repair ID #'s: Sony 'Events', MODEL SBS1512DCXV: **, MODEL VPCF13WFX: **. Each case number doesn't signify 1 single repair. Some case numbers represent multiple repair attempts, incorrect diagnosis, and several weeks of repair time (PER EVENT #) by the Sony tech support. Thank you for all that you do in representing the consumer! I truly appreciate any and all assistance.

I bought my Sony laptop which cost me over $500. As time went on I started having problem to log in and eventually it stop working, I mean black screen altogether. I finally call Sony support in which I was given instructions on how to repack and return for diagnosis costing $125.00. Finally I was told it had to be repaired so the total cost then came to $481.00, I paid so they finally returned my lap top. It worked for a Short time and the same problem resurfaced. I called Sony support this time. I was instructed to take it to any best buy store which I did and I paid $35.00 for them to check it, now geek squad charge me $681 for repairs. I sent all information to Sony support, now they stop responding to my emails.

SONY Vaio - This computer has crashes constantly. I use it for work and I am frustrated. It is NOT A YEAR OLD YET. Use to buy everything SONY......SONY NO MORE!

I have recently purchased a VAIO from Sony that has a touchpad which is not functioning. I brought it to Best Buy for repair 2 weeks ago and was told that they could not repair it for me without paying for the repair cost. Because of this, I called Sony's call centre to inform them that Best Buy would not repair the computer for us (unless we pay $100+). The call centre agent told me that he would be sending me an authorization letter to be presented to Best Buy to waive all repair expenses. I have been waiting for this letter for almost 10 days now (which should take around 1-2 days according to them) and have been very frustrated. I have made numerous phone calls to them but their call centre agents could not do anything about this.

I have a Sony Vaio computer which I purchased in November 2012 which is under an extended warranty; Apparently, Sony now contracts with Best Buy who subcontracts with Geek Squad for all computer repairs that are covered under the Sony warranty. On July 15th, I brought the computer to the Geek Squad at Best Buy as it had stopped functioning; I was informed by the Geek Squad that the computer needed a new hard drive, and would be sent to the Geek Squad service center in Kentucky. I was assigned a service number so I could track the repairs on the Geek Squad website. I was also told the repair would take from 2 - 3 weeks.

By the end of the second week, there had been no updates on the Geek Squad website regarding the status of the repair; I subsequently contacted Geek Squad headquarters who could provide me with no information, and also contacted Sony customer service who told me to contact Geek Squad. Each conversation proved to be unproductive, and no one had any information. On July 26th, the Geek Squad website was finally updated indicating my computer repair was complete and the computer was being shipped back to Best Buy; I contacted Best Buy and after much searching, they found out the computer repair had been issued a new service number and parts had to be ordered; the computer would take minimally another two weeks before it could be shipped. Essentially it would be a 6 week repair at best.

I was furious and contacted Sony Customer service who admitted that a 6 week repair time was unacceptable but they could do nothing; the agent suggested I email Sony Support USA with an incident number to file a complaint. I filed the complaint this morning and have heard nothing in return. Essentially, I hold Sony responsible as I purchased the extended warranty from Sony (almost $400) and their response has been unacceptable at best. I also am dubious as to why the computer suddenly needs so many parts and why it takes so long to get them; after all, Geek Squad service center supposedly is equipped to deal with these repairs. I will never purchase another Sony product and would warn anybody against purchasing an extended warranty through Sony. Best Buy representatives did indicate that they are having difficulties with sony contracted repairs through Geek Squad, and they are also finding the situation frustrating as well as unacceptable.

I purchased a Sony VAIO back in April 2014. The screen goes completely out in June 2014. I called Sony Customer Service on June 10th. They had me send in my laptop which was redirected to Best Buy Geek Squad. My laptop has been sitting in some Service Station since 06/16/2014. I was told 7-10 days. It has now been 5 weeks and no one is able to locate my laptop. Sony Customer Relations then tells me last Monday, 07/14/2014, that they will give me a refund. They give me an email address to send my receipt in to which I email in and then faxed in. Now, every time I call them asking for an update, they inform me that they did not receive the receipts because no one is checking that email so I told them I faxed it in as well and the same Customer Relations rep (Chad Rep #: **) who has the worse customer service EVER keeps informing me that there is nothing I can do, no one I can talk to and that I just need to keep waiting. I asked him, "What am I waiting for - a phone call that's coming next year when my warranty is up?" He has yet to give me any information that is helpful and I'm basically at the end of my rope right now and do not know where to go from here. I feel like I've just been robbed by Sony. I will never purchase any Sony product EVER again.

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