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I keep getting charges from this software direct company. I don't know who they are, I've never had contact with them but I have this charge for $9 something that caused my account to be overdrawn. I've disputed this charge but after investigating it, it appears they simply just feel the need to go do it again. This has to be stopped! It's fraud and theft. I don't want to have to cancel my bank account to get it stopped, but I will if I have to! That's a lot of money when you add up the yearly total!

I have charges of $9.95 going back to January of 2007. I assumed that they were charges put on by my son, who I occasionally allow to charge things online. But recently, they escalated high enough to make me investigate. I had one $9.95 charge in January 2007, two in January and July 2008, three in January, July and December of 2009 and four in April, July, October and December 2010.

I contacted the company at 888-732-1991 and was told that it was a quarterly membership fee. The person I spoke to noted that there had been no activity on the membership and offered to cancel the membership--they did refund the latest charge promptly. However, when I questioned why this was the first year I'd been charged four times, he insisted that it had always been a quarterly membership and quickly changed the subject to the refund I would see for the latest charge. Looking at the previous year's charges, it was obviously never quarterly, so he was not being honest about that.

I never received any snail mail or email from this company or any product at all. I was never notified when the charges were being made either. I feel like I was targeted by them for more frequent fees when I didn't inquire about the less frequent ones. My bad for not checking on this sooner, but I'm glad to be aware of it now, since others complaining online are saying that these charges continue to crop up even when the company has supposedly canceled the membership.

Although I have had several times tried to opt out of this and asked for cancellation, I still randomly get a charge on my bank account for $9.95. I received two this year, one in May and once again in December.

I have received a recurring $9.95 charge on my credit card once every four months. I can't identify what this is for and am not receiving anything in exchange for this charge. I am unaware of where this came about or how it started but I want it ended.

I have no recall of having set up an account with this company, yet I have received my credit card statements for $9.95. I am unable to find a way to cancel this.

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It looks like I fell for a scam that others have also fallen for. I signed up for a one-time (I thought) $9.95 charge from Software Direct, and have been charged the same amount on my MasterCard periodically for several years now -- and have received nothing that I am aware of for that payment. Surely, someone can put these clowns out of business. I just tried to delete my involvement online, and failed utterly. Obviously, I'm being charged $9.95 at least once each year for nothing. I'm about to cancel the credit card. We'll see what that accomplishes!

I paid $9.95 for software. I was not told this was an annual fee. I requested that it be stopped February of 2009. I have since been billed twice in the same year of 2009 for this, August and December. I never authorized them to continue billing my credit card and have never heard from this company in any way except for charges on my credit card.

I have tried to cancel all contact with Software Direct 888-7321991 CA. In April of this year the charges for this "product" were stopped. Now,on my last MasterCard statement,for 10/3/09, I was again charged. What else must I do to severe contact with this company?

Several years ago a telemarketer contacted me with a proposal to purchase the opportunity to buy software at reduced prices by paying a $9.95 initiation fee. I was not advised that this was an annual fee and did not authorize any additional debits to my credit card. I have since realized that Software Direct has made additional annual debits to my card. These were unauthorized debits and illegal.

Over 4 years ago I canceled my account with this outfit but every year they automatically charge my credit card $9.95. Every year I dispute the charge which is then removed; however, the next year a new charge for $9.95 shows up again and I go through the same routine. Since the charges are eventually removed, it's just irritating to have to go through this year after year when this company is nortorious for doing this type of stuff.

On the morning I was checking my banking status via the Internet when I notice an charge from a company called Software Direct of $9.95. I have no recall of ordering anything from this company so I looked them up on the Internet and discovered that they were some kind of software company. I then went into another site and discovered that this company was surposed to call you up and get you charge card number and charge you the $9.95 to get into their site to review the software they have.

To the best of my knowledgle, I have at no time received a call from this company nor contact them via the internet for their product. How they got my Visa account number I do not know.

My credit card gets charged once a year and I don't even know what this is. I can't find a working number. I've cancelled my card because it is charged every year without my permission.

I've read the other complaints about Software Direct. I also was charged the $9.95 plus the $49.95 charge three years ago. This year I just happened to look at my charge card, and there they were again...$9.95. My master card has refunded all charges, but I don't have a number to contact them. I'm afraid of how many years they have done this, and I haven't noticed. At my age my memory isn't good enough to keep a close eye on them. If you have never dealt with them...DON'T! The prices are good but not good enough to put up with the hassle.

They are charging a monthly fee of $9.95 to our company charge card without authorization. I am trying to stop it but their telephone is out of order. Can you help me to stop this charge?

Cancelled last year,stillgetting charges cannot locate phone# or correct address to contact them again.

I recently received a crdit card charge of $9.95 on my Chase card. I have not used this card in a year or more. The credit card Co.(Chase)did not have a phone number or address for them. I ran the name thru Google and learned of other peoples problems with Software Direct. This refreshed my recollection that over a year ago I had ventured into a one time $9.95 Charge to examine their Line of stuff. Thereafter, I incurred a charge of 49.95 and after much dificulty got that charge removed. Now, a year later, a $9.95 charge pops up on my card. Why are they still in business?

At least 5 years ago, I believe this company said I allowed a membership with them to buy low-cost computer supplies. I had allowed them to send me a disc for $9.95 after which they put an unauthorized charge on my card for $49.95 which I disputed but had so much trouble with them, I finally paid it and told them to cancel my name completely from their records. I do not have dates but I lived at another location at the time which was about 5 years ago. I have no records on this transaction from that time and had totally forgotten about it.

On my current credit card statement for December 2006, there was a charge of $9.95 from Software Direct that showed this charge entered manually on my card. I have had NO contact with this company at all and neither has my husband. I called my credit card company and they are rescinding the charge. However, if this company is using credit card information given them that long ago, they are commiting fraud. Online, I see there are other people who have had the exact same problem and they need to be investigated. I'll be watching my credit card closely for further problems with this company.

Vague and sneaky sign up practice. Charged me 9.95 without me knowing it.

4 years ago i purchased a 1 year subscription with software direct. i received and cd that i never used and haven't been able to cancell this service i never wanted. 9.95 a year is being deducted from my checking account. i called them in 2005 and told them to stop billing me for something i never used. after the call i through the cd away. 9.95 was deducted again on june 10, 1006. how can i get this stopped?

in going over my bank statement, I discovered a $9.95 item that I have no memory of ordering. The only information I have is software direct, my credit union do not have any information on them. It has been quite a while since I have ordered any software. I wont to know who these people are and what it is that I have susposely ordered for a price of $9.95

I signed up with them a year ago and then cancelled my membership within a month but now they have sent through a charge for this years membership on my credit card and there doesn't seem to be anyway to contact them at this point. I have tried several different email address and telephone numbers and all seem to be phony. Can you help. I know it is only $9.95 but if they can do this they can charge anything to that credit card. I threw away the original paper work because I thought I had cancelled my membership.

I was charge $9.95 on my checking account and have no idea for what or how they got my checking account number. This charge was made on 4/5/06. I spoke to no one from this company on the phone, nor did I order anything from them over the internet. How do they come up with charging for something not order and most of all, how did they get my number to charge on my account?

An unauthorized charge on my Visa credit card for $9.95. I had no contact with them at all - no telephone, no internet, no email. Don't know how they got the card number. Anumber of other complaints about them have been registered. According to them, I will have an unauthorized charge of $49.95 charge on next months bill.

The Attorney Generals should be notified of this operation immediately.

Found a 9.95 charge to my credit card for this Software Direct company. I have never ordered anything or spoken with anyone from this company. Left messages for call back and no one will return my call.

Telemarketer contacted me regarding Wholesale pricing on printer cartridges, software, and office supplies. Software of items offered was to be received for a $9.95 fee. This fee would be offset by a $10.00 coupon on the first order. A charge of $49.95 was added to my credit card, $9.95 was authorized. The software cd was sent after the 60 day coupon for $10.00 was expired. Putting the software cd in the computer, the store cannot be accessed. I have sent a cancellation e-mail to ( and have called to discuss the $49.95 fee. No one has returned my call, or responded to my e-mail.

I received a call from Software Direct at dinner time on 01/09/04. The person calling, named Debbie, told me I had filled out an information card recently requesting further information about buying software and related items. She had most of my information already (name, address). She said the company is similar to Sams Club but without the annual membership dues. She said she would send out an information packet about Software Direct and I would only have to pay for the postage, which would be $9.95. After that, I could choose to join as a member, or just buy at a discount rate.

She asked me what credit card I would like to use to bill the $9.95 on. Since I was making dinner, I told her I would have to call HER back. She gave me her number and extension. I did some research... looked at the site and found nothing of any value or substance worth even close to $9.95. I then searched and found these complaints on Consumer Thank you soooo much. I think you saved me some money, and a lot of aggravation. I'm not calling her back, and if they call, I'm not giving them anything. I'm sending this as an additional warning that they are still in practice.

I was contacted by a telemarketer a few weeks before Thanksgiving 2003. She told me about an internet company where I could get a lifetime membership to buy software at wholesale for $50. But, I didn't have to spend the $50 to check it out...only $10 and then I had 30 days to see what I thought and could cancel. As it was just before Thanksgiving and we were going out of town, I wanted to know specifically WHEN the 30 day free trial began so I'd have time to check it out properly. I didn't wasnt the 30 days to include the mailing time for the CD without which I couldn't get into their website to check it out. And I thought I could get a few Christmas gifts. She said the 30 days wouldn't start until I used the CD to login online.

So, I logged in after Thanksgiving and didn't like it and when I went to cancel, before Christmas ( well within what I thought was my 30 days), I found out the 30 days began with the phone call. By the time I got the CD, the 30 days was 1/2 over. When I threatened to go to the Better Business Bureau, they laughed and said they can't do anything. So, the best they would do it give me a lesser membership and refund some of my money..but I worry that they have my credit card number at all now.

I had received some literature from Software Direct about their great savings from 20 to 70% on ink cartridges and software as well as have access to hundreds of free software all for a free trial cost of $9.95. I thought this would be great and called the company and they got my credit card information and sent the CD in the mail for the trial membership to their website. It stated that if I was happy with their service and wanted a lifetime membership after the trial time period I could join by paying an additional $49.95. I thought that this would be great is I could really receive the products as advertised.

After a short visit to their site checking several ink cartridge prices, I came to realize that this was only a hoax and not worth my time nor investment. A month later I found an invoice on my credit card for $49.95. This charge was made without my permission and I am currently trying to have my credit card company reverse the charges. I've read where this company has made a habit of doing this to other suckers who don't check their credit card charges.

Be warned this company is not on the up and up. I made the mistake of erasing their files and addresses from my computer and throwing away their CD after my quick journey through their website. Didn't think about them trying to defraud me out of more money. Buyers beware.

The company called me asking me to try their website warehouse to purchase reduced cost computer supplies for a cost of $9.95, which I put on my credit card. The claim was the products were selling at wholesale prices and that the $9.95 could easily be made up with one purchase. I went to the website and found the pricing of the products to be no different that retail stores. I therefore wrote off the $9.95 as a bad investment. Now two months later I get a charge on my credit card for $49.95 without any notice. It was then I knew I was ripped off!

I was contacted by a telemarketer about obtaining free software by paying a $9.95 fee. I told them that I would not place an order at this time but would get back to them after I had talked to my daughter for software that would be good for the grandkids. What the telemarketer DID NOT tell me over the phone is that they would put a $49.95 charge on the credit card later without contacting me in any way, asking my permission. I did not order any of the free or for sale software (Watch out for the shipping and handling charges on the free stuff.)

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