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Samsung SyncMaster SA550. This is a Samsung LED PC monitor 27inch with a high quality display. Includes: HDMI and VGA inputs. My list of issues on this device: the touch buttons won't work, the monitor goes to a very dim setting after 10 mins of being powered on, there is no optional support to change or access the monitoring settings to resolve the above issues. After about two year of owning the monitor and attempting to troubleshoot this issues with no luck I bought an LG instead. Still wanted to use my Samsung as a second monitor. I did some new research. On the Samsung website there was a firmware update. After completing this update from Samsung my monitor is now bricked. It will not light up a led or power on in anyway. This leads me to believe some malicious code has been written in the update preventing the operation of my old monitor. There is no fuse. I've checked and this update tool now ignores this monitor.

This application on Samsung's website is not signed by Samsung or any Samsung related parties. It bears no publisher but is distributed by Samsung for its customers. Exact writing on site prior to download: "SAMSUNG assumes no responsibility, and shall not be liable, in connection with whether any such products or services will be appropriate, functional or supported for the SAMSUNG products or services available in your country". It really seem as Samsung is intentionally breaking their own products so you buy a newer one. I say don't buy Samsung unless they admit an error was made in the code and they fix it. This kind of business tactics will only lead to more garbage in our land fills and chemicals in our environment. Don't buy Samsung products. They hold no value as you can see. Don't update Firmware from SAMSUNG. Unsafe.

We got our 19.5" Samsung LED monitor (model S20D300Fy) in December 2014, and it still looks good as new. It is easy to set up even without the user manual. First off, I like how this monitor looks, and of course, its screen size. I like the functions (Eco Saving, flicker free, magic upscale, Game mode, etc.) that are embedded features. We actually considered this brand knowing Samsung's commitment to saving energy. The Eco saving feature (this is me trying to be a good steward of the earth) offers up to 50% savings on that note. I hate eye fatigue and this monitor's flicker free feature alleviates eye strain. This monitor serves us well... Thanks... :)

24" Samsung 1900x1200 is a good monitor. Have had this monitor for 5 years, slight odor when new, but went away. Has been a good performer, and the 1200 dpi height gives more screen area than the more common 1900x1080. Got this as a factory refurb for $200. Good buy.

Koreans employing cheap Romanian labour to assemble Korean products. Shall wonders never cease. But this is not the only indication that Samsung have lost the run of themselves. The over two thousand complaints registered on the Consumer Affairs complaints website suggest that something surely has gone wrong at Samsung HQ. Even purchasers of 3-thousand dollar TV's get no satisfaction when these expensive goggle boxes turn their lights out. Apparently the bean-counters at Samsung figure they can afford to lose customers in droves. They have taken P.T. Barnum's dictum to heart apparently: “A (new) sucker is born every minute.”

I read that even after a class-action suit, Samsung has made no genuine move to stand behind its televisions. From my own experience I can say that Samsung does not stand beside, or in front of its PC monitors either, but must lie underneath them. Let me explain. I bought two Samsung monitors in the same week (by mail order). These two differ in the width of the screen, but as both belong to the same series and have an identical fault, let's stick with just the one.

The monitor in question, “Made in Romania”, is a Samsung S22C300H. The shaft or 'neck' which joins the monitor to its base below was reversed in manufacture with the result that S22C300H (and its twin) when assembled, instead of tilting backward, tilted forward, and as a consequence of the forward tilt, the screen was impossible to read except if I lay on the floor and looked up it. I even considered hanging the monitor upside down from the ceiling which would have been an improvement. “Magic Angle” cast no helpful spells.

I wrote to Samsung (twice) and got no answer, and their response to my third email elicited the advice that I take my complaint elsewhere. Fortunately for me I have a hacksaw and the knowledge of how to use it. With this trusty blade I was able to cut away the 'key' which had forced me to insert the shaft backwards and, denuded off the key; I was able to re-insert the wretched piece of plastic right-way around. Now I have a monitor which tilts its head back and smiles at me. But what of the buyer who has no hacksaw or saw of any kind? What is he or she to do? Why call Samsung Customer Disservice of course.

Worked on said monitor for a family member with Samsung's repair kit consisting of 5 electrolytic capacitors. Video on-line shows how to replace capacitors. I have a problem here in that swollen or ruptured capacitors are a symptom of "over volting". This is simply poor engineering design. Had same problem years ago with Zenith televisions in the high voltage circuit. Customer elected to order replacement kit but such did not repair the monitor. Over volted capacitors will short out and damage other circuitry. Capacitors are for "ripple filtering" only. This repair operation , or replacing the internal power supply board is pointless unless the capacitors are upgraded to a higher voltage than the 25-volt devices presently being supplied. This is a fundamental issue and Samsung is not being honest with the public. Then again, that's not new for Samsung is it? Thank you.

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After 14 months, this 27" computer monitor (Samsung SyncMaster SA350H (S27A350H)) just quit working. This is 2 months out of warranty. Samsung says it needs to be repaired and that cost is my burden. While I agree it is out of warranty, I am just ticked that a $300 monitor is that unreliable.

My screen started to get large spots on the screen after about 4 months. I called Samsung about the problem & they sent me a return label right away. I packed the monitor in a box at UPS put the peanuts, plastic wrap, padding in, sealed it & sent it out. Well, 45 days later, I was told the unit was damaged & UPS had rejected the claim; sorry, their policy is not responsible for shipping damage. The monitor was sent twice before it was returned as damaged to Samsung. They tell me they will give me an estimate for repair or ship non-repaired monitor back to me, "Thank you; sorry; good bye." That's all end of story. "Please, you make these things. Can we do something?" Reply was: "No, sorry. We'll email you telling you, you don't want further assistance." Now I've got nothing, I will buy another monitor but not Samsung!

Samsung has been unable to fulfill warranty for my product in a timely manner. At first, I had to wait for the monitor to be repaired. Then, the parts were unavailable. Then, the monitor would be replaced. Again, the replacement was unavailable. They offered a replacement monitor but it was unavailable. Finally, the replacement monitor arrived without the power cord and adapter. I called again to have the parts shipped and asked for a gift card as a courtesy. They shipped the wrong parts. So, I asked for a second gift card as courtesy, given that each time a part is processed, it takes from 5 to 14 business days. Then, the parts were delayed, because they mistakenly had the warranty of the replacement monitor instead of the original. This delayed things once again for another 5 to 14 business days. I asked for another gift card for the trouble and was refused.

About a year ago I ordered a monitor from Dell and they sent me a Samsung 2220WM-00. I just returned from a repair shop that told me the adjustment buttons can not be fixed. I tried to get help from the Samsung technicians (three of them) and was told that they did not understand what "MagicBright" was. I explained that it was a box that was constantly on my screen that should not be. The cursor will not enter it to delete it and it jumps all over the screen making it impossible to do any work. That was three weeks ago and I haven't heard back from them. I bought three computers from you and was very satisfied until this monitor. Please respond as Samsung has not.

My Samsung computer monitor broke and I was told I would receive a refund 4-6 weeks after my monitor was received by the company. They received it on December 6th and I started checking on my refund January 5 and was told I should be receiving it soon. I called again on 1/13 and was told a check hadn't been cut yet. I asked for someone to return my call to let me know what was going on.

I called again on 1/14 and 1/15 because no one would call me back or give me an answer as to why this was taking so long. On 1/15, I spoke to a supervisor who told me my file just went to the bank yesterday and now it will be another 14 days before they would send out a check! I don't believe a word of this and can not imagine why it would take so long to make out a check! I asked for a Manager to call me back and explain why this has taken so long.

In August 2007 I sent in for a $30.00 rebate for the purchase of a Samsung monitor. I followed all instructions and submitted all forms and receipts. In October Samsung wrote and stated that I neglected to send the purchase-receipt which I knew I had sent. However I went back to the place of purchase and received a copy receipt which I promptly sent back to Samsung. I checked their website recently (Dec) to seek the status of my $30.00 rebate. The website said that I would only be receiving $20.00 and not $30.00. I emailed to ask why I would receive less. Their reply was an empty email for the exception of thanking me for contacting them. I know I have no recourse in this matter because I did not make a copy of their original rebate form, but I never thought they would try to scam me out of $10.00. And I know that I sent the original receipt to them although they tried to tell me that I didn't.

I want to make a complaint against this company please. I never dreamed that such a big company like Samsung would stoop so slow as to try and entice consumers to purchase their products with promises of rebates and then scam those very same customers. Thank You.

Submitted $40.00 rebate request to Samsung (after buying LCD monitor) with all appropriate information including serial number and original UPC; and they claim I did not mail the UPS (which I taped to the back of the form), and they refuse to pay my rebate. This is common practice by Samsung to save themselves money.

Loss of $40.00++

I purchased Samsung 19 Widescreen Flat Panel PC monitor through website due to Samsung advertised $40 Rebate. I mailed everything required for a rebate. I received notice from Samsung that I didnt submit a receipt. This is not true; a print of email receipt was included in my submittal paperwork.

I called Samsung and was told that my rebate paperwork didnt go through because I didnt circle my name on the receipt. I mailed another copy of my email receipt with my name, product information and Subject of the email circled via Certified Mail. I called Samsung and was told they did not receive my resubmitted certified mail and was instructed to fax the information.

I faxed yet another copy of my email receipt together with Samsung Re-submit card, Certified mail Receipt copy, and description of the problem. I called Samsung and was told that my resubmitted information is not in their system. I was disconnected after being on hold within a 25 minutes long phone call. I did everything required and to a possible extent to get the rebate Samsung promised.

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