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I purchased a brand new Palm Pixie Plus and used Page Plus as my service provider. After 2 1/2 months, my phone stopped turning on. I sent my phone to Palm, at my expense, for warranty work and they sent me a phone back that was locked to Verizon service only. They will not fix my phone to allow Page Plus to be the service provider, repair my old phone or refund my money like my warranty states. Nowhere in my warranty paper does it states that they can only program the phone for Verizon, AT&T or Sprint like I'm told over the phone. They refused to refund my money either and told me I had to get it from the distributor I purchased it from even though my warranty is through Palm.

Palm Treo 755p phone is defective and the manufacturer will not do anything to address this issue, but charge me $249 for repair. Repair of what? I have been given 5 replacement phones, constantly being told to do hard reset, replace battery, turn phone on and off. None of which, solves the issue of lock-up, freezes, vision configuring, and poor sound quality. Palm is taking no action to solve these issues. They are not offering a refund for the $250.00 I spent on the phone. Nothing.

I've had a Treo 600 which worked for two days and stopped. I returned it, but didn't want a replacement. I went back to my old phone. Later I bought a Treo 650 which was replaced five times in the three years that I had it. The problems were never corrected, just replaced with refurbished phones. Now I have a Treo 755p which does freeze up and palm will not provide proper software to sync the Palm database with Windows 7 so I have to keep an old XP computer around to do that.

I never heard about the class action on the 650 so I never got a dime, just lots of aggravation. Hope I get some settlement on the 755p. Palm knows it has a problem and doesn't know how to deal with it. They sold their software to Access and I understand they have now sold the rest of the Company to HP. I wouldn't buy an HP product to begin with and certainly will never buy another Palm labeled product.

I cannot believe that Palm is so insensitive to its customers. Not only have you not solved my problem, your company has frustrated me & wasted hours/days of my time (on phone calls with technical support & talking to managers) by sending me out two replacement phones that have been permanently locked to AT&T (i.e. AT&T unlock codes do not work) after your managers in India have repeatedly told me that I was going to be getting a new phone that was unlocked. This was the error message that I get every time I put in my T-Mobile Sim Card: "This phone cannot be used with this SIM Card. The SIM Lock has not been removed from this phone; limited to 5 tries."

Palm is supposed to warranty this phone for 1 year & provide 90 days of technical support, all of which Palm has not even honored. Your company is a joke, and I will never purchase another Palm nor recommend that anyone purchase a palm again.

I returned the 2nd replacement received from Palm on 12/17/09, because I was told by Palm that there was nothing more they could do, and that it does not make any sense to send out another phone to me because I would be faced with the same problem and given the same phone (a permanently locked AT&T refurbished phone). I was also hung up on by your U.S. Manager after being told that it was Palm's policy & they could not send me out an unlocked phone or a non-AT&T unlocked phone.

Now what was totally ridiculous was to receive this e-mail telling me that you are sending out a third phone with the same issue. Don't worry, I will not accept it, because I am still stuck with the same original phone in which the speaker does not work properly (during the call, people can't hear me, but I can hear them) The phone totally locks up when someone calls me. The only thing that I can do is to take the battery out & reboot. I get dropped calls. The phone constantly dials emergency even once it has been placed on lock guard (I constantly get returned calls from 911 asking whether there is an emergency). If someone accidentally hits email, although I don't have email service, I get constant messages every minute from VersaMail clogging up my phone storage. The only way I can get rid of it is to do a hard reset & lose data. I cannot sync it with my desktop because it will corrupt that data.

I had to buy a Palm phone because I had similar problems with the company's PDA I had, until my Palm One hard drive totally failed even after I wasted my money & bought a PDA replacement battery online. Now, I was told by an AT&T rep who felt sorry for me it was because Palm hung up on them when they were trying to help me to look for an alternative Windows-based phone other than Palm. I have lost the money that I spent to buy Palm products because I am stuck with devices that do not work.

I purchased a new palm centro online through the palm store. This phone was unlocked and the cost was $299.99. After I recieved this phone it froze within the first 3 days. The phone was sent back and a new one was sent to us. I have had this phone for 4 months and am now having problems with it again. The palm store requires the phone to be sent in (at my expense) to be analyzed and repaired. This will take approx. 7 days. (7 days without my only form of commucation). This is unacceptable.

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I purchased a Tungston E2 palm pilot from Palm in mid June 2008. It took me almost 2 weeks and some calls to tech support to finally get it hotsynced. Went on a 1 week vacation and when I went to put it on after the dust had settled it would not turn on. It was now around July 20th and I was told to try recharging for 3 hours. I did this and it still wouldn't work. Because I was about 3 days outside of the 30 day guarantee they would not send me a new palm, I had to mail it back and they would either fix it or send a refurbished one.

I got my Palm back around August 20th. I use my Palm about 3-4 times a week at work. I use the program Epocrates only. The weekend of Sept.20th while at work I went to put it on and it would not turn on once again. Palm would not do anything for me except to make me send it back. It is barely out of the box in my opinion and I feel this is a lemon and should be replaced. I am hoping you can do something for me.

I have had problem after problem with the palm treo. I have been given one defective replacement after another.

I have lost work and clients due to these problems.

I have a palm treo 750, this is a phone to replace my treo 650. Both phones have been very frustrating to use with dropped calls, frozen calls and locking me out during calls. The only way I can fix this is removing the batteries and rebooting. I have had multiple soft resets and hard resets as well as updated software and none of these items have help. So after purchasing a very exspensive phone I am now having to ride out a contract or pay another 200 dollars. But I am counting the days till I can get rid of this hunk of junk and move on to a much better system.

I had headaches on the left side of my several times a week, sometimes very severe. I sought medical help from my primary physician and then a neurologist. They didnt find anything wrong and i was prescribed a pain medicine. I was supposed to take the medicine daily regardless of pain. I didnt want to take drugs that i didn't need and my MRI and other tests didnt show any problems.

After I stopped taking the medicine about one month into it because I was warned about the dangers of the specific drug. My headaches started coming back. This time I was in less pain and therefor in much better shape to do some experiments I cut out caffine, got more sleep, got a new eyeglass prescription, paid more attention my sitting posture at work.

I was paying much closer attention to every aspect of my life. One day, after a long cell phone conversation, I realized that my head was hot in the same place that my headaches eminated at the location of the phone's anetnna. About 10 minutes later, I started getting the headache. I took the pain killer and it went away. Next day: I deliberately spent enough time on the phone until my head got warm. A little while later the headache was back.

I used the speaker phone and the hands free headset for about a week and no headaches occured. I then started holding the phone on my ear again and the headaches reoccured but this time, I didnt try to get my head warm from the phone, just used it as needed only a few minutes at a time. Everything was fine until I had a long cell phone conversation about 15 minutes. The headache came right back.

The headaches were a good thing that alerted me to the hazard in my cell phone

I bought a Tungston TX. It crashed through no fault of my own during the warranty period. I reported it but didn't have the serial number with me. By the time I gave them the serial number the warranty had lapsed. They did not have my timely complaint on file and stated it would cost 150 to repair

I have a non working palm pilot

I purchased Causerie Unified Messenger - Premium Edition almost a year ago from PalmGear. When I now launch the application on my Treo 650, I receive a notice that my license is about to expire. Nowhere on's website nor in the e-mail I received confirming my order did they state that I was purchasing only a 1-year license. When I recently checked the website of the company that developed the software,, *that* site is very clear about them only selling 1-year licenses. However, the reseller from whom I made my purchase listed no such restriction. When I contacted PalmGear, I received an e-mail telling me to contact the company that developed the software.

I have no complaint about the software nor about the company that developed it. I feel, though, that the company that sold me the software omitted key information and that, by doing do, they were guilty of false advertising. It would be akin to selling someone a car that stopped working, by design, after one year.

I've asked PalmGear to give me a license that doesn't expire or refund my money. I've received no response to this request.

The software will stop working on October 31. I will no longer because to send Instant Messages from my Palm Treo. I use my Treo in my capacity as a technical support manager and I rely on the product, among others, to allow me to contact customers and fellow employees when I'm out of the office.

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