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I have spent hours trying to get an answer from Zune & Microsoft. I clearly stated my problem with Zune on all support sites. It is a shame that such a big company has no Customer Service. All I got were other service companies that charge to solve your problem but, never a phone number or a contact. I got to Microsoft and they sent me two applications and they thought I was talking about my email when I clearly stated it was a Zune problem. I will ask my family for an iPod this Christmas. Bill Gates has always been one of my favorite people but to see how his company is set up is a great disappointment.

I tried to get repair for my 80 GB Zune that stopped working. I go through the repair process on the website and all I'm given is an option to pay $119 and receive a red Zune. Well, what am I going to be getting? Will it be refurbished? New? Just try to get a hold of somebody to find out. I've read through the forums and gone to the areas where other people are told to go to contact support and there still isn't a way for me to contact support unless I'm having one of their specific problems listed. There's just not an option to "contact us" with whatever question you have. What if you have a question they don't have listed? I'm not paying for something I don't know anything about. This, and all the other bad reports about Zune, might be enough for me to switch to iPod.

I recently rented the movie "Exorcismus" from the Zune marketplace on Xbox 360, and despite having plenty of hard drive space, the film only partially downloaded and it will not let me re-download as it is now only available for purchase. I believe it may have been changed to a purchase-only movie whilst I was downloading it for rental. I wish to have a full refund of this rental, as I am unable to watch it and have still been charged through Microsoft points, which cost me £4.25p. Thank you.

My bank account is being charged monthly $9.99 for some type of Zune service I do not have, have not signed up for and don't want. I cannot get to anyone to get it stopped because I do not have a Windows Live account or an MSN account. I need a customer support phone number to get to a live person. The number on my bank statement is automated and requires my log on information to one of those account. They initially accessed me through my cell phone provider. Help.

I signed up to a free train of Microsoft Zune via my Xbox 360, the software then downloaded onto my device. Later, I realize that I was being charged $8.99 per month as my free subscription had been converted to a rolling month on month renewal. Upon reviewing their annoying as hell contract, I came across the clause that somehow allows this to happen.

However, this should have at least sent me notification that my account was being charged via email. No email had been sent for the 3 months I had unknowingly been paying for the service and when I tried to use the service after I realized I had paid for it, it was the most unhelpful bit of software worth downloading, and even after removing it from my device, the subscription carried on. I'm in the UK, if this makes any difference as well (maybe completely irrelevant using this website).

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Hi this is Raju. I bought MS Zune 80GB Model 1126. I got a problem with my Zune. One day, I was synching my Zune with my PC. It automatically closed my PC and restarted. Then I tried to connect the PC with my Zune player. It's now connected to Zune software and also my Zune player is struck and not playing any videos and music. This is my problem, what can I do? Please help me. My mobile number is **.

I have never experienced such poor customer service in my life. I had someone charge my bank account with a charge from Microsoft Zune and got the biggest run around in my life being passed from one person to the next. It was so frustrating I was in tears over the lack of concern in solving what to me is a big problem. I'm very concerned how this charge got on my account and will keep trying to reach the right person to fix this problem. My problem still stands unsolved. Microsoft is awful and now it's the principle of the thing. I'm going to file a complaint with the BBB also.

MS Zune 64 GB HD dies after Software update. For some reason, MS Zune had my Warrantee expiration Date 10/2011. I have exact date somewhere. 11/2011, MS Zune initiate a software update. I didn't do this update until my next syncing, a few months later. I wasn't aware of this until then. I played the Zune one time, then it went dead. This Zune has always been protected, in a protectect case and screen. So the only thing I could see that could of caused this dead malfunction, was the download. I reported this to MS Zune immediately and was told by MS Zune this could never happen from a download. Then I was told that my warrantee was expired. I don't buy things with limited few months warranty, so I knew that was wrong. I put in a complaint to correct the warranty.

They made me wait over a week to resolve this issue, even after they had a copy of my receipt. I had to get in touch with them to get them again to authorize repair. Even though they can immediately deny you repair over warranty expiration, but they can't correct the warranty expiration and authorize repair for my Zune HD Player when they have the receipt in front of them. I am now authorized repair and given a repair number, but MS Zune refuses to give me a location to a MS Zune factory authorized repair center. I have tried for hours. I think MS Zune is playing a waiting game, waiting for people's warranty to expire.

Pretty much the same experience as everyone else. Zune was working fine until software update, then it became a non-responsive paperweight. Microsoft support said it wasn't fixable and my only option is to buy a new 80 gb Zune from them for $119.99. What a Ponzi scheme. I can't wait for the day when I get to see Google and Apple divvy up Microsoft's bloated carcass after the fall. I'm a sucker and I bought the 80 gb Zune for $119.99 without really thinking about it and before realizing that this is a common recurring problem for a lot of people. If I'd have known this was a common thing, I'd have just bought another IPod as I've had zero problems with them and their customer service is top notch. Now I'll probably be doing this again in another year or two, whenever the "fail date" comes up in the Zune software.

I purchased a used red Zune in excellent condition. I received it four days ago working 100%. The touch pad on the 80 gb Zune was working excellent and playing videos just fine. I plugged it into my computer to sync it and seen it had an update, so I updated it to 3.1 firmware right from the Zune software since it was the newest update. It updated and synced one movie to it and then it froze and kept becoming unresponsive, so I clicked on “Erase all content” in the Zune software so I could start over. My Zune started to erase everything and then just froze while it was doing that! It has been frozen just like that for the past 4 days. I've tried everything! I hard reset all the buttons I am suppose to hold (back plus up, back plus up plus play, back plus center plus play, back plus down).

I can not figure it out. It was working flawlessly before I tried deleting the content. I've drained the battery and plugged it into the back of the computer and it still pops up that screen every time. If you hold the Zune up to your ear, you'll hear a very faint humming sound along with a whirling sound. When you try a combination of buttons, it sounds like it's trying to do something. I would like to know if my files are messed up and keeping it from working or is my hard drive broken from this. I'm out the $200. Zune says I'll have to pay $119 to replace.

My Zune 120 was working fine until I was forced to do a software upgrade about 2 months ago. When I called support they told me that I could replace the device for a Zune 80 for about $85 or so. My response was why should I pay to replace a device for a lesser model that was working just fine prior to the upgrade. I felt that this was a software issue and they needed to resolve that. Not squeeze me for more money. They said they'd have someone call me back. When I called yesterday to follow up they have now turned off the support # 877-438-9863 and are directing people to the website. From what I observed this upgrade created a lot of issues for Zune users. But to respond by cutting them off from direct customer service is insane.

Zune software is still dysfunctional. Country settings of the necessary WindowsLive accounts do mysteriously not correspond with Zune and this cannot be corrected by the user--neither by the Microsoft / Zune customer service people. The upshot is that users cannot connect a credit card to their Zune account and therefore are unable to buy apps at the Marketplace. Wow, after selling us their device, Microsoft does not want our money anymore!

Is this a new problem? Not at all, the Internet is full of complaints about this issue since WP7's introduction. Microsoft announced that the problem would be resolved at the roll-out of Mango (WP7.5), but the Zune team has clearly failed to fulfill this promise to the customer. Most probably, it is not a technical but a legal issue, yet the company leaves its customers in blissful ignorance all the same.

Well, I had talked to someone on Zune support about a broken Zune. They told me to send it in and that they would refund me $45. I had three or four credit cards on my account and I had told them to only refund to one specific card (I supplied them the information). In the end, they somehow refunded three credit cards that don’t even exist and one actual refund of $14.99 to one card. Where is the other money that they said they would refund? Also, who calls at 9 p.m.? I have school and have to get up early. And the lady that I talked to today just didn’t help me whatsoever.

I all ready have a Zune pass and I think it's ** that I can't log on to it on my XBox. I will not pay for two accounts. This makes me want to cancel the account I already have and go get me an iPod. As much as I love my Zune, I have found that I can do more with the iPod.

I purchased a Red Zune 12 0GB from for almost $300.00. While under warranty, the device failed. I was advised that they would be unable to repair/replace my new, red player but would replace it with a black refurbished player. It took approximately 3-4 weeks for the replacement to arrive. I’m still paying monthly subscription service.

Within one month, the replacement player failed and I arranged another refurbished replacement request, obviously unhappy. This one was practically “dead-on-arrival”, lasting only about one hour. At this point, I contacted customer support once again and this replacement was by far the worst taking somewhere near 45 days to complete.

I've spoken with well over 20 reps and only the same person twice one time. I'm transferred and put on hold a minimum of 35 minutes each call, the longest over an hour. Each time I have to go over the entire ordeal again and my previous complaints have been improperly logged.

I've spoken to manager after manager who understands my frustration but there's not much they can do. They don't return calls. They lie to get me off the phone. One by the name of Ben who promised me personal call backs, follow-ups on my case, was investigating getting me a new player from the Redmond facility with expedited shipping, etc. Of course, calling him back at the main escalation line where you can only leave a message and not speak with someone live resulted in a callback from a different manager and Ben was no where to be found. This manager promised to investigate Bens promises further and listen to the call, yet this was another promise out the window and another manger no where to be found.

There were so many issues/errors along the way, including sending UPS to my house 3 times without advising me what was happening. When they finally called me to work out the details and advised UPS would come again, I waited a week and it never happened. After multiple calls to escalations, I learned there was no UPS request and finally just took the player to a UPS store again. I was advised to contact them with the tracking number so they would immediately expedite my 3rd replacement, yet another unfulfilled promise. I called immediately with the tracking number, and waited over a week before calling for status at which point I was given a two month old tracking number and the rep trying to rush off the phone before I could verify the number online.

Another call back I was told they were still testing my replacement player to make sure it was in perfect working condition. They had no idea how much longer this would take and again said they would expedite shipping once it finished testing. Again, that didn't happen. About two weeks after they received my second defective player, I finally got my third refurbished player.

At this point, I turned the player on and it turned on. There was already a bunch of music on the device I imagined they used to test the device. I heard some hard drive clicking and immediately thought the worst which happened. I connected the player to my PC. A device driver was installed and the player began to charge/sync. About two hours later, I removed the player and received a message saying I needed to restore the firmware using the Zune software. I reconnected the device and it would no longer be recognized. Eventually, I got up to three error messages and continued trying to restore or repair the device which still wasn't being detected. Error message five: “Contact support.” Really?

There are so many other details about rude, non-English speaking reps, false promises, phone calls ending in tears, to go on, I'd be here all night. Some of these details are logged in writing; others are saved in word docs, many of them bizarre and unbelievable. I tried twice to have Amazon replace it but because Microsoft replaced my original, they were unable to help.

I'm a single mother, recently unemployed and now a full time college student who has spent $300.00 on a brand new red player and received 3 non-working refurbished replacements (two of which were practically DOA after supposedly being tested) taking prolonged amounts of time with each replacement and well over 10 hours of very frustrating phone calls.

I just want my money back so I can buy a new player which certainly won't be a Zune. I've purchased three 80 GB and one 120 GB and was a loyal customer for several years, but this experience has completely turned me off to Microsoft and has made me a very weary consumer in general.

I have worked in consumer electronics customer service for 8 years and am quite technical, so this is not user error. This is consumer abuse. Please, please, please help me to resolve this very frustrating, very unfair practice.

In 2008 I was in the market for an mp3 player. I needed the player to store music, ebooks for class and random videos, after about 2 months of research and shopping, I narrowed down to choices to the iPod or the Zune 30gb. When I saved up $400, I went to Best Buy and the sales rep explained the difference of both and I eventually made the mistake of getting the Zune 30gb. It worked flawlessly for about a month. After about 30 days, it started to freeze in the middle of songs and in about minute later the song would start back up.

I took it back to Best Buy and they replaced it 2 times. About a year later, it would freeze totally and have to reboot itself. Best Buy was very understanding and replaced it a few more times. At that point, I wanted to buy another player but didn't have the money. After my warranty expired, I called Microsoft. They gave me the option of going to a third party tech or paying $160 for a new one. I didn't have 160.00 for a new player so I went to the tech and his bill was $147. A week later the Zune was still freezing. I called Microsoft and they offered me no help except paying them $160 for a refurbished model. On march of 2009, I made my peace with almost $600 loss and bought an apple iPod, the best possible device I have ever owned. No freezing, ever. I've since then sold my Windows 7 dell machine and invested in a Mac and no more viruses. Never again will I ever invest in a Microsoft product.

I had a Microsoft Zune and I didn't like the fact that Microsoft charges you $44.97 for every 3 months. I cancelled my subscription and after I talked to their technical support center I found out that they were going to have to charge me for the days my account was active, which is find but instead of them just charging me $11.37 they credited my credit card for $33.48 instead of just crediting my account through Microsoft Zune. I did not know that they had credit my credit card instead of my account through Microsoft.

After only 6 months, my son's 120G Zune stopped working. It was a special edition Gears of War version with a designed case and content. We sent it in under warranty. Easy enough, right? That’s wrong! We got back a plain cased refurbished Zune. And instead of Gears of War content, it had homosexual pornography on it! My son came to me and showed me and I was shocked! I immediately called Zune support (that must be an oxymoron). I got a laundry list of standardized ** responses of “Oh yes, I understand and I apologize” from the customer rep but no solution.

In addition, I paid extra money for the special edition Zune. But I got back a plain on and an inappropriate content on the refurbished Zune that someone clearly forgot to wipe clean. This 'new' Zune also does not work. I tried to sync it and it froze numerous times and crashed. After not one, not two, not three, but four phone calls, I spent several hours on the phone with Zune using me and my time to troubleshoot their faulty product, reformatting, restarting, re-whatever, checking this, doing that. But the thing still doesn't work. Lastly, 10 pm at night, Zune support calls me, wakes me out of a sound sleep, and hangs up before saying anything. Perhaps if their support lines weren't located in India, they would know that we here on the east coast of the United States are sleeping at 10 pm.

I purchased a new Zune 12/08 which stopped working within the 1 year warranty. Since 2/09, I have filed complaint after complaint regarding the non-working Zune. They keep replacing the original one with a dysfunctional one. We are on the 5th non-functioning Zune and it is 8/10. This one is not working now either. At this point I want my money back. We haven't had one Zune work properly since the original purchase date. I have all the correspondence emails from the company. I have my original receipt.

I purchased a Zune 30-day pass for $14.99 at Best Buy. My family is leaving for Mexico and we bought the pass for my daughter to have all her music while on vacation. We tried to activate the pass and it gave us an error. We went back to Best Buy to return the card and they said they couldn't do anything, it needed to be handled by Microsoft and we were given a number, 1-877-438-9863, which we did and we got the run-around and they could not resolve the issue. It would be at least a week and they gave us some ticket number.

I told them this is not acceptable and they needed to resolve this immediately. They gave me a temporary number to get her by through vacation. They said that I could open a new account and give them my credit card number which wouldn't be billed. I have heard that before. Then I would be jumping through hoops to stop them from charging my card. I am very displeased and I have looked and there are many, many complaints online about the problems customers have with Microsoft/Zune. For such a reputable company, they certainly have fallen short in this area. I want resolution and nobody seems to help. My daughter was not able to have the music in which we paid for to enjoy during her vacation. We spent $229 for the Zune player, yet we can't get any support from customer service for a $14.99 issue.

My Zune 120 player quit working, and I have had a horrible experience with trying to send the device to Microsoft for repair. I have owned the player for six months, and it just quit working. I have taken excellent care of the device, so I know it was not my fault. I am in the US Army at a remote location in the Pacific, because this place is so small that all our mail comes to a central post office and we receive our US Postal Service mail at a Post Office Box.

When I contacted Zune website, I received a response that my player was not in warranty. I registered the Zune, so I know they received the documentation. After being forced to step through their troubleshooting steps several times and the Microsoft website locking up, I finally convinced some at Zune that my device was in warranty. I supplied all my receipts, etc.

Then came the crazy part when I tried to send the device to Zune. Their site said there was a problem with my request for repair and that I needed to contact Zune at the toll-free number. When I contacted the toll-free number, the Zune representative insisted that she step me through all the troubleshooting steps again. (I have already done this numerous times to no avail.) So I was patient and went through the steps. After the steps were completed, she informed me that I would have to send the device in for repair as if I didn't already know this.

Next, she took my verified information, at which point, she said there is a problem with my address, because I was at an Army Post Office (APO) address. After an hour or so, the Zune representative, talking to whoever and putting me on hold, finally informed me that she couldn't help me and would have to have another representative assist.

So again I was on hold. Next, a gentleman came on the phone and started over again with all the troubleshooting steps, even after I told him I have already been through this myself and with the last Zune customer service rep. Then came the address part again. He told me I had to have a physical address, and I explained the situation.

After another 45 minutes, he said I would be able to receive my repair authorization and mailing instructions at the Zune website. After three days, I had still not received any repair authorization or mailing instructions. Then I received a call from Zune stating that they could not process my repair request, because my official mailing address is a PO b. I box. Again, I explained the situation and was told that they could not help me. This time, I was on the phone with two reps who were of no help. I talked to the supervisor; that was a waste of time. I asked to be given a contact for complaints, and all I was given was a legal department.

I don't think Microsoft really wants to honor their warranties. And I was thinking of myself when I was in deployed in Iraq a year ago (when I was considering replacing my iPod with a Zune). How do those who are doing the hard work in the military get help? The customer service people said that they cannot send or receive warranty instructions to an APO address. This is crazy. I received items and conducted business daily from Iraq using nothing but an APO address.

At this point, I don't know what to do. I believe Microsoft has taken advantage of me and other soldiers with their poor service. Perhaps, Microsoft is like some companies anti-military. I have lost confidence in Microsoft Zune, the Zune device is a $250.00 piece of junk, and from this point on, I will only purchase a Microsoft product if there are absolutely no other options.

I bought a 30gb Zune in 2008 and loved it. It died less than 6 weeks after the warranty expired. I did not buy the extended warranty. I spent hours on the help page and tried all of the suggestions to try and get it to work. Then I spent nearly two hours on the phone with the very helpful tech support person, to no avail. The Zune was dead and the only recourse was to send them the device and they would replace for a significant amount of money. I declined. I waited a couple of months and then bought a new 80gb Zune and loved it.

Guess what, my warranty expired on Jan 10, 2010. My Zune died today, March 5, 2010. Well, to be fair, it didn't die, none of the three cords I have were recognized by my 3 month old laptop, in any of the ports. Guess what, I spent an hour doing all the self-help tech stuff and then over 1 1/2 hours with very nice and helpful phone tech. I believe that the internal port has stopped functioning as it did on the other one. I just put it the computer to sync a few days ago. I play it in the car. It was only today that I realized it was no longer charging.

My only recourse is to return it and pay $159 for a replacement. I'm going on vacation in two weeks and looks like no mp3 for me. I have invested nearly $400 in Zune. No more. I'm thoroughly frustrated. At least, I can listen on my laptop and keep up with my podcasts that way. But I'm not carrying it with me to London, not exactly easy to listen while on buses and trains. Another frustration is that Microsoft makes it nearly impossible to complain directly. I called tech support back and they, after a delay, finally gave me a snail mail address.

Oh, I will write them and get to invest time and cost of a stamp for no potential return. I strongly suggest that no one ever buy a Zune. Thanks for helping my vent my anger. I have no expectation of any remedy. I'm just angry.

I have had three of these Zune mp3 players and something always happens to them--of course, right out of warranty. You call Microsoft Zune about this and they keep you on the phone telling you how to troubleshoot. I have already been through more troubleshooting than I care to admit. After all the troubleshooting and the device does not work, Microsoft Zune offers for you to send in your device and they will replace it for the amount that you would go out and buy a new one.

Not only are you out the money again for the device, but you are out the money for any songs that you put on the device. If they do happen to replace your device, if it is still in warranty, they send you a device that is out of warranty and is refurbished. When that device stops working, they just tell you that it was a refurbished device and they cannot do anything for you. The damage is spending the money for a device that is obviously inferior and was not ready to be marketed.

Zune #1 - In February 2009, I purchased an 80gb as soon as I bought it. I noted that the battery life was only about 3.5 hours. I bought a wall charger and it didn't help. I called customer service and was told that Zune would replace it, which they did.

Zune #2 - In December 2009, my Zone would no longer download any songs and it repeatedly froze. I called customer service and spent 45 minutes with them but nothing could be done to fix it. I returned it and received another Zune.

Zune #3 - Got it last week. It immediately froze and would not synch with my computer.

Zune sucks! They are horrible! Do not buy one.

I bought 2 brand new unused red Microsoft Zune players 11/26/09 from for Christmas presents. I paid 209.43 a piece for them. One of the players worked for 3 days before displaying a error message and becoming inoperative. Since it had been over 30 days nextwarehouse would not exchange or refund the product so it was sent to the Zune Repair Service.

After over 2 weeks, I received a black used Zune with scratches all over it, dead pixels on the LCD screen and a inferior battery. I contacted Zune customer support and it was escalated in the system to be examined further to see what could be done. I received no phone call back as promised and called to inquire about the decision. I was told they would not issue a new device, or issue a refund that I requested. I paid extra for the red Zune and extra to buy a brand new Zune that would have no issues with battery life. I received an inferior product that could be purchased on eBay for one hundred dollars or less. They now have my brand new product and I have a previously used inferior product.

This is the classic bait and switch scam. I was sold something for more money that broke immediately and could have been all ready defective when it was sold to me. I was compensated with a product with less than half the value. I also have not had use of the product I paid for due to the service center having the item longer than I had to use the product.

This company re-routes your call to China and refuses to provide a reasonable solution to my problem. This company has a long history of not answering to customers complaints. They stole my money and should be held accountable. I paid for a red (I paid extra for red) brand new Zune player. It broke after 3 days. I was told to send it back. I received a less valuable used previously broken Black Zune covered with scratches, dead pixels on the screen (white spots) and an inferior battery. I requested to return for a refund or a new Red Zune I have been denied both. Damages are 209.43. The Zune they sent me is worthless to me.

My sister gave me her Zune 120 because she could not figure out how to use it. She had it for about 6 months and never really used it even though she tried 3 or 4 times. It kept giving her an error message. She is not very tech savvy. I got it and immediately it gave an error 5 contact customer support. I was instructed to ship the unit back for repairs. I mailed it off and in about two weeks I received a unit back. They stated they replaced it. I plugged it in and loaded about 3GB of podcasts, personal music and used the device for about 3 hours over the course of a week and a half. Two days ago I turned the unit on only to get an error. After a bit of research I found I was required to update the firmware. I did every step, but nothing worked.

I finally got the firmware to download and when it rebooted, it now says 5 contact customer support (which is the exact message the first one said that resulted in a replacement unit). I logged onto the support site on Sunday to discover that my warranty was up that very day. I tried to file a new technical support claim before the end of the day, but the website kept telling me there was an error and my request could not be processed. I called and held in the telephone outer space (due to high call volume) for better than 30 minutes. By this time it is late at night. I went to the website to see about buying an extended warranty, but the site again said there was an error processing my request. I panicked, so I called again on Monday to request assistance filing a claim and buying a warranty. It was beginning to look like I was going to need it.

I got through after holding and they told me too bad. After I protested, they told me they would update my warranty end date to allow me to purchase the warranty, but I would need to call back tomorrow (24 hours) after their system updates. I called again today, only to discover that their system had not updated, but could call back again tomorrow after their system updated. Each time you call, they inexplicably have a high call volume and you hold for 10-30 minutes. I explained that I wanted to buy a warranty and couldn't they just help me over the phone. Their response was no, I had to wait until tomorrow.

For the price of this unit, I would have expected it to be more dependable. Let's see, so far it has cost me about $72.00 an hour to use this unit. I'm not sure it is worth the frustration. I can't wait to see how much they want for the extended warranty!

I am on my 2nd Zune due to a screen that went dead, but that is not my main concern. The Zune software is atrocious! I am constantly having to battle with customer support to get credits returned to me for songs I have purchased and can't play. On more than one occasion, I was told that I should not even attempt to re-download the same songs after I had my credits restored because the software would still not allow me to download the songs if I tried to repurchase them. The software would simply state that I had "exceeded the number of times this song(s) could be restored".

I am extremely unhappy with the Zune/Xbox service. I bought a movie, not rented, on Xbox. I never could get it to work due to a status code (80070005) that as it turns out had something to do with media usage rights! After hours of calls to Xbox and Zune, it was suggested I download the Zune player and try it there. I played about 20 minutes of the movie then it stopped and said downloading forever effectively locking everything up. Now when I went to the purchase history, it gives me an error code on the movie "A media usage rights error has occurred. Error code COOD12F5." I can promise you I will stick to Netflix from now on and never waste another Microsoft point on this service. Oh and this after I tried to make the fifth hour plus call to Zune and being put on eternal hold again. I just want my 1200 points back! But will they do that? Your guess.

This letter I sent back in November 22nd to the Microsoft Chairman, CEO, Zune dept, and Complaint dept says it all. I am writing you concerning events that led to my canceling of the Zune Pass account that I previously subscribed to on a monthly basis. I held this account for some time (starting on 11/04/2007 and ending on 11/19/2009), and I own a limited edition 30G Halo 3 Zune player. I have always enjoyed the device, and I chose it over the iPod mainly due to my loyalty to Microsoft and my support of the Xbox & Xbox 360 consoles. In fact, I pre-ordered the device at one of my favorite games retailers, Gamestop.

I say I chose it as a result of my support of Microsoft, but I kept it for different reasons. I kept it because I have been mostly happy with the Zune software (barring a few hiccups) on my PC, and I have enjoyed the changes that have evolved in the service since its inception. Even when circumstances (financial or otherwise) made it necessary for me to cancel or suspend monthly services I enjoyed, it was always another service other than the Zune that ended up taking the hit. I have canceled many game subscriptions, magazines, and services over the last two years that I also enjoyed without even considering the cancellation of my Zune Pass. Why? Well, as I mentioned before, I enjoy the features of the Zune Pass, but to be more specific, I have always mostly enjoyed the free Zune Pass music and the 10 song credits a month more than anything. How could I cancel such a great value?

On or around November 5th, I was having trouble purchasing a song through the Marketplace on the Zune Software. I placed a call to the Microsoft support phone number (1-800-Microsoft) and waited in queue. When they finally took my call, I ended up speaking to a representative who walked me through a number of steps that she said should solve my problem. I will not go into detail, but it seemed a bit excessive for what the problem was (and I informed her of my concerns even as she had me booting into and out of safe mode, deleting, and renaming folders, and a number of other activities). I was worried as I recalled an incident a year earlier when a technician performed similar steps and I ended up having to remove everything and reinstall the Zune software.

Around three hours later (not even a mild exaggeration, I assure you.), I was on hold after we had just discovered that the problem was still not solved. As I waited for her return, I began poking around my music library to find something to listen to as I waited Only to find that almost my entire music collection had been irreversibly damaged. After some investigation, I discovered that the only music that was left intact was the few .MP3s I had downloaded from the Zune Marketplace (most of my music was in .WMA form), and any music I had personally ripped from my own compact discs.

Any music in .WMA form that was part of the free monthly Zune Pass music wouldn't play at all and returned this error-- "CAN'T PLAY SUMMARY A media usage rights error has occurred. ERROR CODE COOD12F5". Any music I had purchased from the Zune Marketplace (if I didn't try to play it first) would say this under the song properties--DRM: "YES--invalid license (has no usage rights)."

Once I played the song (they seemed to play fine), the DRM listing would change from "DRM: YES--invalid license (has no usage rights)" to "DRM: YES--License expires 12/08/2009 (has sync rights, no burn rights)".

The support representative had effectively destroyed my music collection. We next spent a while trying to fix this new problem she had created until it was decided by her mysterious superiors that I should take a screenshot of each of the errors and email them to I'm not sure why this was necessary since I had just described the errors to them in detail, unless they don't believe the errors exist until they see them with their own eyes--but I obliged them. Then I went to bed.

Over the next few days, it was a fiasco of me calling in to see what they were doing about the problem, as they continually told me they did not receive the email. I would resend it and then they would again say they never received it. This happened a few times until they finally received it and told me they would study the problem and get back to me in a day or two.

Around four days later, I called back to see what they were doing about the problem. This time, they thought they had a fix for me and they instructed me again the steps I should take to correct the errors. Hours later, the problem was not fixed and I was losing my patience. We discussed the problems and I told them what I thought would be a good way to resolve it. I said that they should remove ownership of the songs from my account - look over the records they had of my purchases - take a tally of how many of the songs were still on my PC in .MP3 form (43)-- subtract the number of .MP3 songs from the total songs I have purchased (450) and that would be the number of songs I should be credited (407).

When the support "professional" had me do a search in my Zune folder for .WMAs using the F3 key and she told me to take screenshots of all the music I could find there, I thought we were on our way. I told her it would be a lot of screenshots, but she assured me it would be alright. I was told they were going to credit me the songs owed to me in the form of a code or something and it would take about three days then they would call me back. That was ten days ago.

I called back the next day to make sure they got the email. They told me that they had received the email, but they could not open it due to its size (remember all those screenshots I warned the nice lady about?). I complained that they should have told me that there was a size limitation when I first was told to send the shots, especially since I warned her, then I proceeded to send off the 19 screenshots in a series of new emails. I waited three days.

On the third day, I called and waited in queue until I managed to speak to a representative about my existing case. I was told they weren't done looking at all the screenshots yet and they would call me when they were done IN THREE DAYS! I explained that I was told the same thing three days prior and that I didn't believe them. I vented a bit (respectfully--without using profanity or shouting--please check the recordings. PLEASE!) and told them that I would wait for their call for three days. In three days' time, if they didn't call me, I would call them and if they weren't ready to give me my refund, I would cancel my Zune Pass account, write the company a letter, write a review of Microsoft's customer service and get it posted wherever I could, and I would sue the company if I did not receive a proper refund.

Well, guess what? Here I am. I canceled my account yesterday when I called back to find no forthcoming refund. I am VERY SORRY to lose my account in such a way. I truly enjoyed browsing the music, videos, podcasts, and other content on the Zune marketplace. I LOVED using the music from my Zune Pass as I drove in my car, mowed my lawn, played on my Xbox 360, worked in my shop/garage (I even have stereo speakers set up in my garage and basement workshop so when I bring in my Zune I can plug it in and jam while I work), and any number of other places I used it. It wasn't an easy thing to cancel my account, but I cannot put up with the nonsense I have been dealing with since this all started.

It's not like it's a unique occurrence either. I have had terrible customer service many times before from Zune support. I called in once to find out why the DRM on an album I purchased on the Marketplace kept telling me that I didn't own it, when I KNEW I had purchased it. After a long time on the phone (hours), I was told someone would call me back. I called back TWICE about that situation and to this day; they never fixed it AND NO ONE EVER CALLED ME BACK! I finally just deleted the album from my collection and went and bought it (again) on

Another time I had problems with the Zune player not playing music I had purchased unless I synced the device with the PC. After a long time on the phone with support, the representative told me that it was because of a recent update on the Zune software. I tried to make him understand that his explanation made no sense because my Zune had not been synced therefore it had no way of knowing about the update. How could an update to the software affect a Zune player that had not been in sync with the software since the update? "You mean that until this update all music purchased by users off of the Zune marketplace would not play unless the device was synced?" He had no idea what I was talking about. He told me to plug my Zune into my PC. I told him that if I did, it would sync, and then we wouldn't know if the problem was fixed or not because all my music (even the free stuff) would sync. He just told me it was necessary to fix the problem. After I did as he asked, he told me to unplug the device after it was done syncing and play one of my purchased songs.

Support: "Does the song play?" Me: "Of course it plays--ALL my music plays now because I just synced my player." Support: "There you go, we have fixed the problem." Me: "What?" I finally got frustrated and hung up. The problem cropped up again a few times until I just went ahead myself and completely wiped it clean, before re-setting it up again.

If a loyal customer calls in with a problem, shouldn't you do your best to solve it? And if that customer's problem is a direct result of the actions taken by your own staff, wouldn't it be prudent to just give that customer the benefit of the doubt and simply and easily give them their refund? Otherwise, you risk losing that loyal customer and any potential customers they might have been able to usher your way (and believe me, I previously pointed many customers your way when asked about .MP3 playing devices). Is Microsoft so big that it doesn't need to worry about one little angry guy? Is that it?

My point here is that you have a serious customer relations problem. Your technical support is appalling and as much as I love the Zune Pass I cannot be a part of a company who is going to treat me as badly as I have been treated by the Zune support staff. Every time a customer calls in with difficulty or a crisis it should be viewed as an opportunity for your people to show that customer how much you care about them and their business. I will sorely miss the Zune pass experience (not counting the horrendous customer support problems I have always had), but hopefully I can find a replacement elsewhere.

Keep in mind that I am still going to pursue the refund I rightly deserve. I wasn't just howling threats when I said I would take legal action. I have been patient and understanding, but my patience is gone. You will be hearing from me again. Two years of purchased music has been rendered unusable and still has not been replaced.

Company updated their software that has destroyed numerous Zune devices upon connecting. Cannot use a $249.00 MP3 player that is only 1 1/2 years old due to the lasted update that Microsoft did on the Zune.

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