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It's all about money and not customer service from Linksys. I called about a problem, and all they could have just told me was to do a hard reset of their router. Instead, they forwarded me to Geeksworld, so I would have to pay for a problem easily fixed with a simple reset to access the router. All I gotta say is, "What the???" Last time I purchase their product, and no recommendations. Time constraints, made the wrong decision and spent $$ on the Geeksworld techs. No thanks, to Linksys "Useless" Support Dept.

One of Linksys' best routers. It works intermittently at best. Wifi drops all the time. Shuts off with no networks listed at all. Spent hours on the phone with them to no avail. It's 2 days past 1 yr purchase date so I'm SOL...even though this problem has been happening the entire time I've owned it. I was a fool to buy ANOTHER Linksys router. The last one failed, and their rep told me it was just "too old". So, I was a sucker and went with the most expensive one I could find. Nothing but problems. Didn't last one year. Now I have to go buy yet another router. How do these companies get away with this robbery. Unbelievable!!

Purchased this router E900 a week ago, got it set up using wizard on the enclosed CD. Worked fine for about 5 days and then would not connect to the internet. Called support and was told that the problem was not with the router but with my modem and that I would have to pay Rs2000 for support. I called Costco concierge and the problem was with the router settings which they corrected in short order. Will not purchase another Linksys product. Seems they are only interested in selling service contracts on their new equipment.

I purchased a ac3200 Linksys router the EA9200. My problem was my signal kept constantly dropping. They told me to upgrade the firmware which made no difference. They also told me to change my channel frequency which also had no impact on my router. I've called them over 5-6 times with the same problem and they don't wanna fix it. They told me I had to get it replaced which is even more annoying of a process. I paid 300 for this router at Best Buy. Linksys is the worst company in the world because the people that assist you are super super super I mean SUPER lazy and ignorant. They follow protocol but that does not fix my solution. My internet works but the connection drops 10-12 times a day for a few minutes. I don't know how replacing my router will fix that.

I also purchased a wifi booster which does the exact same thing which is constantly drop signal. The wifi booster cost 100$. I spent 400$ plus tax on Linksys products that give me poor quality. I thought in this world you have to pay to get quality but for Linksys thats not the case. They have no good quality and never fix the problem. They just pretend like they're fixing the problem. They go through 2 protocols which is to upgrade the firmware or change the channel of your router. I feel like this company needs to be put in their place so they can actually fix people's problems instead of trying to divert the issue.

This LINKSYS WRT 1900 AC model is one of the more expensive ones of their line. I bought this to make my internet better for family and it wound up making the internet freeze up and not work. Some of us, in same house, got internet, others didn't. Had to keep restarting and still would not work properly. Took it off and internet worked better without it. Customer service is the worst. BE CAREFUL. If you don't buy from them directly, you cannot get your money back even if you have receipt.

Feel I just got robbed for $200+. All they want is to replace it even if you don't want it anymore. To replace it, you have to go through all this tech stuff just for them to give you some sort of voucher number so they could send a replacement. Explained to customer service, why would I go through all this tech stuff, when my internet is working better without their junk product and still wouldn't help. You have to jump through hoops just to get a replacement you don't even want. Waste of hard-earned money.

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I have used a lot of different routers over the years and have found that a lot of the problems that people have can be corrected by not relying on tech support, and google what you need. Spend time getting to know the equipment you are using and what you don't understand, look it up. I have spent my whole like working as a service tech in the office machine field starting in 1968, and the first thing that I notice is that people want someone else to fix all their problems and never look at an instruction manual. Where is the drive to understand. I learned to repair my own cars, do my own plumbing, electrical and have built a couple houses. I have noticed in my own kids that the drive to understand theory of operation is lost in today's world. Make tech support your last call and learn something on your own.

What the actual **. I was given the E4200v2 a while back and decided to swap out routers, the ** firmware. They have corrupted the router and they wanted me to pay them to fix their broken system. Never again.

My Linksys router broke, and since the product had a warranty, I called to get a replacement. It was easy to get them to accept that the router was broken, but it took a total of 4 weeks to get it shipped. First, they had to "process the request" for 6 days, then I had to send the broken one in. After they received it they sent a new one, and not using express shipping. All in all 4 weeks of waiting. Since I need my internet for work, I had to buy a new router (did not get a Linksys though). I asked if there were other solutions, for example buying one in the store and being reimbursed. But they only allow one way of doing it, and said it is like this for all warranty claims.

I purchased a brand new Linksys Router WRT1900AC about 8 months ago (7/2015), and it has not been a very reliable router like many of the reviews say it is. I need this router to run my computers when I am away from home, and I like the fact that (sometimes) you can log into the Linksys "Smart" Wi-Fi online feature and see if all of the computers are hooked up (Roku, other devices etc). So the story goes like this, I get onto the Smart Wi-Fi website by Linksys, and it was working fine, but the firmware needed to be updated, so since I had some downtime (being 1000 miles away from home), I decided to upgrade it. Well, all 10 of my computers that are my livelihood are now down, I can't log back in, I can't "restart" the Router.

I've called Time Warner and their modem is working fine (I was on the phone with them also for 3 hours getting bounced around from 5 or 6 Indian provinces). However, I believe it is working as I got up to tier 3 level with TWC and we determined that it is indeed the WRT1900AC which is locked up. I called up the "Customer Service" for Linksys, and have so far been on hold for almost 1 hour, I can barely understand a word the person is saying, and this is all I wanted to convey: Please reset my WRT1900AC router from your end. Apparently, he did not have this kind of authority to achieve this.. And going round and round arguing about this, I said my business depends on this etc. Finally they said a manager would promptly call me back.

Well, I don't know what time "promptly" means in India, but it must mean the transition from Fall to Winter, or Winter to Spring, because they never called me back. My recommendation, do NOT buy this Router. And if you do, do NOT upgrade the firmware and NEVER EVEN ATTEMPT TO CALL THEM. THEY ARE LAZY AND IGNORANT ABOUT THEIR OWN PRODUCT AND SCRIPTED PROTOCOLS. This router was over $200, so look for some other brand. I've heard there are other alternatives, and that is the first thing I will do when I get home next week. Very poor customer service. They just don't care.

I purchase a WIFI extender and have had too much trouble setting it up. I spent an hour trying on numerous occasion. At this point I don't want the money back, nor their hard to navigate customer support. I am throwing this trash in the garbage at my own cost.

I wish there was an option for 0 stars. I bought the RE6700 wifi extender and it was very simple to use at first. My setup page for it quit working though. It timed out with my first device. I have not been able to get back to it. These things happen and I understand that. Why I will be taking this Linksys product back and will never be purchasing another one and will always speak horribly of them in any public setting I may find myself in, follows. I have a speech impediment so I try to use the chat option at every opportunity. I have had numerous head injuries after 20 years of serving as an EOD technician (bomb squad) in the Marine Corps. I do not rely on that nor do expect anything from anyone for it. I stutter and when I try to push through the stutter I wind up with a migraine. After the chat "professional" told me to call tech support instead of using the chat service, I told him/her that I was disabled and would rather use chat.

He/She then sent me that tech support number again. I told he/she that they were as helpful as VA medical then I pursued a different approach. I ended up back on the chat line and in the first line explained to 'Dave' that I was disabled with a speech impediment and to please not tell me to call a technician. His answer was, "No need to worry. We will help you." I told him the issue and he sent back, "In that case you can speak to our technicians at..." I sent back, "You're joking right?" He sent back, "No". Why would someone treat someone like that? How ridiculous. A simple the only option is that you need to call, or have someone call would have been understandable.

Then the lady in India I ended up stuttering and mumbling to had a harder time speaking English than I did. She did take the time to ask why I didn't have a LAN cable to plug into my WIRELESS extender, though. I guess that makes sense? I now have to take the LINKSYS extender back to WALMART and find a different brand that will hopefully work and have support that actually supports. This all after four hours of fiddling around on the phone and the website.

Wanted to purchase this router in Canada and many stores (Canada Computers, Walmart, Best Buy) advertising this product on sale. Read many customer reviews and discovered there were two versions of the same product with the exact same SKU being sold in stores and online. Contacted Linksys U.S. and agent only concerned with how I knew this information but not how she can help me. Told me that Version 2 not available in Canada even though other customers have found Version 2 in Canada in some stores after reading the package. Seems that Linksys U.S. is unloading their Version 1 warehouse stock in Canada and keeping the same SKU on both Version 1 and 2. More than a little misleading to the customer.

Version 1, is on sale, but not advertised as Version 1, has crashing issues, 256mb ram and unreliable drivers in the embedded chipsets. Many customer complaints about this product. Version 2 has 512mb ram, slightly higher clock speed, solid, reliable, firmware release in June 2015. How you can tell the difference between the two versions. You will have to visit the store and read the packaging or trust the customer service rep to verify the information as follows: Version 2 has 512mb ram, no fan 1.3 ghz on the package, Rev A01 on the package above or below the white barcode, Serial number also on the package starts with 13J2. Version 1 has 256mb ram, a fan, 1 or 1.2 ghz, Rev D00 or B00, serial number starting with 13J1. There is a noticeable difference in reliability and performance between the two versions. Same SKU used for both versions. All this information can be found online with a little research.

Time Warner is now charging $10 a month for a cable modem so I bought my own for $50 and got it working but the wireless router now wasn't working. Told to call Linksys support. They said my warranty and tech support was expired so I would have to pay them $20-30 for 2 weeks to a few months of support or I could buy a new updated router from them and be without service till it came. I said why would I pay for a new router and be without service when they wouldn't help me with a perfectly good router that was still working fine before I put the new cable modem in. They told me I could go back to my old cable modem and it would work and pay the $10 month rental fee!

I told them I wasn't going to do any of the above and if need be would just buy a new router from a competitor! Turns out it was a ridiculously simple problem to fix. My brother the computer programmer told me to unplug the router, wait ten seconds and then plug in. Guess what problem solved for free. I wish I could tell everybody what a greedy company Linksys is to take $20 to tell you to unplug the router! Can you believe it! Only in America! Of course if it's a woman they think we are so stupid that we would fall for that crap! Now my brother joked I need to give him $20! So glad I didn't let them take advantage of me!

$200 price. 2 weeks after the 12 month warranty and the ethernet input craps out. Nice wireless router but not at $200 for a one year product. No more Linksys Chinese crap with a warranty based life span.

A few days ago, I bought a Linksys AC2400 router at Costco. Tonight we tried to set it up. The disk did not work when trying to set it up automatically. We downloaded the file to try it manually. The password would not work. On the back of the CD packet was a phone number to call for Support. The number is **. We called it. There is no support there. It is an advertising number. It just kept asking us if we were interested in buying this or that and after numerous asking, it referred us to another number that just continued the sales attempt. We never got any support after calling three times, each from two different phones. We finally went online and found another number and called that and finally did reach Support but were told we would have to wait 35 to 45 minutes.

Linksys must think they are playing some kind of joke on people. I am returning the router tomorrow and I will never buy another Linksys product again. My time is too valuable for this kind of nonsense. Call that number and see what I mean. We did not make a mistake on the number. The above number on the CD packet was correctly read by us as we went over it several times not believing the crap Linksys was doing.

I received the EA3500 router as a gift about a year ago and have had issues since day 1 but could not return or exchange as it was a gift and had no receipt. My girlfriend and I contacted Linksys for assistance in fixing the issues but since we had no receipt they refused to assist us until I found one representative using their online chat to "help" us out. She put a zip file on our computer and said if this issue continues to upload this firmware update to our router and it should fix the issue... the issue continued so we uploaded the file as we were told and the router crashed instantly, no info in router - completely wiped clean... Call back to customer service give them the order number they issued for the problem. They have no idea who rep was (we gave name) and "apologized" for the issue telling us that it would cost $39.99 for them to fix the issue that they caused... Router is at max 9 months old...... DO NOT BUY FROM LINKSYS/CISCO!!!

One month after the one year warranty expired on my Cisco Linksys EA3500 wireless router, the device simply stopped working. When I contacted tech support, I had to pay a fee for phone support which only covered 14 days. Afterwards, if the router malfunctioned again, I was informed that I would be charged a second fee. Needless to say, tech support only eliminated one problem and created another one. My router worked but the signal was very weak on my laptop if I moved to another room. I never experienced this problem previously. My place is very small, so we're not covering much space here. I refuse to pay another fee to expose myself to the possibility of getting ripped off once again. I wish I had read the reviews prior to purchasing this router. I definitely would have passed on buying it.

I am a 58-year-old and have been working with and using the Internet most of my adult life. I have found that most modem routers, or combinations of modems and routers, which are designed for domestic/home use, generally last approximately 1 year and average around $100 to purchase. I purchased a Linksys XAC1200 router modem on 30 June 2015, for $270, as the Asus modem, which I purchased in 2013 for a fraction of the cost of the Linksys, was becoming a bit unreliable. Immediately after its initial setup it began dropping out at first every few hours for a few seconds. After 2 weeks it was constantly dropping for 10-15 min. When reconnected it would only hold the connection for 1 to 2 minutes before dropping out again. I initially blamed my ISP not suspecting the new router at all. After going through my ISP's tech support who were very helpful (iprimus), they advised me to reset my router to factory defaults and set it up again.

Since that time, this process has continued as outlined above. It is now the 6 October 2015, the Linksys XAC1200 no longer operates at all. It won't reset to factory defaults or connect either thru ethernet or wireless LAN. Neither is it connecting to the net. I have tried to contact Linksys about this, via their support page, but as I do not have nor see why I should have, premium support have been unable to contact them. I am now back to using my old Asus router. I will be returning the XAC1200 to the store I purchased it from and will post here how I get on.

Purchased this router (AC2400) a week ago, got it set up using wizard on the enclosed CD. Worked fine for about 5 days and then would not connect to the internet. Called support and was told that the problem was not with the router but with my modem and that I would have to pay $120.00 for support. I called Costco concierge and the problem was with the router settings which they corrected in short order. Will not purchase another Linksys product. Seems they are only interested in selling service contracts on their new equipment.

After spending an eternity on hold I was told that in order to reset my password I would have to pay $30-$40 in order to troubleshoot my device. Then when I said that I did not think that was right, I was hung up on. Never once did I get angry or give her any reason to hang up, but because she was not going to get me to pay that price I was no longer a valued customer. I highly suggest you NEVER buy any Linksys product. They do not care about their customers, only about how much money they can get out of their products messing up. It is unbelievable that a company could have policies like this. All I needed was to set a password on my router, because their website purposely does not work.

Same story. 90 day warranty. $30 to reset router after sudden password problem within a year of purchase interrupts Internet service. FOUR HOURS of phone chats that resulted in nothing except the loss of the $30. I gave up before the inevitable conclusion that I would have to buy a new and more expensive Linksys router. The current pricey Linksys router was the result of a similar adventure a year ago. Silly me not to have changed companies last time.

My EA6200 was defective and confirmed by Linksys technician after 2 hours of testing. They have agreed to give me new router but another problem, they do not have any EA6200 in stock and their policy strictly says no upgraded router, so I am stuck waiting for EA6200 which they do not know when it will come in stock. I have spend total of 6-8 hours of my time try to get this router but no luck. It seems like they do not want to replace any routers. Shame on big company like yours and that how you get bigger, I will be exploring other router company now on.

When I first got Linksys, it worked fine and my family and I had it for about a year. Then we switched over to AT&T U-Verse which was pretty decent. When we switched back to Linksys, it was every couple minutes I would disconnect from Wi-Fi. I don't think it's my phone because I have an iPhone 6, but I disconnect every few minutes and don't want to use up data. It's one of the most annoying things and I do not recommend Linksys unless you are get top of the line and expensive stuff.

When I first got Linksys, it worked fine and my family and I had it for about a year. Then we switched over to AT&T U-Verse which was pretty decent. When we switched back to Linksys, it was every couple minutes I would disconnect from Wi-Fi. I don't think it's my phone because I have an iPhone 6, but I disconnect every few minutes and don't want to use up data. It's one of the most annoying things and I do not recommend Linksys unless you are get top of the line and expensive stuff.

I changed a router, which means I needed to change the way the Linksys Range Extender was set up. Online instructions are horrible, takes forever to connect with "live agent", and they want you to spend additional money to get assistance. I will never have one of their products again. I can't wait to expose this to the social media crowd in addition to the Investigative TV reporters that are always reviewing products and problems in the DC area. I hope everyone knows that any assistance with a Linksys/Delkin products will really cost them in the long run. I also kept their C/S agents on the phone long enough to make sure I am costing them more than the $29 they want to charge me. I will make sure it is not cost effective on their end.

You get past 90 days with Linksys there is no more complimentary warranty help. Router doesn't stay set if power blinks. Messed up again and won't set right sometimes or add devices back. If you need help do NOT call their number 1-800-326-7114 past 90 days. They won't help you unless pay a fee of $30 each time. Buy a professional business grade router made in the USA like CISCO or others instead of buying cheap China made crap by Linksys! I had trouble setting up their Linksys AC1200 model EA6350. It doesn't stay set right. Had to send new laptop off. Got in November and just got it back and set up router again but Linksys won't help without paying their help fee even though it is just barely past the 90 days warranty. Piss poor warranty. Don't buy Linksys. Will be my last one ever.

Never call Linksys support. Total scam from India. They want to access your computer then show you all the threats you have. People are accessing your files they say. Do you bank online? Don't you want to fix this problem right now? We can fix it for $299.00. After I told her to get lost she lower the price to $199.00. Hung up on her. Still not sure if they stole any of my information! Linksys makes good product. Why they want to have their business get a bad reputation is beyond me. You can fix most router problems by resetting. Google reset Linksys router for more info.

After long phone calls with Linksys and them basically trying to force me to buy their ** 29.99 one time help, I was already kind of annoyed. It wasn't until I found out the router I bought at the Radioshack I worked at was refurbished, despite the factory seal still being on the package. So, I paid full price for the best router (in my opinion) just to find out it was refurbished. Thanks to Linksys.

A Linksys router that I recently purchased model EA4500 ceased to provide service after a period of 3 months. It was reset for the diagnostics that were performed by our ISP. The service provider deduced the router was at fault and not connecting to the web. When I contacted Linksys for assistance and after a 25 minute wait was told the 90 day period for warranty service (100 days) had expired. And it would cost either $29.00 or $39.00 for assistance to make their product provide the service for which it was designed. I declined either and will not buy another Linksys router again. Buyer beware.

Huge scam! The tech service is trying sell service contracts for $200-400 dollars. The "representative" took remote access control of my computer and started saying there was Malware on the computer (there isn't). He said it was not protected and it is. He kept pushing the service contract. He was holding me hostage by not finishing the fix until I agreed. I told him I didn't have any money and he told me he would try to get me a deal. I hung up and now the computer is really messed up. The router password is changed. I am very upset. Stay away from these crooks!

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