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My laptop screen cracked when I was adjusting the screen. It has never been dropped or anything of the kind. However, the customer service agents clearly did not believe me and instead quoted me a repair price of $280, and they thought it was a great deal. I asked to speak to a supervisor, and I'm pretty sure it was the same guy pretending to be a supervisor. I have barely had this laptop for three months, and have used it completely within reason. This will be the last HP I ever purchase.

I purchased a new Pavilion HP Laptop with a 14-inch screen, backlit keyboard and latest gen i3 processor less than 2 months ago from Staples. The laptop in no way undergoes any form of abuse or even undue daily wear compared to other laptops I have owned. One fine morning, the screen display showed a spider web/cracked pattern. There was no physical damage on the screen itself. I proceeded to call HP support where they informed me that HP does not cover any hardware related failures for the screen. The cost of repairing the faulty screen, according to the estimates provided by HP, is $379.00. The laptop cost $399 as I purchased it on sale from Staples. This will be the absolute last time I ever purchase an HP. Lenovo and Apple both provide much better warranties on their products, not to mention superior quality. My earnest warning to all who will read this and listen, DO NOT EVER WASTE YOUR MONEY ON AN HP.

I purchased the HP Spectre one year ago. Several months ago, the computer crashed (wouldn't power on). I called HP and they had me send in the computer for repair. HP replaced the motherboard and sent the computer back. As soon as I started using the computer again, I started getting BSOD of all varieties (e.g., system service exception not handled, KMODE exception not handled, etc.). I called HP and they had me go through numerous "repairs" including system resets, reinstalling the operating system - multiple times - etc. The BSOD issue persisted, so HP had me send the computer again. This time they replaced the hard disk drive and the situation is still not resolved. I continue to get BSOD after only minutes of using the computer. I was told to reset the computer again. After spending hours doing this and on the phone with HP, I have to send the computer back to HP for "final repairs".

I am beyond frustrated with HP for the time and money wasted. I've never felt so taken advantage of and mistreated by a company. My husband and I have owned several HPs over the last 10 years, but after this experience, I will never buy another HP nor will I recommend to friends and family and instead will actively discourage friends, family and colleagues from purchasing HP.

About four or five years ago I purchased an HP Pavilion HPE desktop computer. It has never run quite right and I was getting Windows errors on it right from the start. The computer oftentimes would stop responding, for no apparent reason. In the first year and a half, I contacted HP Support at the phone number provided by HP in their support software. The first time I called I was able to at least get some assistance for my problem though the issue was not completely resolved. On all three occasions, however, the agent who answered my phone call forcibly told me to shut my computer down 'right away' as someone was trying to hack it. All three times they informed me it would cost $200 for them to send someone out and make my computer safe from hackers. I refused on all three occasions, and for the first two calls, I felt it was just a money-making attempt on their part.

On the third attempt, however, the agent didn't even wait to get my personal information, and because these calls were spread out over such a large period of time, I immediately suspected a scam. On this third occasion I told the agent that these hackers have apparently been trying to get into my computer for quite a long time and they must be pretty poor at hacking if they haven't been successful yet. I then told him I did not appreciate the attempted scam and I hung up on him. I have never called HP Support again. I know there are scammers out there who try to break into people's computers and steal their banking information. I receive calls from people pretending to be from Microsoft, trying to scam me quite often.

I never suspected, however, that a legitimate business would hire people who would attempt to scam me. Because their customer service is (or was) outsourced to another country that is well known for the scam attempts that come from there, however, it does not surprise me. What it has done, however, is to hurt HP's reputation as a company, and I can honestly say I would never purchase another HP product again, nor would I ever recommend their products to friends or family. I regret my decision to purchase an HP over a Dell, and I oftentimes wonder if anything can be done legally about this, because it is completely unethical. HP may have offered a little bit more for a little bit less money, but their lack of concern for their customer service does not make up for the difference I 'saved'.

My 3 month old HP notebook crashed. Jumped through all the hoops - customer service said I had to. Finally got a code that said hard drive malfunction so they said I had to send it in. Of course at my expenses so I paid 500 for a notebook and it crashes and now I'm out shipping fees too. Bet they make up excuse not to fix it too. Was treated bad by customer service to begin with so don't hold out much hope of them making it right.

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My wife and I both bought HP computers to use during college. We spent a lot of money on them and expected them to last. I have an ENVY dv6 and she owns a Pavillion dv7. After less than 1 year, my wife began having problems with the hinge of the laptop. There was nothing wrong with the computer, but the hinge was giving out. Eventually it got to the point where the plastic was falling apart and it would make terrible noises when she would open it. We kept replacing the screw but it kept falling out. We ended up spending over $100 to get the laptop fixed by HP support. When the laptop was returned to us, they had destroyed the hard drive and had to replace it as well as the hinge. That was very frustrating for us since it was such a minor problem.

Within the next year, my computer started having the same problem. My hinge has been coming loose and I have to constantly watch the screws and tighten them or else my computer will suffer the same fate as my wife's. It has been 2 years since my wife's laptop was completely refurbished from the repair incident. Surprise, surprise, the laptop has the same problem and all the screws are still in place. We tried tightening them and still, the hinge is coming apart. We called HP support but of course since the repair warranty is gone, they will do nothing unless we want to dish out more money. It seems crazy that both our laptops have had the same problems and yet there was no recall on our computers. We will never buy HP again.

Terrible company. I bought a laptop for a year and it had virus, all the system so slowly. When I tried to call for customer service, they don't even ask me for Specific problem, just said I have to pay $200 to fix it. And when I ask how to turn off the blue screen that I saw (not to fix), they said they couldn't show it by the phone and say goodbye quickly. So rude.

We have an HP desktop with inkjet printer. For whatever reason the desktop goes into analysis mode everyday with the system freezing and the inkjet printer goes into check mode before every print. We can't use either when either is in check or analysis mode. I complained to HP Customer Service and they exchanged the printer - but the same old problem with the new one - it checks before every print. When the printer is low on ink, but not out, the desktop will go into analysis mode before any print and refuses to proceed until I submit to a sales pitch for HP products.

There have been occasions when the printer is in its check mode when the desktop tries to go into its daily analysis mode and the result is everything freezes. We can't even reboot. We have to pull the plug and refresh to a prior date. I've been on net conferences and I get dropped because the desk top goes into analysis mode without prior notification or option to delay. Analysis mode is like a virus scan but we get locked out. We can see on screen the desk top inquiring about updates, etc.

HP Customer Service and they seem to take the position we must be doing something wrong. The latest is our desktop is now out of warranty. Even though the problem existed before the warranty ran out and they failed to fix it is not their problem now. HP wants a huge hourly tech fee without any guarantee of success. The alternative is buy another desk top. I contacted the HP CEO and that was like kissing your own sister - cold and unproductive. IS THIS PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE?

HP pavilion 15-N047TX Motherboard Problem. I had purchased the HP Laptop in 2014 and after One Year one day it just got dead. No POWER ON, just blinking the bolt (AMBER) LED few times. So I send it for repair. They told me after that problem lies inside motherboard and it needs to be replaced. Its a wasting of time and money for repairing.

I purchased a new HP computer tower, model D8X43UA#AB on 08/02/2013. Just over 3 years later the motherboard crashed and I now have to buy another one. This is a computer used by a 60 year old woman who does not play games on it. I have only had three computers in my lifetime and they have always lasted a long time. Not this HP. Needless to say, I will never buy another HP product and don't recommend them to anyone else.

I bought an HP laptop less than 12 months ago for my small business. Within the last year the hard drive has crashed twice and has had to be sent in. Both times it was covered under warranty, but it was a hassle and I had to pay the shipping. This bad product however is not the reason for my complaint!! Since the last time the laptop was sent in for repair, my office has received on average, 3 calls per week from scammers in India claiming to be with HP and saying that my HP laptop has viruses and they want to gain access to my laptop remotely. I have never allowed them to do this (obviously).

The frightening thing is, since the first call, they somehow know that I have had my laptop in for repair with HP tech support. The only way they could know this is: #1 if a tech support agent with HP gave or sold my info to a scammer (very likely considering the tech support for HP is all in India and so is the scammer) or, #2 if they hacked HP and stole my phone number and name and info and now know that I have an HP laptop. Either way, I'm not happy about it. After calling HP and receiving absolutely no help other than an attempted upsell for some HP security crap from a rude lady, I figured a negative review was all I could do. I will never buy HP products again.

I bought an HP Envy touch screen Computer on 2013, as a graduation gift for myself. The computer worked fine for about six months. After the six months, the touch screen completely stopped working and from then on, my computer would have random spasms, where the touch would make everything go crazy and I would have to close my computer to make it stop. I eventually got over that and learned to live with the sporadic spasms. Just about two weeks ago, my computer was working perfectly fine, but then when I went to turn it on one day, the screen was completely black and would not turn on. I am in college and I don't have money to buy a new computer, so I was freaking out. I had important documents on it, pictures, school work, and more.

Eventually, I got my computer to go to a setting where I could do a system recovery, which I did and after like 5 hours or rebooting, it finally started to work again. It worked fine until Friday of last week. I asked my roommate to help me study and when she was looking at my laptop, something popped up. She clicked it and it was updating my computer to the 8.1 windows instead of 8. My computer died in the midst of updating because I was flying home and when I went to open it, all hell broke loose. My computer once again would not turn on and when I eventually got it to go to the system recovery option, it wouldn't do that. I tried EVERY SINGLE OPTION POSSIBLE, but nothing worked.

So, I finally had to result in wiping my entire computer clean of everything. I did that and when I went to go start making my computer mine again, a notification pops up saying that my windows is no longer activated and to put in the product key. My HP was programmed with the product key, so I never got a product key!!! I contacted Windows to see if they could help in some way and they tried but said HP was overriding their ability to reactivate windows and so I have to contact them. At this point, I am extremely pissed off. So, I try to contact HP, because this is THEIR mistake. A system reboot is build within the computer, it should not deactivate windows. And they charge a fee to even speak with them on the phone about it. Like are you kidding me???!!! I have to pay a fee (money that I do not have) to speak with you about your system failing to function properly.

Granted, I had this computer for three years now, but I have never dropped it, broke it, spilled any liquids on it... It looks basically brand new. But I have to pay them a fee or buy a whole new product key because their piece of ** computer, deactivated windows. I'm sorry, but HP is horrible!!! Please do not buy this product, they do not care about customer service once so ever and their products are **. Constant random updates and constantly having to do system restores and system recovery is BS. My next laptop, which I would have to figure out how to buy because this one won't work for long without an operating system, will definitely not be a stupid HP computer!!!

I went online to find a company that could fix/repair my computer problems namely Mobile Computer Geeks located in Woodridge in Brisbane Qld (according to their business card). A technician arrived and started to repair/fix my computer issues. After about 30 minutes he then asked me to pay over $300 for upgrades to my older computer programs, which I paid in full. He then left and everything seemed to be working.

Then less than 2 days later my NEW UPDATED Outlook Express "Email" program started to SHUT DOWN, so I tried to call them. Eventually the original technician replied and asked me to "remotely" connect him to my computer, this I did, and he asked me for a further $60, which I paid in full. Then 2 days later my Outlook Express started to shut down every time after I tried to open the program. I then contacted the owner (Bill). His reply was fairly simple, "I will refund the call out fee immediately". Today is more than 7 days later, AND NOTHING.

I have owned three HP Laptop Computers and while I have experienced problems with each of them, the product itself is fairly good. However, customer support leave much to be desired. Following are a few experiences I have had: 1. I have been hung up on at least nine times; 2. I have been transferred to a department that had nothing to do with the issue I was experiencing; 3. HP customer service is outsourced to a country whose majority of HP employees I have encountered are not fluent in speaking or understanding English. The makes is difficult if not impossible to discuss technical issues and even warranty issues; 4. My experience has been that when requesting to speak to a supervisor, he or she is on another line and they can't or won't place you on hold to speak to the supervisor.

A product or service is only as good as the individuals who deal with defective products. What good is a warranty if you are unable to get the necessary instructions to resolve the problem. I have yet to read any other reviews dealing with HP customer support but I am willing to bet this is not the only poor review of HP's non-existent customer support. There is no order number since this was not purchased directly from Hewlett Packard.

I called to fix my printer because it won't print in color. From what I know, it is pretty standard amongst all printers regarding how to get it to print in color, if it won't. They said my printer was too old and they couldn't find it in their system, but all I wanted was some general advice on how to make it print in color! I know how to navigate around my printer, so, even if it was old... I wish they would have just given me some general directions... I don't know why it was so important for them to know the make and model of the printer. In addition, the man was very rude to me the whole entire time and kept laughing at me and yelling at me if I didn't understand something.

BUYER BEWARE. I am writing regarding the performance and service of an HP laptop, but more importantly to convey the unethical and criminal activities that have been conducted by both HP's customer support and service departments. From early on, the laptop worth $1,500 did not work appropriately. Due to time constraints, the laptop was sent in for repairs (failing video card, loud fan, malfunctioning screen display, etc) after the academic school year was completed, in order to not affect completion of schoolwork.

However, the unit was returned and displayed the same issues and was returned without touchscreen capabilities (which was previously functional). The unit was returned to HP again for repair and came back again with the same issues except now, the screen was completely dislodged from the face of the laptop. I have reason to believe, that this computer was never actually seen for repair (as conveyed to me during a discussion with Dominic in the Escalations Team).

When the first service complaint was filed, the agent indicated that the unit must be serviced 3 times to receive a refund. Since then, after spending months with HP in its service department, the computer is broken and inoperable and my warranty has now expired. I enquired as to whether the machine could be sent in for repair and considered for a refund as it has demonstrated that it is not a quality machine. I relayed to the customer service agents that I am being relocated, through the military, overseas and would need to receive the laptop back, at my new location. I was told HP does not ship internationally, therefore, rendering me unable to receive the product after repair.

After 3 hours on the phone, I was then advised to wait for a call (24-48 hour wait time) from the "military department" as they would be better able to assist me. After receiving no such call, I was informed that HP does not have a "military department" and therefore, 48 hours, that I could have sent the machine back, via stateside shipping, were wasted. As I did not receive a call, I called the case manager, Charlie **, who was not available, and then Alex **, who was also not available, and was then tossed around the "escalation team for another hour". I was assured by Richard and Dominic (ext ** site **) that Phillip, their boss, would call me in 2 hours. I expect no resolution from this call. However, I will continue to pursue this issue until I receive a viable option.

I am confident in the fact that HP's customer service and support teams have done all they can to ensure that they would not have to issue a refund for this defective machine and that I was not provided with all possible options to resolve this matter (including lying, evasive measures, and forging of internal records). The processes in place do not serve the customer, they do not work and they need to be examined internally without affecting the customers who invest large sums of money into HP's products. In a competitive field with companies like Apple and Amazon who have great customer service and support teams, HP falls far below the industry standard. For that, they lost a customer and I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

I have no idea where to start. HP Procurve switches - Glitch in the OS that causes packet collisions when autonegotiate is enabled. Called HP to find out about a work around, before I realized this was the problem, which turned into a 3 day chase of updating bios, repairing OS's and working on other issues, to later find out they knew about the bug and wasted my time and my client's money.

HP Printers - Years ago you could buy a steel chassis HP printer that would print over a billion pages without ever having anything outside of maintenance and toner replaced. Years later if you get 2 years out of them before the plastic chassis warp and cause the printer to fail you got your money out of it. HP servers - More backplane repairs than I can remember, between the HP BL, DL series you get a constant cooling issue where the fans that keep the drives cool cook the backplane and cause the servers to fail. The BL or Blade chassis suffer from the same issue taking down what could be half of your network.

HP Desktops/Laptops - The Day the warranty is up, they fail, if you get the extended warranty you would be lucky to get a year after the warranty is up before you have to replace a system board, LCD, or some other major part. HP support - After the XMas fiasco I no longer buy HP products, not even printers, they are now Canon purchases, and desktops I use Dell Business class machines, servers Dell, or SUN are my go to servers, the icing on the cake for me was when they didn't make quota in 2007 and Mary the owner of HP at that point decided to outsource the California Data support team to make up the difference to the shareholders.

I refuse to support a company that would do this... and make such horrible quality products... Last good HP product I used was HP UX version 11.00 in 1997.

It sounds as though I have been luckier than most of the other reviewers since I have had my computer a few years. This morning, it took THREE hours for updates to install and when I attempted to login, it took another FORTY FIVE minutes to "Restore previous version of Windows"--what?? Even as I write this review, and following the lengthy updates, the computer is so slow and unresponsive, I want to slit my wrists! Rather than taking my own life over a computer, however, I have begun researching buying a new computer--anything but an HP! Never again!

I bought an HP laptop from Dick-smith about a year ago. It was working fine, but for one night all of sudden, my laptop stopped working, in fact it died. Would not take up the charge, wouldn't start up. I took my laptop to a local technician, who checked my laptop and said that the mother board could have been died. Next morning I rang up to HP and told them the issues that I was having with my laptop. HP asked me to send the laptop for repair as it had a warranty in it.

As HP advised me to back up my data prior to sending the laptop to them, when I took my laptop to my local technician to back up my data, we noticed that internally few screw were missing and it appeared to be dirty as well, and the hard disk had no cover either. The technician said that, perhaps it was not a brand new laptop that I bought, it could be a refurbished one. This really shocked me! I took some photos of what its interior looked like when we had opened the laptop to back up the data. I mentioned to HP about how dirty the interior looked and the missing screws as well.

I send the laptop to HP and after a week or so HP contacted me saying that there was a leakage inside the laptop which they claim to be a physical damage, and therefore, it's not covered by the warranty. They sent me a quote of $1209 if I was to repair it. I said to the HP that I had neither spilled anything into the laptop nor had dropped it. I kept asking HP that how is the leakage even possible? HP claimed that I must have spilled something into the laptop that's why there's a leakage. The truth is that I had not spilled anything into. I took very good care of my laptop, and I am the only user of that laptop.

I learned that dealing with HP to be very very frustrating and useless. I feel like they rip me off, they sold me the refurbished laptop saying it was a brand new. What a lie from a manufacturer and/or a retailer!!! You would think that there is tight law and regulation around it? I have had a horrible experience with HP, and would like to tell people not to purchase their products. Any idea whether I could take this matter any further? I am a university student, and can't afford to buy another one right now. I know that the damage was not from my side. Could some one please help me how to tackle this issue?

Terrible customer service. Spend over hour on the phone just to have them tell me it's going to cost 300 to fix a 500 laptop I've only had for 1 year and a bit which we never really use it as a secondary PC. One day it just wouldn't turn on anymore so I called them and that when they informed me that they were going to ** me to get it to work.

Bought - 15t Laptop. Immediately found out that it was not completely compatible with Windows 10. Tried to return unit but HP promised me that "the fix is being processed". I called every month and was assured that they were working on the fix. On the 13th month, they said that my warranty had expired and, therefore, it would now cost me over $100 to get the fix. Both our family and company have been completely satisfied with our IT purchases since then - NONE OF WHICH WERE ON HP PRODUCTS.

Don't buy an HP printer unless you plan to use only HP ink which is extremely expensive. Ink cartridges now have chips in them. HP periodically pushes software updates to their printers that disable their printers unless they have HP ink cartridge chips. I bought multiple HP printers for my business and they shut down several times a year because of this issue. The competitor's ink is just as good at less than 1/2 the price of HP ink. I can't believe it is legal for HP to disable their customer's products because we don't want to overpay for their ink. Even it is legal it's a terrible way to conduct business and treat their customers.

Don't waste your time or money. I buy all HP Computers for our office and specifically add their premium HP Care Package for mechanical failure & breakage, just so that we minimize the repair time. I just found out today that one of our newer laptops has been sitting at their repair facility for almost, with no work having been done and they could honestly care less by the tone in their voices! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON HP COMPUTERS (or their worthless care packages).

It's a very long story spreading out over 2 years. If I can't write it all just want everyone to know that their computers, customer support, honoring warranty and their technicians are all crap. I purchased 2 HP Envy 17" computers directly from HP in March of 2014. I purchased one online and one over the phone. I never could get them to send me a receipt for the one bought over the phone and they don't keep records of the purchases from the consumer. I bought a 3 year in home warranty for both of them. We had trouble with the computers after the 1st month of owning them. They would not honor the in home warranty so we had to send them in and be without them for several weeks at a time. One time it was 2 months.

The worst part about it is when they sent the computer back either broken by them or they simply made no repairs. This happened every time we sent it in. So we were basically without one of our computers for a year. Talking to management was a dead end, they said they could do nothing for us and to send it back in. We had sent it in for a new case as the Ethernet connection was broken and the cable just fell out it would not stay in. The case was good everywhere else. Well they didn't even fix the case in fact they broke it more.

There is a 1/2 inch gap where the case is supposed to be together all across the back and the battery will not go in the bottom of the case, it simply doesn't fit anymore. That's how they sent it back to us. So now we are told to send it in again. I think sending it in is useless as it always comes back worse than when we sent it. But I really don't want to throw my $3,000. Out the window. We need it fixed. This is the case manager we have been talking to and he claims there is nothing he can do for us.

One time the service guys turned my son in for fraud as he gave 2 email addresses. It went to their fraud dept and it took us 2 months to get it back and they sent it back without working on it. So the reason we sent it in did not get fixed. We had to send it back in again. Listen to the reviews and don't buy a HP anything. I guarantee you will be sorry.

I spent 35 plus minutes on the phone and talked to 7 different representatives about returning a damaged HP ink cartridge. Service company said it was bad. Could not get a return to swap the item.

I cancelled my 2.99 a month instant ink program. They said when I called today I didn't. I was on the phone for 45 minutes getting bounced all around. Finally I meet the nastiest lady in 68 years on earth. They told me the paper was 2.99 a month but the ink was free. All double talk. I told her I was 100% disabled Vietnam vet, she still wanted me to pick up printer to look for snn. I never received a bill but was told to update my credit card. You know what, they did get me on the small print, but I will get them. I figure I have 3 years left with agent orange and other bad health. I'll spend them passing on this story, to all that will listen... I only speak to vets 3x a month. Lol.

My son bought HP Pavilion 15 and he had hard time to open and close it and he noticed the hinge is not closed properly, so we went to Office Depot and asked to the technician to check. The guy said it's the hinge problem and it's the manufacturer defect, so we should contact the HP customer service. So my son emailed the customer service and they told emailed back that his warranty is expired already so he has to pay $60.00 to talk to the support people whatever. Just consult with them we have to pay $60.00, wow.

I never had this kind of experience in whole my life. Such a junk support system and I read lot of bad reviews from here, so I just told my son that just use it until the screen breaks (because of hinge problem, the screen will eventually break down little by little). Well, I am glad that I bought my second son not the HP but Dell laptop which works far better than HP one according to my first son. Paid such an expensive lesson that will never buy HP product no matter what. Whether laptop or printer or whatever, never again. If there is no star you can give I will give no star at all.

My computer has been plagued with bad WiFi connection capability. It doesn't connect at Starbucks or Airport free WiFi spots. The problem occurred immediately after purchase in late 2014, while I was on business. I bought the laptop specifically for this business trip. It took HP hours to get problem resolved over the phone while I was in my client's office. The problem continued, 9 times out of 10 I could not connect to Wifi - even from my home in the same room as my WiFi router. It has taken so long to get through to an HP agent each time I call. I could not afford to keep calling. Calls get disconnected, nobody calls back.

It gets worse. Now, HP will not allow me to talk to a technical support agent without paying $99 one time fee for one time help or pay $49 and $14.99 each month. All I want to do is talk to an agent and get advice on connecting to WiFi. I never got to use this Laptop while traveling and it seems unfair. Even if HP gave me a refund, I am still out money due to amount of hours spent trying to resolve the issue. Not to mention the frustration. HP lost me as a customer for life. I will now take my case to Twitter and Facebook, to warn friends not to buy HP computers.

I bought an All in One Desktop computer and wireless printer. When I installed the printer at first I had trouble so I contacted HP support and they helped me online to install the printer. It was working Ok for about 1-2 weeks when all of a sudden the printer stopped printing and the computer would not find it. I immediately called support since this computer is under warranty and I was told that I would have to pay for a service contract to get my printer to work again. I tried to ascertain the reason from the representative who kept having a deaf ear to what I was saying and a one track mind on what he was trying to get me to do.

He said I bought a wonderful computer and these things happen all the time from being online. He said without paying $49.00 down and $14.95 per month I had may as well throw this computer out. I had asked if this payment was going to HP or someone else. He explained that there are many support companies they use but he could not specify. Finally I told him to give me a contact phone number so that I could think about what he said and I would get back to him. I thought after paying $800.00 for a new computer and then hundreds of $ to get it work was not fair. I also wondered if HEWLETT-PACKARD knew that this goes on with their consumers.

Just to end this complaint, after I told him to leave my computer and end his session. He became very irritated and used foul language. I hope the conversations are recorded so that there is proof. I forgot to mention before that he was able to control my computer from his desk and do things to it for service. After being turned down, by me and him being irate he finally removed the program from my computer but reconfigured it so that I couldn't get the computer past the start button. Here I am no computer and no way to contact HP or their support team. I finally tried to wipe out the data and re-install the software. To make a long story short, THIS IS A SCAM AND HP SHOULD BE ASHAMED. The support team is scamming HP by tarnishing their name and integrity of their product. When all was said and done there was nothing wrong with my computer or printer and I did pay $350 to an outside company to check out the system.

I bought 2 of these computers a month apart for my 2 boys. The first one bought in 8/2015 and hard drive crashed in April 2016 and then again in Aug 2016. I had to pay another $100 to extend the warranty for another year to cover it after paying $500 for the computer original just to have the hard drive crash twice in 1 year. The second one bought in 9/2015 and hard drive crashed in July 2016 and then again in Aug 2016. I had to pay another $100 to extend the warranty for another year to cover it after paying $500 for the computer original just to have the hard drive crash twice in 1 year. I'm very unhappy with HP to not be able to make the hard drive that doesn't last a year or even 6 months. I think I will stay away from HP from now on.

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