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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Fry's?
    • 4,464,628 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 24, 2019

    I am in India. I have ordered for Apple Mac Pro laptop through Quikr. They told cost is Rs.19000/- and send money directly to their account not through Quikr. As per their instruction, I have paid full amount. I have asked any other hidden charge will they charge. They said no. They have send invoice no, ** dated 30.10.2019. After that they had given tracking no as ** and tracking website is

    Next day, one of the staff called me in WhatsApp and told I have to pay Rs. 30000/- for customs charges. On trust I have paid that amount. After 2 days, they asked Rs.10000/- for some other charge. I have transferred that amount to their account. After 2 days, they asked Rs.45000/-. Totally I have remitted Rs.135000/-. Now they are asking Rs.29000/- to deliver the same. Every time they had given assurance for delivery within 2 days, Till I have not received the items I have ordered. Tracking site shows article information not available. Also they block my number. I am unable to contact them.Their intension is not to deliver the product. Only to suck your money. Beware this company.


    Reviewed Oct. 20, 2019

    The shelves were bare! I thought the store was going to close its doors. There was so little merchandise. I couldn't find an employee to help me. I think I saw maybe 3 employees scattered around the store. I asked if the store was closing and the clerk said NO. So I assume Fry's has figured out a way to stock 1200sf of product in a 20,000sf building with three employees and somehow make money. I was shocked with what I saw.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Sept. 26, 2019

    I am having a such a hard time to receive on my refund. First I had such hard time to receive return label and now product has been return no refund or credit to my account. I called several times but no help.

    Reviewed Sept. 13, 2019

    I bought a computer I thought was new, it ran fine for 17 months until the bad battery warning came up. Being 18 months I took responsibility figuring it was my fault the battery went bad. I went into the computer to get the exact part number/description of the battery itself. What I found was that the back panel was missing a screw (13 of 14) and out of the 13 screws that were in one didn't match the other twelve. I then took the computer bottom panel off to get at the battery. There the battery was supposed to be fastened with 4 screws; two of these screws were missing. This in-turn tells me that at some time before I got this computer this computer's battery was replaced. I come to the conclusion that I was sent a refurbished or returned computer as new.

    I can't believe that Dell would send Fry a computer in this condition. Especially when Fry sells refurbished computer online. Fry was NO help - told me I should have inspected the computer when I received it. Didn't know it was my responsibility to make sure all 4 screws that hold down the battery internally were there and fastened. Told me to go complain to Dell.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 31, 2019

    On the website they had a Moto e5 for 99.00. Free delivery if I ordered by 3PM. I ordered the phone. A couple hours later they called. I couldn't understand a word they said. Sounded like they were using voip over dial-up. Got an email saying the new phone I ordered was actually an open box, did I still want it. I said yes if it was under warranty and they could still deliver it by 9pm. They said they could. At 8:40, I got an email saying my order was cancelled.

    Customer ServicePricePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Aug. 28, 2019

    In January 2019, purchased a 65" Samsung TV from Fry's, Roseville, CA and the 2-year warranty service warranty. The first week in August 2019 the screen went blank, after about 2 weeks of trouble with it. Fry's gave me the no call back/run-around for the last 3 weeks, and now it's 12:50 PM and I have been waiting yet an additional week for a tech to show up today between the hours of 9 AM to 1 PM.

    This is all very unprofessional, time-consuming on my part, expensive, frustrating, and a huge waste of my time for a product that FRY'S is obviously not standing behind! The woman at the tech center told me that if they can't fix the TV that I have to call Samsung to ask them what to do. I know that I will never buy anything ever again from FRY'S. I have purchased many computers, printers, microwaves, various electronic components, and children's toys over the years, but this ends now!! The competition just got my business!

    Verified purchase
    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 20, 2019

    I ordered an iPhone 8 plus (refurbished) online from in June 2019 for $590. I didn't receive the item. What I did receive, inside the shipping box, was a generic cell phone box with a little circle of tape to close the lid, as is normal for a refurbished phone. BUT, there was NO phone in the cell phone box. Where the phone should have been, there was literally, a metal industrial bracket. The type of bracket used to build things. Bracket was about 2-inches by 2-inches by 1-inch. It fit perfectly in the box. I was shocked. Somebody knew what they were doing. They swapped my phone for this bracket that felt just as heavy as a phone so unless you actually opened the box, you would never know there was no phone in there. I was shocked and furious.

    I called Fry's immediately, stayed calm we can fix this. Sent 9 photos of the inside and outside and of the bracket and labeling and a full description. Within a few days Fry's replied via email that they, "investigated", and Fry's found themselves not at fault. (?) They said the item, "was received new from the vendor and was factory sealed when placed inside the shipping box prior to UPS pickup". My phone was not new. It was refurbished, and wouldn't have come "factory sealed" because it wasn't new. Clearly a form letter. Clearly never investigated.

    I filed a complaint with the BBB. I also filed a claim with my bank that issued the credit card I used to pay for the iPhone. After much back and forth, my bank temporarily removed the charges from my credit card so that I would not pay interest on the amount charged, while I tried to work things out with Fry's. But the bank was clear, they said the credit back was temporary, until Fry's reimburses you. When the bank removed the charges, Fry's saw that, and Fry's closed the case with me and the BBB. In their eyes, I was reimbursed. They ignored my explanation that was temporary. The bank WILL return the charge to my credit card on Aug. 25th, 6 days from now, unless I show evidence of returning the item. Fry's will not accept my return because the case is closed. Fry's should have never closed this case. They know how banks work.

    Fry's should open the case and accept the return. But they won't. Fry's stole from me. Fry's took my $590 for an iPhone 8 plus refurbished. And gave me a metal bracket. And they don't care. will rip you off, send you form letters, and do everything they can to not make it right. I now own a $590 metal construction bracket and no phone. Don't be like me. Don't order from

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 18, 2019

    At online checkout there was a provision to enter a gift card, which I did, and the gift card balance was deducted from the order total. This left a balance due which I paid for with a credit card. I completed the transaction with no issues and received confirmation shortly thereafter that my order had been received. I received the item promptly a few days later by UPS and all was well. Several days later when reviewing my bank account transactions I noticed the ENTIRE amount of the purchase was billed to my credit card, not the reduced amount that reflected the gift card that had been applied. I also checked my gift card balance and it still showed the same amount as before my purchase. I called customer service and the agent was almost immediately contentious with me, insinuating I had done something wrong. He explained that Fry's does not allow online purchases to be paid for partially with a gift card.

    I was not aware of this, nor were there any red flags at checkout. I explained to him repeatedly that the online checkout did in fact allow this and through the process there were no warnings, and it even showed a balance due that reflected application of the gift card, as well as a provision to pay for the remaining balance with a credit card. He refused to offer any resolution other than to tell me to return it to a store and use the gift card there. He also refused to admit that there was anything wrong with the checkout process. I was given the gift card at Christmas and as the nearest brick and mortar store is 220 miles away I am not able to do this. If Fry's doesn't allow splitting payment methods online so be it, but this needs to be implemented during the checkout process. Not after the fact during a call to customer service! I am stuck with a gift card I'll probably never be able to use, and also with an unexpected charge to my bank card.

    Verified purchase
    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 13, 2019

    Cost me 300$. Last summer I ordered some computer parts. When I received the order one of the parts was missing. After waiting weeks for the UPS claim and numerous calls back and forth I was basically told I was screwed and to buy another one. This was my first and last time buying from Fry's.

    Profile pic of the author.

    Reviewed Aug. 4, 2019

    Bought a laptop and a warranty for 3 years. After 4 months screen cracked. They would not cover. According to this people it's a physical damage and would not cover. No one told me when I bought it and asked if it covers everything said, "Oh yes!" I think they would be going out of business and I hope soon! DO NOT buy. Very deceptive!

    Customer ServiceOnline & App

    Reviewed July 22, 2019

    Placed order online and was told there were problems with the billing address and the credit card and the order was canceled. Tried again. Order was changed from shipping to store pick up although confirmation said shipping and even got UPS tracking number. Got email and voicemail that item couldn't be found, not even a similar one although plenty similar items were listed on the website. Order was canceled by Fry's. Being a sucker for punishment, I placed the order again. Got email there were discrepancies between shipping and billing address. Order was cancelled. Both were the same and auto-filled by the website after clicking ship to billing address. So, don't bother ordering.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed June 12, 2019

    Ordered over the range microwave online. Next day person from Wilsonville, OR store called me and asking me to cancel order due to open box item and they can’t ship and told me to resubmit order for different store. Second order went to same store and they just cancelled without calling me. When talked to store manager he said no way they can fix web issues due to this chain has no inventory control and he not sure how to contact help desk. Item still showing available as a brand new on the web.


    Reviewed June 9, 2019

    I purchased an "Open Box" Onkyo TX-8020 receiver; price was 119.00, lowered to 112.70 due to open box; then box was missing. I carried receiver out of store in manual, no box. It was not until I arrived home when I downloaded the manual that I found that the receiver was missing, the remote and the AM antenna loop. Sales"man" did not inform me of such missing items. WHAT A ** joke. He knew they were missing. I returned today for credit to my card. I AM DONE WITH FRY'S ELECTRONICS. BTW, the store is void of customers. They are going out of business. Finally. Good riddance Fry's.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed May 5, 2019

    On April 7th I bought a pair of very nice Samsung headphones from them online. Headphones came in timely, work great. I then proceed to register them on Samsung's website with all my other Samsung devices and here is the problem. The product I just purchased new should have a 12-month warranty, but according to Samsung, it is only good until December this year. Samsung says to remedy this send us your receipt. I send the receipt but they will not do anything about it since Fry's does not put serial numbers on receipts. I get into it with Frys, they send me in circles for 2 weeks and still refuse to do anything. They just cannot think out of the box.

    A month later and still no valid warranty, about 8 calls with Frys and who knows how many emails. 4 calls to Samsung and they are totally useless as well. So Samsung should be stopping Fry's from selling products without valid warranties as far as I see it and or Fry's should put serial numbers on receipts, which to be honest seems totally stupid not to do so. Can you imagine the fraud of people just returning things and since there is no serial number you cannot tell if it was the correct product even? By the way, I have no issues with my product I just want the right warranty period. I paid for 12 months and I want it.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed April 26, 2019

    Ordered a new product through "local delivery". Received an obviously open box item that was just taped closed. Several missing accessories. When I called, the representative was not helpful at all. Will return the item. Guess they will just sell it again...

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceCoverageSales & MarketingPunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed April 23, 2019

    Went to upgrade my TV and decided on a TV from Fry's that was on sale. Went to Fry's on 45 in Houston. Showed the sales ad. They said that they had no idea of what the ad was saying and tried to sell me one for a thousand dollars more. I called the Fry's number and they found on 11565 S.W. Fwy, 59 also in Houston. I bought the TV that night online. I verified with a phone call to the store and was told that I could pick it up at any time. When I arrived and provided all the documents, It took them a long time to find the TV. The package looked in good shape with no physical damage.

    When I got home and plugged the TV in. It never came on. The red light at the bottom was flashing twice. Waited and flashed twice again. A female voice was saying that TV was starting up then cut off to cycle again. I couldn't get anyone at Fry's till the Monday after Easter. I explained what was happening to the girl and she told me that I had a 30-day money back guarantee. I told her that I did not want my money back and wanted a TV. She talked to her manager who told her that there was no more in stock. She told me to bring the TV in and they would exchange it for a newer model. We loaded the TV up and took it back. Two men from Fry's removed the TV and took it inside.

    When I got inside they had already unpacked it and plugged in. The guy at the register said, "Where are all these TVs coming from". There were several more in the returns area already. When I went to look at it it was doing the same thing as the day before and pointed it out to them. The gentleman told me that I would have to wait for the manager and said there was a crack at the top of the screen. I could see no visible signs of a crack or any damage anywhere on the TV and that the discoloration in the top corner was not there the night before. The reason I brought it in was because of the power on cycling and the red light flashing. He said that the manager would have to approve. Was told that it would be a while because he was stuck in traffic. He was coming in from home.

    When ** finally arrived he told me without looking at the TV that it had a crack in the screen. He asked me if I picked it up or if it was delivered. Told him I picked it up. He said there was nothing I could do. That I had damaged it while installing it. I asked him how that could be. He said anyone putting their finger on the screen could cause it to crack and was not covered. I said that there was no physical damage anywhere. Not even fingerprints on the screen. All the guards were still in place. Besides the reason I brought it in was the power cycling on and off. There was no discoloration the night before.

    He said doesn't matter there is a crack and they will not cover anything and to get my TV out of the store. I asked for his card and told him that I was going to sue him. He did give me his card after he left and returned a while later. He said with the card that I would need to take my TV and leave the store. I told him that I was calling the credit card company and disputing the transaction. He told me once again to get my TV and leave. This time he laughed.

    The people with the credit card company told me it would take about 45 days for the dispute to gather all the information I could and to call the police and get a report. Which I did. I was told that they would have an officer on the way. The manager disappeared then I received a phone call from the Houston police. The officer told me this was a civil matter and they would not get involved. I told them that I just needed a credible witness. She was very short and told me that I was breaking the law by buying the TV then not paying for it and could go to jail that I just need to leave and settle it in court.

    When I tried to ask a question she hung up. There should at least be a police recording of this. I did leave the store without the TV. I am 68 years old and on Social Security. I could not lift the SAMSUNG QN75Q6FN75 inch TV myself.... VERY VERY PISSED OFF. And I will file a lawsuit. I really believe that this Fry's was losing money on all the returned TVs and if there was damage that they caused it. It was DOA when I got it and had no visible damage even when I returned it. Looking at the receipt I had been given at the bottom it has a clause (GIFT CERT USED. NO REFUNDS).

    My advice is to all that read this is to be aware when you buy from Fry's. Heed my warning and read the other complaints against Fry's. They apparently, buy the rejects and year old models to sell them at a discount rate. When there is a problem they will look for any reason not to honor their warranty and you will have just saved them from paying the junkyard to dispose of a product with toxic chemicals. They will even threaten you with the Police. THE FIGHT HAS JUST BEGUN. This was at Fry's store # :29 11565 S.W. Freeway, Houston, TX. Phone number 832 200 3300. Invoice no **. Friday April 19, time 19:11:12. Store manager **.


    Reviewed April 2, 2019

    After the hinge on my Lenovo laptop failed, we took it in to get it fixed. The person at the repairs desk said it would be $350 ($200 more than the actual parts) for the parts, with the next two people providing different prices and then tried to charge me for reassembling the computer which they took apart. When all was said and done, the laptop was returned to me in worse condition than before, with two of the screws on the back plate being stripped, making it exceedingly difficult to repair it by myself.

    And the backlight on my LCD display is now non-functional, leaving the screen useless, which is almost invariably as a result of damaging the 30-pin display cable that connects the screen to the motherboard. Overall, the initial prices on the machines themselves were good, but the fact that they would try to knowingly overcharge me leaves me wondering if anyone else ended up being scammed. Once again, I'm not sure if it was just the Palo Alto location, but this was my experience.

    Customer ServiceStaffReliability

    Reviewed March 21, 2019

    While in the Seattle area I purchased some items in person from the FRY's Renton, WA. store. Upon turning home I found one of the items I purchased would not power ON. I contacted FRY's customer service only to find that store policy had no provisions to handle in store purchases for exchange/refund other than a customer returning the item to the actual store. Living 300 plus miles away does not make that practical for me.

    At that point I was left with an alternative of contacting the Manufacturer for Warranty service. I was very disappointed with Fry's at that time. Unknown to me the Customer Service Person who was unable to help me had referred my problem to Renton Store Manager. Later that same evening (after Store Hours) I received a personal email from the actual Store Manager. After discussing my issue/and their policy. He offered to replace my defective device free of charge. It was shipped to me immediately the next morning via UPS with a Saturday delivery notation. I wanted EVERYONE to know there are Retailers that care about their customers. My experience with Fry's and its Customer Service says they DO CARE.

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPriceReliability

    Reviewed Feb. 16, 2019

    BLU Diva Flip $29.95 w/ $35 Restock Fee - Based on Brokaw Rd. SJ, CA Fry's Associate promise that BLU Diva Flip phone works with any service provider, purchased the unit. Difficulty getting SIM card from provider as it is outdated. Not working so tried to return unit at Fry's but 14/30 days past. Associate at Campbell store stated can look for item in mobile phone dept. to make good the defective unit. Thereafter, associate looked at receipt to state this was sold at Brokaw Store.

    Now go to Brokaw store and the same store that promised this mobile phone works with any provider now admits the 14/30 days lapsed but disregarded the situation that customer was a customer for over 20 years. There is no love or customer appreciation. It is disingenuous to request a higher restocking fee for the sales price and ignore customer promise of a working unit. Please have CEO honor the return of this item sold at Fry's based on lost income by customer due to promise by sales associate that BLU Diva Flip works with all service providers.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 2, 2019

    I ordered this item over the phone on January 27th. Immediately got confirmation email that it will be delivered on February 1, 2019. Nothing arrived on 2/1/19 so I decided to track my order online. The order was never shipped as the item is sold out and is on backorder. The person who took my order knew perfectly well that the item was not available yet promised delivery in 5 days. When I called to complain the representative didn't even bother to apologize. Don't use this company. They are dishonest and unprofessional.


    Reviewed Jan. 18, 2019

    Upon payment, cashier did not tell us that the items are not returnable/refund, not were there any signs on the floor anywhere stating the items I've purchase were not accepted back as refunds/returned. The customer service/manager did not care whether or not our statements are true, they had quickly turned us away as if we were contagious. I've never had such poor experience in my life. Fry's Electronics is getting worst as the days goes by. I'm very disappointed with Fry's

    Electronics and will never buy from them again.


    Reviewed Jan. 9, 2019

    Placed an order online for a laptop using a promo code. Original price $349. Price using promo $199. PROMO 150. At checkout, the amount was correct, Nevertheless on delivery receipt showed $369. The amount charged was not even $349. It was $331. If promo was the reason for not going through the price of $349 would have been accessed. Marketed as Refurbished. Confirmed condition of product. I was lied to, the item was an open box item. Not refurbished. I have been requesting for an explanation for the price variance and that's being ignored.

    Online & AppStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 19, 2018

    The store models are highly outdated and you have to go through 2-3 different lines to check out a product. The website is from the early 2000s, there is no accurate inventory of what is in stock. On several occasions I have purchased a product online to pick up in store, only to find out that the store does not have it in stock. The salespeople lack knowledge and are not friendly. I am amaze how this company is still in business.

    Reviewed Dec. 7, 2018

    I made a laptop purchase online and when I decided to return I was told I need to pay for the shipping cost. Anyway the box was so heavy and large that I have to pay $32.75 to return it. I will not buy anything online from this company.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Nov. 20, 2018

    I bought an Ultra Mobile SIM card on 11/20/2018. I asked to an agent that SIM will fit in iPhone 8+, he told yes. When I opened the package, I found that it's micro size sim, iPhone 8+ require nano sim. I went to store next day and asked them replace this with nano size sim or cut the sim to nano size, they refused to either replace or cut the sim or refund the money. When I called Ultra Mobile support they told that generally our SIM card comes in all size and store guys should have helped you. Now I have only option left to cut the SIM myself (that have chance of damage) or throw that. I felt really bad the way store manager responded.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Nov. 19, 2018

    I purchased a X-Box One S Bundle with Battlefield V online. Part of the reason was they offered free same day delivery. I was supposed to receive a confirmation email within 20 minutes, but never did. 6 hours later, I sent an email stating I never received a confirmation email and it was now 6 hours later. 30 minutes later, I get an email that my order had been canceled.

    Contacted the store the next day and was told this was a Black Friday ad that was released early and they wouldn't deliver it, even though it stated right in the ad that there was free delivery. I had to come in the store and pick it up. I told them I still wanted it and asked them if they would hold it for me. Flat out told me no, he couldn't do that. I was flabbergasted at the total disregard for what they advertised and that they wouldn't do anything to take care of me. This isn't the first time I have had a terrible experience with these guys and would warn everybody that this company doesn't stick behind their advertising and could care less what we want.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Nov. 10, 2018

    Purchased a PS4 VR bundle from Fry's online that would be locally delivered same day. 3 hours later received an email saying that they don’t have it in stock. Will take 3-5 business days to refund my money into account. I’m not rich, so I’m out that money and my son is out his birthday gift for 3-5 business days.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 27, 2018

    I purchased a 75 inch Television at for my wife's surprise birthday. The television was locally delivered by a nearby Fry's store. The television was dropped off in our garage. The television was removed from the box and inspected by the driver. The television was never plugged in, but the driver had me sign something and left. Later, when we turned on the TV, a large internal crack that immediately appeared from what I've read was most likely a thermal defect which made the TV unwatchable. I called, and said since it was locally delivered I would have to deal with my local Fry's store if I wanted it replaced.

    The following is an account of my experience with Fry's: Day 1: Called Frys, told the Store Manager will call you back. Day 2: No one called. Called Frys, told the Store Manager will call you back. Day 3: No one called. Called Frys, told the Store Manager will call you back. Day 4: No one called. DROVE down to Fry's, asked for the Store Manager. Said we will replace your TV, but unfortunately they did not have the same TV in stock, so it may take a few days. Day 5: Received an email ad stating they are having a sale on the SAME TV, SAME MODEL # and it was available at the same store! Since we're not a fan of being lied to, went down to Fry's and they agreed to have someone replace the TV.

    Day 6: Driver comes in (same driver who dropped it off!) with new TV. Said needs to inspect old TV. First Takes a bunch of pictures while talking to Store Manager on the phone. Told me there was that although I was in their 30 day return window, there was nothing they can do, but since there was no external damage they can contact the manufacturer "on my behalf." Said they cannot replace the TV and leaves with new TV. "But don't worry. My store manager will call you back in 24 hours." Store manager never called. If anyone wants a 75" broken TV let me know...

    Installation & Setup

    Reviewed Oct. 26, 2018

    I bought my Samsung Front Load Set in February 2016. They were installed incorrectly. After several failed attempts discussing the problem with the Department Manager Mr. Austin who said that since so much time had passed he would not be able to correct the installation. On October 25, 2018 the current Store Manager Mr. Dustin made the final decision and sent the Installers back to correct the installation. Thank you Dustin!


    Reviewed Oct. 11, 2018

    Since some time I‘m not happy anymore with the new Fry's store in Goodyear on Litchfield/Camelback. First they took out all the lactose-free products like Activa Joghurt/sour cream/cream cheese, then I had to bring back a cream cheese and the tortellini, because they were bad and today the pumpkin pie spice was out of stock. I asked someone from the staff and he told me there should be 23 more in the back, but when he came back he said there was nothing? Then they won‘t have my frozen peas from the true nature brand.

    Funny thing, one of the Starbucks staff came with a little pumpkin spice latte to try... I tried and decided to buy one. I told my pumpkin pie spice story the lady, who worked there (I guess her name was Jerry or Carrie, I wish I would still knew her name, because she was so nice), anyways she gave me a tablespoon of her spice and made my day ❤️. If I would rate the Fry's store, I would give them maybe 2 stars, Starbucks is getting 5 Stars of me.

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