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Last updated: Nov. 9, 2017

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Original review: Nov. 9, 2017

I bought a HP Elitebook 8470P refurbished laptop for discount price of $277. When I started the laptop, the screen was upside down, and all my eMail password were "invalid", Fry's Tech could not fix it, exchanged to another laptop with same model, then the Product Key under the battery was a wrong number, tried it again five times, no luck. Returned it to Fry's. Total 5 trips and zero laptop. Not a good deal.

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Original review: Nov. 7, 2017

I bought a Galaxy Massage Chair, when I ordered, it was not available at store no 11 which one located in Burbank, that time cost was $1199.00 and delivery was free, after two weeks they send me email with promo code reduced price $100.00 and I went to store, the chair wasn’t delivered yet and they sent back to my account $109.25 with tax. After one week they’re brought chair but that color I didn’t ordered so they’re taken back and next day they’re delivered, return policy was in 30 days, I didn’t like the product and returned within 12 days.

I was sick. Sent my brother with my credit card and when he came back he said they return back only 1091.31 and they kept $109.25. I went in the store but nobody listened. Manager ** was very rude, she said they’re charged $109.25 for delivery. She said we delivered you two massage chairs. I paid $1200.66 they’re sent back $1091.31, but when I ordered then they didn’t write anything about delivery charges on receipt. That’s very painful for me.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 7, 2017

I have spent probably 4 hours on the phone across 12 calls to get them to fully refund an order they acknowledge was not delivered. They even issued me a refund but I haven't received it after 60 days. The disconnect between their phone number and the store is annoying. Their website screws up routinely and is slow.

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Original review: Oct. 25, 2017

I ordered 1 item on 10/22, got shipping email on 10/25 and won't receive until 10/31 according to tracking. From Memphis to Las Vegas, 9 days to process, ship and receive one item only halfway across country seems excessive, even for free. The item I purchased was not on promo. I ordered something else from another company on the east coast and it will arrive in 4 days with free shipping method. Fry's uses UPS and the other company on the east coast uses FedEx standard shipping--maybe that's the difference.

I am very happy with my in-store experiences, but the home delivery was a disaster too -- they delivered extra items, one item had a completely open packaging, and the codes were not applied so I had to drive a half hour to the store and get all items price adjusted which required a good 1.5 hrs of extra time plus gas and extra time to monitor the refunds on my account... which do come with 2 days, so very happy there. Very happy for the most part with products I have purchased in audio and computers, etc but the shipping in this day and age, could use some help. The mgr said home delivery was reliable and my experience was unique, but I'm cautious to try it again.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 23, 2017

Model #FR5-00007. Laptop is good. Looks neat and clean. Works good and performance is good. Size is bit small but keyboard is clear. 4GB RAM is fast and storage space is good. Laptop is handy and easy to use. Easily portable and usable.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 16, 2017

I had an experience for sure with Fry's for the last week or so. I used to like Fry's store but I now live a couple hundred miles from the nearest location and thought I would pick up a couple things for a new computer build from their online store. I decided what and went to check out and the site froze and timed out on me. So I waited a while to be on the safe side then went into my profile, double checked history to see if it had went through and it hadn't. So I found my items again and same thing happened, frustrating. Once again I gave it some time, checked my history and thought, well maybe it's my makeshift computer (temporary motherboard which is why I was on their site buying parts) and decided to just get it through on my phone. Once again timed out on last point of sale. Oh well, I thought I will just suck it up and spend a few more bucks, this hassle wasn't worth it, their loss.

After checking my order history again later I went ahead and started getting my parts other places. I got my new Motherboard ordered up and was getting new cpu and ram and was declined. I kind of already knew so I went and checked my Fry's history and it was clear as could be. Then I checked my account and was not very happy, there I find pending Fry's sales holding 450 dollars of mine for them. I'm still not shocked so I sent an email that was not answered in the 24 hours like they say on support page (was never answered for that matter) so I got on the phone and called a rep. Still no big deal, I wasn't happy but stuff happens I get it. So Get the rep to cancel and free my funds and I'm done with it NOT!

So after a long time trying to explain to the lady while she keeps cutting me off, I will say I think she thought I was trying to pull something over on them, she was nice other than that but next thing is she has no info for me, the system put my money in spent status and didn't trigger any orders or confirmations, She had nothing to cancel and they had no commitment to me but they had my money and wouldn't or couldn't release it without order numbers. I'm already a day into this already and she says well all we can do is it will drop off in 24 to 48 hours. Grrr I am starting to get upset but holding back. Well the next day I decided it's not right to keep my money like that and I wanted to see what I could do.

I called them back and after the wonderful wait time with that high fidelity SCREECHING that is their hold music (it would seem if you were a sizable electronics dealer both the quality of that music and whatever its looped on would at least sound decent). I reached a different rep and I tried to tell him he should just put me straight through to a manager (I'm sure the guy didn't make enough to put up with me at that point) but seems like they always take that as a challenge. (I have worked tech call center before and yes some discipline for passing the buck like that) He wasn't really bad but once again I was talked over and interrupted over and over and once again the rep was confused because he had nothing on his screen which is what I was trying to get across. I'm starting to lose it a little now. Then I'm told I would get a callback. Manager was busy.

Nope! I actually was on a borrowed phone so not an option so I kept that rep on waiting and on phone, funny how fast that manager was available then! The manager argued me a bit and he had no way to cancel a non-order I guess either but I was mad by then because they had kept my money on pending status for long enough now that once I did get it released it could take up to 5 business days for my financial place to get it back in. He did finally admit that the mistake was on their side and we even tried to do party call with my bank but they wouldn't of course. He did hear some of my account stuff during that and realized I wasn't lying to him about any and I really did only have a small amount of money to survive on because of Fry's and that I don't have a lot being retired and disabled and needed my parts so I could finish a build so I could eat this month!

I even offered to help them if it was something to do with my side of things so they could fix it for the next sap. He did send me an email with his information and stating that I should contact him in the future and he would do something to make it up a bit, I assume a discount or giftcard maybe. I haven't done that yet. My build was late and that made me look bad and none of the parts were from Fry's. I do feel they essentially stole 450 dollars from me for a week or so and to be honest I can be difficult once pushed too far.

All 3 of the salespeople were pretty good with me once they let me answer their questions. I have went many more rounds with Newegg when they have made mistakes. Amazon, Best Buy, Tiger Direct I have had problems with all of them at some point and it happens I'm not going to slam individuals too hard in my Fry's experience and I'm sad to see some of the pettiness over such small things in this forum. Take a breath, I'm pretty sure you got through your 3 dollars unforeseen tax charge and maybe others learn what happens when you buy 5$ BT speakers! Good luck all, not sure my story will help anyone but it is what it is.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 2, 2017

I purchased a motherboard from Fry's Electronics on 9/28/2017, when I got home and I opened I found that was a different one. I went back to Fry's and they told me it was nothing that they can't do, they told me that I have to contact the manufacturer to get the right one! I contact the manufacturer and they told me that it was nothing that they can't do. They told to go back to Fry's and returned! The people from Fry's are thefts!! It was nothing that I could do!! And keep that motherboard that I did not purchase!!!

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Original review: Sept. 14, 2017

I ordered DFX Fitness Ball Chair on 8/28/17. It is missing the plug to hold the air for the ball. It is police that I need to get a return authorization number for return. So I called the customer service on 09/12/17. I waited for long time, no one answer. Then I emailed customer service, no response within 22 hours. I called again and waited for more than 10 minutes to get Tim answered my call on 09/13/17. I am told there were only two options regardless the defect product – No. 1. Return the chair and pay the shipping; No. 2, call manufacturer to get the missing part replaced. I asked what about if I do not get the missing part from manufacturer since I called them and no one answered. Tim said then you return and pay the shipping. It does not make any sense to me.

On their website, **, it says "For returns not the result of a error, original and return shipping charges are the sole responsibility of the customer.” I would consider this is seller's error. However, I am still asked to pay the shipping of return for their error. I will not order anything from anymore. I will pay the shipping as lesson I learned. does not care the customer satisfaction at all.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 17, 2017

I understand that there are a range of experiences with Fry's warranty, but I want to share that Fry's exceeded my expectations. Frankly I'm a bit shocked. I bought a 65" LG OLED TV last year with the 3 year PSC. As of a month or two ago, we began to notice burn in on the screen. We don't play video games or leave any still images for long periods of time; however, we do watch a lot of cable news. Turns out some of the logos were getting burned in despite commercial breaks (and not pausing DVRs).

Fry's had a warranty technician come out to inspect and a few days later, I heard back. They're replacing my unit with a brand new LG OLED, current year, upgraded model version, and kicking an additional 4 year PSC warranty all for < $200. Fry's is picking up my current TV and dropping off my new one. I wouldn't have had to pay a cent, but I asked for an upgrade after they confirmed that my unit would be replaced. Fry's offer and service exceeded my expectations. I'm very happy to have purchased the 3 year PSC on what is a very expensive TV. Fry's came through and then some.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 11, 2017

I am an engineer, so I work a lot with my hands and require a hands free headset when working. Upon many decisions to be made, I was talked into a 119.00 wireless Bluetooth LG 830 sports headset. A huge selling point from the salesman was that I could purchase an additional warranty for an extra amount, and If anything happens to them "just bring them back in and we will exchange it out for you". Well needless to say, that was the deal maker, just makes sense when you spend that much money to have a fail safe backup plan like a warranty... about a month later the headset had cracked in a small spot on the thin part of the headset. I brought it back in and told the employee what had happened and he had called his manager.

The Manager went on to ask me if I had the box. I replied "no", He said "Well how am I supposed to sell this without a box." My reply, "It's broken. Why would you put that back on the shelf?" To make a long story short, the Manager succumbed to the point and we had settled for an even exchange. He even allowed me to purchase the warranty again just in case the headset broke again. Lo and behold, less than 3 months later (thank goodness I bought the 2 year warranty right?...NOT!!!)

Well I bring my headphone in because about a week ago it had a crack in the same spot as the previous one, so I decided to bring it back and exchange it. Feeling confident because I had the full receipt with the extended purchased warranty on the receipt that stated a 2 yr warranty, I presented my receipt and my broken product and lo and behold, the manager was called and of course the manager tells me that this is not covered under the warranty. I explained to her my experience from the prior time in which I had brought my other headset in for the same exact reason I was bringing it in today, and I had also explained that the other manager had allowed me to do an even exchange or a store credit.

I chose the even exchange because I was familiar and the other ones that supposedly would be an upgrade had the same body style as the one I originally purchased. Well, this manager's solution was to refund me the money that I had spent on the warranty and NOT give me full purchase price or an even exchange. I am a professional and I work in a customer based industry so I fully understand what good customer service is. Fry's apparently does not focus on teaching their employees what it is to have good customer relations with their customers. I had been a very loyal customer to Fry's for the past 15 yrs, buying everything from tvs, computers, furniture, stereo system, and a lllloootttt of electronic components. I've never had any issue returning products to Fry's until these last 2 experiences.

I will say this, and if you're listening Fry's, listen carefully. I've never met 2 managers that were so obnoxious, rude, arrogant and absolutely would not listen to anything I had to say. In less than a half hour experience with these two rude managers, I have decided that as much as I enjoyed the selection and deals at Fry's, I would rather shop and spend my money someplace else and someplace that has a spec of customer service. As much as the Manager thought they were right. Sometimes you look at the customer who has spent of 20k in the past 15 yrs and make exceptions and bend over backward to make that customer happy.

So long Fry's. Horrible horrible horrible. When the salesman talks you into a warranty, make sure you honor it. To give me my money back for the warranty tells me that Fry's did not intend to honor this warranty no matter what. As a matter of fact, her statement to me was to take it up with LG. This is no longer our problem now that we refunded you the warranty money.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 8, 2017

I purchased a HP laptop with the extended warranty. After a year, the laptop was extremely slow in powering up and when it did there was a black screen. I did not panic. Took to Fry's and their warranty had expired one year to the date, but informed me that the HP warranty would cover the repairs. Fry's sent to HP and informed me that it would take 6 weeks. I asked for a loaner and was surprised when they asked me for a credit card. Nowhere on any paperwork did it state that my credit card would be required for a loaner.

Well, like everyone I needed a computer so I reluctantly gave my credit card and was told it would only be charged if I did not return the laptop. It is now coming up on the time my laptop should be coming back to me and I'm concerned that the loaner, which was a new laptop that was still in a sealed box, will be returned as a not new item. Can they charge me for wear and tear on the loaner when I'm only supposed to be charged if I don't bring it back?

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 12, 2017

I have learned my lesson never to order online without my research. Please if you happen to search for Fry’s online review, you are warned "DON'T DO IT". Lucky for me that my first time trying cost me no more than $10... could have been worse. They do not pay for return shipping even if your order is defective... Bottom-line, the Bluetooth speaker I ordered did not work, I called customer service to get a return # and was asked to go to UPS thinking return shipping was prepaid, I had to pay $5 to mail back the speaker. If I am lucky to be credited my $10 cost price, I have lost half of the money to shipping... And if I don't get the refund, I would be losing $15.00... At this point, I will not waste my energy on pursuing them... I have learned my lesson.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 6, 2017

Shipped wrong TV: Received the wrong make/model on 4/22 and had to chase after the claims person regarding my order. It took several days before they found it and when I asked for the tracking # they couldn't produce it. I had to go back and forth between delivery and Fry's. I told them I wanted it Sat 4/29 but said they couldn't meet that and said Tues I should have it, well it arrived Thurs 5/4 and that's only caused I kept calling. The claims person assigned would only respond by email towards the end of business day and never confirmed if the 3rd party deliverer reached out to me for delivery but made sure for pickup of the other tv they sent by mistake.

When the tv arrived the box was damaged and missing screws for the base. I called customer service and the agent was rude. The entire online experience was horrible, just even ordering was troublesome (won't get into that). I will never buy a high ticket item or shop online from them ever again. No compensation or sorry for your heartache, just grief and coldness.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 5, 2017

I have called only to get automated after automated... Kept cutting me off and I am on hold now for 23 minutes. If they can't handle the business... they should close the chain. And now it's 30 minutes and I am still holding. DISGUSTING!!!

Original review: April 4, 2017

My dad is 83 yrs old and continually went to Fry's for computer equipment and because he was not very knowledgeable when he went into the store, he tried to explain things to the sales person and instead of them asking more questions they told him what he needed and oversold lots of equipment to him so instead of him having food to eat, he had LOTS of electronic equipment. I went in with him when I moved in with him to take care of him before he passed away, and watched what they did to him - it seemed as if it were car dealership with the sales people selling him things he did not need. I returned it the next week after finding out that he had many duplicate and triplicates of various items.

Also they did not warranty his new computer because they recommended that he purchase a custom built one. I chose NEVER to purchase anything there again after I bought an in store warranty and when I had problems with my computer they "explained" the limited warranty that I paid $200 more for. Needless to say if this is how they treat all their customers, hopefully they will go out of business soon!!!

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 24, 2017

Over 90 days ago I received confirmation that my rebate is valid and is scheduled for final processing. I am still waiting for it. Several times I have contacted the rebate center and was told they were behind. I have contacted both McAfee and Fry's and have been told to resubmit the tracking number, etc. I have done this so many times I am frustrated. I mailed a letter to Fry's corporate office and was directed to again send in more info. (They have a copy of the McAfee letter stating the tracking number and the statement that the rebate is valid.) And they want me to contact the store that sold me the software. I am not buying anything from Fry's or McAfee until I get the promised rebate.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 5, 2017

Holy moly! I've been waiting now for 2 hours, yes 2 hours. Nobody here has a clue nor sense of urgency to correct a delivery address. Departments don't communicate, although all of these kid managers are texting nonstop and just hanging around. It's beyond ridiculous. I regret coming here, I regret purchasing a TV here. I'm disgusted. I have been standing in front of this girl at the cash register for 2 hours! The lazy manager strolled over to help reluctantly as if being dragged out of bed! Don't come here, and God help you if you have anything complicated for them to handle. Oh My God!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 1, 2017

I never have written a bad review. As a matter of fact this will be my first. This has got to be the worse store I ever been to. I went in to get a needle for a turntable and nobody there was helpful. Instead they would ask me to look for the person in charge of that department as if I knew what they looked like. To make a very long and aggravating story short, I had to literally break into the case and grab the two needles I needed because they were going to close the registers and I wasn't driving an hour to leave empty handed because of incompetent workers. Never again will I step foot in that place. I was wondering why they had no customers in the store and figured it out with my own horrible experience.

Original review: Dec. 31, 2016

So, I bought some speakers (Klipsch R-14M) and I was told that I would get them the 30th of this month. They don't show up, I have no tracking number, so I call Fry's customer service. It's ended up being a total of about 35 minutes, mostly spent on hold. They tell me the package is being processed (aka hasn't shipped). Then I got to My Fry's page on their donkey designed website and it says there's a new order posted. That new order was my previous order, but essentially what appears to have happened is that my order was never processed and it wasn't till I spent 35 minutes on the phone that they actually put my order through. SO! Let me get this straight Fry's. My order doesn't get processed, I have no tracking number, I have to spend thirty plus minutes on the phone, and I get lied to (I was told the package was just being processed, not that the order had to be entirely resubmitted).

This isn't the only time I've had issues with the (outdated) Fry's and quite honestly I don't know why I went back. It was a great deal, but still. I'm no longer shopping at Fry's. I suggest Amazon, and for God's sake Fry's please come into the first century and provide customers with tracking numbers/dependable shipping/good customer service. Fry's is a lackluster electronics retailer that needs to either adapt or die off - we can do better.

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Original review: Dec. 30, 2016

About 2 weeks ago, I made an order online to buy a rice cooker that was advertised to be 10-cups for $129.99. There was no more in-store, therefore I had to make the purchase online. The initial stated price for the purchase was put to be $129.99, no tax. After a few days to a week, I got an email saying my purchase was processed and then charged me with tax. Why didn't they include the tax to begin with rather than suddenly notify me that I was being taxed after? That I did not understand.

Anyways, my item was said to be received by the 23rd, my item has not arrived by that date and I did not get notified of any tracking number nor that my item was sent out for delivery. I emailed the company and I got no response. The item came 4 days later (still have not received any response for my email sent). When I opened my box, the rice cooker was only a 5-cup rice cooker rather than a 10-cup.

I went to return it and they took forever to connect me to a representative. I had to call multiple times and waited over 15 minutes each time until my last attempt, I got connected. The representative did tell me that he found the advertisement that they posted about the 10-cup rice cooker. But then tells me that the rice cooker can hold 10 cups of cooked rice and 5.5 cups of uncooked rice. This was not stated anywhere on the advertisement. Instead, it only said that it was 10-cups, making me believe that this would be a 10-cup rice cooker, not a 10-cup cooked rice holder.

This is false advertisement and I requested for a return. But then he tells me that to return this purchase, I would have to take care of the fees myself and that Fry's does not cover the costs for returns. This would cost me $30 just to ship back an item that was at their fault. This is ridiculous. Why post something to make customers believe that they are getting one thing and in result, receive something else. They should be responsible for their own wrongdoing and not have their customers pay the consequence.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 28, 2016

Neighbor's grandson wanted to build his own computer. Was assured by salesman at Fry's that it wasn't difficult. Salesman helped him pick out the components and again assured him that they were compatible. Neither the motherboard or the CPU had graphics. MOB required processor with graphics. The kid took the processor back. When he got it home and started getting ready to do the build, found that there was thermal paste on the socket. Also found out that the salesman had sold him the wrong socket processor. So... back to the store he went.

My husband and I took him this time. While at the return desk, their computer "expert" says processor should fit. Out come the spec sheets and lo and behold... They won't. Tech takes the processor out of the package, DROPS IT, bends the pins, then tells the manager that the box was opened and the pins were bent. Well... Duh... He just opened it and dropped it. Manager refuses to take either one back. The kid wasn't looking for money back, though he had receipts. He just wanted store credit, or exchange for the correct parts. We took the parts back and left. Did I mention that the kid was in middle school and these computer parts were the bulk of his Christmas? So, buyer beware. Do not trust the salesmen at Fry's and you may want to make sure to record any interactions you have.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 26, 2016

I bought a new Panasonic TC55CX400 OF 55'' television online at Fry's Electronics yesterday 12/25/2016. Today 12/26/2016. I got, they e-mail me to pick up my order, but it is open box. I call Fry's Electronics and talked with someone on the phone. She said, because the local I want to pick up. They didn't have a new one. It only have a open box. If I want, I only can pick up a open box one. Why they didn't show me it is a open box before I bought it. Then I can save my time to do anything for the payment.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 21, 2016

The purpose of my visit to Fry's was to purchase a portable Bluetooth that can be used to make phone calls in my sister's vehicle that does not have a built-in Bluetooth. I asked the gentleman in the Car Electronics section (his name was Christian) about it and he recommended the JBL portable Bluetooth device. Once I agreed to purchase it, he immediately suggested another hands-free system that I can get installed into the vehicle for an additional cost. I decided to purchase that package.

After realizing the device installed was for media purposes only, I decided to go to the store to speak to the Service Manager Brian in person. He was very unfriendly, unhelpful and basically said "I don't work in that department so I can't really help you" attitude. I reiterated what happened and he was very stoic and acted like he didn't know what to do. In the end, I decided to get the JBL portable Bluetooth and keep the media system that was installed because I felt from the Service Manager's demeanor that it would be an inconvenience and quite frankly, a waste of more of my time.

I kindly asked him for a discount for the mishap on Fry's part, not to mention the time it took for us to resolve this matter. He ended up taking off $30.00 the price of the JBL portable Bluetooth. I asked if he can give me credit for at least the installation fee since the error was theirs, and he rudely said "You're already getting $30 off!" He acted like he was doing me a favor. At the end of the transaction, he was not apologetic for the miscommunication/error and did not say anything else after he handed me the paperwork to bring to the register. I am in awe at the behavior of this person in a managerial position who handled this matter disrespectfully and unprofessionally.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 20, 2016

Salesman quoted me a price for a laptop. I put it on hold and went to get the money. When I got back to the store, their price was $109 more. I spoke to their entire management staff for an hour and they backed the salesman's story. Interestingly, they never brought the liar to face me. They went about talking retail speak to explain how the price I said I was quoted was too low so he couldn't possibly have said it. My response was why the hell would I be wasting this much time for $109 if it wasn't a matter of principle. But at the end of the day, my son was with me so I bought it. Now it's up to all of you to decide whether you'd like to do business with a firm that can't keep its word... even for $109.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 6, 2016

LET ME TELL YOU A STORY FROM LAST WEEK. I ordered a good PSU from fry', That was great and arrived nice and on time. Then I went into the Austin store, I will never order from Fry's again unless it is a steal. My Computer PSU died and this was a replacement, plugged it in, nothing happened. So the motherboard is probably shot, went into the store to buy one. Brought the PSU with receipt to see if they could just plug it in and see if the fan spins, just so I know for sure that it is not an issue. It takes less than 5 minutes and all the techs were sitting around. They would only look at it for money, even at the cost of a return, unhappy customer, and a open box to sell. So I returned it and will be ordering from new-egg. The customer service is so bad, I am still surprised.

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Original review: Dec. 1, 2016

I tried to order a computer monitor from Fry's. The first time I placed the order, I got a confirmation followed immediately by a cancellation notice. The cancellation notice had a vague comment about an 'address mismatch', but said I could come into the local store to buy the item. I checked my address and re-ordered, but the same thing happened. A confirmation followed by a cancellation. I gave up trying to order it online.

Later that day I checked my credit card statement and saw that BOTH cancelled orders had 'authorizations' placed on my card. Simply, an authorization means a hold on funds until an item ships. So now I have TWO authorization holds on my credit card for orders FRY'S CANCELLED. I contact my credit card company and they give me a special phone number Fry's can call to remove the two bogus holds. I call Fry's, explain the problem, then try to give them the credit card number. Fry's refuses, saying the hold will 'drop off' my account in FIVE business days. So for five days, I was 'locked out' of available credit on my account because Fry's would not make a simple phone call. I now agree with the comments that Fry's online Promo Codes are just a sleazy way to get people in the store and sell additional merchandise. Everything is always 'Out of Stock' online, or there is some other reason they can't accept and ship an order.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2016

Do not trust those email about sales promo code. If it's too good to be true then it is about Fry's always out of stock. They should change their name to out of stock. I would be they in the morning of a sale multiple time. Every time it's out of stock item is on sale for the whole weeks. They price the items cheap just to get you in there. But they don't have it. Buy from somewhere that's not shady even if it's more. Less hassle less time.

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Original review: Oct. 31, 2016

I bought two LG 65" TV's from Fry's Electronics in US/GA/Milton 30004 to be used as menus in my new restaurant. Once we hung it up and tried to test it out we noticed one of the TV's had its screen cracked internally. There was no visible damage to the TV or to the box physically. The Store refused to refund or exchange the TV and said that I must have caused the crack. Their judgement was merely based off the dust seen on the back of the TV which was nothing more than construction dust in my store. But refused to acknowledge the fact that there was absolutely no physical damage on the TV (or the box).

I had professionals handling this job for me who do this task on a regular basis. It's apparent that a faulty product was sold to me. I need my 100% refund. Fry's return policy as much as their customer service is a NIGHTMARE. I strongly suggest going to Best Buy or Costco for purchases regardless of deals FRY'S may dangle at you online or in-store.

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Original review: Oct. 11, 2016

I went in to Fry's knowing which refrigerator I wanted to purchase (they don't have a decent number of refrigerators to look at in the store, in spite of the fact that they have plenty of room to put them). I gave the info to the salesperson in the appliance section. It took him 40 minutes to enter our information in to the computer and once he was finished, he had entered my husband's name incorrectly. He told us we needed to go to the front to pay for the refrigerator. We spent 50 minutes trying to purchase it. The cashier and her supervisor did not know how to handle our sale and had to inquire of a third person (the lady in the cage). They told us my husband would need to call the bank to straighten-out the name change and then come in and start the procedure over to purchase the fridge.

So, we decided to finance under my name and they said we would not be approved for 14 days. We have perfect credit and have never been turned-down for any credit! There were angry customers behind us because they have 60 bays for cashiers but only had 3 open, on a Saturday! We left and went to Best Buy, where we were approved for credit and purchased the fridge in less than 30 minutes. I will have my fridge in 3 days. Fry's needs to update the way they do business, hire competent employees, maybe make a trip to an Apple store to see how customer service looks.

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Original review: Sept. 23, 2016

Bought a TV online and chose free delivery as I was on couch due to a surgery. Tv arrived 5 days after I was told delivery would happen at time of purchase. Requires a signature... Not stated at purchase and I work and not at home all day waiting for UPS. Finally got tv... Shattered screen. Within 45 of delivery I was in the store which online stated I could have picked up at the store and was in stock when I purchased it. They refused to accept it. Refused to exchange it. Handed me a number and said "You call them." Gave me the wrong number. Got right number because I refused to leave the store. Was told on the phone "I'm too busy to deal with you, someone will call you back."

Three callbacks later and 1 hour (still in Fry's) they told me I had to prove I didn't cause the damage and submit pic and statements then they schedule a pickup and if they feel I didn't cause the damage I would be refunded. WOW!!! I will NEVER but from Fry's EVER again. And they would only pick up from my address... Not the store. So I called credit card company and filed a dispute and the tv sits on the front porch waiting for a company that will not respond to me or help at all.

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