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They have great customer support. Whenever I have an issue with something they're always there to help me with it. Always pleasant to speak with. Never had any issues with their company. Love this printer. Always prints out beautifully. Very vibrant colors and the ink never smudges or runs. I'm very happy with this product and will recommend it. This product is of great value to me because I can get all of my printing done for my projects with this printer. I'm very impressed with it. I love it and couldn't be any happier with it. Always gives top notch deliverance that I need when working on projects. My colleagues always give me compliments on my assignments. I'm proud to own this product.

Fast, they get the job done for you very, very fast - no problem. They get right to work after you explain what's wrong. The faster service I ever had on any item. I do mean FAST. The printer works so go I can't believe how fast it is. Use very little ink and the ink last for many of pages. I do mean a lot. One of the best printer that uses very little ink and the refills are very low cost IF you buy them on eBay. I recommend DON'T buy them in a store. You could buy 2 or 3 price of 1 in the store. Nothing like a dell printer. If use a lot of ink, no way on this printer. Quality is very good and the 3d pictures I print come out 100% PERFECT. Very, very good on ink. Very happy, can't be any happier with this item. A 5 year can work this item but I won't let my nephew work it. Can't wait to use it again. I just might go buy another one.

The customer support experience was great. They're always available via chat, phone, and email. They also can also using their social media websites. The product quality experience is amazing. The picture quality looks nice and real and the color quality is so amazing. The color doesn't fade that easily. The overall value is pretty expensive. Even though it is expensive I am very satisfied with the picture quality and the coolness of the picture when it is printed out. I definitely recommend it because the reliability of the product is amazing. It lasts for a long time given the quality of the product and the amazing performance.

Very helpful customer service. Nice and friendly and also had all of my questions answered. Just a bit of a wait time. Overall pretty good. Very good product. It's really awesome and futuristic. I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone. I want one myself. Awesome technology. Keep it going. As to the value of it. I thinks it's a decent price. Kind of expensive causing places to not be able to afford it to use it and to prosper from it. Very good and reliable. Works and has stable work. I wish I had my own personal one to continue my future career as an artists. That tool can create wonders.

The support I received was adequate for my needs. Being that the manual was very straightforward I found no real reason to utilize the Support to the fullest, which to me is optimum. I would rather have a great manual that explains in detail than bother the Support with a silly question that the manual could answer for me. The product did just what it was created to do -- form 3D pictures and help me with the project I had time allotted for. I am extremely satisfied. The value was equal to the price which means it had a positive review for me. I was really happy with the product and its outcome. When using a product you want what you paid for and this product delivered quite nicely. It did what it said with no incidents and that is what I count for especially on projects that need to be completed within a certain time frame and with an expert quality. Thanks for following through with a reliable product.

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It wasn't a long wait time to speak to someone. They were very helpful and concerned about my problems. They help me troubleshoot to fix the issue I was having. Very nice customer service rep and pleasant. The quality of the product was good and easy to use. The 3D aspect of the print was good, no blurs. Everything came out clean. The product itself is very light so it's easy to carry, very easy to assemble. The cost of the product was very reasonable pricing. Got good quality for amount that was paid for the product. The ink needed though was very overpriced for the amount that is provided. It's very reliable for what it's needed for, get good use out of what it is needed for. Use of the product is very computable with multiple software.

When I got a jam, the customer support team helped in any way they could. I ended up fixing it with their guidance. Competent staff and friendly service is always a must with technology. Would call again for any problems that may arise. The quality is impeccable. This printer isn't the fastest, but it has such good quality it's worth the wait. You can make virtually anything with this printer! Have recommended this to other people. This is one pricey printer. But it's worth the price. High quality print and lasting as well. Can make just about anything with this. The material you use in the printer is important as well. Will jam sometimes, but not anything hard to fix. I've had mine for about 7 months and have only had a serious jam once. Must be patient with this though.

Well currently I do not see any trouble that I can get from customer support team since I purchase my printer and "purchase" here mean I took the printer back from my aunt cause she didn't want it anymore but first one year in my new house there were lot of troubles to make the printer work the old one. It hard to say but first time when I use the old printer one I need to restart it and take the battery out then replace the inks. After those I realize no more inks inside so I had go to the store and buy new inks and when I back to house the ink size was different than the printer ink's size require so I had go to back to the store to change it back.

The difference between two printers is the old one always worst than. I think people always need to buy a new one to get better using and it cost a lot of money since the printer is expensive than I think and it always broke and took me hours to figure out how to fix it that make me paranoid. After using that printer brand I think it good to know the durability not like what people think it easy to damage and hard to replace parts since the products are not cheap and not easy to find them in the store but I still recommend people to use it cause it was the only brand that I using and it make me feel better.

The customer support was helpful but had trouble at first. But representative helped me out with adjusting and setting up the 3d system, they have a lot of knowledge on setting up and fixing the system and problems. Product quality is new and improved. Took a while to get used to it but once I got the hang of it it blew my mind. Proud of this type of technology. The overall value of this product is a two thumbs up, way up. Like I said proud and satisfied with the outcome of the product and its position in our new technology. So far not sure about its reliability. Haven't quite used it more than I would like and need to give it time to get accustomed to it and see how reliable it can be.

I had some trouble with the initial setup and the support staff was truly excellent. I'd highly recommend getting the product with no hassle or concerns. All of the items I've printed so far have been top-notch quality. I didn't know what to expect when I first purchased the printer, but the results truly need to be seen to be believed! The price is certainly high and may not be affordable for everyone. Certain companies will definitely find it cost effective while individuals may not. So far, I've had no issues at all with the printer. It's functioned beautifully and I hope that it continues to last for a long, long time.

Great customer support experience - very quick and efficient. Quick problem solving for any issues that may arise. No need for multiple calls, problem fixed on the spot. The quality of the machine was more better than expected. Great quality and very reliable product. Would recommend to others going forward. Amazing printing quality. The best part is it is very easy to use. Also the dollar value is well worth the quality and for the amazing 3D effects. Reliability is always not only a first but also a very important factor in choice in selecting a machine when depending on it for a daily use for employment. This machine is very reliable so far.

I loved the quality of my 3D printer. It was very easy to use and customer service was very helpful when I needed assistance to set up for the first time. I am very satisfied with my purchase of my 3D printer.

I Really Loved It! The things I printed drew me in as an artist! It made everything pop out at me and it made the picture very vivid. The price I spent was magnificent. The people who sold it to me had the best customer service ever experienced. What I paid's what it's worth. Was shifted difference. I appreciate whoever came up with the brilliant idea of a 3d printer. It gets the job done fast, neat and beautifully and seeing as how I work on an office it makes my experience ugh easier.

It gives you great qualities and papers and worksheet making it easy and affordable with no hassle of changing things easier 1-2-3. It's useful in domestic and international printing private and home. It makes wonderful visual and posters blueprints and connect easily with any device printable device using this equipment. I really recommend fast printing – actually super-fast and the 3D graphics are in depth. I mean flawless if I was in the computing and printing business. As most person I would recommend using this. Give your customer satisfaction, affordability. Ensure for them to return for more work to be done by your company.

It is really good. Photos are really good. The paper is better quality and it works really good and my boys love to use it also. It is so much fun to use.

I had never used a 3d printer before this experience and was surprised by how easy it was to use and get the hang of. I used this for a class project at Iowa State and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I love the 3d printer. It performs awesome, prints quickly and looks very good when done. Very affordable and worth every penny! I have printed such wonderful things with the 3d printer. It brings pictures to life, projects look amazing! Don't waste your money on a cheap printer that prints plain, get one that makes colors pop off the page.

It works really good. It makes the pictures and all the words you print out look better and makes the pictures look real. I recommend that you should buy it. It's not a waste of time and you get your money's worth.

My printer is great. It does everything I need from printer. Great pic and the colors are amazing. I love it a lot. You can't find another one like this with a 3d printer.

It's really cool to be able to make whatever you want with it. I thought I would have a difficult time with it, but it is surprisingly easy. I had some help from a friend who gave me some advice on which printer to go with.

I bought this printer to make an album of my kid's pictures. It's amazing. The price is not bad & it's amazing. Love the quality! I have to say I definitely recommended it to anyone. I been using it for about four months with no problems. I had a regular one and it broke. Well now I have a better one that does an amazing job. I love it!!!

My three d printer experience was really great. I had a great brand of printer and nothing went wrong. Everything came out how it should and I honestly don't have any complaints.

It is amazing how far technology has come. Just by seeing a 3D printer work is amazing. This brand is the best I have seen and is absolutely amazing to watch during the process. Even if you do not own one or see no reason, for once you see what you can do with it, you will definitely want one.

Whenever I use the 3d Printer I am satisfied with it productivity, in which I can use different materials to create my designs and I love how I can make things with ease and simplicity.

Using a 3D printer is so much fun. You can make just about anything you could ever imagine! Learning the program to use them is tricky, but once you've got it, you're pretty much set.

I wanted to make a 3D cubone prop for my Youmacon costume. The 3D printer was used to make a skull helmet and the first try was a success! It was a bit pricey, but the quality of the prop was better and cost less than if I were to order one online. I'm satisfied with my experience and wish I could afford my own printer for future projects!

Great. Would use again. Easy to use, great picture. Not hard to set up. Functions semi hard to figure out. Rather expensive and have not had to replace the ink yet for it so I'm not sure how easy/hard the process is for that.

This machine does all I prompt it to do with brilliant color and images, well worth the investment. Easy to use and has innovative features that will accommodate any type of printing you would want.

I designed the object to print out with my children and we really wanted to test out the capability of the 3d printer, so we put the design on my computer and sent it to the 3d printer and it came out amazing. We were so amazed on the outcome we decided to make several more designs for school projects and everyone who saw them were amazed.

Never had this beautiful printer in my life. Thank you so much and I love so much and my partner loves too and my office loves too. Thank you.

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John Biehler3D Printing Contributing Editor

John Biehler has been actively sharing his knowledge about 3D Printing technology with people around the world for the past seven years. He cofounded 3D604.org, a group of over 400 3D printing enthusiasts and his first book, "3D Printing with Autodesk" was published in 2014 by Pearson. He’s currently working with Douglas Coupland on the 3DCanada project, a multiyear, country-wide 3D scanning and printing art project.    More about John→

Envision TEC is headquartered in Dearborn, MI. The company also has a European headquarter in Gladbeck, Germany.

  • Educational 3D printing blog: Envision TEC is known for running an informative 3D printing blog, making it a useful educational resource for anyone wanting to learn about the technology.
  • Reputation: The company is one of the oldest successful 3D printer-makers still on the market, having launched in Germany in 2002.
  • In-House expert team: The team that runs Envision TEC is made up of experts in a range of fields, including optical, mechanical, engineering and electrical standouts.
  • Patent holding: Envision TEC holds more than 90 patents for their unique technology worldwide.
  • Printing materials: The company offers a huge range of printing materials, in addition to the simple technology, making it a convenient one-stop shop for anyone who wants to use the company for 3D printing purposes.
  • Best for Biotechnology and medical academics, industrial manufacturers, artists and architects.

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