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I have been buying FIFA for almost 20 years now and in my opinion this FIFA 17 is by far the worst one they have ever made. There is no defense as far as headers go, the gameplay is too slow, the glitches are awful and whoever is creating the gameplay obviously has never actually played soccer before because it is extremely unrealistic. You would think after all these years they could get it right but they obviously are too lazy to put the real work in for change. I am giving it a 1 star because the only things they changed from last year was not for the better but only made to game worse. It was much better even in 2015 and I would take that game over this trash any day. I want my money back for this game, but I doubt EA Sports will even do that. I honestly will never recommend or buy another EA Sports game ever again especially FIFA games.

For ** sake people it's your lot that keeps this pile of ** franchise going. They haven't made an honest FIFA since 98, too many buttons, glitches in the players, no tackling prowess, no passing or shooting accuracy. I went to FIFA 15 thinking they would sort all this ** franchise, all it is is predictive footballing, passes going to the wrong player, can't tackle worth a damn, totally biased toward the computer team, the AI is non existent, fed up of losing games but controlling the games because the glitches in players when they go in for tackles. There's 1 new thing I noticed on 15, you have the ball, you move forward and as you press r1 and triangle for a lobbed through ball, the player stops and lets the ball slightly move forward but the player stays where he is, so he loses the ball, glitch, glitch, glitch, on all your players.

The change player on manual is **, most of the time it changes to the wrong player, over biasness toward the computer team from the ref. The amount of free kick, penalties he does my team for but their team can hack me down from anywhere, even behind, and no free kick. Please EA you can't write AI for the computer team so you handicap my team to make it not even equal. Before you go into the match, your madden is just as **. Do me a favour and bin this franchise ** once and for all. I hope this gets sent to you cause you clearly can't make a non predictive football sim to save your ** lives. 90% gameplay what a load of **, minus 100% gameplay. I don't buy your game cause it looks good, I buy it in the hope that you will fix this ** franchise or just ** bin it. Pro Evo is ** too! But at least you can tackle on that game.

Any other gamemaker please make an honest football sim and not this predictive crap. We've been spoon fed since FIFA 2000. EA if you're gonna keep making football sims, give us a PlayStation 3 re-make of the brilliant FIFA 98. The computer doesn't beat me with talent. No it ** up my gameplay, and handicaps my team. Not fair predictive **, to watch when you lose 1-0 so many times, and when you looks at the read up of the game you've had 12 shots, 8 on target, the computer has 1- shot, 1 on target, or 3-shot 2 on target. Doesn't add up.

Please, please, people do like I have done after buying this last piece of ** from EA cheats. I don't buy this ** anymore and I will do my utmost to put all my friends off this cheating predictive footballing ** franchise. The players even slower than the computers, but out of it all the tackling is total rubbish. So my rating of the whole franchise since 2000 is don't just bin it, get all copies of all years from 2000 on and have a big ** bonfire. No wonder I heard you delete all bad reviews of your crap so that people will keep buying this **!!!

Recently bought UFC 2 on Xbox One on sale for £35, and in all honesty it was £35 too much. As someone who played and fairly enjoyed the original EA Sports UFC game, I was particularly looking forward to getting the latest installment, but I was let down in every regard. Taking away the fact I paid nearly full price for a game that is essentially a carbon copy of its predecessor with a slight graphics update and a few new fighters. The main issue I have with this game is its habit of cheating the player. You can dominate your opponent bell to bell for 5 rounds and you'll still lose to the judges stupefying scorecards. I enjoy challenging games, but when you not only overcome the challenge but you do it flawlessly, and then the game turns round and goes, "Nope. You still lose.", what enjoyment can be found in that?!

Fighter's overall attributes don't mean anything either, as you can outrank an A.I. controlled opponent by 5-10 points and yet they'll flatten you out in the first round, even on the easiest difficulty setting! Call me daft, but I see that as not only blatantly cheating you out of a fun and enjoyable experience, but also blatantly cheating you out of your hard earned money that you used to purchase this game.

This isn't the first time EA Sport have pulled this is in a game, but it is by far their most overt, shameless and unabashed attempt to dump on their fans (casual or loyal) I have ever seen, and I for one will boycotting all future EA games. They just don't care. They need to buck up their ideas and understand we don't need them, they need us. Furthermore they owe it to every single person who pays money for their product to ensure that the product is both entertaining and satisfying, but at the very least free of biased game play. Otherwise it's not a game, it just an expensive paperweight.

EA Sports **!! The biggest problem is EA Sports makes too much money from ** licenses to care about the products they force on the public. They rob the world of millions every year.

I've played FIFA all my life and I'm fed up at this point. The game is so inconsistent. I've tried and tried to just forget it and move past it but honestly it's **. Why is my goalie sliding on his butt moving his arms out of the way when it's right to him. And if I have a guy with 90 control how is he so sloppy with the ball. Don't forget the new no touch dribbling works 1 out 100 times if you're lucky. Also their CPUs pick up on patterns but yours will just jog around having a great time doing nothing. If it's the final 10 mins in a game and you're down 1-0 you're telling me if I have 4 guys around the guy with a ball they wouldn't be all out pressuring him. And if you lose the ball or take a bad touch your guy is frozen or stumbles. In real life you can move after a bad touch. There is so much wrong with the game.

If you're going to make a game where you beat Chelsea 5-0 and lose to Aston Villa 2-0 how is that possible. The game is so inconsistent and it's unrealistic. Why are the formations you can choose so weird too. I don't want all my players 30 yards away from each other. And there is no movement from your CPUs. Their team picks up on patterns and if I have Bale just because he's dribbling that doesn't mean Fazio is faster than him who has a speed rating in the 30's. It's a joke. How come their goalie can save an upper 90 shot and mine can't even jump up and grab a ball that was cleared into the air. Also if I have Marcos Rojo and they have Benteke and there is a cross how is Benteke just 1 foot over him pushing him out of the way getting in front and power heading it right to De Gea who of course missed it because the game is fixed. The game completely messes with your team. It's like if you're gonna be bad at least be consistent.

I see so much movement one game and none the next. And you're telling me that Rojo can't go up for a header or get in the way so it's not a goal and force him into a bad header. Also refs suck. If I'm getting my jersey pulled and hacked and unfair tackles and I slide and get the ball how is mine a foul and theirs isn't. Plus you're saying Neymar can't outrun a slow outside back and what's funny is that they know what you're gonna do. They basically know I'm gonna cut inside and then of course it's an automatic goal on a counter attack cross. I want it to seem like I'm playing a real person not a computer. If I have Neymar Depay and Rooney up top how come neither one of them can ** dribble score or cross it. It's an absolute joke. EA is a joke. I hate to say it but I might switch to PES because I want to play the same that I love and I want a good game.

Stop saying you have all new mechanics and a brand new updated changed game. It's the same ** game with new updates to ratings. Messi is not a 96. He cuts, he's fast and he shoots. Nothing more. Plus skill moves like rolling the ball and stuff like that shouldn't take me to switch my hand position just so I can't hold L2 and use the right stick when it doesn't even do the right move that I want it to do. It's a joke and I'm done. EA I'm done. Also 2k16 sucks. If a guy blocks me do you see people in real life freeze dribble the ball 5 times and then get back up? No you don't because that doesn't happen. Be realistic and consistent or stop making ** shot games. It's a joke and so is your company. NHL they pass behind the goal and pass to the front and goal all because my CPUs can't adjust and do something useful.

You suck EA. You can kiss my **. Make your game realistic and consistent. Even if it's consistently bad at least I know what I'm buying. If you make a game where Ronaldo can make a pass then but can't do it later when it's a short drop pass then goodbye. You make my team so good in one game and then ** suck in the next because you control the CPUs in the background. Also if a ball is in the air why is the guy farthest away running in to go get the header. There's a ** guy right below. Just let him go up and get it. It's a complete joke and I'm done with your ** EA. I'm done and so are others.

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I've been playing Madden games for many years now. And I've had a hard time building my team so I purchase packs and get nothing but garbage. Packs full of people that are not worth anything! If I'm paying 60 dollars for the game and spend additional money on packs at least have the respect to give people that are spending their hard earned dollar decent players. It seems to me if you don't have a youtube page with over 2K likes you don't get nothing. I watch people youtube videos and they pull 90s players out of every pack. This game is totally unfair... That's why this will be the last EA game that I own. I'm not the only one that feels this way either. All my other friends feel the same!!!

Madden 16 is awful. I spent a lot of time and I mean a lot of time doing the challenges in Madden Ultimate Team. It never ends and you don't get an edge when going into head to head, it's actually the opposite which makes zero sense. Everything they give you is one lunch bag let down after another. If you wanna get anything don't expect to find it in a pack of any kind and when you do unlock something such as a 99 over Marshawn Lynch well lets just say he's ** garbage and a 99 overall doesn't mean a whole lot. This is highway robbery. I am boycotting all EA games after my coins are liquidated. I am very disappointed in this game, I was a long time fan but now if you gave me a loaded gun and put the makers of this game in front of me not only would I pull the trigger I would piss and ** on their dead bodies. Hope that sums it up enough for ya. ** YOU EA.

Madden series is garbage after it hit 12. Lol. ** connected franchise/careers mode took over for four straight years. The old ESPN NFL 2k4 was better. Plus the lack of sports games on Wii U. People are dumb of buying EA Sports Madden series. I lost faith in Madden after 13, 25,15 and 16. Madden 17 doesn't need to happen because it's a piece of **. Scenes of connected ** mode. Rejects of damn EA SPORTS. Really stupid video game. Sony could do better than that. Thought on NFL GameDay 03 on PS2 they made in the past. Lol.

Never buy a EA product. A once great dynasty and franchise has whittled down to nothing. They care not for their customers or the product they are selling. If you want a great EA game purchase Madden 2005. That's the last time they truly cared about their products. Ultimately buying a modern version of the game would be a subpar polished version of 2005 game without them forcing you to purchase extra to have a somewhat decent gaming experience. They are truly the worst company in America. That is not a exaggeration. The management does not care about the customer. If you have a problem with the company they will not help you. Don't waste your time calling them. Just report them to a consumer report.

This is why monopolies are BAD FOR THE CONSUMER. Since EA has bought the exclusive rights to the NFL/NHL, these games have been subpar at best and downright BETA at worst. It's clear that they do NOT spend much money on programming and instead sink money into marketing and promotion. Their customer support is condescending. Game play is usually clunky. They never add more than one feature to any game per year.

I did not buy Madden 16 (it was given to me) and I would like to give it back. Overly complicated game play made so to distract you from obvious game script errors and subpar AI on the human team. Same with NHL. The game often plays like old 80's electronic football except with hockey players. Many times it's as if your teammates don't even know what sport they play. Other times you can't select the player that is closest to the play. Still more times it feels like passing is using a 4 direction D-pad. They don't care, they don't even try, and it's criminal how much money they steal every year. I honestly wish there were a way to sue them for this.

Why does Julio Jones drop the ball every time I throw to him? This game is garbage... I thought the pro bowlers catch the ball and the scrubs drop it. Catch in traffic is a complete joke, never buying another Madden game again. I hope 2K takes over and player ratings matter, this is complete **. EA Sports ** sucks.

EA Sports online multiplayer games and lobbies are just chock full of people hacking and manipulating the games. This is something that seems largely overlooked as EA Sports only cares about their bottom line, the dollar.

On Friday 1/15/16 I attempted to buy Madden 16 points to purchase packs. The message "no point offers available" continued to appear. I then logged into The Playstation store and purchased points from there, however the points were never credited to my account. I searched the internet for the issue to see if there was another step and found others with the issue that said to wait 24 hours. I waited 48+ before contacting EA. Your only option is to live chat or email. I decided to chat. I waited 45 minutes to get someone. I was then told to use a link that was broken. After explaining the link didn't work, they sent me another link that then disconnected me.

I went back thru the process to live chat and this time waited over an hour before getting an advisor. I was told I needed to submit screenshots of 3 things, which I did. The person spoke terrible English and told me that I had cropped the images, which I hadn't. I did a print screen and pasted them into word. The transaction in question was right at the top. After submitting screenshots in paint instead I was told that my case could not be fixed because the submissions were invalid. I did exactly what they told me to do, but she or he couldn't tell me exactly what to do because they didn't understand what I was saying. They then said, "Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with." Umm you didn't fix anything.

I then decided to go the email route in which I attached all the necessary information. When they responded they said (in poor english) that they understood that I had lost coins and never received my player. NOT WHAT MY PROBLEM WAS! They then proceeded to tell me that due to the level of work needed to investigate I risked losing my account if they found it to be fraudulent. Considering my user name and the information about my case was inaccurate, I had zero faith in pursuing the matter as I may lose the hundreds of dollars I had put into the game over their incompetence. I guess it's ok for them to take your money, not give you what you paid for and then treat you like crap and waste your time when you try to get it.

EA Sports y'all is some cheating ass **. Stop GAME HACKING. And to make it even more worse they is actually showing me they are in my game. Minding my own damn business. Not ** with no one. I should have the goddamn right to relax and play my game that I paid for with my hard-earned money. STOP GAME HACKING EA SPORTS. ** and oh yeah you still a **.

My entire PS3 is wiped out. I can't log in into my account. I'm playing Fifa 14. I can't log in to EA sports account and I can't even see the screen while I'm playing. It sucks, EA sports are the worst. Any game you play sucks. And I think they are hackers sending malware into my PlayStation system. Guys beware.

My new copy of Madden 16 (PS4) is freezing at every loading screen. When I can get into a game, I have a great time, but the freezing issues (at loading screens) are really damaging my experience with this game. I also do not like how long it takes to get past the title screen (had a freeze there as well). Please fix the loading times and the freezing issues and this game will be great. I don't like waiting 10+ minutes to start the game up, restart it and try again...and the same thing happen. After reading some other reviews about EA here, I can assume, that I won't get a straight response from them. I even have the latest add-ons as well. Still freezes.

There was Black Friday promo out and it was 9:58. I was putting the tickets in for Mean Joe Green. A minute passed it was about 30 seconds left. I put the tickets in and it said network timeout went back in and the set was gone and so were my ** tickets all 87 blitz tickets. They never gave me my ** tickets back. ** you EA stupid bastards. Give my tickets back.

I bought Madden 16 for PlayStation 3 and I am upgrading systems to PlayStation 4 and also bought Madden 16. I have spent a lot of money on Madden ultimate team packs and they will not let me transfer my items over, same game newer system. I feel I have paid for them I should be able to carry them over being that it is the same game and same network.

WTF. All the $ these fools have made off committed gamers they could fix this server BS. From freezing loading screens to unavailable servers daily and at all times of the day it's a pain in the A, Madden 16 will be the last EA game I invest in, hell I may even sell my ps4 and never look back at this point. TY for helping me be rid of my last real vice in life.

Without any confirmation via email or phone, an unknown persons was able to access and change the email corresponding to my account. There is no functioning US customer support phone number and the only way to contact live support is to be logged in to your account. Having my account stolen and living in the US, I am left with no means to contact EA. I have no account to log into live chat with and no number to call. Email response was speedy but unhelpful. I was told to call the UK or log in for live chat which I had explained I could not do. Thanks EA. First you slowly destroy all your franchises by making them hand holder games and now, you can't even protect your customers?

Idk who reading this. Hopefully someone important, but Madden 16 is horrible. As a Madden fan since 2000, this game is an unfinished product. The glitching is at its highest. Why rush product to fans just to take our money? Hopeful some get done. The time runs after the 2-minute warning. Some games I know that's not right? If y'all think so just do away with the chew clock, makes the game only 10 minutes long anyway. I'm a irritated customer, someone step up and get this right before Madden dynasty becomes an afterthought. Lot of angry fans out here, smh.

During one of the many EA Sports Madden mobile system updates I lost over 400000 coins. Needless to say I spent a lot of money and even more time accumulating that many coins. I promptly contacted EA Sports. I couldn't talk to anyone direct at the time so I emailed them and I did get an email in response stating that they where looking into the matter. I never was contacted by EA sports after that email.

After waiting 11 days I contacted them and what I was told took me by surprise. I was told "Sorry man but there nothing I can do." The customer service representative for EA Sports even stated that they are aware of the glitch that happened and I'm not the only one it happened to but no compensation will be given. Their representative stated they would have to compensate to many people therefore they're not compensating anyone. So basically they don't care about the quality of their product or their customers. I'd advise anyone dealing with EA Sports to be aware of their business practices. Especially when it comes to their mobile device games.

When they released Madden mobile they did it in seasons. At the end of season 1 they issued a season score and you received rewards based off of it. They advertised packs for sale to get your season score higher to achieve 100%. I did this and did not receive my season rewards. I filed for a help ticket with EA and they said, "Yes we made a mistake and you should be rewarded accordingly." However 6 weeks gone by and they never fixed this for me and several other users. Tried contacting them every week and they keep saying just a couple more days. After 4 weeks they said, "We will contact you when we get this fixed." I just have to be patient and not check back. Keep hoping that people will forget about this. Bottom line a guarantee in writing needs to be honored and 6+ week delay if ever is a scam to buy more and not receive what you get. This has also been an issue with purchasing Madden cash and them not issuing it.

Playing Madden Mobile. I've lost money every time the auction goes down and lately I've bid on players and been outbid and never refunded. Lost over $65000.

Madden NFL 16. Game glitches too much.

I pre-ordered Dragon Age: Inquisition, deluxe edition, shortly after it was announced. I picked it up as soon as it was allowed. One would think this would mean I'd have access to all of the game content as it was released, that I could purchase the DLC. No. EA decided that customers who played on a PS3 or Xbox360 could not purchase all of the content and their game would forever be incomplete unless they bought the whole base game all over again.

This is dishonest and unscrupulous, and I am very upset. They owe their consumers a copy of the game on another system where they're releasing the supplementary material, or they owe it to their consumers to publish the Trespasser DLC on the 360 and PS3. Not once did they suggest they might not publish everything for the older consoles, and people who purchased for the older consoles are screwed over by this. It's disgusting.

Madden franchise - Playing this online is like getting spammed with the same two unstoppable plays over and over again. Everyone chooses teams with mobile QBs, they thereupon run to the sideline, then launch it deep where a WR is wide open no matter what coverage you call. It's like a frustrating game of monkey in the middle. Furthermore, many subtle problems from last year's game are still here. WR's will break press coverage, but then instead of immediately running the go route (and being wide open), they stop for a split second, allowing the defender who got beat to get back in position. Many interceptions have been thrown this way. It takes away the ability to anticipate a WR getting open. Stopping kickoffs has become difficult, too, as one needs only make a sudden burst to the left or right to take it to the house.

Also frustrating is the lack of ability to see what team online I am opposing before the game is already loading. That change appears to me to be misguided at best and foolish at worst. And frankly, this game looks and feels exactly like Madden 25 did last year; hardly worth another 65 dollars. EA, you are to football video games what Dan Snyder is to the Washington Redskins hopes of winning. This will be my last purchase of your ** product.

I hate the 2016 Madden. It seem like you do not know how to play no more. Everything is different. I feel like I'm playing Mortal Kombat. You can't use the truck's stick no more. You got to use a whole bunch of different buttons that make a simple move.

I love Madden and been playing since I can remember and I play 95% on-line and I have about 80 games and about 90% of time there is a clipping call on the KR/PR and I'm not exaggerating. I wish I could record it. I only have xbox360. And every PI is on me when I'm on offense - I have only seen 1 D PI and it was on me. I like that there are less holding and that BS 5yd penalty for contact down field. I rarely see them but the clipping calls are insane and do are the offense PI. My Xbox360 gamer tag is **.. And I HATE HOW ON-LINE TEAM MATCH UP ARE DONE. DON'T KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I'M VIKING 2 JUST PLAY VS. SEA/COLTS/PATS make it so teams are within 2-3 point difference in teams rating. I have like 30% DNF when last year I had 10% are less.

Madden 16 - This is the worst game I ever played. I want EA to hand over the rights to NFL to 2k. 2k makes such better game play and it's more for people who like basketball not just anyone can play. Madden is a kid friendly cheese fest and EA needs to stop making games. I hate EA and I hate everything about madden.

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