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Dell gives you these gift cards when you buy their stuff. I had one for $250 from purchasing a TV from them. Main reason I bought the TV from them is because I knew I needed to upgrade my computer and the $250 would help with that. But after buying a computer, a better one went on sale literally the next day. So I bought a computer late at night and the next morning I go on their website using the live chat and try to cancel.

They said can't be done and that I would have to return it when it came. Of course by then the better computer deal would be lost. I ended up refusing the shipment so I didn't have to go through the return authorization process. This last January and Dell never acknowledged anything. Never heard anything from them and of course I lost the $250 gift card. I ended up getting my money back by filing a dispute with my credit card.

So I bought a computer from Lenovo and am no longer a Dell customer. I submitted a review earlier on this website and find that it has been marked as resolved. NOT!!! From my perspective Dell customer service is non existent. Taught me a lot about them as a company. When you produce a product that historically by its nature requires intensive customer service, and you have none, you should stay away from that company.

I purchased a Dell XPS laptop in July of 2015 and have had nothing but the worst experiences with it. I bought it with the intention of not needing to purchase a new computer for another 2-3 years and thus went all out as far as specs and warranty for the computer going so far as to purchase their "premium" support. Well not even a year after owning the computer I ran into issues with the graphics card and had the laptop sent in. Upon the laptop being returned I still experienced the issues however in an even worse sense and now normal things such as watching youtube videos began causing problems for my computer.

After attempting to send the laptop in again the customer support agent emailed me back that I now owed $300 for a monitor repair because the laptop was now out of warranty. When I sent the laptop in initially there were no issues with the monitor. I'm still trying to deal with this issue even today and went so far as to attempt to call the company only to have the agent on the phone hang up on me because he "could not hear me." I'm extremely disappointed with Dell and their supposedly premium warranty and will no longer be purchasing products from the company until there is a serious overhaul in their customer service.

I purchased an inspection desktop computer from Best Buy on June 4th. On Tuesday July 11th I attempted to start the computer. Instead of starting I received an error message. Hard Drive: No hard drive detected. I contacted the Technical Support. Thus began my 9 days in Dantes circle. I spent 4 hours on day 1 speaking to Any. We turned it on and off, unplugged it and then back in, started it while pressing alt 2 then pressing alt 12. She explained I must send it to their depot for repair. I vehemently disagreed. She then told me my only other alternative was to escalating the problem. However if I choose this they would not repair the computer.

I reluctantly agreed with the intent of pursuing other avenues. I was instructed to print a label from my email and call FedEx for a pickup. I informed them that since my computer was now in a box I could not. They said they would arrange for FedEx would pick it up with a reprinted label. I was told this on July 11th and FedEx made first contact on July 20th. I was not home so the driver left a label. Abu knew I was dissatisfied so she summoned her supervisor to speak with me. Puking told me that there was an additional alternative beside sending it out or escalating it. I could repair it myself with a technician talking me thru it. I almost laughed.

I called back on day 2 and was switched to the wrong department, to nonworking numbers. I finally got to an area I was told I needed Customer Returns. Here I spoke to Brenda who told me she showed the purchase date as April 11th. I told her that I had a receipt that stated June 4th was the purchase date. I was informed my receipt didn't matter. She showed the computer shipped to Best Buy on that date and they considered that the purchase date. I almost laughed. After she finally gave up that approach she then informed me that April 11th the shipping date was the date the warranty started. So I asked for clarification. The product was shipped April 11th, the thirty day warranty expired on May 11th and I bought the computer on June 4th. She promptly switched me to a nonworking number.

Next I spoke to Brendas supervisor Robert. Robert informed me that I was past the thirty day return policy and that one defect in thirty day does not make it returnable. There must be multiple failures for it to be returned. He then said to email a copy of my receipt and he would see what he could do. I emailed it to him and told him I would give him a few day and call him on Monday. Come Monday I made numerous calls to attempt to contact Robert with no luck. I now spoke to Ali who spoke to her manager and said he agreed with me he and was currently on the phone with the manager of basic hardware. I was instructed to contact him and it would be resolved. The only problem was they had no internal way to switch an outside line to the department. I would need to hang up and call back.

Needless to say after I was switched several times and finally got the right department. The manager had no idea what I was talking about. I was then put in touch with Ray who said I needed the basic hardware department. His attempt to switch me resulted one being disconnect. I called back and got Ray who I simply told "I have had enough: I expected a call on Wednesday July 21st from someone who had the authority to make a decision. If none was received by 4.00 pm I would start with the corporate office." I received an email from Hansraj requesting me to call back.

When I called I was told he was unavailable because he was eating lunch then he was gone for the day. I was then given to Raj who after consulting with his manager who determined that the best they would is send someone to my home to repair the computer. I told him I would accept only to get my computer up and running but I was still going to continue to challenge it. It annoys me that I asked almost everyone I spoke to "if you had a new car and after 5 weeks you heard a noise and brought it to the dealer. He checked it out and told you he could fix it but he might have to replace. Would you accept this."

When asked to speak to someone stateside, USA, they lied to me and transferred me to someone who said that they were, could barely understand him, really!! I think all of their customer support is in India, will never be able to speak to someone with clear English language skills. I was going to order a $2,700 laptop, I'll stick with Apple, better service.

I purchased a laptop on July 12, 2016. I later changed my mind deciding that keeping my old laptop plugged in while in use was not so bad. It was about 4 hours later that I emailed Customer Support that I wanted to return the laptop. I received my reply to that email this morning, the 19th. On July 16th, I read the online instructions for initiating a return and followed them to the letter. I was supposed to receive the waybill within 48 hours. Today I called them and the first thing out of the rep's mouth was, "You were supposed to call Ma'am." He then placed me on hold for several minutes until I decided to hang up. This cements my decision to save my money and buy an Apple Mac for Christmas. Thank you Dell. Thank you very much!

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I talked with 3 people and nobody answered my question which is: "Does my laptop Latitude D620 has a webcam in it?" It's very frustrating.

I purchased a Dell Inspiron Desktop 3000 Series Model 3847 on April 6, 2015 with Windows 7 Pro installed. It replaced my 12 year old desktop that had Windows XP which I dearly loved. I already had a nice monitor, keyboard, speakers, etc so all I needed was the CPU which I paid over $700 for (included Office 2013). Wasn't long before I was having problems and was calling tech support. They could usually fix it, at least to the point that it was working better than when I called them. My one year warranty expired April 7, 2016 so I extended it for 3 years for $288 plus the tech support convinced me to buy System Mechanic for $39.95 (I guess so I could try to fix problems myself). :-( I was emailed a $75 gift card for purchasing those things.

I have been having more serious problems the last few months and have called tech support 3 or 4 times. Every time they do the same thing - get remote access then install Click-to-Fix. Run scans, defragment disks, the usual, but I kept having the same problems (Internet Explorer crashing/not responding; Google - not responding; Shockwave crashing; computer very slow when it wasn't crashing). Took quite a while to even check my email because upload so slow.

Every time (after sitting there 1-2 hours while they did their thing) the tech would tell me that he "guaranteed" that it would work properly now. He said he would send me a follow-up email to check with me and if there was still a problem that they would call me back in two days. Each time their "fixes" did not work and I replied to their email, then had to wait about 3 days for a call or I would call them back (which they didn't like).

I had ordered it with Windows 7 Pro because I figured some of my older software that I really liked wouldn't work with anything newer than Windows 7 (it came with a free upgrade to Windows 10 which I didn't want that). I couldn't uninstall and reinstall Internet Explorer (which seemed to be a large part of the problem) since it came installed in my operating system. So on the last two tech calls I asked the tech to try doing that OR reinstalling my operating system since nothing else worked. They pretty much ignored me and kept doing the same old, same old stuff over and over again.

Finally this weekend after waiting two days for a call back, I went ahead and upgraded to Windows 10 which, like I said, I didn't want. I had a Windows 8.1 (Windows 7 Pro) reinstallation disk (that came with my order in 4-2015) but my computer wouldn't uninstall/reinstall Windows 7 because it said I didn't have a valid disk. So, no choice but to upgrade to 10. Today tech support called me back (rather a recording did) and I chose the option to speak to a tech (even though I had resolved the problem myself). I held on for about 15 minutes listening to music and a recording saying someone would be with me "momentarily" HAHAHAHA!!! Finally I hung up since I just wanted to chew up some tech butt anyway and was wasting my time (yet again) holding on for a live person.

Another interesting thing happened: the $75 gift card (email) I had received, I decided to buy a new flatbed scanner (and pay about $100 myself). I had an older one, but couldn't find anything else I wanted to buy. The customer service person I was speaking with told me it had expired, which it hadn't. He told me I could call another number and they would update it to give me more time. Told him I wanted to use it THAT day on THAT purchase. He kept arguing with me and telling me I couldn't, that I would have to pay for it and use the gift card at a later date. I asked to speak to a supervisor several times which he evidently didn't want me to do that, but when I kept insisting he finally switched me over. Supervisor checked the card number and said it hadn't expired so she spoke with him and got it straightened out and he had to apply my gift card towards my purchase.

I have been very dissatisfied since I bought this computer - with the computer itself and tech support. I have bought a few Dell computers over time and have helped a couple of friends order Dell computers and encouraged other people to buy from Dell. Now, I will probably never buy another one or recommend them to anyone else. Plus, it would be SO NICE to speak to someone in the U.S. who spoke good English for a change.

Placed an online order two days ago for a new laptop. I inputted all of my data, including name, phone number, email address, shipping address and credit card info. No problem. Received a confirmation email, addressed to me with appropriate info, indicating I had paid, etc. Received a second email, indicating that the purchase was being processed and the laptop would be delivered to my address - but WITH A DIFFERENT NAME ON THE ACCOUNT! Went online with a chat, since I was aware that customer service for Dell was now overseas. The gentleman there indicated that he couldn't change the addressee on the shipping label. I said that even assuming the laptop was actually delivered - the warranty would be under the other person's name. He said I had to call customer service Monday morning after 8:00 CST - which led me to believe I would be speaking to someone in the US. WRONG!

In any event, I called shortly after 8:00 CST and was placed in the queue for 47 minutes! When I finally spoke to "Sam/Siam?" I couldn't understand anything he said, other than he would transfer me. I then was back on hold until I finally spoke with "Yvonne" - and at least I could understand her. She advised that I would have warranty issues since the order was not in my name. (She advised that once I typed in my home address, they already had a customer at that address and the system assigned me his customer number and that was the entire problem.) She also said that there was nothing that could be done to correct the issue other than cancel the order! I was transferred to another number and after waiting approximately 10 minutes "Eddie" from Dell Financial Services picked up and asked me if I wanted to make a payment!! After explaining my problem - AGAIN - he tried to transfer me to another number.

Again after waiting - this time probably no more than 5 or 6 minutes, "Robert" picked up and I went through the whole story again. Don't even ask what my blood pressure was at that point! Anyway, I told him there apparently was no way around this but to cancel the order. Well, he didn't want to hear about a cancellation and offered me a $25 credit. I thought we were getting someplace, then he told me he could not change the account owner's name! He finally cancelled the order. Yeah! I went onto Dell's site to post a comment about this, but there are several mandatory fields before you can start your complaint. Since my order number was cancelled, I couldn't even start the complaint/comment. I've been buying Dell products for over 20 years, but I guess that's done with this. I know they're saving money on the customer service - but it has really gone downhill.

Bought an Inspiron laptop as a graduation present in April. We didn't open it until June. After 2 weeks my niece gave it back to me saying it's too slow. I turn it on and it takes 15 minutes to startup and then freezes at times. Call tech support, they tell me to reinstall Windows. We try that and computer freezes at 3%. They FedEx me a Windows restore stick. Put that in and Windows reloads, but the same issue 15 minute startups and freezing. Try again, deleting the entire drive and doing a factory restore of Windows. The same exact problem. Call Dell, they say "Sorry sir. You have a one-year hardware warranty, but this is a software problem so you are not covered." Even though the factory installed version and then the version installed from the Windows stick have the exact same issue, they are claiming it's software. They will never have to fix a computer, no matter what's wrong just blame the software.

I placed an order on Dell's website and got a great deal two nights ago. However, there is where story began. About one hour after I placed the order. I got a call from an 800 number which is now 9 PM. I never got phone calls that late other than families and I normally don't pick up unknown numbers but I do this time. This time it was an Indian customer service in the other side of the phone line. He quickly quietly say this is from Dell computer and start asking my personal information. I starting to think it is a scam so I didn't answer his question directly (waste scammer's time) while try not to release my information. So he tell me part of my info and want me to finish the rest, that is when finally realize it is from real Dell (real deal, got it?). With English as my second language it is difficult to communicate with an Indian CSR. I also feel strange about why he needs my DOB to verify a shipment but anyway, with that out of way, I went to bed.

Next day after work, I check for order status because I have not received confirm shipment email. After checking order status, I learned, if I order on July 12th, with 3-5 days for delivery, my ETA will be Aug 5th. So... yeah. I don't know how a big tech company do math but I don't think that is how it suppose to work. I guess all I can do is wait and see when my package arrive. As now, July 14th, I still have not receive tracking info from Dell nor shipment confirmation. Contacted their second customer support team after the first one tell me I went to the wrong place (What the hell?). Now just wait and see if Dell is trying to under promise, over deliver. I am not sure about over deliver but sure is under promise.

I ordered a $500 dell gift card and when I tried to use it this week, I found only $42.22 left! Someone used my gift card to place an $467 order. Since I put the card in my drawer all the time, the only possibility is that he/she either break into dell system or they found a way to generate Dell gift card number. What even more frustrating is that when I tried to contact Dell customer service, I was put on hold for hours and transferred to different people all the time. Nobody even gave me a related answer!!! This is horrible, horrible experience. Gift card is widely used by Dell to promote their sale. I just want to remind people how unreliable dell gift card can be. And hope this kind of things will not happen to them. A disappointed, frustrated and angry customer.

I bought a Dell laptop in March. At the time I was told of the free warranty and an extended warranty for a fee. I am a 50-year-old grandmother and knew I wouldn't be hard on a laptop so I didn't purchase the extended warranty. The free warranty did cover hardware. In July when I tried to plug in the charger on my laptop it seemed the jack inside had moved. It wouldn't click in. I called Dell and was told yes this is a hardware problem and no it wasn't covered by my warranty. It was considered an accident. The CSR connected me to someone who could fix my computer for a small fee. That small fee was $159.00. That isn't small.

I contacted a man who fixes computers where I live. He had to open the computer and wanted my permission because it would void my warranty. I said yes because Dell wasn't honoring it anyway. The man told me the jack inside didn't look like it had been soldered on all the way. He can't fix it. So now I have a Dell computer, a Dell warranty, a problem caused by Dell and Dell refuses to fix it. I would never again buy another Dell product. I would never recommend a Dell product and will warn people not to buy Dell products.

I purchased the inspiron 15 7559 gaming laptop to replace my macbook. The components for this model looked like what I needed and the price was good so I took a chance on buying a Dell notebook. From within a week of use the keys started to stick and made typing anything very frustrating. I bought the computer to take with me on vacation and took the computer anyway since there was no time before leaving to deal with the problem. I called them to let them know immediately while on vacation about the problem since I was away for three weeks and they said they would take care of it and do whatever was necessary to make it right. Just call when I got back.

When I returned home I called them and went through everything again only to be told I was past the 30 days for complete replacement of the unit and that they would send me a new keyboard that I would have to install myself. I was really upset. Terrible customer support. I will not buy another Dell product nor will I recommend Dell products to anyone. Customer support is terrible and product quality is poor.

My screen quit working on my laptop. The back panel is cracked because the hinges are too tight. The crack stopped my LCD screen from working. I called in April and was given a first price of $269. I didn't have that amount and then I was quoted $159. I didn't have the money then (April 2016) and was given a case number and was told that there was no expiration date. I was given the opportunity to save for the repair. I called today, 7-11-2016, and found out that they had lied to me, wanting to charge the $269. I have recently divorced an abusive husband and am trying to go it alone financially so I was counting on the $159 price. Aren't verbal agreements the same as a written one?

Hi. Contacted Dell customer service several times while my computer was under warranty only for them to tell me I would still have to pay to see if they can fix my computer and still then there would be no guarantees. I called a couple times more and spoke to the tech in charge and he hung up in my face. I would never recommend or buy a Dell again. Their computers are low quality and so is their support team. STAY AWAY FROM DELL OR YOU WILL BE THROWING AWAY YOUR MONEY!!

I would like to bring it to your notice that I have been facing countless problems with my DELL laptop (INSPIRON 3542, Service tag - **, Express service code: **) since the time I bought it. I bought it in May, 2015 and 3 months into the purchase, my LAN port became inoperative. Warranty period allowed a replacement, but soon enough the display and DVD started showing problems. This was also followed by replacements, and now it's June, 2016, and my display has started showing problems again, only after 15 days the warranty expired.

This time I called customer service, they showed total indifference and just handed me a list of rates for replacement and technical support. I am utterly dissatisfied with my product -- it has hampered my studies a great deal. It is a request that you look into the matter at your earliest otherwise, I would be left with no choice but to report DELL to Consumer Services for poor product quality and apathy on the part of the representatives.

Let me just start out by saying I was extremely annoyed with the people in the background talking throughout my entire call, forcing me to repeat things over and over again (the smallest of my issues). After about an hour of being on the phone with Dell customer service for basic troubleshooting, the representative told me that he would be unable to help me because I was having a software issue. He told me I would need to pay $130 for being helped 1 time from an advanced tech. My other options were to pay $200 for 1 year of assistance or just under $500. He offered me a deal on the 1 year after I told him how ridiculous that price was. I paid the $200 to get to speak to an advanced tech, because I figured I could get additional assistance throughout the year. After about an hour and a half of being on the phone, the advanced tech told me I was having a hardware issue; my hard drive was failing.

So I paid $200 for 1 year of tech support, when the problem I was having would have been covered under the manufacturer warranty anyway. The tech proceeded to have me do troubleshooting with him for another hour and a half. He then said he would call back in about a half hour with his manager, and told me to treat myself to some coffee or water (my own coffee or water... how gracious). He called me back again after about a half hour for some more troubleshooting (without his manager). One of my friends told me that it was probably just my hard drive after about 2 minutes of explanation. I just wanted an opinion from Dell themselves. That is just ridiculous in my opinion to have to talk to a representative for almost 4 hours by the end of everything. They ended up refunding the money, but they can't refund my time. Great customer service Dell!

I ordered a camera lens from Dell, and that was just fine. Received on time, whatever. Then, I decided to order a digital copy of Photoshop. Well, Dell Downloads is an utter piece of **, and it wouldn't work for me, even after trying a million different things. Merely NAVIGATING Dell's site(s) is a nightmare for the customer - it's like their goal is giving you a headache and turning you off the company.

I am now in the process of returning it, and let me tell you, the way their system is set up, the software order numbers blow their mind. They are apparently 1 digit short of other order numbers, which confuses them and makes it difficult for them to pull up your order. I have been fiddling with this for over an hour, two different chat techs, and my god, I'm still working on getting it cancelled.

I will never, ever, order a product through Dell again. Most people do not have time for this crap! Just give your poor customers a LINK to what is rightfully theirs - give them a link to download the software like every other reputable company has ever done. Until Dell can get the damn brains to do such a simple thing, I'm out. I feel bad for their reps, honestly. Can't imagine dealing with us frustrated customers all day, and trying to work around a ** system.

Worthless Dell "support". Dell, just shut it down and start over. You have gone from a well respected product to a 1 star joke. I have spent countless hours on 5 calls to your "support" line and still no resolution. Really? Can't even fix your own equipment??? Last call I actually paid for service, which I will be disputing with my credit card company in the morning. I curse the day I bought this laptop. My Sony and Acer both ran for years without a problem. I should have read these reviews first. You are a joke and no one is laughing or happy for that matter.

On hold for over an hour, transferred 6 times, of course to someone who speaks very little English. The absolute worst customer service that I have ever experienced in my entire life. I will never buy a Dell computer. By the way all I wanted to do was resize my content to fit my screen.

Literally number one cause of cancer. Dell's symbol has a circle since they keep transferring you to another department just so they can transfer you again. They make a never ending circle of ** you in the ass.

I had purchased Dell XPS 9550 from New York in November 2015. I am receiving blue screen errors since beginning and contact Dell United States and India Request # ** and ** without any success. They called me, play with my laptop, run Dell Diagnostic and System Diagnostic, check virus, driver updated or not and every time told that if this problem comes again then reply to my mail. After few days when they are not able to track issue then simply push issue to Microsoft or suggest to reinstall OS, don't install any software, just see if error comes again or not. How they are fooling customer, buy TV but don't see any movie or news. No senior level employees contacted me as yet and Dell is not bothering whether system is working or not, just selling. I have recently paid $562 for premier onsite support but useless.

I had an out of warranty repair. My laptop fell on the corner and broke a hinge. I paid $264 to have Dell to replace my hinge and the display cover for my laptop. My laptop came back 4 weeks later, should have been 2 1/2 weeks, and my mouse pad didn't work. I called back and had an onsite tech fix my mouse pad. About a month later, after the mouse pad was repaired, the screen started to pop out of the plastic. We didn't think anything of it, until one day the screen popped out and cracked the screen. We called into Dell Tech support, and we were told that we needed to pay for the repair. After arguing with tech support managers, and repeat calls, Dell was not going to repair my cracked screen under warranty. The lesson learned here is on first sight of a problem, call back into support. I didn't call in and now I am stuck. I also feel that tech support in other countries follow a script, and there is no room for an individual to make a decision to "FIX" the customer.

I bought a brand new laptop from online with additional warranties to cover all the extra problems less than one year ago. 3 months after purchase, I had software problem and called the customer service. Spent 20-25 hours on the phone, problem could not fixed and I was asked to ship it to them. So, I did sent it. Even Though I was told it takes 5 to 7 business days, took weeks. Finally, I got it back.

A few weeks ago I had hardware problem, called again, still laptop is less than a year old and still have all the additional warranties. I was asked to ship my computer to them again. I installed accounting software to run our business. Explained the person who answered the phone regarding accounting software that I am using, said to him our company is rely on it, without this software I cannot issue payroll, or cannot do any other accounting transactions. I was told it takes 5 to 7 business days to fix it. I said many times, "I have additional warranties please send your technician on side". I was said I had to ship it to them.

Unfortunately, I shipped my laptop on Jun 11, 2016 (17 days ago). Almost every day, I have been talking with technicians on the phone. I was told the screen is at backorder, therefore we are waiting for the part. This is not acceptable and I feel so bad and disappointed to spend that much money for this laptop. I really want my money back and return this laptop to the Dell.

I received a Dell XPS 15 and it came with the Venue 8 tablet, (upgraded to 32mg). I got for Christmas on the 12th of December, 2015 also got a 2 yr warranty. Two weeks after I got it, I started having problems with the XPS 15. And it has continued since. To the point they replaced it. There has been issues with the tablet also. I have sent them both back to the factory. Tech support has been to my home to work on them (Hardware issues, Motherboards, speakers etc). There have been so many case files with these systems I cant count. But! I did copy and paste from the Dell website all of them. It has been one yr and a half now and am still having problems with either Hardware or software.

I have taken suggestions from tech support and have bought programs that should have helped, but ended up being a waste of money. I have six more months left on my warranty and as it stands I'm going to have a continual problem with my Dell products. To add to the problems I have been getting scam calls from so called Dell support wanting to get on to my Laptop. The issue with this is that they know my service tag and my service code number, which no one has except Dell and myself. I don't allow them on my tablet. When I have a problem I call Dell's premium support. It is obvious that this problem is going to persist. I have requested this from Dell corporate and they have told me no.

The warranty on my not even one year old computer expires in November, 2016. In June the keyboard on the Inspiron 15 5000 series Notebook did start to have problems by not responding key strokes. Technical support logged into the computer and worked on it for several hours updating drivers. After that the computer worked for a couple of hours before the keyboard again stopped working. A Dell technician asked me to run a check, and with this check the computer failed completely. The warning was overheating.

I sent the computer in and received a lot of emails from their support team one contradicting the other. In this company the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. Anyway, finally Dell claimed the computer was damaged by a spill and that therefore warranty was denied. I escalated this to the supervisor who was an arrogant SOB. He even told me that Dell could not care less if I never buy another Dell. Which I now definitely will not.

Placed an order with Dell for 3 computers totalling $7K for my company on June 15. We have new employees starting. They promised us they would deliver on June 23rd the latest. We kept following up and we were promised the computers would deliver end of business day June 23rd. Came end of business June 23rd and no computers! Plus, we had new employees starting and now it is June 27th and all I get from Dell is a runaround.

I tried cancelling and replacing my order but they put me on hold forever. So far I wasted about 12 hours of my time on the phone following up with them and getting nowhere. All I did find out so far is that they mixed my company up with a different one with the same name and they need to verify details. OK. But this came up when I placed the order and I made it clear who we are. No one followed up with me to resolve this. They sent me information by mail so they know who we are. My sales representative, Russel **, is MIA. Beware when placing orders with Dell.

I ordered a Dell computer online. I checked the status to find that the order had been canceled for no apparent reason. When I called the phone number I was placed on hold 3 times over the course of an hour. I've worked in customer service for almost 10 years and Dell's customer service without a doubt is the worst I have ever even heard of. When my money is refunded I will be spending it elsewhere as Dell obviously doesn't like money as it seems they did everything they could to ruin my experience and make an enemy of a loyal repeat customer.

Wish I could check less than 1 star. Purchased computer in March, 2 months later unable to charge it. Received a new adapter, that didn't work. Sent unit for repair to Dell. Was told it was consumer damage and not covered under warranty. I know I did nothing that caused damage to the computer but Dell service agent was very rude and said if I didn't pay $150 + to fix it would be returned unrepaired. I got the computer back and then an e-mail message from another Dell service that they would send a return address label and send the unit to them, which I did. Today I received the same message from them that if I don't pay, the unit will be sent back to me. DON'T BUY A DELL.

Recently I ordered a gaming computer from Dell. It is an Alien-ware. For those familiar with them you know the cost is basically that of a used car. You would think for that much money I would at the very least get bearable customer care. What followed was the worst purchasing experience I have had in my entire life. It took me 3 weeks alone to order the computer because they constantly had issues with billing. You would think it would be my bank or myself at fault for such matters but it wasn't. I literally had a conference call TWICE with my bank on the other end of the line confirming the purchase and making sure everything went smoothly. Along with the desktop computer I was supposed to get a 4k monitor.

The monitor was en route before the computer. It literally came to my state, my county, my town, and last but not least to my UPS office then turned around and got sent back because of said billing issues, before it ever hit my doorstep. I got my desktop computer and when I opened the box came to find that a piece on the case was broken. Nothing major but it's the principle of the thing. I got on the phone with Dell once again and they told me to ship the computer back so they can fix it. I refused because I was not playing this game anymore. I then inquired about my monitor and they said they were out of stock and they refunded me. I never got a refund. Upon further investigation they found out I was telling the truth so proceeded to tell me that to get the monitor, they would need to charge me again. I don't have that kind of money especially not after this purchase, and told them as much.

So they agreed to wait till I got refunded and then take the money out once again to get my monitor that I ordered so long ago finally shipped to me. Another 3 and 1/2 weeks later after hundreds of emails and hours on the phone I have yet to get it. Oh did I mention certain customer service employees stopped responding to my inquiries completely? Also that I got redirected more times than I can possibly remember to different offices with people that could literally find nothing about my order? Finally today actually I called to say not to worry about reordering my monitor I would just like my money back asap please. Lo and behold! No one had anything on file!!! It was like the order never happened!!

After being on hold for hours and mustering every ounce of strength I had not to start screaming obscenities at the representatives on the other end of the line, because I thought Dell just robbed me for around $800, I started digging through my personal old emails myself between Dell and I about the monitor and found the old order ID. I gave them that and thank God it worked! A record of it finally popped up! Now did I get my money back yet? Of course not! The representative I was talking to said she couldn't do anything about it but would contact the proper department and have them give me a callback to set everything up.

Well it's 2 hours later and I have yet to receive a callback. In closing I had to serve myself as a customer service representative and fix my own issues. So let's see how long this particular endeavor of attempting to get my own money, that was quite literally taken from me, for no reason since I obviously never got the product I ordered takes.