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Last updated: Jan. 18, 2017

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Original review: Jan. 18, 2017

Poor mechanical workmanship. What sort of a company sells such an expensive product that fails in one year, right after warranty? My Brother laser MFC lasted almost 5 years and I only "upgraded" to Dell for the duplex capability. Big mistake. The Automatic document feeder in the scanner of my H625cdw printer (cost $400+) started failing immediately after 1 year warranty expired. The rollers are clean but they do not come down consistently. Got the run around from support. They gave a DADF part number and then transferred me to parts who did not have the part. I do see third party parts, but they are almost $300. I would rather spend that on another brands printer.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 3, 2016

Dell H625cdw has been a problem since I got it. Terrible customer service. No real support. Don't buy Dell. They were never perfect but they have really gone downhill the last 2 years. Their new printers seem to be lemons. I don't imagine I will be purchasing anything more from Dell. They are obviously cutting corners and having problems.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 9, 2016

Within months after the purchase this Dell printer I began to have problems with it printing. I travel extensively and at the end of the week I reinstall my laptop on a docking station and at some point will attempt to print material. Nearly every time I will have problems getting the printer to print. Frequently I'll click on start and enter 'services' where I can "stop" the print spooler. After closing that window and the re-opening it to click on "start" I can at times get it to print even though I had tried to delete the items in the print queue. It may work the first time or it may take three to five times to get it to print.

Frequently I am faced with uninstalling the software and reinstalling and at times may have to do this two or three times to finally get the printer to work. I have searched online, and (while it was still under warranty) called them but I am limited to one language so was unable to understand enough to follow suggestions to correct the problem. I originally started with Dell products many years ago through my company. In a three year lease I could plan on having the hard drive crash after two.

This wasn't just a one time deal. I had three laptops that saw the hard drive fail in the same time frame. A number of my coworkers had the same experience. I apparently "didn't get it" because I purchased this printer from Dell and then a few years later a Dell laptop for my wife and have purchased the second battery for it. In the past few years I purchased a Dell computer monitor which still functions. I just spent three and a half hours of my Saturday trying to get my printer to print - AGAIN - to no avail! I have had it with Dell products and as soon as I can work my way out of them I will have anything other than the Dell brand of technology.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 15, 2015

Dell is total garbage. 2 weeks on RMA for ink I didn't need. They misled me into thinking I needed to buy it with the printer. I called and was on hold for 20 minutes. Then I was transferred and hold again. Emailed customer service and got auto-email telling me 1 business day response. No response. So basically useless overseas customer service (I gave up on chat after being #245 in queue) and worst returns possible. They are really awful to deal with. Never had this before any other company. First review on this site. Don't buy Dell.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 7, 2015

Broken Dell MF Fax 2335dn - One of the hinges on the cover of the unit broke. Dell advertises on the web "Support Service for Expired Warranties Hardware Repair Services 1-800-288-4410." So I called -- 5 times. The first call is answered by a non-English speaking high school drop out in India who insist they do not handle repairs especially not on laser printers. His supervisor, who was more helpful, admitted that Dell does have such a service but not in India but at the laser printer unit. OK. So he transferred the call, which promptly was answered by a music playing robot.

After 25 minutes of bad music I hung up & started all over again. This time I obtained the correct number to call at the laser place & finally made contact. Initially I was again given the routine reply, "We don't offer such a service." After insisting Dell advertises such a service, the agent's memory improved. He looked up the problem & informed me that the issue cannot be repaired & if it could it would cost more than a new fax printer. I guess I will have to purchase a new unit, but it won't be a Dell!

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Original review: Sept. 28, 2015

We had a problem with the printer which needed a filter change for the ink cartridge usage. We had already changed this 6 months previous so we were surprised it need to be replaced again so soon. We had difficulty understanding the accent of the customer service agent, regularly had to repeat sentences or rephrase them to be understood. We finally reached the conclusion that we needed to replace this product after 20 minutes of very labored communication and then got cut off.

We rang again, waited, got someone with clearer English who then processed the order but could not guarantee us receiving in less than 5 working days. We are in Ireland, 15 miles from the Dell plant in Limerick, but it takes 5 WORKING DAYS to get an ink filter despite offering to pay for a better service. No other options available. So from Tuesday the 22 of September until Monday the 28 September we had no working printer in our office. How's that for service?

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Original review: July 7, 2015

We ordered a Dell C2665dnf Color MFP and it worked great for a few months. When installing the printer I was able to easily connect wirelessly. Unfortunately after a few months, this printer stopped working. We contacted Dell and they supplied us with a refurbished replacement. I should have been suspicious of receiving a refurbished machine but was assured that it carried the same warranty and backing by Dell. Since the first day we received the replacement I was unable to connect wirelessly to a WIRELESS printer. My assistant has spent 8+ hours over different time periods trying to resolve this issue with no success.

We were told today that we should either connect to the printer via an ethernet cable or purchase an upgraded service contract to have them remote into our computer, yet again, to help us solve this problem. To begin with this printer was purchased to be a shared printer and shared wirelessly, NOT to be connected via a cable. Second, since when do I need to purchase an upgraded service contract to have something fixed that NEVER worked properly from day one. The brand new one worked fine for a while. Dell products used to be superior to all competitors, not anymore. There is nothing nice I can say about Dell technical service. I would love to return this printer and get my money back. This printer is NOT worth the money.

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Original review: June 20, 2015

My Dell V715w Printer stopped working. Dell's tech informed me the print head was bad. And as luck would have it I just got new ink 2 black and 1 color that were opened and used in his efforts, 65 Bucks out the window. Called Dell placed a order for a new Printer a E525w on 6/16/2015, Received on 6/19/2015 By FedEx. Called Dell For Assistance in removing old printer info files drivers etc. and get this new printer up and running, After I was lost in dell's ph. maze of departments. Was Told I Had Wait 2 1/2 days before they could help as the Service Tag # was not / had not posted someplace. He could see my order form that had the Service Tag on it. So here I am work backing up (No Printer). After FedEx got it to me WE Got To Wait on Dell's Big Computers To Catch Up.. Me I get to go and pay to get my copies or go and use up a Pals ink. Thanks Dell...

Original review: June 5, 2015

I bought this printer 13 days ago and have spent well over 6 calls totaling 18 hours and counting trying to resolve the problems (seriously, I have been on the phone for over 5 hours today), all of which seem to be because the printer will not hook up to my WiFi. About the 3rd call several days after purchase, I was told the warranty would expire the coming Friday - 13 days after purchase. The store I bought it at called Dell and the warranty was extended - at no charge - for one year.

After numerous calls, transfers, and holds (on the day it WOULD have expired), I was told my a Dell tech that there was a problem with the printer and they would send me a new one. When the rep in another department talked to me, he said they would send a refurbished printer. I convinced him that was not acceptable, back on hold, and then he said they would be shipping a new one.

About an hour later, I got a call saying, no, could not do and she wanted to discuss options. I told her option would be to take the printer back, have Dell pay the restocking fee, and I would buy a printer from another manufacturer. She asked me to hold. After a 1/2 hour, the call was disconnected. I called back, got bounced around again, and a tech told me he could not help me because they are having computer problems!!! And would call back.

Updated on 09/17/2015: After over 20 hours on the phone and at the store in May, Dell finally agreed to replace my new Dell E525w printer which would not work with a newer one. After installation, it took about 10 hours to get it to scan & print off the internet. It worked almost 4 months. Yesterday it stopped printing, but would scan and copy. Another 5 hrs, over 2 days to get it to print again after I insisted it was their problem, not my computer's. They had to - finally - install the program again - not from the disc - but from their location. That was yesterday. It prints now but will not scan or print off the internet. I have lost track of the number of calls I have had to make to Dell about this. I have just purchased almost $300 worth of toner for this machine, not to mention the several hundred dollars for the machine.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 11, 2014

I have a $500 printer that replaced an older version. Whenever I put paper in the MP Tray and hit print, I get an error message. It says the tray is empty or it says the paper is mismatched. I would then have to get up and confirm settings on the printer. On my old printer, I could put any size paper in the MP tray and that's where the print job would pull. I wanted the new printer to work the same way. I tried all the steps in the user guide and that did not address this problem. I called Dell. I was on the phone for 1/2 this morning and had to leave for an appointment. I was told I could call back and they would be able to access notes of the morning conversation. I called back this afternoon and of course, there were no notes available. During the call, I was asked to try this and then that and nothing was solving the problem. After an hour and five minutes on the phone, much of it being on hold, I was disconnected!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 11, 2014

I have a Dell 1355cnw printer since August 2012. Right after the one year warranty expired, the WIFI went out. It worked intermittently during the year, with many long calls to Dell repair walking me through how to reset it and get it to work. Now, 4 months later when I turn it on it says: 010-354 code 1000000. It will not work. Now I have everything Dell, desktops, laptops. I just spent 4 and a half hours with Dell being disconnected and transferred around but I get no one who can authorize an exchange or know where to put my call. I spent so much money on the fancy laser printer that is a lemon. My old HP printer that is 10 years old still works with no problems. No one can tell me if there is someone who can authorize an exchange for a refurbished printer. I am so disappointed in Dell's quality and am not sure I can count on this brand after so many years of loyalty.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 12, 2013

It started out with a purchase of a new laptop. After numerous phone calls, I eventually received four exchange laptops. Fortunately, the last one still works. I also have received three exchanges of a Dell printer. The first one broke after the tech support had me do something that was stated "Not to do" in the instructions, but the tech person still continued and have me proceed. I ordered more ink cartridges before the last printer arrived. This started back in May 2012. I have paid my account in full and am asking for a refund for the original purchase and the recent purchase of ink cartridges and return shipping labels so I can send all of their junk back to them.

Seven days have passed and I have not heard from anyone in customer care. I review my DFS statements and was charged interest for some reason, but DFS has not responded as to what this relates to. I had always bought Dell before, but not anymore. It seems as though the entire organization is lazy and extremely non-consumer oriented or experienced in anything. And by the way, Dell can't even send me out another printer because they stopped making that model. I wonder why??? And I don't think it is my fault that after over a year, Dell couldn't test and send me a functioning printer. It is clear they don't have any engineers or Quality Assurance employees that know what they are doing or should be doing.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 1, 2013

I have been with Dell for a very long time now so I have lots to tell you. I am fully convinced if you have a line of credit with Dell, that they do everything in their power to get you to charge, charge, charge even if you cannot afford to do so. I purchased a Dell computer and a Dell Laser Printer. I also purchased a hardware and a software warranty. Then I purchased two different virus protections from them at the same time. Later they told me the second virus protection was what was causing a lot of my problems, then I told them they sold it to me. They hushed up about it then. The past three times my printer quit working, I called Dell. Every time it was about the very same problem. I got an error message saying invalid procedure or argument and the printer would NOT work. I had done nothing to cause it.

Today it started the same thing. I called Dell who for the third time in a row wanted even more money to repair. I explained to them that the past three times, the printer was doing the exact same problem. They still tried to get another 59.00. I told them I am disabled, my husband is disabled and we do not work. We are unable to afford to keep charging on the account and pay it back. They said then they could not help me. I told them since they didn't get it fixed the last several times, it was the same problem, it should be covered. Oh, let me tell you, they will only repair three times for the warranty. That in itself is a hoax. Also, it is my sincere belief that they do things to get money for repairs to the computers. Why do I say this? I had just ordered a cartridge.

Every time they mess with my account something happens to my computer or printer, and I do mean EVERY TIME. I told them they are so busted and that I am mailing in papers to the Attorney General in the State of WV. People, these people have treated me CROOKED and I am absolutely TIRED OF IT. IT ENDS TODAY! Here and NOW! I will give up the computer if I have to. They will not get one more dime of money from me. Also, many of the times the 2500 page toners do not print even one page or only 20-30 pages. Then they do not want to take them back and replace them and if they do they don't work again when they come back.

I am so tired of this blasted Dell Company, I figured it was time to let others know how they have been treating me. They are total RIP OFFS. Oh, by the way, I repaired myself without all the hassle. I uninstalled the printer and reinstalled it myself. I don't need those people at Dell. I am done with doing any business with them. BYE DELL FOREVER.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 3, 2013

The first problem that I have with Dell computer is that I had a perfectly working Dell copier (Dell Photo AIO Printer 922) and when I called to order some ink, the person at Dell informed me that this copier would soon be phased out and advised me to order a Laser Jet printer to replace it (Dell V313 model). Well, not only did this person lie, but this printer is horrible. I never get my money’s worth from the ink cartridges. How can the printer register that my cartridge is half full, yet it will not print?

Second, I had a technical problem with my computer. I called Dell and they switched me over to a company called TEC MY TECH HELP. The person on the other end charged me $119.00 and did not even clear the problem up that I had with my computer. He also did not tell me there was a monthly subscription fee of $19.99 for their services. I was charged this fee twice on my credit card. I called this company and demanded a full refund of the $19.99 fees. I was not reimbursed for the initial fee of $119.00. My problem was solved for free by my MCAFEE representative. Dell computer is no longer a trustworthy company and have used lies and deceit to get money from me. I will not be dealing with this company in the future.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 22, 2013

About a year ago, I bought a Dell 725W printer. It worked fine until I tried to print mailing labels, which it would not do. I called tech support and spent more than two hours with them, on two different calls, during which time they took over my computer and made useless changes that did not correct the problem. They finally said that the problem was with my word processor program and not with the printer. I told them that I hooked up a Cannon printer to my computer and it printed the labels without a problem. They finally sent me a refurbished replacement which turned itself on and off randomly.

Again, another painful hour plus session during which I had difficulty understanding the Dell technician, which is almost always the case. They took over the computer and made useless changes, but to no avail. They sent me a second refurbished printer, and now it takes a great deal of time to try to print anything from my computer... I had the tech support re-install the printer... another hour or so session and now the printer, when turned on, still grinds away for about five minutes before it prints my page. They informed me that since my original printer is out of warranty now, I would have to pay for any more support from them. Seeking help from Dell Hell support is like going to an emergency room seeking help for a life threatening problem and being confronted with a non-English speaking doctor and trying to get help from him.

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Original review: April 8, 2013

The printer V725w is not even listed under the computer’s printers and is not, I repeat, not compatible! It was sold to me; and you have been paid for an expensive printer that I cannot and once again, I repeat, I cannot use! This is fraud to me. You should be ashamed owner of Dell computers! I would print out a copy of my horrible experience, but unfortunately, I have no printer, or fax, or copier, or scanner! I am a widow on limited income of disability and this has been so very costly to me.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 22, 2013

I have called and tried all your suggestions to make the printer work. It was sent back to you before the warranty expired and you have refused to return my money. I did not ask for the money for the larger and better cartridges that I paid for nor for the return postage money I was out to return it, just the reimbursement for the cost of the printer. I feel you have a very bad service department. Your staff was in no way helpful or courteous as every call I made (numerous times) they were difficult to understand, rude, argumentative and repeatedly refused to transfer me to a supervisor. But when they finally did, the supervisor hung up on me.

Original review: Jan. 15, 2013

While downloading Windows 8, my Dell desktop crashed. I purchased a notebook computer with the intention of using my Dell all-in-one printer (Dell 924). It has been a serviceable machine (with near full ink). I later discovered, through Dell Tech Support and customer service, that no driver exists for this printer and Dell has no plans to develop one. I feel a loss of about 100 dollars. Please respond by USPS (I cannot print).

Original review: Sept. 25, 2012

After buying from Dell computers prior to this purchase and being totally pleased with the product, in August, I purchased a Dell touchscreen computer and a Dell V725w printer. The printer is garbage. It shoots out paper with all kinds of symbols on it periodically when I am trying to print a page. I have to unplug it from power and USB and restart my computer; a total waste of my time.

After contacting Dell when it was not even 30 days old and they walked me through a reboot process. It does this intermittently and there is no way to explain to someone at Dell when or why it happens. All I know is that it is a waste of my time, my ink and my paper. Dell customer service has done nothing after contacting them two times about the same issue. No repair, no nothing. I will not buy Dell again!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 21, 2012

My second printer from Dell, all-in-one V515W, the same from my first one, it just stopped working like it breaks itself. I have print head problem and I try to troubleshoot but didn't help. So, I called Dell for this problem but the representative wanted me to buy new one. I refused to get another one as this is my second printer and doesn't last long. I just had this two years ago. Before, my first printer when I copy, there is line in the paper but the same - they convinced me to get an upgraded printer which is the V515W, but actually it's still not durable. They sell printer that doesn't last longer. I don't recommend Dell printer anymore.

Original review: June 3, 2012

I purchased a Dell Computer and the Dell V515w printer just over a year ago. I have used the computer extensively and the printer only occasionally. I am extremely dissatisfied with the printer. I was constantly consulting the User's Guide to fix one problem or another. Now the printer head is not working. I followed the instructions in the User's Guide, cleaned the head and it still did not fix the problem. Dell tech support said since my warranty expired in December 2011, I will have to purchase a new printer. This printer should have been more reliable especially since it was used infrequently. I would not recommend purchasing a Dell printer.

Original review: April 23, 2012

Dell V515W printer - I purchased ink cartridges for this printer hoping it would help the printer function properly as the literature said. It did not help. I want my money back. This is the worst printer I have ever used. Most of the time, it will not maintain a connection with the brand new Dell computer. I refuse to waste any more of my time pulling plugs or restarting anything. I refuse to spend my time installing and uninstalling software over and over. I can only hope enough people complain that Dell will pull this computer from the market. This product is worthless. Do you want the cartridges back or should I put them in the recycle bin with this useless printer? If you refuse to give me my money back, let this be a lesson to anyone considering a Dell purchase.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 31, 2012

Problem getting printer to print without multiple requests and/or turn off and back on to get printer to print. I called tech support, it's still under hardware warranty but apparently, no software warranty. $85 printer and was pressured to buy $240 warranty. No! Passed along to someone else that told me the printer I bought was not in my name, but refused to tell me whose name it was in. I was told to plug printer into wall outlet directly and go to website, transfer it into my name and wait for 15 days for it to go through, then they would talk to me. 15 days of improper printing, then they would talk to me? I purchased the printer from a store new. I need the printer to work now! Not after 15 days!

There is no customer service number I can find or email address that I can find to complain to Dell without a case number! The tech did not give me a case number. In fact, I registered for an account with email address and password to get to a tech person. I told him that plan was not acceptable. After hanging up, I tried to get back online to follow up my complaint just to find out my email and password was gone and had to register again. Plus, the service tag number I have was useful to talk to the tech upon first call but when I went back online, the site tells me I have a printer that was purchased outside the USA? Sorry, but I bought this unit at either Target or Walmart in Texas! This type of service does not work well with continued use of Dell products in the future. This unit was purchased in OCT and now not working properly. Dell needs to fix it or lose customers!

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Original review: March 19, 2012

I purchased a new V515W Printer after I received a laptop for my birthday, March 2011. After six months of said purchase, I began to have problems with the print head. I called Dell after the 10th month and complained. Some company, Dell uses overseas to troubleshoot problems, lied and stated that I would receive a new printer since my printer was still under warranty. I was strongly encouraged to purchase an extended warranty for a crazy price. I challenged this and was offered a limited warranty for a lower price. Needless to say, I never received a new printer. I received a print head which does not work! I could literally scream! Never will I purchase another Dell product.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 24, 2012

On 2-9-12, I called Dell Technical Support to have a printer issue addressed. The customer service rep sold me a 1-year warranty on the printer. In the next few days, my bank cancelled the bank card that was used on the transaction. The bank stated that after that transaction there was alot of fraudulent activity on my card from another country resulting in them cancelling the card.

I know it was the girl that works for Dell because I hardly ever use that bank card. She was asking me about all of the info on the card. She wanted the name on the card as well as all other info that is usually given. She also had a foriegn accent. Not to mention that the fraudulent activity happened right after that transaction.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 13, 2012

I purchased a complete Dell package in September, 2009. I purchased the tower, the monitor, and the printer at the same time. I also added an extended warranty onto the invoice. In Dec.2011, my printer stopped printing black and white documents. At first, I thought it was the ink cartridge running out, so I ordered new cartridges from Dell, because I can only purchase cartridges directly from them. I replaced the cartridges, re-calibrated the print heads, cleaned them, and it still did not work.

I contacted Dell to find out that there was no extended warranty on my printer, and they could not tell me how to fix the problem. I searched the net, and found somewhere that said the printer was made by Kodak, and that I could get support from Kodak. Nope, I need to speak with Dell. I did some more research online, and I am finding that the problem is the actual print head. I contacted Dell- Parts and Accessories. They do not sell print heads! I need to contact support. Round and round, I am sent. I am very disappointed in Dell. I will never recommend Dell products to anyone.

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Original review: Feb. 2, 2012

I bought a Dell printer along with the computer almost 3 years ago. It is a v505 model. I've had a lot of paper jams lately, but my problem came this afternoon. It popped open by itself and scared me. Now it will not close and it will not work unless you hold the back down. I just purchased some new ink for nothing. I didn't even attempt to call Dell because the warranty is up and they are a waste of your time unless you do have a warranty. I have been reading the other complaints and see that others are having this problem as well. These printers cost too much for them to break down like this. I am totally disappointed. They need to do better.

Original review: Jan. 5, 2012

My mother received a Dell V505w as a gift from a very good friend of hers. Unfortunately, this printer did not come with a disc or a USB cable. So she had to purchase a USB cable and I had to download the V505 driver, since there was no driver available for the V505w. As soon as I plug in the USB cable, my computer (a Lenovo G550) said that the printer was fully operational. I was surprised because I expected to continue the installation process that I was unable to complete previously. The ink cartridges state that the black is full and the color is low. I only needed to print documents, so I was fine with black ink prints. The printer displays on the computer and functions as if printing, but unfortunately, it only prints out blank sheets of paper!

There is no error message. No known problems detected. So we do not understand why it is not printing. I called Dell Technical Support and was on hold for almost an hour when suddenly the call was disconnected. And on their website, there is no appropriate solution. I personally wish that my mother's friend returned this to Dell for a refund, because it's obvious why she dumped this on someone else.

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Original review: Jan. 3, 2012

The Dell 305 is piece of junk. It wastes more paper, and will not print most of the time. I will never buy another Dell. The constant problems are a waste of my time.

Original review: Nov. 8, 2011

Dell v313w printer. This printer has been nothing but trouble. I used up all my ink cartridges cleaning the printhead trying to make it print properly. I have it replaced once. Now they are going to replace the print head and gave me a color and black ink cartridge. I asked if they have upgraded the print head so it will last more than 3 months. They have not. They said it may work 1 day, 3 months or not at all because it is an electronic component. I will never buy from Dell again.

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