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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 28, 2023

After my old PC (also purchased from CyberPowerPC) became severely outdated, I decided it was time to upgrade and purchase a new computer. I looked at a multitude of System Integrator (SI) sites before settling on CyberPowerPC. What I appreciate about CyberPowerPC is that they have some of the best options for configuring computers. I am by no means an expert on PC parts, but I do consider myself knowledgeable about the field (just too scared to build one on my own and have to pay all the crazy CA sales taxes). While building a computer yourself from scratch will always be the cheapest option, for those of us a bit skittish to do so, using a SI is a nice option that provides almost as much customization. Since I was looking on Black Friday, I was also able to take advantage of some great additional offers.

While I opted not for top-of-the-line pieces, I chose solid options that should meet my needs for at least another 5-10 years. I primarily use my PC for remote work, very modest gaming (World of Warcraft), and media consumption, so getting a 4090 with 64MB of DDR5 RAM with a 13th gen Intel CPU sounds great, however, it's way overkill for even future-proofing (which isn't as much of a thing as people make it out to be). I settled on an i5-1200K with a 3070Ti and 16GB of RAM with a 240AIO cooler; plenty for what I need (I'm not looking to play CyberPunk on 4K settings). Opted for Intel over AMD as: 1) I am familiar with Intel products and have used them in the past with no problems, 2) AMD CPUs aren't as great for higher-end productivity as their Intel Counterparts (not including current gen, which closes the gap).

The ordering process was easy and made sure that compatibility was met all around (so that my AIO and my GPU would fit in my case w/out issue). I did opt for a small upgrade on fans, as those were the first to die on my old computer (I couldn't take the noise). RGB is a nice touch (I am a gamer at heart) on the memory and fans, but not gaudy. I am very happy with the case and the options CyberPowerPC provided; while it's not a name-brand case, it looks sleek and has tempered glass and ample ventilation, and 3 case fans to go with the AIO.

I also opted to save some additional money with delayed shipping. The computer arrived precisely when it was supposed to. I did spend the extra fee for foam shipping to protect the internal components during shipping, which I highly recommend (CyberPowerPC uses UPS for Ground shipping; I previously worked at UPS as a loader, and let's just say delicacy isn't their forte). I also paid an extra fee for cable management; it's...fine. I expected a bit better for an added fee, but it's probably better than what I could do, with way less swearing. I did not opt for the Crate shipping for an added fee (seemed excessive for the price). The package arrived in good condition; it did have a small dent on the top, but the computer itself was unaffected.

Email communication was good throughout. I was alerted when my order was processed, had started being built, had finished being built, and was being shipped out. I did not contact CyberPowerPC, as I had no issues. Setting up the PC was easy (the most challenging part was removing the foam, as it was wedged in the case pretty tight). Looking forward to many years of use.

Overall, I would highly recommend CyberPowerPC to people looking to build a PC that want solid options in configuration. Shopping on Black Friday/Cyber Monday does net you a few extra goodies as well. Also, haven't noticed too much bloatware, but I just started using the PC a few hours ago. I will say that for those not super familiar with PC parts and computer building, the customization options may be too much for some, but it ensures you get what you want if you want to go big or small.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 19, 2022

So I'll mention a couple of things... Their Store & The Process (Building, Shipping, Set Up, Etc.): My wife turned me on to CyberpowerPC as she has dealt with them in the past and has always loved them. I should have listened to her sooner. I was able to customize every part in the PC to my liking, which made me feel better as I tend to research every part for their benchmarks and decide for myself what part is worth what price. They put it together for you with excellent cable management and quality checks AND provide deals, discounts, and 'combos' that give you free parts and even games.

I compared similar and/or exact builds on other sites that are brand name and they were significantly more expensive (like at least $250+ more) and sometimes with less quality parts (in terms of how they benchmark comparatively). After you put in your order, they give you several dates. It can take a week or so to get to your order, but when they do, it's quickly turned out and they update you along the way with warehouse (getting the parts together), building the PC, quality check 1, quality check 2, and then a shipping date and expected delivery date (which is through UPS, requires signature - HUGE, but well-protected box). I ordered the weekend of Black Friday (11/27) and got yesterday (Dec 17). The set up instructions were easy, basically just take it out of the box, remove the foam, make sure none of the wires got loose, and then plug everything in and play! :)

Customer Service: I've hit two snags that had to be dealt with through customer service. The first came during the warehouse phase where they discovered that a part was discontinued (500GB MSI M390 Series PCIE MVME). They emailed me and suggested a replacement stating that no change would occur to the rest of the parts in the order or to the price. The suggested replacement (500GB WD Black SN750 SE Series (PCIE Gen 4) MVME M.2 SSD) was about the same price and turned out to be a better part than what I had originally requested in terms of reading speeds. They quickly responded and then began to build the PC. The whole conversation was taken care of fast and I felt that the replacement and lack of additional charge was really nice considering other companies will charge more or suggest something that you wouldn't be looking for.

The other snag that occurred was likely due to this previous issue. The MSI M390 Series that I had originally ordered came as a combo with a 4TB hard drive. When I double checked my emails to customer service regarding the replacement, I made sure I had verified that in this bundle: "HDD: 500GB MSI M390 SERIES PCIe NVMe + 4TB SATA III Hard Drive Combo [+56] (Combo Drive)" nothing else would be changed except the MSI M390 would be swapped out.

When the PC came, it was a different story... The MSI M390 WAS actually in the computer as was the suggested replacement (WD SN750), but the 4TB hard drive wasn't included. I'm not sure where in the CyberpowerPC process there was this miscommunication, but I purchased and ordered the 4TB with all of my additional drives and didn't receive it. Last night, I emailed Customer Service and sent an additional email directly to the representative that I spoke to before, but I have not yet heard back (24 hrs later, but it's a Sunday during the holiday rush). From what I've heard about CyberpowerPC's customer service, I'm hoping they will do what it takes to make this right and send me the 4TB hard drive that I'm missing. Otherwise, it's a busy time of year and this PC is an absolute beast.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 30, 2022

    I am certainly careful when it comes to what I purchase, where I purchase, and browsing to see what others think in the store or online. The reason I say this is because I have purchased a few different gaming PC's from online, and in store. I have not had one single problem from Best buy in any way shape or form. They go out of their way to ensure we are buying what actually meets our needs. They are honest, friendly, prices impossible to beat(also with their price match guarantee}, and I would be lost without having Best Buy TotalTech with Geek Squad.

    I purchased multiple gaming PCs to bring some of the children that are unable to get, less fortunate, and mostly to keep them off the streets sine most parents let the kids run the streets. These young ladies/young men go without food, without love, without guidance and I just wanted the to experience fun without trouble. Not to mention my 14 year old son loves it and these kids now look out for one another in every way. I know I am rambling, but I have 8 CyberPowerPC - Gamer Master Gaming Desktops- AMD Ryzen 5 5600X....

    I have 4 older CyberPower gaming PCs(I was told they were getting old because the gaming world is changing according to my son :-/)To be frank I have no clue what all these different numbers and what not mean, but my son and the kids helped. I am a single Mom raising my 14 year old son alone, and so many neighborhood kids in and out. They swim, play Xbox. PlayStation, oculus, but bicker over the CyberPower PC's. I finally made an incentive calendar to make them earn computer time by doing things that will help them out in the real world. I lost my job at the beginning of the Pandemic, and in case you are wondering how I could afford over 12 gaming PC setups, electronic, video games, and FEEDING all these young men and a few young ladies....

    Well, I am 36, and started working at 14 because I was in a bad situation at home so I saved as much as I could. I saved until I had a series of tragic, life altering, unbelievable things happen to me directly which left me unable to work. I was 13 years ago, and I am still trying to recover.... Also. because of my son's autoimmune disease, sarcoidosis, and many surgeries with complications I have been in well... I dont know...

    The biggest thing is I had saved a significant amount of money from working, and doing all I could to take care of me and a yound infant. Covid hit and I thought I would finally fall apart until my son and myself had the idea to make the game room so he could make friends even though I had nooooo idea how much just one pc cost. .I spent 85% of the money I had left. It was the hardest, but best decision of my life. I thought I was saving these boys and girls....The reality is.... They saved me....

    If it weren't for best buy and cyberpowerpc I have no idea where any of would be right now. Its seems strange to say but a place I spent all my money on to buy pcs for mostly strangers teenagers street runners saved all of us offering us all a place to escape the trouble of the real world knowing you have the top of the line pcs that will not let you down and a store that is immediately right there if by any chance one of our CyberPowerPC's go down (usually something one of the kids caused). I just recently had to start doing these side gig delivery things so I know that I can make a difference in so many lives such as CyberPower PC and stores like best buy who sell, support, and stand by for you and the products. I DO DOORDASH, UBER EATS, GRUB HUB, INSTACART... ETC

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 17, 2022

    This is the second gaming system I’ve bought from CyberpowerPC since 2010. The first one is still running, but very outdated. The off-the-shelf systems I have bought previously have all died, or had to get rebuilt. You’ll find those are not built to the same quality as CyberPowerPC. These systems are NOT your off-the-shelf systems. They are customer built. You can pick pre-built systems they have waiting, or you can modify the pre-builts to suit your needs or wants, or start from scratch. These are quality builds. As you change out your selections, the menus update to make sure you have compatibility among your components. That’s really really nice. But for the novice, you’re sure to second guess yourself and think you’ve skimped in the wrong area…like CPU type, or RAM, or GPU, or cooling, etc., etc. It actually takes very little to learn about these things. Maybe a week reading on and off again. Their prebuilt systems are quite nice to begin with.

    Being custom built systems with quality components means you’re going to be paying a little more for these systems than the off-the-shelf system. But with this quality, it’s worth it in my opinion. One thing I’ve noticed with both systems I’ve bought from them is that the cooling is often on the small side. So go a little bigger on the cooling. Research your computer case though. Some are built for aesthetics at the sacrifice of cooling efficiency. You can build and save your configurations for a week (or so). This makes it easy to come back if you are interrupted. Lots of information is offered on each and every component. I chose a gaming system because you can pretty much do anything on it. Here is what I bought this time around:

    • CARE1: Ultra Enhanced Packaging Solution - Protect Your Dream System During Transit [+19]
    • CARE2: CPU Thermal Compound - Our Cooler Master MASTERGEL High Performance Thermal Compound can improve cooling performance as well as prolong the life of your CPU. [+10]
    • CAS: CyberpowerPC Eclipse P428X DRGB ATX Mid-Tower High Air Flow Gaming Case + 3x 120mm ARGB Fans (Black Color)
    • CPU: Intel® Core™ Processor i9-11900K 8/16 3.50GHz [Turbo 5.1GHz] 16MB Cache LGA1200 [+150]
    • CS_FAN: 3X 120mm Phanteks SK120 PWM FAN - high airflow nine-blade 500-1500 RPM Radiator Fans Black [+19]
    • FAN: CyberPowerPC DEEPCOOL Castle 240EX ARGB 240mm AIO Liquid CPU Cooling System w/ Copper Cold Plate (2 x Standard 120MM Fans)
    • HDD: 1TB SAMSUNG 970 EVO Plus PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD - Seq R/W: Up to 3500/3300 MB/s, Rnd R/W up to 600/550k [+18] (Single Drive)
    • HDD2: 4TB (4TBx1) SATA-III 6.0Gb/s 64MB Cache 5400RPM HDD [+83] (Single Drive)
    • IUSB: Built-in USB Ports (Based on motherboard and case selection)
    • KEYBOARD: CyberPowerPC Multimedia USB Gaming Keyboard
    • MEMORY: 32GB (8GBx4) DDR4/3200MHz Dual Channel Memory [+90] (ADATA XPG Z1)
    • MICROPHONE: None
    • MONITOR: None
    • MOPAD: None
    • MOTHERBOARD: ASRock Z590-C/ac ATX, ARGB, 802.11 WiFi, 1 GbE LAN, 3 PCIe x16, 2 PCIe x1, 6 SATA3, 3x M.2 SATA/PCIe
    • MOUSE: CyberPowerPC Lyra 01 RGB 6-Color w/ 7 Button USB wired, 4200DPI Optical Gaming Mouse
    • OS: Windows 11 Home
    • POWERSUPPLY: 600 Watts - Standard 600Watts 80 Plus Gold high-efficient Power Supply
    • PROMOSALE1: Syber M1 RGB 6200 dpi Optical Gaming Mouse [+5]
    • PROMOSALE2: 6-FT HDMI Flat Cable, V1.4, Supports 3D & 4K Resolution, Gold Plated Connector Cable [+5] (1 piece)
    • RECOVERYUSB: Windows 11 Recovery USB [+9]
    • RUSH: Standard processing time: ship within 2 Weeks
    • SPEAKERS: None
    • USBHD: None
    • VIDEO: GeForce RTX™ 3060 Ti 8GB GDDR6 Video Card (Ampere) [VR Ready] (Single Card)
    • WNC: None
    • WTV: None

    • PRICE: (+1947)

    You can see What I paid. That was quite a chunk of change compared to what others were offering for the price. I looked at quite a few, including Amazon for pre-builts. The keyboard was awful. I got rid of it and went with a different one from one of the local electronics stores. The build took 3 weeks. The shipping packaging was very good. But always look over the box. Mine had a golf-ball sized hole in it. Luckily, there was no damage. Shipping was UPS. Read over the shipping/billing conditions carefully. Set up was a breeze. Windows 11 is EXTREMELY invasive and if you are bothered by that I suggest you look into videos that show you how to circumnavigate this questionable programming. That’s not CyberPowerPC’s doing.

    I’ve been running the system almost daily for a month now and I am quite pleased with its performance. CPU temps seldom go over 40C. GPU temps rarely go over 50C. And I am gaming. On two occasions the system crashed on boot-up. But simply holding the power button until the system shut-down, and then turning the system back on worked. My frame rates went from 70 to 240. NICE!

    10 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 26, 2022

    I came into this with extremely low expectations, and I was pleasantly surprised! I was originally going to build a PC for work/gaming, but it ended up being $300 cheaper to buy from CyberpowerPC rather than buying the parts from Newegg/Amazon. CyberpowerPC also had the best options and cheapest price out of any other PC building website I could find and I checked like all ten well known ones that exist. For example, IBUYPOWER was slightly more expensive and had similar options but did not have as many deals. Also, NZXT was very overpriced and they didn't even have 12th gen Intel available. This was also the case for every other PC building website I checked. CyberpowerPC also had the exact items I was looking at for the build originally (case, motherboard, processor, gpu) as well as having a few sales/deals which they always have going on.

    I also decided I trusted CyberpowerPC more than buying a graphics card from Ebay/StockX. I have seen some bad reviews about CyberpowerPC but I honestly think they are mostly due to bad luck shipping or user error/not checking to make sure everything is connected properly out of the box. It took 22 days for my pc to arrive from when I clicked buy and it arrived in perfect condition as well as being very nicely packed in the box with no wiggle room at all. I also opted for the $19 foam insert on the inside to protect the gpu. After opening and inspecting the pc everything was connected to the proper inputs on the motherboard and psu. I did not purchase any cable management option and it was actually very well managed anyway. There is a simplified copy of my invoice below. For the price, the peripherals they offer (keyboard $5, mousepad $0, mouse $9, and HDMI cable $5) can't be beat.

    The $50 Visa gift card was also a nice deal as I used it to upgrade to the exact ram kit I wanted. It was way cheaper for me to lower the system ram to 8gb (-$50) and buy the ram on Amazon than it was to upgrade to the ram I wanted directly on CyberpowerPC. I ended up getting 32 (16*2) GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB 4000 mhz CL18 for $169 off Amazon, which would have been a $400 upgrade on CyberpowerPC. I would definitely recommend doing this as upgrading ram is one of the easiest and quickest upgrades you can do yourself. One 3-minute Youtube video about learning how to install ram will save you a lot of money. However, If you decide to go the route of upgrading the ram yourself do not use the stick the system comes with as well as the set you buy.

    This is because motherboards only allow you to run one mhz speed and CL for all sticks of ram. So if the system comes with 3200 mhz CL18 ram and you buy 3600 mhz CL14 ram, it will only run as fast as the weakest link (3200 mhz CL18) and that is if the PC will even boot. Another tip on upgrading ram is make sure you get a set with 2 sticks so you can have dual channel/rank ram. Also make sure you put the two sticks of ram in the right DIMM slots. The motherboard manual your system comes with will tell you exactly which DIMM slots you should use for two sticks of ram. If anyone is curious, I was getting a consistent 90 fps on Warzone using the 8gb of ram the system came with (in-game settings were not optimized). The next day when I installed the 32gb of ram I had ordered I was getting a consistent 230 fps on Warzone (in-game settings optimized).

    In my order I chose the MSI Z690-A but received an Asus Prime Z690-P (Free $15 Upgrade). This is the only thing that could be interpreted as "bad" in my experience even though the boards are near identical in every way (Power Phases, IO, Audio, PCIE/M2 slots, etc.), and I prefer the Asus board aesthetically anyway. This was likely a weird timing issue that will never happen again because when I checked their website 15 days after I ordered and saw the invoice that indicated that I was getting the Asus Prime Z690-P instead, I saw that the MSI Z690-A wasn't even an option on their website anymore. To conclude this overly elaborate review/ram guide, I would highly recommend buying from CyberpowerPC if you don't want to build yourself and/or if the graphics card situation remains the way it is making it a lot cheaper to go through them.

    P.S. CyberpowerPC almost always has at least 5% off which you can see at the end of my invoice. You may need to google it to find out what it is but it will take care of your sales tax so it is definitely worth it. Invoice: Skorpion K2 RGB, Cooler Master MM720, Mouse Pad 14x12 Inches, 6ft HDMI cable, $50 visa gift card, System Box and Foam, Asus Prime Z690-P WIFI DDR4, Intel I7-12700K, MSI Geforce RTX 3070 Ventus 3x, ADATA 8GB DDR4-3200, CyberpowerPC Deepcool Castle 360EX ARGB AIO Liquid, Cooler Master thermal paste, Corsair 4000D Airflow, Cooler Master MWE Gold 750W V2, Windows 11 pro, Ultra-Packaging Ultra-Enhanced Packing Solution, 2022 (5% OFF for Order Over $999).

    6 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 26, 2023

    So if you want to have a third party custom PC built then this would be the option to go. They have so many options for selections and they take their building process very seriously. I ordered on 1/12/2022 and got it in two weeks. They were amazing with their packaging and very thorough on their shipping process. I recommend to find deals on sales and sometimes you can save a lot of money from building a PC yourself. You will definitely not be disappointed with this service!

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    Customer increased Rating by 1 stars!
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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Resolution response: Jan. 26, 2023

    They are indeed sending replacement parts free of charge, and I got this resolution same day. Very good customer service.

    Original review: Jan. 26, 2023

    My pc was built, shipped and delivered on time. There was some cracks and cosmetic damage but these were most likely due to shipping. I'm in talks to get it sorted and it's going well, would recommend.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 26, 2023

    Cyberpower is great place to purchase PCs. Whether it's your first PC or your fifth, they always have great deals and discounts. There's always a discount code available from ongoing sales or streamer codes. Though like many other Prebuild sites you can fully customize your PC. Select every part and can even choose from older generation specs. Cable management is done well and the PC is tested before its shipped. I ordered mine during the height of covid in 2020. I ordered it black Friday and received it January 13th. As expected though with when covid had many places shut down.

    Only issue I had was with customer support. It wasn't issue had with the rep, it just giant misunderstanding. Which was eventually sorted out but for something as simple as the correct cooler mount. It was kind of sad/irritating that the rep wasn't understanding the basic item I needed. An item that was removed from my motherboard to fit the original cooler I selected but wasn't left in the mb box. I need the original mount that came on the board because it is an AM4+ socket. He wasn't understanding or mixing the two up, that AM4+ doesn't use the same mounts as Intel LGA1200 sockets. I purchased a new 240mm AIO cooler because a simple 120mm wasn't enough to cool my 5800X.

    With how the 5800X is built, it doesn't help much with heat, it's a hot running chip. I was on the phone for nearly 2 hours. He wasn't understanding even after sending pictures of the original mounts and him looking at the website of the manufacturer. He then hung up, I called back and was then talking to a female rep. She got in touch with him about the situation but was also agreeing with him and misunderstood what we needed. She on the other hand eventually understood what we were talking about had the part sent out. Judging by other reviews from years back. Customer support has always been a weak point for Cyberpower especially in its earlier days but they have gotten better over the years. In terms of star rating, the for the building and handling of the pc is 4.5-5 stars. Customer support based on my experience is 3-3.5 stars.

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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 26, 2023

    This is my first gaming PC. Cyberpower had a great variety of parts to select from. That is one reason I choose them over other PC building sites. I ordered my PC on Monday after Black Friday, to take advantage of deals and discounts CyberPower's website had available. They gave me constant updates via email, and when a few of my parts were backorder, they called me to see if there were other parts I would like to swap to in order to get my PC before Christmas. The PC was shipped with 2-day shipping and arrived the Friday before Christmas Eve. It was very well packaged.

    I ordered the LIAN LI PC-O11 case, everything was organized and looked great. All the extra parts and cords for the case came as well. Since I have never had a case like this, I realized afterward that I needed more RGB for this beautiful case. I never really thought that I would care about RGB. I installed RGB fans and a different CPU cooler so that everything matched.

    Now the pc looks and runs amazing. When installing these fans I saw all the wiring in the back of the case, and it seemed to be a bit of a mess, however with the limited space available for wires, I am not sure you could make it look much better. I only made these updates to the PC because of looks alone. Everything ran great before the changes. You can see the before and after pictures attached. I have had the PC for around a month now. The PC has ran every game at the highest quality with no problems. Some of the games that have been played on the system: Fortnite, The Division 2, No Man Sky, Dying Light 2.

    CPU: Intel® Core™ Processor i9-13900KF 8P/16
    MEMORY: 32GB (16GBx2) DDR5/5200MHz Dual Channel Memory CORSAIR VENGEANCE


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    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 26, 2023

    My experience has been wonderful. Ordered an amazing gaming laptop for much less than I've ever seen anywhere else. They have a QA testing phase which is a very nice touch. Bought on off season, but shipped and arrived much faster than even their estimate. Have only had laptop for about 5 hours, but would do business with them again as of this writing

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    CyberPowerPC author review by ConsumerAffairs Research Team

    CyberPowerPC is a nation-wide leading computer system manufacturer focused on providing powerful gaming PCs for consumers. The CyberPower company was founded in 1996, opening their gaming PC specialty business in 1998, and is headquartered in City of Industry, Calif.

    • VR-ready systems: CyberPowerPC has an entire line of PCs dedicated to working with emerging VR platforms. These systems are VR-capable right out of the box.

    • Exclusive gaming series: CyberPowerPC offers a number of exclusive gaming PC series. The Fang series is the company’s most recognizable gaming PC. The Zeus Mini Evo provides a powerful gaming rig in a space-saving compact design. The Syber series of computers are built to look like gaming consoles, and the ProStreamser series has PCs build for game streaming and broadcasting. Each series has models at different prices.

    • Fangbook: The Fangbook line is CyberPowerPC’s series of gaming laptops. High definition screens range from 15.6-18.4 inches with video card options varying across models.

    • Venom upgrades: CyberPowerPC offers powerful upgrade kits with its Venom service. Consumers can upgrade ASUS, MSI or other gaming PCs with this service, which prioritizes customer’s specifications, overclocking and cable management to ensure airflow.

    • Power Mega Pro: CyberPowerPC’s Power Mega Pro PC is built for consumers who want to create their own video, music or gaming content. They are optimized for creative software programs.

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