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X555L laptop. Just about the worst purchase I have ever made. Bought from PC World with a 2 year warranty. This laptop has been returned six times in the last five months with a variety of problems. Mainly none responsive keys on the keyboard. Still having problems. That PC "know how" don't know how to fix it. Had enough of this expensive junk. Going to buy a new one, but giving ASUS and PC World a wide berth.

I purchased my Asus laptop from Costco. It started to act funny so I thought, "No problem, I bought the warranty and also added an extra warranty from my Amex through Costco. I'll send it in!" The laptop was still within the 1 year accidental damage warranty time frame. The estimate for repairs was 3-5 business days. Huge mistake. I sent the laptop to Asus over a month ago. I still have no ETA on when it will be returned. It has taken weeks of time and countless hours on hold with both Asus and Costco to find out that the laptop needs parts (which they have to order). They have no idea on when those parts will arrive.

Just to break this down further: I had the laptop for less than a year. It has been at Asus for over a month. That's about 10% of the life of the laptop sitting in their repair facility. I would not know any of this if I hadn't badgered them relentlessly. I asked if, as a concession for the time, they would be willing to overnight the laptop back to me when it is fixed. They had a manager call me to say no... because they have a contract with FedEx.

This whole thing has left me with a terrible taste in my mouth. A warranty that effectively leaves the consumer without the laptop for over a month at a time isn't much of a warranty. They're fine saving money on shipping while I sit without the laptop that I use for both work and school. I will not be purchasing a laptop from Asus at any time in the near future.

I purchased this laptop at the suggestion of a customer rep at Best Buy and was excited about the developer's connections to the Apple software team. Within months, the screen came off of the computer but continued to operate, it seemed. I am a small business owner and was time-limited, so I tossed it up as a mistake/learning lesson in regards to trusting a new product. I purchased another Dell Laptop, which I had used in the past, and realize the Dell does not work as well as the ASUS laptop, but at least my screen has not fallen off and I can work. Was very satisfied until the screen fell off, making me think the software likely was awesome but minor details were overlooked to make the product affordable.

I had bought my Asus laptop (R752LD) from Saturn 2 years ago. The laptop catastrophically failed in the second month of use, and after sending it for service, it was determined that I got a defective piece and the laptop was replaced. 4 months later, the operating system failed, but I was able to reset it and it worked after a complete loss of data. In March of this year, the OS failed once again and I was once again unable to restore data and had to restore factory setting from the bios. In May the battery stopped holding charge and was reduced to a 20 min cycle.

Last month, the battery completely failed and the computer wouldn't switch on. I was on holiday so I took it to a local service center where they informed me that unplugging the battery would solve the issue, as it a common issue with Asus laptops. (If Asus is producing laptops with such substandard quality that this is a common issue, then mention it during sale so buyers can make an informed decision). And finally today (exactly 2 years after purchase), the laptop stopped completely. With absolutely no response, not even detecting my power source if plugged in. If Asus is unable to provide reliable products anymore, please inform us of the same. As of now, my tablet and previous desktop computer were from Asus, but I have completely lost confidence in your products and would refrain from buying them again.

Asus x540s - just bought (about 20 days ago from Best Buy) has Windows 10 with McAfee protection, no DVD player app. I downloaded software including VLC dvd player. Days later clock watch timeout errors. No virus found after full scan. Uninstalled VLC but laptop operating time grew shorter and now won't start. Battery & power light come on for seconds then nothing. Some forums say take out battery and push power button. Some forums say it's a hardware driver problem and to reset the CPU rate to accommodate. The last ASUS I bought had problems with the battery. Now only works without it. Thought that was misfortune. Had I foreseen this, I would not have bought another ASUS.

I'm upset at the money loss, but more upset at a perceived injustice! Whose fault is this? Windows 10 for no dvd support? - Best Buy for selling me a laptop with a DVD player but no DVD software attached and not telling me? Historically, it's unusual for a laptop to have a DVD player and no software support. I'm going to have to tell my friend who's not computer savvy and just bought a PC that she cannot play dvds. I'm afraid to download any software on her computer.

Why was the ASUS laptop CPU clocked just so, if it was known this laptop with the new Windows 10 would have to undergo hardware driver changes to accommodate the dvd player. Is this poor communication or refusal to partner between ASUS and Microsoft. Microsoft is selling $15 dvd apps for its Windows 10. Why was this not just put into the product and cost adjusted? Were there anticipated problems? Or real problems installing this on different laptops? This confusion and increased costly technical support all around appears intentional. Looking at all the forum complaints is this worthy of a class action suit? I don't feel I should let this go!

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I got my phone in may, and it was all working well until it slipped from my hands in deep water and it had scratches and not working cameras by the ending of June (my fault I know). And so I hand the phone to my local ASUS store for repair. In a few weeks they told me that I'm going to have the phone by the end of July. On 30th July I go back to the store to pick up my finally repaired phone and the person there told me that this was just for shipping the parts and then the phone has to get shipped to fix the scratches. I ask again how long would it take and they said it would surely be here by the end of August. Again, by the end of August I go to the store waiting for my phone, and they tell me that my phone is now going to get shipped to my location and that I would, once again, have to wait until 5th September. Told myself at last, I'll have my phone back. But that's the part that made me the angriest.

Today I went to the store for the countless time to pick up my phone and they tell me that now I will have to wait for the phone because it's in a queue with other people who are prioritised to get theirs quicker. I told them that I don't like the service around here because I've been stalled for months, and they told me that I was supposed to get the phone in November, but they rushed it quicker and I need to wait until next week. I told them that in July they told me before August ends, at the end of August they told me 5th September, on 5th September they told me 1 more week. And then, a lady working over there has the nerve to tell me this: "Well, you should've known before you ended up ruining your device." I highly recommend you to always avoid ASUS Customer Care. I'm so appalled by this and I'm definitely sending a complaint and requesting payback for the repair.

I purchased an ASUS laptop 7 months ago. It stop charging and went dead when the battery drained. I called ASUS and the customer service informed me that it is a three day turn around once they receive the computer. I then packaged and returned by FedEx. ASUS received the computer over two weeks ago and still no response. I called them and they said they would email the tech support facility and escalate the repair. They promised they would call within 24 to 48 hours. No callback. I called them and they said they would have a manager call me. No callback! I call them back and was put on hold for 92 minutes until I gave up. I told them to send it back broken and I would get it fixed on my own. Nothing! I need my computer for work and now they have essentially stolen my computer. What a company. My next complaint after writing this will be to the BBB in California and then to my lawyer I guess. DO NOT BUY AN ASUS PRODUCT!!!

I having asus deluxe 2 with the cost of 24000 rupees, when having the problem of humidity in mobile they said, "We are not able to solve your problem", I spent rs 1050 to rectify the problem. Why I will purchase the product of asus on next time. Phone is lagging while you are open an app - after some time, unfortunately not responding and goes to main menu.

Coming water moisturiser near battery and usb port. They said, "We are not responsible for this." Not providing ear phone with handset. If you purchase from market and having any problem they said "(Sorry sir.) We are not able to solve your problem and not providing any contact detail of third party, who are providing the product of asus." I'm suffering make a call many time but no response from them.

Bought an Asus laptop. The hinge base broke after 7 months. They taped a metal screw into a flimsy plastic base - of course it was going to break. Lots of people have had the same problem. Asus doesn't care. After 3 phone calls, they now say they might fix it. Have to send it in and wait to see. I'll have to get a new laptop in the meantime. Worst company there is. Don't put your investment here. Total waste of money.

I got brand new laptop $3000.00 dollars I paid... I send for service. It take 1 month for them to send it back to me. I open the package. The laptop that I paid $3000 dollars got send a mess, it had food on it and it was not what I send. Them - I send it back. It take another month for them to even look into, I ask to speak to a supervisor. They kept me on hold for two hours, when I finally got to speak with him they tell me different. So I never got working computer or what I got promise. Asus is the worse or the worse... as I am write this review I've hold 41.00 minutes to speak to supervisor.

Purchased a G11CD Desktop Computer $1463.00 in April 2016. Less than 3 months in, the included keyboard's letters on 1/4 of the keys have peeled off. It's a red backlit keyboard. How is this possible? I've purchased cheap Logitech keyboards in the past, that are still perfect years later. Every week I look at this Asus keyboard, and it's peeling more and more. I contacted customer support, and was told Asus does not cover accessories like keyboard and mouse - even though it's their product and was part of the system. They said I was probably sold a wrong keyboard by the seller (from Amazon). As someone who has been around computers since the first home PC, I can tell you, this is the correct keyboard. The seller is 5 star rated and excellent. Asus, however, is being unfair! Yeah, it's a cheap keyboard, but it's backlit to match the system, and at $1463.00 - you either compensate somehow, or send a new keyboard.

This is the second Asus computer I've purchased - the first one's motherboard died after a year. This is now the last computer I will purchase from this company. Asus has just joined the party of crap PC makers with zero tech support (so now HP won't be alone). Oh, and the rep who commented on my bad review on Amazon actually put a "No" where it allows you to check whether your review was helpful. I guess they don't want others to believe in the truth.

They lie... Their box and information they send to retailers indicated that their Blu Ray player is compatible to MAC. When it arrived it did not work. I spent a few hours during the course of the day to speak with 4 customer service reps who gave conflicting or no information. A couple said it was not MAC compatible. Others said it was. But given each provided enough bad information that NONE of them had any credibility. Oh and I was disconnected twice and no one got back to me, despite having my # and promising calling me back.

I won't recommend anyone to buy Asus mobile. It's waste of money. First of all battery - it's not enough. Second thing if you drop your phone or something happened on your screen scratch or something, then you have to change your DISPLAY AND TOUCH for which original it cost 3800 RS + service amount. If you put first class screen, which is 2800 RS, you won't feel like you are using a smartphone. The touch wont be sensitive, if you click top it will automatically select some other stuff. You will get frustrated and angry. Trust me it doesn't favors you. Don't buy Asus product. If falls you will get heart attack. My Asus mobile is dead and is sleeping in the table coffin. Waste money!

I purchased an Asus E4025A laptop and it arrived today. I unpacked it and connected the power adapter to let it charge for a few hours. When I turned it on it went in to a screen that said "Welcome, let's get some basics out of the way. Select language." The choices were: English, Spanish And French - I could not get a cursor from moving my finger across the touchpad or pushing the buttons on it. I was able to scroll up and down using the arrows up and down and selected 'English'. Then using the Tab key I managed to highlight the 'Next' button. I hit 'Enter' - Nothing. I left click - Nothing. I right click - Nothing. I tapped on the touch pad - Nothing. There was nothing I could do to get it to accept English and move to the next step. It just sat there dead as a doornail.

It just so happens that I'm a computer geek and I held my tongue in every possible way but this thing was just a dud. I fired up my trusty Compaq and went online to tech support. After a few minutes of being in the Asus page, a chat window appeared. A young lady, or what I thought was a young lady received me with some pleasantries; I told her my problem and described it to her. She asked me for my phone number 'in case we get disconnected.' I gave her my ph No. Then she said she could probably not able to help me because they had a high volume of chat inquiries.

I asked that I preferred if she or someone helped me online and to tell me if the problem was complex. She disappeared for a while and returned with the 'welcome. How can I help you' message? I said, "are you the same person?" She said "yes". She asked me if anyone had called? I said "no". One more time I asked, "are you qualified and available to help me?" After another long silence. She appears again with the same comment she started the conversation with. In the meantime no tech has called and it has been more than an hour. She appears again momentarily to apologize because she will not be able to help me and that a tech will call me in about 20 minutes. It has been more than an hour and it is almost 11pm now, and no call.

Given the symptoms and that it is a new computer, one would think there is some key combination or some trick to resolve the problem, but she appeared clueless and not really all that concerned to help. My last message to her was to call a supervisor. When again after a long wait and no supervisor; I told her I will be returning the computer to the place where I bought it and I will give this issue maximum dissemination to alert other potential buyers that this company and their product have a lot of problems and they have essentially no tech support.

There is a chance I may talk to someone there to get a return authorization. At this point I don't want them to repair, adjust or do anything to the computer and return it to me or even send me another one. I simply don't care for this product and don't recommend anyone buying it. From other reviews I have learned that this company will make excuses to have the customer pay for shipping and they threaten that if the computer is damaged in transit it is the responsibility of the customer. Of course this computer is already a dud. It is as useful as a medium size flat rock.

After 3 months, my son's ASUS laptop rebooted to a black screen. Since it was under warranty, I contacted ASUS and was issued a service number. I also received a lecture on that I probably did not how to charge the laptop properly, and if I did not pack the item right they will refuse to receive it + if it is broken in transit they will not honor the warranty etc etc... I was spoken to in such a tone that I decided to take pictures showing how I packed the laptop with charger and how I addressed the box. (Btw this interaction with ASUS service was >30 min.)

After 2 weeks I got the laptop back with a wrong charger! I called them back - reported that they sent a wrong charger. I was told that I will receive my charger back. This call was >30 min long. I was waiting for my charger to arrive. Finally, I called them up again. They will not send me the charger unless I send them back the wrong one first! I asked them if they could just sent the charger asap because I did not make the mistake and my son needs to use the laptop. I do not want to wait longer. Also, I do not want to pay for a box. When I receive my charger back I will put the wrong one into the same box and send it back. The answer was no.

I asked to speak to manager - I got the same answer from the manager + the lecture that if I do not pack the charger properly they will refuse to receive it + if it is broken in transit they will not honor the warranty etc etc. I told him that I only have a big box to ship the small charger back - the same box they used to send my fixed laptop back. The manager asked why I am sending the big box to them.

Well...wouldn't it make sense for ASUS to send back what belongs to me and for me to reuse ASUS' a small charger-sized box? Answer: No - this is not their procedure. I asked him what procedure ASUS followed when they made their mistake and send me a wrong charger. Answer: no answer. I asked him when I will get my charger back. Answer "I cannot tell you this". Can ASUS send back what belongs to me what I paid for? Answer: "We cannot just grant consumer's wishes." I asked the manager to let me talk to his manager. Answer: "No he will not do that." Is this company for real??? By the way I told him this is the last time I am buying ASUS. He is arguing with me over $40 charger...over the mistake ASUS made. In reality he is losing a consumer. Answer: no answer. He was NOT interested to make things better for me. He just did not care.

I bought an Asus laptop over two years ago now. Almost immediately after purchase, the Asus began having issues with updating. I contacted the Geek Squad, which is a 2 year membership I bought from Best Buy. The technicians would work on it remotely online and would rarely ever, fixed the issue. Additionally, I often ended it up with new issues. It went on like this until the time ran out on my membership. I feel robbed. By the fifth time that this laptop had an issue, it should have been replaced. I contacted the BBB and the company; BEST BUY took no responsibility and even had the nerve to say that I have to pay for repair or replacement. The BBB also closed my case.

Now I'm out over a thousand dollars. These people are nothing but thieves. I am a poor college student and this Asus laptop only lasted a little over a year. By the way, it seems that the motherboard is now broken and the pc just sits there with a black screen. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING AT BEST BUY! If anyone has any feedback on how to report this people everywhere or how to expose their scamming ways, please let me know. Thanks!

DON'T get into their laptops. Bought one less than a year ago and the right hinge unglued or separated from the plastic frame and when closing the lid the plastic frame broke and you can see the hinge pushing the metal back (Turns out I'm not the only one with this problem. There are hundreds of well documented cases about hinge issues with ASUS laptops). Sent it back for repair and guess what? They DON'T send you a box with label to send for repair even when the computer is still UNDER WARRANTY! So had to pay $94 for shipping to see IF they will fix it. It's been 3 days and so far they are trying to say that there is physical damage. Well obviously there is physical damage. The hinge BROKE the plastic frame that holds it. You been warned!

So it all started in 2014. I had a motherboard that went out. I sent it in to get repaired then through a bunch of mishaps on their end by not fixing the problem on my product. I eventually was shipped a new one. This product was dead on arrival. So I then had to be shipped another new one. Luckily that one was working just fine. A year later in July 2015, that motherboard would not turn on. I sent it in to be repaired because it was still under warranty. This time they sent my product back to an alternate location and I receive the product and clearly has not been touched. I sent it back in and then a month later received it once again. Still was not working so I did another RMA in which they just replace the entire motherboard again.

July 2016 my motherboard the new one went out. The ram slot was malfunctioning so I sent it in to get repaired. Upon receiving the item I had to make sure that it did not go to the alternate address like before. Because they assumed that this was my 2015 RMA and kept referring to that RMA and kept telling me through email that this was the RMA that they received. Through a week of conversation and showing them that every email they sent me was dated a year ago and a carbon copy of the email I received a year ago. Finally I receive my item. It looks fine upon inspection, except a CPU pin has been bent. I call to try to get it sent back and fixed. By this time it has taken for the 2016 motherboard over two months and I am down $10,000 of work because I own my own business.

Upon contacting Asus about the situation they put in a shipping claim, thinking that it was damaged upon shipping which clearly if anybody has ever built a motherboard there is no way for this pin to have been damaged without more damage to the motherboard. This was during the inspection that it was damaged. So then after a week of being told that they will expedite everything and help me out because I am close to bankruptcy because of this computer being down, they informed me that because of the shipping claim it will be 18 to 21 days before I can ship my item back to them. "All it needs is to be bent back the pin," I kept saying. We don't need to file any kind of shipping claim for them to receive their $30 of shipping fees back while I'm going to be out thousands and thousands of dollars.

Since the claim was submitted by their supervisor they tell me nothing can be done. Their policies do not allow them to fix the claim. So after hours of trying to figure out other means of helping me out I am told by the supervisors that nothing can at all be done to help me out. All because a claim was made so they cannot send me a replacement or a loaner of any kind. They also told me that they are very sorry about 100 times. Everyone is sorry when it is not them in the situation. I was not aware that my thousand dollar motherboard could make or break the company of Asus. Helping me would have been too detrimental to their entire company.

I have built six computers all using Asus products all totaling over $30,000 a computer. And the company when I am in need of them to repair something of a computer, and upon their fault at not repairing the product properly and causing more time to not have the product, just say, "Sorry. I can't do anything about it." This company apparently does not care about their consumers. I will never buy from Asus again.

The Asus is not a good company to buy equipment. The service warranty given to the customer is the not confidence. I sent my mobile phone under warranty for reparation and they gave me a period of 7 days to resolve. Already sent the equipment in May 23 and I'm still waiting for about two months. The quality of any company will be in provided services and technical assistance and not the speed in selling a product. There should be stricter rules with these companies. Should have a maximum period for repair, otherwise they should deliver new equipment as they do in other countries. The customer may not be the culprit or harmed because buying equipment and be without it for two months does not make any sense as to receive. When I bought I had to send the money first, but when it comes to return the equipment still wait. My suggestion is to read these complaints and know before you buy how companies work with customers.

“Incredible Experiences and Warranty programs that will give you a peace of Mind” is what you’ll hear while you’re holding the ASUS phone line. I bought a new ASUS computer for $1300 for my business to replace my old computer. I depend on a laptop daily. Anyone in business can appreciate a day without your laptop is catastrophic, and limping along on an old laptop is painful. My new ASUS computer had a factory defect which I discovered a month after my purchase. Here it is July 15th which was twenty-five days ago that I sent my new ASUS laptop in to be repaired. I have been waiting for an ASUS computer for 25 days now and still do not have a laptop as I write this. I spent several hours on the phone with multiple technicians.

Let me explain it step by step, “Just think this could easily be you writing this.” I sent my laptop to California for repair per their instruction -- I live in Massachusetts. I used their free shipping through FedEx. It took a week for them to receive my laptop. I explained that I want overnight shipping on returning it back to me. I offered to give them my credit card to be certain it would be shipped this way. I even sent them an e-mail reminding them of my desire to have them ship it back overnight. After they did some work on it they shipped it back, but did not give me a chance to pay for overnight delivery as I asked — more delays.

I tested the laptop the day I received the return and the problem still existed. They should have tested the laptop before sending it back to me. I was instructed that shipping overnight back to them is still my responsibility, so I paid USPS $98.80 to ship back to them overnight. They did some work on it and I paid $40 to have them ship the computer back to me overnight. Still had the same problem, so this time they paid for overnight shipping back to them.

They replaced more components including the motherboard and SSD drive. They did pay for overnight shipping again back to me. I tested the laptop the day I received the return. The problem was still there. They failed to test the laptop AGAIN before shipping it back to me. Again they did pay for overnight shipping and I sent it immediately back to them. After checking in each day with the RMA on their website I finally had a response. It explained that it was waiting for my confirmation to swap the laptop. So I immediately called in and asked that they send me a new laptop and not a refurbished one. They told me they can’t do that. I was told, basically, I have to tolerate someone else’s defective laptop, and who knows, the laptop might be tested as thorough as they did mine.

I asked them how they would feel if they were me. I was always filled with empty apologies. I was told it is unfair... But, they can’t do anything about it. I was told I have every reason to be upset. I did get in touch with one supervisor and he kindly put in a request asking them to send me a new laptop because I sent them a new, defective laptop to begin with. Unfortunately he must not have had the authority. I was contacted by some other supervisor a day later. I was then told I have no choice but get to get a refurbished laptop. “Buy new, get used.” I was also told they will not provide the free shipping overnight.

As days went on I contacted several of their people and asked where my laptop was in the process, it has been a month and a half since I’ve seen it. To add to the pain and suffering I was told it takes 10 days. I have no idea why... is it coming by boat overseas? Day 24. I am still waiting for some kind of an update. Day 25. Contacted a supervisor and he assured me that I will be notified in 24 to 48 hours with an update. I shipped the laptop back immediately for each case, so those 25 days were not delays on my part. I have come to terms that I must accept a refurbished laptop with no understanding of what I will receive. I won’t know what was wrong with this replacement and how long it was in someone else’s possession.

It is a mystery why a person should wait 25+ days to receive a working laptop. A lot of time was wasted because they didn’t follow procedure and test the laptop before shipping back to me. Why should I pay for shipping, and why am I still wondering when a replacement is on its way. I did not receive an e-mail clearly stating what their intentions were, as I was told they would. I contacted them by e-mail online and received an e-mail back telling me to wait further—so it is not an e-mail issue. I am just hoping there is not more to my story after writing this; I hope I get a final, working computer. Am I wrong by saying I am being mistreated? What are your thoughts?

I am unhappy with the quality of notebook and Asus Support Service in Turkey. The notebook I bought on '' on 3 September, 2015. The notebook is not of acceptable quality and its monitor part was almost separated from keyboard although it hadn't any damage or strike. And I have contacted with support department. First one was really unacceptable for me. Because the man in charge was quite rude. Then I said to him ''I would like to talk another one.'' He replied me impolitely ''So close the phone and call again.''

Anyway I sent it in box which is made for sending notebook to service in İstanbul. They sent me back again. And then I sent it again and I paid the money for repairing. Then they sent back me again without any repairing. I am architect and I have internship on July, I have to bring the notebook with me, it is obligatory. But I am sufferer now because of this process. I bought Asus computer because I thought Asus is such a huge and reliable company. But I'm disappointed. I never prefer your product again. And I will mention about this situation all my circle. Your support system doesn't work. I suggest you that Support System should be checked immediately.

Obviously I am a foreign expat living in the Balkans and bought my Asus Transformer T300 Chi abroad and since then, I have had a horrible experience with your service center in Zagreb. I will start from the beginning. However before I start, I have lived in the Balkans for 13 years and I expect nothing good will come from this, because I am used to the pride that people have in not admitting fault. I have seen and experienced this so many times and as a foreigner from Raleigh, North Carolina, who grew up with southern hospitality, I am always the doormat. However, I always hope that maybe one day there will be an honest person in any part of ex-Yugoslavia that will take their time, be selfless and do things that actually help society instead of thinking about themselves first.

The story begins with buying an Asus product. This is the third netbook, laptop, tablet and I have had a mobile phone. I believe in return customers and quality product and I consider myself a superuser who can fix things themselves. So my laptops (after warranty) have been soldered and fitted with double capacity and have been overclocked (still stable) to run even with today's software. The only thing that drains is battery life, but I build my own batteries and add cells. Not important.

So I bought my Transformer and was amazed by the form factor despite the keyboard being just a keyboard and not even a proper dock (USB, other ports, charging, etc.). Then after just a few months, the glue on a 1000 Euro tablet was faulty and the rubber piece on the dock hinge fell out. It wasn't a big deal, but then being nearly new, I felt cheated. So I went to System One Croatia and they actually sent the keyboard to Serbia for a week for a rubber piece.

When I got the keyboard back, I was happy but started noticing that I couldn't type Shift + M + P without it sticking and would end up with "HMMMM" or "AMM" and et cetera. I repeated this for the service center as well as showed them that the cursor would jump if I tapped to select with the trackpad. They promptly took it for a week and said it was a loose connection and returned it to me and told me they also replaced the keyboard. However, nothing was fixed.

So a few weeks after, I returned because while they had my tablet / laptop, the battery stopped recharging. After contacting Asus directly and going on forums and following software advice, I went back and showed them that when I unplugged the tablet, the tablet would go blank and I couldn't turn it back on without the unit being plugged in. So they took it again.

At this time, I haven't had the laptop for almost three weeks and couldn't do any work. They told me they had to replace the entire unit and I told them to please copy my data. So on a Friday, I got there to pick up the unit (they contacted me by email), but I could see that it was a freshly installed Windows 8.1 system. Obviously they did not copy anything or ghost copy the SSD. So I waited an hour and at closing time, they yelled out the window as I was going home that they were done (I had some hidden folders and so they did not copy everything).

I told them this, so they told me to come back Monday since they were closing. So I reluctantly signed the computer out and then went home. The computer was sitting CLOSED on my dinner table with nothing close to it. I eat in front of the TV in the living room like any single person. On Monday, I came back and when I opened the laptop to start copying the rest of my work over, I noticed the screen was cracked. This (according to forums) is a very common problem and basically SHOULD be covered by Asus (at least Asus USA).

However, the general manager of the Croatian branch came down and told me that he couldn't do anything because if he returned it, they would have to pay for the fault that they did. So it would be better for them if I ordered a screen online to replace it. I asked them if that would void the warranty if a non-official service replaced the screen and he said yes, but he can't do anything? So instead of fixing his employees' mistakes and keeping customer loyalty, he rather save his own skin. Thinking he did me a favor, he gave me a number of a friend who will replace the screen "so professionally that I won't notice". I have heard this many times over the years and every time I take it to a "professional", I get cheated and the work that they do is sub par and I end up having to fix things myself.

So I beg and pray to your Gods (Catholic AND Orthodox Gods, since you differentiate religion enough to create borders between practically genetic "brothers") that I hope at least Asus Service SERBIA would replace my laptop and have quality service. This is not sarcasm, because if it was, I would be smirking instead of crying over being treated like a doormat and less than human, once again. And whenever I mention this to anybody, everybody will say, "Welcome to Croatia." So I hope Serbia leaves a better impression, because I know you know what the majority of Croatians think about Serbians. I am for justice, equality and peace, but I can understand why most foreigners come up to me and tell me that they just want to punch the locals.

So I hope I didn't offend anybody in your service center. I have nothing to lose. If you guys get offended, then System One has already refused to help anyways and told me to go void my warranty while the manager's buddy gets business for doing so. If you guys have a slice of humanity, I will continue buying Asus products and commend your service center to all my friends. If not, I am already backed into a corner and rather pay more for Lenovo Think Pad products. Because Croatia / Balkans don't realize that ALL products are about 50% cheaper in pretty much anywhere else in the world.

I sent in our Nexus 7 for repair on June 1. Today is July 11, and they have ruined at least 20 hours of my life. I am currently on my 12th phone call with them, on top of at least 3 phone chats. Each week I have been told that they will "escalate" my case, and I have no idea what they means, since nothing changes each time they say it. They have told me that they can't find the Nexus, that I have the wrong RMA number, and twice that have issued new RMA numbers with the promise that all will be solved. Alas, 48 hours later I am on the phone with them again!

I feel like Charlie Brown and Asus is Lucy picking up the football each time. They tell me that they don't have information, that I should understand that they are in the West Indies and that my Nexus was sent to a facility in Texas, and that they can't reach that facility directly. No one takes responsibility for the repair, all they can offer is "updated information," which is never updated. Each time I call they are unapologetic and unashamed to give the same bad service each time. Reclaim your life, do not buy an ASUS product.

I bought an Asus Zenfone Laser 2 (ZE550KL) only a month ago. Last month I got a notification that my phone can upgrade to Android version 6 (Marshmallow). I did it but it still remain Android 5.0 (lollipop ). After that my calling screen got defective. Whenever I receive or make a call the screen automatically turns black. I cannot see the callers information neither can I type any number while making call. It all turns black until I disconnect using the power button. I tried by updating the Asus calling screen but nothing change. I cannot disconnect a call by tapping the disconnection button, type any number, or see the callers information. Please help me out.

My touchpad is not working after an update. This device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all its drivers installed. (Code 24) What should I do?

I bought an Asus Zenfone 2 when it first came out. Less than a year later; the charging port broke, not allowing my phone to charge at all. I tried multiple different chargers and it still wouldn't charge. I called Asus Warranty Center and they assured me because the phone was still under warranty, Asus would either fix or replace my phone within 5 business days. Asus warranty department couldn't fix my phone, and said they would have to send me a replacement. The problem is, they don't have any replacements to send. It's been a month and a half now, and they still don't have a replacement phone to send me. Asus has the worst customer service out of any company I've come across (and please believe, I am not exaggerating this). I call Asus at least once a day now and keep being told the same thing - "We don't have a replacement in stock to send to you."

I have a 3-year-old ASUS laptop. The screen was cracked from a pen being in the lid when closing, I got the screen replaced. When this was done the computer shop has damaged the motherboard. They have said they will pay for it to get replaced as expected. They have taken to ASUS to get the screen and motherboard done. ASUS have had the laptop at the Service Centre for 3 weeks and they cannot give me an ETA on when the screen or motherboard parts will arrive. I think this is shocking service considering that they are ASUS parts that you need to order. I've had all kinds of excuses from them like "A 3-year-old laptop is hard to get parts for" and "we cannot provide an ETA as the parts are coming from different places." Very very poor service, great products but their service is crap.

I bought my ASUS laptop new. Upon the first week of usage I discovered there was a hardware problem. It was hard to open. Every time I try to open it made a creaking or cracking noises which indicate that something's wrong, and had an excellent potential to be a defective laptop. Furthermore, I ended up having to call ASUS within the warranty time frame for a cracked around the screen and the agent set up the service call with no problem. I sent my computer to ASUS repair center on January 14, 2016.

Slightly after one week, I called ASUS. I found out that unlike every other computer company, ASUS is going to make me have to pay to repair (my computer was within the warranty time frame). ASUS did not honor their warranty and lost my computer. Slightly after one week, I called ASUS about my computer. They told me to keep waiting while FedEx is investigating the case. When I asked, "How long" the agent said that somewhere around 5 days. After demanding to speak to the manager, the agent said that they do not have a manager but have a supervisor. Even after speaking to the supervisor he kept on asking for more time. So for weeks and months, I called customer support center almost every 2 days.

Failed to honor service under the terms of warranty. Failed to ship my computer to me since January 14, 2016. I sent an email to Mr. Jonney Shih the chairman of Asustek Computer on May 20, 2016. No response from Mr. Shih to the email he has received. I also sent a register letter to Mr. Jonney Shih to, Computer International, 800 Corporate Way ,Fremont, CA 94539. The letter was received by S. ** on May 23, 2016. No response from Mr. Shih to the letter he has received. Failed to respond to written requests for assistance. Neither customer care nor the chairman of Asus Computer treats me with respect.

My xenophone quit working. First call told to fill out form, give credit card info for shipping replacement. Three weeks go by no word. Web page says FedEx overnight once receive credit card. Multiple calls, told one time plant was moving and no idea what was in stock. Hours on hold, numerous emails still no phone or any idea when shipped. Month later still no phone and had to start over with new case and credit card info. Totally fraudulent warranty. Hate hate hate them. May 26 received confirmation credit card and replacement would be sent, no **. Today is 6/28.

Purchased Asus model K30AMJUS001S DESKTOP in August, 2015. After 2 months it stopped working. I sent it back for repair. When it came back I set it up. It came on and went right out. Tried 5 or 6 times, no luck. Called tech support. I sent it back, just got it back again. Set it up and it still doesn't work. Called tech support and they want me to send it back again. I want my money back, but I have to wait until my warranty starts in August, from where it was purchased. Asus will replace it with a refurbished computer. I paid for a new one. I will wait Fingerhut Service contract to be in effect.