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Last updated: Oct. 3, 2017

585 ASUS Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 3, 2017

When I first got the Asus Rog G20 PC back in January of this it worked fine, but the HDD soon corrupted after a while. So, I sent it to get repaired which according to BestBuy was sent to Asus which it was for their repairs. Once I received the computer back today, the HDD is worse, the video card is no longer being detected. So, now I have to deal with the nightmare of trying to have BestBuy fix the product, due to the computer coming back way worse off then when I sent it. Waste of $1,200...

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 2, 2017

I purchased a Asus 990FX from Amazon, when it arrived I installed it into my computer and programmed the hardware and software on it. This took approx 10+ hours to complete. Within 1 - 1\2 weeks I noticed that my cdroms kept disappearing and the hard drives moved positions on the bios and eventually quit showing up. The computer kept booting and rebooting non-stop. Asus had me ship (RMA) just the motherboard to them costing me over $30.00 for insurance and postage. They received it and had it for a couple of weeks before returning the same board back to me stating they could find nothing wrong. I checked the serial number of the board and the original box and the matched since I was to retain the original box and material, they asked that I send them the SATA cables as they thought they were possibly defective.

When I received the motherboard back it was missing the cables and I called them and asked why they had not returned them. They explained all they wanted was the motherboard nothing else. I told them that the agent on the phone specifically ask for the cables to be included, so I asked for them to be returned. They said they would send me a new set but never did. I even called asking for them 3-4 times to please return the cables. The returned motherboard was reinstalled and another waste of 10-15 hour of reinstalling everything. After about 2-3 weeks of a glitch motherboard if fail once again and I called them back and they requested that I send it back to them, I explained that I do not have the funds to keep doing this, that my purchase of the motherboard was a one time shot as live on a fixed income and they sent me a label to ship the motherboard back to them.

After 3-4 weeks a new unexpected package arrives that had one corner crushed a little and I photographed it and the opened it and it was a new motherboard. Serial numbers did not match the old box from the previous motherboard. Due to several personal issues was not able to install this new board until recently. This motherboard once installed and programmed had problems seeing the second hard drive, and to top it off I had no way to fdisk or re-formatting the hard drive. However with determination I was able to get both hard drives up and running and proceeded to install everything, another grueling 12-14 hours got it all set up and ready to go. After I was satisfied with the computer and everything was done I shut it down and re-booted one last time before going to bed. When I got up the next morning, I turned on the computer and it booted to a black screen, I tried to re-boot and every time it booted to a black screen.

I did a post check and the primary hard drive was not found. So after calling Asus they claimed it was a software problem that I should call Microsoft since the bios sees the hard drive but will not boot to it. Microsoft stated that I should try again to re-install the software as sometimes it is possible to have a bad install. So another grueling session of cat and mouse with Asus. I re-arranged my hard drives while I was at it. Both hard drives purchased just a little over a week apart. a Western Digital Black 1TB, and a week later a Western Digital Blue 1 TB. This was about 3-4 months ago. I reformatted both drives and had to muscle that along since the format was changed. Eventually got this system up and going in about 12 hours and felt a little better about this time. At least I got it up and running only to have the whole shebang crap out and back to the black screen.

I called Asus once again and they want to RMA this motherboard to them and if they do not find anything wrong I am just stuck with this $200.00 paperweight. I since pulled my computer apart removing this motherboard and replacing my old Asus motherboard, and as always it works like it was meant to be used no problems. The Asus FX990 should be avoided at all costs, do not even entertain the idea unless you want a bunch of headaches. This was my 4th or 5th Asus motherboard in a row, however is the worst experience I have ever had. I have built over 300 computers over the years and modified some older XT's. I have never ever had any complaints, just repairs or upgrades for those who want or need me to do it for them. I will not ever buy Asus products in the future, and I suggest checking out the complains online before you do anyway.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 27, 2017

    I purchased an ASUS Notebook Q55 as a spare laptop which was infrequently used. The laptop lasted 2.5 yrs before the screen started going black. I searched the internet to find that this is a common issue. Contacted ASUS support via chat and was told just to hard start the computer--no resolution. Called ASUS support and was told download a couple of software fixes which also did not repair so I was told to bring the laptop to Best Buy as a certified repair agent.

    Best Buy had me make 2 trips and when they looked at the computer determined that repair would be too costly and they didn't want to take the computer in. Shipped the laptop to ASUS who quoted $500 repair to replace the screen with no guarantee it would fix the problem and non-refundable. My protest to the quote (on the basis that the issue was a known issue and should not have occurred) did not receive response. Received notice that the laptop was being shipped back unrepaired. Purchase price was $1000+ with short lifespan, and no support.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 16, 2017

    This machine runs on the norm flawless. Talk about fast! Great product and specs. I am talking about less than 10 seconds boot up, even after a full restart. This machine is reliable, super fast, and has a nice battery life considering the optical drive. I have bought 2 ASUS PC's. The first one is still kicking after 10 years, and hopefully this one will do the same. Not sure of the negative reviews. Also purchased an ASUS wireless router with no complaints. Shop around... And then buy ASUS.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 27, 2017

    Well in the last 6 months I finally got all the pieces together to build my masterpiece, a PC totalling over $5,000 in all top of the line parts. Expertly installed, using every precaution possible. My motherboard fails at 31 days old. But luckily B&H lets me return it anyway. I thought it might have blown my cpu so I sent that back as well and then there was a sale going on where I could get a I7 6850K for the same price as my original I7 6800k. So I said why not. Sadly that happened to invalidate all my Windows OS Keys (7, 8.1, 10 Both Home & Pro, 2012 Server). So I was not happy when Microsoft made me buy them over again, I've had constant issues with the USB controller, my main host operating service corrupted and failed so I must of done no less than 4 complete reinstallations plus all the apps, not a fun time, and now once again the board failed and won't even post to Bios again with the CPU light on.

    Boy I hope it didn't destroy my new Cpu. So I now have to deal with ASUS' RMA SERVICE. Yippy. So in the last 6 months or more my Pc has been down about 90% of the time. And I find out that a lot of other people online are having the exact same main 2 issues while I was troubleshooting. Not good to hear because it seems the ASUS X99 Chipset has had lots of issues since launch, and funny enough you can't even find my MOBO and a few other X99's on their website unless you search on google and find the buried pages. So it seems as they are actively trying to not sell or promote these specific MOBO's. I can't go another month with no PC, school starts in a few days and I'm in a computer science degree program, so kinda vital that I have a PC. My fear is that it's a QOS problem as well as a design flaw.

    They said that they could maybe bump me up to a higher tier MOBO. It's already a $260 board but my fear is that I just had gotten all my newly bought OS's installed and If I change the motherboard again to a different model, I will have to pay for another $1,000 in Windows Operating Services and Server Software. NOOO!!! WHY ASUS? WHAT'S A 3 OR 5 YEAR WARRANTY WORTH IF IT'S NEVER HONORED. I have heard some real nightmares even worse than mine.

    And I don't want a crappy refurbished used replacement for mine that has so very little use on it. So I've lost faith in ASUS Customer Service, so this time I have literally documented every little detail in case I have to take them to Small Claims Court. They won't admit that that line is just pure lemons & aren't making it any easier.

    I must now seek out a better 3rd party warranty, that will surely not come cheap but long term I don't see them making these boards anymore so still not ideal and it will add another couple hundred on to the price tag, because waiting for at least a month or more just to get back up & running is just unacceptable, especially when you use your PC for work & school. Hopefully the RMA will go alright but they refuse to admit the problem exists or is wide spread, they can't say "It's a known issue" or they will get fired. Damn. Do we need better consumer protection laws passed. Their Customer Service can be a downright waiting game with escalating frustrations & then an extortion racket just to get you to pay for something you don't need or should be covered anyway.

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 24, 2017

    I recently bought a P9 x79-E WS Motherboard $400. It blew up when I first turned it on. They won't RMA it because they said some foreign substance was on it. So after a year of saving up I decided to get a different MB from them since I had the I7 3960X CPU chip laying around. I ended up buying a Maximus 5 Version 10 edition $600. After installing the computer it won't post with no errors. I wrote to the company and they said to send it in for RMA. Shortly after they received the MB they send me some picture of the socket being damaged not from the one I sent them. The one I sent was in perfect condition and covered up in the package. I tried to collect insurance from UPS, ASUS said I had to but the box I sent it in was not even dented. I decided to pay them another $130 to fix it because I already wasted $600.

    Shortly after I get a new refurbished MB. This time after I install it, it doesn't even power up at all. I sent it back to be fixed again and shortly after I get another picture of a damaged socket. This time I took pictures before I sent it and the one they send wasn't even from the same motherboard. They wanted another $130 to fix it again! This time I call and talked to a supervisor 4 different times and he came to the conclusion that the CPU was the problem. I checked the specs on Amazon before I bought the board and it stated it would support a 2011 I7 3960X. So in the ending I threw both boards in the garbage. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY EVEN ON AMAZON. THEY WILL NOT REFUND YOU YOUR MONEY!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 22, 2017

    Couldn't register the product (Notebook laptop) because it wasn't on their drop-down list. Spoke on phone to support line when the laptop could not find the internet (that was available). What he emailed me were links to download. No internet to do that! Emailed again - say they'll reply in 48 hours: nightmare!

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 18, 2017

    I am happy with ASUS so far. I bought a laptop a year ago. When I first bought the laptop there were bright spots on my display from imperfections in the screen. I returned the laptop to the seller and got another one right away. The laptop I received as a replacement (which I still use now) worked for a while but there were issues with this laptop as well. There was a row of green dots intermittently appearing across the top of the screen while watching Netflix or playing games and the SD card reader wouldn't work consistently either.

    I requested an RMA. The customer service rep who helped me set up an RMA was extremely courteous and helpful. The RMA process went smoothly. I shipped the laptop to the repair facility. The repair facility replaced the motherboard and some hub device. I received my laptop back fairly quickly. The SD card reader worked a little better but still had problems transferring large files. I know it is the sd card reader in my laptop that is the problem because the SD card worked fine in 3 other laptops. Also, the row of green dots across the top of the screen kept appearing. I decided that these were issues that I could live with and just decided to try and work around them.

    Unfortunately, as time progressed another imperfection in my display reared its ugly head. Whenever I would type on the keyboard, move my laptop, or even pat my hand on the desk next to the laptop, there was a spot in the LCD screen that would ripple. It looked like what you would see if you were looking at a reflection in water and some vibration was distorting the image by causing the surface of the water to vibrate. This distortion in my monitor started off small but began growing larger as time went on. Since my laptop was still under warranty, I decided to send it in for repairs again. Once again the service rep was courteous and helpful. I sent the laptop in. ASUS repaired the laptop and got it back to me in about 6 business days. That's pretty darn good given my past experiences with other companies.

    My experience with ASUS standing behind their product has been a positive one, however as of now I cannot say I would recommend them to a friend for a number of reasons. First, there is a sticker on my ASUS laptop box that says free 2-way shipping for RMA's. However, when I call to set up an RMA, I am made to pay for shipping 1 way and ASUS pays to ship it back. I don't mind paying for shipping, but don't advertise free 2-way shipping on the box to my product, and not deliver. If you put a sticker on my product's box that says free 2-way shipping, you better be willing to deliver on that promise. That sticker was present on both laptop boxes.

    Second, in the last 10 months of owning this ASUS laptop I have had 3 screen problems requiring returns spanning 2 laptops of the same model. While Asus may stand behind their product and they did repair my laptop twice with speed and efficiency, I question the quality of the displays they use and am uncertain as to the longevity of the current LCD based upon the number of problems I have had with the LCD's so far.

    Third, I also question the quality of some of the internal components as well in regards to the intermittent functioning of the SD card reader. Like I said, a hub, the motherboard, and the card reader itself was replaced, therefore either the replacement part was broken as well, or there is a hardware design flaw, or the parts ASUS chooses to use are just that poor of quality. Neither of these scenarios is ok. In conclusion, ASUS, at least in my experience, has had great customer services with a positive RMA experience, however that does not offset the fact that I have had to use that customer service multiple times because ASUS seemingly uses lower quality parts.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 18, 2017

    Unfortunately ASUS does not stand behind their products. If you are going to buy a touchscreen laptop, YOU WILL HAVE TO BUY THE EXTENDED WARRANTY - FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!!! My laptop works great... as a desktop, with an external monitor attached since the screen on the laptop went south... Of course, just after the 1-year warranty expired. Yes they will fix it - AT MY EXPENSE! DO NOT BUY - without factoring in the cost of what the longest extended warranty will cost you along with what your cost will be to ship it to them and your downtime while they have it for 2-4 weeks (7-10 business days to determine that the touchscreen has gone bad - duh!). I will not buy another.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 17, 2017

    I have two ASUS computers ("fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me") therefore I am without excuse. If you are considering the purchase of ASUS run away. (Gateway is no better). You buy cheap then you must live with the ramifications. The desktop came partitioned. Who asked them to partition my hard drive? On wanted a large C: drive because all updates occur on this drive. Instead I have a very small C: drive and a large D: drive which is basically a storage drive. My C: drive is full. I know this because of all the messages I am receiving telling me that they cannot update because the drive is full. I called their support and foreigners without any computer knowledge. He basically told me to live with it.

    The laptop is even worst in that it pays no attention at all to the power settings in windows. Therefore, my laptop continues to power out of windows shutting down the display if I should walk away from the laptop for 5 minutes. This means that I have to log in again every time (a hard taskmaster that won't even allow bathroom breaks). Microsoft couldn't help and ASUS won't help. This happens even in the middle of updates and backups. I am chained to this laptop that weighs a ton (it's a gaming computer that my son sold me).

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 16, 2017

    I bought an ASUS laptop and since day one it hasn't worked properly, with countless and I mean countless issues. I have returned it to Best Buy countless times. Now, it is still not working, and having the same issues it had since day one, such as when I plug a USB in it shuts off and doesn't turn back on. The disk function NEVER worked among with other issues that seemed to have been fixed like screen issues. I told them the issues I have had since the beginning and they are telling me that I am out of luck because my warranty is up. WOW. So, they sold me a defective computer for 1,600 dollars that was returned several times for several issues and the same issue that was never fixed that is happening now.

    So expect to buy an overpriced piece of trash only to give you a massive headache until the warranty is up and then let them throw their hands up in the air and tell you there is nothing they can do even though they have a LONG HISTORY of the same problems on file on GEEK SQUADS file but it doesn't matter because the warranty is up. JUST PATHETIC. I bought ASUS thinking they were like ACER, which I had 2 computers from ACER that were great, one from Dell that was... eh ok, one from Lenovo that is fantastic, MacBook pro, and an HP and by far ASUS has been the WORST performing, the most headaches and truly a massive nightmare with customer appreciation.

    I will NEVER EVER buy ASUS again! You would think they would want to fix a defective product and send a working one to clear their name but they are a joke. I feel very sorry for the representative that I spent over an hour on the phone with as the poor thing has to deal with angry customers from their horrible business practices.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 10, 2017

    I've had my computer about 15 months. My warranty expired in May 2017. For the past 2 months, I've taking it up to the Best Buy 4 times and it works for a few minutes and nothing. I have to manually turn the computer off and on in order to get the mouse touch pad and keyboard to start back working. After about 10 minutes, it stop working again. It is so annoying and I want to throw the computer in the trash. In addition, I have to manually connect to my home WiFi as well. It looks like I will need to purchase another laptop. However, it will not be an ASUS.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 5, 2017

    I've had my laptop for at least five years and I must admit that when I've called the help line on three occasions, my problem was resolved. One - they answered the phone quickly. Two- they walked me through the steps necessary to resolve the problem. Wish I could say this for Arlo and a lot of other companies.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 4, 2017

    I installed an SSD hard drive and somehow the Windows 10 installation on the original C Drive became contaminated. Windows would start up but then it would freeze. Normally one puts in the rescue CD and boot the system from it into rescue/repair mode. But, I could NOT get the system to boot from my rescue/safety CD or USB that I had made previously. I called for ASUS help and after several phone calls the solution was that I must send the computer back to ASUS for repair. They would NOT send me the manual which comes with every motherboard. That manual would have helped me boot from the rescue disk.

    A review of the repair calls and other records held by ASUS is not available to me. But, it is clear that the motivation by your tech support was to have me send my PC back to ASUS. I was told that the charges for installing a new operating system is $150.00 I assume the tech support team is motivated to get commission on such a sale. In lieu of sending it to you, I decided to call a friend who has repaired PCs for many years. He charged me $40.00 to look at the PC but did not know how to reinstall the operating system from a safety disk. He was unable to get the manual for the motherboard and the downloadable user manual has NO instruction on how to boot from the CD or the USB port.

    I took the PC to your local retailer, Micro Center, Columbus, OH and I paid them to reinstall the operating system on the new SSD that I had purchased. They charged me $108.36. Please see attached invoices. Upon retrieving my PC from Micro Center, I was informed of ONE KEY ELEMENT that would have enabled me to reinstall my operating system at no cost to me: Pressing the F8 key during startup. This function allows one to change boot sequence to the optical drive or USB port. Mr. Shen, please pay me $148.36 in reimbursement because I had to make many phone calls to your tech support and their only solution to my problem was to send the PC back for repair.

    They would not send me the manual/users guide to this motherboard in this PC. Based on your tech support, I could not EVER boot from the CD drive or USB port in order to bypass the startup sequence. Your tech support person was puzzled that I could not boot from the optical drive! He said it must be a failed motherboard. I should send it back for repair.

    On 26 June when I called to obtain a copy of the records on this case, I was refused. I asked how to boot from the cd or USB drive. Tech support could not answer. He said that F8 takes one to a safe mode which it does NOT do. So numerous people had no clue about how to do a simple procedure that should be in the users manual. Here is the final answer which confused your tech support people: One must press the F8 key during startup. I would have then selected the optical drive as primary. I would then have been able to fix the Windows installation. Your incompetent tech support cost me $148.36. I want that money paid back to me. The above letter speaks for itself. The company could care less about customer service.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 1, 2017

    I bought my ASUS ZENPAD 10 3 months ago and used it for a few weeks until I received a systems update. Well the update download 3 times and then my tablet crashed. It continued powering on and off repeatedly, I lost what was on the tablet. Called tech support. They said reset to factory mode and it did not work still powering on and off. So I had to send it back on my dime by FEDEX. Got it back 12 days later, they it takes 7 to 10 on their end, and wow was doing the same thing.

    Got back on the phone with ASUS. Same thing with tech support reset the tablet to factory. So I had to send it back to ASUS-2nd time. I just got it back on Tuesday the 25th 2017, and wow again, still the same issue so I have to resend. ASUS has a policy that the item has to be sent back 3 times, but the kicker is once you send it back the 3rd time they will either try and fix again or they will send you a new "REFURBISHED" one.

    I paid over $200 for the tablet and they are going to send me a piece of crap "REFURBISHED" tablet. I will never do business with ASUS again. They are shady and they like to screw their customers. But I want to know is do their tech support people work at all or are they so blind and stupid they can't see the problem that's obvious in these returns that need repair. I mean mine powered on and off the minute I turned the power on. ASUS get you some tech people that do their jobs or quit the tech business.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 28, 2017

    Bought an Asus ZenPhone 3 Zoom, thought it was great... But then noticed it's desperately trying to be a Samsung Device. Fingerprint scanner works great, camera is okay quality, it's face, lightweight, works good... until of course you want to play music. The music player it has by default can only be found by searching very hard in the System Files, once you find it you realize it's a smoldering pile. This music player, elegantly named "MUSIC" will play a song you want it to, but that's it. There is no auto play, there is no shuffle and you can't even use the phone while playing music! Once the music is on and playing, if you press the screen anywhere but on the music window (so outside of the tiny .5'' x .8'' screen it gives you) it will turn off the music...

    I tried to get over the reversed button locations, failed reading of the SD-Card, the fact that no stores within a 250 miles radius of me carry a screen protector for it, needing to have a program running or it won't alert me to notifications, having to allow literally everything that's ever existed will exist or plans on existing on the phone including allowing programs to auto-start (which means it will allow notifications to happen). But this was pretty much the straw that broke the camels back.

    Tried to deal with it, just can't do it. I will be refunding this item as soon as humanly possible if not sooner. 4/10 - If you want a phone that works like a phone but it 10X more complex than other phones, you found it. If you wanted a nice, easy to use phone, you're in the wrong neighborhood.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 27, 2017

    My son purchased me a Asus tablet as a gift. It has been a total disappointment and the worse tablet I have ever owned! It constantly freezes or lags. It never loads a program without first showing a prompt that says "blah blah is not responding" at which time it gives you the option to wait or shut down the program… so, I can never just open a program and go, I have to go through the whole process of either waiting for the program to respond or shutting it down and re-opening it to try again!!! If it’s not shutting itself down, then it lags really bad. I have never gotten so frustrated at anything in my life as I have at this tablet. I am seriously just waiting until I can get something else and then I have every intention of smashing this piece of crap with a hammer!!! Save yourself an ulcer and avoid this tablet!!!

    Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 26, 2017

    Sent All In One out for service (2nd one received that has stopped working after 6 months) for repair and when returned the base of the stand was not returned. It has been over 2 weeks and finally was able to get help and the part was overnighted. Received today and discovered it's the hinge stand and not the base!!! Getting ahold of anyone is almost near impossible - I would advise using their Online Chat as it seems to be the only way to get any action. This has been the most frustrating process ever. Still waiting for the base to be able to use the PC... Two weeks without this base because from the start was given incorrect information and now I'm told that they can't guarantee that they can expedite the base today. Only thing that has been positive is the Online Chat Rep who is making efforts to do what they can.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 23, 2017

    I bought an Asus Laptop model UX301LADH71T... SERIAL NUMBER DCN0CY444653525, 3 years ago for 1700.00 thinking I thought I was buying a quality computer. I really didn't use the computer much and it never left my house. I had little minor issues which caused me to reboot from time to time. Then one day it just would not go to the Windows page. I took it into ABT to look at it and they had to send it to ASUS for a quote to fix. I was told that it was a solid state drive and would cost over 700.00 to fix and they said it was caused by heat.

    Come on you spend 1700 and 3 years later you have to spend 700.00 to fix it. If you do the math that is 650 per year to own or 50 per month to own this piece of crap. Do yourself a favor and buy an HP for 500 and buy one every year. It comes out cheaper in the long run and you get an updated computer. My advise to anyone is to stay away from ASUS. It's a lemon and you will not get anywhere with them. I talked to customer service for over an hour. STAY AWAY.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 21, 2017

    Will never buy another ASUS product. This tablet (TF701T) is poorly designed, unreliable and ASUS customer service is a joke. Paid $250 +/- for the unit. Had it serviced in Nov 2016 because the connection for the charging cable was defective - cost $93 + shipping. Tablet was returned and did not charge properly. Was told to try several things and did. The tablet seemed to charge Ok for a while. On July 8 the tablet would not charge again and when plugged into a wall outlet it made a pop, smelled burnt and tripped the outlet. ASUS wants another $200 to repair it even though I had them keep my repair ticket open. They say it is once again out of warranty. Never Again!

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 19, 2017

    I have a notebook TP300L which is 2 years old. The power button needs to be replaced on it. I am technician myself. The device is not under any ASUS warranty anymore. I do not understand why ASUS will not allow me to buy the part and have it shipped to me. It is not their product anymore, it is my decision to fix my notebook. Why is it that I am obliged to pay for the shipping cost to have shipped to Mississauga from Ottawa to have a small part replaced. I am very very very disappointed with both ASUS as a company and its product. I will never ever buy any of their product nor will I recommend it to anyone. The worst company I have ever had to deal with. I will prefer buy a Mac notebook now.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 13, 2017

    I bought my ASUS Q304U at Best Buy on August 2016 and after 60 days it did not work anymore. I called the ASUS Service Center and told me to ship it to them. I shipped it by USPS and bought a shipping warranty. I used the same ASUS box it came with and later the service center contacted us indicating that the laptop arrived with a broken screen and will return it to me. I received it in a different box that I made the shipment and USPS could not honor the warranty insurance because they had to verify it was due to shipment. I called ASUS many times but nobody assumed their responsibility. I asked them to look at their video cameras to verify how it was handled by their staff. No answer until now. Looks the Service Center telephones are answered outside the US and they had no idea of what I was talking about. I wish good luck to everybody else when dealing with these people (ASUS).

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 12, 2017

    I purchased ASUS Zenbook UX360UAK in December 2016. In less than 2 months, screen showed bubbles and sent for repair with the following chronology dates: 3-15 March 2017 to repaired - Problem: bubbles and screen scramble - action: Replaced LCD screen, testing US port. 16-30 March 2017 second repaired same problem: Bubbles and screen scramble - actions: Replace LCD, LVDS cables,

    15 - 24 May 2017 third repair. action: same problem Bubbles and screen scramble - Action: Replaced main board, LCD, calibration Touch screen. this time when they said replace the main board and LCD screen, when I asked for the proof of replacement, the technician could not presented proof with all reason, as if replacing main board and LCD screen, the notebook is suppose to be like new. 20 June 2017: same problem: Bubbles and screen scramble - action??? No result and outcome until today 12 July 2017 almost one month.

    As the notebook is considered new, I demand a replacement since it has been 4 times failure with no solution, unfortunately Until today no progress. The only response I got from the CS is to be patient as it has been escalated to a higher level but no certainty of replacement or information source of problem and when. It has been 6 months that I purchased the unit but has not been using it effectively as most of the time is in the ASUS service center.

    Concern: Is ASUS really commit to their product quality guarantee and for customer satisfaction? Do they have qualified technician to troubleshoot the problem or only by trial and error. When they said replaced part; did they really replaced? As same problem still happened. Could it be the problem never brought to the surface to the management level for decision but instead only kept in the workshop? I really hope that ASUS will kept its good reputation as a reliable notebook.

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    Original review: July 10, 2017

    ASUS Rog GL552VW - First graphic card lasted 1 day, so the reseller swapped for a new laptop. Second graphic card died just over the year mark. ASUS says that he is not responsible and it's a client problem. 2500$ professional laptops that last less than two years. This is a really bad Joke. After a few emails ASUS wants to charge me full price of parts, to repair the computer and to post it back and forward. I have never in my life purchased a laptop that lasted less than two years. An absolute HOAX.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 23, 2017

    I purchased this laptop (model q504u) in March, but did not use it until after the 30 day refund policy had expired at Best Buy. I have purchased over a dozen laptops in the past ten years, including other Asus laptops, and this is the worst computer I have ever owned. It takes several minutes to boot up, several more to get the icons to show up on the screen and frequently freezes, does not connect to the internet or does not respond to commands. I have taken it to Best Buy twice with no improvement in performance and ASUS has not been responsive to my request that they exchange it for another model or provide a refund. This very disappointing experience will ensure that I will not purchase ASUS products in the future. Unfortunate that they do not have the integrity to stand behind their products.

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    Original review: June 20, 2017

    After a week the product (ASUS N550J 15.6-Inch Laptop - N550JK-DS71T) presented problem with the flex. (Screen went black.) After an year, same problem, and the assistance fixed it since warranty was good by the time. After 2 years, same problem again. Screen went black, problems with the flex. Then it got worst, the video display started to present artifacts while I was using it. Finally the laptop is not presenting video signal at all, and ASUS support would charge me 80%+ the price of a new one to fix it. In addition, as far as I had read here and through the internet, a lot of people had experienced the same problems (screen going black, problems with the flex) as well.

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    Original review: June 20, 2017

    I purchased my ASUS Tablet late November 2016. In March 2017 the charging port had to be replaced, due to poor construction. ASUS charged me $75, even though the tablet was warranted, as they claimed it was due to damage caused by the consumer. Their Customer Service was awful and I spent hours trying to find out info on the status of the tablet and getting it back repaired.

    Less than three months, the charging port again became defective and the tablet could not be charged. ASUS had the nerve to blame me for the defective port and wanted me to pay, again. Again, their Customer Service Dept. was awful to deal with. So glad, Verizon was so wonderful and was willing to rectify the problem. Save yourself some trouble and do not buy any products from ASUS.

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    Original review: June 15, 2017

    I bought an ASUS video card on the basis of a reduced price for a mail-in rebate. As per most rebate programs, ASUS returned a prepaid charge card valued at $30. What was highly unusual, and very sneaky, in my opinion, is the short expiry date on the card. Most gift cards give the consumer a full year to use before they expire. I received the card in late November 2016, and it expired in March 2017. I did not notice the expiry date until I went to use it yesterday. It has been sitting in my wallet since I received it in the mail. Shame on companies who try to promote their products with mail in rebates instead of proper discounts, and especially ASUS for short-dating.

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    Original review: June 7, 2017

    I bought a new ZPad Z500 from the ASUS website and received a junky old defective ZPad. ASUS claims I didn't buy it from them so they will not refund money they didn't receive. I have screen copy where I bought it from ASUS and Plus an invoice from ASUS. I have spent over a week trying to get out of this quicksand trap. This destroys my trust in buying online.

    Original review: June 4, 2017

    So, my friend sent in his motherboard to ASUS to have them repair it. He is COMPLETELY computer illiterate. He doesn't even know what a CPU is. So, he detached everything he saw attached to the motherboard and sent it in. He was unaware that his processor was sent in still attached. When he realized he couldn't pay the $120 for the motherboard fix (They swore it was under warranty, then changed their mind once they got it. Probably an attempt to siphon what money they could), he paid the shipping to send it back to his house. Processor wasn't there. He didn't even know what it was. So, he called me. I determined the issue.

    He called ASUS about getting his processor back. They said pay our shipping again or we'll destroy the CPU cause they "dispose of any property that isn't ASUS brand if sent in", despite the fact that they removed it from the motherboard, so they KNEW it was in there and just had to slap it back in when they sent it back. Argued about it, I contacted ASUS about the issue. Rep SWORE up and down he'd solve it and email updates. No updates sent. Friend called them today, they said they're going to or have already disposed of it. Because it's their policy. No working with him, no understanding, just told him to ** off. That is beyond unacceptable from a company. Beyond. I used to buy ASUS products, but I'm officially boycotting them and spreading this everywhere I can so everyone knows who Asus is. I'd never buy from them again.

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