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My daughter requested a Macbook Pro for her first year of college. She saved and saved for this laptop. Finally on August 9, 2015 we went to the Apple store in Nashville, TN to purchase the product. I was not on board with the decision because I have always felt that the Apple products were overpriced and overrated. My daughter was overly excited. She now has in her possession the product for which she has saved each and every dollar.

The day is Monday, August 22, 2016 when my daughter's despair sets in motion. She calls me confused that her Macbook Pro $1099 laptop would not turn on at all. I assured her not to worry because we had purchased the added expense of the Apple Protection Care Plan. I decided to meet with her on Wednesday, August 24, 2016 to retrieve the laptop. I immediately drove to the Apple Store in Nashville, TN to have them to determine the problem. The tech returned and said that there was rust on the logic board. She had closed the computer and did not show me any proof of her findings. I was livid because it was then that I found out that the Apple Protection Plan Care does not cover liquid damage. The story gets worse to repair the damage would cost $755.00. I was so upset I decided to leave the store.

I went to MacAuthority on Friday, August 26, 2016 to inquire about the cost of repair. It was too expensive. So I decided to look at one of the laptops that was compatible to our purchase. I was truly taken aback, lo and behold, I found out that the hardware on the Macbook Pro model # A1278 was from 2011 and was the exact same model #A1278 I had purchased in August of 2015. I was really feeling as if Apple should be accountable for the rust to the hardware of the laptop. After all, we are talking about four years later. No wonder Apple Inc. does not offer any liquid damage on their laptops because the long time shelf life is possibly causing the rust problem and the consumers are being blamed as if we are irresponsible.

It is amazing that they offer liquid protection on iPads, iPhones, computers,and iPods. Why? These items change with time. They have to constantly be updated in order not to be outdated. But not the Macbook Pro same design and surely the same model. Apple Inc. has to be accountable because after speaking to a representative on Friday, August 26, 2016 she informed me that there was nothing that could be done about the situation.

Apple Inc. needs to be accountable because the representative sent me the terms and conditions for the Apple Protection Plan Care I purchased and it listed the laptop as being built in mid 2012. Need I remind you that I did get confirmation from two independent computer centers that the Macbook Pro that I purchased is from 2011. The exact year that Apple was having severe technical difficulties with, you guessed it, the Macbook Pro and other products. The issue is still not resolved. So, my honor student is still in despair. She is attempting to complete her second year of college without a laptop, a difficult but possible thing to accomplish.

I purchased a new MacBook Pro last year. Over the course of the last 11 months this computer has failed on 4 separate occasions due to manufacturer related defects. Each time the computer has been taken to an Apple Authorized repair facility it takes 3 business weeks for them to complete the repairs. So for 4 months out of 11 months I've been without my new Apple computer. This is very inconvenient, and renting a computer is expensive. I've dealt with a total of 8 Apple staff to try to find a resolution. I've been hung up on, transferred to the wrong department, placed on lengthy holds, and refused access to a Manager. I have requested a complete unit replacement for this clearly faulty device. The individual I made this request to, a Senior Resident Apple Care Specialist provided me with a bogus email address for herself, and now refuses to take or return my calls.

I've spent most of this morning again, unsuccessfully trying to get some answers to my questions. I was again denied access to a Manager. The individual claiming to be a 'Senior Advisor' I spoke to could only tell me my case was closed. I would like to know why in writing my case was closed, and if I'll be provided with a replacement computer as per the written Warranty agreement? Apple Customer Service is a total disaster! It appears as though Apple wants to make it as time consuming, expensive, and frustrating an experience to deal with them as possible. Now Apple is just like all the rest of the manufacturers out there. Just more expensive!

I have been a Mac pro user for the last five years. With the previous system Mac pro bought in 2011 I had to replace the charger 3 times in 4 years. I recently bought the new model in July 2015 and today I have had the system looked at because the charger is not working 24.07.16. This in my view is totally unacceptable. We pay premium dollar for a quality product but I have had to replace the charger on average every 12 months.

Why does Apple produce a product like this. They are the most expensive on the market yet the quality is crap. As a family we have Apple products through the house x3 laptops, iMac desktop and also with my daughters and grandchildren. This issue is world wide yet Apple chose to ignore this. This gives me no confidence for the future and will be swapping all Apple products over to Toshiba unless Apple can give me confidence with future products and fix my current problem. Replacing once seems reasonable to be replacing every 12 months is ridiculous.

Cannot Apple design a robust charger with their products. This is a valid question in today's age of technologies and to get them to sort it under warranty is a joke. I have been told that it could take three weeks yet the guy in the store tested it there and then and said the charger is faulty but they have to send it away. Signed a grumpy customer with a vote of no confidence with Apple.

This is not about the iMac but Apple service in general since this seems to be the general thought here. I have been wanting to post my experience for a couple weeks now. Here is my story. I purchased a used MBP 17" 2 years ago off of eBay and added a new battery, second hard drive and maxed out the memory. I have taken very good care of it since, however this spring it began acting funny. It turns out the logic board has been failing. I found there was an old service bulletin and recall order to fix this problem issued by Apple, the idea being they would replace the faulty logic boards with new ones. Turns out this was such a common problem that owners filed a petition to have Apple own up to it and take responsibility.

Keep in mind these computers were last made in 2011 and the entire 17" line taken out of the product line. So these laptops are old by most standards. Even so, Apple in 2014ish decided to fix this flaw. The offer to fix expired according to some notices in December 2015. Mine failed in 2016. Mine was never one of those that got the fix. Still, Apple tech took the computer in, looked it over and agreed to fix it under that service recall. Outstanding they just saved my 5 year old laptop. That alone is amazing and I am forever an Apple fan. However that isn't the end of the story. Not only did they return my Apple with a brand new logic board but they also felt I would be happier if they replaced the bottom case, the aluminium section that holds the guts of the laptop, because it had a small dent in it. WHAT? AND FOR FREE? YES. Pretty good right.

My computer goes in for a recall fix and they give me a brand new case for it on top of it. Oh but I am not done yet. They also replaced the clutch that allows for smooth motion when opening and closing the screen. I didn't even know it was broken. My screen seemed to move just fine to me. AND, they installed a brand new battery. When the Apple tech told me all this I was speechless. Where can you go to get all this done for free. It's like taking your car in because the lights stopped working and the dealer gives you brand new tires, transmission and seat covers for free, and deliver it polished and detailed. Go Apple, you ROCK.

I ordered a Retina 4k iMac, along with Beats headphones, for a total of $1399 on 6/21/2016. The computer ended up pretty slow, and I did not like the iMac. So I decided to return the original iMac and ordered a new customized iMac that should be faster. I called Apple, and an agent informed me that since I will be ordering a new iMac that will come with the Beats headphones for free, I NEITHER need to return the headphones that came with the original order, NOR do I need to order a new pair of headphones with my order. So far, it's pretty simple: I return the original iMac without the Beats, I keep my old Beats, so that I do not order a new pair of Beats with my order of the new iMac. However, none of this happens. And it wastes me tremendous amount of time. All of the mistakes are performed by the Apple team.

And here is what happened to me: The shipping label for my return is wrong -- the total refund should be $1399 while what printed on my label is $1099. I have contacted for THREE times to fix this problem -- some agents told me that they "fixed" the problem, but never did; some agents told me that I WAS WRONG when in fact it is the mistake made by Apple. Later, this agent and her supervisor confirmed that I WAS NOT WRONG and APPLE WAS WRONG. They agreed to fix my refund total to $1399, although it was not a happy experience for me to deal with.

I have contacted for at least 5 times with regard to this return. Everyone promised that they have fixed my problem -- but none of them did. Overall, it is an awful experience for me, and I am utterly disappointed with my purchase this time. I want to know if there are other outlets where I could file my complaint officially, since the experiences have been awful, and have truly WASTED a lot of my time. It was an utterly awful experience served by the Apple team.

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I've figured out how Apple works. A five-year-old product (like my iMac 27") is junk - not worth the price to repair (according to their "let me be honest with you" service rep) and worthy only of a credit toward the purchase of another very expensive iMac that will likely also be junk in 5 years. If the machine is expected to be obsolete in 5 years, why build it out of solid aluminum and hi-tech glass? If the business model is make the product appear to be durable but discontinue support and push the latest design within a couple of years after the sale, maybe I could rent one by the day or the hour so that I can better gauge my costs. A company is only as good as its support for its products. Apple looks nice, but their support is definitely lacking.

Had the privilege of owning a Macbook Pro two or three years back. I did not expect I'll have the opportunity to do so considering how expensive these laptops are. A friend of mine knows one of his students is selling their family's old laptop, and since I was in dire need of a computer at that time, my friend thought of me. The Macbook Pro I got is probably its first model, and was around eight years old when I got it. Yes, eight years old. The family that had it bought it when it was first released in the market, so not only do I have a Macbook but also a possible museum piece (okay I'm forcing it).

What is surprising about is that it still does quick processing. The computer will slow down a few times to load programs but it still considerably fast. I was able to use it to create documents, watch movies and TV shows, even use it for presentations. Despite it being considerably old, it still does its functions pretty well. I also enjoy a lot of its features that only Mac has, like doing a print-screen and automatically saving it as a picture file rather than having to go to Microsoft Paint and copy-paste-save everything. I also like that music files are automatically added to iTunes.

I actually regret not getting to know my Mac further. I treated it as a computer, but not as a Mac. I can't blame myself because when I had it, it was in the middle of the school year and I needed a laptop to do my work as a teacher. I wasn't able to utilize its full potential, like creating presentations that are beyond what Microsoft Powerpoint can do, or all those apps I didn't bother to even touch (I heard Evernote could have been of great use to me).

The only downside of having a Macbook is the price of its accessories and parts. When my Mac was sold to me, the charger was on its way towards its wire getting ripped, which eventually after a few uses. I went to the Power Mac Store and it costed Php6000! That kind of money isn't easily earned. I had to borrow a friend's credit card just to have the charger ASAP. Looking around at the Power Mac Store, the prices are really sky high. Before owning a Mac, you should consider if you are up for a lifetime of heavy spending.

I now have a different laptop, but my Macbook is still alive and kicking. A lot of its components are already deteriorating. The battery is no longer working, the speakers sound muffled, and the charger I talked about earlier is also nearly ripped. But I still keep it because it is still a trusty security laptop, in case something happens to my current computer. My friend who introduced me to Mac said, "Once you go Mac, you'll never go back!" If I really put my effort and resources into that Macbook Pro, by really getting to know it better, I'm sure I'll definitely stay with it, and invest in replacing it with a more recent model.

Never buy Apple Products out of warranty. So Apple Rebuilt my computer and they messed up so many times with it that I contacted (CSR) and they were trying to get to the bottom of all the repairs. Turns out that one Apple employee messed up the whole repair that my computer is now considered (AS IS Status) when it just came back from repair which means it should still have a 90 days warranty from all affected repairs. My MacBook is looking like hell - it's completely messed up. The Apple Employee Techs didn't put it back together correctly. My Sleep/Wake notification light is completely off centered. My (Express Slot) is jammed - not working. Won't allow me to put my card into it...

I'm done with this nightmare. I just want to get rid of this computer and go back to my retina. Too many issues and problems. Going to get the computer fixed and sell it for a Retina... Not only was I denied a (CRU) but Alison ** also told Apple that they are not to service this computer anymore due to Apple spending too much money on trying to fix a product that doesn't seem to be fixable and neither wanting to replace it as well or offering me a justifiable solution. I called the store that did my repair. Not only were they rude about it but they denied me and told me that it was my fault cause I didn't ask the correct person on what the warranty status was when I clearly asked the person checking my computer into repair what will the warranty entail when it comes back. I was given a document that clearly says that I will have a 90 day warranty with my computer when finished with its repair.

Now they are saying they don't want to honor that time period that I am basically SOL. I have contacted Apple Customer Executive Relations about this matter and we shall see what they have to say later on. Today I was told I would be getting a call. In my opinion I think it's people like (SR Customer Relations) Alison ** that ruin things for everyone and gives Apple a bad name. I think all Apple should do is Fix/Repair the Computer they broke from the beginning...

I bought my MacBook Air last 2011 and up until now, it's still working. I've never bought a gadget or laptop that lasted this long. I usually use my MacBook for my work as a teacher - making lesson plans and making presentations for my students. It's also very light making it easy to bring anywhere. I bring it to school because it's just like having 2 books inside my bag. That's how light it is. Because I was so impressed with my MacBook Air, I bought another Apple product last year which is the iMac so I could have a computer at home that my husband can use. He was also impressed by it and swears that Apple products are the best.

I bought my MacBook Air last 2011 and up until now, it's still working. I've never bought a gadget or laptop that lasted this long. I usually use my MacBook for my work as a teacher - making lesson plans and making presentations for my students. It's also very light making it easy to bring anywhere. I bring it to school because it's just like having 2 books inside my bag. That's how light it is. Because I was so impressed with my MacBook Air, I bought another Apple product last year which is the iMac so I could have a computer at home that my husband can use. He was also impressed by it and swears that Apple products are the best.

Although Starbucks is known for their fancy (and overpriced) coffee, many still patronize their shops and products, myself included. But aside from the coffee and ambiance of their place, I enjoy their mint tea (warm). It hits the spot on a cold and rainy day, which is a common thing in our city. I've asked their staff several times if they sell the mint tea bags just like they sell their coffee bags, and I've always had the same response, "No, we do not." This is the same for the different Starbucks shops I've visited. Why is not available?

It's not like I can go to Starbucks every day for it, especially if I want to enjoy a cup of their mint tea at home on a cold rainy night. Although I understand the marketing aspect of it, would it really hurt their sale too much if they sell the mint tea by the bags or boxes? I still like Starbucks and this is just one thing I hope they can consider. Oh, and another thing, I wouldn't recommend their bread and pastries. They're not always the freshest.

My Macbook Pro was purchased in 2012 and I'm still using it to this day. Four years after, it's still in great condition. Although it has hung a few times in the past, I've never had any major issue with it. I use it to surf, edit photos, watch shows and movies, and now for everyday work, and it's been good. I just wish the charger cable is as sturdy. I've already wrapped one end of it with an electrical tape in an effort to preserve it for as long as I can because Apple accessories cost way too much. Also, it's too heavy and quite inconvenient to lug around, though I do for work. I find Apple too exclusive as well, but I guess that's just how they want to market their products. Nonetheless, I like and enjoy my Macbook because of the ease of use, at least for me, and how it's been faithful so far.

I am a loyal Apple products consumer and I never have any complaints. However in 2012 I purchased my first iMac and for the past 4 years it has been a complete headache with this iMac. Around December of 2012 the computer one day just shut off. Not shut down, it just went click and it went off. I turned it back on and the Apple bar starting trying to load up but it never finished. It just went click and turned off again. Since it was impossible to get an appointment right away with an Apple store I opted to take it to an Apple Authorized specialist. I use this computer for work and I was desperate for it to work. They kept my computer for over a week. When they called me they had no solution. They basically said they thought it was the Power Cord. They gave me a new one and I took my computer home.

I used the computer for almost a year with no problems and then around September 2014 the problem occurred again. Same exact thing it just clicked off as if someone turned off the power strip. I took it to Apple Store this time in Galleria Mall super far from my home but since it was the only appointment available we went there. Again I explained the problem, they kept my computer for days then called me and said they had to erase my computer and that they did something that was going to cost me around $650.00. The manager said to help me out etc they gave a 50 percent discount so I ended up paying over $300.00 for the repair. Again the computer came home and all was well until December 2015. The same exact thing again the computer just clicks off as if it was overheating or something.

In January 2016 I was able to get the appointment this time at Dadeland Mall Apple a little closer to home. Again they kept my computer. They called me to tell me it was not a hardware problem, that it was a software problem so they erased my computer once again installed the software and sent it home. The computer worked a good two months and in March 2016 again the same exact problem. Computer just clicks off and cannot be turned back on. I spoke to Apple Care which didn't do anything for me except make me a new appointment at Dadeland. Now my computer is there and they still have no idea what is the problem and why this keeps happening. The manager has been very nice but they just cannot figure out why this keeps happening.

I told him I thought Apple should replace my computer since they have never been able to figure out the problem and I am the one paying out of pocket, losing work time, to no avail because the computer works a bit and then turns off. I have two Apple laptops that are much older and have never had a problem. They do not want to own up to the fact that the computer is a Lemon and that I should have a replacement computer at this point. All I want is for them to fix it and they cannot. It is like they are playing a guessing game and never guess correctly. All I want is to have a computer that I can depend on and I can do my work. I do not know who in Apple can help me with this issue but I would like for someone to help me resolve this once and for all.

Now they have called me that they replaced my LED and to come pick up computer. Once I do that I have no idea how long it will work, but I do not feel that as a Loyal Apple Customer I should be going through this. This is the fourth time I take to them for the same problem and each time they do something else and it doesn't fix the problem. I am very frustrated and VERY Disappointed in Apple.

I bought an iMac in October 2013 in LA and imported it to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where I live. I have been an Apple fan for a long time and was extremely happy when I finally got the machine of my dreams. But I now regret having spent almost 1500 USD plus import taxes to get a machine that is already broken due to serious problems with the internal source and the logic board. I took it to the local Apple Support store in Ipanema and they asked me as much money as I have paid for the machine to fix it.

I'm a translator and a writer. I need a computer to work. Two unfinished novels are locked inside it. I have had many simple computers from different brands and all of them were very useful for at least 8 years before I gave them away to be used by someone else. Now I have this 2-year-old beautiful machine which is completely dead. It is important to mention that, I traveled for ten months from november 2014 to september 2015, so total time using the machine is not more than one year and a half.

I decided to try an alternative solution and was going to ask my nephew to buy these spare parts in LA and bring them here for replacement with an non-authorized shop, but Apple Support did not inform me about the specifications of these two pieces that I need, according to Apple Support in Ipanema. I have tried to contact Apple Support to report this and all they say is that there is nothing they can do. Is this the way Apple treat their clients who have been told that Apple machines are way better than regular PC? I'm really upset.

Ok, so I am really angry with Apple right now. Let me explain why. In 2011 I bought my first Macbook Pro, 15", saved a lot of money and finally had my machine in hands to work. Loved it, created a lot of good stuff in it. Until it started having some issues. It would shut down once in awhile, not a big deal since I've been dealing with PCs before, I know this could happen. Lost a lot of time with it though, but honestly thought it was just computers being computers.

That was until last year, on a crazy week at work I was let down by my machine. It wouldn't boot. After researching deeply I have discovered that Apple had a problem with the video card. Lost about a week of work but Apple did what they need to do and replaced it for free. Not because they wanted, but because a lawsuit was filed and they had an agreement with their customers. Otherwise, it would still charge their "flat rate" of $310 to fix (enough to buy a new pc).

Anyway, 10 months have passed and it happened again. Same old problem. Took it to the Genius bar and this time the answer was different. There's nothing they could do unless I paid to have it replaced. What?? What would I pay if I am not guaranteed that it will fail again?? How many times would I have to pay to have the same problem, a chronic problem, fixed. So my question is, should I trash my macbook?? Because that was the suggestion I got at the "Genius" Bar.

I was an advocate for Apple products for many years. In the past 6 months I purchased 2 iMac desktops, one for my 2nd office and one for my home office. Both computer have major issue. They freeze, the mail does not come in properly. When trying to restart, line come thru the screen. I am trying to schedule an appointment with Apple in the White Plains location and have been on hold for 1/2 hour already. Apple was once a great product with excellent customer service, that is no longer so. I am sorry I did not purchase a Dell this time around. Next time I will.

Apple is well-known for outstanding technical support. Just ask Consumer Reports. Their technical savvy is outstanding. They speak English! They return telephone calls! They have been able to help me with virtually every problem I've encountered. They are Macintoshes - that says it all! Reasonable speed. Few outages. Marginally good cost. Fair Macintosh technical support. No failures, virtually no "glitches". Easy to keep updated. I use and rave about Apple Care technical support. Always been a Macintosh owner/user. As of late they are adding too many frills though.

AppleCare is far reaching. The staff are always very knowledgable and repairs/replacements happen very quickly. Very fast, nice design, beautiful screen. MacBook Pros are very expensive when they are fully loaded with RAM and SSD. I've never had to send this one in for repair, and it is 4 years old. I have both Apple and Windows computers for different uses, and find Apple computers far more friendly to use. They also have a much more pleasant view within their programs. Apple is like a Cadillac and Windows are like a ford focus.

I have a iPad pro. AppleCare is always available by phone, with short wait time. You can walk into an Apple Store anytime and they will help you out. It's all touch screen. Connection to printers, etc is all wireless. It is absolutely secure and requires no security software. Apple products are very expensive compared to other brands. Once you learn how to use it, it works every time. You never have to reboot. It just works. I think the learning curve is a little longer so I would like it if they had more classes.

There is a number I can call to someone who speaks English as his/her first language. They will patiently guide you through their directions to correct your problem. It has a big screen and is intuitive in presenting my preferences. It has features I plan to explore at some point. I have not had this one long, but I love the wireless capability, iPhoto, and iTunes. It was easy to get it up and running. It is very reliable. These computers by Apple last a looong time. They are top rate!

Nearly instantaneous call backs, knowledgeable English speaking techs, somewhat sparse online information supplemented by forums. It works well, it ties all my devices together, it is mostly intuitive to run. Ease of use, virus protection, reliability, customer service, innovation. As Apple products age they tend to be ill-equipped to deal with new os and slow down. Too paternalistic, not enough flexibility, so times make operational functionality limitations for marketing reasons rather than utility.

They have no solutions for the problems caused by their OS. I can't use a lot of the features because the new OS is buggy. It should work better for the price. The new OS (Capitan) renders it useless in the most important programs. Apple has not kept up with the requirements of the El Capitan OS. My MacBook is new and top of the line, but Mail and Safari (internet) constantly crash, and the laptop drops Bluetooth devices all the time. I spend too much time fixing problems on my laptop.

I purchased a support plan and representatives have always exceeded my requirements and corrected the situation. It is a very high end, mid-sized, laptop. This model has a CD drive, external screen connection, micro card reader, and other connection capabilities. I believe the dollar value for the product received is excellent. I have never had a physical (electronic) problem in 3 years. I have caused myself software issues and Apple assisted with correcting those. Apple makes excellent equipment. Can't wait to purchase my next Apple computer, but fear this one won't break down for quite a while.

They continue to exceed my expectations for customer focused hardware, software, privacy, security, and very occasional needed repair. I trust Apple. My 27" 5K Retina iMac with 2T fusion drive is fabulous - quiet, fast, and beautiful. My 13" Retina Macbook Pro substitutes nicely when desired. Of course I would like them to be cheaper but they are fairly priced. I wouldn't give up a dollar if it meant less quality in hardware or the user experience. Excellent! Once, an iMac graphic board failed after nearly three years. With AppleCare they gave me a brand new 27" iMac.

We have a "MAC Made Easy" store locally, or I can go to Ala Moana or Kahala mall to the big Apple stores. Once I got used to it, it is SO user friendly compared to a PC. Finding things is easier, simpler to do tasks, and best of all I have not had a virus in 2 years!! More expensive than PC but worth it in terms of reliability. I was always hesitant to buy a MAC after having PCs for 25 years. However, after my second major virus in 6 months I dumped the PC. Yes, the learning curve was a bit steep but there was great techs to help and some really excellent self help books.

I've only had to deal with Apple customer support a couple of times over the past 16 years. Each time was to return a piece of hardware for exchange. In each instance it was very easy, and Apple even shipped out the replacement before they received my return, so my downtime was minimal. A 2008 Mac Pro. I've updated the graphics card a couple times, and it has mostly SSDs. It's still very fast against current hardware. The only problems I've had are: a hard drive failed, and a memory DIMM failed. Both super easy to replace. My older Macs I've given away to friends, and they are still going strong too. These computers may be considered pricey, but they remain highly useful for far longer than your typical PC. I've had it for eight years and it's still my main machine. Meanwhile my work laptop (Dell, IBM, HP) is replaced on a two year cycle, and really needs it.

I've fixed the very few problems I've had with my Mac Pro with minimal fuss and expense. Software-wise, I've always preferred Unix to Windows because the command line is so much more powerful, and OS X is Unix. There are things I've had to write one-time utility programs in Windows to accomplish what is a 10 minute shell script in Unix. OS X is far more flexible and well thought out when compared to Windows. It's pretty solid.

I'm in Denmark, and the local support does not involve actual Apple shops, but licensed retailers, so it doesn't really reflect Apple so much as it does Humac; they're so-so. They tend to misdiagnose the problem with a computer, then stick you with the bill, which is frustrating. The low weight (MacBook Air) and backlit keyboard (now beginning to fail; it's nearly 5 years old) are very helpful to me, since I travel a good deal, and don't always have optimal lighting conditions. For me reliability is a crucial feature, so this is a significant thing. The computer is reliable, and crashes far less often than my friends' and colleagues' PCs. I've found the MacBook Air (I have an 11" from mid 2011, 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3, 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5, ) to be a reliable unit, and I recommend it very highly for those who need to have their home office with them when they travel (when this one dies, I'll be replacing it with another of the same).

Some of the features (e.g. the Time Machine backup) I have not had the chance to test, because I've never lost any data (so did not need to retrieve it). The main criticism I've heard relates to the cost, but found the base cost of a basic Mac to be the same as that of most PCs with the same features (which tend to not be part of the base cost); the price difference is down to a matter of a few dollars (based on my extensive research in 2011). I don't have a dog in the Mac v. PC fight, but I do like the Mac GUI, and find it pleasant and simple to use.

Apple's customer support is legendary and our experience with Apple as a stockholder and personal computer owner has always been great - 22 years and counting. Computers wouldn't be where they are today without Apple's attention to details and pushing the envelope beyond the norm. The features we have on PCs today are the direct result of Apple's vision. The value of computers like any other device we purchase are directly related to cost, the value of a working and reliable computer is imperative to maintaining my business, home office, and my personal life. It is as important to me as my home or my car and I consider the price I pay a good value for something that enables me in so many ways.

I rarely have problems with the operating system or hardware on my computers. I'm an IT guy and comparing the PCs I worked on vs. the one I used at home, it's a wonder why more people don't own Apple computers. They are by far, the most reliable product I have ever owned and if not for technological advances, I would seldom need to upgrade. Like a fine car, Apple doesn't try to dazzle its customers with new design frequently, instead preferring to tweak the existing package to offer better value and reliability. You can't beat a company that actually seems to value our relationship.

The only time I used the phone in customer support was when the computer was new and I could use it free for 90 days. They were helpful and answered my questions mostly about switching from a PC to a MAC. I did not purchase the Apple plan as it is expensive. Since then I have used the online Help at the Apple site. For the most part this has answered my questions. Most of those dealt with error messages or how to do or find something. All in all the MacBook Pro is far superior to any PC that I have owned. It sets up quickly and easily, minutes vs. hours with a PC.

There are software features that I do not like. The whole issue of the Finder and finding files that you have saved is difficult to use. Saving photos in an organized fashion is impossible compared to using the file system in Windows. That is my greatest disappointment. I have had no major problems with this computer. I have had this laptop for four years and the battery is just beginning to show signs of needing to be replaced but is still good enough for my use. As always Apple products are attractive and well made.

I can make phone calls, I can text. I can sync with all my other devices. It is fast. The icons for the sites I visit most to pay bills etc. are on my Safari screen so I can access them with one click. Keychain keeps my passwords secure and available. I am sure there are more features that I don't use or can't remember right now. Upgrades give you years of use. Easy set up. I had my last Apple computer for 7 years, I got a new one for software reasons. But the old one still operates.

I have purchased 3 Apple computers the 2 older ones still work. The first one did not have an Intel chip so I bought another one because I was having trouble with websites. The second one could no longer accept all the upgrades. Other than that they worked fine, and still work. I use them in other parts of my home to play music. I know most people think that Apple computer are too expensive, but they last for such a long time and with the upgrades Apple gives you your computer can do just what the new ones can do for years. I would not switch brands.