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My bought my iPad for $600 from the Apple store, and I loved it! At this point I can't download new iOS, can't get into a lot of my apps, and it throws me off sites daily. I can't believe a product of that price only lasts for a few years! Won't buy another one! I'll look for another product!

I was given an iPad for xmas in 2011 from a friend who I am no longer in touch with. Anyway, I gave it to my son who uses occasionally. He did not sign in to his ipad for more than six months. Recently he went to sign back on and was told he had to activate his ipad with the apple ID and password that was used to register the iPad. I called apple and they told me (after making go through a bunch of mumbo jumbo) that they could not verify the iPad account even though I gave them the Apple ID, serial number and other information such as logging on without other apple ID accounts and passwords we use for our iphones.

After all that they still would not reset my password unless I gave them a proof of purchase, (yea right). I told them that would be impossible to get since I received that ipad in 2011 from someone who I am no longer in touch with. They claim it's for security reasons. I am all for security, but this to me is a scam to make you purchase more of their products. As it stands now I have a square paperweight that can't be use because of apple's absurd policy. If everyone else can reset your passwords with alternative personal credentials and the iPad is not stolen or reported stolen why can't apple do the same? Totally disgusted with their fake care label.

Recent update locked my IPAD 2, requested password which I have never entered or had. Would not connect via Itunes. Tried all apple online support suggestions and would not unlock. Contacted Apple support to discuss problem and advised them if I cannot unlock I would deliver to an Apple approved repairer who charged $99.00 to unlock. Repairer suggested, "Contact apple again for refund as problem only occurred due to upgrade of OS." Apple operator only suggested deliver to apple store to have repaired for free, but not convenient to get into city when authorised repair shop was only 5 minutes from home - would not cover cost of repair - very disappointed with whole apple experience and non-empathy from apple operator.

Since I bought this device I have spent of my time and energy to dealing with multiple problems with iPad software and technical issues. I've reinstalled iPad software and formatted the device with help from support team because of technical problems. Not only wasting over hours of my time having to called Apple support in this process I even beared their rude behaviour and their call cut. The iPad I have now still does not function properly. Explaining issues multiple times before support is willing to act like they will correct problems issues never get resolved. Support told me Apple system cannot do what I'm explaining Apple and disconnects. No support member has same answer. Multiple apps crash and hardware issue. Problems still exist and Apple cannot give me an answer or fix issues. How are they able to rip me off by saying different, different stories.

Apple's iPad is a good product, easy to use and stylish compared to others. But its charger has a very short life. It gets broken easily and needs to be replaced every few months. Seems very sensitive and hard to find in most gadget stores. They need to come up with a more durable charger for it.

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My case number is **. I have never been treated so badly by any company in my life. I have been a customer since 2009, and I guess this is the way I'm thanked. All I wanted to do was fix my very lagging iPad and I ended up just getting taunted by a senior advisor telling me that his answer is not going to change and I ended up with no resolution to my problem whatsoever. My iPad is currently freezing up, lagging and unresponsive. I was treated horribly and I cannot believe people like that work for this company. I got nowhere and just went in complete circles over and over again.

I bought these high priced products, and I expected high quality help and support that leads to a fix. But here I am with nothing fixed and I tried to get help for over a few days, at that! I will take this matter as high up as possible because no one should ever be treated this way. The sad part about this is I stood by Apple's products and spread the word all over about the quality and had my family members buy their products believing my word, and this is the respect and care I get from their company.

I was gifted an iPad air 16 gb by my uncle which costed him 36k (in rupees) on September 2014. After one year on November 2015 it went off while watching a video and didn't turned on so I took it to a service centre nearby, the shocking news for me was the cost of service, 1.5k just to check it and 22k for the malfunctioned hardware. At this price point there are better tablets on offer in India. Apple iPad is good product only if you have a lot of free money.

My Apple iPad is 2 years and 10 months old. It has never been dropped or damaged. It cost $400 Aus. Yesterday it failed - would not reconfigure/charge etc.

Took it Apple Technician/Geelong. Later received a phone all to say it had failed!! As in dead - and it happens sometimes - must be a dud (absolutely!!!). It could be 'replaced' not repaired for another $ 350 Aus!!! Really? After less than 3 years load of high priced rubbish! Who do Apple think they are?

I bought an iPad 2 back in 2011 and has been happy with it until recently. It worked perfectly well even after I have dropped it on Dec. 30, 2014 and its screen was broken. Its screen protector is the only one that's holding it until now and I’ve never had the time to have the screen repaired. The mic is not working anymore. I’ve checked the Apple iPad site for support as well as reset the settings but the mic still does not work. I’m just gonna have to use it without its mic functionality.

Bought an iPad mini 2 for my daughter a month ago for her birthday. Power button stuck, turns itself on and off. My options were to pay for a new one till they got my old one back (single mom of 3 children) no affordable for me. Send it in and wait 3-4 weeks to get it back or drive over an hour to get it fixed by an Apple Store. So needless to say, my daughter is out her bday present and I am out $200.

Last May for my b'day, I was giving an APPLE IPAD and 1 year +1 month later, it died. I called the IPad Company and I was told that the guarantee of 1 year expired and that I couldn’t purchase now because it was too late since purchased 5/14. It will cost me $299.00 + shipping to send it in. VERY dissatisfied & disappointed, this was giving to me by my kids and they didn't mentioned any extra guarantee. I have the APPLE AIR.

I spent big money on an iPad. I could have spent far less for a tablet. But spending the extra for an Apple has not paid off. It crashes all the time. I can't get apps I want on it unless I jail break it, and I still don't know what that means. All I can say is I was excited to get it. Now I will be excited to get rid of it. I will never own any thing Apple makes again. It is just high priced crap!

Glad to have the Internet spotty service fixed but now having issue with typing on social services. The keyboard obstructs view of everything I type. This is new with the update. Sucks.

Whilst using the iPad mini in a demonstration, the screen turned black, would not respond to recharging, and would not work by simultaneously pressing the wake and the on/off button. Extremely poor product. My cheap Samsung is excellent.

My iPad 2 is basically worthless after the 8.3 update. The keyboard is sluggish and has 5-8 second delays. 50% of the time I am kicked off websites and then the site tries to reload, my battery has a serious drain and everything has slowed way down. Before the update everything was perfect and now even after trying the recommended fixes on the apple community sites it is garbage. I guess I could take it to the Genius Bar but why should I have to. No more Apple for me.

iPad Air dead after 1.5 years. I purchased it in November of 2013 and it died 11 months later, just under the 1 year warranty. The local Apple Store gave me a replacement, which had a warranty for 90 days, and that is what just died. I was offered a replacement at $300 which is not satisfactory. I've owned Mac products for 15 years, desktops, laptops, iPads, iPhones. I had an iPad 2 for 3.5 years before I bought the Air. My satisfaction with that model was what prompted me to upgrade.

The bottom line is I spend $550 dollars on a product that only lasted 1.5 years. Sure, it wasn't covered beyond a one year warranty, but I still feel greatly cheated by Apple. Especially since my iPad 2 from 2011 IS STILL working. A $300 replacement is no kind of solution and is insulting. I did nothing wrong to my iPad and took good care of it. It stays at home 95% of the time. I will NOT be replacing my iPad.

Generation 1 Ipad will not turn back on, after Warranty runs out. They told me, "You have to pay for it to get it fix". The cost for fixing is like buying a New iPad! I put a lot of money into this ipad.

My iPad died today, and I had not purchased any iPad insurance or extra warranty. I went to the Apple store in Calgary, Canada and was told “the logic board was fried” and there was nothing they could do about it. When I questioned the quality of the product I was told that "they don't usually last longer than that". SERIOUSLY? $600 and a device only lasts 2.5 years? I have an iPhone, and iMac (that I am also having problems with) and have no recourse. They did ("kindly") offer to sell me a brand new iPad. I am going to renew my relationship with Bill Gates. Lot of flash on Apple products and no customer support or loyalty to back it up. Hugely disappointing.

After updating to iOS 8.3, my iPad has not been the same. Freezes, i.e., playing games, slower and at times, when I select a website, it takes me to the site and within seconds returns to the homepage. Come on Apple, fix this!

Went from bad to worse with each update. Only blaring white page and very poor quality text for an iPad that could outdo other readers. No other fonts. No sepia tone page. Crap dictionary. Zero other useful functions. Loses bookmark after closing book. Could go on forever. I DEMAND to be able to convert my iBooks to Kindle, which has far outshone your crap!

Bought an ipad in Jan 2013. It was fine and had enjoyed it. Last week (after just 2 years), it suddenly died and was only getting the apple logo. Tried every trick suggested by apple and could not get it started. Took it apple showroom. After a 40 min wait, the tech guy sees it and say, “your ipad is gone "kaput" and best it could be used as a paper weight.” The best part is he does even try and conveniently suggest "Oh! You should buy another one for just $399 for iPad Air". He made me feel that $499 odd money I paid for ipad was cheap money. Rather than addressing the problem he was trying to sell one. Shame on apple for doing so!

I always believed that apple had a great customer service, but seems like as it has become the largest company in the world, it has also become arrogant and less customer focused and seems like beginning of the fall of the giant. I have too many devices of apple at my residence, but I am going to change that. Goodbye to apple products.

Unable to close screens. Delete emails easily. Delete open apps following their directions to work with air printer (recommended hp). NO TABS. Right now I am unable to go to next line. Keyboard downed down beyond usefulness. Eats battery cause I can't op out of big users I don't use. No tabs. I cannot use my normal sized finger select a single letter to revise. I have to stop here. No more patience.

Two months after the warranty expired on my iPad, it had a complete hardware failure! It was a gift for Christmas from my mom because I am disabled. Now Apple wants me to pay to replace it. I think I will skip it - most likely if a $600 product won't last two years. And your staff made fun of my Dell for the hard drive crashing! Isn't that the pot...

Recently Apple pushed a software operating upgrade on my 32MB iPad. The iPad was 13 months old and had no issues prior to the upgrade (e.g. fully functional and operational). After the upgrade I have been left with the dreaded bright white Apple icon on the black background screen of death. Absolutely genius on the part of Apple's programmers to have their corporate logo shining bright after their upgrade had rendered their own product useless!!! I guess their programmers were too busy not to beta test the upgrade prior to releasing it to the general public.

Oh silly me, maybe Apple profits didn't meet their internal projections and therefore they must continue to screw their consumer base. Attempts to log in through iTunes to reload the software to the original factory settings has failed. Do they really think I am going to purchase another Apple product? Seven hundred dollars for 13 months of use? Their response - Buy a new iPad. Are you kidding me? Kudos to Steve Jobs as he has taught his underlings well. His greedy ways to screw the customer base continues to permeate the Apple company culture long after his death. To all the Apple techies - Steve Jobs was not a god but just a mere mortal.

I have several apple Products including two IPADs, Three IPODS, Apple TV...etc. Recently, I have a problem and cannot solve. Apple does not allow a complaint or to contact. They have established a network service which does not always help. Here is my problem; when I first purchased IPAD the user name and password were set. Now I forgot my password and I am stuck. When logged into Apple ID, the company indicates that it sent authentication to an email. However, the email they sent to is inside the IPAD which I cannot Access. Now I have left With a 900$ IPAD that I cannot use. Apple does not help and their website is not meant to fix this problem. They only care to sell you Products but god forgives if you need their help. I am so frustrated; No more apple products for me, my children and for anybody else who asked my opinion.

Two different answers from two different techs. One tried to help me to reduce my problem. The second tech told me there was no problem. The second tech had no interest in really helping. I know apple will not help because they want the sales customer satisfaction be damned.

Apple is in collusion with the cellular phone companies. They have the technology to create iPhones and iPADs that can be used on any network, but they choose to collude with the cellular companies to restrict our ability to change our minds. We buy an $800 iPAD for a specific Cellular carrier, but if anything happens to that carrier, they go out of business, jack up their prices or anything to cause extreme dissatisfaction, you are pretty much bent over because your device cannot be moved to another network now. This is collusion pure and simple. I now own an $800 iPad for AT&T and cannot take advantage of any other cellular service offers or better services. Older technology had the ability to change SIM cards for each service, but now Apple has a larger market and is more like Microsoft and their monopoly stance that everyone said made Microsoft less desirable than Apple back in the day. Is there a chance for a CLASS ACTION lawsuit here?

Uploaded the latest update as it was going to take 5 hours, went to bed. Next morning, nothing but the iTunes icon and a picture of a cable. Connect to computer have to do a iPad recovery. Now it keeps coming up with a message have to do a recovery before the update. That is what it supposed to be doing. On the 4th attempt now. Each time 4 hours half way through nothing. So now I have a useless IPad. Apple has a lot to answer for making thousands of loyal customers have useless devices. Also for sending out updates that are not compatible to all device.

Recently, we have been let down by iPad (4). In March last year, we purchased three Apple products from Apple's 5th Avenue store, New York. I have attached proof of purchase. Two of these products are iPads. This unwittingly became a test of the consistency of the product. One iPad was kept by myself. I use my iPad on a daily basis for work and for play. It goes to the office with me, it travels with me, it goes on planes, trains, automobiles and even sometimes gets read in the tub. It gets used for a variety of media, and gets drained and recharged frequently. It gets treated with due care, but it certainly gets used plenty and could probably do with more TLC.

The other iPad was given to my mom who has exactly the same hardware cover. She uses hers exponentially less and it looks brand new. She uses it sparingly but consistently and has come to rely on it to check her emails and to surf the web. Last week, her iPad switched off when the battery was drained and has since not switched back and fails to charge.

We have taken it in to the Sandton City iStore in Johannesburg, South Africa (this is where we live now). They had to restore it as a penultimate resort at trying to kickstart the iPad. Unfortunately, after an hour or so of trying, we were advised that the restore was unsuccessful. Apple staff member, Jonathan advised only option may be to trade it in and this may cost in the region of R3000 (approx $300).

Given the above, the possibility that we may have to pay such a large amount is unacceptable as this is quite clearly a manufacturing defect. The way I know this? My iPad is perfectly fine. We are not in a position to pay in this kind of money to get my mom's iPad back to working order. Please advise what you are prepared to do to retain us as customers and to sort out this issue explained above, which we are understandably rather distraught over. I would appreciate if this matter could be escalated appropriately. The problem now is that I currently reside in South Africa and Apple doesn't seem able to address the problem adequately.

I purchased an IPad 3 in March of 2013. In June of 2014 it stopped charging. Got a message saying, "Not an authorized Apple accessory and may not work with this device." This was the charger I got with the unit. Apple will not fix or replace it. They have offered me $100.00 off a new device. I should have taken the Apple Care! Does not leave a lot of faith when you have to buy an extended warranty on a $400.00 unit that only lasts 15 months. The customer service was the worst I have ever had. No wonder Apple is so rich, you have to replace everything within 16 months.

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