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Last updated: Nov. 6, 2017

224 Alienware Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 6, 2017

Just an average laptop, you are paying more for the name rather than getting a really good computer, Make sure that you do your homework before checking/ purchasing your computer.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2017

Very Stable product. There are no Manuals but you can get input from Apple on their web site. I would have no problem upgrading when the time is right.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2017

This computer rings all the bells for me as a work computer. It has the power, memory and I love all of the Alienware features. I think this may be the brand I stick with in the future.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 17, 2017

Do not buy from Dell nor buy any Alienware products. I purchased a computer for my son for Christmas 2015. It did not come until January 2016 and he was very disappointed. He was so excited to finally get it but when we got home and plugged it in, it didn't even work! The machine will not even turn on and blinks a yellow signal. If you Google the problem you will see this is a mass issue! I spent hours and months on the phone with support. I sent the machine back and forth several times. They also sent me a "refurbished" machine and asked me to send back the NEW one I purchased. It is now October 2017 and I STILL do not have a working machine. They are not willing to work with me unless I spend another $250 dollars. What a rip off! What a waste of time and money! DO NOT BUY FROM DELL OR ALIENWARE!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 25, 2017

I have had multiple problems with my purchase of a Dell computer: Alienware Aurora R6. There was a problem with the Windows 10 operating system. After I had transferred all my files and programs to the Alienware computer from my old one, it became apparent Windows 10 did not work properly (audio drivers did not work and could not be fixed). The solution was to reformat the Alienware computer, thereby erasing all my programs and files.

There is the problem of usefulness and misrepresentation. This computer does not meet the requirements that I discussed with the salesperson. I told her I typically run multiple programs (8-10) plus multiple windows open simultaneously (~20 or more). I also use 2 monitors. The Alienware Aurora R6 (recommended to me by the salesperson) is apparently not capable of handling this, as I sadly learned after I unfortunately purchased it. My 6-8 year old computer is better and faster.

Alienware is very slow, considerably slower than the computer it is replacing (my old computer is 6-8 years old). I demonstrated how slow it was to a Dell rep (he took control of my computer through GoToAssist). It became unresponsive and the Rep could see it. It often becomes unresponsive when I'm using it. I have since ceased using it and am relying on my old computer for the time being.

I asked Dell to take this computer back and I'd purchase a replacement that fits my needs, has more computing power, and does not malfunction. Dell refused, saying > 30 days had elapsed; this is true, but the computer sat in my office for 30 days before I had time to set it up for use. To be fair, the Dell rep said he would attempt to fix the problems I'm having. So far, I am extremely disappointed with my purchase, in Dell's quality, and salespeople who misrepresented what this computer could do. Out of the box, this computer has not worked; it remains to be seen if the Rep can fix the problems.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 19, 2017

After forking out over 2K for the product I have had nothing but problems. It has consistent frame-rate issues playing Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch etc. I had it repaired, and it was given a full restore but continued to have the problem. On three occasions the sound card has simply stopped working and have not had sound. Again I took it back, system restore and it happened again. I would NEVER purchase a Dell product again. STAY AWAY.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 1, 2017

I bought this laptop and spent countless hours on the phone with tech support over the course of a number of weeks. After reinstalling the OS for the fourth time, having hardware sent out with a technician to replace what came with the build, and continuing to have constant, sudden hard shut downs, I returned the computer. I shut down my Dell preferred account because I never wanted to deal with Dell again, and a number of MONTHS later I received a call telling me I had not paid the minimum payment on their card, and had incurred multiple late fees. They refused to credit the account, they refused to forgive the late fees. I went to sign into the account and found that they had made my login invalid the first time I had shut down the account, so there was no possible way for me to see the account or pay the balance.

I was bullied with threats about more late fees and with a hit to my credit score and was forced to actually make a payment on this absolute piece of garbage. Again, the payment went to a fee because the minimum balance was not met, and then three late fees. So they refunded the money for the computer and charged me over a hundred dollars purely as a total scam 4 months after receiving the computer. I am livid - I just cannot understand why companies like Dell insist on running their business like a mob boss. I will never purchase a Dell product for the rest of my life. These people are absolutely terrible.

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Original review: July 26, 2017

On May 16, 2016, I received an Alienware Alpha for my birthday since I wanted to get into pc gaming. Receiving it was a joy and I hooked it up to everything and started playing and downloading things. It was great for a month then I turned it off one day. Wake up the next day to it by turning back on making flashing yellow lights and I called customer support and I returned it to get it fixed. Now I'm going to cut to the chase but I had to send it back two different times because it broke again not surprising. They send it back finally fixing more than one thing. Got it back and I realized I was getting lower performances on games and other things. It didn't matter much because it wasn't a huge drop and I wasn't going to send it back for another 2 weeks. It lasted for 3-4 months and here I am today so unsatisfied talking to every one at customer support saying they won't do anything about it or will. 4 times in a year it has broke. Unbelievable

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 13, 2017

I have been struggling to understand how I have had to send my computer twice now back to your warehouse for repairs and additionally, I have had three drivers issues which has affected my progression in college. Unfortunately, I have no control over these poor driver's issues due to the fact that the drivers on your website have hardly ever been updated and fail to line up with the latest windows 10 updates. Thus, I would be constantly stuck in this endless loop where I would constantly have to manually adjust my onboard graphics card and constantly have to reinstall the correct drivers. However, Windows 10 forces these updates and would force my onboard graphics card to automatically update to the incorrect drivers and thus, I would lose my display output on my computer screen.

I would then have to disable my onboard graphics card and use my gaming graphics card to type papers. This drastically cut my battery life in half which hindered my capabilities of using my Alienware 13R2 for school. I received very minimal help from your customer service and went through a total of nine different representatives during the months of April and May and had to reset my laptop from scratch during this process as well. Each representative either could not get back to me at the designated time that we had agreed to or failed to resolve the software issue on my computer. I even had conversations on the phone that would last for hours and often led to said representative having to have access to my computer and they had to manually reinstall the correct drivers.

These hours of talk normally followed up with my computer once again reinstalling a windows update and reinstalling the incorrect drivers on my computer. Thus, I would have to give Alienware a call again either the next day and once again disable my onboard graphics card and use my gaming card to continue with my daily school work. Towards the end of the school year during Easter, I finally got ahold of someone from Alienware through numerous phone calls that seemed to understand the situation. This representative then proceeded to manually install the correct drivers and proceeded to try to create a method that would block my computer from installing the incorrect drivers in the forced Windows 10 updates.

After two hours of being on the phone I found myself surprised to have gone a whole week without losing the display on my computer. However, today is the month of July and I unfortunately, am having to send my computer back to your warehouse because these driver issues have once again found a way to plague my computer. After two hours and forty minutes on the phone, the representative over the phone decided it would be best for me to send in my computer and that they would also restart my computer from scratch. At this point I had lost all faith in you Dell/Alienware and I will be looking to go computer shopping for a computer that can become my new primary and I will NOT be buying from you or recommend you to any of my friends in the market for a computer.

The months of April and May ended up being the hardest months of college and these ended up being the months I needed a laptop the most. These were of course the months when the driver issues ended up hindering my capabilities in school and placed me in great danger of failing to meet my time specific deadlines in college. While the supervisor I spoke to may claim to understand my situation and made a strong emphasis that he understood how angry and upset I was with Alienware/Dell this does not justify the fact that I could have lost thousands of dollars in scholarship. I currently go to the University of New Mexico, and my lottery scholarship currently covers about 60% of my tuition and in order to keep this scholarship I must obtain a certain GPA (Grade Point Average).

While my GPA may be above the required GPA for the lottery scholarship, when I fail to meet my instructor's deadlines because of a faulty computer that I emphasized multiple times I don't want and would like to exchange this puts me under tons of stress and puts me in a situation where college could become unaffordable. My parents pay for me to go to college and could BARELY afford for me to go to college with all the generous financial help I am receiving and while you may claim to understand my situation, you put me in a situation that could have changed my education in the worst way possible. However, these driver problems were not the only problems I faced within ONLY owning this unit for a grand total of a little over SIX MONTHS.

I received this unit late October and have had problems with this unit since day one. My unit not only arrived later than anticipated, I could tell from looking at the exterior packaging that my unit would have problems. Surprisingly, I opened up my box to find my computer has been strapped to a piece of cardboard and that part of the plastic casing actually fell off my unit. I then turned on my unit to find that half the internal LCD had been cracked. I called Alienware and had to send my unit back however, Alienware/Dell REFUSED to give me an exchange on my unit which I mainly wanted and instead they would either repair my unit or would offer me a refund. I decided to go against my parent's judgment and decided to wait the extra month for my unit and let Alienware repair my unit. THIS ENDED UP BEING THE WORST DECISION I HAVE MADE WITH A COMPUTER.

When I received my unit back I noticed that my computer had a strange rattling sound and so I popped open the interiors of my computer. I noticed that a screw had not been screwed in my hard drive and that screw ended up rolling around throughout the entire unit. This failed practice of efficiently fixing my unit could have damaged the interior of my computer without me having any knowledge of the situation. Additionally, Alienware/Dell lied to me and I noticed that I only had 4 gigs of RAM instead of the 8 gigs of RAM that the product description told me I would get. This would not be a problem because I decided to upgrade my computer to 16 gigs of RAM however, I feel like Alienware/Dell robbed my parents hard earned money through a bunch of lies. Additionally, to this day still, the lights on the back of my computer DO NOT work and have NEVER worked since they came out of the original box.

My parents spent seven hundred to eight hundred dollars of their hard earned cash to buy me this laptop and being scammed feels like an understatement. While yes I bought this unit with the intention of doing casual gaming on this laptop, I also bought this unit primarily for the portability and for the papers that I needed to type on this laptop. Typing papers and doing school work were the bare minimum I needed from this laptop and this unit failed to perform the bare minimum. You can apologize for the experience Dell/Alienware however, I will still be baffled with how I will never get an exchange unit to replace this faulty unit even though my computer has a current warranty still that will not expire till October. I understand that the refund will have to be done within the first 30 days.

However, an exchange in my book qualifies as something less penalizing on your company and to this day I will never understand after having multiple problems with my unit from only owning my unit for a little over SIX MONTHS why I will be stuck with a faulty unit. During these six months I will now have had to have sent my unit back to your warehouse twice, I've had three driver's issues, I've also been lied to about what I will be receiving in my product, and then to top this off I will never know why I still own this unit and could not get an exchange even though this unit has a warranty.

I understand that providing excellent customer service can be challenging having worked in the food serving industry for nine months. However, having trained a few people at my new job I personally emphasize that the customer is always right and, if the customer does not like the food take it back and get them something else on the house. While the food industry and computer industry may be different, they both strive for great service. I felt frustrated, angry, upset, and most importantly disappointed whenever I had to call Alienware/Dell to get my computer issues resolved and felt that most of my calls were getting next to nowhere.

I write this in hopes that Dell/Alienware you can understand how you ruined the experience of an unbiased customer and that you have given me the most frustrating six months of owning a laptop. While I understand that providing excellent customer service can be challenging, I still find myself shocked with how many issues I have had with this unit and how a massive company like Dell will refuse to exchange my unit after all the challenges I've had to face with this unit. It saddens me to think that I will be shopping for a computer this time with my own money due to the fact that I can't trust my 13R2.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 26, 2017

I have owned an Alienware Aurora R4 for over 5 years. I liked it so much that I purchased an M17 laptop, fully loaded with all top of the line components. Both computers have been perfect since purchased. My jaw dropped when I saw so many negative reviews for Alienware here. I have recommended, and continue to recommend AW to all of my family and friends.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 30, 2017

This issue was from day one. The video would go away after a few hours of operation. Dell tech support went through the thing with me for three hours. Thought it was the video card. They sent another card with a tech, but it did not fix the issue. Next tried to replace Windows 10, nothing. Tech support is out of Costa Rica and you can't just call them up. They won't consider a replacement under warranty. $3100 for this POS. I feel Dell has ripped me off!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 29, 2017

We have been long time computer users both desktop, laptop and tablets. We have really liked all Alienware computers but the 17R3 has been a huge disappointment. We purchased two in March 2016 and have had nothing but issues with them locking up, shutting down and overheating. Mine had to have the motherboard replaced in August 2016 which resolved most of the issues but occasionally still locks up. However my husband's computer has now stopped working like mine did last year so we know it is the motherboard gone bad. Sadly his waited till the warranty ran out.

I have used computers since late 1970's and never had to have any of them serviced EVER! I actually outgrown them and pass them down to be used by others who cannot afford computers and many are still going strong today. BUT these two laptops have been nothing but a pain in my side. Per technical support the bad motherboards were a known issue last year and are no longer being used. As soon as the issue was known there should have been a recall to replace motherboards for all customers to prevent future issues.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 22, 2017

My review is based on Dell Alienware computers and not that of other Dell computers. I first purchased a Dell Alienware desktop about 6 years ago. At first, it gave a LOT of problems with sudden crashes, lack of responsiveness and many other problem. Dell did eventually sent me a new Alienware desktop that has worked well ever since. I thought this was a fluke. Thus, I recently purchased a Dell Alienware 17 inch Laptop. I got it because, on paper, it was a great deal for the money. It has 32 GB of fast ram, i7- 4.2 GZHs speed, a great graphic card and networking card, a SSD for the operating system and great hard drive for everything else plus a 4 year ON SITE warranty for under $2,700. In addition, it had a 6 hour battery life. What is there not to like? Even better it beat out similar competitors from Origin and Digital Storm by at least $1,000 on similar configuration. However, I did get what I paid for.

After about 30 days, I noticed some problems. First, I had a loose USB port, which created some sound problems for my microphone. Moreover, since there are only two of these ports, this became an issue. Secondly, the internet speed didn't match other computers in my home for some reason. I have especially fast internet here that normally gives 175 MPS on most computers and even on speed app testing with my phone. The Alienware registers 135 MBS at best, which was strange. Even my wife's regularly HP computer gave 178 MBS.

Upon calling Dell, they insisted that I return the computer to them for fixing. Why they wouldn't honor my onsite repair warranty is still a question. However, I did as instructed. Just as an aside, I was sent to a guy who I could barely understand who was in either India or Pakistan. Dell farms out ALL customer service to their foreign countries. It isn't always easy to get someone who speaks English well. It is a hit or miss proposition.

About two weeks after I sent the computer back to Dell, I get a call that I have a loose USB port and since the USB is attached to the motherboard, they can't fix it for at least 2 months. NO wonder Dell is cheaper: They attach ports to the motherboards and cuts corners in other ways as part of the manufacturing process, and they don't use Americans who speak understandable English for customer service. I, thus, wanted a refund. Obviously Dell's quality control has some big issues since this happened to me TWICE.

I was referred to the refund department. In order to get a refund, however, I had to send back the original computer. However, when I told them that Dell already has it as part of Technical Support's request for it to be sent back, this wasn't acceptable. I had to send back the ORIGINAL computer to the refund department to get a refund, assuming they would give it to me anyway. The fact that some Dell department already had my computer was irrelevant! Moreover, the technical department wouldn't mail my old computer to the refund department! How dumb is this! Accordingly, I guess I can't complain, I am getting a new system, assuming that it works correctly.

Bottom line: Don't buy a Dell Alienware computer. They don't honor their warranties. Their quality control is problematic, and they cut corners in the manufacturing process. You also will always get a foreigner who handles customer service despite my having "premium customer service". If you are a hardcore gamer or need great graphic intensive software, stick with either Origin computers or Digital Storm or some other brand. Stay away from Alienware.

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Original review: May 19, 2017

I waited 13 days to get it when on your website of says 3-7 days shipping. The day finally arrived and I got my Aurora R6 but unfortunately it came with a broken liquid cooling system. After 7 days of talking to Alienware tech representatives they came to the conclusion that a technician was needed to install the new part. I happily agreed because I thought my problem was going to be fixed. The next day I was contacted by a representative who stated that there will be a delay of the technician coming because the part was unavailable because it was on back order. A computer building company that has parts on back order. Are you ** kidding me? That is literally the worst contradiction of company values and beliefs and mission statements.

You are a computer building company meaning parts should be available to you at a wide variety. But I forgot all along that Alienware was bought out by Dell which made it a totally worthless company. I was fortunate enough to be able to return this piece of ** tower and get my money back. Thank you Alienware and Dell for not keeping me as a customer, not going above and beyond to keep me or provide an alternative to the solution that you built me and shipped a broken computer. Thank you Alienware for ruining my computer gaming experience but at the same time I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to own a Alienware computer for once even though it was a short 8 days. They were certainly sweet. Now heading over to Razer so that they can build me a quiet machine. Hahaha.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 12, 2017

Alienware Aurora R4 - This is my 2nd high end Dell gaming rig, the first being a Dell XPS. Both machines had terminal motherboard failures after pretty much exactly 4 years, which is funnily enough the time which the 2 years + 2 years extended warranty runs out. Initially I felt like I got a great deal as on purchasing in the final days of the January sales which I got about £200 off. I had seen other machines online with a similar spec but including an SSD for around the same price but I wanted the Alienware product (foolishly) so I contacted Dell and asked if they could show me a deal with the SSD which at the time was a £200 option.

To my surprise the guy asked his manager and got back to me with a price which was an extra £30 with the SSD. So I paid about £1150 for a machine which could have cost around £1500. Furthermore I decided because my budget to get the base clock processor, the high 2 options were priced at about £80 for each step. After purchase I found a 13 year old child on YouTube who said that the processors and hardware were identical for all these options and you could very easily change the multiplier in the bios and essentially get this option for free. Sure enough I did and ended up running it at 3.6ghz instead of 3.2ghz. Also it ran at an identical temperature which proved this kid right.

So actually if I had been even more foolish and bought a higher spec originally I would have wasted more money but as it is I could have paid almost £1700 for the spec rig I got, thankfully I didn't. So this was a positive for me and I felt like a got a good deal but it does not reflect well at all on Dell and their up-selling process.

The delivery was a nightmare with the UPS driver being unable to find my flat on 3 occasions (UPS though). And when he did find me after I had taken almost a week off work to receive my machine he parked so far away and I had to carry the most ridiculous looking massive box with all this alien ** on through and past a load of dodgy folk when I would have like the process to be more discrete. OK so on to the product's performance; I was very happy with no real problems for around a year but then I had a very worrying problem when it would not boot up. The technical team told me to drain the capacitors by holding the power button down for 20 seconds and then trying again.

Eventually it was having to do this every 2 months or so. The real problems however started when I upgraded to Windows 10 about 3 2 and a half years after purchase. Many of the Alienware functions stopped working and the main issues was the fans which would go full blast on start-up and shutdown and sorts of all when updating. These machines are very loud and this was ridiculous at times. It would manage the fans when running if you set the controls to manual. However as I said earlier exactly 4 years after purchase I had no post on the bootup and diagnosed it as a motherboard failure.

I contacted Dell and they said that the parts was no longer available and my best bet was to try eBay. The cheapest one I could find was £250 going up to about £450, which is absolutely ridiculous partly because I am not confident at all that this part would not fail after it was 4 years old (Seriously) and the cost of fitting and the motherboard plus a new PSU I could run ski GPU's would be running up to about £500. Well this is almost half of the very nice machine I have just species up from PC Specialist. The reviews are all 5 star opposed to 1 stars and the whole process and machine you can configure looks very satisfying and a great product. I am going to get a Ryzen rig with DDR4 and very good cooling and PSU. IMO Dell just can't compete with the options available at PC Specialist.

Finally if anyone is planning still after all these poor reviews on getting an Alienware rig there is a deal to be done with them even buying online, there always is and also but buy the base clock processor and see if you can OC it yourself saving even more money. Do not expect to have a fully or even any type of functioning machine past 4 years. I am convinced they are designed to fail after this time.

I will never be buying a dell machine again and would only get an Alienware if Dell had nothing to do with them as the brand, concepts, and potential is there but it's a shame that the quality doesn't match the brand's design language and promise. Also the parts are not easily obtainable and interchangeable so if you have problems further down the line or you want to customize or upgrade then it is not as flexible as other options which are available elsewhere. Hope this was helpful. You have been warned and wish me luck on my new purchase with PC Specialist.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 9, 2017

I bought an Alienware laptop about 1 year ago. I have had trouble going from page to page when on the internet. I almost always get a server not found or refresh page depending on the browser. If I do get to a page and I click a link... same thing. Tech support has farted around time and again... uninstalled, reinstalled this that and the other thing. Finally replacing the wireless card. STILL does not work right.

I asked if they would exchange this for another laptop. They said they don't do that. Years ago Gateway replaced one that was giving me problems, no questions asked. I spend a small fortune on this Alienware and get squat!! This is STILL ongoing, take time off work to sit with my PC waiting for the tech to call! Can barely understand any of them besides! I am really tempted to sell this for whatever and get a REAL laptop! Do not buy Dell!! Just over a year, this has been going on. I'm patient but that will soon end. Be nice to have some legal help but that will cost more than the laptop. This stupid thing is under a 3-year warranty and it's just a door stop!!

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Verified Buyer
Original review: April 22, 2017

I ordered a Alienware desktop recently and when I received it 3 weeks after it had a top fan that was not working properly and sounded terrible. I called customer support to try and resolve the issue. I was obviously very upset with this and was told they would set up a time for someone to come out to fix the product. When I asked how long I would have to wait I was told in a rude manner that if I had a problem with it I should just get my refund and move along. I settled for the second option of waiting for a technician to come out.

I set up my appointment which was 1-6pm. I sat home the entire time and waited. I never received a knock on the door or a doorbell ring nor a phone call at all. When calling to ask why nobody ever showed up I was told that the technician has a picture of the front of my house and they don't know what to tell me. My daughter and I sat on the couch right by the door the entire afternoon waiting. Alienware supervisors dismissed this as it was not their fault and nobody is held accountable. Told me I have to wait for a call Monday and schedule for another long period I have to wait. Completely useless!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 4, 2017

I purchased a very expensive Alienware computer last fall from Dell. I had problems right from the start first with missing software and then, and ever since with quirky operation. I finally got the missing software installed but no solution to the quirky operation - freezing up, grinding away with no result, failing to open programs, refusing to go to certain internet sites, etc., etc. No pattern, seemingly random. After several more tries I finally got a tech who took over my machine for most of the day and then declared it cured. It was marginally better but still quirky so I endured the annoyance.

Then about a month ago it suddenly started dropping the internet connection, frequently but seemingly random. Sent emails, was promised phone calls. Phone rang, answered with repeated hellos, got hung up on. Got email, no answer try again. Gave another time and date. No call at all although I was home and the phone was free the whole time. Then I get another email, no answer, give another time. Finally I'm catching on that this is all a game for their tech people. They don't really want to fix anything during the warranty period. Whatever you do DO NOT BUY A DELL! It's an enormous waste of money.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 25, 2017

In summary, they don't keep promised dates, they don't inform customers of order changes, they don't respond on Twitter unless you tag specific people, and they try to hide any negativity, especially on their Reddit page. For those of you that have placed orders, you'll probably know by now that you're not getting your laptops as per the estimated date they gave you. (Mine was placed on the 7th of Feb. and no Dell employee can give me a date for when I'll get mine.) I think that we all need to voice our concerns via Twitter and on here.

Why didn't they contact customers and let them know? What they should have done is email customers to tell them that there's a delay with an explanation. If you're a Dell rep, here's some feedback. Send an email to people who placed orders. Place a notification on the site for anyone placing new orders now. Place a sticky on your own forum. Tell your customer service team what's going on. Give people a general estimation.

Your team send customers round in circles. Twitter reps didn't respond until I tagged specific people. Then was told to send an email. Email sent and I was told to contact Customer Service. Customer Service said, "Speak to Order Service." Order Service said, "Speak to Modification Department." How on earth is this acceptable? I'm seriously now worried that if I have an actual physical issue with the laptop it'll take 100 years of going through the Dell circle I was warned about.

If Alienware TRULY sees itself as a gaming company, a company FOR gamers, then you need to understand what gamers go through. There's special events, LAN parties, Timed Events, and more. Timing is everything. You need to CARE about your customers. This isn't the first time Dell has done this and sadly, it doesn't seem like it'll be the last. If you've ordered an Alienware laptop (I ordered a 15 and 17) then you need to voice up so that they take their customers seriously. I run a tech channel and I'm telling you that I've never experienced such poor service from any other company we've worked with. I went from being a fan of Alienware to sadly a detractor of their service. Again, Alienware might be working hard to give us better equipment and fixing issues. But LET US KNOW!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 16, 2017

I bought an custom Alienware with a very expensive price but this ** would freeze its system when I play games, watch videos, and run codes. All solutions available online are reinstalling operating system. This is absolutely a designing defect and I recommend you NOT BUYING THIS LEMON LAPTOP!

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 2, 2017

I have the worst customer service from Dell. I kept on holding to their business by buying Alienware system. But unfortunately it is just a hype. Alienware is just a cult but not performing as expected. First, for known issue they will not inform affected consumer and they will wait until the consumer experience it; when it is out of warranty then they will scam you with all the fee you have to pay when it is a completely misconfigured system. I have an M11x before with a known hinge issue and they accepted it but after saying that they don't have a parts for it they send it back with totally unusable item. They unscrew it and sent it back worse than it used to be.

My second one was the X51 desktop because I thought maybe I will have good hopes on desktop. To my surprise, again there is a known issue on the wifi consistently dropping which is their fault - btw that affected consumer was not informed. Now being on a wired connection ever since I recently found out after being out of warranty and they refuse to fix it. 2 yrs for 1200 system not worth the money. Better give your business to some other more worthy computers.

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Original review: Dec. 17, 2016

Full of errors which will never end till the end of warranty and then what? They charge you for their defective laptops!!! Why you want if for playing games you have other laptops with graphic card working properly!!!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 25, 2016

I must say, I will never buy another Alienware product ever again. I got the Alienware 18 (Mid 2013) and straight out of the box started having issues. Dead pixels and discoloration of the LCD. Tech sent me a busted replacement screen the 1st time. I had to send it to them twice which did not solve the screen issue because they used refurbished parts which I personally do not agree with being I paid for this thing brand new and was still under warranty.

I got it back with a different screen with a blemish in the center of the screen and with an additional problem. Screws were loose in the chassis and the HDD tray screws were stripped out and cross threaded into the chassis. Metal dust was within the system which I had to disassemble and clean out. I had to send it back to them again for the 3-4th time which they replaced the chassis but never did resolve the initial issue. I decided to just deal with it and never did get my screen fixed over the whole year course. Spending that kind of money I would assume you would also get top notch quality and customer service but it is the exact opposite. I will never buy another Alienware product as long as I live! Blemish will not show in pictures or screenshots.

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Original review: Nov. 21, 2016

I called today to get support. They said "we no longer support your system." I said "well do you want me to throw my laptop in the trash... " He just laugh and said "sorry we don't support your system." I highly recommend to buy MSI guys.

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Original review: Nov. 10, 2016

I received a computer that the Alienware online tech guy told me "must have been sitting for a long time" as ALL the drivers were outdated. After 2 and half hours tech decided it needed sent in for a new video card. They had it 25 days, replacing the motherboard and sent it back with a sound like bacon frying coming from the laptop, even with the sound turned off. It also has a USB port that you have to wiggle the plug to get it to work, and I still get the VIDEO_TDR-FAILURE that was the original problem. Now I try to contact them and they lie to me, put me off or just hang up on me. I feel they are trying to wait out my warranty. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS THIEVING COMPANY!!! Everyone in the company from tech help to corporate reps sound like characters from an Indiana Jones movie and all they say is "I am sorry" and offer no help.

Original review: Nov. 9, 2016

This product was around $800 retail. Within a year I had two hardware failures thankfully covered by warranty. One year later two more hardware failures involving motherboard and graphics card. It's hard to imagine spending that much money on something that doesn't even work for a year. Now I'm not under warranty and having to buy a new pc since alienware space saving cases make it hard to replace and upgrade with normal pc components. Would never buy again.

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Original review: Oct. 17, 2016

Replaced an HP 17 that had a MB issue and hinge broken. The Alienware 17 was roughly $1500 and was customized. So far it's been a fairly solid performer except for two issues. Every once in a while it doesn't recognize the HDD. After having this happen a couple of times I have come to realize it is an issue with the cable connecting the MB to the HDD. I open the bottom panel and remove the cable from the HDD and re-seat it and it's all good. This seems to happen more easily when I have traveled with the laptop, ie air travel. Was a bit scary the first time now just annoying. The other issue is the display auto-adjustment "feature" from Intel and MS. No matter what changes I make it won't disable. I hate the dimming screen when changing pages or apps. Since it was loaded with WinX haven't had any of the upgrade issues others have had.

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Original review: Sept. 26, 2016

I have spent over $500 on repairs due to failed motherboards, RAM sticks, circuitry, fans for the graphics card, new graphic card after failure of factory version. In addition, shortly after I purchased my Alienware X51 (July 2015), an unknown number called me indicating that I HAD to purchase insurance (they claimed they were from Dell) for my unit. As they indicated that this would cost me an additional $600, I declined. Finally, after taking my computer in to a local reputable service center, the trusted employees there indicated that my problems were stemming from the unit becoming overheated. They indicated that this was due to the poor design on behalf of the producer. I am very dissatisfied with the product and service I have received and have told everyone I know not to purchase anything from this shoddy company.

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Original review: Sept. 16, 2016

Do not buy Alienware! I've had nothing but problems with the 17-inch version of the R3 right out of the box. I get just about every blue screen imaginable and it won't even boot if it has been on for an extended period of time. I have spent countless hours updating drivers and even sent it back for repair once. Still garbage. Latest built-in diagnostics showing memory errors, and tech support just doesn't get it. I'm in the process of sending it back for the second time. Dell will not replace the laptop. Don't buy one unless you love to be frustrated. Read the forums, I'm not the only one having problems. Just putting this out there as a public service. Look elsewhere for a decent laptop.

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Original review: Aug. 30, 2016

Alienware/ Dell Computer has been in the shop 8 times since windows 10 update, little to no customer service help. When I called about extending the warranty on the Alienware it took them 5 weeks to respond and by then I had already sunk 500$ into it. With a 29% interest rate to boot, it has been a horrible experience dealing with Dell and Alienware. I still owe 1600$ (which was retail at the time) of the computer over a year and half later and it's currently in shop for repair again. Look into IBUYPOWER.

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