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Charles of Morganton, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

I bought an Alienware laptop about 1 year ago. I have had trouble going from page to page when on the internet. I almost always get a server not found or refresh page depending on the browser. If I do get to a page and I click a link... same thing. Tech support has farted around time and again... uninstalled, reinstalled this that and the other thing. Finally replacing the wireless card. STILL does not work right.

I asked if they would exchange this for another laptop. They said they don't do that. Years ago Gateway replaced one that was giving me problems, no questions asked. I spend a small fortune on this Alienware and get squat!! This is STILL ongoing, take time off work to sit with my PC waiting for the tech to call! Can barely understand any of them besides! I am really tempted to sell this for whatever and get a REAL laptop! Do not buy Dell!! Just over a year, this has been going on. I'm patient but that will soon end. Be nice to have some legal help but that will cost more than the laptop. This stupid thing is under a 3-year warranty and it's just a door stop!!

Scott of Okc, OK on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered a Alienware desktop recently and when I received it 3 weeks after it had a top fan that was not working properly and sounded terrible. I called customer support to try and resolve the issue. I was obviously very upset with this and was told they would set up a time for someone to come out to fix the product. When I asked how long I would have to wait I was told in a rude manner that if I had a problem with it I should just get my refund and move along. I settled for the second option of waiting for a technician to come out.

I set up my appointment which was 1-6pm. I sat home the entire time and waited. I never received a knock on the door or a doorbell ring nor a phone call at all. When calling to ask why nobody ever showed up I was told that the technician has a picture of the front of my house and they don't know what to tell me. My daughter and I sat on the couch right by the door the entire afternoon waiting. Alienware supervisors dismissed this as it was not their fault and nobody is held accountable. Told me I have to wait for a call Monday and schedule for another long period I have to wait. Completely useless!

Arvin of Holland, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a very expensive Alienware computer last fall from Dell. I had problems right from the start first with missing software and then, and ever since with quirky operation. I finally got the missing software installed but no solution to the quirky operation - freezing up, grinding away with no result, failing to open programs, refusing to go to certain internet sites, etc., etc. No pattern, seemingly random. After several more tries I finally got a tech who took over my machine for most of the day and then declared it cured. It was marginally better but still quirky so I endured the annoyance.

Then about a month ago it suddenly started dropping the internet connection, frequently but seemingly random. Sent emails, was promised phone calls. Phone rang, answered with repeated hellos, got hung up on. Got email, no answer try again. Gave another time and date. No call at all although I was home and the phone was free the whole time. Then I get another email, no answer, give another time. Finally I'm catching on that this is all a game for their tech people. They don't really want to fix anything during the warranty period. Whatever you do DO NOT BUY A DELL! It's an enormous waste of money.

Khalifa of Portland, OR on
Satisfaction Rating

In summary, they don't keep promised dates, they don't inform customers of order changes, they don't respond on Twitter unless you tag specific people, and they try to hide any negativity, especially on their Reddit page. For those of you that have placed orders, you'll probably know by now that you're not getting your laptops as per the estimated date they gave you. (Mine was placed on the 7th of Feb. and no Dell employee can give me a date for when I'll get mine.) I think that we all need to voice our concerns via Twitter and on here.

Why didn't they contact customers and let them know? What they should have done is email customers to tell them that there's a delay with an explanation. If you're a Dell rep, here's some feedback. Send an email to people who placed orders. Place a notification on the site for anyone placing new orders now. Place a sticky on your own forum. Tell your customer service team what's going on. Give people a general estimation.

Your team send customers round in circles. Twitter reps didn't respond until I tagged specific people. Then was told to send an email. Email sent and I was told to contact Customer Service. Customer Service said, "Speak to Order Service." Order Service said, "Speak to Modification Department." How on earth is this acceptable? I'm seriously now worried that if I have an actual physical issue with the laptop it'll take 100 years of going through the Dell circle I was warned about.

If Alienware TRULY sees itself as a gaming company, a company FOR gamers, then you need to understand what gamers go through. There's special events, LAN parties, Timed Events, and more. Timing is everything. You need to CARE about your customers. This isn't the first time Dell has done this and sadly, it doesn't seem like it'll be the last. If you've ordered an Alienware laptop (I ordered a 15 and 17) then you need to voice up so that they take their customers seriously. I run a tech channel and I'm telling you that I've never experienced such poor service from any other company we've worked with. I went from being a fan of Alienware to sadly a detractor of their service. Again, Alienware might be working hard to give us better equipment and fixing issues. But LET US KNOW!

Yu of Philadelphia, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

I bought an custom Alienware with a very expensive price but this ** would freeze its system when I play games, watch videos, and run codes. All solutions available online are reinstalling operating system. This is absolutely a designing defect and I recommend you NOT BUYING THIS LEMON LAPTOP!

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Erika of Schererville, IN on
Satisfaction Rating

I have the worst customer service from Dell. I kept on holding to their business by buying Alienware system. But unfortunately it is just a hype. Alienware is just a cult but not performing as expected. First, for known issue they will not inform affected consumer and they will wait until the consumer experience it; when it is out of warranty then they will scam you with all the fee you have to pay when it is a completely misconfigured system. I have an M11x before with a known hinge issue and they accepted it but after saying that they don't have a parts for it they send it back with totally unusable item. They unscrew it and sent it back worse than it used to be.

My second one was the X51 desktop because I thought maybe I will have good hopes on desktop. To my surprise, again there is a known issue on the wifi consistently dropping which is their fault - btw that affected consumer was not informed. Now being on a wired connection ever since I recently found out after being out of warranty and they refuse to fix it. 2 yrs for 1200 system not worth the money. Better give your business to some other more worthy computers.

vicky of Ahmedabad, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

Full of errors which will never end till the end of warranty and then what? They charge you for their defective laptops!!! Why you want if for playing games you have other laptops with graphic card working properly!!!

Keith of Creedmoor, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

I must say, I will never buy another Alienware product ever again. I got the Alienware 18 (Mid 2013) and straight out of the box started having issues. Dead pixels and discoloration of the LCD. Tech sent me a busted replacement screen the 1st time. I had to send it to them twice which did not solve the screen issue because they used refurbished parts which I personally do not agree with being I paid for this thing brand new and was still under warranty.

I got it back with a different screen with a blemish in the center of the screen and with an additional problem. Screws were loose in the chassis and the HDD tray screws were stripped out and cross threaded into the chassis. Metal dust was within the system which I had to disassemble and clean out. I had to send it back to them again for the 3-4th time which they replaced the chassis but never did resolve the initial issue. I decided to just deal with it and never did get my screen fixed over the whole year course. Spending that kind of money I would assume you would also get top notch quality and customer service but it is the exact opposite. I will never buy another Alienware product as long as I live! Blemish will not show in pictures or screenshots.

raed of Houston, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I called today to get support. They said "we no longer support your system." I said "well do you want me to throw my laptop in the trash... " He just laugh and said "sorry we don't support your system." I highly recommend to buy MSI guys.

Ed of Lebanon, OH on
Satisfaction Rating

I received a computer that the Alienware online tech guy told me "must have been sitting for a long time" as ALL the drivers were outdated. After 2 and half hours tech decided it needed sent in for a new video card. They had it 25 days, replacing the motherboard and sent it back with a sound like bacon frying coming from the laptop, even with the sound turned off. It also has a USB port that you have to wiggle the plug to get it to work, and I still get the VIDEO_TDR-FAILURE that was the original problem. Now I try to contact them and they lie to me, put me off or just hang up on me. I feel they are trying to wait out my warranty. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS THIEVING COMPANY!!! Everyone in the company from tech help to corporate reps sound like characters from an Indiana Jones movie and all they say is "I am sorry" and offer no help.

Payton of Carpinteria, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

This product was around $800 retail. Within a year I had two hardware failures thankfully covered by warranty. One year later two more hardware failures involving motherboard and graphics card. It's hard to imagine spending that much money on something that doesn't even work for a year. Now I'm not under warranty and having to buy a new pc since alienware space saving cases make it hard to replace and upgrade with normal pc components. Would never buy again.

Dorman of Affton, MO on
Satisfaction Rating

Replaced an HP 17 that had a MB issue and hinge broken. The Alienware 17 was roughly $1500 and was customized. So far it's been a fairly solid performer except for two issues. Every once in a while it doesn't recognize the HDD. After having this happen a couple of times I have come to realize it is an issue with the cable connecting the MB to the HDD. I open the bottom panel and remove the cable from the HDD and re-seat it and it's all good. This seems to happen more easily when I have traveled with the laptop, ie air travel. Was a bit scary the first time now just annoying. The other issue is the display auto-adjustment "feature" from Intel and MS. No matter what changes I make it won't disable. I hate the dimming screen when changing pages or apps. Since it was loaded with WinX haven't had any of the upgrade issues others have had.

Davis of Fairview Park, OH on
Satisfaction Rating

I have spent over $500 on repairs due to failed motherboards, RAM sticks, circuitry, fans for the graphics card, new graphic card after failure of factory version. In addition, shortly after I purchased my Alienware X51 (July 2015), an unknown number called me indicating that I HAD to purchase insurance (they claimed they were from Dell) for my unit. As they indicated that this would cost me an additional $600, I declined. Finally, after taking my computer in to a local reputable service center, the trusted employees there indicated that my problems were stemming from the unit becoming overheated. They indicated that this was due to the poor design on behalf of the producer. I am very dissatisfied with the product and service I have received and have told everyone I know not to purchase anything from this shoddy company.

James of Chazy, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

Do not buy Alienware! I've had nothing but problems with the 17-inch version of the R3 right out of the box. I get just about every blue screen imaginable and it won't even boot if it has been on for an extended period of time. I have spent countless hours updating drivers and even sent it back for repair once. Still garbage. Latest built-in diagnostics showing memory errors, and tech support just doesn't get it. I'm in the process of sending it back for the second time. Dell will not replace the laptop. Don't buy one unless you love to be frustrated. Read the forums, I'm not the only one having problems. Just putting this out there as a public service. Look elsewhere for a decent laptop.

Jerry of Maryville, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

Alienware/ Dell Computer has been in the shop 8 times since windows 10 update, little to no customer service help. When I called about extending the warranty on the Alienware it took them 5 weeks to respond and by then I had already sunk 500$ into it. With a 29% interest rate to boot, it has been a horrible experience dealing with Dell and Alienware. I still owe 1600$ (which was retail at the time) of the computer over a year and half later and it's currently in shop for repair again. Look into IBUYPOWER.

Erik of Silver Spring, MD on
Satisfaction Rating

I just had the worst customer service experience ever. Literally on hold waiting for help for over two or more hours on multiple days. One time I was on the phone waiting for two hours, was suddenly disconnected, called back and found that the department just closed. You've got to be kidding me. Finally got through today, and they flat out said they couldn't help, and then tried to direct me to sales to sell me more stuff. I've been an Alienware customer for the past ten years and was once a fanboy, but this experience was hands-down the worst customer service experience I have ever had with any company.

J of Kunkletown, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

Bought this for my kid for graduation. He used it six days before the screen froze. He did what we all normally do - control+alt+delete - and it went into an auto cycle of error checking. And then the OS died. DIED. After six days??? Do NOT buy this. The only thing it's good for is a paperweight.

jerry of Los Angeles, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

This is the worst computer I've ever used in my life. It keeps freezing and restarting. I can't access my files without it crashing and the funniest part is I've only had this for three days. This is definitely not worth $2,000.

Mark of White Bear Lake, MN on
Satisfaction Rating

I received an Alienware X51 with the release of the Oculus Rift. I received the combo in FedEx and upon hooking up the computer it was DOA (dead on arrival). I sent it into Dell computer (owners of Alienware) and they sent me a box to ship my computer and for repair. It has been a week and a half (or more) of waiting for the computer. It was shipped via ground and so it took five days to get to Texas. When I got there it was being evaluated by a "technician." It is now Friday and I won't see it until the status is updated on Monday. I imagine it will take over two weeks or more before I get it. Oh well trying to get a completely new computer. Completely awful. Intolerable. Inexcusable.

Chris of Nanaimo, BC on
Satisfaction Rating

I bought an Alienware 15, November 2015. This computer was for my work teaching at University and for my business. This was a new model that cost $2300. It died at about 40 days in. The replacement they sent arrived about 20 or so days after. The new "new" computer they sent did slightly better. It lasted from roughly Jan 21st until April 11th. Hard drive is fried somehow.

I do not trust this brand of computer since the issues. First they said they would send a tech. On the day he/she was supposed to arrive, I came to the address they were supposed to send their tech, but no tech came. They cancelled the tech due to no parts. Next they said they would do an exchange. In that span, they tried to send another tech, but did not ask if the date would work. SO here I am, needing a computer to do my work, and to grow my business, but have been without for more than a week. Really disappointed and will not call the company again. They have no regards for people's time and/or money.

Jon of Kiladelphia, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

I've always wanted an Alienware since 1999... My Asus laptop of 7 years was accidentally broken by my kids which worked perfect all this time. So I got a great deal on the 15 R2, a week later I shut it down the proper way. I go back an hour later to turn it on and there is nothing. No power to it at all. l call Dell and they say it has to be a motherboard... So now I have to wait a week to hopefully repair it. This is outrageous for a top of the line laptop to just take a crap.

Dan of Rochester, MN on
Satisfaction Rating

Ordered a custom Alienware desktop -- took over 3 hours on the phone to order, since the website wasn't working. Was told 7-10 days for delivery. Took 4 weeks. Upon arrival, the graphics cards did not work. Spent 4 hours of wasted time with the tech support people. (Lots of useful suggestions: "Is it plugged in? Can you unplug it and wait 5 minutes and then plug it in again? Does it work now? Oh, well try unplugging it again for 5 minutes..." Then, the bombshell: "Can you please take it apart and check the video cards? Oh, you don't have a star screw driver? Oh, our manual says there aren't any screws for you to remove to take it apart.")

Well, after taking it apart, discovering that the video cards were not mounted and the SLI bridge was just floating loose in the case, I reinstalled them and the video worked fine. Not what I expected for the thousands that I paid them for an assembled computer. Fast forward 3 weeks, they begin to call and harass me for paying the "past due" amount on my account, when they haven't even sent the first bill. They call and harassed me everyday for 2 weeks, even after my bank confirmed that they had received the funds paid in full. I will never do business with them again.

Constant of Orlando, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

November 14, 2015: Purchased this Alienware computer. March 12, 2016: Hard drive stopped working. Windows 10 recommends back up hard drive. Computer fails before backup was completed. March 15, 2016: Placed a call the Dell Tech Support; spoke with Dell Tech Support, talked me through diagnosing the computer. Result shows HD was failing: SMART Predictive Failure- Error Code: 2000-0151. Validation: 119769. March 17, 2016: Received email from Dell Tech Support, saying that new HD to be shipped to technician for technician to come to my home to replace the HD.

March 21, 2016: Technician came to my home and replaced HD, also left me USB drive to reinstall Windows 10 "if" needed. After restarting computer, computer unable to enter Windows. Used provided USB drive to reset/reinstall Windows 10. Failed, "Recovery: Your PC/Device needs to be repaired". March 22, 2016: Re-installed using provided USB Drive. After installation, Computer unable to boot. Message "Recovery: Your PC/Device needs to be repaired". Used provided link to chat room, Alienware Support said to reinstall again.

March 23, 2016: Re-installed using provided USB Drive. After installation, Computer unable to boot. Message "Recovery: Your PC/Device needs to be repaired". Used provided link to chat room, Alienware Support (same person from March 22, 2016) said to reinstall again. Provided me with Dell Tech Support phone # to call. Called Dell Tech Support, did diagnostic by pressing F12 etc. Error Code 2000-0142. Validation: 111773. Said to send Technician to my home again to replacement hard drive.

Rodney of Santa Clarita, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I decided to treat myself and get something nice, so I buy the Alien-ware Steam Machine. I get it home, set it up, finished doing all of that, I dive straight into the settings, I go into the audio settings, I notice the optical audio is highlighted so I switch it to HDMI audio. I then leave the settings. Switch the audio channels and it works fine then I turn it off and I go out. I return turn the system back on and I notice there is no audio. So I go back into the settings. It switched back so I turn it off again then a few hours later back on and the settings switched again. So I factory reset the unit doesn't help.

So I took it back the next day to where I purchased it from. The store gave me a new one. So I took it home worked fine for a bit then I decide to turn it off. A few hours later turn it on and now it is now flashing yellow and nothing turns on. So now I call Dell with this problem and enplane to them in less than 24 hours. I have gone through two of their systems (I once owned a video game store) that is never reassuring when something like that happens. So I wasn't happy. I in the progress I was hung up on. They sent me a box for my new system. One week goes by can't find parts. Okay so I wait, another week goes. I get an email that they can't fix it because they can't get me a replacement part. Are you serious? The system just came out in November. It's the tail end of February, so they offer me a refurbished aka reject system.

I asked them, "Why can't you send me a new system that's what I paid for?" Their response is they can only send me a refurbish policy and all, it's like new. I respond like "New is not new". They continue to explain. I then proceed to tell them how my Nvidia Shield TV took a dive and Nvidia literally sent me a new one in like 4 days - fast, responsive, the way it is meant to be. They didn't really respond. So proceeded to tell them how they should have sent me unit to begin with. So I cave and go with the reject unit.

Last week they called me to confirm I did that was Friday. It is now Monday, they sent me an email saying they haven't confirmed anything yet. Why? So I call and proceed to tell them my case and ask about compensation like some of money back or even a new system. Nope they just sent me to Limbo and hung up. Now I am stuck with no device because the company can't get it right the first time. So now I have to wait. And to be honest I don't even want it anymore. Their customer service is rude. Unhelpful and they never told me what was wrong with my original (2nd) unit. Never Buying Dell Again.

Mack of Tampa, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a 17" Alienware gaming Laptop from Dell in July of 2014, which for most the year performed flawlessly. One month after the factory warranty expired in August of 2015, the high-end graphics card burned out. I contacted Dell about extending the warranty and repairing the computer, but they refused to do that since "the computer already has an issue". I would have to ship it in to them for repair and then buy the extended warranty.

I thought this was poor customer service that Dell would refuse to stand behind the quality of their Alienware product, which people like me pay a high premium for expecting quality and craftsmanship. I have protested to them repeatedly and reported them to the Attorney General and Better Business Bureau in my state. All I've gotten from Dell is rude e-mails that basically say too bad, so sad! But I cannot in good conscience recommend the overpriced Dell Alienware computers and definitely can't recommend their customer service.

J. of Champaign, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

If there were a negative number of stars to assign, I would do that. My experience was nothing short of horrifying. I spent $1700 on an Alienware computer for my son for Christmas. I bought it early, October 5. Bad move, since the company's holiday return policy was from Nov. 2 to January 15. The computer was GARBAGE from the get go. After he played for a bit, it overheated. The video card was shut. I argued for an immediate refund, but was told I was out of luck since I bought it in October, even though clearly it was for Christmas. The representative convinced me to just send it in for repairs. A brand NEW computer and it needed REPAIR? I did so. They "replaced" the video card. Then the computer was even WORSE. It overheated and shut down entirely! There was no rebooting. When I called to demand a refund, I had to fight for an hour and a half before they "agreed" to the refund.

It gets worse. The company then sent me an email stating that they would send me a prepaid return label and grant a refund, but I had to send it in "within five days" or the deal was off. Then... they FAILED to send the label! When I pressed the customer service representative about it she said it was nowhere in the system and it must have been a "glitch". UNBELIEVABLE. UNETHICAL. IMMORAL. CROOKS! BEWARE!!!

Quinn of Arlington, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

Always wanted an Alienware laptop and finally got one. For the amount of money that was paid for it you would think it would run perfectly. Laptop overheats after 5 minutes. When I connected to my wifi it stays connected until you open the browser. I get disconnected and it knocks all the other computers and mobile devices in my home. After that happens my network is nowhere to be found. Sent it in and they "replaced" the card. I was excited to have it back and connected to my wifi again. I was still having the same issue. We tried everything. It's a piece of junk. Don't buy an Alienware.

Edison of Goshen, IN on
Satisfaction Rating

Just bought this pc about cyber Monday, and nice box, great looking computer. Then... after you turn it on, set up everything, install couple game, play a little bit, you notice your buddy's same m17 is faster than yours with the same hardware. Whats worse next day you wake your pc from sleep mode and r and other keys don't work and it freezed a little when you double click on league of legend.

So all this was told can be fix by disabling alienware control module. Why! I didn't want to disable anything. It should be the perfect gaming system right out the box! But it\s not. So as they try to fix the pc about 3 hour, pretty much all they did was run test and factory reset. At the end of the day when I restart the pc... its gotten worse. 1/3 of keyboard keys don't work at all. If this was hp or other low end brand... I wouldn't complain but this is alienware. Gaming pc. They did however let me return it. But still... I do not think I'll ever buy another pc from Dell again.

Kenneth of Colma, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Bought an Alienware in October, found it cheaper when they had the Black Friday deals. They won't price match, only would do it up to $150, whereas the deal would be like $300 difference... Wanted to return, they put me on hold forever, then told me their system is down, gave me a number to call back on Monday. I didn't want to wait, so I called again after 3 hours. They yelled at me for calling them back before Monday, and said "Didn't we tell you to call back on Monday? Is it Monday yet?" Put me on hold for another 2 hours, then I just gave up and hang up. 1 hour later, I received a return authorization and label from Dell to ship back. It has been since 20 days and no refund yet.

I inquire via email, they responded saying they will get in touch with me within the next 48 to 72 hours, if I would like to follow up, please call them. I called them, guess what they say? "Your request is assigned to a specialist, didn't the email tell you to look out for a call from them and you should wait for them to call you." Wow, totally put me at their mercy... So I purchased the deal and along with it, a Microsoft Home Office 2016. They weren't clear on how to retrieve the product, wasn't installed on the Alienware. Then I tried to follow the instructions, it won't work. Called Microsoft Support and spent 47 minutes on the phone with Microsoft. Apparently Dell sold me a product key that was already registered to some hacker so I can't use it to activate nor download my product. Microsoft said this is a very well-known issue with Dell... I will never buy nor use Dell ever again.

Kent of Henry, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

A year and half ago I spent over $4,000 (including the warranted) on the best possible M17 I could buy. I had read about freezing and hanging issues with Alienware laptops but hoped that everything I read on the internet wasn't true, unfortunately it was in my case. The day it came in the mail I plugged it in, booted it up, logged into windows for the first time and it starting freezing. The laptop was more or less useless. After two months on the phone with tech support the computer was finally in a "usable" condition. Sadly to get it to work they had to turn off the over-clocking (that I paid for) and make some other questionable changes to software settings. The problem was never resolved, however, but the computer was usable and I resigned myself to the reality that I had wasted four thousand dollars.

About a month and a half ago I received a "sata drive 2 has stopped functioning error" from the Intel Rapid Storage Technology application and had to call tech support again. They replaced hard drive number two (in my Raid 0 config) and had to reinstall windows. After reinstalling windows the tech agent failed to set up the Intel Raid Storage Technology application that controlled my hardware acceleration (that I paid for), and the original freezing and hanging returned but worse this time. The computer was dirt slow and completely unusable but the agent I spoke with over the phone assured me for two hours that everything was working fine. I resolved the hardware acceleration issue with a quick google search while being put on hold by the agent (after I got tired of being told nothing was wrong) but the hanging and freezing still remained.

I don't mind solving my own issues, I am accustomed to it, but I paid $500 for a warranty to save myself the time of having to do it. Again Alienware failed to provide me with what I paid for. I would like to say it ends here but replacing the hard drive did not solve the issue, I was still receiving the error message so they promptly sent a box for me to ship the laptop into their service facility. I was impressed by how fast I got the computer back and would have been even more impressed if they had actually fixed the problems. The day it returned from the repair facility a feeling of gloom hung in the air, deep inside I knew it wouldn't be fixed.

They replaced the SSD drive that runs the hardware acceleration and to my surprise that DID fix the "sata drive 2 has stopped functioning" error but the persistent freezing and hanging remained, rendering the laptop useless. At that point I wondered if they even test these PC's after repair by logging in and using them. Even 5 minutes of actually trying to use the PC to surf the web or listen to a MP3 and you see how broken it is.

While in the repair facility they reinstalled Windows 7 (again) and this time they remembered to install the drivers for the hardware acceleration but they formatted the SSD drive wrong. They set it up for "caching" to speed up the PC (you know, the kind of caching you have when you buy a cheap USB drive to speed up your computer?). The computer was (again) dirt slow, but I searched around and found the solution myself (which was to delete the volume on the SSD so that the hardware acceleration option appears in the Intel Rapid Storage Technology app).

At this point hopelessness started to set in, I was starting to realize that the tech support exhibited little to no real knowledge of the technology that was going into these machines. They were working off from "step by step" diagnosis charts and not thoroughly testing the PC at all. I called tech support back and after two or three days of deliberation they decided to change out the motherboard and RAM, 3 weeks had passed now from the time my computer had stopped functioning. The parts were on back order for 3 days, then on the day they were supposed to be in they got pushed back for another week, then pushed back again. Finally I asked for the computer to be replaced if that was at all possible, since I had no idea of when the parts would be in and I purchased this computer for work and needed it badly. They agreed to replace the PC.

I would like to say that this story ends here but unfortunately it doesn't. It is going on two weeks now since they agreed to replace the computer (which should have taken a few days to process) and I cannot reach the resolution department to even discuss the matter. When I do manage to talk to someone they just tell me it will be 2-5 days longer. At this point I have little choice but to purchase a new PC and ask Dell for a refund or turn the matter over to an attorney to obtain a refund for me should that fail.

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