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Lauren of Anderson, SC on
Satisfaction Rating

I have purchased two Acer laptops in the past week and the first one died and the one I have now crashes when it wants. Suddenly will start checking the C drive because of errors and the screen will go blue. Also the fan sounds like it's going to explode inside the computer.

Matt of Yonkers, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I have an Acer Aspire R 15 which is absolutely horrible! Whenever I need to charge my computer, the quality and speed of the computer decreases drastically which makes it unbearable to play games and watch videos. Also, the touchscreen (which is the main reason I bought it) is unresponsive and not very accurate with my touches. It frequently disconnects wi-fi and has a poor battery life. I do not recommend buying this computer for your family or children AT ALL!

Yuanyuan of Edsion, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

I bought an acer R5-571T laptop 8 months ago, and it began to show "No Bootable Device" at start. I tried to change settings in BIOS but nothing helped. I sent it for repairing, paid packaging fee, paid shipping fee. After I got it back, installed every software I need (took me a whole day to set up the laptop again), Just last for 3 days, it shows "No Bootable Device" when starting - the same exact problem again! I had to send it back for a second time for repairing, and Acer support service didn't even cover the packaging fee for shipping the laptop. Had to pay the packaging fee TWICE, and wasted time doing all the set-up work. The service of Acer is terrible. Just. Don't. Buy. It. They will have major hard drive problem within less a year and they can't fix it. And you get all these troubles and still need to pay. Don't Buy Acer. Spread the word.

JR of Victoria, BC on
Satisfaction Rating

Our son and I went out today and bought a brand new Acer Aspire E17 laptop computer from Best Buy. Right out of the box it would not start up without login ID as if it were set up for someone else already. Called for tech help and after going through all the product IDs they told us to do a factory reset for which there was no reset point. When typing this in we realized that our tech support hung up on us.

Went back in line and got a different agent after another long wait. This person said the same thing as the first and when we said that when we tried to reset it had no reset points. This agent told us that he wasn't even sure that this is a new computer so take it back! He then disconnected. We are in the queue for the third time this time waiting for over 15 minutes so far. Calling Acer gives a message that says thank you for calling and then nothing. This is the worst customer service I've ever seen in a computer company. Acer = crap. 0/10 will return it and never buy Acer again.

Kim of Alexandria, KY on
Satisfaction Rating

My first tablet/computer was, I believe an Acer Aspire combo, with detachable keyboard. It ran slow, no internet connection, pop-up all the time, would always shut down on me; and finally would flash onto homepage, or website or app I had been on but immediately go black, rather I refreshed the screen or power unit off and back on. Could get no help by tech support because they would direct me into settings in which I could not get into because of screen going black immediately.

The last time I tried to get help Microsoft connected me to one of their highest level techs and he was befuddled because he said he never heard of such a problem. I got that product in April of 2016 and by October it was toast. I got my second tablet, an Acer Iconia 10, in March 2017, and now it appears to be toast. I was having the same problems as with the Aspire except for it blacking out so I thought no way am I going to lose another tablet in a year's time.

First, I looked all over on my device for how to get Acer tech help, they don't supply that info on their devices which I see as a problem in itself. I finally found their tech support number online. Called and he helped me do a hard factory reset. Problem with that is I needed to set it up again, but with the same account info as it was originally set up with. Problem there is I can't remember that password which is a Google problem because every time I turn around, whenever I would have to enter my Google account info, I would get a message "invalid password" so I would need to keep changing my password.

I have probably had a dozen or more passwords since I've had this device. Therefore, I can't get back into my device. And Google Days they don't store our passwords anywhere to be able to retrieve them. I have been on the phone numerous times with Acer and Google in the past few days. And one last note about Acer is that they don't tell you that you will need initial setup info after a reset to get back in and I think that is something they should tell every customer before doing so. I will definitely never have another Acer product ever and I plan to spread the word every way I can: DON'T BUY ACER PRODUCTS. I am one very ** off and fuming Acer customer which I don't need this anxiety added to all of my other disabilities.

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Alice of Spencer, WV on
Satisfaction Rating

The link to contact manufacturer gives a 404 error. The "Experts" in the forum obviously only use their computers for socializing as they refer to caps as "Shouting". The inability to lock caps is just one of many problems. If I complain, then I get an email that says, "It sounds like you are just complaining.." Exactly my intent! I can't use apps that are in the store. They are already on my little tablet. The computer downloads it. Then I get a message that says its incompatible with my laptop. Bought December 2016! So much of my time has been wasted! I must reset my time as this, I'm told #1 is due to my satellite server is changing. #2 I must turn it on, do several suggested things and turn off for multiple suggested amounts of time. #3 Just patiently change the zone each time manually.

Pick one, as these so-called experts all have an opinion. They love to remind those in the forum that they are neither employees of Google nor Acer. If an obvious actual computer software/hardware expert enters the forum, then the belittling speech begins! "If you are such an expert, I would think you would have made comparisons before purchase." I am NOT an expert. My husband bought this for me to use to update my nursing license, go to school online for a BS, and reinstate my insurance license. All of these require that I am in class on scheduled times. The time on my computer DOES matter. Many acronyms are used in all my work, making the caps lock a need.

What a ridiculous answer, "We consider all caps as shouting." Want an answer from the manufacturer? Want your money back to replace? Try that immediately, it won't work. The little Peter Pans of maybe 30-40's years old that dream of getting rich by playing video games will hotly support the chrome by telling you that you need to be patient and learn your machine. After wasting literally weeks of time, I went to my old desktop that's on the same satellite server but knows it's on Eastern Standard, in order to study online. I tried again, putting in requests for help and/or money back from manufacturer to actually use my laptop to no avail. It works great to check emails, socialize, and watch youtube. Oh, I could do that on my 4S iPhone.

Janice of Fresno, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Approximately 3 years ago I bought an Acer Aspire E5-511 laptop. While it is not the speediest computer around it is adequate for email, writing documents, etc. When Microsoft offered the Windows 10 upgrade I accepted the offer and installed it. I recently needed to wipe the hard drive clean and start over. I used DBAN and nuked the hard drive. Once that was done I reinstalled Windows 7 using the recovery discs I made when I first got the computer. I had to go onto the internet using another computer to get drivers that were not included on the recovery disc. Annoying but manageable. Then I went to activate the newly installed Windows 7. It would not activate because the Windows 7 key had exceeded its limit.

When I called Microsoft I was told that this is a fairly common problem with Acer machines. The company uses the same key for multiple activations. Acer was absolutely no help whatsoever in trying to resolve this issue. I am going to have to call Microsoft again as the tech people I need to speak to were not there when I called. I am fairly certain that they will be able to help. I will NEVER own another Acer computer. Fair warning to anyone out there thinking of buying an Acer computer, you too could easily experience this problem if you need to reinstall the OS.

Adam of Regina, SK on
Satisfaction Rating

This laptop runs extremely slow. You can't update it either. Customer service only reset my computer two times. Losing all of my saved data. Pictures, resumes etc. I needed these things when I set up my computer. It still runs extremely slow. And I will need to buy another computer because of this. Please beware.

Stephen of Ames, IA on
Satisfaction Rating

Yesterday we were 3 weeks from when our computer first arrived from Amazon (and we STILL don't have a working computer and have no prospect of having one anytime soon). Upon receipt, I immediately spent 1.5 days setting the computer up before realizing that the optical drive was not only very flimsy, but also semi-DOA. That is, it only intermittently showed up on the directory tree and only occasionally would read a CD. So I dutifully cringed and started the "contact the manufacturer" drill.

I told the second-level technical person REPEATEDLY that the problem was the optical drive. She kept asking me to reset the operating system, something I refused to do given my time investment in setting the computer up and the virtual certainty (communicated to her clearly and repeatedly) that the OPTICAL/CD/DVD drive was no good. I finally asked if I had no other option, and she said I could send the computer to Texas for repair. She reluctantly agreed (as if it was a big deal for the company to pay transport on a DOA computer???) to send me a shipping label. With much inconvenience and frustration, I hauled it off to FedEx and began my FIRST wait.

A week later, the computer arrived back here. I immediately plugged it in and found that the operating system had been reset FLUSHING my 1.5 days of work AND that the optical drive HAD NOT BEEN FIXED. After the requisite period on the phone, I had another shipping label a "sincere" apology and assurance that they would QUICKLY get the repair right the 2nd time (it seems that the order made by the first technical person said nothing about the optical drive and only mentioned the hard drive). We were at FedEx the next morning (FedEx was closed by the time we had authorization to ship a SECOND time). Well, that will be 2 weeks ago in a couple of days.

Acer acknowledged receipt of the computer 8 DAYS AGO TODAY, but apparently hasn't touched it since. 2 contacts with the company's repair people confirm that yes, they have the computer, no they haven't done anything with it. (They did "generously" extend our warranty by a month on the 2nd contact!!! What a deal!) The computer is in Texas with no sign of ever returning. I'd just ask Amazon to give me a refund, but I cannot ship it back to Amazon, because I don't have it. Besides, even if Amazon refunds my money, I foolishly bought extra RAM (not yet installed) and an extended warranty that we'd presumably have to eat. Consumer horror stories abound and we have some before, but this one is a high watermark for us. I should have known that you usually get what you pay for. This computer's low price was no bargain.

Ng of Singapore, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

Last week, 17/3/17, my computer downed by power surges. Upon sending to ACER repair service centre, only to be told that motherboard and graphic card were damaged beyond repair. That particular model was no more producing spare parts. The computer had worked for 5 years. And had reached product life span maturity. So it is due for scrapyard. The advice is to purchase a new model.

I felt that power surge protection should be built into computer to assure any disruption/damage due to power surges. Cost wise, it is consider less than fifty dollars. I believe customer satisfaction should be a priority in service delivery company policy. Customer is the paymaster who pay for the service. If customer is not satisfied, then an alternative supplier should take over the delivery of service. It just do not make sense. A company exist to deliver goods/services to earn a revenue.

If it fail to deliver to the satisfaction of customer, then the company should be eliminated. Or debar from any further contract in the business. This administrative control measure ensure that the market is not spoilt by just a black sheep. Consumers should bade them goodbye and best of luck. There is no room for complacency. If it fail to meet the mark, then it should not be in the market selling poor product/service. The Safety Mark stamped on product which passed the quality check should be the trademark informing consumers of its expected standard.

Chinthala of Torrance, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Very bad experience with Acer laptop (v3-575t-7008). It is very unreliable laptop and I used just 6 months and it get cracked the bottom cover and scratches in LCD touch screen. After given to the service center, I got the call that it is not come under warranty and asked to pay $339.99 to repair completely. I accepted and paid immediately.

But, after one/two days the kind of actions started and asked to replace this laptop with another one by giving extra money. I requested to repair my laptop whatever possibilities. But, they warned that they are going to return my laptop if I won't exchange my laptop and they asked to pay $500 for new laptop and they don't want return my laptop. But, that laptop has repaired in local shop for just $200. Even though my laptop has one year warranty, they way reacted/services very bad. I really fed-up the kind of the service supported. I am sure Acer laptops are not at all reliable and I never buy or recommendable Acer to everyone.

Margo of Burlington, ON on
Satisfaction Rating

My son's table (Acer Iconia One 7) dies after three weeks of owning (bought brand new). We sent it in to Acer repairs and was told initially it would be returned within 5 business days. This did not happen. I contacted support and they said I was misinformed and that it would be 7-10 business days and I would be able to get an answer as to what was happening after 7 days. I called again on day seven and was told I was guaranteed to get it by the following Tuesday (as that was when it was needed) and if not there would be options provided for me.

I checked the status of repair on Monday (today) only to see it was still "under repair" and got on the phone again. I was put through to a supervisor who again (very rudely) told me I had been misinformed and that he was unsure as to when it would be returned. The process was flawed but the inconsistencies in messages I received. I am disappointed in the manner in which I was spoken to by the supervisor and also the fact that the messages I received contradicted other information given.

Kate of Daytona Beach, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

We bought an Acer Aspire X computer tower from Walmart preloaded with Windows 10. When we set it up the Windows did not activate. We thought it was a Microsoft issue and contacted them. We were told that it is, in fact, an Acer problem since the computer was preloaded. We have contacted Acer support 5 times and were told it is not their problem. This computer was brand new and has never had Windows activated on it. Acer told us to reinstall which we did and it still did not work. Their next suggestion was to send it in for repair. It doesn't need repairing it needs a working key product code. We asked them about getting a recovery oem disk. They said sure if we pay for it. We have already paid for a working product that does not work. They said they can't help us. We will never buy an Acer product again, even if our lives depended on it.

Brandi of Puyallup, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

After having the Acer V17 Nitro laptop for 6 months, the motherboard went out. It went out in the middle of a huge project I was working on, so I didn't get to back up what I had opened at the moment. I was unable to get the computer back on. I returned the laptop via FedEx as the warranty stated. I put a note in about please not wiping out my hard drive. I called Customer Service (I use that term as loosely as possible; communication was almost impossible and they barely spoke English) three times - yes, THREE SEPARATE TIMES. I asked them to PLEASE call me back. I couldn't bear the idea of losing my information. I told them I'd pay extra if they would just save my hard drive. Yes, I had backed up earlier in the day - but the meat of what I was working on had not backed up because MY SIX MONTH OLD LAPTOP ABRUPTLY DIED.

I found out that they had to replace the motherboard, then they wiped out my hard drive and sent the computer back to me. When I called (again) and asked them how this could happen, they told me (in very broken English) that I should have backed up before I sent the computer in. I asked how I was supposed to have backed it up when it died and wouldn't start? I used the phrase, "How in the hell was I supposed to back it up?" and the "Customer Service" rep said I was "using bad words" and hung up on me. I then stated I just wanted my money back and they said no. I called Costco, and they won't take it back either, because it's outside of 90 days. I could just scream. $1300 for a "top of the line" laptop and their support is TERRIBLE. I made a Youtube video because I recorded one of my calls - for proof of just how bad the service is. I want my money back and they won't do it - so I'm stuck with this piece of junk. I could just scream.

Mashelle of Roseburg, OR on
Satisfaction Rating

A year ago I bought an Acer Aspire. We use our phones most of the time so we can count on our hands the hours we've used it. Turned it on last night to it flashing the Acer logo then shutting down repeatedly. Basically we spent $250 for a laptop that worked a few hours. Never will we buy this brand again!

Jeanette of Sittingbourne, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I bought an Acer 11.6 chromebook through a well known mail order company. After just 9 weeks I noticed a small black mark at top of screen (in middle). Each time I turned the machine on the spot got bigger and looked as if it was "peeling" down from the top. Also coloured lines started to appear running down the screen. I firstly contacted the mail order company who advised contacting Acer direct, this I did.

The gentleman from Acer who answered my call informed me that "I must of dropped it" and would have to pay for repair. I knew for a fact this had not happened as the machine was never lifted from my desktop. I explained this but was told I would need to send it to them at my expense they would then look at it and I would be told the charge. If I decided not to go ahead with repair I would be charge £37.50 to have it returned to me. I could tell by the gentleman's attitude that he had already decided I was going to be blamed for this. I feel as if I am being blamed for their poor product and they were never going to admit they could be wrong. I will never be buying anything from this company again.

John of Portland, ME on
Satisfaction Rating

Acer in the Dominican Republic was contacted after I received one of their products. 'Hamlet' was contacted by phone and was less than helpful with my concerns. He then refused to allow me to speak to a supervisor for 45 minutes. While I waited on the phone. The supervisor 'Franklin' finally got on the phone and didn't see anything wrong with me waiting 45 minutes to receive a simple answer to my question. My advice... DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM ACER... EVER.

Trin of Baton Rouge, LA on
Satisfaction Rating

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! The first person hung up on me, the next person told me to return the computer where I got it from which I spent my gas doing so and was told that the third-party buyer could do nothing because it was after 30 days. The company told me it was a hard drive problem and they don't know why within 90 days. They also stated that they couldn't offer me a refund because I didn't buy it from them personally. I run a photography company and waiting 8 business days to service my computer is going to hurt my clientele. I would suggest that people stick to Apple. You may spend more on their products but at least you get wonderful customer service and they are always willing to fix their machines in a timely manner. I regret wasting almost 300 dollars on a computer that broke in 3 months 9/10. Once it is fixed I'm going to have to pawn it to get something for it.

Steven of West Chester, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

Chromebook is constantly losing connection and is super slow. It cuts out completely often. Not nearly as good as I was expecting and then there is the customer service. Easily worst I have dealt with in the USA other than Comcast but at least they always give me free ** to make me want to kill them less. Acer customer service will do nothing to help me with my problem.

Thomas of Tigard, OR on
Satisfaction Rating

Chromebook 15 inch has an i3 processor & 4 gig of RAM, 1080p & 32 gig SSDD. Very quick & repsonsive. Makes the experience very happy a very useful tool!! Bought earlier this year... Right now I have a Bluetooth mouse & headphones. Works great. Easy typing. Full keyboard & huge track pad. Chrome is completely different than Apple or Windows, more like Linux. I can have 16 pages including video/music all working... Then a 2nd layer of pages that might be 4 or 5 Then a 3rd layer of pages that might be 15 or 16... All working now. Lapse & jump from layer to layer & able to use apps within the layers. This Chromebook eats data like a workhorse!!! Very fun machine!!

Chemelynne of Winchester, Virginia on
Satisfaction Rating

This is my second time buying an Acer laptop. I need a CD/DVD player in my laptop, so I buy Acer. You can't get a better value. I like Acer a lot, especially with the touchscreen and the CD/DVD player in it.

Lisa of Memphis, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

It gives me excellent WiFi and data. I have never had any problems out of my computer. It does its job. I love my Acer. It didn't cost a fortune. It's just as good as an Apple. It's a great computer for some people that don't have a lot of money. I am so poor right now trying to find a way to make money before I get thrown in the streets. Thank you Acer for the great computer.

Yu of Sugar Land, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I have bought more than 10 laptops of different brands. I would say that Acer one is the worst in quality and customer support. I bought a new i5 laptop less than 4 months ago. In less than 3 months, the keyboard stopped working. I have to send it back to get a new keyboard. Since my son caused a little dent on the back of the laptop, they first told me it is out of warranty. After a back and forth talks, they finally realized since the keyboard is separable, there was no way for them to blame that dent. They eventually sent me a new keyboard and it works fine since then. Now one month later, we cannot turn on/off the laptop. They were so happy to use the dent as the excuse to tell me the warranty of the product is void because that dent. What a lame and ridiculous excuse! Will never buy any product from this cheap company!

Patsy of Corning, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

This laptop is an older model but I like that it's easy to use, its durability has made it to where I've had it several years. Dropped it a few times. No damage done.

Shaun of Claysville, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

Bought the Acer Aspire 14 back in February at Best Buy. Mid-October the machine started to freeze up when starting. Sent it back to the company in Texas. Just been informed that they cannot fix it. Since it was still under warranty, they created the fictitious story that something was spilled on it! So beware. If they do not want to honor the warranty, they will make up a reason for the defect.

Dena of Corona, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I do not like the format of this computer. I cannot see about 1/3 of the page. At this point I would not feel comfortable purchasing another of this brand. I feel this computer is very limited in the display. I do not like the presentation of most sites that I use on this computer. I purchased it strictly based on lowest price and I feel I got what I paid for, lowest quality. I know others who have purchased this brand and they are satisfied.

Linda of Bushkill, Pennsylvania on
Satisfaction Rating

This computer is a Chromebook and I find it very confusing to use. After using my Acer computer, I am not crazy with the setup. A lot of things are hidden, so you have to seek and test to see where everything is.

Grant of Tulsa, OK on
Satisfaction Rating

I have no brand loyalty from one computer purchase to the next, but I am happy with the price/performance balance I found on this particular Acer desktop. I would never buy another Toshiba anything. I've had two bad experiences with them, and one good/one bad with Dell. I don't ever look for top-of-the-line hardware, but something reasonably powerful that I'll plan to replace in 2-3 years. So far, Acer and Gateway have been able to provide good enough products at reasonable prices to keep me happy.

Nathaniel of Aztec, NM on
Satisfaction Rating

My daughter was given an Acer Aspire laptop as a birthday present. Nice if you ask me. 2 months into her having it, it froze. Could not do anything with it. Contacted Acer support and I was told it's not under warranty. I told them she hasn't had it for two months. Their response was nothing we can do but send it in and it would cost me 200 dollars if not more. Just for the reboot program. Well just the other day had a chat with them and very rudely telling me to get any information. It would cost me 80 dollars just for a yes or no question. And just this morning I called them and they now told me there is nothing they can do but to send it in and no telling how much. The funny thing is I do pictures for an international play and some of the members liked it a lot. To where they wanted one. Now I know that it's a waste of money if you ask me and my daughter was hoping I could get it going for her but I guess I know now.

Deborah of Orono, ON on
Satisfaction Rating

My Acer laptop is unusable... surprise. It's been sent back for repairs twice, so far and still not working. It's being "factory reset" four times. I will never ever purchase a product from Acer & I will also inform anyone I know to do the same. I've spent money & countless hours & with no results. Acer should be ashamed of themselves. They have no business being involved in the computer industry. Obviously your online techs haven't purchased your products since they don't understand the frustration customers are going through. I didn't need nor appreciate your Acer techs' negative attitude.

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Founded in 1976, Acer is a communication and information technology company that has become one of the leading manufacturers of laptops, Chromebooks and PCs.

  • Desktop options: Acer’s desktop computers contain the space-saving Aspire X, the customizable Aspire T, the Predator G gaming computer, the Aspire Z all-in-one computer and numerous other models.
  • Chromebook options: Acer offers numerous Chromebook laptops as well as the Acer Chromebox, a desktop Chrome base that is compact and portable.
  • Notebook options: Acer notebook options include the ultra-thin Swift line, the convertible Spin laptops, the Switch line that combines a tablet with a snap-on keyboard and the Predator gaming line.
  • Tablet options: Acer’s Iconia tablet computers range from the basic Iconia Tab 8 model for casual use to the more entertainment-focused Iconia Tab 10.
  • Revo Build: Acer’s Revo Build computer is a PC build from stackable modules. Each part, from its basic motherboard to its data storage hard drive can be stacked in any modular order through magnetic connectors, so consumers can customize the PCs they want with ease.
  • Best for With an extensive and diverse collection, Acer computers are best for families, businesses or anyone looking for the right machine to fit their needs.

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