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Vern of the Northwest, a computer science instructor on

As a computer science teacher I am getting flooded with cries for help from people who bought eMachines. I bought one to have a look and the phrase "you get what you pay for" comes to mind. In my opinion, the Etower 366c that I bought is built from proprietary junk.

The poor little power supply hasn't got a chance of running for long. The motherboard has sockets that are not supported or even listed by the industry (AMC PORT?)still looking. I wonder what resources that component is trying to grab, since it has no drivers that I can find.

After a week of installing patches from Microsoft, searching for documentation on the web and begging for assistance from Trigem-USA, my conclusion is that the students and I, owners of these expensive paper weights, will be forced to change the motherboards and saw holes in the cases to install proper power supplies.

My machine locks up regularly and complains about system resources being critically low. That is not a surprise since they are trying to run W/98 and all the web goodies on 32 MB of ram.

What should we tell the students that purchased these machines for a special project and can't use them the way they are, or get information to upgrade them? This is a tough lesson to learn when these kids are struggling to eat.

I use terms in my classes -- "evil skippy" that refers to dishonest computer techs, and "stupid skippy" refers to those techs that have no clue but do the work anyway. My opinion of eMachines is that they underpriced and underbuilt their product. The end result is that they can't provide the support needed to correct the problems.

There are ways to put a stop to companies that abuse their customers:

  • Vote with your feet, make sure everybody on the planet knows how you were treated and what you got for your hard earned dollars.
  • Cut your losses, don't throw good money after bad. This is a good machine for you to learn to repair and upgrade yourself. What do ya have to lose?
  • Complain LOUDLY to the "Cheap-Stuff-Mart" where you bought it. It comes down to purchasing agents that have not done their homework.
  • Do some reassert BEFORE you buy. Decide what you want to do with it and make sure you are really getting what you need and what you pay for.

Anyone can learn to build a computer. It's easy and cheaper if you do a little reading and research, buy a fix-it book and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS.

Very good advice, Vern. Here at 1 Complaint Plaza, we've had to do exactly what Vern describes -- rip a one-month-old eMachine apart and drill holes in the cabinet so we could install a decent power supply, which meant there was no longer room for the floppy drive in the substandard box. Another machine needed a new motherboard. Fortunately, we have a good screwdriver and we're not afraid to use it.

Trin of Baton Rouge, LA on
Satisfaction Rating

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! The first person hung up on me, the next person told me to return the computer where I got it from which I spent my gas doing so and was told that the third-party buyer could do nothing because it was after 30 days. The company told me it was a hard drive problem and they don't know why within 90 days. They also stated that they couldn't offer me a refund because I didn't buy it from them personally. I run a photography company and waiting 8 business days to service my computer is going to hurt my clientele. I would suggest that people stick to Apple. You may spend more on their products but at least you get wonderful customer service and they are always willing to fix their machines in a timely manner. I regret wasting almost 300 dollars on a computer that broke in 3 months 9/10. Once it is fixed I'm going to have to pawn it to get something for it.

Steven of West Chester, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

Chromebook is constantly losing connection and is super slow. It cuts out completely often. Not nearly as good as I was expecting and then there is the customer service. Easily worst I have dealt with in the USA other than Comcast but at least they always give me free ** to make me want to kill them less. Acer customer service will do nothing to help me with my problem.

Thomas of Tigard, OR on
Satisfaction Rating

Chromebook 15 inch has an i3 processor & 4 gig of RAM, 1080p & 32 gig SSDD. Very quick & repsonsive. Makes the experience very happy a very useful tool!! Bought earlier this year... Right now I have a Bluetooth mouse & headphones. Works great. Easy typing. Full keyboard & huge track pad. Chrome is completely different than Apple or Windows, more like Linux. I can have 16 pages including video/music all working... Then a 2nd layer of pages that might be 4 or 5 Then a 3rd layer of pages that might be 15 or 16... All working now. Lapse & jump from layer to layer & able to use apps within the layers. This Chromebook eats data like a workhorse!!! Very fun machine!!

Chemelynne of Winchester, Virginia on
Satisfaction Rating

This is my second time buying an Acer laptop. I need a CD/DVD player in my laptop, so I buy Acer. You can't get a better value. I like Acer a lot, especially with the touchscreen and the CD/DVD player in it.

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Lisa of Memphis, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

It gives me excellent WiFi and data. I have never had any problems out of my computer. It does its job. I love my Acer. It didn't cost a fortune. It's just as good as an Apple. It's a great computer for some people that don't have a lot of money. I am so poor right now trying to find a way to make money before I get thrown in the streets. Thank you Acer for the great computer.

Yu of Sugar Land, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I have bought more than 10 laptops of different brands. I would say that Acer one is the worst in quality and customer support. I bought a new i5 laptop less than 4 months ago. In less than 3 months, the keyboard stopped working. I have to send it back to get a new keyboard. Since my son caused a little dent on the back of the laptop, they first told me it is out of warranty. After a back and forth talks, they finally realized since the keyboard is separable, there was no way for them to blame that dent. They eventually sent me a new keyboard and it works fine since then. Now one month later, we cannot turn on/off the laptop. They were so happy to use the dent as the excuse to tell me the warranty of the product is void because that dent. What a lame and ridiculous excuse! Will never buy any product from this cheap company!

Shaun of Claysville, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

Bought the Acer Aspire 14 back in February at Best Buy. Mid-October the machine started to freeze up when starting. Sent it back to the company in Texas. Just been informed that they cannot fix it. Since it was still under warranty, they created the fictitious story that something was spilled on it! So beware. If they do not want to honor the warranty, they will make up a reason for the defect.

Dena of Corona, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I do not like the format of this computer. I cannot see about 1/3 of the page. At this point I would not feel comfortable purchasing another of this brand. I feel this computer is very limited in the display. I do not like the presentation of most sites that I use on this computer. I purchased it strictly based on lowest price and I feel I got what I paid for, lowest quality. I know others who have purchased this brand and they are satisfied.

Linda of Bushkill, Pennsylvania on
Satisfaction Rating

This computer is a Chromebook and I find it very confusing to use. After using my Acer computer, I am not crazy with the setup. A lot of things are hidden, so you have to seek and test to see where everything is.

Grant of Tulsa, OK on
Satisfaction Rating

I have no brand loyalty from one computer purchase to the next, but I am happy with the price/performance balance I found on this particular Acer desktop. I would never buy another Toshiba anything. I've had two bad experiences with them, and one good/one bad with Dell. I don't ever look for top-of-the-line hardware, but something reasonably powerful that I'll plan to replace in 2-3 years. So far, Acer and Gateway have been able to provide good enough products at reasonable prices to keep me happy.

Nathaniel of Aztec, NM on
Satisfaction Rating

My daughter was given an Acer Aspire laptop as a birthday present. Nice if you ask me. 2 months into her having it, it froze. Could not do anything with it. Contacted Acer support and I was told it's not under warranty. I told them she hasn't had it for two months. Their response was nothing we can do but send it in and it would cost me 200 dollars if not more. Just for the reboot program. Well just the other day had a chat with them and very rudely telling me to get any information. It would cost me 80 dollars just for a yes or no question. And just this morning I called them and they now told me there is nothing they can do but to send it in and no telling how much. The funny thing is I do pictures for an international play and some of the members liked it a lot. To where they wanted one. Now I know that it's a waste of money if you ask me and my daughter was hoping I could get it going for her but I guess I know now.

Deborah of Orono, ON on
Satisfaction Rating

My Acer laptop is unusable... surprise. It's been sent back for repairs twice, so far and still not working. It's being "factory reset" four times. I will never ever purchase a product from Acer & I will also inform anyone I know to do the same. I've spent money & countless hours & with no results. Acer should be ashamed of themselves. They have no business being involved in the computer industry. Obviously your online techs haven't purchased your products since they don't understand the frustration customers are going through. I didn't need nor appreciate your Acer techs' negative attitude.

Robby of Sooke, BC on
Satisfaction Rating

I am VERY VERY unhappy with my Acer product. I purchased an Acer Aspire E15 in April this year and it crashed in August, requiring a new OS. I am a photographer and lost 100s of photos I had just uploaded from camera for editing, not to mention other data. The returned laptop was noisy where it had not been before, and I had to spend countless hours setting the system up again to my liking/needs, when it crashed AGAIN at the beginning of November. It took a full week to even be received for repairs, and as of today (13 days later) I still have no return time. I DO NOT trust that it will not crash a third time. I was told I would not get a new product unless it does so. This does not create trust in your product or your service technicians. Until this issue is resolved to my liking - I would like a brand new laptop - I will be going public with my reviews and discontent with Acer products and service. (Posted on Acer's facebook site, Nov 21, 2016)

My scathing review on this site garnered me an email from a rep who said they would forward my issue to the Customer Advocacy Team, and they would contact me in 1-2 business days - which was 7 days ago. It appears Acer's commitment to customer satisfaction is as deeply lacking as their commitment to providing quality product. Granted, they expedited the return of my laptop (thank you very much), but it is the same unreliable laptop that has crashed twice in the seven months since purchase. AGAIN I am stuck with an unreliable, unstable and untrustworthy product, while your profits soar in the billions (Acer Press Release, 2016-11-10: Acer Q3 2016 Financial Results: Consolidated Revenues NT$58.89B (US$ 1.87B)). I will continue my reviews and discontent with Acer products and service until this has been resolved to MY liking - the receipt of a brand new product. (Update to my post on Acer's facebook site, Nov 28, 2016).

Bob of Upland, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

So I bought an Acer xb270hu monitor. The monitor developed a shadow mura on the panel and had to be sent in for repair. These monitors come with a 3 year warranty. When I first sent it in the techs said there was nothing wrong with it. I created another rma and it got escalated to level 2. They finally were able to find the issue. The techs replaced the lcd and when I got it back it was riddled with dead pixels, stuck pixels and dirt under the screen. How the techs put that panel in and thought it was acceptable was beyond me. The panel was so bad that it qualified for replacement again (which according to their hidden disclaimer after you buy the monitor is 12 or more dead/stuck pixels). So I sent my monitor back out. The lcd panel was replaced again. Got it back and same issue as the last one. Dead pixels, dirt under the screen and other anomalies.

These panels are created by AU Optronics (owned by Acer) and they have history with bad quality control, yet Acer does absolutely nothing about it and thinks that the customer should just accept the defects on an 800 dollar monitor. Also note that Asus uses the same panel and did a recall on the monitor and promised a defect free replacement. All in all I would avoid Acer for the time being. They do not honor their warranties and the techs could care less. As long as the monitor turns on that seems to be acceptable to them. A quick look at a white screen would reveal the defects and took me less than 5 seconds to see them. Absolutely ridiculous. These monitors seem to be plagued with defects as you will see on most forums that people have gone through five monitors just to find one that is acceptable. Learn from my mistake and don't buy Acer.

gary of Tarentum, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a 23" hd monitor from Best Buy on the recommendation from one of the sales reps. He said it was as good as any other out now and the big selling point was it had the best (3 year) warranty. It was a fine monitor until it broke. Returned to Best Buy and was told they could not fix it because I did not buy a warranty from them also. Only place to get it fixed is Acer in Texas. What a scam. Cost $48.00 to ship it to Texas. I bet HP has thousands of certified shops around the country that can do warranty work. I have an Acer laptop bought in 2009 and it has been a great product. It's time to upgrade and I would buy another Acer if the warranty was not such a scam.

Anicca of Palm Springs, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Bought Acer CB3-111 notebook in December 2016. A few weeks ago I noticed that the backspace, up and down arrow keys are not working correctly. Today, Nov. 3, 2016 I turned on Youtube and no sound. I tried different radio shows etc, turned notebook off and started up again several times, still no sound. Called Acer and they want me to send it in for repair. It is still under warranty because the notebook was made Nov. 20, 2015 and I bought it in Dec. 2015. However, from what I am reading on this page, Acer is good in weaseling out of responsibility/repairing bad product problems. Acer states that I am responsible for cost of sending in the notebook. I don't think so!! They need to take responsibility for making bad products. I wish that all of us with a bad experience could start a class action lawsuit. To me $200 is a lot of money when it really is money down the drain! Acer has my info on file, serial number etc.

pacunit16 of Michigan City, IN on
Satisfaction Rating

Sooo, I purchased my notebook in February and here it is in October that it breaks down. Talked with rep. Did some troubleshooting, so he says send it in. Great. No problem. Sent it in 1 week later. I receive a big package in the mail. I open it up and to my surprise, it's my notebook. I'm excited right. Push the power button=nothing. OK put it on the charger=no charging light. I know they didn't send me back a broke notebook? Yup, they did!! How bogus could they be!!! At least they paid for the return shipping label. How so very considerate of them! Thanks for your crappy memorable service Acer. Will never purchase your products again!!

LEONILA of Diolog Ciy, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I am really sad… I buy Acer model no. N15q5 Dec. 29, 2015 SECC Computer Sales Services and Enterprises branch Dipolog City. The only problems of my laptop technician told me keyboard hang up and need to change new keyboard worth more than 2500 with labor... Sir, the manager given to me 8 months warranty. This month belong to last month warranty but not accept. My comments, I trust your unit and product but the unit serve only good to me 8 months. Very disappointed I am. Please can you help me to fix my unit back in good to make me satisfy and happy. I have Acer before junk at home so I buy another unit same branch because trust this Acer company, but this time very disappointed. Thank you very much.

Jaquie of Houston, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchased an Acer Chromebook 15 (CB3-532) the day before yesterday, since I got locked out of my laptop (I can't remember a PW I set up over a year ago and would only log on with my PIN - in any case, that's a different story). The Chromebook is UTTER GARBAGE. It only connects to the Internet (does not have a Windows operating system, etc.), but that's not the bad part. The thing is, that after you watch a couple of videos, the voice/sound begins to lower itself until you cannot hear anything! The awful thing about it is that this is a KNOWN issue! If you Google: Chromebook sound issues or Chromebook volume issues, you will see ACTUAL reviews from ACTUAL people who are ACTUALLY going through or have gone through the problems with the volume/sound. If you Google only Chromebook reviews, you will notice that they are PAID advertisements and have NO place where people - real people - can leave a real review.

In any case, I am upset and I'm probably not making sense. I will attempt to be a little more concise. After I purchased the Chromebook and noticed the issue with the volume, I Googled the problem and saw that it is a known issue. I tried the steps some sites gave to clear up the issue, and nothing worked. I finally called Acer and they told me I needed to do a "powerwash" on the system. This powerwash basically resets the entire system and leaves it like new - basically it is a factory reset. What they didn't tell me until the THIRD time all this happened, was that you need to do this EVERY single time you have the problem with the volume, which is once every few videos.

Yes, you heard correctly. You have to reset your Chromebook several times a day!!! What is the sense of setting up passwords, and links, if you have to reset everything? TRUST ME. Or don't trust me, but google the issues I have laid out, the volume issue, or sound issue, and "Powerwash", then read for yourselves. This is an awful, awful, awful buy and the good reviews you find on it are shill reviews.

John of Fair Lawn, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a recertified Acer laptop through Ebay about five months ago. After a couple of months, numerous problems starting developing: the laptop would not pick up ANY wireless networks, would start overheating despite minimal use, would randomly crash, the wireless connection to the internet (when it was working) would be very slow or would just stop working, etc. Updating drivers did not help. A complete reinstall of Windows seemed to help, but only for about a month. Eventually the problems came back, and then the laptop would not even turn on. The battery was full when it was last on. I will definitely be avoiding Acer products in the future.

Laurence of Perkinsville, VT on
Satisfaction Rating

Worst laptops I have ever owned. Sent in for repair and still junk. Constantly freezes up, extremely slow, driver issues, you name it. Hope this review saves someone from same mistake I made in buying this brand. Get it together Acer.

Matthew of Addlestone, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

This is the worst laptop I've ever owned! It used to crash constantly because with all the bloatware installed it used up all the ram! 4GB of ram with 512 mb free, how is anyone meant to run anything on that? Please kindly explain? Then the touchpad jumps about constantly which drives me crazy! Lastly my speakers have stopped working! Why have you made such a shoddy piece of kit? I've googled it and I'm not the only one with these problems. You should be ashamed!

Sherry of Oshawa, ON on
Satisfaction Rating

I bought an Acer just over a month. Sent it back to Mississauga, ONT. twice. Want to make this short. Sent it back the same way. Still came back slow, only opens 1 window at a time. Not fast at all loading. Updated tech and we still get this kind of product! I have another HP and opens and quick as I want it. I will not call them again. I already lost my patience with them. Never again will I choose Acer.

Andrew of Twickanham, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

After exchanging multiple emails with support about my fried laptop, all telling me to do the exact same thing, I decided to contact them via live chat. Nope, system maintenance that they probably could have easily done out of support hours. Even without that system maintenance, I was annoyed. I also don't plan to buy anymore Acer computers, clearly they are pretty bad too.

Joseph of Hubbard, OH on
Satisfaction Rating

Constantly freezing, overheating the hard drives. Was advised to replace motherboard, spent $140.00 only to have same thing after couple days. Replace hard drive also. Out of warranty, so makes a nice paper weight now. Was always a fan of Acer till this model. Advice to stay away from Acer products.

Johnny of Silver Spring, MD on
Satisfaction Rating

This product is suck. It died on me within 6 months and I sent it in for repair and the shipping cost was $62 at that time but they never repaired it for me and they sent it back as is to me. I feel like they are scamming. Don't buy anything from Acer. The product doesn't work and they said it's my fault and they said that it was moisture. I paid $450 + $62 shipping like $512. I recently contact them on the chat from ACER website and they said they can't do anything about it because it is third party. I was like you guys lie so much about the warranty. So I just lost $512 for nothing.

Ina of Rockford, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

I bought an Acer computer - being told it was a good computer. I would never again buy this junk. Within one year, the keys started to crack and fall apart. I have taken it back to the shop I purchased it from - and was told they had to send it back to the shop. I would be without a computer for a month or more (no guarantee on the time frame). As I only have one computer and there is no loaner program with Acer, I cannot do this. I now type without the letters on the keyboard. There is only one very small plastic knob upon which the letter rests. Thus, it is very easy for the key to crack if you do not depress the key precisely in the middle. Acer has made a product that can easily break with use and offers no way to get it fixed without returning it to the company for extended periods of time. This product is not worth the money if you have to have a "back-up" when it fails. Buy another brand of computer.

Arun of Novi, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

My laptop Acer 2 in 1 (R3-131T-P3BM) suddenly stopped charging correctly and started to act weirdly with charge status and was getting charged only in standby or shutdown mode. After phone calls and chat conversations with Acer support finally sent the laptop for repair and they say it's liquid spill and has happened quite sometime ago. I hardly had my laptop for less than 6 months and hardly used and sure there never a liquid spill from my side. They are not even ready to confirm if it is a battery leak and the liquid causing the corrosion. They are not ready fix the issue unless I pay an exorbitant amount for that laptop!! I am never buying an Acer product ever again and I should have never contacted the Acer Technical Support team. I sent a functioning laptop with issues and they sent me back a paperweight.

B. of Baguio City, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

Last year, I bought my mom an Acer tablet as a cheaper alternative for an iPad. She only needed one for connecting to social media and to play games with especially during dull hours. Recently, she keeps complaining about the tablet suddenly turning off while she's using it. At first I attributed it to her low-level technology knowledge but when I did try using it, it does seem to have a power problem. I don't have the time to figure it out yet so she patiently uses it despite it often turning off while on use. The tablet has never been dropped nor wet. And the problem has been occurring for more than a couple of months already.

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Founded in 1976, Acer is a communication and information technology company that has become one of the leading manufacturers of laptops, Chromebooks and PCs.

  • Desktop options: Acer’s desktop computers contain the space-saving Aspire X, the customizable Aspire T, the Predator G gaming computer, the Aspire Z all-in-one computer and numerous other models.
  • Chromebook options: Acer offers numerous Chromebook laptops as well as the Acer Chromebox, a desktop Chrome base that is compact and portable.
  • Notebook options: Acer notebook options include the ultra-thin Swift line, the convertible Spin laptops, the Switch line that combines a tablet with a snap-on keyboard and the Predator gaming line.
  • Tablet options: Acer’s Iconia tablet computers range from the basic Iconia Tab 8 model for casual use to the more entertainment-focused Iconia Tab 10.
  • Revo Build: Acer’s Revo Build computer is a PC build from stackable modules. Each part, from its basic motherboard to its data storage hard drive can be stacked in any modular order through magnetic connectors, so consumers can customize the PCs they want with ease.
  • Best for With an extensive and diverse collection, Acer computers are best for families, businesses or anyone looking for the right machine to fit their needs.

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