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As a computer science teacher I am getting flooded with cries for help from people who bought eMachines. I bought one to have a look and the phrase "you get what you pay for" comes to mind. In my opinion, the Etower 366c that I bought is built from proprietary junk.

The poor little power supply hasn't got a chance of running for long. The motherboard has sockets that are not supported or even listed by the industry (AMC PORT?)still looking. I wonder what resources that component is trying to grab, since it has no drivers that I can find.

After a week of installing patches from Microsoft, searching for documentation on the web and begging for assistance from Trigem-USA, my conclusion is that the students and I, owners of these expensive paper weights, will be forced to change the motherboards and saw holes in the cases to install proper power supplies.

My machine locks up regularly and complains about system resources being critically low. That is not a surprise since they are trying to run W/98 and all the web goodies on 32 MB of ram.

What should we tell the students that purchased these machines for a special project and can't use them the way they are, or get information to upgrade them? This is a tough lesson to learn when these kids are struggling to eat.

I use terms in my classes -- "evil skippy" that refers to dishonest computer techs, and "stupid skippy" refers to those techs that have no clue but do the work anyway. My opinion of eMachines is that they underpriced and underbuilt their product. The end result is that they can't provide the support needed to correct the problems.

There are ways to put a stop to companies that abuse their customers:

  • Vote with your feet, make sure everybody on the planet knows how you were treated and what you got for your hard earned dollars.
  • Cut your losses, don't throw good money after bad. This is a good machine for you to learn to repair and upgrade yourself. What do ya have to lose?
  • Complain LOUDLY to the "Cheap-Stuff-Mart" where you bought it. It comes down to purchasing agents that have not done their homework.
  • Do some reassert BEFORE you buy. Decide what you want to do with it and make sure you are really getting what you need and what you pay for.

Anyone can learn to build a computer. It's easy and cheaper if you do a little reading and research, buy a fix-it book and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS.

Very good advice, Vern. Here at 1 Complaint Plaza, we've had to do exactly what Vern describes -- rip a one-month-old eMachine apart and drill holes in the cabinet so we could install a decent power supply, which meant there was no longer room for the floppy drive in the substandard box. Another machine needed a new motherboard. Fortunately, we have a good screwdriver and we're not afraid to use it.

I purchased an Acer Chromebook 15 (CB3-532) the day before yesterday, since I got locked out of my laptop (I can't remember a PW I set up over a year ago and would only log on with my PIN - in any case, that's a different story). The Chromebook is UTTER GARBAGE. It only connects to the Internet (does not have a Windows operating system, etc.), but that's not the bad part. The thing is, that after you watch a couple of videos, the voice/sound begins to lower itself until you cannot hear anything! The awful thing about it is that this is a KNOWN issue! If you Google: Chromebook sound issues or Chromebook volume issues, you will see ACTUAL reviews from ACTUAL people who are ACTUALLY going through or have gone through the problems with the volume/sound. If you Google only Chromebook reviews, you will notice that they are PAID advertisements and have NO place where people - real people - can leave a real review.

In any case, I am upset and I'm probably not making sense. I will attempt to be a little more concise. After I purchased the Chromebook and noticed the issue with the volume, I Googled the problem and saw that it is a known issue. I tried the steps some sites gave to clear up the issue, and nothing worked. I finally called Acer and they told me I needed to do a "powerwash" on the system. This powerwash basically resets the entire system and leaves it like new - basically it is a factory reset. What they didn't tell me until the THIRD time all this happened, was that you need to do this EVERY single time you have the problem with the volume, which is once every few videos.

Yes, you heard correctly. You have to reset your Chromebook several times a day!!! What is the sense of setting up passwords, and links, if you have to reset everything? TRUST ME. Or don't trust me, but google the issues I have laid out, the volume issue, or sound issue, and "Powerwash", then read for yourselves. This is an awful, awful, awful buy and the good reviews you find on it are shill reviews.

I purchased a recertified Acer laptop through Ebay about five months ago. After a couple of months, numerous problems starting developing: the laptop would not pick up ANY wireless networks, would start overheating despite minimal use, would randomly crash, the wireless connection to the internet (when it was working) would be very slow or would just stop working, etc. Updating drivers did not help. A complete reinstall of Windows seemed to help, but only for about a month. Eventually the problems came back, and then the laptop would not even turn on. The battery was full when it was last on. I will definitely be avoiding Acer products in the future.

Worst laptops I have ever owned. Sent in for repair and still junk. Constantly freezes up, extremely slow, driver issues, you name it. Hope this review saves someone from same mistake I made in buying this brand. Get it together Acer.

This is the worst laptop I've ever owned! It used to crash constantly because with all the bloatware installed it used up all the ram! 4GB of ram with 512 mb free, how is anyone meant to run anything on that? Please kindly explain? Then the touchpad jumps about constantly which drives me crazy! Lastly my speakers have stopped working! Why have you made such a shoddy piece of kit? I've googled it and I'm not the only one with these problems. You should be ashamed!

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I bought an Acer just over a month. Sent it back to Mississauga, ONT. twice. Want to make this short. Sent it back the same way. Still came back slow, only opens 1 window at a time. Not fast at all loading. Updated tech and we still get this kind of product! I have another HP and opens and quick as I want it. I will not call them again. I already lost my patience with them. Never again will I choose Acer.

After exchanging multiple emails with support about my fried laptop, all telling me to do the exact same thing, I decided to contact them via live chat. Nope, system maintenance that they probably could have easily done out of support hours. Even without that system maintenance, I was annoyed. I also don't plan to buy anymore Acer computers, clearly they are pretty bad too.

Constantly freezing, overheating the hard drives. Was advised to replace motherboard, spent $140.00 only to have same thing after couple days. Replace hard drive also. Out of warranty, so makes a nice paper weight now. Was always a fan of Acer till this model. Advice to stay away from Acer products.

This product is suck. It died on me within 6 months and I sent it in for repair and the shipping cost was $62 at that time but they never repaired it for me and they sent it back as is to me. I feel like they are scamming. Don't buy anything from Acer. The product doesn't work and they said it's my fault and they said that it was moisture. I paid $450 + $62 shipping like $512. I recently contact them on the chat from ACER website and they said they can't do anything about it because it is third party. I was like you guys lie so much about the warranty. So I just lost $512 for nothing.

I bought an Acer computer - being told it was a good computer. I would never again buy this junk. Within one year, the keys started to crack and fall apart. I have taken it back to the shop I purchased it from - and was told they had to send it back to the shop. I would be without a computer for a month or more (no guarantee on the time frame). As I only have one computer and there is no loaner program with Acer, I cannot do this. I now type without the letters on the keyboard. There is only one very small plastic knob upon which the letter rests. Thus, it is very easy for the key to crack if you do not depress the key precisely in the middle. Acer has made a product that can easily break with use and offers no way to get it fixed without returning it to the company for extended periods of time. This product is not worth the money if you have to have a "back-up" when it fails. Buy another brand of computer.

My laptop Acer 2 in 1 (R3-131T-P3BM) suddenly stopped charging correctly and started to act weirdly with charge status and was getting charged only in standby or shutdown mode. After phone calls and chat conversations with Acer support finally sent the laptop for repair and they say it's liquid spill and has happened quite sometime ago. I hardly had my laptop for less than 6 months and hardly used and sure there never a liquid spill from my side. They are not even ready to confirm if it is a battery leak and the liquid causing the corrosion. They are not ready fix the issue unless I pay an exorbitant amount for that laptop!! I am never buying an Acer product ever again and I should have never contacted the Acer Technical Support team. I sent a functioning laptop with issues and they sent me back a paperweight.

Last year, I bought my mom an Acer tablet as a cheaper alternative for an iPad. She only needed one for connecting to social media and to play games with especially during dull hours. Recently, she keeps complaining about the tablet suddenly turning off while she's using it. At first I attributed it to her low-level technology knowledge but when I did try using it, it does seem to have a power problem. I don't have the time to figure it out yet so she patiently uses it despite it often turning off while on use. The tablet has never been dropped nor wet. And the problem has been occurring for more than a couple of months already.

First off, this laptop is HEAVY. Don't let the thin appearance fool you. This is no Ultrabook. At five pounds, it feels like a stack of bricks in my backpack. With the hardware and price it has, I would at least expect a full HD screen, but all I get is the same resolution as those flimsy netbooks at 1366x768 pixels. The build also makes me long for something better given the plasticky feel of it. It's just toy level plastic all around. I could have at least gotten a laptop with some sturdy metal feel to it. Also, for such a big laptop, I wish it had a bigger keyboard. The buttons are small and a lot of travel. They're not as tactile as I'd want them to be. It makes me second guess whenever I'm typing. The trackpad is average. It's glass but not as good as other laptops I've tried like the MacBook Pro given they are of the same price range. So if you have the budget for it, go with the MacBook Pro instead of the Acer TravelMate P258 Series.

Back in 2007, my dad bought me an Acer Aspire 5600, if I'm not mistaken. He got it for me to use when I started university, and I loved it at first... However, only a year in, and then the display suddenly went out. It was a very expensive laptop, and since it was a gift, as much as possible, I wanted to keep using it. My dad took it to various computer shops for repair. Their assessment of it had something to do with the video card and repair was too costly, unfortunately. I was so disappointed that with good care, my Acer still broke down. It's great, though, that my dad was able to take out the hard drive and keep it in a case so I was still able to use it and of course, keep the files I had there. I was just really unhappy that my Acer went just like that. I saved up for an HP Mini which up to this day, is alive and working. Much cheaper, but still operable after 8 years.

I got my brother an Aspire V5-471 Series Core i5 3rd gen. He is a graphic designer and he chose it because it's one of the best laptops for artists and graphic designers. Calibration of graphics and system performance is very good. A year after owning it, he dropped it. The monitor lid broke and the color display was damaged. It was out of warranty so he wasn't able to send it for repair. Nevertheless, it was good until it fell that's why I'm giving it 4 stars.

I purchased an Acer ES-531-C6F computer on December 19, 2015 from The Source, 20 Northlands Way NE Medicine Hat, AB. I knew very little about computers and not asked if I wanted an extended warranty or anything else. Within the first month I was having problems staying connected to the internet. Every day at least once while working on my computer a window pops up saying no internet connection. At first I thought it was my internet but then I started to check my phone to see if it had the internet and every time I did in fact have internet. All the little icons keep disappearing. I went to The Source and asked what was wrong with my computer. They had no answers. Last week I could not even open my computer. A window pops up saying that something on windows is missing. I went to The Source again and she couldn't get it to open either.

I told her I am so tired of the problems I have had since I bought this computer. She said that I must have a lemon. I asked her if they would take it back and I would purchase a different brand as I would never buy an Acer again. She said they don't do that. I would have to send it away to be repaired or find someone here to repair it at my expense. I had paid 329.00 before taxes and was upset it was going to cost me more so soon. The computer guy was able to get it somewhat working. He advised me also to get rid of it that it was way too slow and a garbage computer. It still gets the pop up window saying no internet access. I checked my phone and I do have the internet. So I lose everything I was working on and have to start over AGAIN. Kind of getting tired of doing everything twice. All I want is a computer that works. I would like a better quality computer because this computer is garbage.

I'm not really a very techy person but as far as what I can say about the experience I can say that I am happy with my decision to use an Acer Aspire E14 laptop (E5-473-35TX) as my work laptop. It's cotton white so it's easy in the eyes (need that cause I work long hours) and it has comfortable keypad. I also have no problem with how fast it connects to the internet. In short I can work comfortably with it. I only wish it could be more lightweight, and the texture of the laptop attracts dirt so you really have to clean it every other day. But other than that, I am happy I have the option to buy a laptop that is not very expensive yet it provides me all that I need so I can work with ease online. I have this now for almost a year and so far, so good.

My Acer Laptop is awesome. I bought it for an online part-time job, and the fast wireless speed makes a difference (I used to have a Toshiba and it is slow and sometimes could not detect wifi). It's also cool that it comes with a free laptop bag.

For the first 10 months this was a great laptop. In the 10th month it crashed. It was sent in under warranty with the password and when it was returned 3 weeks later the motherboard had been replaced and the hard drive had been scrubbed. The computer worked well for 4 months and now the motherboard is shot again, and the warranty expired a month ago. No one from Acer will talk to me and I am directed to a third party repair service. Very disappointed with Acer and I will not buy another unit from them. I will pay a little extra this time and get something with better components.

I returned a monitor to their repair service and received the same defective product back again. I talked to their customer service supervisor. He told me that it was my loss since I should have returned it to Walmart. I explained that I purchased it on a trip home and the local store would not take it back. A computer technician came over yesterday and told me that it is a door stop. I tried to start a chat but their website kept crashing. This is the first time I ever had anything to do with a national company that has such and do not care how they treat their customers. Any other computer company would have offered to make it right immediately.

$279+shipping to send laptop for repair, got it back still not working, sent it back again and 4 times I was promised it would be expedited. One week later, on the day I was PROMISED it would be delivered, they still have not looked at it. Their help is uncaring and incompetent. My advice is NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH ACER!!!

Acer Black 15.6" Aspire E5-531-C01E Laptop PC. I bought this ACER laptop. The hard drive failed after 10 months of use. I sent a letter to the manufacturer. Donald from the ACER Call center (yes Acer has so many complaints they need a call center to answer them; # (254) 298-4909, say "hi" to Donald for me"). He said the only option he can offer is for me to send the Laptop back for repair. Unfortunately I had already sent it off to my computer repair guy because I used my laptop for work.

Donald said he was unable to offer me a refund for a third party repair. Well isn't that convenient for them. They put out a defective product for the consumer to buy and then they refuse to give refunds. I reported them to the BBB and the Attorney Generals Office. I highly encourage everybody with a "defective" product from ACER to do the same.

Acer laptops are great! Even though I got an Acer laptop which is more than 3 yrs of age, I still feel that my laptop is still brand new. Although my laptop now is quite slow (because of the programs installed), I expect that my laptop will last 10 years more. I would recommend Acer laptops. Thanks Jason Chen!!! You're the man!!!

S/N: [edited for privacy] Acer RA number: 10397126G. Notebook won't boot: NO BOOTMEDIA. No dos-based DFT programs could register any hard disk. Boot up on portable win10, run DFT, SMART has been tripped, overheating. Everything, but the hard disk was 100% working. The reseller shipped it for repair, no warranty: "notebook damaged by external influence."

Here is what Acer says is wrong, and need to be changed: KH.5001.046 HDD.7mm.5K4.500GBsataIII.16MB That's all right, since it was file with defect sectors. NK.I1713.05V KEYBD.104K.BLACK.NORDIC? NO WAY was working fine. NB.MNY11.001 MAIN BD.E5-511.W/CPU.UMA.N284 NO WAY was working fine. 60.ML9N2.002 COWER.LOWER? NO WAY was working fine.

All for a price, almost the same as for a new one. The shop that send it to Acer, even wanted money for time used, I refused to pay. So, took the notebook home, and to my surprise: keyboard wasn't working. Boot up from portable win10, a lot of errors, restarting and other **bleep**. Disassembled it: WOOW!!! One cable was not properly connected to MB, the keyboard wasn't connected at all. Fixed that, put in a new HD, it's up and running fine. Is the Acer repair-people totally incompetent, or is it the policy of Acer to trick customers. I wonder. Checked TrustPilot/DK, a lot of people having a similar experience with Acer warranty service.

I had my Acer for only 90 days and the battery went bad. I was told they only have a 60 day warranty. I have an Acer Ultra Book. I will never deal or buy with this company again, I was told that they are a ripoff company. I should have listened. Never buy from them.

I've had my Acer Google Chromebook laptop for over 2 months. This computer is fast, however, the amount of problems I have come across is overwhelming and is stressful especially knowing that the customer service dept. is not helpful. They are all from a different country which makes it difficult to understand what they are saying and you have to ask them to repeat themselves at least twice. They also do not work together and are always connecting you to a different person because they do not know. They are always hanging up before they confirm your problem is handled.

For example, my last call had to do with a random virus on my computer (which I still have). I do not understand why I have a virus in the first place because I turn my laptop off frequently and I also use the same websites for my colleges homework. I tried calling and the first person told me they couldn't help me so they connected me to the next person who "could". He couldn't help either so he connected me to another person and that person "helped" but hung up before he knew if my laptop was actually cleared from the virus. As of now, I still have a virus and will have to go through the hassle once again with Acer to reboot my computer. Again I do not recommend this laptop company to anyone.

I had dropped my laptop for repair on March 5 at Acer repair center Burnaby. I request the person present there to fix this on priority because my children need it in their studies. After waiting about two weeks I check the status and it shows case closed on March 9. But the company didn't even inform me that the laptop has been repaired and they also didn't inform us that the laptop will be picked by us and I kept on waiting for my laptop. And on 18 March I called the customer service and they said that they will be shipping my laptop to my address and I will receive it by Tuesday which was 22 March and I again didn't receive my laptop and now I called them on 24 March and they again said that laptop is still with them and they never receive a call from me to send by courier at my address.

Although Acer management can check my words on their call recording system that is already with them. The person in Acer office is telling a lie and doing unprofessional job and earning a bad name for Acer. I am going to lodge a complaint against Acer in consumer court as well in Bbb. And strongly recommend to others not to buy Acer products as they are doing unprofessional business and wasted time of my children in their studies and giving mental harassment to my whole family.

I bought an Acer laptop from the Dick Smith Electrical shop. After 3 weeks use, the Laptop Keyboard broken. I went back to Dick Smith, they exchange a new laptop with same model. After 9 months use, the computer broken again with information: "The boot configuration Data for your PC is missing or contain errors." I contact the Acer Service line, they ask me to remove the Hard Driver, I am not computer technician, I don't know how to do it. They said I need to find local computer technician to back up my file in the computer, then they can took it away for fixing.

It need took 5-10 working days. I said, "How about I send to local technician for backup fix? They can contact yours for any hardware issue, you can direct send hardware to them, if they detect the warrant issue." The service center staff said, "if you ask local technician to fix it. You avoid the 1 year warranty and Acer will not took responsibility for it." I need my computer for study, and I use it for every day. This poor quality product give me too much trouble. The poor quality product and poor quality service from Acer. No more Acer for me, for my family. Acer's service is not consider for the customer at all.

I waited for 2 hours on hold to get through to someone before my phone went flat. WHAT A JOKE. PS: This is Australia.

I can usually fix any problems I run into myself by searching the web. In the past I have found tech support to be lacking, so I don't use it. I find many of the features such as Cortana, the app store, windows games to be nothing more than info and revenue seeking wastes of time. I mostly just use email, music and internet. Microsoft did the installation and upgrades. It doesn't get any easier than that. If I hadn't had computers for the last 25 years, I'd probably be a lot dumber. The amount of info and knowledge I've acquired is priceless.

The only computers I've ever had have been Acer and the only problems I've had are the ones that I myself have caused. But I see that as a learning experience because it led me to be more careful with what I installed and deleted and to be more proficient at solving any problems I encountered. A computer's reliability is dependent upon how well it is maintained. I've always been satisfied with them and recommend them.

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