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I went to the wireless store on Rt. 33 Hamilton NJ. I went to upgrade my jetpack. Instead of putting the new device on the old number the salesperson put it on a new number. I purchased an iPad from them. It came with a rebate. The salesperson filled out the rebate application incorrectly and then blamed it on me that Verizon didn't want to give me the rebate. Verizon did finally gave me the rebate.. I also brought in NY old iPad for a credit. When I came back the worker said he knew nothing about it to come back. When I asked for my iPad back he said he didn't know where it was. When I said that information wasn't leaving without it. He went in the back and brought out the iPad and gave me the credit. I thought that this was a Verizon store at first and went there because the location was very handicap accessible.

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I went in to Wireless Zone in Stratham, NH and while the sales clerk Mr. ** was helping me, a text message was sent from my phone to the last person I had texted with. I did not send the text. I questioned the Mr. ** and he seemed very nervous. I have since filed a complaint with Verizon and they have yet to take any action. I also have called the Wireless Zone customer service and they are really bad. First of all, the person at customers service sounds like a kid and has no idea how to handle a customer service request. The person kept asking me, "What do you want me to do?" They have yet to follow up with me as promised. I would never use Wireless Zone for you wireless service. They are hacking into their customers phones.

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Right before Christmas, I visited a Wireless Zone in Southland Mall, Houma, LA, not understanding that they were not an actual Verizon store. I don't know. Maybe it had something to do with the official Verizon logos splashed all over the kiosk, Verizon shirts, etc. I was just getting off a two-year contract with Verizon that ended Christmas Day. Because it was two days before Christmas and my 2-year existing had not ended, they were unable to extend my contract, therefore, giving me new numbers and a new account. I stood at this kiosk for 3 hours while the simplest of tasks were bludgeoned through, and this is what happened, as I found out after 3 more visits and 3 more phone calls with Adrian, the manager.

Lesson 1: If the salesperson seems incompetent, he probably is. Don't give him your business. If simple tasks cannot be completed, run. You will be paying for his mistakes.

Instead of extending my contracts, I was given new service - I paid in full for all of this for the convenience of having phones on Christmas day. I paid $100 for one smart phone, got another one free, and kept an existing phone. I paid $150 for 2-year insurance plan. After Christmas, when I called to transfer my original Verizon numbers, I was informed that I would be paying early termination fees on all the new numbers if I wanted my old numbers. I gave up the old numbers and started fresh.

Lesson 2: They are relying on your general incompetence (i.e., Christmas rush, waiting to file claims, etc.) to make their money. Don't buy big items the day before Christmas. Research complaints before you buy.

Six months later, the smart phone is left on top of the truck and subsequently run over. Insurance claim was filed, but only after countless tries to find out exactly which insurance company you are dealing with! Simple searches on websites came up with the same message - number not found. It turned out WZ has a lot of insurance companies that handle their claims, and even WZ employees are not sure which companies to turn you to in the event of a claim. It took several attempts with the employees themselves to get the correct one! The one I dealt with was Global Warranty group. Claim was filed, and I paid $75 deductible. It turned out that $150 for insurance upfront was for... durh. I still don't know, but apparently I did not read the fine print, as they told me over and over.

I got the new phone finally. 3 months later, it stopped charging. Guess what? I'm out of my 90-day warranty (most things I buy have a 1-year manufacturer's warranty?) and they want another $150 deductible on a 2nd claim - as I signed in the contract that I was given at the end of the 3 hrs. in Christmas mall traffic - remember that day? Three hours in the mall waiting for them to sign me up. It turns out I had signed anything to get the hell out of there. I'm happy I didn't sign my house or car over, or hell, one of my kids!

Oh, they did offer me another option of some sort of $275 hold on my account for some reason. So we were totaling already at $100+ phone purchase at signup, $150 insurance, $75 deductible on first claim and they want $150 deductible on a second claim or $275 hold for something else? First of all, who has multiple deductibles? And at this point, I have paid the full price for the phone or close to it, and the phone I would have been sent would be verified as working by whom? What if something had happened to that phone? Had I bought the phone outright, I can't imagine I wouldn't have a one-year warranty on it as does every other electronic device on the planet.

Lesson 3: Stay away from kiosks! They are paying for easy access to you; i.e., your walking path, which means they are charging you more as well.

Bottom Line: Wireless Zone and their insurers are one shady operation and have made me aware that all mall kiosks are the devil.

Satisfaction Rating
I bought two droids with a warranty and screen savers that cost us a total of $522. Immediately my droid started malfunctioning; turning off on it's own, repeating "droid" over and over even when there was no notification, etc. I had to go to the Q-ville store 6 times within a month before they would return it.

Then I had to wait another 4 days and go back again for the 7th time to get the bad phone's info transferred over. They said the screen saver I bought could not be transferred over and I'd have to buy another one and shoulder the cost. It doesn't take an egghead to know this is bad business!


As a local business owner, I always try to shop at small businesses in my area. When the Verizon store in Pelham opened up, I was delighted to no longer have to travel to the mall to get my phones serviced. I bought 3 phones, one for my daughter, one for my husband, and one for myself. When it came time to make the decision on insurance for the phones, I decided to go with "Sharp" Insurance on my daughter's phone, at the urgency of the sales associate, Bill. Upon leaving the store, I felt very confident in my purchase (although my daughter got a "slimey" feeling from Bill). Two weeks later, my daughter dropped her phone in the toilet at school. Because she was grounded that week, I decided to wait to take care of the phone in hopes that it would dry out before she was allowed to use it again. It didn't. So a week later, I went to the store to get the new phone.

When I arrived Bill (the slimey salesman, and apparent "owner", he hardly looked old enough to have his license, never mind own anything) was there yet again. After explaining my predicament to him, he looked into his computer and told me that because I had waited too long, they would not be able to provide my daughter with a new phone. But "fortunately" for me, apparently my son’s phone was ready for a new phone. I didn't like the sound of this, so after much debating, I told them I would be back. Driving home, I noticed another branch of Verizon and decided to stop in. There I was told that they had never heard of any "Sharp" Insurance company, and it sounded "fishy" to them. The representatives at this store helped me to add the regular Verizon insurance onto the phone and get my daughter another phone. After this experience, I will never work with anyone but Verizon in Nashua. Bill gives small business owners a bad name.

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My son purchases a Blackberry phone February 2010. Three weeks later, the phone started heating up and the ball to move around the phone was also sticking. The main piece of the charger was also heating up when you plugged in the phone. I even changed outlets and the same thing happened. My son went back to the store to have the phone replaced. The man told him he could see the defect with the phone and would be happy to replace it. There were no phones in stock but they were on order for shipment within a few days. I went up to the store the following week to exchange the phone. They still had not come in.

I asked if a phone could be ordered. I explained to the manager that my son has a medical condition and needed a phone that was working properly. The following Monday my son went back to the store to see if the shipment had come in. The owner Dana H waited on him and gave him a hard time and said he could not exchange the phone. Now the phone is not even a month old and I have a maintenance plan on it. I called Verizon wireless and explained my situation and they were happy to call another store to see if they had a phone in stock. She came back and said she spoke to a rep at the Daniel Webster store and put a phone to the side for my son. I didn't not write down the reps name, I wish I had because she was wonderful.

I did get a call back from Wireless Zone store Dana was rude to me, she said the rep, my son spoke to should not have agreed to give my son a new phone. And kept saying I could not get a new phone and could not give me the box. Very upsetting for my son and myself. All we wanted out of this was a phone and the charger. The box we did not need because as I tried to explain to Dana H. again and again that we didn't need the box because we had already sent in the rebate. He then told me he was sick of Verizon trying to bad mouth him and costing him customers. I think Dana H. did that all on his own without any help from anyone. I will only deal with a Verizon from now on.

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