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Make and receive calls using your home phone service anywhere you use a smartphone, know who’s calling your home number. Different from call forwarding, this new functionality allows shared use of a family’s home phone identity. Calls made to the home phone number will now ring on mobile phones at the same time so anyone in the household can immediately take important calls from doctors, children’s schools, home improvement professionals, friends and family. Gives you a second identity on your mobile phone and more control over when, how and where you communicate. HomePhone. Anywhere.

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Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed Aug. 19, 2022

I signed up for Vonage and made it clear that I required integration with my crm, from the beginning or I could not use the services. Signed up- resulted in them not being able to integrate with my crm, after 2 days of trying with tech support, I cancelled (had to speak with 5 people to get this done and confirmations of $0 fee.) - Now, 1 month later, after never using the services they sent me to collections. Called Vonage and was told by a supervisor- "nothing we can do", even after verifying all of my conversations and records with their company. Worst decision I made, after having them for 2 days and never being able to use their services now I am dealing with collections to prove the charge is invalid and they are NO HELP.

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Customer ServiceSales & MarketingOnline & App

Reviewed Aug. 4, 2022

I switched my company over to Vonage in hopes of fixing some of the minor issues we had with another carrier. Biggest mistake EVER! We have had service for 11 days and it is not working properly, have had 7-10 different techs working on issues and none of them seem to know what the other has done. Half my callers get a message of "this call can not be completed as dialed" some get the "this number has been disconnected" and a few actually get through, the answer I receive from Vonage you ask? "It works when I call" 11 days 4-6 hours a day on chats or calls and still no solution? Don't ask to talk to someone higher than the techs because that is not an option... don't bother with sales they don't call you back.

Vonage is nothing more than a joke. I do have to say I have had two yes two men that really did try to help, but after 4 hours on the phone with each of them the service is still a failure! Really sad that they think the solution to every issue is uninstall and reinstall the app. 11 times in one day is a little ridiculous to me, but what do I know I am just the consumer.

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Verified purchase
Customer ServiceRefunds & PayoutsStaff

Reviewed July 20, 2022

I am an attorney and business owner and frankly, this has been the absolute worst professional and personal experience of my life with regard to a company for services. For two years, I was unable to get one human being to respond to my requests regarding legitimate issues with voice quality, equipment, loss of voicemails, spam calls, and overall quality of service. Each time I tried to chat online, email, call, representatives treated me as if I was a criminal. Requests to have supervisors call back were wholly ignored. No call backs were made despite repeated requests to get assistance. It got to the point that I experienced fear in calling the company knowing I would waste hours and get no response.

In the past week, I called four times to attempt to cancel my service when an increase in fees was made without my knowledge for the past 6 months. I was stone-walled each time and demeaned and representatives refused to assist me. I had to revert to reaching out to Mr. Jason Fowler, VP of Enterprise Sales, America with Vonage on LinkedIn as I realized that after two years, no one in this company was going to assist me and I was told I would have the head of customer service contact me. Not only did this individual, Mr. James **, not identify himself as such when he did call me, but he demeaned me immediately and took an argumentative stance not even considering what the consumer had gone through for two years and even called into question my integrity and the validity of my complaints.

Mr. Fowler was the only one who attempted to assist me in any way at all or even acknowledge the fact that there may have been legitimate issues that needed addressing. I felt demeaned and insulted in addition to being called a liar by every single representative and they literally made me jump through hoops for a week to try and cancel my services. Not only was I questioned when I requested a refund for some time and to have my issues addressed and the cancellation back dated as it took repeated attempts over the span of days to get the service cancelled, but I was lectured by Mr. Ransom as to how I should have spoken to him and how I must produce evidence and mocked me indirectly with legal terminology. This is no way for a company to treat a long term business client or any human being who pays them faithfully for services that support their livelihood.

No paying client with legitimate issues with defective service and equipment should be treated this way. I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau as I do not want anyone else to be treated this way for paying high premiums with the worst customer service and a complete lack of concern and genuineness towards those that pay their company. Thanking you.

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Customer ServiceContract & TermsSales & MarketingPriceRefunds & PayoutsStaff

Reviewed July 20, 2022

After reading a number of comments regarding Vonage Residential telephone service hoping to find solutions to my problems, I found I was not that special in that my problems were far from unique and that none of the comments offered fixes other than switch to another provider, leading me to believe their problems were never fixed.

My Vonage problems were the same or similar to those described by: *Cecilia of Sussex, NJ, June 30, 2022- "...calls would either disconnect or a sound like a click would sound and then nothing, the call dropped.." *Olga of Beverly Hills, CA, April 9, 2022- "...I have not been receiving some of the incoming calls. And about 2 weeks ago I stopped receiving any. All of the Incoming calls show up in my Vonage on-line log as a few-seconds-long calls, but they are NOT coming to my phone." *Renee of Cleveland, OH, Feb. 3, 2021- "The phone does not ring; it goes straight to voicemail." *Jagpal of Herndon, VA, Aug. 2, 2020- "...my calls started dropping after 4 to 10 minutes..." *Jeff of Stanfield, NC, July 14, 2020- "...when I would get a call, at exactly 10 minutes the line goes silent on both ends. The line does not disconnect, it just goes silent on both ends and neither party can hear anything. Line stays connected until someone hangs up."

I have had Vonage single land-line residential for about 15 years. Continuing problems include- *Calling from NW Indiana to the northern San Francisco Bay/Sacramento area, calls to various numbers often had an echo and/ or are very choppy. This problem seems to have improved somewhat in the last year or two. Other areas would sometimes sound choppy, too; reconnecting often fixed the problem, especially to areas other than to the far west. Calls to/from Australia did not have this problem. Local calls rarely had this problem.

*Calls made, particularly west of Indiana, would often get a busy signal but too fast for the system to have even tried the phone on the other end. I learned that redialing immediately, more often than not, the call would go through. It seems like the local receiving exchange needed to be awakened. Other times, and fairly often at that, an "all lines are temporarily busy" was played, as if this was a third world country. So for many out of area calls, I assume I will have to dial the number at least twice to get through. *Long duration calls would usually disconnect after 45 to 60 minutes, regardless of location of the other caller. Reconnect and repeat the disconnect after the 45-60 min.

*In the last 2 weeks, a number is called and the line just goes dead. Other times, the line is answered but within a few seconds, I cannot hear the other party or the audio is very choppy and then no audio for maybe 30 seconds, and then, audio again. And hanging up does not work unless the other party has hung up, too. Reporting this to Vonage, the Vonage bot says push "1" for...push "2" for..?; Later, enter your PID then about 2 seconds later a full volume, ear shattering tone, enter the code, it ignores that and endlessly repeats this sequence. A sort of tech person was finally reached and of course, I could not hear the person after a few seconds but was apparently still connected. *Calls would often not ring and would go directly to voice messaging even though the line was not in use.

At this point, I have concluded Vonage will not/cannot be fixed. I am losing too much time, money and patience dealing with the ineptitude of Vonage. Vonage does not even have the courtesy to post a valid customer service telephone number nor does it online chat work, (Win 7/Win 10, Chrome or Firefox). Conclusion - Vonage does not care about its customers. Ericsson can do better than purchasing Vonage.

Another gripe - Vonage residential phone service is advertised at a low price, but more than doubles with its fees that Vonage wants customers to believe are all Gov't mandated. Some of these adders are mandated, but Vonage takes what should be, for example, a $0.10 gov't fee and charges customers $0.20. In 2007, Vonage had to start paying a 5.5% royalty to Verizon for all sales for patent infringement, but Vonage charges customers far more than that.

Following is a cut and past from Wikipedia/Vonage article on the outcome of several lawsuits lost by Vonage that address a number of the complaints logged in with "Consumer Affairs." **1... Customers can transfer an existing number to Vonage, which can take up to 7 to 10 business days from the time the customer completes the Number Transfer Authorization (NTA).[80]. On March 8, 2007, a jury found Vonage liable for infringing three patents held by Verizon, and but found no infringement as to two other patents. The jury returned a verdict against Vonage for $58 million and included a royalty rate of 5.5% of every sale to a Vonage customer to Verizon.

In November 2009, Vonage agreed to an assurance of voluntary compliance (AVC) with 32 states. The settlement followed an investigation into complaints about the marketing of Vonage services, including confusion about availability and cost, along with advertisements involving "free" services, money back guarantees and trial periods. The consumer protection agreement also addressed complaints that some consumers were prevented from canceling the Vonage service.

In the settlement, Vonage agreed to pay the seven investigating states $3 million for costs, issue refunds to complainants dating back to January 2004, and change several business practices in regard to advertising and customer retention.[63][64]. Usage is generally referred to as "unlimited", though Vonage has different national "fair use" policies limiting Vonage-to-phone calls to a few thousand minutes per month in the UK,[77] Canada,[78] and U.S.[79] Evidence suggests that calls are limited to a length of 3 hours and 56 minutes.

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Customer ServiceRefunds & PayoutsStaff

Reviewed June 30, 2022

I recently cancelled this service which I had for years. In the beginning it was great but for an average of 2 years the service got from bad to worse. I enrolled to make international phone calls to my grandmother, believe it or not our conversations would easily last longer than an hour. Anyhow, I started to notice that the calls would either disconnect or a sound like a click would sound and then nothing, the call dropped. So this issue was progressing meaning from an hour, now the call would drop 50 minutes in and so on and so forth.

I called Customer Service and as is usual they told me to disconnect, reconnect, reset the device and they would do on their part the same and well it did not fix the issue but instead the calls would drop at the 25 minutes mark. Due to my schedule I was unable to call again and again to Vonage. Fast forward this last month, I was unable to receive any local calls, the line would sound busy, it would go straight to voicemail, and I thought my kid was using it but one night on my way to work I call my house from the driveway cause I forgot my glasses inside and I could see my kid watching TV, my husband on the computer which was next to the phone and on my end the phone never rang but went to voicemail and in the house the phone did not rang neither the answer machine went off. So at this point I got frustrated and very angry.

I had been trying to reach my grandmother for months and the phone would only ring but my uncle who has att would call the someone in her house would pick up and I assumed it was my grand's phone but did not crossed my mind it was mine. Last week my kid went to the doctor and we were waiting the call from the doctor's office with results that never came so a couple of days later when she got sick again we visited the doctor's office and we were told that they call the house several times and there would be nothing on the other side of the call or the phone would ring but no one would pick up. Then I realized that this phone stopped working long ago and we havent noticed.

I called customer service and an agent came clean and told me that the whole reset thing never works, it doesn't fix anything and they had no power to fix anything other than give tickets for customer to escalate their "cases". I was promised a call from a supervisor that never call, again I contacted them and I was put on hold and then they disconnected. Another call and another agent telling me that the manager would call me to fix this and nothing happened. Finally one Akshaya Y. from the Customer "Care" department sent me an email offering a discount of 20% for the past 6 months for the inconvenience basically a refund of a month payment.

At this point I was fuming and I ask for the manager and she reply that no manager is authorized to contact customer or make phone calls directly. I told her that I would report Vonage (at this point I cancelled my account the day before) and she sent me an email stating that there would be no refund at all cause they do not refund to closed accounts and wished me the best. This is how my relationship with Vonage ended and years of paying for a poor service and awful Customer service, no solution and no refund. Beware, once you enroll and issues arise no one fix them and no one cares.

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Reviewed June 22, 2022

I ordered the wireless home phone and paid extra for faster shipping. It's been over 2 weeks and I still have not received my router. So I cancelled and I'm now waiting for three refund which probably won't include them shipping I never got.

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Customer Service

Reviewed June 8, 2022

This company has outsourced customer support and all of the support technicians are poorly trained, read scripts prewritten and don't understand anything you try to explain to them. Even worse you can't understand too much of what they say to you. When calling you will wait an hour or so to go through the worst experience you can imagine. The web page for your account is equally as bad. This is one lousy company and I won't ever again do business with them. If only there was an option for ZERO stars.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed May 2, 2022

A few days ago I received a statement from Vonage saying that they billed my credit card an extra $17.00. A few days later I got my regular statement that said my credit card was billed an additional $92.70. My regular bill is around $46.00. I was told by their billing department it was for extra lines (or some other lame excuse which I didn't order). It's impossible for the average man to decipher all the fees and charges on a telephone statement. All this for forwarding my landline to my cell phone. I've decided to discontinue Vonage.

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Customer Service

Reviewed April 9, 2022

I have Vonage VoIP Residential Service for my home phone line. For over a month I have not been receiving some of the incoming calls. And about 2 weeks ago I stopped receiving any. All of the Incoming calls show up in my Vonage on-line log as a few-seconds-long calls, but they are NOT coming to my phone. I tried setting up call forwarding to another phone using Vonage website, but it is NOT working either. I've been calling Vonage continuously. Turned out there is NO Customer Service available via Phone. NONE of the Phone numbers listed on Vonage websites is functional - there are no people on the other end, just the recording.

I finally was able to contact Vonage via Chat on April 5, 2022. After staring at the chat window for 30 min I finally got in touch with a guy who asked me to reset the Vonage Device. I did, all to no avail. The guy assured me that someone from Tech Support would contact me via email to resolve the issue. I was assigned a Case ID **. It is April 9 today, yet NOBODY has contacted me. Meanwhile I am missing many important phone calls related to my work - this is unacceptable! Turns out Vonage Customer Service and Tech Support are NON-EXISTENT! Here is the site where REAL Vonage Customers file their complaints and more than half of them do NOT get any assistance at all: **. What a shame!

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed March 5, 2022

I must be fair, I have used Vonage Home phone service for 12 Years. I normally don't have a problem with their service. However, today was the exception to the rule. They have doubled my bill without notice and charged my account. When attempting to notify them, I receive an operator whose second language is English witch made for difficult communication. I expressed the need for someone who could understand what I needed but was met with anger and disapproval as voiced. I could care less where therefrom as long as I could have my issue resolved. I was placed on hold for 20 minutes then disconnected.

Attempted the Chat tab on website but received no response after 30 minutes. When attempting to end contract on website, the message was, "check back in seven days and talk with a live agent." Very, very disappointed with my service. May this be of help to those choosing a home phone service. I know it seems nostalgic, but a home line is important for me and my grandchildren.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Feb. 24, 2022

They have been way overcharging her for months 100s of dollars. Hours AND hours of trying to explain their errors. Each call would be explaining the error and then the rep would agree something is wrong and promise a manager would call back after investigating. NOT ONCE did they call back, so you would be stuck in a cycle of calling again and explaining and then they would lie and promise again a manager would call. Now we have finally canceled and they almost gave my mom a heart attack when she was shocked to see collections was after her for about $100 and they actually owe her at least $500. Ridiculous that a business like this can take advantage of the elderly! Now we have to deal with headaches of dealing with collections! Unbelievable!

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Customer Service

Reviewed Feb. 11, 2022

Do not use them. This is a scam. I have a business and for 3 days our line is not working. They use my credit card to pay the bill. This is a fraud. No one answer the phone. Someone from India called me and he told me "I don't know what to tell you!" I lost clients because of this scam.

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Reviewed Jan. 28, 2022


11/08/2021 $46.30 Payment Successful
10/08/2021 $46.30 Payment Successful
09/08/2021 $47.39 Payment Successful
08/08/2021 $47.39 Payment Successful
07/08/2021 $47.39 Payment Successful
06/08/2021 $47.45 Payment Successful
05/08/2021 $47.45 Payment Successful
04/08/2021 $27.79 Payment Successful
03/08/2021 $27.61 Payment Successful
02/08/2021 $27.61 Payment Successful
01/08/2021 $27.61 Payment Successful
12/08/2020 $26.94 Payment Successful
11/08/2020 $26.87 Payment Successful
10/08/2020 $26.87 Payment Successful
09/08/2020 $26.81 Payment Successful

08/08/2020 $26.63 Payment Successful

Up until April, I paid 26.00 / dollars per month for my previous plan. No changes on my part, and no promotion. From May 2021 to November 2021, Vonage started charging me 47.00 dollars per month after I set up automatic payments with my bank not realizing the unauthorized charges. From May/21 through October/21, I was overcharged by 21 dollars for a total of $126.00. I request a review and refund of the OVERCHARGE/OVERPAYMENT. I had tried to reach an agreement with the manager. ELLEN 732 9944 0000. VONAGE directed me to an online support service. Luz ** RN

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Customer ServiceContract & TermsOnline & AppRefunds & PayoutsStaff

Reviewed Jan. 15, 2022

I have had the most outdated useless customer service experience in a long time. With Covid challenges many Companies are being at least polite and somewhat flexible with their policies. The website does not provide you an option to Cancel your account. You are asked to contact customer service. The representative I spoke to provide 5 different options to change my account to other plans instead of just cancelling my account and asked me to call back in 7 days to confirm. We in my family are all infected with covid one after the other since then and I find that on Jan 13th I'm charged again.

I called them. After 5 attempts the lady says, "I cant refund. Talk to my supervisor." After holding for 45 minutes the supervisor comes online and repeats terms and conditions on the website like a robot. I told her to check my account details - not a single phone call whole of December until now. Why put me on to supervisor who is asking me to read the website. Just provide a cancel option on the website. I could've been done with it in Decmeber. I don't know how many customers they cheat by billing an extra month in the name of cancellation policy. I was on the phone for another hour just to make sure I get an email confirmation so I'm not charged again for the next month.

Customer service should have people that can listen and understand Individual customer concerns and not just read terms and conditions off the webpage. Don't put me on to the supervisor if that is ALL she does as well. Absolute waste of time and I got cheated of my money as well. There are many phone companies like T-Mobile that give me international for an additional 15 dollars a month. For an exorbitant change and unreliable service please don't go with Vonage.

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Customer ServiceContract & Terms

Reviewed Dec. 22, 2021

I signed up for my small business to integrate it with my new CRM. I ended up not changing CRMs and didn't need the Vonage account. I had it for 13 days without even using it and wasn’t told it was a year contract. I was under the assumption it was month to month. Even though I didn't make one phone call or use the system, they still charged me $250.00 cancelation fee. This is horrible customer service. I would have even accepted a prorated fee. I will be sure to tell everyone to not do business with Vonage. This has to be one of the worst experiences for me.

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Customer ServicePriceOnline & App

Reviewed Dec. 16, 2021

The technical service delivered by Vonage was fine, and the price is on par for market... but when it came time to cancel our subscription, it was a nightmare. You can't cancel online (like any modern company) - you have to hunt the internet for a phone number (it doesn't appear on the website), then go through a long, tedious series of menu options... then the system refused to recognize our account number. It seems their customer retention strategy is to make it too tedious and difficult to cancel. Unless you want your grandchildren to remain Vonage customers, find anyone else.

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Customer Service

Reviewed Nov. 15, 2021

I started with Vocalocity that was bought out by Vonage and I have been with them for years and they were great other than the nickel and diming on everything. Then all of the sudden I needed to add services and program my system with other stuff and I couldn't get them on the phone, so I did the chat thing and asked them to call me, so I can explain what I needed and they told me that they don't use phones anymore and couldn't call me. So I told them that if they couldn't use a phone and help me, being they are a phone company, that they would lose my account permanently but they didn't care. Stay away unless you don't care about NO CUSTOMER SERVICE when you need it.

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Customer Service

Reviewed Nov. 3, 2021

I was referred to this company to become 411 listed. The initial experience was great! I was told I would get a call back after my account number was generated. Needless to say this was never done. I contacted the Account Executive directly numerous times - in addition to sending countless emails. Still NO response. I would never recommend this company to any of the businesses I work with. When you call the Toll Free Number you can not reach a live person. I was hung up on every time I called. This is the worst company for customer service!

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Customer Service

Reviewed Oct. 18, 2021

For 3 days their SMS verify isn't working, it even says so on their status page. They are disregarding all our emails and you can't get them on the phone. Let alone that the product, in general, is mediocre at best. Customer service is being tested when things are going bad and not when everything works fine, and Vonage has failed miserably in providing any service at all. After years of paying them thousands of dollars a month, we're already implementing the competition. See ya Vonage, you won't be missed.

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Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPriceStaff

Reviewed Oct. 15, 2021

We've had our home phone number through Vonage for many years. We fell for the ads claiming that their price is lower. IT IS NOT. Do not believe this. Their service was also always very unreliable. I would be speaking on the phone and after a few minutes, the line would go dead. It happened repeatedly throughout the years. People always thought I was speaking to them on my cell phone because the calls kept getting dropped. Also, I would often pick up the receiver and there was no service. We finally decided to port over our number to another service provider. Vonage did not release our number for 2 months!!!! We had no phone service for 2 months!!! And we found out later that this is exactly how they treat the customers who leave them. NEVER sign up with Vonage.

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Customer Service

Reviewed Sept. 23, 2021

I have had service since 03/08/2021 & OMG Horrible, Disgusting Service! People can't get through, calls Drop, When I re plug things in after I unplug it calls are dead a few times! I Contacted Vonage Tech Multiple Times! Within The Last Couple of Months! They Debug my equipment multiple times, reset box! This is a Disgusting Service! I Need Service 2 Work! You need 3 or more Services in order for you to get one service to work! Let's go back to SIMPLE Days when People had a BRAIN Cell!

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Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed Sept. 22, 2021

We've been a Vonage Business Customer for 12 years. Prior we used Vonage Residential picks for 5 years. Uptime and quality of service is great. BUT, if you have ANY technical problems you're SOL. They DO NOT OFFER LIVE TECHNICAL HELP "unless you call new accounts" and "demand" help. Simple issue I'm having getting a existing handset to register. Nothing special! Only service they offer is Chat. Chat is low level and they can't help.

On hold again right now with a NEW Customer CSR. Even he can't get a Tech to answer or three way. It's 10am CST. The Tech CSR that did call me at my appointment time earlier this morning placed me on hold for 30 min. Then their hold timer timed out. He DID NOT CALL BACK!!! Back on hold with New Customer CSR waiting. As of this note I've been working hours to get the issue resolved over two days. The message in my ear says they are too busy and somebody will have to call me back. And to press 1 for call back, only pressing 1 does nothing! Still on hold listening to music... now one hour again on hold after speaking to second new customer agent...

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Contract & TermsPrice

Reviewed Sept. 8, 2021

Signed up three days ago. Their menus are awful. I couldn't get it to work. Tried using this for business, but it was way too complex and expensive for a small business. Had no idea I was signing a contract - what a mistake. Now they want $400+ early termination fee. Stay clear of these guys.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Sept. 1, 2021

My mother has been moved to a nursing home. We only wanted to cancel her service due to she no longer needs or resides at service address. Representative Travis who lied and stated he was a Manager and did not want to disconnect service. He needs to be fired. Please replay the call for service number **.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Aug. 17, 2021

I have been using Vonage line to call local for 4 years, and the package was changed suddenly. They have been taking fees monthly from my debit account despite the fact that I ALREADY ASKED THEM TO DISCONNECT THE LINE and cancel the changed package. Yet THEY KEEP withdrawing from my debit account. There is no respect for the customers who trusted them for a long period, I am extremely dissatisfied with the service and DO NOT RECOMMEND.

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Customer ServicePriceStaff

Reviewed Aug. 13, 2021

Starting a small business I approached Vonage for their VOIP services. It took long pestering in the first place to get a quote, as there was some special provision that they had to account for in my quote. After a frustrating week, I got a quote, which was competitive and Vonage being a reputed brand, I decided to go with them. Though out of concerns asked the sales rep, if this experience with the quote is going to continue and he sweared it would it be great. Now I am regretting the decision, it is a month since I ordered the service and the phones have not arrived and today I am told they do not ship to Canada. I get this response after numerous follow ups. The sales representative **, would not even respond my email not return calls, perhaps this is the VONAGE training. If there was a -ve star rating I would gone with that as they do not deserve even 1 star rating.

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Customer ServiceContract & Terms

Reviewed Aug. 11, 2021

I've been a client with Vonage for 12 month. My company went out of business and I called to cancel the service. I was advised because I did not call 30 days before my 1 year anniversary to cancel - I would need to pay for the additional 11 months on the auto-renewal contract. This gem was hidden in the terms document - my fault for not reading the terms document more closely. You are defaulted to auto renewal contract when signing unless you tell Vonage you do not want that option. Highly unethical business practices.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Aug. 5, 2021

You can't talk to a person. You have to use their terrible chat interface that hides the message until you type more. It is a total waste of my time with chat. My problem I'm trying to solve needs voice conversation and Vonage refuses to talk to their customers. I was transferred to a 2nd agent and now the line is dropped. This is demeaning. I just want to have my phone system set up correctly.

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Reviewed July 23, 2021

I have been Vonage customer as it was easy in set up. But when it comes to cancellation account they will make you suffer a horrendous trail of events. BEWARE of their stupid offers at the time of cancellation which will keep you in loop with them. They will charge a bloody hefty fees at the time of cancellation.

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Verified purchase
Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed July 13, 2021

I was a customer with Vonage for well over 12 years. 2008 to be exact. It turned out that I needed to start using a cell phone for my business phone so I had my Vonage phone number ported to a cell and I called them to close my account at the end of my billing cycle. My thinking was to make sure I had a smooth transition and not interrupt my business calls. 10 minutes later Vonage shut off my phone and somehow blocked my porting of my phone number so now if a client calls they get a message that the phone was disconnected and no new number.

I called my cell provider and they tried many different fixes that didn't work and told me I had to contact Vonage. So I called Vonage and they refused to help me explaining I am no longer a customer and unless I wanted to get a new line they won't help me. I asked why they disconnected my phone since I had 2 more paid weeks of service and they told me they cancel as soon as I discontinue my account and I would not be given any further service or a refund of the time left on my account. Vonage has no respect for long term customers and they could care less about a small business. They become thugs.

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