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I contacted Telstra who were rather uncooperative. I explained to Telstra they "didn't need customers like me." I explained that I was on Facebook and knew how to "put a blog" on the Internet. They said they understood and suggested I go onto another plan (contract). I explained I would like to go back onto my previous contract which was to expire in 4 months time (another 12 month contract using my own phone and sim card...) that I had entered into after my first 24 month contract with Telstra ended. They said I could not go back to that contract because that contract had been terminated for the new one. I had said that I would contact the communications Ombudsman... There was a pause however it didn't seem to worry them.

I explained again that if you look after customers then they may recommend them to 2 or 3 others. However if you didn't look after their customers then they might have disparaging comments to another 10 or more people you knew. None of this seemed to worry them. I then explained that there had been an error in my contact number (not my mobile number) and as such the contract between was not valid (because of the error)... And went to say I " believe" we don't have a contract between us. At this stage they went to their Supervisor and they agreed to put me on a billing (at same rate) that was not a contract. I said, "if this is not a contract then I can leave at any time..." Which they agreed was now true.

For the same cost I can have a billing service with TPG. (No contact so can leave anytime.) This billing also offer unlimited data and text. I will explore this further before leaving Telstra at my leisure. Also Great Southern Phone offers good deals. (They use the Telstra network but much cheaper.) I received another text with today's date stating I was on a 24 month contract again... So I put new batteries in my digital recorder and a new memory card and went back to the Telstra shop.

I approached the sales woman who I originally did the "deal" with and asked her by name if she was "having a nice day?" To which she referred me to the store manager. She came over and I showed her my digital recorder. I then asked is today the ::: of December to which she replied yes. I then said "Is this the Telstra Store at :::? To which she replied yes. I then asked her to look up my account and tell me the "status of my account?" She confirmed I was no longer on contract but on a billing system. Once I had this recorded I turned off the digital recorder... Explained that this was "not Africa". I did not swear however went to explain in front of other customers they (Telstra) had put me on a 24 month contract... not a 12 month contract as agreed. I also explained that I thought it was poor form that you didn't get a copy (of the now 24 month contract) until the next day.

It is interesting to note that you cannot dispute the contract after 7 days "due to security reasons"... Lol. What a joke! They know you have only seven days to dispute the contract. I was also told in the shop by the store manager that I could not dispute the contract if it was signed in the shop even though contract signed the day before. I believe this is "sales rubbish" to con you so you will just go away. I believe any contract has a cooling off period of 7 days from time of agreement. They "misrepresent the truth". I believe "playing on the idea" that people don't know their rights. Probably time poor and won't follow up as I did... I have resolves this to my satisfaction. I just shows how Telstra can "stuff you round" if they wish to and that their dealings with customers is highly "questionable" at times. I hope you keep this on record and as a warning to others! No further action required.

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I was sent a letter telling me that I was in credit of $120.00. I called to see if I was able to get that credit back to me as we have changed our provider but they refused as they said that I wasn't eligible for it. When I received the letter on the 21st of June, I called to make sure that it would be on the last bill, which was then confirmed that I was indeed eligible for the money. I changed my provider to Complete Telecom, whom we've been in transition with for the past two months, so we have been paying bills for both providers.

We were told when we joined that they were a sister company of Telstra and we had been selected to have their cheaper deal. With a few phone calls back and forth, we signed up. We were not told that there would be a cancellation fee of over $300.00. I was under the understanding that it would just be transferred over as they were sister companies. I've tried calling Complete Telecom for over a week, only to get the same reply every time that they'll call me back and they still haven't a week later.

I would like to know where we stand, as I'm worried that we are either being scammed or unfairly treated!


The company displays information on the website domain which states packages for telephone long distance and local calls plus broadband. I can access through my account and change this when I want because they are listed. I checked the information on the website before I changed my account and both times, I was told that that offer was not available to me. I got the run around and that made me angry the last time because they sent me bills that were huge. I told them that I'd read the information on the website which stated that that package was a set price.

They road off the amount but are now charging me more for the same original package and locked me into another two year contract which I didn't want. It is at least twenty dollars more than the original. The original was $89.95 and they are now charging me $109.95 per month. The website from which I'd read the information for the package was there before Christmas but has been removed and I cannot find it. I told Telstra that they should not have a list of packages that consumers can access if the information is incorrect. They do not listen!

I purchased my son a Hiptop Slidekick mobile telephone from Telstra last Christmas (2008) and it was working absolutely fine until late June, early July. Its contract ran out and since then, whenever i ring Telstra to ask for help and advice on how to re-connect this mobile telephone, the employees are extremely rude and simply will not communicate with me in an appropriate manner.

Constantly i ring and ask for help with this mobile telephone and how to re-connect it, but Telstra forward me onto several different departments in which, do not help at all. I spent a very large amount of money on this mobile telephone to just simply let it go to waste.


I have a bill of nearly $1000. I had the internet put on then I rang and said I was too dear could they put me on a cheaper one but instead they disconnected me, that was $350. Then they put me on another plan straight away. I have talked to so many people in the place and can't get anywhere. It's driving me mad. I am losing sleep, stressing out. No one in the work place can tell me what it is all for. What should I do? I want to disconnect the one I have but that will cost me another $350. PLEASE HELP ME....

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this complaint im making is againts telstra land line/house phone.
they susspended my phone in the middle of september.

i dident mind about that becouse the house was sold and i hade to disconnect it any way. all so i have hade no phone pluged in the phone line since they susspended it. but the issue is?

i rung them up and asked them to re addresse the bill so it can be paid telsta said pay the bill first then we will re addresse it to were you are, i said well you are sending a bill to a house that im no longer at.they dident care about that. and now there sent me out a bill from october to november calls owing $39.50 for 166 local calls how can you make calls on a phone that has been susspended since september? i wood like this looked at becouse im sick of getting riped off by phone company's and they have sent it to the collectors as well dun&bradstreet collection service that letter came in the same day as the bill? how i got my bill i hade to go to the post office and have them redirected to a different adresse.


charges for a mobile phone that was offered under a no lemon policy where i would not be charged for any additional charges and continue with my contract recently charges have been made back on to my account


Moved into a new residential House at 99 Malcomson Street, NORTH MACKAY QLD 4740 on the Monday 10th of January 2005. On the Wednesday 12th of January 2005 my Brother Bradley James Degnian tried to get the land line connected through Optus. He was told that the land line would be connected at the latest on Friday the 14th of January 2005 (Reference Number 191 400 70) and to ring 127 22 123 to get the phone number all week we tried this number and it kept giving us 07 4942 5047 (it was on incoming calls only) and we worked out that it was obversely from the previous tenants. By Friday afternoon Bradley rang back Optus to see what was going on because our landline had not yet been connected and they told him that it had been cancelled that morning (Friday 14th of January 2005). So Bradley told them not to worry about it we will try Telstra cause they cant cancel a connection without letting him know first.

On the afternoon of Tuesday the 18th of January 2005 I Miss Robbie Jane Degnian went into the telstra shop here in Mackay to change the connection of my mobile phone from Optus to Telstra and to get the landline connected in my name through Telstra. My mobile phone had been connected fine and at that time we thought that the landline had been connected too. We had received our new phone number (07 4942 0140) and the person in the Telstra Shop said to give it till Friday to be connected. By Friday it was not connected but it was to late to ring Telstra and see what was happening also so Friday Afternoon I received a letter from Telstra saying thank you for connecting through Telstra. First thing morning of Monday the 24th of January 2005 I rang up Telstra to see what had happened and the person I was talking to said that the landline is connected at our address in the someone elses name on incoming calls only and for my application to go through I had to take in my Tenancy agreement to the Telstra Shop (to prove that I live here now) and get them to fax it to the main company and everything would be done from that. That afternoon I went into the Telstra Shop and the person at the counter put me back on the phone to the main company because she didnt understand what had to be done.

I was on the phone to Telstra again and now they were telling me that there was still an outstanding order (telstra order number 4909 3973 status 02 connect outstanding for 07 4942 9421) that had been made through a different company. Automatically I thought that Optus had not withdrawn the application that MY Brother had made, so I told the person I was talking to that I would get back to them once I had talked to my brother and he had talked to Optus. When I got home that afternoon my brother was still at work and he didnt get home until late that night so he couldnt ring them till the next day. Also on Monday the 24th of January 2005 my brother received a letter from Optus stating that he made a request to connect a telephone service and that it will be cancelled in 7days if nothing happens.

On Tuesday the 25th of January 2005 Bradley rang Optus from his work and then rang me back and told me to ring Telstra and give them the order number (191 400 70) and tell them that Optus said to look on the LOLO program under that order number and they will see that the Application through Optus was cancelled on the 14/1/2005. At this time Telstra was still telling me that by there systems there is still an outstanding order. At this stag I was getting angry so I told the person at telstra that I would try and sort it out at Optus and then get back to them. That afternoon when Bradley got home he rang back Optus and they were 110% sure that the application had been withdrawn, so now he was getting angry and he talked to the supervisor and the manager of Optus and they both kept saying the same thing so he got even more angry and hung up.

Then i rang up Telstra and I got this person that just wouldnt listen to anything I had to tell him so I gave Bradley authority to talk on my behalf and the person wouldnt listen to him either so he talked to the Supervisor and the Manger and they all kept telling us that there nothing they could do cause of the outstanding application through a different company. So at this stag we decided to leave everything until after the seven day were up to do anything else. This is because by this time the application through Optus would have been cancelled.

On the Friday the 28th of January 2005 I received a bill from telstra for the connection of our land line from the 18th of January to the 20th of January as there was no way I was going to pay it because I didnt have the connection I rang telstra and we sorted the bill out, they cancelled it so I didnt have to pay for it. I decided that while I was on the phone to them I would see if I could get it connected yet and they were still telling me that there was still an outstanding connection through a different company and there was nothing that they could do. At this point I just gave up.

A few weeks ago I found out that I was pregnant again and I thought that I should try and get the landline connected again. It took me a couple of weeks to ring cause I didnt want to go through all the stuff again but I finely rang them on Thursday the 31st March 2005. I asked what I had to do to take over the existing number for 99 Malcomson Street, NORTH MACKAY QLD 4740. The person I talked to said that I cant take over the number or make a new connection because there is still an outstanding order for this house. I asked if there was anything I had to do to get the order cancelled, like take in the tenancy agreement to prove that I live here and not the other people.

She told me that the only thing that I could do would be to ring the Real estate and get the real estate to ring the owners and get the owners to ring the people that use to live her and find out who put the phone on and get them to disconnect it so we can put it on (the reason the owners were involved is because before I moved in the owners had this house as a private rental and now it is through a real estate). I got in touch with the owners and they could only get in touch with some of the pervious residents and none of them had the land line connected because they had mobile phones (not all of the previous residents could be contacted due to disconnection of phone services). So after all this running around I ran telstra back that afternoon and explained that I had done what they suggested and there was no luck so what so I have to do now and they said nothing can be done I just have to wait for the person that made the order to cancel it or pay $200 or more to get them to come out and put a new line in. I am on centerlink payments so I cannot afford this amount and I do not see why I have to pay for someone elses stuff up.

I think this is poor customer service on there behalf. Now I am getting punished for someone elses stuff up.

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