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BEWARE OF TALK AMERICA AND THEIR LIES. Advertised 6 MB/s speeds, I am lucky to get 1.5 MB/s and DSL service is worst I have ever seen. I had 3 MB/s speeds when I first signed up. They raised the monthly rate $20/mo (and lied about it, saying my $50/month service would never, EVER increase). Terrible tech support. Lying customer service reps. BS company. Avoid at all costs.

"DON'T GET SERVICE FROM TALK AMERICA." We've had no phone service period for 2 weeks and the internet comes and goes at very slow speeds. Worst garbage out there. I've talked to about ten different reps and they're just a bunch of yes men. We've gotten the excuse. It's something wrong at central. They have told me that they'll have a repair man out 4 times and they never show. I'll be canceling this service and getting Verizon.

I spent 2 weeks without Internet service and a day without phone service because they blamed a central office 'switch' for my slow internet. The old modem didn't work nor did the new modem. I work from home and lost thousands of $$$ without internet. I just got off the phone with them to get a $16.37 credit to reimburse me for the cost of using my cell phone as a hot spot. They said, "NO!!! It's against policy" and it only took 6 hrs for the supervisor to call me back to tell me no. This is BS, I intend to blast Talk America on every forum I can. They will lose a lot more than $16.37 by the time I'm done.

I have had problems with my phone/DSL all day. When I called them, I got bounced 6 times, disconnected once, and was put on hold for a sum of more than an hour to get to the right department and to open a service ticket. I asked for a supervisor multiple times and when I finally got one after 75 minutes, I asked to file a complaint. She said I can do it online on Windstream website but couldn't tell me exactly where and then she gave me a phone number and extension which was wrong. HORRIBLE experience.

I cancelled my account with Talk America in March 2016. Paid the final bill. Was billed by Verizon for cancelling Talk America long distance carrier. Tried to talk with a billing rep. Was impossible. Kept getting put on hold and then disconnected. Don't think there is one. Called so many times. It was almost abusive to me.

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3 months ago I have canceled services with Windstream. Few days later I have paid the balance of the account. Today I have received a collection notice that I owe to Talk America Services 179.77.

I disconnected my service with Windstream, they continued to send me invoices for a monthly service charge. I contacted them and they said the problem had been corrected. They stopped my services. Now, Months later, I am receiving collection notices from Talk America. I opened my e-mail client and it is downloading email from today. Is this legal? What do you do? It seems to be a company in the US. See Council of Better Business Bureaus Talk America location.

Have hit a brick wall with these guys. I disconnected my service with Windstream a year ago, they continued to send me invoices for a monthly service charge. I contacted them and they said the problem had been corrected. Now, a year later, I am receiving collection notices from Talk America (a company that merged with/took over Windstream). I am getting nowhere. The customer service phone number is a constant "busy signal". So, in desperation, I have filed a complaint with the FCC. I suggest that everyone else complain to the FCC too. Copy and paste into your browser - the website is Good luck everyone!

We closed our account with Cavalier February 2015. I had already paid February statement. I received a partial statement for March for $1.60 and paid that. In April I receive a bill from Cavalier so I called and Talk with ** on 4/4/15. ** said don't worry the account was closed and she would have fee of 38.26 reversed. In May I receive another statement for 77.27. My wife called that time talk with ** with Talk America. He assured her that he would make sure the account was closed and balance removed, 5/5/15. I received another statement on 6/5/515. This time I requested to speak with a manager. ** said he would have his manager ** call. He also put me through to her voice mail. My wife left a message and ** has not called yet. I have tried to reach her 3 times. Each time she was on another line or unavailable.

I tried to get a payment arrangement considering the fact that I had to be in Wisconsin for a very serious medical treatment. I told Talk America/Cavalier this but they did not care. As a matter of fact, they threatened me. I continued to call to try to get someone who would listen and understand. There is no one. Then, I found out that they had been lying to me for sometime but doing it very slick. They make me sick. Don't get Talk America/Cavalier. You are guaranteed to get ripped off and used every time.

On November 27, 2006 my account was doubled-debited for the same invoice. Since that time I have sent 10 faxes, made 15 calls to customer service and no results. Each time I talk with someone they give me a different answer. It is now the 27th of December and I have yet to get anyone to acknowledge that they have received my faxes, let alone put the money back into my account.

One manager told me that I should write a letter to the president and ask him for more staff because he could not dig through 250 faxes to locate and resolve my problem. In addition, each time I call, I spend at least 5 minutes waiting to speak to someone. Then, the customer service representatives put me on hold, without telling me, and I have waited for as long as 20 minutes for a manager to pick up the call. I have also had scheduling problems. The service technician came to install the line; told me it was working only to find out that it was not working. The service technician then told me that it was my fault because I should have checked the line myself. I have over $75.00 in overdraft charges as result of Talk America not putting money back into my account; and that figure is getting bigger.

I cancelled my telephone servie, in its entirety, on 5/16/05. I spoke with a service representative when that cancellation did not take effect on July 27th. I was told that my final bill was 21.13. I made an immediate on line payment. Subsequently I received a collection notice and another bill for 26.98.

My husband and I have been trying to cancel our Talk America phone line for over a month. The first time I called, the service rep told me it would be shut off in 12 days. It still has not been shut off and it has been a month since that phone call. I tried to call again last week and the service rep, Julian-19493, told me it would be shut off that night. Four days later my phone is still on.

days - the bill was for the entire month.

was not my problem. The only resolution was she would send it to their auditing department.

I had been a Talk America customer for over five years with no complaint until May 2006. There was a great deal of static on the line and an echo. I had dial-up internet service and this interference prohibited me from getting online to pay bills and order supplies for our business. I contacted Talk America by phone for 11 days to no avail. I was simply told to be patient. So, on May 24th, I switched to Bellsouth. They gave me a new telephone number, because I couldn't wait the extra 10 days it might take to switch and keep my old number.

Everything is fine with my phone service now, but it is July and Talk America still hasn't disconnected my old phone number. They are still billing me for it and sending me late notices. I have attempted to call them 27 times this week, and I am disconnected by the customer service computer when I ask to speak to a representative. Not to mention, two weeks after I switched to Bellsouth, a repair technician showed up at my door saying he was with Talk America and was here to solve my repair issue. That made a total of 25 days after my initial call was made before a tech came out. I have never had a more unpleasant experience with customer service than I have had with Talk America. Beware consumers; award winning Talk America is not!

Talk America is a rip off. I paid my bill on time every month. Then we had a storm and my service went off. I called them numerous times to get someone to fix my phone. Finally they said i would have to hire someone at the company for $80 an hour to come and fix some internal error. I cancelled my service and went with another company. They then put my account in collections. When i called, i was told i would get a credit for the months i paid. When i called back, they told me they would take my account out of collections and take off the fee but will not issue me a credit.

When I switched my local service to Talk America it was because the Unlimited Plan was $24.95 per month. When I received my March 2006 bill they charged me $34.95 per month. When I called to say that they had not notified me in advance of the upcoming rate increase and that I wanted the credit for $10, and then I would cancel my service they said No credit would be issued. They said the rates were on their website. I told them I receive a paper bill, not an electronic bill. They said, no credit would be issued.

What if they had just decided to bill me $395 per month. A company must be required to notify customers in advance of upcoming rate increases so we have the option to cancel service before the new rate takes affect. I canceled my service effective 3/7/06 and requested a pro-rated bill for 3/7/06-3/21/06. They told me they only pro-rate the Plan charge and not the surcharges and taxes. I would have to pay all surcharges and all the taxes on the bill and then request a refund on the overpayment of taxes which would take at least 60 days. They said they do not pro-rate the surcharges.

We went without proper service for 2 months. I could make outgoing calls, but could not receive incoming calls or access voicemail. When I attempted to contact customer service, I could never get through to anyone. Then I switched phone service. Once that happened I got SLAMMED by Talk America, who switched my service back to them without my authorization. Their customer service staff is the biggest bunch of incompetents I have ever dealt with. Now it will be another 2 weeks before my service is switched back to my preferred provide, which IS NOT Talk America.

I tried for weeks to get thru and cancel talk america on my bussiiness line. Some thing that should have been done and was done by verizon on the 28th of Dec. 2005. They continued to bill me. On Feb. Am. Ex. bill they even put in two billing cycles on the same bill. I finally got thru today when I found their phone menu had chaned draamatically. I finally spoke to a manager, Brent, who was so rude turning every question I had, straight forward questions, into a circle of nothing said, nothing acomplished, double talk in which he stated i was still being billed the same amount because I didn't cancel my home number long distance with Talk America. Suddenly the charges were the same for one number and exchange or two numbers with two different exchanges. How do you cope with that. How dare he!! You have to think that he knew exactly what he was saying and was instructed by his boses to handle this in this manner.

No one is as stupid as he was sounding.

When my blood pressure had risen dangerously high, I stated that I guess I would need to settle this on national television, which made him query the reason or how would that help and I simply put the phone down. I went to the computer and here I find hundreds of people having expirenced the same fraud with this company every where.

I'm angered and frustrated by phone companies, such as Talk America, who blatantly tack on more and more fees, until these extra/nonsensical fees are almost as much as the cost of the plan itself. I signed up with Talk America's Talk 200 Plan -- which, at the time, seemed the most reasonable choice, given the minimal usage of my home phone.

This was a bundled local and long distance package. My bills started out at approximately $26.95 (+ taxes and fees), for a total of approximately $42 per month. This same service is now over $66.00 per month -- and my usuage has not changed!! The culprit? Nearly $30, yes $30 in surcharges ($21.43) and taxes ($8.43). This is plain extortion! How much should one have to pay just to have a working phone (a necessity, no longer a luxury) How do we stop this madness that is rampant throughout the industry??

I had signed up several years ago with Talk America for my long-distance service when they were part of the AOL family, and my credit card was automatically billed each month. Over the course of 18 months, they insidiously inserted slowly escalating administrative fees and unexplainable surcharges into my account. These multiple fees finally caught my attention when our monthly bill soared out of control. When contacted, Talk America would provide NO INFORMATION and their reps only kept repeating that the fees were posted to the website and it was MY fault for not going to their site often enough.

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