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Back before Suncom had gone out of business, I am a military member and I had sent in my orders to get out of the contract I had with them. I have later come to find out that a bill for around $200 was due and a collection agency is trying to collect over $2,000 for it. Let me be clear, I had paid and closed my account with Suncom prior to me leaving on my orders. I have been with Verizon ever since, I owe nothing. I have moved several times in the last 5 years and this is just coming to light, through a collection agency with an outlandish collection amount.


I had Suncom in Va.(Smithfield/Norfolk) area. The company I was with transferred me back to Fl. on June 7,2003. Suncom at that time did not have coverage for the area I was moving to. They told me to go to an AT&T office which was a part of Suncom. I did; they transferred my service to AT&T. The lady at the AT&T office spoke directly to Suncom, gave them all info. I thought all was fine. I had AT&T about 4 yrs.( Panasonic employer). Within 4 months Suncom was dunning me. I went 2x to AT&T at Regency Square. The original lady called both times. The last time, I heard nothing for about a year. Now they call 4, 5 , 6 times every day, even Sundays to cell & home phone. They send letters also. H(below earth) will freeze over before they get a cent out of me. This is the most unprofessional company that I have ever dealt with.


I was stationed in Ft Bragg NC. I got a Suncom wireless phone and had it about a year. When I got orders to deploy to Iraq, I went to the local branch and paid everything off on 10 Jan 06. I gave them a copy of my orders and canceled my service. I deployed to IRAQ and when I got home, I got out of the military and a month after I was out, I got a notice from a collection agency LHR for over $900. Suncom charged me till May of 06 and then charged me a 200 dollar cancellation fee, then put me up for collections. My credit score is** up.


I had SunCom for several years, way more than the two I signed up for. After that time, I did what I have done with other phone services--month to month. In May 2005, I moved to Mississippi. SunCom did not have coverage in MS so I advised SunCom that I would no longer be able to stay with them. I only used the phone for the first week of May, but paid for the full month. I was advised that I had to pay an early cancellation fee. I said no way. I had been with them for years--with no phone upgrades or for that matter, coverage when a phone broke. They said that I had called to cancel my insurance. I had not, but it was useless fighting with them so I paid for a new phone.

They have been harassing the living Dickens out of me--calling no end. And now, they have reported me to the credit bureau for over $380! They have dropped my credit rating several points! They are the only creditor I have ever been reported by--as I pay my bills in full every month and this is so unfair. I have come to the conclusion that I will have to pay the extortion fee, but I have no guarantees that they will even take my name off the credit report. I was told that they automatically enroll me in another two-year contract every two years! What the heck!


My wife and I were originally on AT&T Wireless but we were told that they were bought out by Suncom and that we needed to switch. What a crock! We switched which was a hassle from the start. We had 900 minutes between the 2 of us but yet Suncom had a plan for the exact same price for unlimited minutes. We were told that because we started as AT&T customers that they could not switch us to their plan. My wife was pregnant and having severe complications and they still would not switch our plan so we obviously went over our minutes one month.

We tried to reason with them and straighten things out but they ended up wanting over $900 from us which is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS. We have yet to settle and they are still just as rude as ever. We have this huge bill hanging over us because they stated that they could not switch us to their plan and of course they charged us an early termination fee because we couldn't pay over $900. Oh, and the termination fee we were told was $150 for both phones but they charged us $150 for each phone as well.

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my mobile wireless company suncom was aquired by mobile. every since my mobile bill is outragous. tmobile nor suncom has told me that my original suncom plan is what i had to stay with and when i go to suncom's web site it directs me to tmobile. when i get my outragous phone bill i have to talk to numerous people and i end up with suncom and they tell me i don't have certian features when i can only choose from tmobiles features so i paid for unlimet texting for 9.99 and blackberry service and because i didn't have it with suncom tmobile who i pay now charges me unreasonable charges and i'm supposed to except that as an answer.

this is totally wrong. suncom sold out and now we have to pay whtaever they tell us to pay,i've been from at&t which sold to suncom, which sold to tmobile. where are our consumer rights??? do we really have any ordo we just give whoever the money? i'm very angry at suncom and tmobile this has been very unfair to consumers to be and being ripped off.

un reasonable phone bills. hardship. when a plan is supppose to be 89.99 that is what it hsould be not whatever they say. i will have to cancel my service whe my contract is up in march and i've had this service since 1996


I am so disappointed with T-Mobile/Suncomm. I called Friday to change my telephone number. I was given a number and told it would be activated in 2 hours...the next morning the new number was still not activated. I called back (after numerous times of being told)Thank you for calling T-Mobile, I am sorry....but we can not answer your call right now...please call back later. Poor customer service. I finally got through by saying that I wanted new service and had to have a sales rep connect me with tech support. I was then told that only a Suncomm rep could change my number. I though T-Mobile acquired Suncomm? They should have worked all of that out before going live. Anyway, I

I finally got through to a Suncomm rep and was told that I needed to switch to a T-Mobile plan in order to have my number changed. NOT TRUE. In addition, they wanted me to pay extra for my blackberry plan. I called my daughter-in-law..who is a SUNCOMM representative and explained the situation..she told me that I did not have to switch to a T-Mobile plan in order to get my number changed, but that they were to suggest to the customers that, so that eventually all SUNCOMM customers would be switched to T-Mobile.

I called back...again I had to choose the prompts to sales in order for them to connect me to tech support. I received a new number (different for the original given on Friday) and was told it would take 2 hours for activation. I have not been able to receive a call yet! I can make calls but can't receive calls. My son was trying to get in touch with me because my granddaughter was in the hospital. I did not find out until the next day! I am [upset]. I tried to call again and received the same message about how sorry.... I will be reported this to (BBB) and CNN. This has really caused me stress.


I purchased a cellular service from SunCom account # **, phone # ** in Beaufort SC. I live in KY and have no retail SunCom store near me. The contract has the wrong SS# or data input listed the wrong SS# which I had no idea what it was. When I would call with issues regarding my voice mail Suncom would not help me because of the SS# difference. This went on for months. I am a realtor both in Beaufort SC and Somerset KY so all my cell phone messages are necessary and mean money to me.


I wasn't told about the hidden charges that they now want me to pay. the guy that sold me the phone was more interested in getting a quick sale rather than looking out for what could have been a good customer (me).

I have my sumcom bill as a stumbling block on my credit report. a lot of the things i was paying for was on of the many hidden charges I was not told about.


About 3 years ago, I decided to try SunCom as my cell phone provider. My and my fiance went to get the service started and at the time he lived in York, SC and I lived in Gastonia, NC. We tried to put the phones in his name but SunCom refused to do this because York, SC is not in their service area. So, needing the phones that day, we went ahead and put them in my name. We purchased 4 phones on the same plan.

From the beginning they charged us a one time fee and told us that it was for handset insurance but when I called SunCom they stated that we have been lied to because insurance is per month not a one time fee. We the lies seem to get worse as time goes on. In Feb 2008, my phone broke so I had to purchase a new phone. I paid the retail price for this phone minus a $50 special. Not knowing at the time, but that $50 special was renewing my contract for 2 years.

I recently moved to York, SC due to school and when I tried to cancel our service he told me my contract was just renewed. Well I explained to them that I moved outside of the service area due to school and that since they wouldn't provide us service in that area in the beginning, they should be able to cancel our phones without penalty.

He explained to me that based on my purchase of a new phone they would have to charge us $200 per line to cancel ($800 total) even though we don't live in an area that they provide service to. My other option was to switch my service to T-Mobile with no termination fees. I contacted T-Mobile and gave them my address and the first thing I was told was I'm sorry but we do not provide service in your area. Once I told SunCom that, they explained that there was nothing else they could do, my only choice was to pay the $800 or keep the phones.

So I am stuck with 4 phones that do not get signal in my area due to the fact I can't magically come up with $800 being a full-time college student.

The consequence of cancelling my service will result in an $800 termination fee.


Suncom takes 1 hour to activate your service but takes 30 days to terminate the service if you decide you do not want it because of communication problems, dropped call or "you're phone is scanning for service." And they will bill you in advance. I've been with this company for 2 Years and I am terminating the service now even if I have to pay contract cancellation fees! The short term cancellation fee won't compare to continuing with the astronomical billing by Suncom.


My wireless phone bill payment was mailed out on April 26th and was not delivered to the payment office nor payment has been posted to my account as of April 28th. I am repeatedly getting an automated friendly reminder call from SunCom telling me that they are not in receipt of the payment. I will receive a call at my home, twenty or thirty minutes later I will receive a call on my cell phone, then an hour later I will receive a text message (of which I am being charged for), all letting me know that my payment has not been received. I am in the collection industry and this is considered harrassment.

I have complained to SunCom's customer service only to be told that my phone service will be ceased and that they are not violating any laws by repeatedly contacting their customers if the payment is not received by the due date on the invoice. SunCom's customer service has always been halfway there, I've not ever received one pleasant or helpful individual. It's bad enough that when they bought ATT out they contacted me and offered me a deal I couldn't refuse, which included a new phone.

However, when it came down to actually receiving a new phone, I was magically ineligible and had to agree to a 2 year contract in addition to the contract that I already had in place. In the meantime, I'm being harrassed profusely over a payment that maybe 2-3 days lost in the mail and according to them I don't have a leg to stand on. I could see if I were 15-30 days past due. The check really is in the mail. SunCom stinks and come Sept 17th 2008 good bye to them.

I am being annoyed and harrassed. I am a responsible citizens and I pay my bills. I find it inexcusable to be harrassed in this manner.


I purchased a Sony Ericcson W300 cell phone from the Suncom retail store on Sunset blvd. in Lexington, SC on Dec.23, 2007. About 1 month later the speaker quit working and I returned it to the same location and was given a new phone. Then recently the 3,6,9,and # buttons quit working. I returned to the same retail location and they referred me to 1800sunserv. I called this # and spoke with April and she informed me that I would have to call Sony Ericcson and mail off the phone for repair. I reaffirmed that I had bought the phone from them and not Sony so what was the best deal for a new W300. She said it would be $199. That is $100 more than the original purchase price. I called back and spoke to another representaive and asked to speak with her supervisor. After waiting on hold for 18 minutes Sharika told me the best deal I could get was $149 by renewing my 2-year contract. I told her the online price of the phone was free and I didn't understand why after 6 years of being a customer she could not give me a better deal.


On March 2006, I signed a contract with Suncom Wireless with a deposit of $200 that was to be refundable to me after 1(one) year with no interruption disconnection of services. I called in Feb 2007 and asked them to refund in the form of a check and not to be credited to my account. They told me I had to call back in March 2007. I followed back up in March and was told I had to wait 13 mos (April) and to call back in April.

I called back in April was told I had to wait until May 4, 2007 and it will be credited to my account and ask for refund in form of check. I called back today and was told I can't have my refund back, I have to wait 3 more additional months due to a late fee of $5.

This stipulation was never part of my original contract that I signed to have my deposit refunded back. I'm fully aware of SunCom will be selling or placing their business for sale on May 15, 2007. I believe they're using this technique to prolong refunding my deposit to fall into the new guide-lines of the new company change over. I gave them my money in good faith and expected my money refunded back to me in March 2007. Now they have violated my trust and I feel as though I'm not they only one.


On 3/22 I went into the store to purchase a plan which allowed unlimited minutes for 59.95 per month. While doing so the salesman looked my address up on his computer and said the service in my area was borderline. I told him I didn't want a phone that wouldn't work at my home. He said no problem. Instead of assigning my own cell phone # (which he said would be the same as my current cell#) he had my current cell forwarded to the new phone to see if it would work at my home address. I was told if it did not work I could return the phone.

That same evening when I got home I found that I had no service. The next day on the 23rd I returned the phone to the store. He made a call to someone and said I wanted to cancel. At that point they tried selling me a more expensive plan that would guarantee coverage in my area. I told him that I was not interested in a more expensive plan and he told me the day before I could return it if I didn't get service in my area. He agreed to cancel my service.

I was shocked to receive a bill dated the 25th billing me for 109.21. I immediately called the customer service # on the bill and they had no record of any cancellation. I then called the store where I returned the phone and spoke to a woman who checked with the manager Curtis and he agreed to cancel the monthly charge but was insisting I pay the activation fee. I don't feel I should be responsible for this since the original salesman William said the phone # he gave me would only be tested by my current cell being forwarded to it to see if I could get service in my area.

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