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Straight Talk Wireless

Miami, FL

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About Straight Talk Wireless

Straight Talk is a no-contract phone plan that shares networks with four major cellphone service providers. It doesn’t restrict people to long-term contracts, and it offers nationwide coverage and more data plans with flexible payment options.

Overall Satisfaction Rating

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  • Affordable options
  • Add-on features available
  • No contracts


  • Data can be slow
  • No family plans

Bottom Line

Straight Talk offers basic cellphone coverage and the option to purchase discounted phones or keep your current phone. There are no contracts and no hidden fees.

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Original review: July 5, 2010

I tried downloading a ringtone (DJ Tiesto, Feel It) one day for $2.99. Error 500 popped up. I figured, something just went wrong this time, my card isn't going to get charged. In the past with other companies, something like this has happened and my card didn't get charged, or my phone. I tried it again and again, error 500 popped up. Before downloading again, I did check my card and sure enough, the $2.99 was deducted twice. For over a month, I fought with customer service on getting a refund or getting the ringtone. Finally, a lady told me that I would have to try re-booting my phone and downloading the ringtone again.

It was like having my card charged again? She said that it wouldn't be charged if the ringtone downloaded. I said, I've been trying to get it downloaded already and you guys haven't done anything. She said it because their computers show it downloaded twice. I said, "Why would I keep calling about a ringtone?" I finally gave up, but they are not getting anymore of my money. The only reason they have my business as it is because they are the only unlimited cheap phone. I lost $5.98 and a ringtone.

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Original review: July 4, 2010

I confirmed with agent at Wal-Mart that I could return the phone before I purchased it. Got the phone home, no coverage. Called back because I was "required" to put in my credit card number in order to see if I had service here. I called 5 minutes after the failed activation. They said the Wal-mart store would remove the charges from my card. I knew this was crap.

Called again the next morning after a 50.00 charged showed up on my ATM, not credit mind you, POS withdraw. l they took the cash immediately! I called again and complained. One girl told me I was out of luck. I couldn't understand the language she was speaking. I think it was Chinese but I'm not sure. I told her I never used the phone it wouldn't work in my area and I was going to return it. She said you can't get your money back. I asked for a supervisor, the super got on the phone confirmed my info and then told me I couldn't have my money back even though I never used it. She said hold on for one moment and then I was left on hold for 15 minutes, then they hung up!

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Original review: July 1, 2010

On may 30, 2010 I purchased a Straight Talk LG 290C cellphone from Walmart, along with a $30.00 activation plan card. The phone and activation went smoothly. The phone worked well until June 17, 2010 when I called Straight Talk customer service, and explained to then that the phone won't keep a full charge. After several attempts to reset the phone without success, I insisted on them replacing my phone and be credited the time that I was unable to use my phone. Eleven days later, I got replacement phone and they told me on June 28, 2010 and it took till June 30, 2010 to get it activated. They activated it with the wrong number when I was told I'd still be able to port my initial number onto replacement phone.

July 1, 2010, I call Straight Talk Customer service again to have my old number ported onto replacement phone and operator tells me that if they do that I'd have to buy an activation card. I went off telling her that I was to be credited for my inconvenience, which they did by giving me a full 30days activation. Now I'm told by this idiot that I have to pay. Well, he had to put me in touch with someone in tech support and being placed on hold longer then I spent time talking to the tech, he tells me the numbers can't be ported. Before hanging up I asked him, "How is it you can port a phone number from another carrier onto a Straight Talk phone but you can't port a number you just issued me 30 days ago?" It just doesn't make sense. It's obviously Straight Talk is outsourcing their help. Reading from a manual clueless as to what they are reading. They really need to be looked into.

My cellphone is my business phone more so then personal phone. I'm on call at jobs and rely on my phone working properly at all times. Because of the inconvenience Straight talk put me through,I lost several hundred dollars in income. Also with both the delay in processing my replacement phone and not being able to port my old number many resumes I put out using original number, will not be able to contact me , and now I have to send letters out to them updating and apologizing for any inconvenience they may had in trying to contact me. Trying to save money after being with a national cellphone service carrier for 6+ years is not worth it. I'll probably end up going back to them.

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Original review: June 11, 2010

On May 28, 2010, I bought a Straight Talk cell phone and a $30 minute card. I tried for hours to get it programmed, but with no luck. I went back to WM and got another card to see if that would work. It didn't either. So the next day, I took all 3 back. I got the money for the phone, but I was told they couldn't refund the money for the card. I would have to call the 800 number on the back of the card. I bought another phone and another card. I did get that phone to work.

I called the company 800 number for several days with no luck. I finally got to talk to someone. She said I had to have called them within 7 days for a refund. Why didn't the 3 people I talked to at the store tell me this? All I wanted was store credit or a gift card for $60. I go to this store 1 or 2 times a week. Is Wal-Mart poor now? I know they can afford $60. I only work part-time, and I want to be reimbursed. The customer service girl said they have had a lot of problems with Straight Talk phones. So we just suck up the price we pay for the cards? I want my money back. I am out $60 from a store that is rich.

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Original review: June 9, 2010

I spent approx $250 ordering a new phone and 3 months of service directly from Straight Talk and cannot get the phone to work. Three days and counting, all I've been told is that my PIN is no good (it's the PIN they sent with the phone), and then they said it's a network problem and they'll have it fixed in 24 hours. I waited 24 hours -- still nothing. I still haven't been assigned a phone number. I called back again and this time they hung up on me. As near as I can tell, when I call Straigh tTalk (I have to use a friend's phone to call them), I get put on with someone from India. It's three days now; I've used up all my minutes on my old phone, and now I have nothing. Straight Talk is a piece of garbage. I'd be better off with two cans and a piece of string.

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Original review: June 4, 2010

I have just read several complaints about Straight Talk's Customer service issues. My experience hasn't been too bad really. I don't like using the regular customer service line, I call the Miami office. After spending around 45 minutes on the phone trying to figure out what was wrong with it, I was told it was defective and they would replace it for free. They gave me a bunch of information, I gave them my information (address, etc) and was told to wait for something to come in the mail for me to then send them the phone in.

So, a few days later, it arrived, I sent them the phone, and 4 days later received the new phone. I am very happy about this, they were great on the phone, did everything they could to figure things out, so 45 min on the phone paid off. I am quite surprised to hear about all the complaints, I haven't experience any problems. In fact, when I first activated the phone, I was told it would take up to 4 hours to complete. I don't even think it took 20 minutes. I waited a while and tried the *8, whatever number, and it took 2 seconds. I'm very pleased with the service and customer service for the most part.

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Original review: June 4, 2010

Early May, 2010, I noticed a Walmart promotion on what seemed to be a great deal on cell phones and service rendered through a division of TracFone called Straight Talk. The deal seemed great for me so without checking online for any complaints, I bought the phone and $30 card for 1000min/30days to be refilled every 30 days. Walmart called in the registration to activate the phone which took nearly one hour! That should have been the first red flag. When I got home, no account number had been texted as was told to Walmart rep by Straight Talk. Without this, I could not check my balance or refill online with Straight Talk when the time came. I called their customer service number myself and waited for 45 minutes more than once, all to no avail and finally went back again to Walmart where another rep spent at least 30 minutes trying to get them on the phone to set this all up for me. I should have returned the phone at that time.

Yet, every time I try to access my account or find my balance on their website, I keep getting a system error. Thus, the dreaded call to Straight Talk's customer service to correct. Once, I was told that it was their system's error but that it was temporary. Excuse me, it has never worked! Not for me anyway. So, when I had to refill, it was again impossible on their website and holding at different times for up to 30 minutes (I'd already prepaid these minutes!). Again, no help. I went back to Walmart to refill for me. The manager called and it was at least 45 minutes before someone assisted him. When I got home, I kept getting text and emails from Straight Talk that my phone minutes were about to expire! I got them on the phone and they stated I needed to refill! I explained to them that it was done earlier that day by Walmart manager! The CS rep wanted the card number and I was shocked. I told her that the card had been pitched by Walmart because we both thought the refill had been completed.

Trying to reply to their emails or their text messages are all returned as invalid addresses. Their customer service people are all in other countries with broken English. They may read it but they don't understand it beyond the very obvious scripted format they seem to use and to deviate from that completely throws them and they either disconnect or keep repeating the script over and over.

I bought the phone on May 4, for just under $100. First month's 1000 minutes $30 (then another $30 /1000min 3days ago). Time calling them on my own is six hours. Time Walmart has called for me is three hours. Time back and forth (5 miles) to Walmart not to mention gas, the effort, aggravation and pure frustration trying to deal with these people and remain nice has been nearly impossible. I'm completely ready for a class action against Straight Talk! I wrote to their corporate office in Miami and all I got for my trouble was a call from another of these reps that are difficult to understand. Unfortunately, that call was a voicemail and the number given was the same old customer service number. Back to square one!

If it had not been for my giving some prospective employers just last week my new cell tel#, I would box this all up and return to Walmart and go with a more dependable company. This whole business has been a nightmare! I would caution anyone giving their credit card online or over the phone to this company. As soon as I can establish with another company, I will quit this horrific service with Straight Talk.

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Original review: June 2, 2010

On Friday, May 21, 2010, I called the Straight Talk customer service line regarding difficulty getting into my Straight Talk on-line account, and about a text that indicated I needed to update my account. I was unsure as to whether this was a valid text from Straight Talk or one of those companies trying to get access to my phone information. I was told by the recording that there would be a 10-minute wait. I wait for over 2 hours, to no avail. I would not have normally waited that long, but I have not been able to contact your customer service line before and I wanted to find out how long it would take to get a representative to help me. I was absolutely shocked when, after 2 hours, I still did not get a customer service representative to answer!

I just wanted to let you know that if there is not a satisfactory resolution to this problem, I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau, AARP, Wal-Mart, and anyone else I think might be interested in this. This is an absolute disgrace! I pay $30 a month. I only use the phone for a few hours of service every month, and this is the customer service I am supposed to be satisfied with? In my 56 years of life, I have never seen anything like this. I chose this service because I was under the impression that it was the best prepaid service available. I was tired of being overcharged for the small amount of time I spend on the phone.

I certainly hope that I will not have to discontinue my service with your company. I would hate to think I paid $80 for a phone that I will not be able to use. I have only recently, within the past few months, switched my service to Straight Talk. A response to this problem and my original question would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I had called several other times and was told by the recording that my wait would be 10 minutes; however, I did not have time to wait. That is why on my day off. I waited to see how long it would actually take. I put the phone on speaker and actually had to carry the phone around with me, hoping they would answer. I would just like others to be made aware of this situation. No customer service. I still cannot get into my online account. I had to carry the phone around on speaker for over 2 hours to no avail. To make matters worse, no response to my emails.

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Original review: May 25, 2010

I purchased my straight talk phone and a $45.00 no limit minute card and activated it and the phone on Apr. 26, 2010. It worked fine until the 5th of May when I could no longer make or receive calls. I called the company every day for 5 days and could never get a live person to speak with. Sometimes, I would be on hold for up to 2 hours. I finally wrote the company a letter on May 10th and explained my situation.

The first time I received a call from them, I was on the phone with them for 45 minutes and they could not solve the problem. They called again in a couple of days and they got the phone to work. When I asked them about giving me credit for the days that it did not work, since my reactivation date is almost up, and I did not have use of the phone for a full month, they said they would have to get back with me. When they called back, they ask me if I had my receipt or the box the phone came in. I had neither as I threw them away after the first initial activation nor the phone was working. They said their data showed the phone had been rescanned at Wal-Mart, which I have not done. Again, they said they would get back with me.

Well here it is May 25th and my reactivation date is tomorrow. They called today again asking for a receipt or the box it came in, again I told them I didn't have neither and they again told me the phone had been rescanned at Wal-Mart. I assured them that I did not take the phone back to Wal-Mart and that I bought their phone and card in good faith, but evidently they don't sell them in good faith and that I was tired of messing with them and they know what they could do with their phone. I then politely hung up. I paid $40.00 for the phone and $45.00 for the card, which I will chalk up to a bad experience. I have a Tracfone, but I am doing a part time job that requires a lot of phone use, so I thought a no limit minute phone would better suit my needs. So, if anyone wants a Straight Talk phone, I have one I will gladly send them and I will go back to using my Tracfone even if it does cost me more in minutes.

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Original review: May 20, 2010

My new phone doesn't work. They say hold and never get back on the line. It’s very frustrating. They act like it’s a problem to help me. I have been on hold now for 45 minutes. This is a scam. Do not purchase Straight Talk phones.

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Original review: May 13, 2010

Straight Talk customer service tells you 5 minute wait! You wait 1-3 hours or more. I bought ring tones twice, never received them, called 3 times, still never received them. There are no email contact for this company with thousands of complaints online about customer service. Agents are Middle Eastern speaking in broken English. When you complain about how long it takes, they just apologize. Nothing is done regarding wait times. Who owns this company? where can a consumer go to get something resolved? Walmart? Tracfone?

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Original review: May 10, 2010

I opened a measured account on 4/7/10. I was only able to access the account balance once in the first week and not at all since. Customer Service keeps lying to me. They like to put me on hold for 20 minutes to hours at a time (and they charge that time against my account!), then tell me the website is under update and tell me that I can't get my account balance, or they give me some wildly high number like I used 5 hours and 200 messages in the last 2 days when it is more like 40 minutes and 20 messages according to my phone timers.

Also, they used deceptive advertising on their services. Messaging is limited to one image per message. They have disabled the phone's java functions and severely limited what they call "accessing the Web". All it is good for is downloading their content and is not functional for most other content including the GPS as they advertise.

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Original review: May 8, 2010

I bought a Straight Talk phone with a $30 service card. I scratched the numbers off but I scratched it a little hard and was unable to read the numbers. So, I called customer service at least three times. Each time, I was on hold anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours as no one never picked up on the line. I called everyday throughout the week and was still never able to get a hold of any customer service rep. I bought the phone on May 1st 2010. It is now May 10th and I have still been unable to get a hold of any customer service rep. So, I bought another service card and scratched softer this time. I went through the steps and now I am missing a code to actually have the phone programmed for use which meant I had to call customer service again with no results. I am out of about $105 that have been spent on this phone and it is still not active. There needs to be an investigation done on this company as the service at this company is a joke and they are just taking people's money and not helping or answering any complaints. I am out of about $105 that have been spent on this phone and it is still not active as this was a gift for someone.

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Original review: May 6, 2010

We could not afford the unlimited talk on virgin for a teenager. So we got my grandson a straight talk phone with $45 unlimited talk. It worked fine for one month. In May, the toll free number did not work for 3 days straight but I bought a refill card, $45 plus tax at Walmarts. We succeeded in refilling the phone by his phone. The service line by phone still was down. The phone worked for one night- maybe about 8 hours.

Now, today, I bought the card last evening. It is not working. The balance is showing online it's good until June 4, 2010. If you call the number, it says it is out of service. I tried to re enter the pun number of the card and it says it is already used. (of course) There is no email contact for this company. I just know it says Verizon when listening to the toll free number. I held the phone after dialing the number and woke up to it asking if it was a trac phone or a safelink so I guess Verizon has all of them. Straight talk is not work the hassle. My grandson is having a fit and so am I. I have spent $45 plus and not getting any service. It averages about a $1 a day plus change but this is a bother. He carries a phone for his safety and my peace of mind and the lady who keeps him worries if he cannot be contacted.

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Original review: May 5, 2010

Straight Talk used Wells Fargo Visa on Apr 30,2010 and paid $46 for renewed 30 days cellular service. It worked Saturday and Sunday. It has not worked since Monday a.m., May 3-5th. I used land line to phone Straight Talk They kept on holding but there was no answer on the 4th and 5th. I went to Walmart where I bought their service. Walmart refused to solve the problem. They said they realized Straight Talk was not answering inquiries.

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Original review: May 4, 2010

I have called so many times in the last four days. I bought minutes for my phone four days ago and they are still not on there and I can't get through to talk with anyone that can help.

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Original review: May 4, 2010

I purchased a cell and a service card on Friday, between Friday April 30 and May 3. I bought it at Walmart (no problem with them). I could not activate it and could not get support help. No communication with the net or phone. I charged this phone 26 hours in those few days, but it did not hold the charge for more than 2 hours. I'm unable to get any use from this phone as it is always dead. The service (or lack of it) is the worst I have ever been subjected to. Nice $39.95 phone beautiful features, but can't use it. I tried to get through to customer service for over 6 hours. Something must be done. I called Verizon as it is stated that they are the carrier for Straight Talk but low and behold, they said "no" and that Straight Talk is the carrier. What's up with this company?

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Original review: May 3, 2010

Straight Talk is the worst cell phone company in history. Go ahead and buy a real cell phone plan - the hassle of dealing with this company is worth far more than the extra dollars you will spend each month. When I initially subscribed to Straight Talk around Christmas time, I bought three phones, one for each member of my family. Three weeks later, one of the phones was mysteriously still not turned on. Unable to send or receive calls and text messages.

Since then, my own phone (and all the phones are paid off the same credit card on automatic billing) has never once automatically been re-billed.

Every single month, the two other phones enroll automatically while my phone goes dead for a period of 2-5 days while I try to get it up and running again.

Customer Service is a joke. First, they have found the most ignorant individuals in Punjab or wherever the hell their call center is, because nobody, nobody speaks English in the customer service call center. I can say this with confidence because I have made more than one call every month since December. Secondly, these are the worst kind of customer service reps, the kind who are trained to massage you emotionally rather than actually do anything about your problem. They read their script (badly), they can't understand what you are saying, and if you ask any questions they simply move on to the next part of their script. Again, I know this because I have talked to several different customer service reps in a row and heard the exact same words, over and over again.

My phone turned off on Saturday because, again, the automatic renewal feature failed to work on my phone (the other two phones are still working just fine). I figured I would outsmart the system this time and by pass customer service entirely. So on Sunday night, I went to WalMart and purchased a prepaid card to fund my phone for the next month. I went to the website and dutifully entered the information required at about 6 p.m. on Sunday. I received a message that stated that my phone would be active in four hours. It is now nearly 6 p.m. on Monday, and the phone has not been turned on, though the funds are showing in my account.

I have called Punjab/Customer Service 17 times thus far today. Every time I have received a message: "Due to the extreme level of calls, we cannot help you." The line is then cut. Then I went to the website about 10 minutes ago and it is now down for maintenance. Do not waste your money on straight talk. For the extra five or six bucks you spend on getting a real plan, you will avoid an incredible amount of trouble. I myself use my phone to help support a family. Tomorrow, I will be purchasing a real phone with a real phone company. You have been warned. If you get a phone with Straight Talk, you are going to be disappointed, harassed, and you will have only the most intermittent of service. And rest assured, if you ever have a problem, nobody in this company will care one whit about you - if they can even understand you!

I have wasted countless hours in the six months since we became Straight Talk customers. Because my phone is a business tool, I have also paid a significant, if unknown, price, because of the more than 14 days I have been without service sine initially enrolling with Straight Talk.

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Original review: May 3, 2010

My phone is reporting prepaid disable. I can't get a person on the phone. I started looking around on the Web for help and saw all the horrors with this company. There is no support for this service. I did call Walmart, but they can't help. I called and it is either busy at straight talk or tells me to call back. I am paying for a phone I can't use!

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Original review: April 15, 2010

I found their customer service to be poor and short tempered.

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Original review: April 10, 2010

Our experience is that we lose a day if you renew the plan a day before it expires. This is a misrepresentation. You buy a thirty day card but if you don't renew the card the day before expiration, you can also lose your phone number. This has happened to us, our original number worked for six hours then all of a sudden, we had a different phone number and they refused to change it back to the original number.

Therefore you will lose a day every month if you don't wait for the thirty day plan to expire. Then if you wait until expiration, they can and will change your number and what a surprise this is. When your contacts have your number, school emergencies, doctors, and your employers whom then fire you because of your phone number is being changed without your authorization or approval. Just a total surprise!

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Original review: Feb. 21, 2010

This company basically will refuse to work with a customer on any issue. I have called in so many times that their number should be number 1 on my speed dial. First my browser has not worked for the past 5 months with no help from Straight Talk. Second, I have been charged twice on back to back days for service for one month on their auto-refill system, with no help or cooperation from Straight Talk.

The worst part of Straight Talk is the fact that they just want you to sign up and pay them money, they don't care about keeping their customers happy. They just flat out don't care. I gave them a try because of the attractive prices they advertised. It turns out it was one of the biggest mistakes ever. I paid $100 for a phone that doesn't function completely and am being charged more than they said they would, doesn't sound so great anymore.

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Original review: Feb. 19, 2010

I purchased a Straight Talk phone at Wal-Mart because it had been heavily advertised during the Christmas Holidays. The phone speaker had a very poor quality so I purchased another phone which worked better but still poor quality. I later purchased a phone card for $45.00.

When I called the 877 # to activate the card, they told me this phone was not a Straight Talk phone. I told them I purchased it at the Wal-Mart sealed in a Straight Talk box where I purchased the card I was activating and I had the receipt at home. They told me I would have to give them the numbers off the red card to prove it was their phone. I told them all I wanted was to activate the card while I was there at Wal-Mart and that I did not want to drive home and leave Wal-Mart with a phone card that did not work. The Wal-Mart employee got on the phone after I had been on there an hour and he spent another hour with them. Both of us were transferred to about 16 different people, many who had broken English accents. I finally left with the phone I could not use and the $45.00 prepaid card and my receipt.

I worked off and on all day and the next day calling giving them the phone number, model number, sim card number, the prepaid card numbers over and over to about 13 people. It was almost like an obsession to me to see how much worse their customer service could become. I finally wondered back into Wal-Mart, two days later, after 2 of my family members played the game of let’s see how many people we can talk to get the $45.00 on the non-working cell phone. I went to Customer Service to ask for a refund and found out Wal-Mart registers cannot do an over-ride to give money back to a prepaid card even if it still has the time on it or if the card is defective. Now, this gets real interesting. I went back to the Electronics Dept and read the box with only the same 877# on it and no company address for a return. The Electronics Dept was on the phone for 2 hours trying to get an over-ride or trying to get the money back. She was transferred to 20 people.

By now I feel like I am working for a Temp Service for Straight Talk. I went and got the Wal-Mart store manager and I asked the electronics lady to let me speak to them. Here's the conversation, I asked, “Who am I speaking with?” He said he was a supervisor. I said, “Where are you located?” He stated South America. I said, “Do you have a company in the US?” He said only one. I said, “May I have an address.” He said, “I can only give you 800 # and that they are in Miami FL.” I said, “Do I understand you right sir, only one office handles all Straight Talk for all Wal-Mart’s in America?” He said yes. I thanked him and hung up. I gave the info to the store mgr. The Wal-Mart mgr called the corporate # and got the address and found out I had to show proof I own the phone send a copy of proof, my receipt for the phone card and the phone card copy and mail it to them in FL. Then it can take up to a month to get my refund if they decide I do in fact own the phone.

By now, about 10 hours and 9 people including myself have dealt with this one little pay as you talk phone card. I left Wal-Mart after spending 3 hours there and I went online. I am going to continue to work part time on this project without pay to see just how bad this customer service really is and if I end up with a refund, I think it will be sometime next fall. On the lighter side, I asked all 8 of the people who helped me what their best comment was and I decided the one that won the price was, “I am so sorry we cannot activate that phone because the phone you are calling us on does not exist.” So I told her that since the phone did not exist could I get a refund and she said I'm sorry we cannot give a refund on a card if you do not have a phone. Now I am going to mail everything to Straight Talk just for giggles.

Now I am wondering why anyone would ever want to admit they treat people like this and if I was them, I would hire about 100 people in the US and help America create jobs. I have no doubt these 100 people will stay quite busy.

Thanks for letting me vent. This is a 100% true story and now instead of people asking me, “how are you doing?” They are saying, “I have been trying to call you what happened to your cell phone?” to which I reply I have no phone but I have a $45.00 phone card. I went and bought a new cell phone far away from the Straight Talk section and as I was walking by my computer when I got home the old Straight Talk phone beeped. I picked it up and it said I needed to put time on my phone. I fought the urge to send a text message that read: I am sorry this phone does not exist, you have reached planet nowhere out in the ozone and I have a new real phone from someone who makes phones in America.

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Original review: Feb. 11, 2010

On Dec. 31st, we purchased two Straight Talk wireless phones and a $30 card. We had purchased the second $30 card before that as we knew we planned to buy the phones. The phones were meant as a Christmas gift and were activated on our Christmas, January 7th, as still celebrated in our church. They activated okay and everything seemed fine. Then on Jan. 27th, we tried to use the one phone and found it was not working. We assumed it was a mistake and went to Walmart to see if they could tell us how to get it fixed. They said we needed to contact Straight Talk and they would take care of it.

We called them and were stunned to find out they had shut it off claiming they had info that the phone was never scanned out of Walmart and so they turned it off because it was never purchased. I was stunned. The woman was very rude. I said, "What are you saying that I stole the phone?" She said their info told them it was never scanned and was removed from Walmart. She asked me if I had the receipt. I could not find it, probably had thrown it out because the phones were working fine up until then. I asked to speak with a manager or supervisor and was told there were none available. They were busy. I told her the lady we spoke to remembered selling us the phones and that I had the boxes and cards we bought as well as the phones.

She said it could not be activated again because they had found out it was taken. I then went to Walmart and speak with the manager and she finds us a receipt right away because it was bought with our visa. I called Straight Talk back expecting it to be resolved and have my phone back again. I am then shocked when they told me what probably happened was that the phone was bought but was returned with no phone or a different phone in the box. What? I am totally shocked by how accusing they are and their rude service. I am feeling very hurt and victimized.

I realized I am dealing with a company that has something not right going on and they are taking the money of honest people and then denying them what they have purchased. I felt like I had been robbed and also treated like a criminal when I have committed no crime. I again asked to speak with a manager or supervisor and was told none are available. I asked the person what they are saying I stole this phone. They say well it was returned and refunded with a different phone. So I am in tears by then and hang up.

The next day, I called again and get another service rep and demand they find me someone who will help me because I am a woman on disability and cannot afford to buy phones and cards which are then taken from me while I am treated like a criminal. I had also bought the $30 card which still had 15 hours and 30 minutes left on it when they shut it off so that was taken from me also. I was cheated out of a card that had 15 and 1/2 hours of talk time left out of 16 hours. I think it was so wrong of them to cheat me out of my money like that. I called and ask again and demand a manager.

They finally give me a number to a corporate office in Miami. I called and am told the manager is not available but will call me back if I leave a message so I did. I waited two days, I believe, and was not called back so I called again. Again, she is not available but will call me but she hasn't. I then called and tried someone else and spoke to a rep named JP ext xxxx. He is not as rude but is adamant the phone was not paid for or was returned with a different phone in the box and refunded. I told him I have the box, phone and receipt. He asked me to fax him the receipt and he will resolve it.

I then made the trip to Staples to fax it which cost me and was difficult because I was not feeling well and had a hard time unloading my scooter. I really expected this time it would all be fixed but this rep called me and told me the same thing. They have info that what must have happened is the same old story about a fake phone being returned in that box . I said, "But is not my fault if you have messed up your numbers or boxes but I bought this phone in good faith expecting an honest company as it was bought from Walmart."

I expect someone to fix this problem and compensate me for the 15 plus hours of talk time I am losing and the phone I can not use. I'm angry and realized I am running around getting copies and faxing to prove I am not a criminal and they are accusing me saying they have this info. I want to know what info? I am tired of being a victim of what must be a fraudulent company and I am being treated like a criminal. I though we had rights here. How can you just say someone stole something and then deny them of what they had bought and paid for without a court trial or something? Can I be called a criminal but never given a chance to get what I paid for back?

He then tells me to send them a copy of the whole box or send me the box. Well, I then decided to do some research and found that many other people online have had similar experiences with this company. I found someone who said they sent a box and receipt only to have Straight Talk claim to never had received it. So they are left having paid for a phone they can't use and also cheated out of their money for a card. I feel for all those also victims of this company. I don't feel they had a right to falsely accuse me and make me sick trying to prove I didn't commit a crime. I really had a lot of emotional trauma over what they put me through and got really sick over it.

If someone is going to take back something someone legally bought and paid for and then accuse that person of something they didn't do, isn't there some kind of rights that person should have? I thought there was some kind of justice system and laws that should prevent stuff like this from happening to innocent people. I hope something can be done to help me get what I paid for and also to stop this company from ripping any more people off and putting them through what I went through.

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Original review: Feb. 3, 2010

If I could sue this company, I would for they have put me through. This company is a joke and I am madder than a hornet. As of this day, 02/03/2010, I still have not got a replacement phone. I purchased this phone on their website on 01/10/2010. I have not been able to use my service. I purchased the phone for $124.00 and monthly card unlimited use for $45.00 on 01/10/2010. The phone was defective and would not hold a charge. I called the company the following day and told them of the issue. They said they had to send me a return envelope to send the phone back and stated this could take 5-10 days to get. And once they got the phone, they would send me another one immediately.

I received this on 01/20/2010. I shipped the phone back the same day, 01/20/2010. They received the phone on 01/21/2010. So I called them on 01/23/2010 and they said they did not have the phone and said I must not have shipped it. Then I told them I had confirmation and gave them the tracking number. Then I was told they did have it. I was told they would ship me a new phone out the next day. Never received it, so I called them on 01/25/2010 to be told they did not have it again. I had to provide information once again. I was told the matter would be taken care of. I called on 01/26/2010 to go through the same thing. It was explained to me I would be getting the phone on Monday, 02/01/2010. I called them again and was told they were doing whatever they could. I should receive the phone in 5-10 business days.

I requested for refund and they told me this was impossible and they would clear this up. Then I was informed that they would refund my money for the phone not the minutes. I told them I have not been able to use my minutes since I did not have a phone and it was defective and they had it. So I asked if they ship the phone to me, will they replace my $45.00 card for my minutes? I was told no. I was told then it would be another 7-10 days before I got it. I have asked on several times to speak to someone higher and was told that there is no one.

Consequences that have happened is that I cannot drive without having a phone due to health issues and I do not know anyone in the area I live to take me anywhere. So, since this has begun, I have not been to the store for groceries and I have not been able to pick up my medications. I can not purchase another phone since I live on limited income of disability and cannot afford to purchase a new one with another company.

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Original review: Jan. 21, 2010

I purchased a Straight Talk phone from Walmart. I bought airtime for the phone from Walmart. I opened up the phone, put battery in, turned it on. The box that the phone came in indicated that the phone had to be "activated" by going online to I went there to activate the phone.

The website asked for the activation code on the airtime card. I entered the activation code. The website told me that I put in a wrong code. I did that again online, same thing. So I took the phone and airtime card back to Walmart and returned it for another Straight Talk phone. This time I paid for airtime online at the Straight Talk website. After going through series of questions regarding the identification of the phone, the website told me to dial certain numbers on the phone keypad and the phone would be activated. After doing this, the display on the phone said that the phone could not be activated at this time, and to try after 2 hours.

Two hours past, and I did the same thing again. Same thing happened. So I called Customer Service at Straight Talk. I was actually told to take the battery out and put it back in again, then turn on the phone (standard customer service programmed response to any problem). That did not work. I was then told to repeat the instructions to "dial certain numbers on the phone keypad and the phone would be activated", which did not work. The customer service person kept telling me to do that over and over until finally I had to put an end to it. In other words, each time that that process would fail, she would tell me to do those steps again. Finally I had to step in, and refuse to do that anymore as it was obviously useless.

She told me to wait up to 24 hours and then try it again. I said no. I told her to just refund the money I spent on the airtime, and I would take the phone back to Walmart where they will refund the money for the actual useless phone. She told me that there is no refund for the airtime. I told her that yes there is, and that you can't just scam people out of their money legally and then have no liability for it. She wasn't hearing all that. She kept saying that there's no refund for the airtime. I told her that I was going to call the police if they did not return the money they stole under false and deceptive pretenses. She said "there's no refund for airtime".

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Original review: Jan. 18, 2010

I purchased a Straight Talk phone from their website. I had it for 3 days would not hold a charge. I called Customer Support and told them what was happening. The lady I spoke to was rude as can be. I was told that they have to ship me a box to return the phone and it would take 3-5 days to get here, then I would have to ship it back and it could take up to 10 days for them to process it before they would ship me a new phone which could take another 7 days to receive it. I was really upset over this since my phone is my lifeline for health reasons and I need it. I explained this to the rep and was told, "sorry, we can doing nothing about this." I asked if I could go to a local store to return it and was told no.

Then I asked what about the $45.00 card for unlimited minutes that I could not use. I was told I was out of luck and they would not refund this or replace my money. So I asked could they ship me a battery to see if that was the issue and was told no once again. I told these people being with out a phone could be dangerous to me if I need help and if anything happens, I would hold them responsible and they told me good luck. I asked for a supervisor and know where until I told them I would be contacting the Better Business Bureau then I was given the Corporates phone number 1-800-876-5753. I again explained the situation and asked if they could express ship the new phone to me since it was their product that was bad and was told no again.

I was on the neighbors phone for 2 hours trying to get this cleared up and got really nowhere. I spent almost $200.00 phone and service that I can't even use it. This company is a rip off to all. So now I am without phone service and this is scary with my health issues and I cannot afford to get another one living on limited income. They take advantage of so many people. I will be filing a report against them on Tuesday.

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Original review: Jan. 15, 2010

Do not buy from this company! I used their automated phone number to activate my phone. After they mad me enter my $30 minutes card to activate the phone, I was told it would be activated in up to one hour. Two hours later, I called customer service and was told by them it could take up to 24 hours. They provided no help and as much as said, oh well, just wait the 24 hours. This company lies to you when you activate one of their phones. Do not buy from this company!

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Original review: Jan. 12, 2010

I had this message when pressing browser error: Requested content "tdevice.home/" cannot be accessed. You do not have access to the site. I have called them for almost a week being told to do same things and nothing worked. I kept calling back and same runaround. They don't seem to know what they are doing and have very bad customer service. All I want is my internet working I pay for! What can I do? What is the fix?

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Original review: Jan. 6, 2010

I recently purchased a Straight Talk phone from Walmart. I purchased an unlimited talk/text/data plan and enrolled in auto-refill with my credit card. The phone worked great and had no problems. A few weeks later, I purchased an additional Straight Talk phone from their website. I activated that phone and used it for two days before deciding to return it.

After not being able to activate the original phone online, I called customer service. Many hours were spent on numerous separate calls to try and get the original phone activated. They kept telling me that it was activated; however, the phone that was active and in use was the new phone that I wanted to return. After a few more days of telling them my story, which I had to tell every time I called, they finally got the phone to work. I probably, at this point, spent 20 hours over a week calling customer support.

So everything was fine. I returned the 'newer' phone and the original phone was working just fine. About a week later, I traveled from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts. I noticed that when I was out of PA that the phone said Roam and I could not send or receive MMS. When I got back to home zip code, the phone didn't say roam and it worked fine.

After traveling to an area in PA that worked before for multimedia messaging, the phone was telling me it was in Roam again and not letting me do it. I called them and asked about it, and they told me that my phone was not activated. I went through the activation process and got it working again. The following day, it stopped working again (the messaging). So I called them and told them what happened and the customer service representative told me that the phone was not active and I had to purchase another airtime card.

I told him that I had auto-refill and my card was just charged--and that he could not charge the card again. He then activated my phone and reset the billing cycle. An hour later, my phone stopped working all together. I don't know what to do now. I have no way of getting my money back and have spend many hours on the phone just to get nowhere.

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