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About Straight Talk Wireless

Straight Talk is a no-contract phone plan that shares networks with four major cellphone service providers. It doesn’t restrict people to long-term contracts, and it offers nationwide coverage and more data plans with flexible payment options.

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  • Affordable options
  • Add-on features available
  • No contracts


  • Data can be slow
  • No family plans

Bottom Line

Straight Talk offers basic cellphone coverage and the option to purchase discounted phones or keep your current phone. There are no contracts and no hidden fees.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Aug. 25, 2011

I had Straight Talk wireless for about a year with no major issues. Then I moved and wanted to change to a local number. It took them almost 2 weeks to figure out it was a SIM card issue and they needed to send me a new on. Once I got the SIM card, it worked fine. Then a few months go by and my phone had some water damage. I went to Walmart and bought a new straight talk phone and went home to get it activated. Here, it is almost 2 weeks later and numerous hours on the phone with techs and still no service. They told me yet again it was a SIM card issue and were supposed to send me another SIM card. They sent one but they sent it to an old address. wherein I haven't been at for months now. Once I got the statement from FedEx, I contacted them again. Two days later they say they are going to send it to me again at the correct address. Yet again, they sent it to my former address in Indiana. Now, I await yet another bout with techs to try and get them to correct their own problems and send me my SIM card. I am on a budget and cannot afford to get another service and just throw all the money on this plan and phone away lightly, but they are leaving me with little choice.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Aug. 24, 2011

My husband and I were looking to use a no-contract phone service, and tried Straight Talk. We purchased two phones and it was a nightmare to get the numbers from our current provider to port to Straight Talk. After several calls to somewhere in India where the customer service representative kept putting me on hold, we still got nowhere. Finally, I cancelled the ports and requested for a refund. I sent the phones back at their request. One phone got activated with a new number (should have been my current number) after I sent the phones back.

As of yesterday, they were still calling to tell me that there was a problem with one of the ports. If you do not have the ticket number for your issue, forget getting any assistance quickly (If quickly is even in their vocabulary at Straight Talk Customer Service). Seriously, I think they get paid by the minute on each call! Straight Talk may be okay if you are not going to port a number, but customer service is horrible.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Aug. 14, 2011

I am done with Straight Talk phones. I paid for phone service. And twice this past week, my phone got deactivated. One customer service person told me the sim card I have is incompatible with the phone now. I asked them why did they not notify me of this and send me another sim card. They could not answer this question. They also said I would have to get another phone number. I told them this would cost me extra money. Since my number is on pre-printed stationery, I would have to order an updated stationery. I was on the phone with them for 3 hours! They never resolved my phone dilemma. I asked them for a refund for the phone and top up card I purchased. They said it is more than 30 days since I purchased the phone, so it was no-go. As far as the top up card I purchased, I need the actual card and pin in order to receive a refund. I told them I threw the card away, once I topped up.

In conclusion, they did not help me. Do not buy this phone or you will have problems - dropped calls and an inactivated phone! The have very poor customer service. WalMart needs to sever ties with this company!

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Aug. 13, 2011

I would rate them a zero, but that is not an option! My boyfriend and I have had Straight Talk now for a few months because it is cheap and we found that the service was much better than Metro PCS. However, as of last night, our phone mysteriously started turning off and on when in the middle of a phone call or in the middle of composing a text message. So we thought, "hey, maybe we abused the phone and dropped it; so let's buy a new phone." We called Straight Talk and they told us since we didn't purchase the insurance plan, we should buy a new phone.

So we bought a new phone today for $43.00 and some change, we got the phone home and low and behold. The phone is turning off and on all on its own. So, we called Straight Talk AGAIN and guess what they told us? "Oh, you seem to be having a service issue; so we will change your phone number." So now we have a new number. Thankfully, our phone works now. But did we really have to spend $43.00 to make our phone work when it was just a service issue? Anyways, we have been to three Walmarts today and I am NOT driving back to Walmart. So I guess they won... For now.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Aug. 12, 2011

I bought a refurbished phone from and a month later, the screen went out. No biggie, I expected to get what I paid for, so I went to Walmart and bought a new phone. The phone had NO bars the whole time I had it, so I called Straight Talk and they said that it was because the service do not work in my area. If it doesn't work, then why sale the phone in my area? Plus, every time I call Straight Talk, I can't understand anything they say half the time because English seems to be everyone's second language that works there!

So today, I purchased another phone working off the Verison tower. I got my number switched over to it and it worked for all but 30 minutes before not letting me except or make calls or texts. My phone still says I have 29 days left on my service card and I have four bars! I just tried to call Straight Talk and they said due to the amount of callers at the moment, my call could not be taken; to call back later. No kidding, if they do everyone like this, I'm sure they DO have an ungodly amount of callers.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Aug. 8, 2011

I called Straight Talk to get time for my phone, they told me my card was denied, yet they charged me $50.45 three times from the card they didn't accept. I paid 151.00 dollars for nothing but a run around! It's been a week now; Walmart is giving me the run around on getting my money back on a prepaid Walmart visa for a phone I bought there. It's a Walmart scam. If you ever saw one, buy the phone at Walmart, then the card to pay the service, so they can deny you more than once!

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Aug. 6, 2011

I ordered a Straight Talk phone online and was sent the wrong phone. After many phone calls, usually lasting from 1 to 3 hours, I was finally given an RA # to return the phone for a complete refund. I paid $10 postage to send back the phone.

The phone was received by them on March 2011. I was to receive a refund check of almost $70 plus I was asking to be reimbursed for the $10 postage by April 25, 2011. I still have not received my refund.

Each time I call, I get "Peggy", who puts me on hold and/or transfers me from one person to another. None of them seem to understand what I am asking. They repeatedly ask me for the same information. I have tried to get them to put an American on the phone – to no avail. They act like they don't know what I am asking. I want my refund.

What are my options? I am very disappointed with Walmart for being the sole distributor of this product with no local people/numbers for customer service. I have had numerous problems with these phones and when you call for help, they can't figure it out and say you have to purchase a new phone.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: July 23, 2011

This is still ongoing. I had Straight Talk for a while; I don't expect much for a cheap service, but for the last week I have been unable to make or receive calls from my Straight Talk phone. Text messages still work when I get reception (signal), which is getting worse daily. The issue I am having is they say it is program related. My phone cannot for some reason take the firmware update they have available. My concern is when I went to the website to see if I could turn my auto-fill off, I could not because there is a pending transaction with my phone; which is more likely the update stuck in limbo—this is my guess.

So right now, I'm paying for a service that I am not receiving. I did email them twice, and once no human reply. When I did get a human reply, it was very vague, stating I should call the costumer service number. So, I had to use my parents’ phone to call, and waited a good 20 minutes on the phone with no results. I did get a ticket number, and they stated I should call back within 24 hours until someone could figure it out. I still need to call them back today. I will let you know what happens! This time is the last time I'm calling them. If it’s not resolved, I would like to be compensated.

Jacob F

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Original review: July 19, 2011

Went into store July 18 2011 to exchange my Straight Talk phone because it was not working. Lisa Manager told me that i had only 15 days to do so, new policy I assume. Have had my phone less than 3 months, so she agreed to exchange it. There was nobody on duty that knew how to set up new phone. I live in Portland, but needed to come back to store next day, and someone would be able to help me.

Today July 19 2011 I go back to St Helens store, from Portland again. Indeed there was a person that helped me take care of this. When I purchased the first phone I paid $99.88, had receipt. Now phone is on sale for $89.88. When transaction with Straight Talk was completed and it came time to complete sale, I said I have a credit for $10.00 coming back. Person helping me said he would have to call Lisa back for approval. Lisa told us she would not give the refund. I tried to explain to her that if I had come in, made any kind of purchase and it didn't work out, and had to bring it back, if the item on that day was less expensive that they would defiantly give me the credit between full price, and sale price. Lisa at that time got rude and told me she was giving me a phone. I said she was not giving me a phone, Straight Talk was giving me a new phone. So i guess I had to just donate $10.00 to Walmart.

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Original review: July 18, 2011

I purchased a Wal-Mart Straight Talk cellphone and plan, model LG 209C. It is now turning itself on and off at random. I called Straight Talk support and they said,"Buy a new phone". Wal-Mart said, "Call Straight Talk". It is my belief that LG and Straight Talk changed the software needed to operate my phone, and even though I bought a new cell phone card, my phone still will not work. I'm just getting the brush off when it is clearly their problem.

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Original review: July 17, 2011

After I signed up with Straight Talk I started receiving a lot of e-mails and voicemails that said I could opt out (a requirement of law) with a link that didn't work. I had to call Straight Talk and tell them to take me off the list. The e-mails appear to have stopped. However, the "free" text messages (which do not appear to be free as they count against my monthly text message limit) that I receive from Straight Talk have not stopped, even though I told the rep on the second call (yes, I called and complained more than once) I would go to another company if they didn't.

He supposedly checked with his supervisor (to see if he had done it correctly) and assured me they would stop. As stated above, they did not. I am now in the process of looking for another service provider (Virgin Mobile ???), and will be leaving Straight Talk as promised. I must say, the customer service reps were very professional and tried to be helpful (so I do not have a complaint about them).

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Original review: July 17, 2011

I had a Straight Talk phone, battery wouldnt keep a charge so i called straight talk to see about getting a replacement battery i was told by several straight talk Techs. to send the phone back they would send me a FedX envelope to send it to them, i did so believing i would get my old phone back with a new battery in it. Straight Talk sent me a refurbished phone that was no good, i spent over 2 hours on the phone with yet another cant hardly speak english "Tech" person to find out that is how Straigt Talk works you send them your phone they send you a "refurbished" piece of junk. i talked to Straight Talk and finaly we came to an agreement that if Walmart would do it then i could trade in the phone staight talk sent me for a new phone.

Whole other story dealing with Walmart. I was finaly after 2 grueling days traded to a new phone by Walmart after filing an online complaint against them. got my new phone, Straight Talk at first didnt want to put my old number on the new phone until they recieved from me the old phone, i told them Walmart has it!! "Vell ve cant do anyting aboot it until ve git your old phone"(broken english).. me: "I Dont Have It Walmart Has It!!".. Straight Talk: "Vell ve cant do anyting until ve git the oder phone from you".. Me:. " I Dont Have The Other Phone Walmnart Has It, They Traded Me This New Phone For It".. Straight Talk: "I am checking my system, i'm so sorry ve cant do anythin for you until ve git the oder phone from you".. this went on for over an hour.. finaly got my old number back, but was charged sales tax by Walmart for a Straight Talk "Service" card.. i was told that there was a law passed years ago that you cannot charge Sales Tax on a "Service", is this true??

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Original review: July 2, 2011

I have had my phone for about three weeks. I had to call Straight Talk at least 10 times every time you have to call them. Number one, everyone who works there can barely speak English so there is a big communication problem. You have to tell them the same thing at least three or four times then they keep asking you if that is the correct problem. Then they will put you on hold a dozen times.

Not only are you put on hold but every 30 seconds, they will get back on the line telling you that they are looking at your account and please hold another two-three minutes. All these take up your time. The average call is going to be at least 40-45 minutes if you really have a problem.

So yesterday, I called because my phone won't call out yet again. One of the first things the technician had me do is perform a factory reset on my phone. Before I did this, I asked if this was going to wipe out all my files because I informed her that I have a 16GB SD card that I can copy everything to because I have backed nothing up yet. She informed me that my files will be back on my phone 15 minutes from the time of the reset so we reset it.

Guess what, it didn't work after another 75 minutes. The problem still wasn't resolved. She told me that a supervisor will have to call me back in order to get the problem resolved. The phone call lasted 96 minutes. An hour and a half later, I checked my phone because I have not received a call back but it works anyway so I tried to go to my contacts. Guess what, everything on my phone was wiped clean. Several ringtones that I had to purchase, all my pictures, all contacts, all videos, everything. So I called them back. They told me to see where the technician told me the files would be replaced; however, there is no way to retrieve this information. Also I should not have performed a reset anyway. I got no solution so I called corporate headquarters and they were kind enough to give me a 90-days service. However, I had three times that much in just ringtones, not including everything else I lost, let alone the 90-minute call.

So now, guess what, my phone isn't dialing out. I called Straight Talk and I was on the phone with the technician for six minutes 30 seconds and told them literally seven times the problem with my phone. The last thing they asked me before I hang the phone up was, "So what is the main problem you are experiencing with your phone?"

I would not recommend Straight Talk to my worst enemy.

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Original review: June 27, 2011

I have been a Straight Talk customer for over a year and have been on auto-draft out of my credit card for about a year. When l got my phone wet, I went to Wal-Mart and bought a replacement. Then I had their employee set the phone up, who told me to wait for about two hours and dial *22890 to activate it. Well, I did as told and the phone activated; then after about 15 minutes, the phone deactivated. So I called customer service and after about 10 minutes, it reactivated.

However, this time I had a different phone number, so I called customer service and told them what they had done and that I wanted my original phone number back. So we did the reactivation process all over again and you wouldn't believe that these idiots gave me yet another phone number. So I called them back, and explained all this ** again. And while all the other calls were 20 to 40 minutes long, this call took well over an hour; then I had to wait for 24 hours before reactivating. All the while, I still had no service under any number.

Well, finally, on Friday evening, I was able to activate with my original phone number; however, on Sunday morning, they deactivated it again. The lady told me I ran out of minutes on July 1; and began to explain that I was set up on auto-draft and she said, "No, sir. You are not on the auto-draft program", and explained to her how they have no clue as to anything that's going on. And when they say their system is updating for tens of minutes, don't believe it. They're just stalling, hoping you hang up and go away. Straight Talk is **.

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Original review: June 13, 2011

Phone is taking a whole month to be delivered and I was told by the manager it was my fault. She got me very upset. I know calls should have been monitored for quality assurance, so please pull this call. I was very upset, I will admit but reps and manager were very unprofessional for a customer service department. This was around 2 pm through 2:54 pm on 06/13/2011. I’m a very dissatisfied customer and would like some feedback on the situation. That’s if you care. Blood pressure rose up so high I thought I need to go to the hospital.

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Original review: May 19, 2011

The original problem which appears sometimes off and on, and other times, it has happened every time I log onto the internet, like just now, it happened again. I'm on the Internet, and for no reason or any prompts by me, my cell phone goes back to main screen. When I tell the StraightTalk representatives about it, they always just talk me through reprogramming my phone, and even if it works short-term, it always goes back to automatically returning to the main screen, whether I want it to or not.

One time, when I called and talked to a representative on pay-day, I asked her to add my minutes to an old phone, but instead, she just talked me through re-programming my phone, and I'm afraid they'll just keep having me reprogram my phone until my one year warranty runs out. I truly believe that they will never let me send my phone in for warranty repair, and my warranty will run out and I'll have to buy a new phone. That's about it for now. I have no problem with talking to one of your attorneys. Thank you very much.

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Original review: May 4, 2011

My dog ate my phone a couple of months ago, so I ordered a new one online. I printed a receipt as was advised. The phone was supposed to be in stock and I was to receive it overnight. I got an email saying, “Thanks for the order.” I still have not gotten an email saying it was shipped. So, I called customer service. After giving my email address, shipping address and other details dozens of times, they still cannot tell me when my phone will ship! They did somehow manage to get the money out of my bank five minutes after I placed my order! Rude. Very rude! It was only $45.00, but when you are 75 miles from a town of any size, you need to believe in those you deal with.

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Original review: March 31, 2011

A few months ago, I bought a straight talk phone as it was economical for me to use due to my income at the time. You have a choice of buying a $30 card for 1000 minutes, 1000 texts, or unlimited everything for $45. Walmart sells the cards, and twice when I bought the cards to load, my phone was disconnected for a few hours as it didn't load in time. They do not keep your service on even one minute past that 30th day that you loaded the card. I never let it get to that point so I always took the loss of a couple of days of unlimited time so that wouldn't happen.

Three months ago, I chose to do the auto refill which has been a mistake from the get go. The first time a charge showed up in my bank account, it was for $49 and change. I learned that auto refill charges taxes and not a flat $45 fee. After learning that, I was mad but accepted that amount up until this past week. I finally upgraded my phone to a better one, and when I did, I had to wait on a sim card to come in the mail which my old one didn't have. Upon receiving the sim card, I called and spent almost two hours on the phone to learn that I now have a different number than the one I've had forever. To get my old number back, I had to wait on yet another sim card to be mailed to me along with no service till then.

My auto-refill had just been paid also four days prior to this. They wanted to charge me yet again, after I now had a different number too, and spent almost four hours on the phone going from one person to another to find anyone who could understand English. They speak it--but don't understand it. They kept repeating the same things over and over, and saying: take your time, we understand, let me navigate my system. Then they would ask you the same thing again and keep repeating it back to you--along with saying "I understand, take your time, and let me navigate my system to check on that for you." Speaking English is different from understanding it, and I honestly believe that they read from a script they have infront of them and that certain words you say prompts them into what to say. After that round of over a dozen times of the same words, I did get someone who spoke and understood it a little better or so I thought at the time.

I explained that my auto refill had just been paid and that they shouldn't have to take another payment. I was told that they wouldn't, and yet here I am less than a week later with $49 and change being deducted yet again. I called my bank and explained that they are taking two payments instead of one and they are investigating into fraud with them. Straight talk does not have rollover minutes, and if you load a card before the 30 days is over, your time starts right then and not at the end of the 30 days of the previous payment. As I stated in the beginning, if you even buy a card and load it one minute late, you will lose your service.

Their service may be cheap, but its a hassle with people who can't comprehend English, and charging taxes on auto refill versus just buying the card at Walmart adds up in time. To me, it's not worth it. I hope no one makes this mistake that I did. Getting a new phone will screw up your account bigtime with Straight Talk, make you lose your number, and auto-refill will allow Straight Talk to rip you off fast! Don't do it! It takes hours to get anyone on the phone for technical help, and you really wish you hadn't bothered to begin with once you go through this.

Another minor problem with this service is the phone will and does shut off at any given time without warning. Text messages don't show who are sending them to you until you open and read them, and the internet is very limited. If you don't get auto-refill, Straight Talk will and does send numerous text messages daily asking you to pay that way. Also when you are trying to either call out or send a text, if a phone call or text comes in, the phone will freeze up not allowing either to happen till it clears between the two things happening.

I have had to send new phone numbers to everyone which drives them nuts that it keeps getting changed. Having the phone shut off while using it is a major inconvenience when it does regularly and not just once in a while. You can't get anyone in customer service to help at all and none of them understand English, and seem to read a script over and over, hours and hours are wasted on the phone trying to get anything fixed -- and the end result is, nothing gets done.

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Original review: March 24, 2011

Bought phones on the 5th of March and also on the 7th of March. First phone worked fine until March 22nd no service even with 5-6 bars showing. Second phone has been sent back for the 2nd time, 12 days no service. What happens to our time we have left and when will our issues be resolved?

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Original review: Feb. 7, 2011

I have to say I'm very disappointed with my initial experience with Straight Talk! I ordered a phone that said if the order was placed before 3:00pm the order would be received within three days! I placed my order on February 1, 2011. I sent an email the same evening to confirm that I would be receiving my phone within the three days as advertised. I got an email the next morning from Straight Talk telling me that my order wasn't even processed! I sent an email immediately cancelling my order & followed it with a phone call cancelling my order! The representative on the phone assured me that I was refunded after talking to his supervisor twice! I told them I was going to Wal-Mart to get a phone that day, February 2, 2011, which I did!

Here I am now with a charge on my checking account on February 5, 2011 that was assured would not happen. I was told to decline the phone when it was delivered & I wouldn't be charged at all. I checked the tracking number with FedEx & called to tell them not to even attempt to deliver it to my address as I was declining the package as told by the Straight Talk representative. They gave me a confirmation number to confirm that it was being sent back to Straight Talk.

I just spent 1 hour & 31 minutes on the phone with Straight Talk trying to get them to refund my money that was never supposed to be charged. I was still told that they couldn't promise me they would refund my money before they received the phone back. Straight Talk even confirmed the confirmation number with FedEx that they provided me to prove that the phone was going back to them without even attempting to deliver it to me. I have bills to pay that can't be paid without this charge being removed from my account that never should have been posted in the first place. I will also be incurring overdraft charges that never should have happen if this refund isn't processed today. They lied to me on the phone so I went & purchased another phone based on those lies. This is false representation.

I will not be telling people the positive feedback I was telling before I realized this fraudulent charge was on my account. I dropped AT&T thinking that I would be with a good wireless provider. However, look at what I have to deal with now? There is no reason that my money can't be refunded today as I have diligently tried to get them to do so. I have asked as pleasantly & patiently as possible for Straight Talk to do the right thing & refund my money. I can only say if it isn't done today & I have to incur these additional charges I will do so much advertising on the internet to put this email out there to give others a choice of not being treated this way.

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Original review: Feb. 1, 2011

I bought one of their phones at Walmart on Jan. 15, 2011 and had no problem getting it activated. The Web site as well as the instructions said that the Web browser could take an hour after activation. I didn't buy the phone for the Web but wanted it if I needed it. On Jan. 18, 2011, I called the customer service department and after going through a series of steps, the person I spoke to said that the phone was defective and that I would have to take it back. I did so that day then charged the phone for a few hours. I called again so I could get the phone activated. This is where the nightmare begins.

The first phone took 10 minutes to activate and be able to make and receive calls. On Jan. 21, 2011, they decided that there must be something wrong with this phone too. They sent me a FedEx to send the phone back. I shipped it out on Jan. 24, 2011 and someone signed for it on Jan. 25, 2011. On Jan. 26, 2011, they told me that they were waiting for confirmation that the phone had been received. When they finally told me that they had my phone, I got an email that it would be three to four days (maybe seven days) from the date they received it until I get my replacement.

It is now Jan. 31, 2011 and they are still telling me that it is still being processed so they cannot give me any tracking number or even a date when it will be shipped. I had several calls from a Charmaine that I would have my phone on Jan. 31, 2011. It is now 10:08 PM and I still don't have the phone. I had planned on upgrading my phone in a few months but now, all I want is my money back so I can go somewhere else--someone that understands customer service.

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Original review: Jan. 27, 2011

I ordered a Samsung T401G + all you need plan. The advertised price $129.99 with tax and everything, and $142.00 was taken from my account within 30 seconds of pushing the purchase button.

Straight Talk/Tracfone does not tell you the network the phones access. Therefore, you make your purchase on affordability and features of the phone. With the promise of overnight FedEx delivery, I received my phone two weeks later only to find out that this phone with the (G) extension only works on the AT&T network. In my area we don't even get one bar for AT&T. Everyone in my neighborhood knows that Verizon is the best carrier for this place.

I called and got an RMA number and the address to which I am to return the phone. I packed it up, took it to the post office, obtained the tracking number and certified to the correct address. Straight Talk told me I would have my refund within 30 days. This is over a month and a half ago.

Meanwhile I went back to the site and they have another Samsung (refurbished) phone for free and I ordered that one (451C) that I know accesses the Verizon network. The phone was refurbished and free and the card for the minutes was $30. That phone came within a week, activation was easy enough. And I could be heard loud and clear on this phone.

My problem is the refund of the old phone in the amount of $99. One rep tells me it will come within 30 days of the date of return by CHECK. Another one tells me that the money will be returned to my bank account. Another rep told me they have no record of every receiving the phone.

I have email stating the opposite, receipts for the return and certified mail as well. Nobody wants to give me my money back and I don't know how this can happen. They, of course, try to keep you on the phone as long as they can so you use up your minutes talking to them.

You know, I am sure Wal-Mart has their eyes on Tracfone, a company ripe as a possible entry point into the communications field. I like Wal-Mart. I don't know if they know what's going on there at the Tracfone headquarters. Whenever I returned something to Wal-Mart they never played games with the money spent; it doesn't seem like their style.

This is so very frustrating to deal with obvious scamming. I mean if you have 100,000 people who paid $100 for a phone and you hold the money for a month, you are earning interest on $10 mil. I am getting no satisfaction from them.

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Original review: Jan. 1, 2011

I have been reading other feedback on this forum and I could copy and paste my own experience.

I am signed up on Straight Talk's auto refill where my unlimited service is paid on a monthly basis ($45 + $1.31 tax) automatically to my credit card. As of 12/24/10, my phone had stopped providing service (unable to make calls or text). I called Straight Talk to explain the problem. The representative took me through the code entry mode where I had input a series of numbers and took the battery out; we did this 3 times. Under the prepaid folder, under my phone number, I noticed the phone number was a different number than what had been assigned to me a year ago when I purchased the phone. When I asked the rep why the phone number was different, she informed me "you don't understand how that works, the phone number does not have to be the same number given to you; the numbers are shared for your area".

What? Okay, I replied. I mean I am obviously at the mercy of this company. My monthly $45 was paid on 12/24/10 to cover me for the majority of January 2010. I have paid for service that, as of 12/29/10, I still do not have. The rep then told me (since none of the coding, removing of the battery and turning off and on of the phone didn't work) that as a part of their troubleshooting, they would need to change the phone number. What? I told her I've had this phone number for over a year. Again, I'm at the mercy of it, I have no phone. I agreed to the phone number change so that I could get this resolved. While waiting, the representative disconnected the call.

Wow, yes. So then I called back. While I was calling back, I was logged into my Straight Talk account online and noticed that my phone did not have a phone number attached to it. So when I called Straight Talk and entered in my phone number, the recording stated that there was no such number. I got another rep (Francis). I again explained my situation. Since I didn't have a phone number, I provided her with the serial number of my phone. She accessed the information and yes, she took me through the prepaid folder and again I entered a series of numbers (under the code entry mode), took the battery out, put it back in, turned off the phone, turned on the phone. We did this 2 times. After taking out the battery (for 1 minute), I was asked to dial *22890. The phone showed "calling". Activation, but no connection, no activation. In fact, the message I received was activation was unsuccessful. The rep then stated that since they were so busy due to the holiday and all the activations, it may take 2-24 hours and to keep trying.

It took me 2 hours today, 12/29/10, with no resolution. I went through this exact same process, steps and time when I called on 12/24/10 when the phone stopped having service. One last note, I am unable to remove my credit card information from my account or cancel the service at all on their website. This is a very, very shady company. As of today, 1/1/2011, 9 days after the service stopped (9 days into my prepaid plan), still no cell phone service!

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Original review: Dec. 17, 2010

I purchased a new straight talk phone on 12/5/10 since my old phone broke (also a straight talk phone) also I purchased a warranty to ensure I wouldn't be without a working phone again. The box from straight talk says, I can keep my existing # ** upon bringing phone home and calling straight talk to have new phone activated with my old existing number is when my nightmare began.

Today, 12/17/10 and still I have no phone every sim card 2 total received many days passed with no sim card even thou promised an overnight shipment by FedEx due to this Fantom sim card and inability to get a tracking number or confirmation that a sim card was even sent I did as they said continued to call corporate office as well as wait on manager to call back to confirm my new sim card shipment never once was I called back, so everyday I have called, everyday I was told the same thing a sim card was sent but no sim card came except for the sim I received on 12/10/10 and 12/17/10. Well, to my anguish none of these sim cards work!

I again today was told another sim card is on the way and there is no way to reverse this transaction all I can do is wait for new sim even thou the one I received this morning was just sent priority mail overnight by fed ex. I have been promised 2 months free service 1 month for the month I already had on my old phone and another month for my inconvenience only to be told by another rep that I may or may not receive that even thou it was promised days ago. I am very upset during this time my daughter ended up in psych ward and son in jail and due to fact I had no cell phone I was unable to be reached. all of my kids are straight talk customers and have also experienced problems with straight talk I am very frustrated.

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Original review: Dec. 15, 2010

I received a bad wireless phone from Straight Talk. I called tech support but was unable to resolve the issue. They stated that a replacement phone would be sent in 3-5 days. Today I got an empty box with a FedEx padded envelope asking me to return the defective phone, no replacement received.

I called corporate office. Melvin stated it could take up to 21 days before a replacement be sent out. Keep in mind that the services have been paid for up to one month. However after 21 days, it will be time to add new minutes, Straight will not be responsible for it.

He also stated that there is no one I can speak with, they would have to email the higher company. I'm really frustrated right now. I've never heard of such. Please investigate this issue as it seems to me that more will arise with their unprofessionalism in consumer care.

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Original review: Dec. 8, 2010

I am trying to activate my second Straight Talk phone. It has now been three hours on hold, one person after another. This cost me minutes that I paid for out of my pocket. I asked to speak to a supervisor. Lo and behold, I was on hold for 30 more minutes. Who will reimburse my money for my minutes? I use this phone for work and now I don’t know if I will be able to use it tomorrow. So now what?

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Original review: Dec. 7, 2010

I purchased a Straight Talk phone from a seller on eBay. When the phone arrived, I went to Walmart and purchased a $45.00 minute card to go with it. I followed the directions on the back of the card to activate the phone. After the second or third attempt, I was connected with a Straight Talk rep who sent me through a lengthy process and still wasn't able to help with phone activation. After being transferred to a level 2 agent, I was told the phone was never scanned at the register at Walmart. I told the L2 agent that I won the phone on an online auction on eBay. The L2 agent said I had to provide a receipt showing that I paid for the phone and he provided me with a service ticket number.

So I faxed the receipt showing proof of purchase to a fax number in Miami, FL. I waited 2 days because the L2 said someone would be calling me back and they never did. I feel like I'm in an ongoing crisis after numerous hours of time that has been spent on the phone with Straight Talk. I have missed lunch breaks trying to get this issue resolved and even stayed after work late some evenings to make calls to them. I have no other means of communication so they are cutting off my lifeline and I am extremely frustrated. No one from Straight Talk seems to know how to assist me from here. Every time I call, I either get hung up on or told I need to fax a Walmart receipt. I didn't purchase the phone from Walmart, I purchased it from a seller on eBay. I am at wit's end with this disaster!

Please don't buy from Straight Talk. They don't have customers as their first priority. I am going to call corporate to see if they have any common sense. No offense against anyone, but their customer service needs major help. I tried to be patient and treated all people right despite the language barrier. But when I tell you the same thing a million times and you keep repeating the same steps that you know won't resolve the issue, that's just ridiculous! This makes me appreciate companies with contracts.

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Original review: Dec. 4, 2010

I bought a phone and unlimited minutes/data/internet from Walmart. No problems until this week. My phone was refilled automatically and my plan shows "paid, unlimited plan" on their website under my account. They sent an email to my phone showing the same thing. Yet I can't make/receive calls. "No longer in service." I use this phone for business and have missed 2 days of customer calls! When I called and emailed customer service, the message says, "Due to high call volume, we can't take your call right now. Try again later."

So I have requested refund for my service that I'm not able to use, although I pre-paid for it. I called Walmart and they gave me their "internal" phone number. Same message. I can't tell you strongly enough to avoid this company and their scam! They stole my money. I changed jobs 2 days ago. My cell phone number is the only way for clients to reach me. Their service won't even allow voicemail or text messages to be saved during this "down time," so I missed every client order and call/text.

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Original review: Nov. 23, 2010

I bought two phones from straight talk. The one I bought for myself started shutting off by itself. I called, and at first they did not want to do anything. They just said to take the battery out and put it back in. they told me to turn it back on, and asked if it shut itself off. I had to argue with them. They wouldn't accept it had a problem because it wouldn't shut off on demand. I had to explain over and over that it was random. So I got to send it back. Mind you, I have no phone during this time. Then they send me two phones, and they are both used. I bought a new phone, and due to no fault of my own, it was defective, and I get a used phone that calls someone in Florida when I call my voicemail. I have called them 3-4 times telling them I have an extra phone and that I want an unused phone. Now this phone is starting to act up, and I dread to call them. Can you please help me? Shouldn’t I be given a brand new phone?

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Original review: Nov. 13, 2010

It's me again. Straight Talk is continuing not to be able to tell me where the refund that was promised 30 days from the day we receive the phone is which they received on September 28. Oh, can I remind you that within the first month, the back fell off the expensive phone, they replaced it with a used, scratched, and not the same model or make telling me that was their choice to do so? Do not, I repeat, do not get a Straight Talk phone. And if more would call WalMart Headquarters and complain, maybe they would help!

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