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Straight Talk Wireless

Miami, FL

Straight Talk Wireless
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Straight Talk Wireless is a phone retailer and network provider with coverage across the United States. Service plans start at around $30 per month. Customers don’t have to sign a contract to get a 30-day unlimited talk and text plan. Select from new or refurbished smartphones and devices. Devices and plans are available online and at Walmart stores.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 5, 2020

    This company is by far the shadiest company I've ever had the misfortune of doing business with. I had a phone on my Verizon plan break and being unable to afford a brand new verizon phone we decided to go with purchasing a Straight Talk device and using it. Unfortunately this is when the real troubles started as everyone from Verizon was saying that we just needed a new sim card that was activated to be inserted in the device. Well after doing that we were told the device had to be activated which we did that as well. Then we get to the same spot we've been stuck at only to find out that straight talk's ToS states that you have to have continual service on a device for a year before they will unlock it for you.

    I spoke to someone in their unlocking department then I spoke to their supervisor neither had any intention of helping me. This company has their fine print down. Don't bother going through them even as a prepaid service one of the other companies are by far way better than this one. Worst customer service, worse overall service. Devices are cheap but expected to be worth and I quote "$600" as referenced by the supervisor I spoke to who explained that since we buy the devices for cheap we have to pay for a year to equal out to the $600 device that we technically own, but can't use anywhere but their crappy service.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 2, 2020

    I been buying headphone data cards. The $55 ones that are 60 or 61 after tax and fees applied. Been noticing lately the sorry service they been giving me. After about a week of buying data online with them my data becomes slower than molasses on a turtle's behind. I called and called the so called tech people who happen to be Pakistan or Indian. Just wonder if they had a merger with a Pakistani company lately. My explain the not so good service? Anyway for 3 months now been dealing with slow data after about a week of buying data. They sort of treat you like you have a plan with them instead of let it run on and just buy more data, instead of tether or put brakes on your data. I have an elderly parent I have to shop online for! My opinion...thinks they are using the pandemic virus to screw people out of data by maybe giving your data to someone else!

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 26, 2020

    Straight Talk Home Phone Box won't activate because they don't support it. According to their online activation, It works.... in reality, it won't. Three customer service agents hung up on me "Matthew" "Romell" and another man who's name was unintelligible. When I asked to speak to a supervisor "Emily" told me "our supervisors don't take calls". I advised "Emily" that I would be contacting the Missouri Attorney General's Office and filing a complaint with the Honorable Eric Schmitt. "Emily" quickly connected me to "Romano" who repeatedly tried to convince me to purchase more equipment.... Very low quality service and rude. I'd stay away from Straight Talk.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 25, 2020

    Someone else used my name to get the phone service. I'm used to this company, as they're partnered with Fingerhut. I use QLink. About a month ago qlink quit servicing to me, and I called and asked. They said it's because I'm servicing with another company and only 1 service at a time. I did not switch, a family member/friend/other signed up using my information, and stole the phone. Anyways... Long story, but I tried explaining this to the rep, and they said I was a thief.

    I hung up on them. They called 3 to 4 times in a row. I hung up on them.... I'm not the thief... It's someone else in my family, or a soon to be ex friend. Needless to say, they're partnered with fingerhut... They tried the same thing with me... I refused to pay the bill because someone robbed me, and they said it's my problem... I am switching somewhere else. I was petrified. The guy kept calling me a thief, and bagged on me for like 10 minutes. He should get a mark for insulting the customer. I didn't make the account, but later on found out who did.

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    Rated with 1 star
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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 23, 2020

    I purchased a Bring Your Own Device SIM card to pair with a brand new unlocked iPad with the sole purpose of setting it up so my elderly grandmother can Facetime. She is in assisted living and, as I am a nurse, I cannot in good conscience visit her during an epidemic. I easily installed the SIM card and was able to get the data connection set up and working. Facetime would only work on WIFI. No amount of trouble shooting resolved this issue. So I called customer service and spent the next three hours on the phone. I was transferred multiple times. I was told by multiple people that I had to have a phone number for the device for them to access my account. Tablets don't have phone numbers. I was also told more than once that the company doesn't offer service for tablets. Which doesn't make sense since I purchased a SIM that says on the package "Bring Your Own Tablet."

    One employee told me I did not have an active account on my SIM which was surprising since I could turn off WIFI and use data to access the internet. At one point, an employee transferred me to the Apple Customer Service line where I spent more time on hold. When I called Straight Talk back, the person I reached had poor phone service (I was on a landline- it wasn't me) and the call dropped. By the time I finally reached someone again and demanded a refund, it was over a half hour long process. The gentleman I spoke with said his phone service was poor because he was working from home. No one I spoke with seemed to understand what an iPad or Facetime even was and even when I requested to speak to someone who could help troubleshoot this specific issue, I got nowhere.

    I did finally get my refund after some poor gentleman literally listened to me sob inconsolably on the line while he worked through whatever very lengthy process was required of him to get me a refund. I just wanted to be able to see my 94 year old grandmother without giving her COVID! I was also fine with a refund if it hadn't taken hours to get! I'll be going to our local wireless company tomorrow to get the tablet set up. If it is 10 times the price, it will be worth it. Straightalk is that awful. I can't even remember the last time I bothered to leave a review, but this particular experience was worth sharing.

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    Rated with 1 star
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 20, 2020

    I’ve been using their service for approximately four years, and had been quite satisfied, until I attempted to purchase a phone from their website. That’s when I discovered how awful of a company they are. I ordered an iPhone through them, using their SmartPay credit program. After a few days, the phone still hadn’t shipped, so I decided to call and was informed that they had a systemwide malfunction and they had to reset everyone’s line of credit and that I could reapply after 7 days. Annoying, but I understand that things happen. I decided at that point to just pay for the phone in total, without using SmartPay, and this was a huge mistake. I ordered the phone, which was in stock according to their site. After five business days, the phone still hadn’t shipped, so I contacted them using their online chat service, and was told that the phone would ship out that day. The next day, still no shipping notification.

    I called them, and was informed that my order had been cancelled, due to the phone not being in stock. The whole time this is taking place, there had been a 750 dollar hold on my bank account for the phone. Immediately after being told that the order was cancelled, the transaction finalized in my account and the money was taken out. I called them again, and spent an hour and a half on the phone trying to figure out why they took the money out, only to be told that they have no record of the transaction, so they can’t refund me. I called my bank, and was told that Straight Talk had definitely charged my card and that the transaction was completed, so the only thing I could do at this point is to file a dispute. Straight talk couldn’t be more of a dishonest nightmare. Quite literally the worst company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. If I could give them zero stars, I would. Avoid at all costs.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 15, 2020

    It's not unlimited for the $55 a month plan. They shut off my data after 1 week because I used too much. They proceeded to tell me that I had been connecting multiple devices to my phone yet I hadn't used my mobile hot spot data at all and mobile hotspot is the only way to connect multiple devices. They kept telling me it is unlimited and referred me to the terms and service agreement section 6 & 7 and saying I reached my data LIMIT. There shouldn't be a limit on an UNLIMITED plan. I took screenshots and recorded our call so I can tell everyone it's not unlimited like they advertise!! And their customer service reps hung up on me twice and the chat with an agent online service was a joke. They kept telling me I had 1 minute to respond or they would disconnect the chat session so I didn't even have time to type a response and then they tried to disconnect me after 30 seconds and I said it hasn't been a minute.

    They then said "please be reminded that 60 seconds is equivalent to one minute." Very rude. And they refused to answer my questions about it being unlimited and claimed I violated their terms and conditions when I hadn't violated anything. And they proceeded to say they wanted to call me instead of chat. POINT OF THIS REVIEW this phone service IS NOT unlimited. They choose when you've used too much data!!! And if there is any question to the validity of these statement I have screenshots of the chats and recorded calls as proof. Feel free to contact me at **.

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    Rated with 2 stars
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 14, 2020

    We have been with Straight Talk for about 5 years..we have had some issues here and there but nothing beats this issue. Did you know YOUR straighttalk phone is locked for 12 months. Not throw it in a drawer and wait, nope.. 12 months of activation...doesnt matter we (family of 3 with straight talk) has been with them for 5 years each. Can't buy a phone, decide finally after 5 years we are gonna switch, and can't. Isn't that a contract?

    My 16 yr old bought a new phone (paid in full) in Feb 2020 and it's May 2020 and we found a new carrier that offers lower rates and more stuff (Visible, ck it out y'all seriously) but he can't switch bc his phone is locked for 10 more months..when my son finally got thru to straighttalk's 'unlock' dept he asked the rep 'how is a phone that I paid for in full locked? I dont understand'. The rep said 'its policy. good day' and hung up on him. Really crappy customer service and we looked all thru his paperwork he got with his phone and nothing in there mentions a locked device for 12 months.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 8, 2020

    I'm in the market to upgrade my phone and thought it would be best to go thru their website. Big mistake! An agent helped me step by step verifying the phone I wanted in the color I wanted all the way to the very end of the purchase. A few hours and nearly $700 later I receive an email stating my order had been successfully canceled. I contact the company and they tell me it's because the phone was out of stock when I made the purchase. Well, okay but now what I ask. Their reply was to reorder the phone because now suddenly it was back in stock. Are you confused? I know I was.

    So I if I reordered again when would my first order be refunded, I asked. I was told it's policy that it takes 30 DAYS for returns (in this case a cancel) to be refunded! 30 days to be refunded for something I did not cancel and was walked step by step through the online purchase process by one of their agents. And their only other response was that they're sorry for the inconvenience. Out $700 for at least 30 days and nothing to show for it yet they want me to reorder the exact phone because suddenly it's available again. What a joke. They lost a loyal customer who has been with them for many years.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 28, 2020

    Well I'm the type who goes from phone company to phone company, device to device and so on. This by far was the most disappointing for me, Verizon was quite working in my area and the phone constantly glitches so I tried transferring my Verizon number to a new Straight Talk phone. We messed up by not buying an activation card first since we figured you can buy it online. I first tried their website and failed at getting to the payment part every time. I then called 8 times within 2 days to which only 3 times were answered, one of those answered moments involved loud yelling in the beginning then the phone was placed on a desk near what I assume was the computer, while a muffled video played in the background for almost 20 mins 'til I hung up. The other call transferred me over to only be hung up on and the final they kept transferring me back in forth cause my debit card "wasn't in the system".

    I really gave them my card info so many times and they kept saying it wouldn't work, we then drove to 3 different stores looking for the straight talk phone card from all the manuals and what the customer service said to find. I entered the $55 card number only to be told hours later that I still need to get a card to activate it. I got the app and they still say I have no device active, even though it has my old number now. I'm fed up and annoyed, never has activating or transferring number been so hard or take so long. The customer service was rude. I don't recommend this.

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