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When I called Speakeasy Technical Support about my increasingly erratic DSL & VOIP connection, the agent told me that he would have to dispatch a technician to my residence to fix the problem. The technician found that the problem was caused by a loose wire in the basement circuit board connecting my phone line to the phone company line coming into the building. This connection was installed by the Speakeasy technician who set up my DSL/VOIP line when I subscribed to Speakeasy, and nobody had touched it since. So the second technician corrected a faulty job by the first technician.

On my last Speakeasy invoice, however, I was shocked to see a $150 charge for "Technician Dispatch" - never mentioned by the Speakeasy agent who told me that was the only way to fix the problem. They are charging me for correcting their own faulty installation work, which is obviously not my responsibility. And I pay them over $100 a month to provide me with a good DSL and VOIP connection.

When I called their Billing department to object, I received an email from "Katie D." saying that my request for "a credit for the Technician Dispatch for $150....has been denied and the fee is valid for $150. According to our notes on your account you were advised and aware of the Technician Dispatch and that it was Potentially Billable."

Aside from the fact that I was NOT advised I would be billed for this, the charge is not justified, for the reasons I described. I received no reply to my email response to "Katie D." When I called Speakeasy again to complain, the agent I spoke to told me that she could not resolve the problem, nor connect me with anyone who had the authority to do so. She gave me a phone number that would supposedly reach someone at a higher level, but that was for a completely different branch of the company.

I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, but the case was closed because Speakeasy did not respond to them.

On 5/19/2010, Cosmos Air signed a contract with Speakeasy to have a new phone system installed in their new location, 3611 Pennsy Drive. At that time, a written guarantee was made between Speakeasy and Steve ** & Sanjeev ** (Cosmos Air) that the new system will be up and operating no later than 6/4/2010. That did not happen; service was not up and operating until thereafter around the 28th.

Our phone system was still giving us problems with dropped calls, echoes in phone line, no ability to transfer calls, and no ability to get an Speakeasy representative on the phone (We're mailing letters to support claim.). We cancelled service, because of poor customer service, product, and the many lies that this company told us. We returned all equipment, and we only had the system for 2 to 3 weeks and during that time, problems occurred.

The system was cancelled, and we were being charged $6869.40. Their contract states that Speakeasy offers a 60-day service guarantee on all TI services leased on or after 8/5/2005. If Speakeasy is either unable to meet Speakeasy's installation guarantees or if during the first 60 calendar days following customer's activation date, customer's service does not operate in accordance with Speakeasy's service guarantees, the customer may cancel circuit without being subject to disconnection fee and the customer will be eligible to receive a credit. Cosmos Air did all of the above. (Documents to claim is being mailed in for review.)

We signed several months ago and have had nothing but problems. Setup took months longer than they promised and now internet outages happen multiple times a week for us (not just talking hiccups here, but blackouts for hours on end). We have pleaded with them for help and they are completely unresponsive.

To make matters worse, our phone lines are constantly static, and they even have the nerve to blame their issues on us, even though our earlier provider had no issues.

Yesterday, they tried to say we must have a virus disrupting our service, which is impossible as the problems persist even when every single computer is shut down. They will do anything to try to pass blame to others and deny responsibility. They have blamed 3rd party providers and now are blaming us, the customer.

We are at our breaking point and that's saying a lot, since we've been patient for months, actually trusting them when they said they'd take care of one headache after the next. We even canceled a contract with our previous provider (and paid a giant fee for that, by the way) to sign up with Speakeasy. Now we're looking at yet another cancellation fee to escape the shadiest internet provider in history.

I would avoid this provider at all costs.

Have not released my circuit preventing me from purchasing from another company. We have no internet and can't get it because they will not release it. Have been a customer for over 5 years with a T1 and they ** if you leave. Unable to get any other company to connect DSL.

Signed up for a one year contract with Speakeasy in April 2007. Cancelled service with them in late January 2009. Speakeasy points to a one line item in a master agreement referenced in the work order I signed (but not included) that says service automatically renews for a one year period after contract expiration - apparently in perpetuity. They used that to bill me for $595.50 in early termination fees even though I went well past the 1 year service period.

This practice of not highlighting for the consumer considering their services that the service contract will automatically renew appears deceptive to me, or at best, poor policy for its customers. They also sent out no notice on 4/25/08 that the contract was renewed for another year.

We had not anticipated that we were on anything but a month to month service. By charging us for services from the 1/29 cancellation through April 25 (the two year anniversary of signing up) it cost us an extra $595.50 in addition to the phone service fees for the other provider we switched to.

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I spent this past summer living in Oakland, ME and regularly performing jazz and rock music at a restaurant/bar in downtown Waterville, called the Speak Easy. Over the course of the summer the Speak Easy began experiencing financial trouble, and they asked my group if they could start paying us one week late for every gig- which was not a problem for us.

At the beginning of July, I cashed a few checks from June gigs worth $600. Very quickly these checks bounced and when I approached Speak Easy owner Robert Spencer, he assured me that he would pay me back as soon as he could. Despite my suggestions that he stop hiring my group for the month of July, until he could pay me back the $600, he asked that we continue playing a weekly gig and he would pay us for these gigs as well as get me the $600. By the end of August the restaurant had closed down and Mr. Spencer still owed me the $600 in bounced checks as well as $100 from the last gig that we played in August (which he had promised to pay me the following week).

I have several emails from Mr. Spencer assuring me that he will get me this $700 as soon as he can, but I have not heard from him in over three months. Mr. Spencer and his business associate Susan Copeland are no longer answering my phone calls. I have Bank of America records of the bounced checks, but I am not sure at this point how I can get in touch with him. Another worker from the Speak Easy informed me that Mr. Spencer has recently moved to Freeport, but I don't know how I could locate him. What can I do to get this money back? I very much appreciate your help!

Like Verizon and Bell South, Speakeasy Networks has taken the opportunity to use the sunsetting of the USF fee on subscriber DSL lines to greatly increase their regulatory compliance fee (from 3.8 to 5.9% of the customer bill total, an increase of 55%!). This is a pure-profit surcharge made under the guise of a pass-through tax. HOWEVER, unlike Verizon or Bell South, Speakeasy has not recinded these extra charges even after considerable negative customer feedback has been given to them.

All Speakeasy broadband/DSL customers are being charged unecessary and unsupportable surcharges and fees, administered by Speakeasy under the premise that that are merely passing through the cost of taxes levied upon them. These fees amount to $2-3 per month *per user* and thus represent a considerable and unjustifiable economic burden on their customers.

Order phone service with dsl and had for 2 or 3 month .Service did not work but aweek of totoal service . When with out phone for 3 month , could not get anybody to listen to us . could not call out and only get answer machine when called in . Every time you reach somebody you could not get help. Sent out a bill close to $1,000.

When my DSL service provider Flashcom went out of business, I went onto the internet to find an alterrnative provider. Speakeasy was one of the reccomendations from Flashcom. I began filling out the form on the website to investigate my options. I inadvertantly signed up for the service but tried to cancel it immediately. I called Speakeasy the next day when they were open and the woman I spoke to said it would be no problem and cancelled my order. Now, several months later, they are trying to bill me for $250.

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