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My brother moved to South Carolina and gave me his beeper, which he'd had for at least a year. He paid for a year's service.When his year's service expired, I was paged by SmartBeep and informed that another annual payment was due if I wanted to continue with the pager service. I said I did want to continue with the service but that I knew nothing about Smart Beep and was hesitant to pay for continued service.

Smart Beep told me I would have to pay right away if I wanted continued coverage. I agreed to pay on the condition that Smart Beep send me a receipt, plus any and all paperwork including their company policies. The representative agreed to do so. About three weeks later, my pager broke. I contacted Smart Beep and they told me I'd have to ship the pager out of state to be fixed, at my expense, or purchase another pager, at about a cost of $50.

I said I'd rather cancel the service than have to pay another $50 or wait for the pager to be assessed for repairs. Smart Beep told me their policy states no refunds.I informed them that I never received any such policy, nor was I told this over the telephone. To this very day I do not even have a receipt from the company.

I feel that I have been taken advantage of by this company and illegally treated. I paid $51.10 for pager services which I cannot utilize and the company never gave me a receipt, and never sent me any policy information.Not only did I spend useless hours on the telephone, I was also forced to call a long-distance number and was put on hold only to be told that Smart Beep was not going to help me. I was severely stressed, I missed important pages from business and social associates and I am out $51.10 because of this company. I feel defrauded, disillusioned and desperate. I am not a happy camper.

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