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46 Simply Wireless Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 24, 2016

Because my manager could not be in 2 places at the same time he could do only what he could do. Mobile now is a very unprofessional unexpectable company. They do not train people and they give you impossible task and goals to meet. They hide behind their faults and blame the team players for it. But even when a staff can into a location and did the impossible made double digits without training without a manager in place and made a store great (this store has never done anything like this ever) and worked all day and marketed a location where people did not want to come because it is a 3rd party location and that they have a bad name ((look it up on google)).

They built a base for people to come and know they will be taken care of but mobile now has their own set of rules that are wrong for the customers and are even wrong for the employees. So yes they do not line up with what sprint has put in place for many years. (Mobile now makes there own rules and it's wrong) but as a hard worker they repay us by firing me and other staff members for doing what exactly what they say and how they been doing it for years but when it comes up as a red flag it's the employee's problem not mobile now.

And to make it worse not only do you get a write up, or fired they won't pay you (thieves greedy greedy thieves) and also keep another staff member that is lazy takes deposit money because they can't pay their rent because their check was short the same person that leaves early always sick has a lot of sales that get returned and they just get a slap on the hand.

Can we say that mobile now is a little racists or just plain dumb or how about Corporate Thieves? They make all this money off the worker and just give them a little bit of hush money. This could have been a nice place to work because of all the contacts and marketing skills that I have but mobile now is not interested in taking care of business for their employees that give 110% everyday even on a day off, For managers that do the impossible task with the tools that mobile now as a company did not give them and for your customers. It seems to be that mobile now really doesn't care about these 3 sets of people that make your business a business and you will never get that unless you make these changes. You will continue to fail as a company because you hide behind your desk and title and your own faults. You are the blame Mr Business Owner not your employees.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 21, 2016

Worst experience yet! The associate outright lied to me just to get the sale! He was informed right from the get-go that because his price for my new phones matched the price I would only get them from him if he could offer me the same deal as the website was. He then spent 2 more visits trying to cover his lying with more lying about why I couldn't seem to find the promotion on the Samsung promo page. Worst visit yet by far!!! A call to Verizon customer service confirms the lying! It was a website only promo and he damn well knew that! Since my job is right near them I will be sure to tell people to be safe and spend their hard earned money at the Epping location!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 21, 2015

Purchased a phone from HSN that was suppose to have 1500 minutes with TRIPLE MINUTES for life. I did EVERYTHING I was suppose to do and received only 1000 minutes = Double minutes. HSN has nothing to do with the cell provider. They are just a vendor. Hence they don't stand behind what they sell. I as the customer has to do everything. I was told by HSN rep if I emailed Simple Wireless with 24 hours, someone would contact me. Here it is OVER 48 hours, three emails and NOTHING.

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Original review: Feb. 22, 2014

This company took $500 from my bank account for a returned iPhone because I broke my contract because employee failed to add requested insurance. Owners procrastinated for a month about a refund and then responded we have done all we can. I am still trying to get 400 of the 5 back with no results. This company is horrible. Employees wouldn't even give me contact info for the owner. I intend to continue pursuing a refund and will post negative responses about this company until one is received. They stole my back rent from a single mom. They suck.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 21, 2013

Well someone opened an account in my name!! It is now on my credit report. No one will email or call me back. Also, there seems to be no contact info for this company.. Very upset about this.

9 people found this review helpful
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 25, 2012

I've been trying to contact you regarding the debt I supposedly have, sent to me in writing by Recovery Partners, LCC. This debt was apparently opened on 04/2008 and never reported until 3/1/2012. In person at your Simply Wireless Store I opened an account with T-Mobile. The service did not work in my area of Lynchburg and the phone was returned to Simply Wireless.

I have tried to reach Simply Wireless at ** and no one will give me any information about my account. I have contacted T-Moblie which has no record of me ever being a customer since the phone was returned. I have also contacted your corporate office number with no success to dispute this collection in which I do not own. I have disputed the collection several times via my credit report without success. For whatever reason, your collector can respond to that quickly instead of a phone call. Upon reaching your collector, they were extremely rude and refused to give me any information or answer any questions.

I request that Simply Wireless get rid of this claim with Recovery Partners, LLC and delete from your respective files. Furthermore, I request that Simply Wireless make certain that there is no negative reference of this Simply Wireless claim reported to the any of the Credit Bureaus. I further request that you send a letter stipulating those facts to me.

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Original review: March 1, 2012

Simply Wireless is the worst that there is. I got a cellphone on January '09 and had the company of Simply Wireless give me one with T-Mobile but not changing the phone number that I had with Verizon because I wanted to keep that same number. They said everything was going to be fine. They gave me the cell with other # and in a day or two change it to the other one. Everything was great. But a few days ago in 2012, I am buying a house and they check my credit score and appears a money not pay to Simply Wireless. When I called to the collection company, United Financial, the guy was very rude and said that Simply Wireless has all the right and I was wrong because I change the plan days later of buying the phone. This is all wrong. I never did that.

When I called T-Mobile to confirm that I never changed the plan, they backed me up and said I was right that maybe the problems is that appears that if I change the plan because I had change the number (that they said was going to be okay and no changes or cost) . When I called the collection company again, I explained it to them and the guy sent an email to Simply Wireless explaining the situation. The email came back saying that because they changed the number the plan change. So at the end, even though I am pissed and know that the company never said that would happened, I had to pay because I want to have a home. I am so mad. This company is the worst. They don't say anything and then charge money for it. And United Financial service is way the same because they never sent me a letter of collection and gave the account on lost in my credit report, plus they don't have good costumer service.

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Original review: Oct. 13, 2011

The employees were kind of misleading. Added the call phantom lines which were extra lines to get phones at a discount price. Found that out afterwards the hard way. Now they had my wife’s debit card on file and charged her $600 because I had the 2 added lines dropped and their store policy says they can do it. I found that out afterwards also which over drafted the account. Either it stays that way or I have to return phones which were $800.

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Original review: June 15, 2011

I have been trying to contact you regarding an erroneous letter, I received from Recovery Partners, LLC a collection agency client of yours. On June 14, 2011 Isaac, Sprint customer service agent (by phone) and a Sprint City Place Inline Store employee located at 8661 Coleville Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910 (I was in person at the office) has tried to contact the Simply Wireless at your corporate office number 888-449-8484 with no success to dispute this erroneous and irresponsible collection claim of $320.00 for a Simply Wireless device I don't own.

The wireless number 410-xxx-xxxx was canceled in March 2010 at the City Place Inline Store and the device Sprint-CDMA Sanyo MM-7500 was returned. This was over a year ago and there are no fees associated with this account. Therefore, I request that Simply Wireless delete this erroneous claim with Recovery Partners, LLC account number #:** and former account Simply Wireless number ** from your respective files. Furthermore, I request that Simply Wireless make certain that there is no negative reference of this Simply Wireless claim reported to the any of the Credit Bureaus. I further request that you send a letter stipulating those facts to me, **.

It is so very disconcerting that neither the Sprint agents nor I could reach a person to discuss this issue with in these pass 2 business days. I say, "Shame on Simply Wireless for such shabby customer service, you have no problem presenting me with an erroneous bill or that I have to send valuable work time to appear in person and spend countless hours on the phone to resolve an erroneous claim which can ruin my credit report. I reiterate Simply Wireless needs to make sure that there is no reference of this erroneous bill on my credit report. I find this to be a fraudulent claim on the part of Simply Wireless and very distressing situation for me. I want this matter immediately rectified and my record cleared. Your immediate attention to this request is appreciated. Over $1000.00 in work related time. But it is too soon to tell the real costs.

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Original review: Jan. 6, 2011

I am T-Mobile customer and decided to add my son to my plan in 2009. We went to the nearest T-Mobile office in White Oak, MD, which was Simply Wireless to buy the cell phone and add a new line to my plan. Two months or so later, I received a message from Simply Wireless that I changed the plan, therefore I have to pay a premature/early change fees. I was confused and called T-mobile to find out what was going on. T-Mobile checked my account and concluded there was no change in the plan.

I called Simply Wireless to get clarification about the message they sent me. The person I spoke with was very vague on what Simply Wireless was calling change in the plan. We have made no change to our plan, we are still using T-Mobile and using the same phone we bought from Simply Wireless so I don't know what they were talking about. Later, I received another mail threatening to send my file to collection if I don't pay before the due date. Later, I started receiving letters from United Financial Service. I called T-Mobile again and they reassured me that everything was okay with my plan and that I don't owe them anything.

My surprise came this November when I checked my credit report and found that United Financial Service has sent this collection to credit report service. It's just unacceptable that they can deliberately choose to damage my record and reputation by sending illegal and false information to credit report bureaus.

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4 people found this review helpful
Original review: Aug. 30, 2010

Consumers beware of the fraud being perpetrated by the T-Mobile distributor that calls itself Simply Wireless.

Two years ago, I walked into a T-Mobile booth at the Francis Scott Key Mall in Frederick, MD and got a phone upgrade per the T-Mobile plan. The booth was run by Simply Wireless. I had been a T-Mobile customer for over 10 years, and especially in the last five years experienced a severe degradation of services. In October last year, I switched to Verizon and cancelled my T-Mobile service. I paid T-Mobile the required cancellation fees and settled my bill (so I thought).

Now almost one year later, I received a collection notice sent by Simply Wireless in connection with my T-Mobile service. I called T-Mobile and they told me that I don't owe anything, that my bill is settled in full, and that T-Mobile has never filed any action with a credit agency regarding my bill. I subsequently spoke to T-Mobile's Risk Management office and they made the rather cryptic statement that T-Mobile is not responsible for the actions of their distributors. If one were to go to the website of Simply Wireless, they advertise themselves as the largest distributor of T-Mobile in the country. It's a funny thing that T-Mobile is not responsible for the actions of Simply Wireless, which is is trying to collect on my T-Mobile account. In other words, T-Mobile is saying that they are not responsible for their agent's actions. I am going to file an FCC complaint against T-Mobile shortly.

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Original review: Aug. 24, 2010

I purchased a new phone, a car charger and a bluetooth at this store on November 22, 2008. I was asked if I wanted a leather pouch for the new phone. I said no and the salesman replied that it was "free". So I said, "Ok, free is good". After all the paper work was done and the bill was paid I went home. Looking over the charges I realized that I had been charged $19.99 plus tax for this leather pouch. I went back to the Kiosk several days later to complain and was told the charge would be taken off my T-Mobile bill.

This never happened, so I called T-Mobile and of course they have no affiliation with Simply Wireless although Simply Wireless led me to believe otherwise. On February 27, 2009, I brought the pouch back to the kiosk and said I wanted my money back. I received a receipt for $26.49 (not sure why this amount) and was told I would receive this amount in the mail.I still have this receipt as well as original purchase receipt. I left the pouch at the Kiosk saying I have no use for it. To date I have received nothing from Simply Wireless. I was lied to and scammed.

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Original review: Aug. 2, 2010

I just had my credit report reviewed and found something that I did not make since to me, I purchase a Blackberry phone at this site, and the salesperson said it was through Tmobile so I am under the information that I have service through Tmobile. We went over the contract as he highlighted all the important area that I should know. So I was told if I cancel this Tmobile service that I would have to pay a fee. I still have my Tmobile service now for four years, but I upgraded my phone and added other lines from another carrier, but I still have Tmobile as my phone services.

This Simply Wireless with some under minded bogus charges of $323 on my credit report. What is this, I still have this service of Tmobile and they want me to pay as if I breached a contract with them? They never explain anything on this matter. And so now I have my attorneys getting ready to handle the act. I will write a letter of dispute first and if I don't see results I will take further action.

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Original review: Feb. 5, 2010

I added a line to my Tmobile account at the above location. The store front said Tmobile in big letters. I had no idea that Simply Wireless was the actual business. No one in the store indicated that they were employees of Simply Wireless. I bought the phone on Jan 19, 2008 and returned it on Feb 6, 2008 which was less than 30 days. Last summer, I received a letter from a collection agency stating that I had to pay for early termination fee for my Tmobile which was actually the Simply Wireless account. So to save my credit, I paid $319.00. A week or so ago, I received a letter from another collection agency stating that I had to pay $226.00 for the same phone because I have an early termination fee from Tmobile. So between Simply Wireless who hides behind the Tmobile brand, I have to pay $545 in early termination fees for the same phone and same number even though I cancel the contract within 30 days.

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Original review: Oct. 16, 2009 Bought 2 phones and T mobile contract after looking at maps for coverage and being told that yes our area was pretty well covered. It was not, didn't get signal in several places I expected and needed to, so after a week took phones back. Called T mobile to cancel and was well within the 14 day limit for cancellations. Have spent last three months fighting with T mobile who keeps trying to charge us for service into September (when we took phones back and had them disconnected June 16th.) Now getting bills from Simply Wireless for $400. for breach of contract when the guy at the kiosk said we were ok to go, owed no money and he'd take care of it. Simply needed a reason as to why we were cancelling, which I gave. Don't know what to do but refuse to pay this bill and am looking for proper governement authority to complain to. Can't believe this is how anyone that big does business. I'll never do business with them again and will warn all my friends.
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Original review: Sept. 29, 2009 I signed a contract with this company for two phones with the understanding that I could return these phones and cancel the service within two weeks. I went to the kiosk on day 10 to return the phones and was told that they wouldn't accept them because they looked "used". I cancelled the service anyone and was slapped with a $570 penalty for each phone because I didn't return the phone on time......even though I did but they wouldn't accept them. I've tried contacting management, writing the corporate office, etc. and have not gotten a single response.
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Original review: Aug. 12, 2009

I purchased and agreed to a contract to AT&T through Simply Wireless. I made this transaction while in training at Fort Jackson, SC. Upon completion of my military training there, I moved back home and simply changed my phone number so my family would not have to call long distance to speak to me any longer. I was told by the customer service rep that there would be no problem with changing my number, and no cancellation fee. Due to the fact that I didn't cancel anything, I simply changed my phone number. Now three years later, I'm receiving a collections notice for four hundred something dollars saying I canceled my plan with them and this is my cancellation fee that I have been charged.

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Original review: Aug. 6, 2009

When I signed up and ported 2 lines, they assured me that in my area I would have "3 bars" of signal strength. Instead, I had no bars. I could barely text, and voice calls at home and at work either couldn't get through or were dropped. I complained, and they said they would look into it. Several weeks later, well past their 14-day trial period, I was notified that they were going to be upgrading the towers in my area, but they did know know when or how soon. They gave no consideration as to how they misled me, or that I was virtually cut off from the world when I was at home and at work. They showed me where I signed their terms and conditions, but I know I was not given enough time to read them at time of purchase.

I spoke with numerous supervisors, and they "understood" but there was nothing they could do. Now, they want to take the credit card that I used to make the initial purchase that they kept on file and charge my account $400. There is no discussion with these people. Everything is black and white, and no one gets out of their agreements early. Where I work, keeping credit card numbers on file is grounds for dismissal. What's going on here?

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Original review: Aug. 3, 2009

On Friday, July 31, 2009, I spoke with a manager at Simply Wireless by the name of Stacy regarding account number ** belonging to one Melissa **. The matter at hand began during the Summer of 2005, when Melissa ** entered a contract with Simply Wireless and Cingular. The said contract stated that Melissa would receive two Razor phones for no money in exchange for entering into a two-year contract with Cingular with Simply Wireless as the third-party contractor gaining a portion of the Cingular contract proceeds as a contracted finder’s fee.

Simply Wireless was to port two numbers from Melissa and Mark **’s previous cell phone provider (Sprint) to the two new Razor phones provided by Simply Wireless and under contract with Cingular. Simply Wireless failed to port the numbers correctly and as a result, the phones failed to work. Melissa ** contacted Simply Wireless regarding said problem. Simply Wireless responded by telling Melissa to just wait a few more days to see if the numbers would come through and recommended to contact Cingular. Melissa ** then contacted Cingular to report the issue. Cingular looked into the issue and discovered that Simply Wireless had failed to port the numbers correctly, and by doing so, the numbers to be ported became unavailable. Melissa asked Cingular what could be done to resolve the situation. Cingular stated that since Simply Wireless had failed to port the numbers correctly, that the only thing they could do to rectify the problem was to assign new numbers to the phones.

Cingular assigned two new numbers to the two Razor phones (** and **). The phones worked fine from that point on and Melissa and Mark ** continue to use Cingular/AT&T to this day with a spotless record of payment and no issues since Simply Wireless (also noted in phone conversations with Thomas ** - below mentioned). Records of these events and details were documented by Cingular/AT&T and can be released by court ordered subpoena if this case needs to be taken to court. Simply Wireless then accused Melissa ** of breaking her contract with them, stating that changing the numbers was a breach of contract. Melissa ** explained why new numbers were assigned to the phones and that essentially, Simply Wireless had directed her to contact Cingular for assistance; however, Simply Wireless insisted that the contract was breached and charged Melissa’s credit card $800 in fines and penalties. Simply Wireless became very unresponsive regarding the said issue and stated that Cingular handled the situation incorrectly and now Simply Wireless was out a commission.

As a result, Melissa was then responsible for the lost funds. Melissa contacted Cingular regarding the matter and Cingular agreed that Simply Wireless was the party who had breached the contract with not only Cingular, but with Melissa as well, the moment they incorrectly ported (or failed to port) the assigned phone numbers, rendering those number dysfunctional. Melissa ** and Cingular worked with the credit card company to have the $800 in charges removed from the account. Simply Wireless fought the motion, but lost the dispute. Simply Wireless eventually agreed that the issue was between them and Cingular, and agreed to drop the fees against us. Despite Simply Wireless stating the ordeal between Melissa and Simply Wireless was over, much to Melissa's surprise Simply Wireless assigned her account to a collection agency, United Financial, in 2006 claiming that Melissa ** owed them $800 plus interest.

United Financial reported the account to the credit bureaus. The collection agency report was not relayed to Melissa nor was any further contact between Melissa and Simply Wireless made, following the agreement Melissa and Simply Wireless made on behalf of dropping fees and Simply Wireless working with Cingular. The issue was only discovered during a credit check on July 31, 2009. Let it be noted that Melissa's address and cell phone number (new ones assigned and relayed to Simply Wireless) had not changed since the dispute in 2005. Later, on July 31, 2009, as I stated above, I spoke with Stacy, a manager at Simply Wireless, regarding the situation. Stacy stated that they had sold the account to United Financial and that it no longer belonged to Simply Wireless. According to Stacy's records, Simply Wireless followed up with Cingular and Melissa's credit card company following Melissa's last discussion with Simply Wireless and lost the dispute as noted above.

As a result, since Simply Wireless could not get Cingular to cover the charges, the charges were put back on Melissa via United Financial. (Again as a side note, no attempt was made to discuss this with Melissa and as noted, the last conversation Melissa had with them was in 2005 - collection was brought in at a later date in 2006). Stacy advised that I call United Financial and resolve the dispute with them. I called United Financial on July 31, 2009 and spoke with an associate regarding the issue. The associate stated that Simply Wireless misdirected me and that Simply Wireless stills own the account and that all disputes should be taken up with Simply Wireless. The associate at United Financial stated that Simply Wireless most likely said they sold the account to get me off the phone. The associated at United Financial also felt that I should know that Simply Wireless sent an email to United Financial moments prior to my call to United Financial.

The email that was sent to United Financial by Simply Wireless stated that someone might call United Financial regarding account number ** claiming that the outstanding debt was not legitimate. The email went on to state that the caller was not being truthful and that the debt was legitimate. I called Simply Wireless back to speak with the manager by the name of Stacy once more knowing this new information; however, she was no longer available for comment. That night Melissa ** contacted Cingular/AT&T and filled them in on the matter. Melissa spoke with a manager by the name of Thomas **. Cingular/AT&T was incredibly helpful and stated once again that they agreed that Simply Wireless was the party who breached the contract. Cingular/AT&T stated they had full documentation of the whole chain of events from the summer of 2005 and that they would be glad to share them with Melissa; however, by law she would need to obtain a court ordered subpoena to have them released.

Cingular/AT&T stated that they would support Melissa’s claims and readily provide statements and documentation provided a subpoena authorized such action. Thomas ** stated that he was available and willing to corroborate this conversation and that he could be contacted by calling customer care at 1.800.331.0500 (ask to speak to Mr. Thomas **, associate number **). In closing, the Cingular/AT&T records indicate Simply Wireless breached the contract with Melissa ** as well as with Cingular/AT&T by not porting the assigned phone numbers correctly, rendering the phone numbers dysfunctional. The Cingular/AT&T records go on to note that the only solution to the issue caused by Simply Wireless’s mistake was to assign functional numbers to the phones. Melissa ** expects that, in light of this evidence, Simply Wireless will rectify this situation by 5 pm on Wednesday, August 5, 2009. Melissa ** also expects Simply Wireless to remove the debt claim with United Financial and reverse the date it to when the original dispute occurred in 2005.

Melissa ** also expects an apology from Simply Wireless for slandering her name without legitimacy to both the credit bureaus and United Financial, insinuating that it was Melissa that breached a contract as well as insinuating that Melissa is untruthful. Melissa also expects an apology from Simply Wireless for the many inconveniences caused by the loss of her phone number. If Simply Wireless cannot rectify this situation by 5 pm on Wednesday, August 5, 2009, a court ordered subpoena will be used to release the Cingular/AT&T documentation of this matter to be used against Simply Wireless in a court of law.

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Original review: July 31, 2009

On December 22, 2008, I went into Christiana Mall. I went to a booth called Simply Wireless inquiring about adding a 3rd line for my son. At that time, Sagar ** was assisting me with my request. I was looking at the phone that my son would like but I was not too sure about it, so Sagar was telling me which ones I could get for free. At the end, he had me sign the computer then ask for my ID. I looked in my purse and it was not there, so my friend Simon said, "You can use my ID." Sagar said, "No, she needed her id." I said, "Okay." Sagar said, "When you come back with your ID, you could pick up the phone and paperwork." I never came back to Simply Wireless.

I called my friend that works at Wal-Mart and she said, "Just get a phone there because you get a free gift when you open a new account at Wal-Mart." I said okay and I went there. I got my 3rd line open on December 22, 2008 with T-Mobile. I called T-Mobile to tell them about the account with Simply Wireless T-Mobile. They said not a problem, closed the account and gave me a new number. They asked if I got a phone and I said no. T-Mobile did not take anything from Simply Wireless because I did not have any ID at the time I was at the mall. Months later, I started getting letters from a collection agency saying I owe them $290 for a phone. I told them I never got a phone from Simply Wireless.

So I went to the mall to find out about this phone that I never got. Sagar, playing games, told me he will get to the bottom of it. Three months later, I'm still being called by collectors. I looked at my credit report and it's on all of my reports. It is fraud because I never got a phone or any paperwork on this phone. I never had ID on anything. You can't even go into contract without knowing who you are dealing with. The contract was not good without ID showing who I was.

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Original review: July 8, 2009

When is something going to be done about Simply Wireless? They coerce people into purchasing plans and phones on behalf of wireless providers that the provider will not honor? Consumers have been left with phones that do not work, plans that have had to be changed and not only is Simply Wireless charging an early termination fee, but the wireless provider is as well. I have read pages and pages of these unscrupulous dealings of Simply Wireless and nothing has been done. Entries remain on my credit report even to this day from Simply Wireless despite the fact the contract they sold was refused to be honored by AT&T. I contacted Simply Wireless with a dispute and the representative emailed my entire name and social security number to everyone that was on a distribution e-mail list. I have been complaining ever since. Again, nothing has happened. This has been an ongoing nightmare. Are you going to wait until someone buys a house and car, boat, and God knows what else with my name and social before this company is shut down? What are you going to do?

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Original review: June 29, 2009

My experience with Simply Wireless and subsequently T-Mobile has been horrible and borderline fraudulent. I purchased a new Blackberry Pearl from Simply Wireless in December of 2006, and signed a contract that talked about changes in the contract. Now these changes were not specific and were very broad, so I asked the person I was purchasing the phone and plan from, “Does this mean if I change anything in the plan I will be charged this fee?" Now the fee was, I believe, $300 and had he been honest I would have clearly abided by the contract. But as any "good" salesman, he straight up lied to me and said, “No, they (meaning T-Mobile) just don't want you cutting the contract early because they pay us (Simply Wireless) a fee upfront for selling the plans."

So not being a lawyer but knowing that it is illegal for him to lie about a contract, I accepted his explanation and finished purchasing the phone and plan for T-Mobile. Well a few months in to my phone plan, some of my friends and family that I spoke with conveyed to me they heard a strange noise on their end of the phone. So I contacted T-Mobile and asked them if they could look into the problem, and we did the normal resetting of the sim card, powering up and down the phone a few times, etc. and nothing seemed to work. So then T-Mobile had me send in the phone and sent me a replacement phone, again nothing changed about the noise.

Now I am an electronics technician by trade so I understand somewhat better than most what is going on in electronics, and I realized that there was some interference or overlap of electronic signals. Now I had a package deal that included the internet service from T-Mobile, and realizing that I for one did not use it nearly enough, and for two that it could be the reason for the strange noise people were hearing on their end of the phone conversations, decided to look in to cancelling the service. Not my entire plan mind you, but just the internet service on my plan, which is a $10/month service, not something I had to cancel because it was financially burdening.

By this time we are about 4 to 5 months into the plan, and remember that contract, well it is a 6-month contract, so I really only had 2 months or less and I would have been free and clear of the contract. So I contacted T-Mobile and discussed with them what would happen if I stopped the internet service, I even mentioned word for word about the contract I had from Simply Wireless and said, "Will me canceling this service affect this contract in anyway?" and just like the wonderful salesperson, I got another lie. He said, "This will not affect any contract you have with T-Mobile.” which is true but my question is, "Will it affect this other contract?" Again he said, "It will not affect anything you have with T-Mobile.” But lo and behold, about 6 months later I started getting these letters saying that I owed money for breach of contract to Simply Wireless.

Well, wait a minute. I thought, if the guy from Simply Wireless said that if I canceled a service it wouldn't matter, and the guy from T-Mobile said that it didn't change anything on T-Mobile’s side, then where is the breach of contract? So then I realized I had been duped by a company that's only mission in life is to screw hardworking people out of their money. I even asked both parties that if I paid the money for the service again, if it would change anything, and they of course said ‘no’. So I said, “Well, I made a mistake of trusting. Those people working for both companies knew what they were talking about when asked specific questions, but I am not paying you (Simply Wireless) $300 because your people lied to me.”

They said, “Well, then we will have to send you in to collections,” and that's what I just found out they have done, after almost 2 years. The sad part is, is that I am a veteran and put my life on the line so people like the ones who run Simply Wireless and the ones who work there can screw me over. Now I am almost ready to buy a house and I have really good credit and suddenly I have a blemish on my credit record because of this vile company. I am sure the people at Simply Wireless can sleep soundly at night after screwing people over but I can't stand the thought of it, so I am looking for a way to stop them and all of their shareholders and owners from ever having a business again.

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Original review: June 16, 2009

I purchased three phones and started a family plan with T-Mobile on 11/17/2008 from a Simply Wireless store at Potomac Mills. My daughter lost her phone in late January 2009. I went to replace it from a Kiosk at Potomac Mills Mall and the guy said that I could replace the phone with another one. I did and I did not have to pay anything. Then I got a bill from Simply Wireless and they said that I owed them $200.00. I thought because I replaced the phone, that I was alright. They sent me bills, which I called and got voicemail, and he did not return my call. I called the T-Mobile customer service and the guy said I should be good to go and that I shouldn't have to pay that $200.00. Then on June 15, 2009, Simply Wireless charged my debit visa card $200.00 without my permission. I also had to pay T-Mobile extra money last month for this on the phone bill.

I am extremely angry that they did this without my permission. So I called the number and the guy said that they charged me $200 because my daughter's phone was not in service for 120 days after the initial contract and that this was in the contract. Also, that they could charge my visa without my permission for this, all because I did not get the insurance for the phone. I had no idea that I could be charged $200.00 for a lost phone. I did think I could be charged $200.00 for ending the contract too soon. I am appalled about how they are not clear about what you can be charged. They seem to be very good con-artists. They don't teach their salespeople to be completely honest and upfront about what can happen, and what charges can occur. I think that both Simply Wireless and T-Mobile are the worst businesses I have ever encountered without a doubt. When I am finished with my contract, they will never see me again.

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Original review: April 1, 2009

I purchased a Blackberry on 3/28/09 from a kiosk at Jacksonville, NC mall. I explained that I was a disabled senior and I wasn't sure a Blackberry would work for me. I was told no problem, I could bring it back. I took the said Blackberry home and found it impossible to figure out. I was sold about $155 worth of products including the phone and accessories. In less than 24 hours, I returned the Blackberry to get a different phone and was told they were keeping approximately $50. They could not take back the bluetooth that was part of the package. They were charging me a $35 restocking fee. In addition, they would not help me figure out how to stop the importing of my phone number from Time Warner Cable.

I said, "You never told me about a $35 restocking fee or that I could not take back the bluetooth." I was told they just found out about it as I was returning the products. Now I am mad so I said forget it, I want nothing. That cost me $50. I finally looked at the receipt. The only place the $35 is mentioned is in very fine print at the bottom of the receipt. (How did they not know as they claimed?) Did I mention I am a disabled citizen? I asked for a phone number and not only did they give me Alltel's number who cannot help me, but they don't seem to have a corporate number that I can find. Very frustrating and I am not at all sure what to do about it.

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Original review: March 21, 2009 I purchased a phone from a kiosk at pembroke mall named simply wireless. I arrived there and asked the employee if they had any phones under $40. He took out two phones from under the counter and said one was $30. I thought that was a great deal and asked to purchase it. At no point was I informed that I had to co-purchase a plan with the phone. He handed me the Razr box with phone inside long before he even rung me up for it. He asked me if he should get me a sim card but I said I don't need one because I have one already. Then he told me to sign the electronic pad. On the electronic pad was an empty box and a line. I asked what I am signing for and he said sign to show you got the phone. At that very moment he lied to me.
I recieved a letter from the simply wireless collections department saying I breached their contract by cancelling a plan and now I owe them $400. When I called them concerning this defending myself they decided to argue and bicker with me and say I did sign a contract. When I asked to see the contract it had my electronic signiture on it. At no time in the point of sale was I aware there was even a contract. I went in there just to buy a phone and that's all! In order for him to sign me up for a contract he would've had to show me my plan options and let me choose if I even wanted a plan. About a month later I received a bill from t-mobile around this time for this mysterious plan. I cancelled it so they wouldn't charge me for a plan I haven't used once. I wasn't even aware there was another number activated in my name. I already have a plan with t-mobile, I didn't need another one so I never would've agreed to this. I'm paying this $400 charge simply because I don't want it to affect my credit score but I don't agree with it. They committed fraud.
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Original review: Feb. 8, 2009 i opened a new account for my daughter on january 31 2009 for my daughter. just so happening my daughter's grandma got her a phone on her plan so i brought the phone that i payed for back because it was no since in having two cell phones.i came in to the store that i purchased from whitch is 230 southpark circle colonial heigts, va. mr. derrick whitfield the store manager ask what can he do for me today i said i don't need this phone because my daughter got another one.he then said all i'm tring to do is get money back. i think that was so rude and unprofessional for a manager to say because i didn't need to keep the was within my 15 days of returning there shouldn't have been a problem at all. but mr. whitfield don't have to worry about me ever returning to his store.
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Original review: Feb. 2, 2009 Summary: FCC Complaint re T-Mobile regarding 3rd Party Seller, Simply Wireless Charges
I have been working in good faith to clear a 3rd party, Simply Wireless cancellation charge (their commission) for a T-Mobile phone line, which Simply Wireless has referred to a collection agency. I have been unsuccessful and therefore seek assistance from the FCC per advice from the Maryland Attorney Generals Office and attorneys preparing a Class Action Suit against T-Mobile. My credit record is excellent, I upheld my contractual agreements with both companies, and I have exhausted all known options to expose the error and clear the charge. In summary, T-Mobile failed to execute my phone request to cancel the phone line after activating a replacement line (required by T-Mobile for an upgraded device)-- all conducted within the 14 day buyers remorse period as set forth by 3rd party seller Simply Wireless. T-Mobile acknowledged the error and credited my account of all charges and fees related to early cancellation and confirmed to Simply Wireless that the phone was not used after day 8 of the 14 day period (August 27th, 2007). The issue has not been resolved Simply Wireless, however, who charged a $400 cancellation fee for failure to cancel the line with T-Mobile?. Simply Wireless has forwarded my case to a collection agency where the cancellation fee has been escalated to approximately $600. After many telephone conversations with representatives at both companies, I understand how this happened and who was responsible. Both T-Mobile and Simply Wireless representatives offered confusing, vague, conflicting information to me, placing the responsibility on the other party, claiming no connection between the organizations. With this understanding, I set out to resolve the misunderstanding but have been unsuccessful and thus am requesting assistance. Details and chronology is as follows: * August 21, 2007 - I received a free Blackberry phone device as part of T-Mobile phone contract sold by 3d party Simply Wireless and under a 14 day buyers remorse period contract. I had lost a company Blackberry (purchased from same Simply Wireless store) and urgently needed mobile access. The blackberry was an older, outdated model with no speaker phone, and thus, not sufficient for my needs. Simply Wireless could not provide an upgraded model, however, a T-Mobile store could. I purchased the newer blackberry and plan from the T-Mobile store, but after they called T-Mobile, were informed that the phone number could not be transferred (is every store selling a line for a commission?). Thus, a new phone number was required and the older line must be cancelled. * August 27, 2007 After activating the new line and successfully transferring my data to the new phonewith T-Mobiles assistance, I asked the T-Mobile phone representative to now execute the cancellation of the older line as all data was safely on the new device. I then promptly returned the older model blackberry to Simply Wireless. This was all completed WITHIN the 14 day buyers remorse period. * September November , 2007 - I was traveling outside the United States and at my return and review of mail, discovered that T-Mobile was billing me for both the old and the replacement phone line. * December 1, 2007 Phoned T-Mobile to correct this error. T-Mobile corrected this error and refunded all charges and fees, indicating they recognized the mistake; however, they documented the cancellation date as December 1st rather than the true date of August 27, 2007. * February 2008 Received invoice from Simply Wireless for $400 stating failure to cancel my phone service within the 14 day buyers remorse period? and ending the contact prematurely. I contacted Simply Wireless immediately, and learned that if I should provide a document from T-Mobile confirming the line was cancelled within the 14 day remorse period and had no further use after that date. * March 11, 2008 I faxed this request to T-Mobile Customer Relations (this phone company can not be reached by phone) to provide a letter confirming that the phone was not in use after August 28th and the line was indeed cancelled at that time. * March 12, 2008 Letter from Customer Relations confirmed no use on the line after August 27, 2007 but stated the line was cancelled December 1, 2007 ( the date of my contact with T-Mobile to resolve the double billing error after I returned to the US and discovered the double billing error). * March 12, 2008 The T-Mobile letter was faxed to Simply Wireless, hoping it would would resolve their sales agreement and reimbursement issue. * June August, 2008 I was traveling outside the US during this period. * September 1, 2008- Upon return and review of mail, I discovered letter dated June 17, 2008 from United Financial Services collection services, invoicing me $601.08 for a past due debt regarding the T-Mobile duplicate phone line . * September 13, 2008 Phoned United Financial Services who informed me that a T-Mobile letter stating I had indeed cancelled the phone service within the 14 day buyers remorse period? would resolve the matter. I immediately faxed a letter to T-Mobile Customer Service (Attn: Angela Long), requesting a revised letter? to state that the service was cancelled within the 14 day Buyer Remorse period. I explained that it was a T-Mobile error with continued billing on a phone that had been cancelled and returned when the replacement line was activated. * September 24, 2008 Received letter dated September 16, 2008 from T-Mobile Customer Service (Jesse Gotti) stating that T-Mobile records show a December 1st cancellation date. T-Mobile Customer Care Supervisor recommended I provide Customer Relation the details of the issue and explain the error on T-Mobiles part and request a revised letter by fax to resolve this issue with the 3rd party. Faxed another letter to T-Mobile Customer Service requesting a revised letter stating this error, and provided a detailed explanation of the issue. * October 2, 2008 - T-Mobile Executive Customer Services contacted me by phone and informed me I should have been given a return receipt from the 3rd party dealer to document that I had returned the phone within the 14 day remorse period, as T-Mobile does not have this documentation. I telephoned Simply Wireless to request a return receipt document to assure T-Mobile that the device was returned within the 14 day buyers remorse period. Oddly, T-Mobile provides customers with no such confirmation of a cancellation; customers must wait until the next billing cycle to confirm that a line has been cancelled. A T-Mobile representative confirmed that the device was resold? by Simply Wireless two subsequent times: a) I was given the device (no charge) August 20, 2007 b) I returned the device August 28th, 2007 c) Device resold by Simply Wireless for a 2nd new line September 27, 2007 d) Device returned to Simply Wireless October 5, 2007 e) Device resold by Simply Wireless for a 3rd new line October 8, 2007. October 13, 2008 Spoke with another T-Mobile Supervisor (Adrian), who requested her Supervisor at Customer Service to assist me in resolving this matter and provide the revised letter stating: The phone line ending in 6475 had no use after August 27th and was cancelled within the 14 day buyers remorse period? when the phone was returned to the 3rd party dealer and a 5601 replacement line was activated.? October 16, 2008 After no reply from the T-Mobile supervisor and at the recommendation of another T-Mobile Service Representative, I provided the detailed summary of the events with the return receipt documentation from Simply Wireless and asked for assistance in resolving this long standing matter. After October 16 - The same T-Mobile Executive Services representative contacted me to inform me that T-Mobile had no responsibility for my contract with Simply Wireless and the matter was closed as far as T-Mobile was concerned. He suggested I take the matter up Simply Wireless, yet T-Mobile is the sole reason for the Simply Wireless problem. I have acted appropriately and abided by all contractual agreements. I returned the device and instructed T-Mobile to cancel the old service when the new service was activated August 27, 2007. I contacted T-Mobile immediately upon discovering the double billing error after my return to the United States on December 1st 2007. T-Mobile acknowledged their error and credited all erroneous charges and fees. Their actions have resulted in subsequent charges from 3rd party seller Simply Wireless, who has given my case to a Collection Agency and has told at least two T-Mobile representatives this issue is non negotiable?. December, 2008: Filed FCC Complaint.
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Original review: Dec. 28, 2008 On August 4th, I had the absolute misfortune of stopping by at the Simply Wireless kiosk at Montgomery Mall, Bethesda, Maryland. I was shopping for a phone for my mom and a phone for myself since my phone had broken. The Simply Wireless guys with their street like appeal, convinced me to open another tmobile line and I would be able to get a blackberry pearl. I opened a second Tmobile line and got the phone after standing 6 hours at the kiosk, I also signed some paperwork. I went home and tried to use the blackberry. It was too complicated so a few days later, went back and returned it, the dealers convinced me that the Tmobile sidekick would be a good choice and it was a new model. I agreed took the Tmobile sidekick but again found that it was difficult to use. I went back, returned the sidekick and asked dealer to cancel the second tmobile line. He refused to cancel it saying it could only be done by calling tmobile and he was so casual about it. I then decided that i was going to get a simple phone for myself for my primary tmobile line since my phone was not working. I bought and paid for a simple samsang phone that was around 40 dollars. I went home and called tmobile and canceled the additional line. Tmobile told me that the kiosk guy should have canceled the service and could do so. After 3 months, I happened to view my bank statement and see a charge from Simply wireless for 175 dollars. I was shocked, call my bank at night, stopped my card and thought that maybe one of the guys at the kiosk stole my card. The next day I called Simply wireless and spoke with a mr. lewis who said did you return the blackberry? I said what are you talking about? How could you go into my account unauthorized. I was stark raving mad. He said he could and then said he would put me in touch with a lady called Stacey Kaup. This lady offered to handle the whole complaint by email. She then proceeded to send me an email with a copy of the contract I signed. I don't even remember signing such a document as I was on my feet for 6 hours and just wanted to get a phone not "real estate". Well this contract authorizes Simply wireless to go into the bank account or use the credit number given to open your tmobile account without any notification whatsoever when there is a breach of contract. The breach of contract is determined by them. You have no way to know what it is in order to contest it or straighten it out. I told her I did not breach any contract. The blackberry was returned in buyers remorse, the side kick was returned in buyers remorse and the service terminated with tmobile during buyers remorse and this is all confirmed by Tmobile records. Well it wasn't good enough for this unrelenting power hungry,mean and nasty person. She first tried to throw several reasons then finally saying that do you still have the samsang. When i said yes i do, she said did you say yes..I said yes because I got it for my other tmobile account since my phone had broken and i paid for it in full. Well thats where she started to claim a breach and state that her notes showed otherwise. I said well your notes are wrong. Check with tmobile i have always used the phone for that account. She kept unrelenting condescending, insulting, insinuating that maybe I don't know how to read or comprehend..and that the phone was kept beyond the buyers remorse period after i canceled my tmobile account. Even though i was blue in the face telling her that it was not the same account. I offered to return the 40 dollar phone and let her keep my 40 dollars but give me my 175 dollars back. She absolutely refused to make any type of resolution and repeated that i get a contract lawyer. I told her that the contract is illegal and takes away the consumer rights and that no company has ever gone into my account unauthorized. I believe it to be extremely illegal and dangerous to the consumer.
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Original review: Dec. 1, 2008
I was former employee at Simply Wireless since i been hired with this company I been hearing and seen a lot of thing about what this company does to innocent people Simply Wirless the worest place i ever worked those people don't care about customers just wanna us to sell sell This company based on LIES LIES LIES LIES 100 % On my last day working at Simply Wireless was this late 80's couple gets phone family plan company promised to the husband as vietnam veteran they will give them $59.99 1000 min family share plan this sweet old couple bought phone left the store after the first month this couple had there bill off $250 this couple came back to store with there bill and phone arguing for hours finally the District Manager told them that was the company is fault and tood the phone back and promising them that they will taking care of it too after 4 months later this old couple gets collection from T - Mobile $ 950 cause Simply Wirless giving them wrong plan plus simply wirless took the phone back and i don't know they canel it or some one used the phone .This sweet old couple are retired now this couple called corporate office they been told Simply Wireless never promised them and that District Manager left the company so this sweet old couple has sent to collection agency i don't suggest people get phone or even flyer from company called Simply Wirless Inc not even they do such this thing they even do to there own employer to I left this company with out get me another one cause can't stand what they do to customers i rather be dish washer working to Simply Wireless Now i left this fraud company Now I am working for Verizon Wirless i am happy with them they do honest thing
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Original review: Aug. 19, 2008

I purchased a Nextel phone on Black Friday, November 25, 2005 from the SIMPLY WIRELESS Kiosk at St. Charles Towne Center at 11110 Mall Circle in Waldorf, Md. 20603. I was told by kiosk rep. that I could upgrade the phone with the line that I had. I got home and NEXTEL said that I could not. I returned the phone to the kiosk on the next day Saturday, November 26, 2005. No minutes had been used and I not even given the number out.

A couple of months went by and I was upgrading one of the three phones that I had on my NEXTEL account. I was told that I had four phones instead of three I cancelled that line and was told that they could not give me any information on the phone. I wanted to see who had been using the phone. I never received a bill from NEXTEL regarding that phone service. I have all NEXTEL bills and there is no reference to that telephone number. I received a collection notice for the first in June 2008.

I contacted SIMPLY WIRELESS who is being represented by UNITED FINANCIAL SERVICES (UFS) to collect the debt. I contacted my bank and received my statement that clearly shows that my account was credited the amount of the purchase of the phone. I sent UFS the bank information on or about 6/11/08 to research. I had to call them on 8/19/08 to check on the status of the investigation. I was told that I owed unless I had the return receipt. I was asked did I want to make payment arrangements.

I never used the phone or gave the number out. I don't feel that I should have to pay a almost $900.00 cell phone bill. I have always had my original cell phone with NEXTEL for more than 15 years. I believe someone at the kiosk continued to use the cell phone or they resold the phone to another customer activated.

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