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PayOne (formerly PaymentOne) charged our business AT&T account for 3 years. Unfortunately, we had a third party paying our bills and didn't catch this until we resumed paying our bills. This is so unfortunate! We did speak with AT&T and they are to credit us a small amount. PayOne couldn't be bothered. Any advice?

PayOne has been charging my phone bill $40 a month. When I asked who authorized the charges, they gave me the name of a person. I do not know who the woman is. The company has agreed to refund all charges and cancel the account. I should receive the refund within the next two billing cycles.

I live in America. This is called cramming and it's legal. Wow! I was being ripped off by Payment One and got my phone company to save me some money. But the PO company said they would maybe send me a refund in 1-2 months and keep looking at my bill. That's **! I'm going to make it my new mission in life to track the owners and offices of this company and get justice. Did I mention that I live in America? I'm going back to the law of the land, that's 1860's law of the land. My great granddad told me when I was just a boy how his daddy handled thieves like these guys. Sounds real good to me. It only takes time to find anything out and where.

They charged our company $99.95 on two different dates for things we did not authorize. Customer service will not answer any phone calls. The call goes straight to voicemail, which says it's full.

Check all of your phone bills carefully! We were charged $12.95 per month for March and April by PaymentOne, a 3rd party carrier for a service called "ID Guards". We never even heard of the company or service, never gave authorization, but still the charge showed up on our bill. Apparently, this is completely legal (how?). PaymentOne said they would issue us a refund in a month or two (so we essentially gave the company a short term loan!). I had to put a "3rd party carrier freeze" on my landline. The Frontier employee I spoke with said this can happen on cell lines also, yikes.

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Billed without authorization - I started to see charges on my phone bill from PaymentOne for Local Search Marketing, CA but had no idea what it was for. I never saw any results from complaints.

These people gave me a trial and then started charging my phone bill, though unauthorized, for $49.95! I made it clear that I wanted no charges. I have a hard time paying my $11 phone bill as it is. I am having tough times, and am just trying to put food on the table! They refused to remove all charges and keep adding the $9 to my phone bill.

Someone called our number and wanted to verify the phone number and address. While speaking faster than any auctioneer, they slipped in a comment for a charge of $49.95 per month and paperwork would be mailed to us. Oh yes, the charge did start immediately on the phone bill, but the paperwork never reached us. This is a total scam!

PaymentOne charges - My company has been charged over and over in the amount of $43.55. When I call to ask them about it, they say they cannot find my phone number in their system. I have time and time again for them to discontinue whatever service they provide, which they did not. I don't understand why AT&T allows for third party billing. This really needs to stop. I had to discontinue my home service with AT&T for the same reason. is billing $39.95 on my AT&T phone bill without authorization.

I have contacted PaymentOne about their unauthorized charges to my business phone bill. I received a response and they did credit my account for the two months, but they are back on the phone bill and have been for 4 more billing statements, to the tune of $52 a pop. I had no idea they were charging me again after they supposedly dealt with this fraud. I nearly had my business phone shut off due to going over the past amount. Yet, my bill only being $50 a month is always paid. Now, all of a sudden I've got an outstanding balance with late fees due to unauthorized charges. I've had verbal conversations and emails for PaymentOne to stop this. I guess my next route is States Attorney's office. This is wrong.

They offer the service free for 30 days and expect you to call and cancel, which we did. But the sales rep did not want to do it. He kept trying to talk us into keeping the service. We ask him to please cancel, to which he said he would do but he did not. That has been more than 30 days ago. I was charged last month and now this month. Now, I feel I have no choice but to cancel my service, which is for my business. This will cost me money in lost revenue, because I will have to change my number.

Charges were posted to my Verizon account since last July which was not authorized by me. I only had signed up for internet and since July it has been added to my bill. Payment one states that a message was left on my phone to contact them, which is not true. I would have returned the phone call if a message was left that I was being charged for something I did not authorize.

Payment One has been billing me for unauthorized services. They have taken no responsibility for that and have not credited me back for any of the charges. I never authorized them to establish any service nor did I authorize any charges. Because of their charges, I have been sent to collections.

I opened my January bill from AT&T and discovered a $52.95 charge from a company named PaymentOne Corp. I never authorized this company in any way to charge any account, for any services. My previous bill does not have this charge. This is a complete scam. I do not believe that it is fair to the consumer that these companies can at any time, place a charge on any bill they choose, as a third party. If you do not scour your bill monthly, these charges can go on indefinitely. When I contracted with AT&T, I authorized AT&T to bill me for the services that I had chosen. I never authorized them to allow anyone else to use them as a billing service. This is a perfect loophole for both AT&T and the scammers. The consumer has no protection. This needs to stop. If I choose to contract with another company, then I should be billed directly, not on the sly. Please address this with an action that would no longer allow companies to do third party billing.

I at this time have not been able to contact AT&T due to the weekend, but will on Monday AM and will not be paying this charge. It is not my responsibility to contact Paymentone Corp. They did not contact me to authorize any payment and they will get no payment.

I was billed $19.99 plus tax for a so called website through my telephone company CenturyTel. And I never even have been to there website, it's a scam. All I could do is put a third party block with the phone company to block future scams. I would suggest all people put a block on with their phone company.

I noticed an increase of my telephone, internet and satellite bill. I discovered that PaymentOne, Inc has been charging my account since September in the amount of $19.99 on behalf of Extreme Biz Portal. I called the number listed on my phone bill 888-238-5118 and explained that neither my husband nor myself authorized our account to be charged. They apologized and said they would refund two payments and I should receive a check within a couple of weeks.

Our church never authorized charges to our phone bill. I had to call 4 different numbers before I spoke to someone. They said that Roosevelt authorized our charges. There isn't anyone by that name that works here! It’s a total scam!

PaymentOne is a billing aggregator which provides billing services to hundreds of merchant companies. If you are being billed by PaymentOne and have questions about the charge(s) and are not able to reach our merchant, please contact PaymentOne directly.

Contact PaymentOne Consumer Relations Department by email at or by calling us at 1-866-262-3591, Mondays to Fridays at 8 am to 4:30 pm PST.

Billing calls to AT&T bills for no reasons. Then when you call back, they will not answer the phone. THEY KEEP DOING THIS EVERY MONTH.

When I looked at my phone bill I saw a charge for $34.95. Upon further research, I found out these charges had appeared on my August, September, and October 2010 phone bills. I never authorized these charges and immediately called PaymentOne and they agreed to refund me every charge.

These people have been billing my account. They have no number to be reached and they can continue to bill me because I can't reach them. I think they are connected to Email Bundle who have also billed me $14.95 for months. This is a scam.

I want my money back. They should be charged with theft! I had to pay $160 when my bill is never over $30 a month in order to keep my phone on. I have a daycare. I had to pay it. Money that I didnt have. I want them punished!

Local Connect alias National Business Network alias Payment One (8882968075) billing as a third party through Century Link for services, offered after a free 30 trial that were not approved, and not given my credit card number or any authorization. Local Connect said though, no refund forthcoming, Century Link will not credit me either. They did not tell me I could block 3rd party billing on my account and now holds my account delinquent and in dispute.

I no longer okay with free trials. I stopped that 4 or 5 years ago. This is a scam as evident by Googling, Zipweb, Paymentone, and others. Please help me fight the $500 and $600 of unjust charges and prevent this from happening to others.

The torture of the continual phone calls to get a "free" 30 days makes you succumb. What you don't know is that they bill your phone company a month in advance and your phone company bills you for the previous month. Therefore, once you finally cancel them - which take about 20 minutes - you'll still get another bill. The way to beat them! Contact your carrier (ours is AT&T and they were great) and dispute the charge if you feel it is unfair or deceptive. It is removed from your bill right then. Due to deregulation, our carriers act as a third party billing service. Payment One can come after you to bill you directly, I'm betting on them not doing so. At the least, I will get my laughs knowing that it finally became a two player game.

PaymentOne is continuously billing me for phone services I do not want and never needed. I get higher phone bill rates that I continue to reverse charges via Verizon and I am tired of being taken advantage of!

My September AT&T bill has a charge for $19.95 for Pro Credit Track, Inc. plus tax for a total of $20.85. I did not, at anytime, authorize anyone to put this on my AT&T bill or any charge of any kind to me if I pay my AT&T bill. I will deduct this amount from it if AT&T gives me a bad time and I will hunt for a new phone company. Also, my billing name on my phone bill is FG **. I hope that this will help get rid of this perpetrator. Thank you.

Unauthorized charge on my monthly Verizon phone bill of $15.93. I will not pay.

When I opened my business in March 2010, I was contacted by a phone representative from Access Local LLC who told me that I was selected to receive 30 days of free internet marketing tools and that my website and company phone numbers would be listed on all search engines, etcetera. 30 days later, another representative called and asked if I wanted to continue and I said no. As soon as my April phone bill arrives, there's a $114.40 third party bill from Payment One. I have spoken with a total of 4 Access Local employees, 2 hung up on me. One, Nallyve told me that the bill was clear and gave me a confirmation number. May bill comes and the charge is there. The next representative I spoke to was Jason who when I asked to speak to a supervisor said he was the supervisor and called me a liar and said that I would never be refunded of my money. To make matters worse, no service was ever done for me. This company is not known to the BBB.

I was contacted by a representative claiming that we had been selected to receive 30 days of Free Internet optimization on Google. I agreed to the free 30 days and after that time a representative was going to call back and see if I wanted to continue with their service for a monthly rate of $99. I was also told that I would be receiving information in the mail, which should contain contact numbers for the company as well as a description of the free services I was receiving. I never received a phone call or anything in the mail, but suddenly there is a charge from PaymentOne Corp for $99.95 on my AT&T bill. Now the contact number on my bill leads to a disconnected number.

I received my phone bill this month and questioned why I was being billed so much for my internet services. When I spoke to AT&T, they informed me my account had been being charged $19.95 for the past 10 months by a 3rd party biller by the name of PaymentOne Corp also known as I am still unclear what services they provide.

I spoke to two customer service reps at AT&T only to be told a supervisor will be calling me back, but that I need to take up my concern with this company, even though AT&T authorized the company to charge their services on my phone bill in excess of $200. I contacted The first operator readily credited me 3 months’ worth of charges with no questions asked. I explained I wanted to be credited the full amount of $200. She said I would have to speak to a supervisor.

The phone was transferred to Jason ext. ** who right off accused me of authorizing this account. He lied and insisted my IP address was used and accused me of yelling at him and said he refused to have anyone raise their voice at him and hung up on me when I became frustrated. When I asked him if I could be transferred to another manager, he said he was the only manager at the company. So, I called back and spoke to another customer service agent. I told her how unprofessional it was for an agent to hang up on a customer and then she too argued he did not hang up on me.

I asked to speak to a second supervisor which was when I realized Jason had lied about being the only supervisor. The 2nd supervisor also accused me of authorizing these charges, and verified it was my IP account, and then said they would not give me credit. When I became angry, she also hung up on me. I went online and found AT&T lost a lawsuit in Florida as customers were being billed by without their knowledge. AT&T lost the lawsuit and had to pay their customers back. There were also hundreds of complaints in the state of California on your website concerning this same company and the same issue as mine. I did not authorize AT&T or to bill me for any services, and I would like a full refund of $200. I am waiting for an AT&T supervisor to call me back. is refusing to refund my money.

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