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There is nothing better than Ooma! Not having to pay a cable company or carrier for a landline is the best thing in the world. The only price you pay is the government issued tax. I didn't really interact with customer service save for the time I had to activate everything and rectify my billing. During those times customer service was polite and professional.

I have never had a problem with the Ooma. The only time it goes down is if my terrible Comcast service goes down. Otherwise, I have had no service interruptions. It installs into your home in such a way that you can use any phone at all with it! You can have all your phone lines be active and use a plain old, non-voip phone with it.

It is still cheaper than what l have now, but l tried it because l'm on a fixed income. It was promoted as free, then all these taxes showed up. At first they weren't expensive but then they got higher and higher. When l would call and ask about all these fees, they said it was taxes and they had no control over that but l could set up an account with them and it will be deducted from that account. But they could never really explain the fees completely. The service works well, it was clear. As long as your internet is reliable, your phone is great! No static on the line from your side. But l could never get the call blocking to work right. I had the plan that gave me all the extra services, blocking unwanted calls, etc. But when you went online to my account to utilize them, it was not always easy to use. And the way they laid them out was something's a bit confusing on certain services like call blocking.

The service was pretty, not many drop calls, wasn't that much hard to figure, was easy to get used it when I need to call long distances but overall very nice. Awesome customer service helped me through the set up. The cost they were very nice and patient. They will explain anything you need to know. Service was good. Loved how it didn't give me drop calls but was very reliable and sturdy to call far away. Highly recommended this service to all. Was easy to use just like a normal phone but better calling far away. No set up just a few clicks and you are all set up. They have a great customer care that help you out.

I would have to say the value is very great. It is affordable to all and I think it is well worth the money for what you are going to get in return. I have to say the customer service for this product is just excellent. Short waiting time and they will answer all of your questions and concerns in a timely manner. The service is very reliable. You won't have to worry about calls being dropped or lost. It is just a very great service to have for the entire family. It is extremely easy to use. There is nothing to be worried about. It is all very simple a child can use it with ease. There is never a problem that can't easily be fixed.

The price is less expensive than most other services and it is very quick to pick up the way to use it and I even convinced a few of my friends to also purchase the service for themselves. Any time I have any issues the customer service is very helpful and also will walk you step through step. It doesn't matter what time of day and also I am able to reach them through the computer. I have not had any issues with making phone calls or even setting the system up and if I do come across any problems big or small the customer service is there to help with any problems. It is very easy to use. Even my 8-year-old niece was able to figure out how to use the system. I also had no issues setting the system and the first time I used it it was extremely user-friendly.

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It took care of all my needs and was handy for me. It is also good value and something that is definitely satisfactory for my needs. It will be satisfactory for others too. The customer service was good and most of the issues I had were minor. Whatever I called about was handled in a quick manner. I didn't have much of an issue with service. Minor connection issues here and there but for most part it was a good service without too many problems. It was set up once and I had no real issues with using it. It will be super easy for you to use as well! Take comfort in its ease.

One can enjoy unlimited calls within the united states, for a low monthly service fee. It seems good value considering it also features bluetooth, online phonebook and music ring tones. It's alright. I did not actually contact their customer service, but I know they have live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also contact by phone 7 days a week. Not sure of the time though. Not sure about the reliability... all I can say is One of their features is that they have encrypted calls, so it's more secured than regular landline. It's easy if you are into tech stuff. For those who are not, there are faqs and youtube videos that will help for the setup. Or contact support by live chat or phonecall.

I love it and it's affordable and easy to use. Everyone use it easily and it's service you so you feel calm and relax. It's amazing and I think... Yes the service to serve people and guide them in a proper way... it's great. I love it. If the customer service wasn't good so you never work with that company again. Yes it's reliable and I can trust on it, and I think so if I thought that so others also have the same experience and they love it, it's have long working life. Yes it's very easy and very light. You don't have any issues to use it. Even you can use it where you want and when because it's not have disturbing issue.

Good value for the money. It wasn't the best service but I live in a populated area so it isn't an issue except when traveling. I'd recommend to anybody in a similar situation. Reliability was good. It was reliable for the most part except when hitting some more rural areas. I wasn't in these areas often so it was never an issue for me. It was easy and simple to use. Nothing was difficult about the process, and nothing was hard about using it. There was little to no difference in this company and others in the field.

This service is great. I mainly use the subscription service due to frequent calls to offshore developers for my side business. Without it, I would be forced to do everything via email. The purchase and set up processes were simple. The service itself is as reliable as my internet connection. As long as my connection is working properly and isn't experiencing any sort of downtime, the service works great. The service is super simple to set up and use. I am not a technical wizard but I can't think of many products or services that were easier to set up and immediately start using.

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Ooma Telo devices provide VoIP calling for free. Customers connect the Ooma device to their Internet line and to their preferred handset. The device sends voice calls over the Internet for free; for domestic calls, consumers only pay the applicable taxes and fees. Ooma devices are available online and at several major retailers.

  • Extra features: All Ooma accounts come with caller ID, voicemail, call waiting, an online call log and more. For an additional monthly fee, customers get a second line, free calling to Canada and Puerto Rice, three-way calling and other premium features.
  • Ooma-to-Ooma calling: Ooma users can use their Ooma connected phone to call any other Ooma line for free, even if the users are in different countries.
  • International calling: Customers can place international calls for as little as 1.4 cents per minute. Those who prefer to know exactly how much their bill will be each month can subscribe to Ooma’s World Plan, which allows customers to place unlimited calls to 60 countries for a consistent monthly charge.
  • Smart home connectivity: Ooma can connect to Nest thermostats to automatically forward calls when the thermostat is set to away. It can also send notifications to Android and Apple devices when someone calls the Ooma line so they will know who’s calling when they’re away from the house.
  • Accessories: Ooma sells several accessories so consumers can customize their system. Options include adapters to make the unit wireless, wearable handsets for safety and Bluetooth connectors to sync Oomas to cellular phones.
  • Best for Ooma is best for individuals who want a low monthly rate and have an existing Internet provider.

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