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      155 MCI / WorldCom Consumer Reviews

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      Original review: Feb. 26, 2008

      I had a phone line through MCI. I moved and my roommate stayed. She changed the phone service and eventually turned that service off. She had no access to a phone line. Meanwhile, MCI has continued to charge me for over a year and has now sent my case to collections.

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      Original review: Feb. 3, 2008

      Received notice of suspension. Called, never been late or missed a payment before. Was told we were up to date and all was fine, this after talking to four different people, two of them assured me it was a mistake. To disregard the notice. We did. Received phone message to call them, urgent. We called. Told us to pay now. We explained there was a misunderstanding. The long story told us, they didn't know who we talked to, but they were wrong. Pay now. I told them I wanted to speak to who I spoke with before or I would be making double payments. I got the number and tried to call it. It was disconnected. I was MAD. Bad credit marks on our nearly perfect score, stress, madness, ill mother, and they shut off phone for NO reason.

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      Original review: Jan. 28, 2008

      Have 29 incidents of Directory Assistance costing me an additional $27.55 on a bill that already runs about $54.00 a month without any long distance charges or other extra activities. I don't know how the woman in Virginia pays as little as she does when we in Indiana are be soaked. MCI refuses to admit their error and to remedy the problem. Believe me, I can tell you folks some stories about billing fraud that involve phone company linemen who use their butt sets to tap your lines for long distance calls gambling that you'll never figure it out. You'll blame your kids, your relatives and other household members when those charges are due to fraud on the part of IBEW workers.

      I've witnessed many of the aforementioned frauds myself. Don't believe the squirrel story. A lot of telephone failures are due to sabotage by union workers and cables not laid deep enough by illegal Mexicans. Wake up folks, your phone companies defraud you constantly and cover their tracks to avoid accountability. I am unemployed and need to keep expenses down as much as possible. When you get billed for services as I did that you know are in error and you're treated with callous disregard by some phone company manager, you want to hurt someone. Do what I did. Call your state's Utility Regulatory Commission and tell them what's going on. Then, contact your State Representative and possibly even your congressman, the FBI and possibly even the Justice Department. There is also the Federal Trade Commission. Raise some fuss!

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      Original review: Jan. 5, 2008

      I cancelled our home service with MCI on April 11, 2007. I had a balance due and paid it. I switched our service to Comcast digital voice. I kept receiving bills from MCI. So I called MCI again. They told me they had no record of me canceling our account. I assured them that I was now using digital phone service. When MCI realized I was telling them the truth, they said that I never cancelled my daughter's teen line and that I owed them $20.00 and change. So I paid them again mainly just to get them to stop billing me. The customer service rep at MCI assured me that I would no longer receive a bill. I continued to receive bills monthly. I disregarded them, figuring they would realize their mistake. WRONG!!!

      I received a letter from an attorney's office informing me that our account had been referred to their office and to send payment to them. This of course means that the bill is thirty days overdue and will be reflected on our credit report!! This can have severe consequences for us. A family of seven struggling on one income!! I am at my wits end with MCI and would tell the world of my frustrating (to say the least) encounter with MCI.

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      Original review: Dec. 22, 2007

      MCI has been billing me for years of service I have not had. I am not one of their customers. I was at one point for a couple of months. We switched to a new service provider and they continued to bill no matter how many times I call and speak to reps. They have been ruining my credit report so I paid them $200 several years ago and recently I had to pay $900. What can I do to get rid of these people??

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      Original review: Nov. 28, 2007

      I was a faithful subscriber to MCI land line phone for years. We, in August 07, bought separate cell phones and used them (not from MCI), and noticed our MCI bill remained the same, $93.00, so I called them to inquire WHY(?). Because we were not using their long distance service, why are we being charged when we had no long distance calls. They gave excuses that did not make sense (I think they were foreigners). We paid bill then. So I requested please to only give me BASIC service for local calls and for my computer internet, which is local. They said okay so I asked two times, "What will my bill be next month?" They said $26.00 or $28.00 so I said okay but I added, "If it is not, do not bill me. I will quit and go to another carrier."

      They said okay so the next month, the bill was $89.00, a few dollars short of $93.00. I called again and strongly protested and said, "You guys broke your promise and I will pay the $40.00 only." See they doubled the $40.00 on the bill. They said we were Prorated... I do not understand that term. So I said when will they send me a bill for the $26.00 or $28.00 they promised? They said next month. Now we paid the forty dollars. They said it was okay to do so. So we paid, with the warning to them that IF THEY WERE NOT GOING TO REDUCE MY BILL, DO NOT send me a bill more than $40.00 because if they did, I was NOT GOING TO PAY because they were NOT promise. They said okay. Guess what? The next month, my bill was $93.00 so I did not pay, and changed my phone company.

      Now they kept calling for the $93.00 at night, even. I explained to them what had happened and all I got was, "We're sorry but you need to pay." Then I wrote them a FORMAL PROTEST LETTER and asked them to report it to the FCC in Washington DC. They are supposed to do so by law and also told them NOT to treat this as a person who changed their phone and failed to pay the bill, or a person who just didn't want to pay on purpose. They made me feel like I'm a nobody and they set a bad example as a worldwide business and was only interested in my 93 dollars I was paying and not the interest of their customers and stringing them along with false promises, fraud, just to keep them when they want to go or threaten to go to another company. I still have not paid the bill. They threatened me to damage my credit, etc. I said, "I don't care." The only way to stop the false promises, after two months, as you see was to STOP PAYING and quit their service which I did not really want to do at the time. Sad, sad, and shame on MCI. I made a copy of their bill

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      Original review: Nov. 2, 2007

      I purchased pre-paid calling from MCI at my local Military Base. This took place in 1999. My son was going away to college. These cards were paid for. Now I can not use them. I send an e mail to them, they were to get back to me, but has not. I have (10) of these cards left, but can not use them. I paid 25.00 per card. How Can they just take my money? These cards do not expire, only if you use the card, and then you have 1 year, but these cards are unused.

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      Original review: July 6, 2007

      In May 2006, I inadvertently sent a payment to the wrong division of MCI which I did not have an open account with. The payment was process and the money deducted from my account. After discovering the mistake, I contact MCI for a refund and was took it would take 90 days. After not receiving my refund at the end of 90 days, I again contacted MCI and was told the process time is now 120 days. A couple of months later, I contact is MCI again and was told that the payment has been process and sent to an old address.

      I explained that I had not received the refund and request they put a trace on the check. I was then transferred to Priority Services and was told by a representative that a new check would be sent out to me immediately to my new address. As today, over a year later, I have not received my refund. MCI's lack of response to my requested have frustrated to the extreme. I am very angry that a large company can just take money from consumers without any consequences. I feel helpless in my attempt to collected my money from MCI and would appreciate any help or advice.

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      Original review: May 17, 2007

      Our long distance phone service was switched to MCI in 2000 without our permission. As soon as I received the first bill and realized what happened, I called MCI and our old long distance provider. I never authorized a switch. It was taken care of and our old carrier was reinstated. I never heard any more until I ran my credit in 2005 and MCI had placed a negative for a past due amount of $90.00. I fought that and had it removed from my report. Today I received a letter from Park Dansan requesting $90.39 for collection of a past debt. Upon calling this company they said they are collecting for a past due MCI bill from 2000. When will this ever end? I never wanted to switch to MCI and I certainly did not use $90 in long distance in one billing period. How do I make this harassment stop?

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      Original review: May 14, 2007

      MCI seems to be taking the communications out of telecommunications. I'll try to keep this short as possible. One telephone line (we use with our computer modem) was dead. I called MCI's main number and laboriously navigated through their automated menu, which suggested I try disconnecting all phones. No improvement. I called back and was put through an interminable loop, finally bursting through to a live person by repeatedly pressing zero. I could barely understand the operator and kept asking her to repeat (I'm guessing calls are routed to other countries to cut costs. If true, that's a shame. When they hire people who are not equipped to communicate clearly, that's shameful!). I was transferred to tech. support, to another operator I could barely understand. Was scheduled for a 5 pm service call.

      At 3:30 MCI called to say I needed to contact local repairs for an appointment. I said I had an appointment and the operator said, "Okay, they'll be there at 10 pm." If he was trying to tell me service was delayed (no big deal) he sure had a weird way of doing so. I called MCI's main number to complain about my treatment. The operator told me the supervisor was busy and would call me back in 3-5 minutes. I gave her two numbers, including my cell. The sup. never called back, which made me feel like I'd been suckered. In the meantime, I tested the line, which I'd been testing all day, and now it worked.

      I had gotten no courtesy call or knock on the door to tell me the problem was fixed. I called the main number again. The operator said, "Here's a number in case we get cut off"? I said, "But we won't get cut off!?" I was immediately connected to a supervisor, who acted sympathetic, and claimed he was writing down my complaints and would forward them to the main office (which, for all I know, exists only in cyberspace).

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      Original review: May 10, 2007

      Over the past 6 days, I have been getting repeatedly calls twice a day (at least) from this company at this number. My phone is on the Do Not Call Registry, yet they call. I answered once to tell them, and a recorded message said that this was automated and will continue to call unless I responded by hitting 1 (I hit 2 and the message said there was an error and gave an 800 number to call). I should not have to put up with this nor should I have to do anything to stop this. I assume that other people have complained to the Do Not Call Registry as I have. I don't know where to turn now.

      The damage is repeated checking of the phone caller ID (I let the answering machine take the call when I see the telephone number), getting rid of the message on the answering machine (even though none is left), and the continual harassment (especially since their own automated message said that this will continue). How can a company continue to do this????

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      Original review: May 8, 2007

      I have been dealing with MCI's HORRIBLE & INCOMPETENT Customer Service in both us these departments for a couple of years. First of all, MCI Local and Long Distance Dept. solicited many to death so that I would even give them an opportunity to serve as my phone carrier. Still, I decided to give them a chance to prove themselves worthy of my business. That was the BIGGEST MISTAKE I have made in a long time!!!! Since day one they have made it clear that ALL they are interested in is CUSTOMER'S MONEY!! However, providing NO SERVICE AND/OR ACCOUNTABILITY FOR ANYTHING THEY DO OR DON'T DO!!!! I don't even know where to start complaining about MCI's service or lack there of. They have quickly and certainly become one of the WORST entities I have ever dealt with! In this day and age (2007), and since they like to brag on being the second largest company in the world, one would think and expect a much, much higher level of respect and service from them.

      Customers have a RIGHT, per the P.U.C., to speak with a Mgr./Sup. if they request to do so. Each time, and I mean EVERY TIME, I have asked to do so, IT IS A HUGE PROBLEM!!! Most of the time, I conveniently get disconnected after that request, I have to wait an HOUR on hold, and/or I end up being transferred to a person that is just as INCOMPETENT and UNABLE TO RESOLVE AN ISSUE as the original person I was speaking with. A BIG WASTE OF MY TIME!!!! Number one, it always takes an HOUR plus for any of the reps. to even understand what my problem is. From the start of the conversation, I explain quite thoroughly what I need and they act like they don't understand English!! It is very time consuming and frustrating, to say the least, to have to deal with such incompetence whenever there is a problem...

      THEY DON'T RESOLVE THE PROBLEM, THEY JUST KEEP EMPHASIZING WHAT THE PROBLEM IS, WHICH I OBVIOUSLY ALREADY KNOW OR WHY AM I CALLING YOU?? The repetitiveness MAKES ME SICK TO MY STOMACH!! I HATE TO EVEN HAVE TO CALL THEM FOR ANYTHING BECAUSE I KNOW IT IS DEFINITELY GOING TO BE A FIASCO AND GO ON FOR DAYS AND DAYS, MAYBE WEEKS!!! It may not be resolved at all if I don't have time to call everyday and sit on the phone for hours complaining and insisting on the issue. They should not even be in business and taking our money with the service they provide, or better yet, that they don't!! Who regulates these people?? They definitely need to go back to training... I understand how things run better than they do and they work for the company. And get paid to do nothing... because that is certainly what they do - NOTHING!! They get paid to apologize about everything and anything, but not to resolve or help their customers with a problem of any kind.

      As long as you don't have any issue or problem and pay their HIGH CHARGES/FEES monthly, you'll be fine... as soon as you fall out of that category, KNOW THAT YOU ARE IN FOR A MAJOR HEADACHE AND A BUNCH OF TIME CONSUMING EXCUSES AND INCOMPETENCE, BUT DEFINITELY NO ACTION!!!!!!! If you are calling to make a payment, they comprehend that readily!! Other than that, EVERYTHING WITH MCI CUSTOMER SERVICE, IN BOTH OF THESE DEPTS IS A PROBLEM AND HEADACHE!!! Next, they claim that the computer systems between these two depts (MCI LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE AND MCI MAXIMUM SECURITY DIRECT REMIT DEPT.), do not communicate with one another. Well, doggone on it they should!!!

      Why in the world would a company set up another dept. within the same company but have their information not accessible by both???? To inconvenience their customers?? That's certainly all they have done and are continuing to do! If you need to make ANY CHANGES to your acct. within either of these depts, YOU THE CUSTOMER has to start faxing things and waiting through billing cycles to even receive the info/changes you need to even fax something!!! To me, THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE SERVICE!! Computer communications so on between depts is NOT MY PROBLEM AND IT SHOULD NOT BE!! They do not want to take responsibility for anything but, applying payments and when you gon' pay? I PAY MY BILL AND MY SERVICE HAS NEVER BEEN DISCONNECTED FOR NON-PAYMENT. I just want to make that clear... but, they almost HARASS you if you are 15 minutes over the due date.

      In addition, the MCI MAXIMUM SECURITY DIRECT REMIT ACCOUNTS DEPT. always claim they are not MCI. Yet, their name CLEARLY appears on the bill AS MCI! The calls CLEARLY state the calls are from MCI - I don't think it gets any clearer than. THIS IS THE MCI OPERATOR AND YOU HAVE A CALL FROM.... so on and so on. Whatever they've established behind the scenes is up to them to manage it so that it does not create a problem and inconvenience for their customers. I think most would agree that this is not asking for too much from a company, certainly one as big and that has been around as long as MCI! They should have it together by now. Plus, the amount of money they want us to pay???? They need to be doing so much better than this that I can even put it into words. IT'S RIDICULOUS AND UNACCEPTABLE!!!

      Additionally, I am quite offended by the attitudes displayed by the reps. that handle calls in the MCI MAXIMUM SECURITY ACCTS!! It's obvious they stereotype us because we, unfortunately, we have a loved one in prison. They talk to us with NO RESPECT AND ARE QUITE CONDESCENDING!!! They have monopolized all the institutions in California so that they can make a KILLING off of us; so we don't have a choice in this arena but, to deal with them. They realize they dominate these services and we can't get away from them, if we wanted to... Therefore, they act like they have the right to act and talk to us any way they want; and hang up on us when we call with a issue they don't want to handle!!! No one hold them accountable for any of this behavior. If they feel comfortable enough to do do it to me, they've certainly done it before and will certainly do it again! Last week, I had an issue paying my calls with this dept.; and all I wanted to do was MAKE A PAYMENT, and I was hung up on twice and I had to call the Corporate Office to get the assistance I needed.

      Furthermore, I asked to speak to a Supervisor in this dept., and was told a supervisor will not take your call. By the way, this rep., Eva, was one of the ones to take the opportunity to hang up on me; because I was angry, of course and I let her know that. However, I was not using profanity. I have worked many years in Customer Service and I know what customers can say/do and what they can't. She just couldn't handle my issue and didn't want to either - because I was calling to MAKE A PAYMENT. That's all they care about! MCI and anything and anybody connected to MCI!!!!!!!!! I really don't know why they are allowed to be in business, as I stated before. THEY ARE THE WORST!!! If I could get away from them totally, it would be done so fast that they wouldn't understand it!!! That's why they hurried up and monopolized the institutional calls because they know that is sure money, because families will always support their loved ones and accept calls; so MCI knew they could and would make millions, especially when we really have no option to get these services from anywhere else.

      THEY ARE SMART WHEN IT COMES TO HOW TO TAKE/MAKE MONEY FROM THEIR CUSTOMERS BUT, HAVE NO CONCEPT OF WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE IS!!! I don't mind paying for a service, when I am getting service!! However, I do have a problem with paying for disrespect and incompetence!! That's from anywhere or anyone... yet, MCI is one of the WORST!!! I don't feel good at all giving them my hard earned money! I feel like it's really for nothing. MCI - YOU NEED TO GET ON THE BALL!!!!!!!! YOU REMAIN IN JEOPARDY OF LOSING A LOT OF BUSINESS DUE TO YOUR LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY, RESPONSIBILITY, AND NON-ABILITY OF YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENTS, INCLUDING AND ESPECIALLY MAXIMUM SECURITY, DISRESPECTING CUSTOMERS AND INCOMPETENCE!! THEY NEED TO BE ABLE TO DO MORE THAN JUST COLLECT MONEY!!!!

      That is not all CUSTOMER SERVICE is about. You should know that by now, MCI. I WOULD NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER REFER ANY ONE I KNOW TO MCI!!! I wouldn't care if MCI was offering their service for FREE!!! I would take my business elsewhere to a company that respects their customers and are sensitive to/in sensitive situations that they are may be handling. WE ARE THE REASON YOU ARE IN BUSINESS... AND MCI, YOU'D BETTER START REALIZING THIS BEFORE YOU ARE OUT OF BUSINESS!!! At this rate, that's where you're headed!!!!!!! You certainly wouldn't have my business if you didn't make me HAVE TO HAVE IT!! I'm sure that was by design because you know that otherwise customers would be taking their business somewhere else for sure!!! MCI IS AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Original review: April 30, 2007

      I have a situation where telephone service is supplied as a benefit of my husband's job, but the line is in our name for listing purposes. I receive the bills, but they are passed on to a treasurer to pay them. For the month of February, I started receiving calls saying my bill had not been paid. I asked the treasurer and she said she had paid. By then I was getting calls re my March bill -- same story. Finally, on April 13, I decided I was worried about my credit rating, and I paid the bill over the phone -- $156.55 in all. On April 20, I received another phone message from MCI telling me I owed $156.55. Finally, I kept going through the phone routine and found a person who said, no, there was nothing owed, in fact I had a credit of $156.55. They had been paid twice for the same bills.

      Because of my situation, I said I didn't want a credit on my account, I wanted a check for $156.55 and a written apology. I never got the apology, needless to say, and today I got a bill showing a credit to my account. So, I called this evening and the answer is that I have to call research, but that is in business hours, and I work during the day. The answer is essentially, too bad for you. We made the error, but we don't feel any great need to do anything extra to correct it. Is this because they get so many complaints that they just ignore them now? I'm angry.

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      Original review: March 31, 2007

      About four year ago someone used my name, got a phone not on a contract but an agreement that I had no part in all printed no signature. MCI admitted they

      were wrong and wiped the billing out after I put up with months of harassment. Now they have turned it into a collection place address above. I reported all of this at the time it happened to the public utilities commission. I can not understand why they are doing this to me again. And the way I am reading this letter they are going to put it on my credit report. I have good credit and want no bad marks on it. What can I do about this? I wrote them. Should I do anything else?

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      Original review: March 8, 2007

      I have had the same phone number for 10 years - without any long distance. I use it primarily as a dial up, and I have a calling card for long distance. When I transferred my phone to a new address, MCI billed me for long distance. I specifically requested my local carrier (Qwest) NOT to have long distance. I never asked MCI to be my long distance carrier. They charged me $8.50 in May 2006. I spent an hour on the phone and they said they would remove the charges. The next month, they billed again. I again spent an hour on the phone and they said they would remove the charges. This has happened every month since May 2006. At no time has anyone given me a name or a mailing address. I realize it is just $8.50. However, I never requested this service and I do not want to be strong armed into paying just to shut them up. Now I have gotten a second collection warning for this amount.

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      Original review: March 6, 2007

      In November of 2004 I called MCI and cancelled my long distance service. Over the next two years I called them no less than four times and told them I did not want their service and disconnect my long distance. They removed me from my plan but left their long distance hooked up. Calls were made on the 17, 18, 19 of June of 2006 and MCI charged me for those calls. I called on two different occasions and they refused to talk to me because I did not have an MCI account number. No where on the MCI bill (That comes with the AT&T bill) is there an account number. And when I never signed up for an account I would not have a copy of the account number. In other words how do I get the account number for an account I never asked for or opened. On November 9 AT&T disconnected my phone because of lack of payment on the $149.68 part of the phone bill.

      I called MCI and spent about four hours going from one department to another. I was able to talk one lady into giving me the account number ** which is the MCI account number. I talked to Joe and he reduced the charges from $149.68 to $35.49. I asked how long before AT&T would know of the credits he said three weeks. I then called AT&T and paid the bill because I needed to use the phone. I called again about the first of February and asked MCI where my refund was. They said they had no record of the charges that accrued on 17, 18, and 19th of June for a total of $149.68. In fact they said the last bill they had for me was back in April. After four hours and many people later someone from MCI looked under the losses notes and found a record where Joe issued me a credit totaling $119.18, the credits were $30.05, 44.95, 40.90, 3.28. We were cut off at this time and I could not pursue it any further.

      I called AT&T on the 28th of February and they said they paid the $149.68 to MCI in July of 2006. Today is 6th of March and I have just spent 4 hours on the phone with MCI and they told me every story imaginable. No one can find the actual bill or charges from the 17, 18, 19th, of June, C some of them found the credits that were issued but no one has the authority to send me a check. As I was writing this I was talking to Fred and he said I owed them $118.67 from an older bill like March or April. He was the first one to mention that. I need help.

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      Original review: March 6, 2007

      Three months ago, I decided that what I was being charged for a long distance bill was too much. There was about $3.00 worth of long distance calls and with fees and taxes, my MCI bill was around $25.00. So, I called MCI and cancelled. I received a bill the next month, and called MCI. They apologized and credited my account, telling me that the person who took my first cancellation order was new and did not know how to correctly cancel my account. I was guaranteed that it was now cancelled. Today I received a new MCI bill. So, again I called and was told that my account could not be cancelled because I still had an 800 number active. This was news to me. I never had an 800 number with MCI. So, again I was told my account would be cancelled, in addition my phantom 800 number would be cancelled. Also I was paying $5/month since 2002 for this 800 number (...we'll see if I ever recoup any of that).

      Okay, three months ago I cancelled this account. I was told that I would be receiving another bill from MCI and that I should call them when I get it. Of course, this is the third service rep that told me that. I wonder how long this will really go on. I think when you cancel a service and they say - Okay, you are cancelled - then you should be. Is this a scam? I have noticed other similar complaints on the internet. Is this a pattern of deception. I wonder how many people think that maybe they owe one more bill and actually pay these bills? Is this a calculated effort to extract money from customers on a premeditated false basis?

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      Original review: March 1, 2007

      At the end of Nov 2006 I canceled my service with MCI. Since then I have talked to them several times about bills I am still receiving. They assured me in Jan that they had cleared up everything. But put a block on my phone. Now it is March and yet again I have received a bill from them. The bill I received in Jan was for $70.00 which I told them I should not have received because I switched to another company. That is when they put a long distance block on my phone. Which I call and they removed. This latest bill I received is only for $4.21 but I do not have service with them and I cannot understand why I still get charged for something.

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      Original review: Feb. 14, 2007

      October 2006 we moved to a new house in a new city. We had to change our phone number, but the carrier was still Bell South. We had our account moved over to the new house. We kept everything we had (long distance) the same as before. My October bill arrived and it was the correct amount of $36.00. The November bill came and it was $410. Instead of my long distance carrier being World Com at 6 cents a minute. It was listed as MCI at $1.19 a minute. I called Bell South who told me I had to call MCI who billed them for the long distance. We have never had MCI for anything.

      When I called MCI they told me I had to call another number and they told me I had to fax a letter disputing the charges. When I called a couple days later, MCI said they do not have a record of us having any account with them. Each month, I am being charged by MCI even though I have asked (by fax and phone for them to stop billing us for service that we do not have with them). They tell me that can't because they don't have a record of us. Bell South tells me they can't take the charges off that MCI is sending them, even though they don't have MCI listed on our account anywhere. This has become a nightmare. How can they get away with billing people without their permission and then blocking their service whenever they want.

      My phone is constantly being shut off. Bell South tells me that it is not them putting the block on our phone, it is MCI. How can they do that to our account if they don't have us as a customer? Tonight, my phone was shut off yet again (3rd time). I have a brother that is dying of cancer that I am taking care of. I need my phone. I don't know how to stop this.

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      Original review: Feb. 1, 2007

      MCI WAS our long distance carrier 5+ years ago. I had cancelled the service with them and my land line phone company HAS a record of the fact I have NO long distance service attached to my land line. After SBC was acquired by AT&T, lo and behold, I now have MCI billing me for calls WE DID NOT MAKE. How can I make long distance phone calls if I have no service, and I tested my phone to that effect? We called AT&T, who said we need to all MCI, which we did, only to have the biggest runaround with someone named Jim, who said the calls charged to my landline number were collect calls... No they are not and the calls are not shown as such on the billing. He said our acct with MCI was never cancelled. Told him it was, he argued with me, told him to cancel this service, again.

      He continued to argue about the charges, which I continually disputed. Asked to speak with a supervisor, was disconnected. Called back and got a Michael. Explained above, he says there's no charges showing up on the account, I say, "Well that's funny, I'm looking at a bill showing charges to a number I don't recognize." Told him I wanted to cancel the cancelled service again and questioned if I was going to be charged to cancel this. He transferred me through to an automated system and rec'd a confirm # cancelling my acct. Called by land line company to block all incoming charges to my number. What kind of scam is this? MCI has been known to reactivate supposedly closed accounts and bill consumers for NOTHING.

      This is one of the reasons I got rid of them to begin with several years ago. What can we do as consumers to take care of this situation?? I spent over an hour on the phone to get this issue resolved and need to continually watch my phone bill. What are the rights of us as consumers to take action against these companies??? Even though the amt. charged wasn't a large amt, think about how many consumers are being charged for services they did not set up, the many hours used to make senseless phone calls, the frustration, and lack of customer service provided, because the scam continues to put mega dollars in their pockets. Aren't there laws in place for this type of fraud?

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      Original review: Dec. 14, 2006

      After paying $100 for their DSL set-up fee and modem (I already had a DSL modem), they decided to cancel DSL service to Chicago-area customers. I asked them not to, was rebuffed, and then asked for a refund, and was again rebuffed. Now I have to turn to AT&T or Comcast, and paid $100 to MCI, about 25% of the total amount paid to MCI for my DSL service, for nothing.

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      Original review: Jan. 28, 2009

      MCI accepted my SS# on an account that was not mine. MCI did not perform due diligence ever. So in 2004 MCI sold the debt to Sherman Associates - never checking the SS# with my SS#. My bank account (WAMU) was levied and money OVER $1000 ($967.50 &$100 fee) was taken (stolen) from my account. NO one checked the SS# to the name, address etc. It is NOT me. The attys office Mel Harris 212 571-4900 proceeded without verifying any data. MCI apparently accepted my SS# and did NO checking either. The atty's office made a horrendous mistake. Ms ** **, Glen ** **, Olivia ** **, is difficult to contact. I have been calling since 12/26/08 to straighten this out to no avail. PLEASE HELP ME. Thank you.

      The lawyers are located at Mel Harris Esq. 116 John ST Manhattan NY 10038. I have spoken to Ms. ** **, Glen ** ** and Olympia ** **. They know they made a mistake. Actually a big mistake was made somewhere. The debt is from Juanita's marriage to John. MCI somehow got my SS# (it is one digit off of Juanita's). So MCI didn't check the SS# to the person, then the debt was sold finally ending up with Mel Harris Esq (unscrupulous law firm) who wrongly placed a levy on my bank account - Wamu who did not perform due diligence either. They took my $$ which I am trying to get back. Many folks to blame here: MCI, Mel Harris (got the levy) on incorrect info and Wamu - did no checking either. SO no one followed due diligence. Based on that course of events I could use anyone's SS#. Bank acct closed. Money taken 1076.50 total.

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      Original review: Oct. 23, 2007

      I had service with MCI in 2001 (I don’t have exact dates). I canceled service when I moved. As far as I know I had paid all my bills and I never received anything stating that I had an outstanding bill. At that time I was happy with my service. In 2003, I became a customer again and I never heard anything about an outstanding bill from 01. Well now I am buying a house and I must pay this bill being that it's on my credit report. I must pay this on Thurs. 10/25/07 which is settlement date. I don't believe this bill is legit. It is for almost $150.00. I called them & got a fax number, I then faxed them explaining the situation and I left my home & work # but they never called. Please write back with what could be done or call. If I don't answer please leave message with my wife Brenda. Thank you.

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      Original review: Dec. 4, 2006

      This all started when MCI sent my elderly parents in Staten Island (both are retired - father was a pastor - and on very limited income) a letter stating that their DSL service would be shut off. I decided to ask MCI to shut if off a little bit earlier so that I could set up a DSL modem from another service and set up the modems and routers for them. I asked them to do this sooner than the original MCI DSL cancellation date so I could help with setting up the modem and router. MCI claimed to have cancelled their DSL service, but when I called Verizon, they said that the DSL service on the line was still owned by MCI and that they could do nothing until MCI completed the DSL cancellation. I had been calling MCI and Verizon, back and forth for about a month and a half until they finally had the DSL line released.

      Next Verizon tells me that they would not be able to place DSL service on this line because it was not a Verizon phone line. Why couldn't they tell me this earlier? I considered different options such as cable internet and other DSL providers, but Verizon DSL had the best price - $17.99/mo. And with my parents on very limited income, it was the only option.

      So we decided to switch the phone service from MCI to Verizon so that we could have DSL through Verizon at that price. On the phone, I asked them to make the switch and also set up DSL at that price. Every time I talked to a Verizon representative about DSL/Internet service, they always pushed the FiOS option as an alternative to DSL. Since FiOS was $30/mo, we decided that DSL at $18/mo was better for my parents.

      Now I have just recently called Verizon again to see what was happening with the DSL order and they said that the only work done was to switch the phone line over to Verizon. There was no order to put DSL on the phone line. I was transferred to what was supposed to be the Verizon DSL service, but the operator answered as Verizon FiOS. I asked her to set up DSL for my parents but she now tells me that because FiOS is offered in Staten Island, DSL is not offered there. Why is she telling me this now and how come no other Verizon representative told me about this until after we switched our phone service to Verizon? Even before that, why didn't any Verizon representative tell me that they couldn't set up Verizon DSL on a phone line that they didn't service and why did they send a DSL modem to the residence if they couldn't even provide service for it? It leads me to think that they wanted us to be late in returning it so that they could collect fees on it - there's no reason they should have sent it since 1.) MCI was the phone service provider and 2.) even if Verizon was the phone service provider, they wouldn't offer DSL, but rather FiOS instead.

      This looks like a complex bait and switch scam to me, but since it is done at a corporate level and with so many different customer service representatives with limited silos of information, it seems like the system was coordinated to make me switch over to Verizon phone service and Verizon FiOS so that Verizon make much more money off of my retired elderly parents.

      Please help in any way that you can. Thanks.

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      Original review: Sept. 12, 2006

      I have not had internet since Aug. 15. MCI used to provide service for me. They sent a letter letting me know that they would no longer provide service after Aug. 15, and suggested I contacted Verizon, which I did.

      After one week of ordering DSL with Verizon, I was told that they could not provide service because my line still showed internet service by other provider. I immediately contacted MCI, just to learn that they take about ten to fifteen business days to actually remove the equipment. In the meantime, Verizon could not proceed with their installation to provide service for me.

      It is frustrating and upsetting that one has to waste almost one hour on the phone, on hold, or talking to machines, and after that, all I get is for an MCI agent to say: I'm sorry but there's nothing we can do right now. It feels like I'm fighting against a giant.

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      Original review: Jan. 20, 2006

      Since the service started, if my DSL works, I lose phone service every evening between maybe 7 (never home then) and 8-10 pm. The phone used to come back on if I'd call it with my cell, now it doesn't. I didn't call because I work about 70 hours a week, plus up till recently I've been a full time student with 2 kids too--just didn't have time. But I've made tons of calls re the DSL because when that wasn't working the phone was, then I had some time so I called about both.

      I've spent so many hours, calling one division or another 1-2 times a week, crawling around on my hands and knees plugging and un plugging things at the direction of cust service and I've spent so many hours without service they told me when the problem was fixed I'd have a credit. Well the last time this happened I told them I want my credit (and really have earned a paycheck) from them, cust service said yes, 1 month credit and I thought it was the LEAST they could do, since they've found the problem is them, but now want me to spent $189 to have their tech out.

      Now I got a letter denying me the credit and I'm switching to SBC next week. At this point if kimberly would rot in hell I'd be satisfied, but since that's not possible I want my balance (1 month) credited back and we'll be divorced (me and mci). If you require further detail please contact me. My cell number is 630-***-****. This number is only to be used for contact for investigative purposed or in order to move this complaint forward. Thank you!

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      Original review: Dec. 21, 2005

      I am (was) a Qwest customer for Local telephone and DSL services until MCI "slammed" my account. I only found this out because I no longer had internet service. Upon further investigation, I found out that MCI created an account using my number for a new customer. They then froze the number which could take up to two weeks to "thaw" out.

      After two weeks, they then told me that the number had gone on to a "specialty" department and would take up to another two weeks. I told them that this was unacceptable and that they can severe all ties with this number and me by disconnecting this service. They passed me along to a manager who said that my service would be disconnected the next day and that I should contact Qwest to start new service. I did this and waited. I then discovered that request had been turned back through the MCI channels. I called MCI again and they resubmitted the request.

      In the interim, I have tried to set up new service with Qwest three times over the past three weeks. Throughout this whole experience, MCI has never explained fully how this could have happened. And never satisfied my complaints except by passing the buck along the various channels of MCI.

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      Original review: Aug. 12, 2005

      We lost our carrier single from MCI about 2 months ago. So I called MCI and after 2 1/2 hours on hold they finally told me to unplug all phones from the wall and re-plug them in again. We tried that and it did not work. So after another 1 hour wait, They told me to do the same thing again.

      Feed up with the long waits for support, I then switched my line to a VOIP and disconnected my DSL service from MCI (Which took 1 hour and 39min on a phone to get to the correct personal to disconnect the DSL Line). Now I find out that it takes up to 14 work days to disconnect the DSL Line and while that work order is open they can not end my Phone Service (Nor can they tell me when the DSL order is finished so I must call everyday to find out when the DSL disconnect is done so that I may then disconnect the regular phone service).

      While this is occurring I am paying for DSL and for phone service. It seems wrong to me that I must pay for DSL and Phone when I do not wish to as I am under NO contract requirements to do so. Is there anything I can do?

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      Original review: June 12, 2005

      I signed up for MCI DSL a couple of months ago, and it is the worst service I ever had in my life.

      1) Processing delay. it took them about three months from the time I ordered the service online to the time I received the installation kit from them, allowing me to actually use it.

      2) Connection speed. They advertise their DSL speed as up to 1.5 Mbit/s, with a fine print that says that it is not guaranteed and the transfer speed depends on many factors. What they don't tell you is that they don't even guarantee the speed between your modem and their access point! They gave me 384 Kbit/s downstream, which is 4 times less than the advertised maximum. When I complained, they said that my house is too far away from their access point to obtain better speed. Why did they not tell me this up front, when I gave them my street number to check for availability?

      3) Connection quality. The modem loses the connection every couple of minutes. All downloads that take more than that are being interrupted. For instance, I can't download e-mail attachments bigger than about 3 MB, because the connection is almost always lost during transfer, and I have to start over. I was hoping to use this service to talk to people using Skype. I can forget about it. Most of the time, latency on the connection is so unstable that you get terrible jitter making it impossible to understand a word.

      4) E-mail. Their SMTP mail server is on a public black list since April 2004, for it is an open-relay server, allowing anybody (not just registered customers) to send e-mail through it (BTW, it is partly because of companies like MCI why you're getting so much spam: they make it possible for spammers to send e-mail to you anonymously). Since more and more ISPs recognize this problem, the blacklisted SMTP servers are often banned from delivering mail to their customers. It means that I can't send e-mail to some (and growing number) of my friends, because their e-mail systems refuse to accept it, trying to protect receipients from a potential spam.

      5) Customer service. I tried to ask them to fix the SMTP server problem. I called twice, every time I was talking for about 30 min., trying to describe the problem to a person with apparently no technical knowledge whatsoever. Given that the problem is unresolved for more than a year now, I don't see big chances of success.

      I am going to terminate this deal, but I advise that you don't make the same mistake, paying $99 up front and $30 every month, for such a useless, low-quality service.

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      Original review: May 14, 2005

      My telephone stopped working - no incoming, no dialtone on 5-5-2005, I reported it and was told it would be approximately 24hrs for repair. The repair was done on 5-6-2005, and the telephone died again on the evening of 5-6-2005. I called MCI again and was told it would be repaired on 5-7-2005. I was out of town on that day, the phone was repaired again (shorted F1 pair in cable) and it worked, sort of, for the next few days. The phone died again on the evening of 5-12-2005, I called MCI on 5-13-2005.

      A repair person came out and said that it was again a shorted F1 pair in the cable. I was told then that it would be 5-7 days before the repair could be done. I'm still without a phone today 5-14-2005 . I'm a computer consultant and bill approximately $2000 - $2500 per WEEK, and this week has be a loss, plus I have lost 2 clients because of the delays and NON - repairable time. What good is any telephone without SERVICE, If I can't fix someones computer system I don't change for it but I make sure that they are up and running before I leave , but a telephone company can alibi you away for days and do NOTHING, but send you a bill.

      The American Business ethic has gone to hell in a hand basket. Thank god I didn't opt for DSL, I'm staying with Adelphia Cable Internet, at least I can have internet telephones that work!!

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