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        Original review: March 6, 2007

        In November of 2004 I called MCI and cancelled my long distance service. Over the next two years I called them no less than four times and told them I did not want their service and disconnect my long distance. They removed me from my plan but left their long distance hooked up. Calls were made on the 17, 18, 19 of June of 2006 and MCI charged me for those calls. I called on two different occasions and they refused to talk to me because I did not have an MCI account number. No where on the MCI bill (That comes with the AT&T bill) is there an account number. And when I never signed up for an account I would not have a copy of the account number. In other words how do I get the account number for an account I never asked for or opened. On November 9 AT&T disconnected my phone because of lack of payment on the $149.68 part of the phone bill.

        I called MCI and spent about four hours going from one department to another. I was able to talk one lady into giving me the account number ** which is the MCI account number. I talked to Joe and he reduced the charges from $149.68 to $35.49. I asked how long before AT&T would know of the credits he said three weeks. I then called AT&T and paid the bill because I needed to use the phone. I called again about the first of February and asked MCI where my refund was. They said they had no record of the charges that accrued on 17, 18, and 19th of June for a total of $149.68. In fact they said the last bill they had for me was back in April. After four hours and many people later someone from MCI looked under the losses notes and found a record where Joe issued me a credit totaling $119.18, the credits were $30.05, 44.95, 40.90, 3.28. We were cut off at this time and I could not pursue it any further.

        I called AT&T on the 28th of February and they said they paid the $149.68 to MCI in July of 2006. Today is 6th of March and I have just spent 4 hours on the phone with MCI and they told me every story imaginable. No one can find the actual bill or charges from the 17, 18, 19th, of June, C some of them found the credits that were issued but no one has the authority to send me a check. As I was writing this I was talking to Fred and he said I owed them $118.67 from an older bill like March or April. He was the first one to mention that. I need help.

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        Original review: March 6, 2007

        Three months ago, I decided that what I was being charged for a long distance bill was too much. There was about $3.00 worth of long distance calls and with fees and taxes, my MCI bill was around $25.00. So, I called MCI and cancelled. I received a bill the next month, and called MCI. They apologized and credited my account, telling me that the person who took my first cancellation order was new and did not know how to correctly cancel my account. I was guaranteed that it was now cancelled. Today I received a new MCI bill. So, again I called and was told that my account could not be cancelled because I still had an 800 number active. This was news to me. I never had an 800 number with MCI. So, again I was told my account would be cancelled, in addition my phantom 800 number would be cancelled. Also I was paying $5/month since 2002 for this 800 number (...we'll see if I ever recoup any of that).

        Okay, three months ago I cancelled this account. I was told that I would be receiving another bill from MCI and that I should call them when I get it. Of course, this is the third service rep that told me that. I wonder how long this will really go on. I think when you cancel a service and they say - Okay, you are cancelled - then you should be. Is this a scam? I have noticed other similar complaints on the internet. Is this a pattern of deception. I wonder how many people think that maybe they owe one more bill and actually pay these bills? Is this a calculated effort to extract money from customers on a premeditated false basis?

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        Original review: March 1, 2007

        At the end of Nov 2006 I canceled my service with MCI. Since then I have talked to them several times about bills I am still receiving. They assured me in Jan that they had cleared up everything. But put a block on my phone. Now it is March and yet again I have received a bill from them. The bill I received in Jan was for $70.00 which I told them I should not have received because I switched to another company. That is when they put a long distance block on my phone. Which I call and they removed. This latest bill I received is only for $4.21 but I do not have service with them and I cannot understand why I still get charged for something.

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        Original review: Feb. 14, 2007

        October 2006 we moved to a new house in a new city. We had to change our phone number, but the carrier was still Bell South. We had our account moved over to the new house. We kept everything we had (long distance) the same as before. My October bill arrived and it was the correct amount of $36.00. The November bill came and it was $410. Instead of my long distance carrier being World Com at 6 cents a minute. It was listed as MCI at $1.19 a minute. I called Bell South who told me I had to call MCI who billed them for the long distance. We have never had MCI for anything.

        When I called MCI they told me I had to call another number and they told me I had to fax a letter disputing the charges. When I called a couple days later, MCI said they do not have a record of us having any account with them. Each month, I am being charged by MCI even though I have asked (by fax and phone for them to stop billing us for service that we do not have with them). They tell me that can't because they don't have a record of us. Bell South tells me they can't take the charges off that MCI is sending them, even though they don't have MCI listed on our account anywhere. This has become a nightmare. How can they get away with billing people without their permission and then blocking their service whenever they want.

        My phone is constantly being shut off. Bell South tells me that it is not them putting the block on our phone, it is MCI. How can they do that to our account if they don't have us as a customer? Tonight, my phone was shut off yet again (3rd time). I have a brother that is dying of cancer that I am taking care of. I need my phone. I don't know how to stop this.

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        Original review: Feb. 1, 2007

        MCI WAS our long distance carrier 5+ years ago. I had cancelled the service with them and my land line phone company HAS a record of the fact I have NO long distance service attached to my land line. After SBC was acquired by AT&T, lo and behold, I now have MCI billing me for calls WE DID NOT MAKE. How can I make long distance phone calls if I have no service, and I tested my phone to that effect? We called AT&T, who said we need to all MCI, which we did, only to have the biggest runaround with someone named Jim, who said the calls charged to my landline number were collect calls... No they are not and the calls are not shown as such on the billing. He said our acct with MCI was never cancelled. Told him it was, he argued with me, told him to cancel this service, again.

        He continued to argue about the charges, which I continually disputed. Asked to speak with a supervisor, was disconnected. Called back and got a Michael. Explained above, he says there's no charges showing up on the account, I say, "Well that's funny, I'm looking at a bill showing charges to a number I don't recognize." Told him I wanted to cancel the cancelled service again and questioned if I was going to be charged to cancel this. He transferred me through to an automated system and rec'd a confirm # cancelling my acct. Called by land line company to block all incoming charges to my number. What kind of scam is this? MCI has been known to reactivate supposedly closed accounts and bill consumers for NOTHING.

        This is one of the reasons I got rid of them to begin with several years ago. What can we do as consumers to take care of this situation?? I spent over an hour on the phone to get this issue resolved and need to continually watch my phone bill. What are the rights of us as consumers to take action against these companies??? Even though the amt. charged wasn't a large amt, think about how many consumers are being charged for services they did not set up, the many hours used to make senseless phone calls, the frustration, and lack of customer service provided, because the scam continues to put mega dollars in their pockets. Aren't there laws in place for this type of fraud?

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        Original review: Dec. 14, 2006

        After paying $100 for their DSL set-up fee and modem (I already had a DSL modem), they decided to cancel DSL service to Chicago-area customers. I asked them not to, was rebuffed, and then asked for a refund, and was again rebuffed. Now I have to turn to AT&T or Comcast, and paid $100 to MCI, about 25% of the total amount paid to MCI for my DSL service, for nothing.

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        Original review: Dec. 4, 2006

        This all started when MCI sent my elderly parents in Staten Island (both are retired - father was a pastor - and on very limited income) a letter stating that their DSL service would be shut off. I decided to ask MCI to shut if off a little bit earlier so that I could set up a DSL modem from another service and set up the modems and routers for them. I asked them to do this sooner than the original MCI DSL cancellation date so I could help with setting up the modem and router. MCI claimed to have cancelled their DSL service, but when I called Verizon, they said that the DSL service on the line was still owned by MCI and that they could do nothing until MCI completed the DSL cancellation. I had been calling MCI and Verizon, back and forth for about a month and a half until they finally had the DSL line released.

        Next Verizon tells me that they would not be able to place DSL service on this line because it was not a Verizon phone line. Why couldn't they tell me this earlier? I considered different options such as cable internet and other DSL providers, but Verizon DSL had the best price - $17.99/mo. And with my parents on very limited income, it was the only option.

        So we decided to switch the phone service from MCI to Verizon so that we could have DSL through Verizon at that price. On the phone, I asked them to make the switch and also set up DSL at that price. Every time I talked to a Verizon representative about DSL/Internet service, they always pushed the FiOS option as an alternative to DSL. Since FiOS was $30/mo, we decided that DSL at $18/mo was better for my parents.

        Now I have just recently called Verizon again to see what was happening with the DSL order and they said that the only work done was to switch the phone line over to Verizon. There was no order to put DSL on the phone line. I was transferred to what was supposed to be the Verizon DSL service, but the operator answered as Verizon FiOS. I asked her to set up DSL for my parents but she now tells me that because FiOS is offered in Staten Island, DSL is not offered there. Why is she telling me this now and how come no other Verizon representative told me about this until after we switched our phone service to Verizon? Even before that, why didn't any Verizon representative tell me that they couldn't set up Verizon DSL on a phone line that they didn't service and why did they send a DSL modem to the residence if they couldn't even provide service for it? It leads me to think that they wanted us to be late in returning it so that they could collect fees on it - there's no reason they should have sent it since 1.) MCI was the phone service provider and 2.) even if Verizon was the phone service provider, they wouldn't offer DSL, but rather FiOS instead.

        This looks like a complex bait and switch scam to me, but since it is done at a corporate level and with so many different customer service representatives with limited silos of information, it seems like the system was coordinated to make me switch over to Verizon phone service and Verizon FiOS so that Verizon make much more money off of my retired elderly parents.

        Please help in any way that you can. Thanks.

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        Original review: Sept. 12, 2006

        I have not had internet since Aug. 15. MCI used to provide service for me. They sent a letter letting me know that they would no longer provide service after Aug. 15, and suggested I contacted Verizon, which I did.

        After one week of ordering DSL with Verizon, I was told that they could not provide service because my line still showed internet service by other provider. I immediately contacted MCI, just to learn that they take about ten to fifteen business days to actually remove the equipment. In the meantime, Verizon could not proceed with their installation to provide service for me.

        It is frustrating and upsetting that one has to waste almost one hour on the phone, on hold, or talking to machines, and after that, all I get is for an MCI agent to say: I'm sorry but there's nothing we can do right now. It feels like I'm fighting against a giant.

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        Original review: Jan. 20, 2006

        Since the service started, if my DSL works, I lose phone service every evening between maybe 7 (never home then) and 8-10 pm. The phone used to come back on if I'd call it with my cell, now it doesn't. I didn't call because I work about 70 hours a week, plus up till recently I've been a full time student with 2 kids too--just didn't have time. But I've made tons of calls re the DSL because when that wasn't working the phone was, then I had some time so I called about both.

        I've spent so many hours, calling one division or another 1-2 times a week, crawling around on my hands and knees plugging and un plugging things at the direction of cust service and I've spent so many hours without service they told me when the problem was fixed I'd have a credit. Well the last time this happened I told them I want my credit (and really have earned a paycheck) from them, cust service said yes, 1 month credit and I thought it was the LEAST they could do, since they've found the problem is them, but now want me to spent $189 to have their tech out.

        Now I got a letter denying me the credit and I'm switching to SBC next week. At this point if kimberly would rot in hell I'd be satisfied, but since that's not possible I want my balance (1 month) credited back and we'll be divorced (me and mci). If you require further detail please contact me. My cell number is 630-***-****. This number is only to be used for contact for investigative purposed or in order to move this complaint forward. Thank you!

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        Original review: Dec. 21, 2005

        I am (was) a Qwest customer for Local telephone and DSL services until MCI "slammed" my account. I only found this out because I no longer had internet service. Upon further investigation, I found out that MCI created an account using my number for a new customer. They then froze the number which could take up to two weeks to "thaw" out.

        After two weeks, they then told me that the number had gone on to a "specialty" department and would take up to another two weeks. I told them that this was unacceptable and that they can severe all ties with this number and me by disconnecting this service. They passed me along to a manager who said that my service would be disconnected the next day and that I should contact Qwest to start new service. I did this and waited. I then discovered that request had been turned back through the MCI channels. I called MCI again and they resubmitted the request.

        In the interim, I have tried to set up new service with Qwest three times over the past three weeks. Throughout this whole experience, MCI has never explained fully how this could have happened. And never satisfied my complaints except by passing the buck along the various channels of MCI.

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        Original review: Aug. 12, 2005

        We lost our carrier single from MCI about 2 months ago. So I called MCI and after 2 1/2 hours on hold they finally told me to unplug all phones from the wall and re-plug them in again. We tried that and it did not work. So after another 1 hour wait, They told me to do the same thing again.

        Feed up with the long waits for support, I then switched my line to a VOIP and disconnected my DSL service from MCI (Which took 1 hour and 39min on a phone to get to the correct personal to disconnect the DSL Line). Now I find out that it takes up to 14 work days to disconnect the DSL Line and while that work order is open they can not end my Phone Service (Nor can they tell me when the DSL order is finished so I must call everyday to find out when the DSL disconnect is done so that I may then disconnect the regular phone service).

        While this is occurring I am paying for DSL and for phone service. It seems wrong to me that I must pay for DSL and Phone when I do not wish to as I am under NO contract requirements to do so. Is there anything I can do?

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        Original review: June 12, 2005

        I signed up for MCI DSL a couple of months ago, and it is the worst service I ever had in my life.

        1) Processing delay. it took them about three months from the time I ordered the service online to the time I received the installation kit from them, allowing me to actually use it.

        2) Connection speed. They advertise their DSL speed as up to 1.5 Mbit/s, with a fine print that says that it is not guaranteed and the transfer speed depends on many factors. What they don't tell you is that they don't even guarantee the speed between your modem and their access point! They gave me 384 Kbit/s downstream, which is 4 times less than the advertised maximum. When I complained, they said that my house is too far away from their access point to obtain better speed. Why did they not tell me this up front, when I gave them my street number to check for availability?

        3) Connection quality. The modem loses the connection every couple of minutes. All downloads that take more than that are being interrupted. For instance, I can't download e-mail attachments bigger than about 3 MB, because the connection is almost always lost during transfer, and I have to start over. I was hoping to use this service to talk to people using Skype. I can forget about it. Most of the time, latency on the connection is so unstable that you get terrible jitter making it impossible to understand a word.

        4) E-mail. Their SMTP mail server is on a public black list since April 2004, for it is an open-relay server, allowing anybody (not just registered customers) to send e-mail through it (BTW, it is partly because of companies like MCI why you're getting so much spam: they make it possible for spammers to send e-mail to you anonymously). Since more and more ISPs recognize this problem, the blacklisted SMTP servers are often banned from delivering mail to their customers. It means that I can't send e-mail to some (and growing number) of my friends, because their e-mail systems refuse to accept it, trying to protect receipients from a potential spam.

        5) Customer service. I tried to ask them to fix the SMTP server problem. I called twice, every time I was talking for about 30 min., trying to describe the problem to a person with apparently no technical knowledge whatsoever. Given that the problem is unresolved for more than a year now, I don't see big chances of success.

        I am going to terminate this deal, but I advise that you don't make the same mistake, paying $99 up front and $30 every month, for such a useless, low-quality service.

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        Original review: May 14, 2005

        My telephone stopped working - no incoming, no dialtone on 5-5-2005, I reported it and was told it would be approximately 24hrs for repair. The repair was done on 5-6-2005, and the telephone died again on the evening of 5-6-2005. I called MCI again and was told it would be repaired on 5-7-2005. I was out of town on that day, the phone was repaired again (shorted F1 pair in cable) and it worked, sort of, for the next few days. The phone died again on the evening of 5-12-2005, I called MCI on 5-13-2005.

        A repair person came out and said that it was again a shorted F1 pair in the cable. I was told then that it would be 5-7 days before the repair could be done. I'm still without a phone today 5-14-2005 . I'm a computer consultant and bill approximately $2000 - $2500 per WEEK, and this week has be a loss, plus I have lost 2 clients because of the delays and NON - repairable time. What good is any telephone without SERVICE, If I can't fix someones computer system I don't change for it but I make sure that they are up and running before I leave , but a telephone company can alibi you away for days and do NOTHING, but send you a bill.

        The American Business ethic has gone to hell in a hand basket. Thank god I didn't opt for DSL, I'm staying with Adelphia Cable Internet, at least I can have internet telephones that work!!

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        Original review: March 15, 2005

        We have had an ongoing problem with MCI for over SIX YEARS, which is funny, since we never requested them to be our long distance carrier. They have chosen us TWICE by setting up an account that we never wanted, billing us, accruing basic service charges, blocking our line, threatening our credit, blaming us, blaming our local carrier, refusing to close accounts (because we didn't follow their procedure), etc.

        This is infuriating, but even more so because we have chosen for several years to not have long distance service on our land line. I have spent hours on the phone with useless customer service reps and have literally been "disconnected" when I asked to speak to a supervisor. I have written to them regarding these issues and they continue to bill us! I will be filing complaints now that I know they do this as a normal course of business. My question is, how much money to they line their pockets with in this underhanded way? How many people don't want their credit injured and send money just to right the matter? How much money must be fleeced from average folks before the big guys shut them down?

        We have been unable, even when we wanted to, to have long distance service. Our local carrier couldn't remove the block MCI placed on our line without their permission. Seems we have no say in the matter. After spending nearly an hour on the phone with our local carrier cust. service rep., we found out some phantom account has been accruing monthly charges for years. My local carrier chose to absorb any disconnect fees, etc., we both contacted MCI to close the account and WE'RE STILL BEING BILLED! Plus, there's a 16.00 charge on our local bill in regards to this.

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        Original review: March 1, 2005

        In October 2004, I changed my long distance carrier from MCI to Qwest. The next month, and every month since, I receive a bill from MCI, I call their customer service, re-cancel the service, they zero out my account, apologize, and the next month it starts all over again. What do I do to make it stop!

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        Original review: Feb. 20, 2005

        I called MCI the last week of October 2004 to let them know I would be moving the end of November 29, 2004. I wanted to know what the process was to have my service moved to the new place and how much time would it take to move me. I was told to call back the week before I was to move and everything would be taken care of then. I called back again the first week of Nov. after thinking it tool me a couple of weeks to get the service when I first started with MCI so I wanted to make sure I would have a phone when I moved in due to my illnesses and my son. I also work from my computer and had to have things running I had DSL with them and long distance service. Well that time I was told I needed to call at least three weeks ahead of time to have the service moved.

        It was the first week of Nov. then. Ok we started the process I was told I would have the service connected in three days which was fine . Since I was able to get the keys to the new place and start moving. Well I told them to turn the service off in the old place once the service was connected which was in three days . The third day came and went NO SERVICE. I called was told no order was placed. So had to go through the process again (3rd time now). But this time I was told I had to cancel the DSL service first this took time then my order would go through. Never was told that.

        I was still dealing with the fact that I didn't have service in the new place but it was okay since I still hadn't moved everything and I was only moving one door over to the new apt. I still had time. I moved my computer back into the old apt. so I could continue to work . Now I was told it would be walked through since I had been having so much trouble and I would have my services moved with in a day. This was good I would be turning the old keys in on the 29th of Nov. I thought everything was great at that time. As of Dec. I still had no phone service and it wasn't turned off in the old place. New people ghad moved in the old apt. and they now had access to my services.

        When I called back again I was told it was nothing that they could do about it and the new people just had free service. This really upset me and to make it even worse I get a bill for $168.00. Called back and they canceled that bill after fussing for an hour about not having service. Or having it canceled in the old place either. Dec. 25 th still no service and the other phone was still on. I got another bill 289.17 and a letter talking about my credit would be affected if I didn't pay my bill on time. Again I called and being a very mad person now been told everything would be taking care of. Still no service from them. Jan. Nothing I called and got service hooked up from another company.

        Took three days due to a wiring problem in the new apt. but service was on. That problem was fixed right away. Still haven't heard from MCI till I got another bill for 388.18. I have been trying to get a main office number from them and was told they didn't have one or no one I COULD TALK TO about the problem that i was having with them. This has been going on now since Oct 2004 and even thou I now have phone service with another company that has been more than nice helping me that company is ComSouth and I have earthlink DSL internet service they have been great. I would not advice anyone to use MCI ever again. They can't even cut off the service.

        Dose anyone know what I can do about this? It is now Feb 2005 and I still haven't had any luck with getting the phone service turned off at the old place I did tell them I didn't want their services any more but I never told them I had service from another company , Oh and get this the bill comes to the new address.

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        Original review: Feb. 18, 2005

        i will be moving to a new apartment on February 26, 2005. i called mci on Tuesday, February 155, 2005 believing that this would be enough time for a move order to be place so that my services will be on when i moved. but, unfortunately that was not true. i have dsl on my line and i was told that i cannot place a move order until my dsl was disconnected and was told that it could take up to 2 weeks for that to go through and then another 3 weeks for my services to be turned on at the new location.

        i explained to mci representatives and supervisors in all the departments that i was transferred to, which were many, that i have a 2 very ill children one with severe asthma and another with a whole in her heart that is allergic to have the world that lives on an epi pen so that they could understand why i was so angry and they could try to expedite what i needed to be done. iwas told to call the next day by a supervisor to place my move order. when i called i was told that my order to disconnect dsl never went through yesterday so i had to replace the order to disconnect dsl again and could not place my order to move yet.

        i was told to call back in a few days i called back on Friday, February 18, 2005. and was told again that my order for disconnect of my dsl did not go through so they had to put the order in again manually. so i asked to speak to a supervisor of the dsl department and was told by chris a rep in the dsl department that the supervisor was going to tell me the same thing. so i was furious and demanded a supervisor immediately, when the supervisor came on the line she said the same information all over again and i explained my situation for about the tenth time and was told again there was nothing she can do but she would be watching my account to ensure that the dsl was disconnected. i told that that was the same thing another supervisor told me on Wednesday when i spoke to a supervisor.

        i got even more upset because if this supervisor saw that the order never went through when she checked my account why did she not place the order again.. so i requested to speak to the complaint department to which i was answered very sarcastically by a person named trace that there was nothing that she could do expedite anything even if she placed a complaint, i explained my situation to her and for the 20th time all i got was i'm sorry about your situation and there is nothing i can do. so i am now writing to your department to see what you can advise me because this is basically a life threatening situation for one of my children and they will be responsible for anything that happens to my children.

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        Original review: Jan. 27, 2005

        I have had MCI service since January 2004. Everything was fine until April of 2004 when a representative contacted me about signing up for DSL. I declined the service but when I received my April bill from MCI it stated that I had ordered DSL. Then about a day later the equipment showed up.When I called to tell them that I did not sign up for DSL and that I didn't want it, they told me that it would take 2 weeks to resolve the issue.

        Two weeks later I call back and the DSL was still on the line. So again, I kindly ask them to remove it and also tell them that I do not want their service anymore. Once again they agreed and told me that it would take another 2 weeks to resolve the issue and for me to wait the 2 weeks before I switch to another company. I said fine and asked for them to fix the problem asap. Well to sum this whole thing up, it is now January of 2005 and nothing has been fixed. I have been told by them 2 weeks every 2 weeks and still nothing.

        They even had the nerve to say that Verizon was at fault for the DSL issue (which I called and of course they had nothing to do with it) So now I am hearing that the company that provides DSL for MCI (COVAD) is the on that is at fault. Basically, I'm still getting the run around and still stuck with MCI service not to mention the $600 bill they tried to stick me with for the DSL service that I never ordered.

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        Original review: Dec. 29, 2004

        I cancelled my MCI residential long distance account in late July. I went ahead and made a payment August 30th just to make sure there were no additional debts incurred. My monthly payments averaged around $5 to $6. That amount was the charge for the plan and any additional taxes. I had not used my residential phone for long distance for quite some time. I use my cellular phone since long distance is included in my plan. I continued to receive bills from MCI. I wrote them in October again explaining that I had cancelled my account. I later received a credit equal to 2 months worth of service. I assume this covered September and October since my last payment on August 30th had cleared. Now if the payment is made for the month in advance, this would actually cover October and November. This would, of course, cause a refund to be due to me.

        I have now received a collection warning that if I do not pay this $5.63 that I will be turned over to a collection agency. Collections, of course, will affect my credit rating. I know it is a minimal amount of money, but I can't believe they would actually do this. Besides, I shouldn't owe them anything. Regardless, if they will do this to me for an amount so small, I hope others will be aware before they even consider using MCI.

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        Original review: Dec. 6, 2004

        Today I took the time to evaluate my elderly Mother-In-Law's monthly phone bill for which I make the monthly pmt. I discovered that she is being billed by two long distance carriers; Verizon & MCI. The bill from MCI for 4 min. of long distance is $17.15. I called Verizon and asked that the line be designated to Verizon only. I have been unable to contact MCI to have the monthly recurring fee stopped. I was on hold to MCI cust svc # 800-517-2639 for 15 min no answer. I tried local (Sarasota) 941-***-****, no answer. I tried contacting via MCI web site - continually get "error message". No mailing address at their website. This is an outrage.

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        Original review: Dec. 1, 2004

        I have been an MCI customer for several years. I have moved and have 2 horrible MCI experiences to share.

        1. I called MCI on Nov 1 to indicate I would be moving at the end of the month and I wanted to transfer my phone service to the new location. The catch was that the new service was to be a second phone line at the new location. Because of this MCI indicated I needed to treat this as a brand new order(not a transfer order). I asked when do I need to call to have the existing service terminated - they told me 5 days before service termination date.

        On Nov 1 I proceeded to place the order for the new service. I was told it would take 30 days to get the new line in and the service established.

        A letter was sent by MCI on November 11th to the address I was not living at yet indicating there was a problem with the order - that I needed to contact them. I have since contacted MCI a total of 6 times(each time on hold for a minimum of 45 minutes) only to be told there is no due date on the order, called me a liar, told me they would never guarantee 30 day service, you name it, they said it. No-one would help me determine what the problem was(why they sent the letter) so that I could help them resolve the issue. They said I had to wait 30 days and then it would be turned over to research who would contact me. Ok the 30 days is up and I Still have received NO information from MCI on this order. I have written and sent a fax to the complaint department but have not heard a peep. Great customer service, huh!!

        2. I contacted MCI on November 24th to terminate my DSL and phone service(I was told when I called on Nov first I could do this even with the DSL). The new resident has moved into the residence and the phone and DSL service is still active. I contacted MCI today(Dec 1) only to be told there was a problem with the DSL cancellation and the service was not cancelled yet nor could they process the phone cancellation order until this was done. This contradicts my call on the 24th where they indicated the DSL would be cancelled immediately. On Nov 24, the rep I talked to indicated that she cancelled the phone service and she took all of the information and assured me it would be cancelled by Nov 30th. Low and behold, now I call back and they tell me it will take 2 weeks from when the DSL service was cancelled and that there was no record of the cancellation order from the first call. Hey guys, this is not my problem.

        I thought moving and staying with MCI would be easy but your company has made this process more difficult than if I had moved to SBC or AAT

        I need help, and CANNOT GET IT FROM MCI - please advise.

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        Original review: Nov. 26, 2004

        i called mci for the first time to have my phone & dsl service disconnected on 9/29/04. i was told that they could "block" it, but that i had to call back in 7 days to actually have it disconnected. i called back a week later and i was told they would put the request in and it would be done in 7 more days. then the lawyer and the real estate lady involved in the sale of my home where i had this service called me, saying that the man who bought was complaining that he could not get his phone hooked up because mine still was hooked up. i called again and they said it would be done immediately.

        today, 11/26/04, i get a bill for $442.63 and a warning that my service will be disconnected and that they will report me to a credit bureau if i do not pay this bill. are these people nuts? i have never had anything like this happen to me before in my life. when i call, i just sit on hold and i cannot speak to a person. when i have gotten someone, they say they cannot help me and say they will transfer me and then disconnect me. i am at my wit's end and am ready to start calling newspapers.

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        Original review: Nov. 5, 2004

        I ordered the DSL service in October of 2004 and here it is November and still no DSL. After numerous calls to customer service they can't seem answer the question of why its taking so long to complete the order. I need dsl for my college studies as it would be more efficient but yet and still its not a priority to them. The customer service team can't seem to get me to the right people to answer the question and they can't seem to understand why i'm mad. I have a friend who order dsl from both southwestern bell for one house and verizon dsl from another house and has received both orders and i'm still waiting.

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        Original review: Oct. 18, 2004

        I began service with MCI that included DSL and was told it would take up to 3 weeks to get the DSL service started. Over the next two months our regular phone service was interrupted as many as 3 times (that we know of). I had to speak with 3 different service people & it took nearly two months to finally connect the DSL, the basic service interruptions continued throughout. the disconnection process took over 3 months. Beginning with the 7-14 days necessary to disconnect DSL then the failure of MCI to initiate a manual service disconnect.

        Two months later the new renters of the space complained to SBC who alerted us to the continuing monopolization of the line by MCI - they also continued to charge calls made on the line to my account. All procedures & interactions took above & beyond the amount of time stated by service reps. & required extensive intervention & monitoring to actually be accomplished, the company took advantage of these lapses to charge and over charge for service.

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        Original review: Aug. 17, 2004

        We bought a house and moved in July 27, 2004. The previous customer had MCI service (630) ***-****. It has been 3 weeks and MCI has not disconnected the local phone service yet. And because of that, we are not able to get our local and DSL service with SBC.

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        Original review: June 7, 2004

        We applied for a DSL and Unlimited Long Distance Package with MCI after being informed that MCI can provide us with those services. After two weeks, we followed-up with them, and the DSL order was mistakenly not processed, so we re-ordered DSL. Another two weeks, I was informed that the DSL technicians came to my residence however they were unable to access inside my compound so they just left. I was available for them but they did not call me to tell me they were in the vicinity. I re-scheduled and this time I had to take off work to make myself available for the DSL technicians.

        On the day of the appointment, I made another phone call to MCI to find out the status of the DSL Technicians. I was informed that they were not making the scheduled appointment because MCI is unable to service me with DSL in my area. MCI was aware of this well in advance and never bothered to inform me. So, I am no longer with MCI. I received a statement of charges for their services. I wrote a letter to their corporate office in complaint of poor customer service, and I was seeking an adjustment of those charges.

        To this day, I am still awaiting a response to my letter from MCI. I made another phone call to MCI's customer service to arrange payment. I paid the agreed upon amount, and I was informed that the rest of the balance would be adjusted for me. I am now receiving phone calls and letters for this remaining balance. I want MCI to adjust this balance as promised to me, and just leave me alone.

        I will never again be using MCI in the future. Every single time I have called MCI's customer service I have all ways encountered excruciatingly long waiting periods. I am very dissatisfied with MCI and their services.

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        Original review: May 18, 2004

        MCI is continuing to bill me for service that I have not used. About mid June, 2003, I signed up for their My Neighborhood service, adding the DSL service for a fixed price of about $90 a month. Several weeks passed when I got a card stating that they were still working on my "package", I did not exactly know what that meant.

        Around mid August, I had several callers including my grand child who informed me that they tried to leave me a message but had difficulty getting through to me. This triggered my call to MCI to find out what was going on. I was advised that I had to "activate" my voice mail. I was never informed that the service had been initiated, there were no manuals sent nor at notice. I was thoroughly upset as I had missed important calls because of this. It was also at this point that they advised me that they could not provide me with the DSL service. I then told the representative that I was unhappy with the way they handled my account.

        I called ATT to sign up with their service to ATT to sign up with them and told them I did not really know the status of where MCI was and the ATT representative assured me that they will take care of the change over from MCI. Thus from August, I thought ATT became my service provider. I had been billed by ATT and have been paying ATT.

        I kept being billed by MCI a $38 charge since October, which I ignored, but finally decided to get them of my back and paid the charge in January. I spoke the the MCI representative and told her that I had never used their long distance service and she concurred with me on this fact.

        When I kept receiving MCI bills, I called repeatedly telling them that I did not use their service. Each time I called the story was different. At first it was my long distance service, then it became my local service, today, May 18, I am told it is their dial tone.

        I believe ATT carries some responsibility as they were supposed to advise MCI of the switch-over.

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        Original review: April 19, 2004

        In January 2001, our company switched our dedicated and switched long distance carrier from MCI to Sprint. We have several 1B lines located throughout the Las Vegas Valley for voice and data services. After receiving several individual bills for long distance carrier services to these 1B lines, I had our local company, Sprint, remove long distance services from the lines and place carrier blocks on the numbers to avoid carrier service additions. I also contacted many customer service representatives over the course of several months to clear up incorrect billing for services that had not been approved. Every month,

        I am still receiving monthly bills from MCI for some of these numbers for carrier services which have not been agreed to, nor reflected on the local billing statement.

        Several of the disputed accounts were submitted for collection. I have submitted written disputes to both collection agency and MCI/Worldcom. It is ridiculous for a company of MCI's magnitude to resort to invisible carrier services to generate revenue without consumer consent. Although the recent billing have been less than substantial, usually consisting of $0.28 per month for carrier services, I am still receiving past due bills and recurring charges on a monthly basis for numbers that have been expressly forbidden from alternate carriers by Sprint.

        This behavior needs to be stopped immediately. I should not have to waste the valuable resources of the company to protest illegal billing procedures for matters that have already been addressed.

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        Original review: March 19, 2004

        I have been a customer with MCI since August 2003, At first, I had no complaints however, recently there have been some incidents which are very disturbing. The first one has to do with a verbal agreement that was broken on MCI's part. On or about February 8, 2004, a representative gave me an extension to make a payment by Feb. 18, 2004 and said that service would not be interrupted. However, payment was made on that date and service indeed was interrupted for 3 days. I had no dialtone.

        On March 12, 2004, I requested to have my phone number changed and since then, I'm unable to access my voicemail. When i call customer service, they give me some story about how my pin needs to be changed but that their "system is down" and pin cannot be reset, call back in 24 hrs. This has been going on for 5 days now.

        I have 2 children in the house and I think them interrupting service was inhumane especially after I made the payment when they asked me to. And now I can't access my voicemail and I am in the process of moving and need my voicemail for renting agents to contact me.

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        Original review: March 17, 2004

        I signed up for MCI DSL service on the web site. This was done on 3/13/04 and I was contacted by an independent verifier on 3/16/04. This is when I first learned of a one-time $99.00 activation fee. I questioned this amount and was transferred to Kim Strom at MCI. She explained how the $99.00 fee was just put into place today, and even though I placed my order on 3/13/04 I would have to pay this fee.

        While on the phone with Kim I accessed the website and further complained to her that there was no mention of this activation fee on the mci website. She agreed with this fact and apologized and explained how the website was not yet updated. I am going to be contacting as many people as possible at MCI, including their consumer affairs department. I am very surprised to find this bait and switch tactic being utilized by such a large organization in the year 2004.

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