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Original review: Dec. 1, 2010

I am an AT&T customer. MCI, however, has arbitrarily begun billing me directly for long distance privilege/possibility with no agreement from me. I say privilege/possibility because I have not made any long distance phone calls in about 4 years. MCI's agreement is/was with AT&T. Whereas AT&T would bill its customers for long distance service on behalf of MCI. Well, AT&T has evidently discontinued that billing practice with AT&T. I called their customer service rep (named Monday) to ask why I am being charged a $55.54 bill, and to provide me with a list of payments vs actual long distance calls made that they have charged me over the years, even if indirectly through my service provider AT&T.

She informed me that she could not give me any details of billings before AT&T cancelled its billing practice with MCI, and only thereafter. Therefore, it is obvious that MCI took it upon themselves to assign me an account number without my say so, began billing me for the privilege of possibly using their service since I have made no actual long distance phone calls, and in effect forced me to be their direct customer. My statement to Monday, MCI's service rep, is that I had never made a direct payment to MCI and that any covenant or agreement towards long distance service was paid to my service provider AT&T. If AT&T has discontinued its service with MCI, then any indirect connection I may have had with MCI is also terminated.

You cannot, in anyway, take it upon yourself as a company to make people your exclusive and direct customers. How do you know if I still have phone service period? Again, there is no has been, no service provided between supplier and customer. Why then would I pay MCI anything? And think of all the people they have billed for the privilege of their service without providing any actual service. Talk about racking up in the "MILLIONS."

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Original review: Oct. 19, 2010

I was called by an MCI rep yesterday who informed my wife that our long distance carrier had been changed to MCI by one of their big clients that bundled our phone number in with this client's account. My wife informed them that we did not authorize this change and did not want their service. She asked for the client's name that gave our number to them. They said they could not give the client's name and we would have to contact our service provider to cancel this service that we did not authorize. My wife called our provider to find it was changed without our permission. I cannot believe a company can do this and not be responsible for their actions. We better not receive any bills from this scam.

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Original review: Sept. 14, 2010

I was totally blackmailed by MCI... For some reason, AT&T cancelled my long distance with my MCI number (**). I got a phone call from MCI about a bill I hadn't paid, which had about $35 of international long distance calls I never made... In order for me to get these charges credited, I had to join MCI long distance (I had joined AT&T long distance because MCI was just too disjointed and too difficult to deal with). Now we are trying to get back with MCI long distance because we need that bill waived... Disgusting.

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Original review: July 16, 2010

MCI charged me for service I did not have with them at the time since I had already switched to another carrier. They referred it to a collections agency and it has affected my credit report. Apparently, they have done this with others and despite my call to the executive office of MCI, they continue to perpetuate this fraud.

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Original review: July 13, 2010

My complaint is the same as others I have read. I NEVER ordered their service. I have called over 15 times this year to cancel. Each month I continue to get billed with late fees and credit threats. The best part? The phone number they are allegedly providing me service on does NOT exist. It was my old landline that I cancelled a long time ago. I have called, emailed and today I am mailing letters to as many MCI addresses I can find. This is ridiculous!!! This has been VERY STRESSFUL and frustrating. I'm glad I don't have high blood pressure!

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Original review: March 6, 2010

This is the third time MCI has begun billing me for service I never requested nor need. I don't even HAVE long distance service. I call and send letters and get nowhere. Eventually, it ends up on my credit report. How can this be legal? Is there anything I can do about it? I've heard many people complain about this practice, but it continues! My credit is being wrecked.

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Original review: Feb. 11, 2010

Overbilled telephone services. Accounting fraud from MCI because they have yet gotten my bill correctly. They are reporting to collections and creditors with false and inaccurate information on my account. I have complained to MCI to correct this matter and yet done so. I am supposed to have a set fee and rate plan that would never increase. That was a lie. I am also being charged for telephone feature that never worked. They continue to charge me for that and my bill reaches hundreds each month. They cancelled service because I denied the bill amounts, and then charged me to reactivate service and fees.

This is scamming and fraud. I would like to seek fraud from accounting dept and negative effect on credit. Damages with stress-related issues. Deceptive billing and sales practices. Also charge them with defamation of character, ruining my credit and money. I am now expecting to ask for a settlement offer of damage from MCI. I need answers more than excuses from this sorry and dishonest, poor company.

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Original review: Sept. 22, 2009

We have a security system at our home. We have a signed contract with MCI Eastern. The contract term was nearing the end of a 5 year term. We were told to terminate our contract. MCI Eastern requires a written notice 30 days prior to end of contract. MCI Eastern claimed to NOT get this within the 30 days. THEREFORE we were automatically signed UP for another 5 years!!! We ended up in COURT. The outcome we had to pay for ONE year of service (NEVER RECEIVED). This company DOES not know how to run a BUSINESS BUT certainly KNOWS how to WRITE a contract!!

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Original review: Aug. 20, 2009

I contacted MCI Eastern Security in regards to my wired carbon monoxide detectors going off and the fact that there was a recall on them (stating that they all go off inoperable) exactly after five years. I spoke with Mike (Service Manager) and explained this. He indicated that he would send a technician to my home to check it. The technician removed the detectors and replaced them. The technician never once advised us that we would have to pay for the visit or the detectors and we never expected to due to the recall.

We then received a bill for over $700.00 ($175 for the service call and $175 per detector). I called MCI and spoke with Mike inquiring as to why we are getting charged. He claimed that he did not remember our conversation regarding the recall but will look into it. Meanwhile, I kept receiving bills with interest tacked on. I called MCI and left messages. No one called back. I wrote a letter explaining my concerns and faxed it to MCI (I have the fax confirmation). Again, no one called back for a month. I called again and left a message for Mike. He claims that he did not receive my letter. He then tells me that he called the manufacturer of the carbon monoxide detector and they refused to refund them for the cost of the detectors. He then offered to reduce my bill by 10%. I explained that I don't appreciate MCI providing a service call and installing a product without providing the consumer without an estimate.

I advised them that had we known we had to pay for them and was advised how much they were, we would not have agreed and would have turned it down. MCI did not give us the opportunity to do so and now are demanding that we pay it or that they will turn this over to collections and take us to court and ruin our credit. I have requested that they remove them and take them back as we don't want them, but Mike has refused to do so. We should have had the opportunity to say yes or no at the time instead of expecting their customers to pay what they demand.

They are harassing us with bills and interest charges; have threatened to send to collection and to take us to court and to ruin our credit. All we want is for them to remove the detectors. Mike offered to deduct the cost of the service charge. When I asked how much, he said $46.00. When I asked him to send someone to remove the detectors, he stated that we would be responsible to pay both service charges of installing and then removing of $175.00 each time ($350 total). This is a scam!

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Original review: June 16, 2009

I have an entry on my credit report that I know nothing about. I never had any dealing with that company. As my credit report has it listed, I can't get the complete account #, or any phone numbers to call concerning this matter. This is a negative on my credit report and needs to be removed immediately.

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Original review: May 14, 2009

They have racked up my small business account. I have tried to get them to correct the over billed amount and yet done that. Now my phone is disconnected. Something needs to be done about this company and deceptive sales and billing issues. This is a matter that I am tired of being taken advantage of. I would like to seek damages done by this company and for loss in business client. I need their full response before I file on this matter.

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Original review: April 21, 2009

I have a small business acct. with MCI Small Business Neighborhood Plan. I was told it would be a set rate no matter length of time on phone, etc. Also that I had requested special features for my phone. I had been taken advantage of under false and/or misleading sales practices. I am not getting full ability for my phone as I am billed for and paying for. Also they told me that they are a month behind on billing. I have rec'd very few bills and paid them but the company does not show paid amts. They wait until they rack up a big bill and bill the customer for late charges and billing cycle, when it is their fault that they are a month behind on billing, therefore they state I owed three hundred and some odd dollars when I do not.

I spoke to a lady last week and sent in money and the balance was only a hundred and some odd dollars. Since that phone call, MCI is now billing me within one week three hundred and some odd dollars. I feel that this company should offer me a settlement out of the courts and not commit such fraud and scams they commit. I had to call back to MCi numerous times and still could not get the answers I needed. I had to call on my cell phone that used up my min. because I cannot call out long distance on my small business line. How does this company wish to settle out of lawsuit?

Please refer to them for their response on this matter. See AT&T pulled the same stunt. I am tired of this. I have to have phone service for my clients and make money to pay the bill I do not make since. This has caused mental stress. We have a newborn that is two weeks old and MCI calls odd time and multiple times daily. This is harassment and deceptive practice. I do not take this matter lightly. I need your help to solve this from happening again and to other people today.

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Original review: March 27, 2009

I cancelled my MCI card and confirmation came in my final bill of 8-28-08 (I have check carbon and bank cancelled check). I used AT&T cards from then on. Then on January 5, 2009 I ordered the Quest bundle with internet. Internet was installed 1-05-09, and at that time I thought the long distance bundle was in place. No one told me it would take at least 10 days for the long distance to take effect. Unknowingly, I made some calls thinking they were covered by the Quest bundle. Come to find out, I was charged by MCI for those calls - the same MCI I had cancelled much earlier. I was told by Quest that some companies put you on default even if you cancel. I was not notified and would never have agreed to being on default. Therefore, today I asked Quest to send back the dispute charges of $18.19. Someone might say, well why not just pay it, it isn't much. Frankly, it is the principle of the matter. Reference number for the disputed charges is ** sent to you today, 3/27/09. Please let me know that these disputed charges will be taken care of and not put out to any collection agency which would damage my perfect credit score. Thank you.

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Original review: March 23, 2009

My son made 1 minute collect phone call 20 miles from home (Ann Arbor, MI to Canton, MI). Operator could not tell me for the cost per minute of the collect call when I asked before accepting the call. MCI/Verizon sent the bill, charged $7.60 plus $0.46 taxes. Total: $8.06 for the 1 minute call (Invoice **). I called the 800 number on the bill to complain on 3/23/09 that the operator did not tell me the rate before I accepted the call, and the charge is very excessive. The customer service lady, Wendy, replied that she did not know what the operator told me, but after I complained and asked for a correction, she adjusted to $3.50. When I asked for a reference number for record, she said just mention her name and the date, that would be sufficient. I would like to report of the attempted excessive charge ($8.06) for 1 minute of collect call, and MCI operator for not disclosing the rate charge.

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Original review: March 13, 2009

I have had this service for several years and at first I was satisfied. I paid my bill using their website, or my online bank account. Doing my taxes recently, I printed out my bank statements and realized that MCI had been deducting my monthly amount from my account (I never knowingly gave them authorization), so what has happened is that I've been overpaying. This was NEVER reflected on my bill. I called and found out I had over $455.00 in credit. I asked why they continued to deduct monthly bills with so much credit. No one could give me an adequate answer. I said I wanted a refund and they told me it was up to ME to prove overpayment. Well I have the proof - my bank statements. I asked them why I had to prove anything, they had everything right there in front of them on their computer. I was told that's their policy. I immediately cancelled my service. I will wait for my final bill and refund check. If that is not forthcoming, I will be consulting my attorney. I do not understand why all payments were not reflected on my bill, paper or online. No credits of payments received other than what they automatically deducted each month.

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Original review: Feb. 24, 2009

I have NEVER had MCI or Verizon. Never. They are saying that I opened an account in April 2008 and it was charged off in February 2009. The amount they say they charged off is $455. I disputed this through Experian but of course they are still saying that I was written off for past due charges. The account number on Experian says **. It does not give the full account number. There was never any calls made to me about this. If I had an account and was delinquent, should I have not received some collection calls?

Again, I did not receive any calls about this. I was notified through my credit auto notification that this charge had been placed against me. I cannot find anyone to talk to about this. This is fraud and I will not let them get away with this. I am a small business owner and cannot get working capital loans because of this recent incident that was placed against me. It could really hurt me in the next couple of months.

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Original review: Feb. 10, 2009

MCI is charging me $1.99 for sending me my bill in the mail. When I requested to be set up on the auto pay system, I was only given 1 choice of payment date. I only receive 2 deposits per month and am on a fixed income. Can you help me? Consequences: Paying $24.00 a year for a phone bill to be sent in the mail. Not able to make the auto payment date given to me because it falls between my deposits.

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Original review: Jan. 30, 2009

I received a notice from a Collection Agency "American Agencies" which states that my husband owed $195.37 to MCI Communications. I called American Agencies to obtain more information about the notice. They stated that it was an unpaid bill from between March and April 2003. I told them that I had Verizon from August 2001 until 2007. I checked my 2003 checkbook while still on the phone with the agent, I was able to verify that I had paid my ground phone to Verizon at that time. The agent placed a notice that the I was requesting more detailed information on the charges. My phone bill has always been on my name and this "ghost" bill was on my husband's name. I am wondering if perhaps my husband answered a random call from MCI and they got his name from that call. I have no idea where this is going to end.

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Original review: Jan. 28, 2009

MCI accepted my SS# on an account that was not mine. MCI did not perform due diligence ever. So in 2004 MCI sold the debt to Sherman Associates - never checking the SS# with my SS#. My bank account (WAMU) was levied and money OVER $1000 ($967.50 &$100 fee) was taken (stolen) from my account. NO one checked the SS# to the name, address etc. It is NOT me. The attys office Mel Harris 212 571-4900 proceeded without verifying any data. MCI apparently accepted my SS# and did NO checking either. The atty's office made a horrendous mistake. Ms ** **, Glen ** **, Olivia ** **, is difficult to contact. I have been calling since 12/26/08 to straighten this out to no avail. PLEASE HELP ME. Thank you.

The lawyers are located at Mel Harris Esq. 116 John ST Manhattan NY 10038. I have spoken to Ms. ** **, Glen ** ** and Olympia ** **. They know they made a mistake. Actually a big mistake was made somewhere. The debt is from Juanita's marriage to John. MCI somehow got my SS# (it is one digit off of Juanita's). So MCI didn't check the SS# to the person, then the debt was sold finally ending up with Mel Harris Esq (unscrupulous law firm) who wrongly placed a levy on my bank account - Wamu who did not perform due diligence either. They took my $$ which I am trying to get back. Many folks to blame here: MCI, Mel Harris (got the levy) on incorrect info and Wamu - did no checking either. SO no one followed due diligence. Based on that course of events I could use anyone's SS#. Bank acct closed. Money taken 1076.50 total.

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Original review: Jan. 23, 2009

I have had MCI as my phone service provider for approximately 3 years. As of February 2007, I cancelled the long distance portion of my service due to extremely high rates which I was never able to get a clear explanation of from the customer service. Between that time and January 7, 2009, I have had only local service from MCI. During this period, I made many payments and was not able to lower the amount owed. I was also never able to get a clear explanation of the charges to my bill. In addition, several times I requested a paper statement to be mailed to me, and received only one or two statements which still did not explain the charges. I have also received harassing phone calls from this company at all hours of the day. Since January 8, I have started service with a new, much more affordable provider. I can no longer afford MCI. They have sent me a bill for approximately $230 and I need to dispute these charges. Assistance is much needed to do so since I am not able to understand their customer service and therefore cannot resolve this issue with MCI.

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Original review: Jan. 17, 2009

I have been trying to cancel my home phone service since Sept/Oct of 2008. It took two months for my phone to disconnect. I have continued to receive phone bills. However, not only am I receiving my phone bills that has been canceled but I am receiving someone else's phone bills. MCI told me that they will give me a credit; however, they told me to keep telling them when I receive a bill. Every month, I have been spending at least two hours to resolve the problem of receive a bill in my name and a bill in someone else's name. Today, I asked to speak to the manager. The representative told me that the manager would call me back in 30 minutes. However, when he calls back in ONE HOUR, his line kept getting disconnected for us to talk. I called back twice. It has been almost four months and my issues are not resolved.

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Original review: Dec. 21, 2008

This is the third time in about 4 years that this has happened to me. The most current time being now, December 2008. I have been billed a charge of $10.57 by MCI for a service I never authorized or requested or even have for that matter. It's disgusting that this can even happen. I currently have AT&T for my landline service and have had them for the past 11 years.

Now I have to waste my time in contacting MCI and cancel a service that they have absolutely no right to try and push on me in the first place. Each time this happens, it takes me at least 2 to 3 hours to get through (which takes away from my work time). It also causes me stress with worrying about whether or not I have any control in resolving this matter or if it will negatively affect my credit. Please help in this matter. I can't believe this can go on in our country for so many years now.

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Original review: Dec. 17, 2008

Our company signed a LD contract with AT&T April 21, 2008. They sent a cancellation notice to MCI who was our old LD company. Since then MCI has continued to set up new accounts for our company and charge us the highest rates. I have contacted them every month since May to cancel all accounts and instructed them not to set up any new ones: didn't work. Finally on June 25th one of the many MCI reps that I had spoken with closed all our accounts or so I thought. A bill came in August for $2,522.53; Sacred Heart Convent refused to pay it: all accounts were closed after all. In Sept we received another bill, which included past due charges and new charges of $486.99. We refused to pay: all the while I am still contacting both AT&T and MCI.

In October I faxed a letter to MCI telling them once again do not open any accounts and CLOSE all accounts for the Dominican Sisters: I cc'd a copy to our account rep at AT&T. In November we were turned over to a collection agency, NCO Financial Systems, Inc. with additional fees of $1,053.33 added to this already ludicrous bill. We will not pay this, as we have tried and tried to resolve this matter. What exactly does it take to get an account closed, and finally when it is and even states that in the company's computer files, how can they continue to route calls through their service and charge the customer?

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Original review: Nov. 20, 2008

I spoke with Benjamin concerning my phone service which has not been operable since 11/14/08. I thought it was due to my security system but, come to find out that it was because of the worn out wiring that causes a short in the phones and consequently I can not call out or in. I have an elderly mother who is currently 83 years old and lives alone who I have to keep in contact with in D.C. I explained this to him and he told me that they would take care of the situation. I was relieved until they said that they would not be able to service me until December 3, 2008. Mind you this is almost two weeks away!

Of course I was livid but I held my cool and asked if it could be sooner and he apologized for the time span, but that was the date. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he said that he was at lunch and would call me back within an hour. I waited, mind you, I was at work and an hour passed and I called them back and they gave me to a supervisor. She told me the same thing, December 3, 2008. To me, this is unacceptable but what else can I do but wait or change phone service which can be costly and take two weeks anyway. I am just disgusted because this is not the first time that it has taken so long for service. I am just fed up!

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Original review: Oct. 29, 2008

We called to cancel our service with MCI in April/May because of off the chart charges. For the month of June, we paid $85.73. We didn't have any long distance or international charges. We went ahead and switched services the same month it was cancel, and we are still being harassed about paying for the bill dated for June 5th, 2008. We were already with AT&T and the guy that we spoke to never cancelled our service. They have put us in collections and if you look at my past history with any company out there, we have a perfect record. Please help us. Call us on our work number. Thank You!

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Original review: Oct. 14, 2008

I called MCI Customer Service on Sept. 10th to ask that they cut my LD and Int. calling and leave just my local. I also asked to pay the bill for $94.06 for Sept. 12th over the phone. Alicia took my bank info and then I went through to Brenda ** in Executive Office to confirm everything. I left for a month and called Brenda from England to say that amount had not come out of my bank account. She didn't seem to understand. I returned to Florida on Oct. 13th to find my phone line was cut.

I called Stan in the Exec. office and gave him a credit card payment that morning and told him about the girl who took my details and never paid the bill. It is now Oct. 14th and I still do not have a phone line, and I am having to use all my minutes on my AT&T Mobile phone and cannot receive calls from my mother in England! I have used MCI for 20 years and I am APPALLED!!!

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Original review: Oct. 8, 2008

My phone service with your company has been bad I mean very bad since last year. You all continue to patch my service and it is still broke since May or June. Your customer service people are not doing their jobs. I keep calling and keep getting told different dates but no one has been here to fix the problem except for a few people. I am a home bound disabled person that is trying to make a living out of my home. My business line ** is very necessary.

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Original review: Oct. 8, 2008

I have not been able to use neither my home or office phone for several months. The repair people have been out several times, but have not fixed the problem. I have called in several times. I am a disabled person and I need my phones, both for work and home. I am losing money because my clients can't reach me. The phone has so much static in it that you can't hear what's being said to me.

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Original review: Sept. 20, 2008

M.C.I. blocked my ability to make long distance calls. Yet charge me a long distance access charge of $7.94 per month, as well as long distance taxes and surcharges of $2.47 per month. So I've been paying them $10.41 a month for a service they block me from using? Is this legal? I was unaware of the block as I had not made any long distance calls for about two years. 24 months @ $10.41 per month = $241.64. $241.64 is a lot of money for someone living on a fixed income! $241.64 per month per customer with blocked long distance access...could easily amount to MCI wrongly collecting millions from their customers.

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Original review: Aug. 25, 2008

Many years ago, I legally cancelled my home account with MCI. Along with a letter and a personal check that was endorsed cancel my account forthright. I overpaid in case there was prorating. MCI kept sending bills, cancelling my account then reinstating it, charging reinstatement fees, then once again cancelling my account. MCI did that 3 times, and bumped up an erroneous $4 bill to almost $80. TO add insult to injury, they put me on a delinquent credit list and harassed me with phone calls for months on end. I have COMPLETE records of who and when these 'collectors' called, along with a paper trail of their cancellations/reinstatements and 'updated' billing.

This is out and out premeditated fraud and has ruined my credit. The consequences is that I had to buy a truck at 17% interest rate and have to put massive deposits down on any services I procure. MCI has cost me at least $10,000 over the years with no accountability at all. It is time for vigilante justice. MCI has many offices in Las Vegas, and for every plate glass window that is smash out, it will cost them about $1500. I am going to teach those ** a lesson. I know you can't help me because two other 'class action suits' have been thrown out, both in CA and AZ. Bert C Roberts is the latest villain and he is the person I intend to deal with if my glass breaking campaign does not work. Frustrated and looking for blood.

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