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RE: MCI WORLDCOM COMMUNICATIONS - MI. During the past 30 hours, we have received 15, yes 15, phone calls (only counted those calls while we were home) from various area codes. I believe the collectors are calling for EMortgage looking for Steve ** and Kimberly. We have had this phone number for only 6 months and are not the people you are looking for. IF I RECEIVE ONE MORE CALL, I WILL BE CONTACTING MY LAWYER.

This company is calling my phone 2 to 4 times a day and just hang up. I have no idea who they are or what they want. I want them to leave me alone. How did they get my cellphone number to begin with?

I had MCI as our long distance carrier for our home phone. They constantly left msgs on our home phone even after we asked them not to. I canceled the service with them, had a confirmation number which I sent with my last payment. They are still claiming I owe more even though I no longer had their service. They were calling my home phone several times a day and leaving msgs even after they were verbally asked and written notification not to contact me anymore. The only way I could get them to stop was to send another payment even though I didn't owe it.

I received a bill from MCI showing a $31.00 charge for an 11-minute call. I have made multiple attempts to call the Billing Inquiry phone number. I have left Voice messages with my number and no one calls back. When I do get a Live person on the line I have been documenting their names and time of call for my records but as soon as I say that I am recording the call they hang up. This is a Verizon owned company and VERIZON CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TOP NOTCH!!!

My great aunt, and mother have use mci since I have been a kid, I am 40 now. They don't have long distance call, and they had just very basic services. But Mci charge them in one month $750, for their service, and they are suppose to be on low income service. They could not afford to pay that high price. That how Mci show their loyalty. Shame on mci for taking advantage on old people.

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I knew something was up when they seemed to have absolutely no consideration that I needed to call back because I was up all night with my newborn!!! Advise I would say, block them and if there is outstanding issues deal with it but from your servicer not them. If it is student loans, just say "thanks for letting me know I will now take care of this in the proper way, thank you!"

These people even when you tell them not to call you they call anyway and you get a bunch of different people, and I am tired of these calls. I have tried emailing also to get them to stop. Does anyone know a way of making them stop.

Calls constantly several times a day, every day including weekends. No one there when we pick up and no messages are left. I want them to stop! I have no contact with this company nor do I know what they want. It's harassment.

I received a call from 210-714-3539 and the guy asked if I was "My Last Name" and I said yes, and he hung up. So they're not selling anything or offering, they are just gathering information for whatever purpose and when you call back they're unreachable. These are allegedly CRIMINALS, whichever is their purpose. I believe the trouble is coming to their house very soon.

On two recent occasions I have used the card, yet when I go to make a new call, a recording comes back stating that I cannot use the card because it is still in use. Takes at least 2 hours to resolve the problem with MUCH haggling. I STILL cannot use the card and they are unapologetic. I HAVE to make a phone call and this calling card (with $69 remaining credit) is my only way.

On Apr.1, 2014 toll charges for internet access from a local long-distance access number totaling 702 mins ($924.75 taxes included) were incurred and appeared on our AT&T phone bill. Interesting to note and highly suspect in my observations of Apr. 1 were the following: I was online surfing the web when I involuntarily lost connection. Because I have auto-redial, the log-on screen window appeared and began redialing the 1st access number available. This number failed to connect. So the redial screen appears again and began redialing the next available access number. This too fails to connect. This process is repeated until the 6th or 7th access number is dialed. This 6th or 7th number turns out to be a local-long distance access number that carries toll charges.

Why did the first 5 local access numbers automatically fail? And yet the one local long distance toll number succeeded? So the only access number to connect happens to be the toll access number, really? If the proper authority would subpoena the program coding or process that was used on or about April 1, 2014, to examine the process and sequence by which this function came about I believe it would reveal that the program coding was designed to purposely cause the local access numbers to fail repeatedly until it found a local long distance toll number to use. This is what I believe resulted in the above charges ($924.75).

AT&T controls the dial tone. They may even control the list of access numbers generated. In other words they probably are responsible for the list of access numbers available at the dial-up screen. Customers cannot manually add valid local (as opposed to toll) access numbers to the list to select from. Instead customers are asked to call AT&T to verify the numbers or to check the phone book. The phone book itself is an AT&T phone book. They control the process. And it is this process that serves to entrap dial-up customers who may inadvertently select a number that turns out to be a toll access number (even when the area code from the list of numbers is local). I do not believe this process that AT&T created is a mistake, accident or simple error. It is by design that what happened on April 1 occurred.

AT&Ts actions suggests intent to defraud dial-up customers. I dont believe what occurred here is unique to me; there are countless other dial-up customers who I believe have found themselves entrapped by this very fraudulent scheme. Sadly, Im sure there are untold numbers of customers who have not fought back and have just paid their overcharged inflated bills. These companies need to be dealt with in the harshest most severe penalty and/or fines that the laws allow. That is why the Enrons, Worldcoms, Wall Street and the like continued for so long on their path of abuse, unlawfulness and bad behavior. Dont allow them this conduct to be just another cost of doing business.

Also worth noting: They (AT&T, MCI, Netzero) failed to adequately disclose changes to LOCAL LONG DISTANCE zones either in writing and/or an email alert PRIOR to changes going into effect. The disclosure should be in form of a WARNING and the warning should be in BIG BOLD LETTERING (preferably a pop-up window a warning beside each access number being a toll access number). Ideally toll access numbers should not even be generated or appear on the list of numbers available because this practice is currently allowed, such actions could be viewed as a form of entrapment. THE PROPER REGULATORY AUTHORITY SHOULD INVESTIGATE. I have spoken to AT&T by phone. MCI has refused to discuss details with me because I am not the account name authority. Please address appropriately.

We had been MCI customers for decades and had two disputed billing cycles that made our life a living hell - one many years ago and one more recently in 2012 which finally resulted in our cancellation of their service. The first incidence was a billing process error on their part which consumed our life and forced us to finally take a day off from work to get a bank statement since our own canceled check and carbon copy was not sufficient evidence according to MCI. The problem had an effect on our credit score in spite of there not being any fault on our side.

The second incidence in 2012 involved a disputed period and billing cycle in which we did not even receive service (Not even a dial tone). All members of our household have mobile phones which is/were our primary form of communication. The purpose of our landline was to have the ability to make or receive very infrequent calls to family in Norway. Our lack of service went therefore unnoticed until we in September 2012 were informed by people who had attempted to call us that they only received a busy signal. We investigated and found that our phone had no dial tone. For 3-4 weeks, we thought this was an issue with phones or phone jacks within our home but did not see urgency in resolving the problem since we had SKYPE and other ways to communicate. During this time, we continued to pay our MCI bill.

When we realized that this was not a problem within our home but the line, a call was made to MCI for repair service. An individual came out and spent less than 5 minutes with my adult son without investigating the problem, claiming he could not do anything without access to our basement (which was locked). I am not a phone repair man, but even I can recognize that the line in question is not in our basement since phone jacks in our detached garage with above apartment (closer to the alley) did not have service either. All necessary lines were accessible to this repairman who chose to leave without making any attempt to resolve our problem. I called MCI and informed them of this and no attempt was made for a second visit.

We finally made arrangement for other phone service with a much more service-minded company who made contact with MCI to cancel our service. The disputed billing cycle is between this service call and the date that service was cancelled. I find it hard to believe that the technical department within MCI is not capable of verifying that we did not have service within this period and with a quick memo/internal e-mail or call to their own billing department, could rectify this dispute and restore my perfect credit.

I spent several hours on the phone with an individual speaking very poor English trying to explain this. He was argumentative and rude and we were only credited $6 and a few cents which is absurd. A letter was also sent to MCI explaining the situation but my account balance was still sent to a collection agency who I am still hearing from on a regular basis 19 months later. This experience has been discouraging, frustrating and stressful to say the least. Writing a check for the disputed amount would be much easier but this is a matter of principle. They were provided enough information to investigate the problem and resolve it but chose instead to put their efforts towards victimizing the customer. While searching online for MCI/ MCIWorld/ Worldcom's corporate address, I had the ability to better understand the practices of this company. Its history, including the ex-CEO Ebbers' conviction and imprisonment, speak volumes!!!

Every month the (MCI) Phone company keeps on calling for a payment... The fact that I just US Mail the following payments, it has not been over thirty days late... Due to nature of the calls, they do NOT need to keep unnecessary calling... This gets pretty annoying...

I called back in March 2012 to get MCI started as our house telephone service. Our service was not to be installed until a week later from my call. When the representative came to install the phone line, my father said he did not want MCI as the telephone service, because they were not able to keep the same telephone number. The representative did not install anything and said he would inform MCI that my father did not want the service. A few weeks later, we receive a bill from MCI. I contacted MCI on 5/1/12 and spoke with Gustavo. I explained what was happening. Gustavo was to cancel the service, again, and get rid of the charges. Unfortunately, that did not happened and we have continued to receive monthly bills even after calling each month and speaking with someone different about our situation. I received a letter dated 7/12/12 from MCI Customer Service stating that the charges are valid and that credit will not be issued on our account. What account? We have never had MCI.

Unreasonable long distance charge - On 03/24/12, I contacted AT&T because there was a long distance charge showing billed from MCI on our home phone bill for $221.79 total. Marc (the name on the home phone bill) and I were unaware of this charge. He had only called AT&T to pay our home phone/internet service. AT&T advised him at that time that this charge existed, so I called AT&T also. I was long ago given permission by Marc to speak on the AT&T bill, as we split up the bills and until a few months ago, I was the one paying that bill. Anyway, I called AT&T and spoke with them. They asked for Marc's last four digits of his SSN for security and already saw I was able to speak on the account. They told me to call MCI and give me their phone number. I called and was advised that their normal business hours are M-F.

Over a year ago, I cancelled MCI. They were the long distance provider after AT&T gave up long distance, and for months I was paying service charges for a service we never used. I think had I ever made a call, the cost was 8 cents per minute. I am not even sure as we never used the service. I must have paid these charges for at least a year. Both Marc and I have a cell phone. We only have a home phone as AT&T is also our internet provider through DSL. I am not sure if we can opt to not have a house phone, but still have the internet. I will be checking on that as having home phone service makes no sense to us anyway.

So on Monday, I called the MCI number and reached Bobbie, ID #**. Bobbie said he is not allowed to give his last name. I told him I was charged for two charges to somewhere in GA. One call was for 84 minutes and another for 2. These calls both took place on 01/03/12 and other than that, there has never been a long distance charge on our house phone for years. I say years because it has been so long the time could be anywhere from 2 years to as many as 5 years. These charges totaled $221.79. These charges I was told was to a normal landline within the US. If anyone does the math, that averages to almost $2.60 per minute. I did not even know one could call long distance from the house phone since our long distance service had been cancelled for at least a year.

I had previously asked AT&T how one can make a call long distance when they don't have long distance on their phone. I said if that is possible, how does one get that stopped? As no one would ever pay $2.60 per minute for a phone call. Plus keep in mind, I was paying for months for their MCI service we never used and the rate couldn't have been more than 10 cents per minute. I asked Bobbie how I can get them to block our house phone from being able to call long distance. I am not even sure if this call really even came from my house, as I know neither Marc nor myself made this call. All I can think of was the phone got sat on and a number was dialed and left off the hook or that my nine year old was playing with the phone and called a number, or that the dog got a hold of the phone or that a stranger broke into our house and used the phone.

Really, these are the only logical things I have come up with. Anyway, Bobbie said I must call AT&T to have long distance blocked. Well they had already said MCI had to do that. He also said MCI can not clear these charges. I said I would even be willing to pay the 10 or so cents a minute that I would have paid all that time I paid just service charges, which I still feel is unjust as I had long distance cancelled long ago. I still didn't understand the $2.60 per minute. Where did that total even come from? How is that even allowed by law? So I asked to speak with Bobbie's supervisor. Instead of getting me to a supervisor, which he said he would do, he has the nerve to transfer me to AT&T.

This time, Diana ID **, got on the line. She said MCI has to adjust those charges. I said they told me AT&T would have too. She said the charges seem so far out of the ordinary that they do not appear to belong, which I agreed with. She said all she can do is give me 65 days to clear the charge and that she would put it in a holding status. She told me to call MCI back. She said I probably just got a bad rep who was new on the job and had no clue what was going on.

I called MCI back. Instead of going to the same place, it said my call was being sent to the high toll dept. Even MCI recognizes they are charging a rate that is unjust, in calling it high toll. This time, I got someone who identified himself as Mr. **. I asked for his first name, he stated it could not be provided nor did he provide his ID number. He asked me for my name and said he needed to confirm I could speak on the account and he needed to put me on a brief hold. I said I have spoken to AT&T twice already, once on Saturday and once when I was transferred to AT&T when I asked to speak to Bobbie's supervisor. He placed me on hold, got back on the line and asked for Marc's last four digits of his SSN, which I gave, then he got back on the line and said AT&T shows no record of me being authorized to speak on the account. Mind you, I have been authorized to speak on that account for over 10 years and have done so many times.

I said, "who did you speak with?" and he said Selisha with AT&T. I then asked him if he would pay over $200.00 for an 84 minute call that he didn't even recognize and he said no. I would have to believe I am not the only one who has been in this situation. I even offered to pay the going rate of 10 cents per minute just in case some rare thing like sitting on the phone had occurred. But no one would even listen to me. Then to say I am not authorized to speak on the AT&T account when I have done so for over ten years. When I even called on Saturday, I yelled out to Marc what his last four digits of his SSN were just so I didn't have to get up and go in the kitchen and get that information. First of all, when you cancel long distance service, it seems it should be unable to be called. Who in their right mind makes a long distance call when they have cell phones? It makes no sense to me. But in some rare case, this call was made from the house phone which I still doubt to charge almost $2.60 per minute is so unfair especially when I paid your service charges for months and months without ever once using the service.

I expect a credit of the full charges of $221.79 or at least a reduction in rate to $8.60, which would be 10 cents per minute just in the rare case that was made from my phone, either by my dog or child or someone's rear end. Plus either AT&T or MCI needs to determine why long distance phone calls can be made from phones that do not have that service. People expect that. High toll dept, even MCI, recognizes what they are doing is unjust.

i cancelled my service with MCI Aug 8, 2011 and they are still billing me for services I do not have because their company did not do what they were supposed to do and cancel everything. I am tired of them taking money out of my account for services I do not have through them. I have called several times and they transferred me from person to person and no one can seem to fix the problem. I am to the point I am fixing to take a lawsuit out against them.

My dear aunt died in May with a $69 credit balance on her MCI account, because she knew she might be unable to send out her bills. Since her account was closed, they have refused to send this money, even after we sent copies of her death certificate. Now they are giving us the runaround, transferring from one 800 number to another, from one idiot agent to another. Believe me, if we owed MCI $69, they would be sending us notices right and left and would not leave us alone. But since MCI owes us money, they don't care. Stay away from MCI. They suck.

I was billed $12.90 for a 1 minute collect call and $16.89 for another 4 minute collect. The calls were from a hospitalized patient so I had to take them. The charges are outrageous. Their service is designed to take specific advantage of people in similar situations. What a pathetic company.

I was a long term MCI customer. One month, they were unable to charge my credit card. They have an email contact and I requested a bill to be mailed, offering to promptly pay the amount due. Every day, I receive harassing phone calls at my home address insisting that I call their billing number during normal business hours. Despite multiple emails that due to the nature of my work, phone calls during the day are very difficult. I switched long distance providers and contacted MCI to cancel. I called them again, and they denied the cancellation, but gave me a cancellation number. They continued to make daily phone calls, and did not send a paper bill. (They have my home address.)

I am an AT&T customer. MCI, however, has arbitrarily begun billing me directly for long distance privilege/possibility with no agreement from me. I say privilege/possibility because I have not made any long distance phone calls in about 4 years. MCI's agreement is/was with AT&T. Whereas AT&T would bill its customers for long distance service on behalf of MCI. Well, AT&T has evidently discontinued that billing practice with AT&T. I called their customer service rep (named Monday) to ask why I am being charged a $55.54 bill, and to provide me with a list of payments vs actual long distance calls made that they have charged me over the years, even if indirectly through my service provider AT&T.

She informed me that she could not give me any details of billings before AT&T cancelled its billing practice with MCI, and only thereafter. Therefore, it is obvious that MCI took it upon themselves to assign me an account number without my say so, began billing me for the privilege of possibly using their service since I have made no actual long distance phone calls, and in effect forced me to be their direct customer. My statement to Monday, MCI's service rep, is that I had never made a direct payment to MCI and that any covenant or agreement towards long distance service was paid to my service provider AT&T. If AT&T has discontinued its service with MCI, then any indirect connection I may have had with MCI is also terminated.

You cannot, in anyway, take it upon yourself as a company to make people your exclusive and direct customers. How do you know if I still have phone service period? Again, there is no has been, no service provided between supplier and customer. Why then would I pay MCI anything? And think of all the people they have billed for the privilege of their service without providing any actual service. Talk about racking up in the "MILLIONS."

I was called by an MCI rep yesterday who informed my wife that our long distance carrier had been changed to MCI by one of their big clients that bundled our phone number in with this client's account. My wife informed them that we did not authorize this change and did not want their service. She asked for the client's name that gave our number to them. They said they could not give the client's name and we would have to contact our service provider to cancel this service that we did not authorize. My wife called our provider to find it was changed without our permission. I cannot believe a company can do this and not be responsible for their actions. We better not receive any bills from this scam.

I was totally blackmailed by MCI... For some reason, AT&T cancelled my long distance with my MCI number (**). I got a phone call from MCI about a bill I hadn't paid, which had about $35 of international long distance calls I never made... In order for me to get these charges credited, I had to join MCI long distance (I had joined AT&T long distance because MCI was just too disjointed and too difficult to deal with). Now we are trying to get back with MCI long distance because we need that bill waived... Disgusting.

MCI charged me for service I did not have with them at the time since I had already switched to another carrier. They referred it to a collections agency and it has affected my credit report. Apparently, they have done this with others and despite my call to the executive office of MCI, they continue to perpetuate this fraud.

My complaint is the same as others I have read. I NEVER ordered their service. I have called over 15 times this year to cancel. Each month I continue to get billed with late fees and credit threats. The best part? The phone number they are allegedly providing me service on does NOT exist. It was my old landline that I cancelled a long time ago. I have called, emailed and today I am mailing letters to as many MCI addresses I can find. This is ridiculous!!! This has been VERY STRESSFUL and frustrating. I'm glad I don't have high blood pressure!

This is the third time MCI has begun billing me for service I never requested nor need. I don't even HAVE long distance service. I call and send letters and get nowhere. Eventually, it ends up on my credit report. How can this be legal? Is there anything I can do about it? I've heard many people complain about this practice, but it continues! My credit is being wrecked.

Overbilled telephone services. Accounting fraud from MCI because they have yet gotten my bill correctly. They are reporting to collections and creditors with false and inaccurate information on my account. I have complained to MCI to correct this matter and yet done so. I am supposed to have a set fee and rate plan that would never increase. That was a lie. I am also being charged for telephone feature that never worked. They continue to charge me for that and my bill reaches hundreds each month. They cancelled service because I denied the bill amounts, and then charged me to reactivate service and fees.

This is scamming and fraud. I would like to seek fraud from accounting dept and negative effect on credit. Damages with stress-related issues. Deceptive billing and sales practices. Also charge them with defamation of character, ruining my credit and money. I am now expecting to ask for a settlement offer of damage from MCI. I need answers more than excuses from this sorry and dishonest, poor company.

We have a security system at our home. We have a signed contract with MCI Eastern. The contract term was nearing the end of a 5 year term. We were told to terminate our contract. MCI Eastern requires a written notice 30 days prior to end of contract. MCI Eastern claimed to NOT get this within the 30 days. THEREFORE we were automatically signed UP for another 5 years!!! We ended up in COURT. The outcome we had to pay for ONE year of service (NEVER RECEIVED). This company DOES not know how to run a BUSINESS BUT certainly KNOWS how to WRITE a contract!!

I contacted MCI Eastern Security in regards to my wired carbon monoxide detectors going off and the fact that there was a recall on them (stating that they all go off inoperable) exactly after five years. I spoke with Mike (Service Manager) and explained this. He indicated that he would send a technician to my home to check it. The technician removed the detectors and replaced them. The technician never once advised us that we would have to pay for the visit or the detectors and we never expected to due to the recall.

We then received a bill for over $700.00 ($175 for the service call and $175 per detector). I called MCI and spoke with Mike inquiring as to why we are getting charged. He claimed that he did not remember our conversation regarding the recall but will look into it. Meanwhile, I kept receiving bills with interest tacked on. I called MCI and left messages. No one called back. I wrote a letter explaining my concerns and faxed it to MCI (I have the fax confirmation). Again, no one called back for a month. I called again and left a message for Mike. He claims that he did not receive my letter. He then tells me that he called the manufacturer of the carbon monoxide detector and they refused to refund them for the cost of the detectors. He then offered to reduce my bill by 10%. I explained that I don't appreciate MCI providing a service call and installing a product without providing the consumer without an estimate.

I advised them that had we known we had to pay for them and was advised how much they were, we would not have agreed and would have turned it down. MCI did not give us the opportunity to do so and now are demanding that we pay it or that they will turn this over to collections and take us to court and ruin our credit. I have requested that they remove them and take them back as we don't want them, but Mike has refused to do so. We should have had the opportunity to say yes or no at the time instead of expecting their customers to pay what they demand.

They are harassing us with bills and interest charges; have threatened to send to collection and to take us to court and to ruin our credit. All we want is for them to remove the detectors. Mike offered to deduct the cost of the service charge. When I asked how much, he said $46.00. When I asked him to send someone to remove the detectors, he stated that we would be responsible to pay both service charges of installing and then removing of $175.00 each time ($350 total). This is a scam!

I have an entry on my credit report that I know nothing about. I never had any dealing with that company. As my credit report has it listed, I can't get the complete account #, or any phone numbers to call concerning this matter. This is a negative on my credit report and needs to be removed immediately.

They have racked up my small business account. I have tried to get them to correct the over billed amount and yet done that. Now my phone is disconnected. Something needs to be done about this company and deceptive sales and billing issues. This is a matter that I am tired of being taken advantage of. I would like to seek damages done by this company and for loss in business client. I need their full response before I file on this matter.

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