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I have been a MJ user for a number of years. Overall was relatively happy, but always annoyed when you'd need to exchange or get a new MJ, they would or had NEVER transferred your existing long distance credit - which I chalk up to theft. BUT now my issue is this - living in Mx., I needed to re-up for my next yr service and due to our credit card being compromised we could not use it. I received an email from MJ saying - go to any WALMART store in Canada or US, so I gave funds to friends that were traveling back north. Walmart knew nothing of this service in 2 separate parts of the country. The MJ support person blamed on Walmart staff not knowing procedure, even though both times a print out from the MJ email was taken with them.

Finally the one friend just went thru the hassles of placing and paying my re-up on his credit card - BUT lo and behold MJ placed the paid order on my wrong MJ device, so the current - new - MJ Express is paid again, even though when you purchase - first year is included in the buy price. The Plus is the one I need re-up'd because that WAS the one that had long distance minutes on it. Finally after about 2 hr. on chat - they agreed to transfer long distance monies to the Express - said 24 hr...

96 hr. later I went to use and the funds were still not transfer, so had to start the explanation process over again. I asked for additional credit to my acct. because of the issues it cost me when I could not make an important call and also questioned them about the added $35 they just accepted from me. The long and short of their comment was to STICK IT. I am getting no credit transfer or added credit for their oversight. I am in the process of finding another long distance service provider that does or will have customer service first and foremost on their mind.

I have been a MJ user for a number of years. Overall was relatively happy, but always annoyed when you'd need to exchange or get a new MJ, they would or had NEVER transferred your existing long distance credit-- which I chalk up to theft. BUT now my issue is this - living in Mx., I needed to re-up for my next yr service and due to our credit card being compromised we could not use it. I received an email from MJ saying -- go to any WALMART store in Canada or US, so I gave funds to friends that were traveling back north. Walmart knew nothing of this service in 2 separate parts of the country.

The MJ support person blamed on Walmart staff not knowing procedure, even though both times a print out from the MJ email was taken with them. Finally the one friend just went thru the hassles of placing and paying my re-up on his credit card. BUT lo and behold MJ placed the paid order on my wrong MJ device, so the current new MJ Express is paid again, even though when you purchase - first year is included in the buy price. The Plus is the one I need re-up'd because that WAS the one that had long distance minutes on it.

Finally after about 2 hr on chat- they agreed to transfer long distance monies to the Express. Said 24 hr... 96 hr later I went to use and the funds were still not transfer, so had to start the explanation process over again. I asked for additional credit to my acct. because of the issues it cost me when I could not make an important call and also questioned them about the added $35. dol. they just accepted from me. The long and short of their comment was to STICK IT. I am getting no credit transfer or added credit for their oversight. I am in the process of finding another long distance service provider that does or will have customer service first and foremost on their mind.

I placed an order for the magicJack free trial. Afterwards I never received a confirmation email like I was supposed to. I figured the order didn't go through until I saw that my card had been charged $43.12. Since I signed up for a 30-day free trial, this wasn't right. I contacted customer service and was told that no order had went through so they had not billed me. They then tried to blame the charge on my bank. I work at said bank so I know the charge was from magicJack, not my bank. I was told that if I return the device before the 30 days I will get the charge removed. Since there is no order I will not be able to return anything which means this charge can't be removed. It almost seems like a scam at this point.

My magicJack device failed several months ago. The voice and hearing kept breaking up. I "called" their service from Guam. Nothing was resolved, other than I followed their technical advice and almost crashed my computer. Fortunately I could go to my recycle bin and reload the parts of my computer's software that their technical representative told me to delete. Now they want me to pay full price, plus shipping, for another device, to replace their defective device that I bought in good faith.

MagicJack marketing strategy: "If we sell him an inferior quality device that will last a little over a year, then we can get him to pay an additional $109 something for 5 years' service. When his inferior quality device fails, we can get him to pay full price and shipping charges for an additional device, once he is committed to the 5 years. Heck, we can probably get him to pay full price for a third device if we do it right." Nice business practice. It is a win/win for magicJack, but a lose/lose for the customer. (Their online customer chat support is designed to wear you down).

The live chat stunk. The person didn't resolve my problem (we were inquiring because a recording said we had 110 minutes international prepaid; my call didn't connect; then the message said we had one minute left). Their suggested resolution was that we escalate and send an email that would resolve the issue in a couple of weeks. Then, they asked me what I wanted to say in the email. Really? That's customer service? Why bother having a live chat if they haven't the ability to serve?

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Terrible product with a host of technical issues, terrible customer service that clearly don't even know their own products. Make refunds nearly impossible and over difficult. I would NEVER recommend this service to anyone. Avoid unless you like wasting money and endless headaches.

Despite all the bad reviews here and mixed reviews on Amazon, I decided to take a chance and bought. I love my magicJack. I paid for 5 year plan and couldn't be happier with the savings. I did run into an issue while setting it up, and the chat support asked me to disconnect and reconnect the device which solved the issue. I have been using it for about a month since then, and have no complaints. It has great call quality and I just wish I knew about magicJack earlier.

I tried using my MagicJack only to find it asking me to connect to the internet. I already was. The MagicJack unit was NOT WORKING PROPERLY. I have had more than one MagicJack unit. These units are always problems. If it wasn't for the price per year, I would not be using it, however the amount of time I lose and dedicate talking to customer service, is high. I would not be surprised if I've dedicated 12+ hours OR MORE in the last year just trying to keep this unit working. I am currently signed on to their customer service. I am in their queue. I started as customer #328 and the software told me it would only be 7 minutes to talk to someone. That was around 20-30 minutes ago. I am now currently #168... with 167 people in front of me, with issues obviously.

This company obviously does NOT have enough staff to handle the load of problems these units are creating. The more units they sell, the longer the wait it seems to talk to a customer service agent. The people at the top obviously don't care. If they did I wouldn't be sitting, waiting to talk to someone, which at this point looks to be a ONE HOUR WAIT just to talk to someone with barely any knowledge and who will waste my time for another hour, then finally forward me to a 2nd tier employee who is more knowledgeable and will be able to assist me properly, but even then... that could take another 30 minutes or so. Total time I need to dedicate to this problem today, most likely 2 hours 30 minutes. Totally unacceptable.

After waiting live chat in queue for 380 people about 35 minutes I got a girl by the name of Vera. Explained my situation and she told me I was experiencing the same problem as other customers. Their engineers are working on it to fix the issue. I have a five year contract and can't use it for the past week. She didn't bother me any time to fix. She was a complete waste of my time. Do not waste your time buying this product. When I first got the magicJack it was a number of years ago customer service was great. Now I understand it has had a change of owners and they are running it into the ground. STEER CLEAR IS MY ADVICE.

When I tried to renew my number, their system did not complete it. So I tried a second time and the same thing happened. Then I noticed on my credit card a double charge. That had happened several times before but they corrected it themselves. This time it was obviously a double charge for the same renewal but nothing happened to remove one of the charges. I then contacted my credit card and they reversed the charge. magicJack then flagged my account and insisted that I pay a fee of $28 while the renewal simply cost $10. With their customer service, an individual simply kept repeating that payment had to be made with no attempt to acknowledge their system problem. This company is well to be avoided as their call clarity is usually awful.

After reading some of the more recent negative comments about their experiences with MagicJack, I am becoming doubtful that my problem will be resolved within a reasonable time frame after having spent way too much time this morning corresponding through their online chat forum with two customer reps. I have been a customer of their service for at least 7 years and while I can say it has not always been a great experience, I do acknowledge the fact that you get what you pay for.

MagicJack has never been my primary source of communication, I purchased it to make calls to and from Canada so I utilize it on an infrequent basis. And the device is usually not connected to my laptop until I plan to make a call or I have been notified by email that there is a voicemail message waiting (I do like that feature). Unfortunately, it seems the very recent renewal of service is not going well after having paid almost a week in advance of the expiration date. I won't bore you with all the details, however I have been told that the problem is due to a system update issue and that I should try to connect again in a few hours.

I have dealt with MagicJack for several product incarnations for at least seven years (starting with original in 2009). It is with a "heavy heart" that I must, at this juncture, recommend that overall this service must be rated as NOT ACCEPTABLE as it does not meet standards of minimum normally acceptable expected reliability and performance. I say "heavy heart" because there are quite a few advantages and features MagicJack has that I like. But again, unfortunately, steer clear of MagicJack and save yourself wasted money and frustration. I have two "five year plans" with MagicJack and both services have failed miserably (i.e. not usable for the purpose intended) and customer support is non-existent. As a reader to ConsumerAffairs you have been fairly warned.

When I was ready to use the product that MagicJack sent out they said the device was outdated and I would have to purchase a new one. One representative even laugh when I explained the situation to her. Then she rerouted me to the beginning to start the process all over again. I will never knowingly deal with this company again. One of the worst products ever put on the market. They are scam artist.

So I bought the new magicJack herein called MJ and tried to hook it up per the instructions, can't do it. Called CS, they don't have telephone support so you have to go to their CHAT LINE... hope you're a good typist. After 2 HOURS and being handed off to upper level tech support, FINALLY one girl said, "Let me check with the engineers" on why the installation and software didn't work.

She comes back on and says, "The engineers are still working on developing software for the Mac EL CAPITAN operating system!!" I'm thinking El Capitan has been out for a year, are you kidding me??? What about all the people who HAD a MJ working with the older OS and now upgraded to El Capitan. Haven't they been calling you like crazy, and wouldn't this be the biggest red flashing light to ALL you tech support people, yet it took you 2 hours to FIND THIS OUT!! DUH!! Is today your FIRST DAY!!! WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!

I was has phone number for long time. I transferred it to magicJack and it took me a long time to get it over. I even contacted the FCC and file a complaint ( I finally was done. However this was a bad mistake. This company charge me to transfer my account but it was not done in a timely manner. On Vonage I did not have this on the problem. I was able to call free conference calling numbers such as ** which is an Iowa number. magicJack on the other hand blocks this number and wants me to pay for it calling it a paid per minute number even though it is free from all companies. This is a ripoff.

I called the company several times for this but they refuse to answer me. This company gives such a hard time. Consumers be careful. Everything that they claim to save you money does not. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish. Before the previous owner died, this company was good. Look at the rise in customer complaints as well as check the reviews before switching.

I was has phone number for magicjack ** for long time. And this number I stopped used like over one years. And this company charge me from my account 100 dollars plus tax from my account. And I was call this company many time for cancel this payment because is wrong payment but no any answer for me. This company give me hard time and it doesn't want give me my money back. Please I need help. Thanks.

This company is a bunch of thieves and criminals. I had been a mostly satisfied user of magicJack & the unit at first seemed like a great deal, BUT DO NOT get the 5 year plan or buy the international plan until you are about to use it right away. Here's what happened to me. I have been using the MJ for over a year and had also purchased the 5 year plan which is $99.75 plus Administration Fee of $7.78, no problems at all and worked great for making calls, faxes for just over a year. UNTIL I had to fax and unfortunately the number was either not a fax # (or didn't pick up or was a land line). I was using a computer faxing software and it kept on calling, trying to fax all night long and it must have done this several dozens of times back to back since every time it called it didn't get the fax tone for the fax to go through.

So the next morning when I tried making a regular landline call, no calls would go through and I noticed my MJ was deactivated and thought that's weird, so I did the usual. Reset it/unplugged, restarted my modem and still nothing. So I had logged in to MJ and chatted online with MJ (this is the ONLY way to talk to MJ tech support) and they told me that they deactivated the MagicJack UNIT for good & cancelled my 5 year plan I had purchased. Everything I bought was gone and lost. I asked "why? What happened?" And they told me: "Your magicJack Go has been deactivated because you violated the Subscriber's Agreement, Section 6: Proper Use" And that I went over my allowed usage. WHAT! Are you kidding me?

I explained to them what happened and they DID NOT CARE or bother to resolve my issue under any circumstances. I had initiated several chats over a week trying to get a hold of a manager/supervisor and they were VERY firm on their decision. So basically they STOLE $60 on the unit which no longer works, the 5 year plan totaling $107.53, & $20 in prepaid international credit that I never had a chance to use. I just lost over $187. And to top it off (another LIE for everyone to be aware of), when I bought the 5 year plan, here's what it states:

"Best Value plan $99.75 sates: SAVE 43% with our BEST VALUE PLAN. That's equivalent to only $1.66/month for unlimited local and long distance calling to the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands." So basically I went over the usage of "UNLIMITED". How is that even possible? The fact they stole my money and to add injury to insult would NOT in any shape make an exception on something that was not my fault.

PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE thinking of buying the 5 year plan or evening thinking of buying MagicJack. Forget all the MASSIVE negative reviews you see all over the internet regarding MagicJack and their pathetic excuse of customer service. My experience trumps all of them showing what criminals and thieves they are. You would NEVER get this kind of IRON FIST NAZI Regime type service from a real phone company. Like they say, you get what you pay for. Buy cheap, buy twice. I am absolutely DISGUSTED at this.

I have a number with magicJack and I have had since 2005. I want to port this number out to a new carrier and magicjack has done the process long, tedious and impossible. I need my number back and whenever I call them they hang up on me, put me on hold for a long time and keep transferring me from one representative to another. Just an awful customer service.

I had been a mostly satisfied user of magicJack since they first started and over the years, and have purchased and renewed the service. Some of the time, the calls drop and there is static on the line but mostly it's okay. The biggest problem with them is their Customer Service. It is the worst among the worst of all companies.

As an example, I tried to add prepayment to my account for international calls. It didn't work. I tried several times and it kept telling me the code was incorrect even though it was perfect. I called Customer Service and after a very long wait, very typical of this service, I was connected with someone in the Philippines. This person reviewed my account and told me that a restriction was placed on my account which prevents me from buying international minutes from them even though my card was valid. This was a surprise to me because I had never been informed of any issue. They said there was nothing they could do because it could only be handled Monday to Friday and I would have to call after the weekend.

At this point I complained about the very long hold time to find out that they could not resolve the issue, just to be informed that they have a very high phone volume from new customers. Interesting, they can register new customers, accept and verify billing and credit cards when they sell me service, but they can't resolve the issues raised by long-time and loyal customers. Don't be sucked in by this company unless you are willing to accept poor, almost non-existent service from agents who mostly are either not capable or not authorized to solve problems, unless it's from a new customer.

My phone has not rung for years. I have tried to get magicJack to help with the problem, but every time I was able to get a person on the line, an attempt was made to sell me an upgrade. I have tried to port my number to another provider on several occasions, but magicJack ignores the request or says they do not have the right information. Now they have emailed me to see if they can help with my problem. When I called the number given, it was sales again. I have had it with them holding me hostage. I have to download every call that is made to my number and answer it later. People who are calling me get a message and no immediate response from me. That makes me look bad.

I wish I could have gave it a negative 100. It was insanely bad. I had Vonage. It was fantastic, great service. But I saw this company, 39.99 for a year. Thought it was too good to be true. So, I reluctantly left Vonage to give them a try. And I was right. It was too good to be true. I have had the same number with Vonage for over 10 years. Every person and every business I dealt with had it. When it came to porting over to magicJack, they said there was a fee of 9.99 to do so. So, I said fine, did not want to lose the number so I paid it. Well, 3 days later I get a email saying they do apologize, but the number cannot be ported. And also in that email it said that "your services at this time are not working" after paying the 39.99. So I replied to the email. 2 weeks later I got a response. Still no service the entire time. And they said they don't know why the number cannot be ported, or why my services are not working. "You need to contact customer support."

And I googled a number, but the only way to get in touch with them is through live chat. So, I contacted live chat after waiting 2 hours to speak with a representative. (be prepared to spend all day long with them). So I first asked why my number could not be ported. They said it was a charge of 9.99. Told them I already paid the fee, and they said that they have no record of it and to pay it now and the number will be ported. I said "will I be reimbursed if I am charged twice," they said I would be, so like an idiot I paid it again. They said "it takes up to 72 hours for the port. And if it does not work contact us back." Then, I asked why for over two weeks now my services have not been working. They said that "you paid for the first year, not the activation and 911 fees." And that "you have to do a 3-5 year "plan" and pay for that before your services can be activated."

When I asked why that information was not included in the box, they said "no room on box for it." So, I asked "if I do this once activated, the 30 no questions asked refund policy starts right?" They said "yes, if you do not like it after 30 days you get a full refund." So, I paid almost 300 dollars to get the 3 year plan. Number was ported, services started working, doing good for 2.5 weeks. Then it started dropping calls, not connecting calls, calls where all static. So, again, I contacted live chat, again another 2 hours wait. Told them what was going on, and they apologized for the poor service. And after 30 min of "troubleshooting", they said they could not fix it. "I am transferring you to a senior agent." Got one, they said "I have to go in to your computer remotely." I said sure. 2 hours later they said it was the computer and to contact customer support of the computer manufacturer.

I said it was a brand new computer, and I have them on the line and they said it has nothing to do with the computer. (Plus, I am a computer tech), so I know it was not the computer. And they said that "you have a bad device, it would be 29.99 for a replacement." I asked "if I get the replacement, if I cancel it will I get reimbursed for it?" They said "yes". To make sure I kept it in 30 day return policy, I paid $20 for overnight shipping. Got it, worked great for 3 days, failed. 4 days left before the return period was over. Spent another 2 hours to speak with a representative. Told them everything, and said "I want everything canceled and reimbursed for everything but shipping." They said that I was in the window for that, and it was a possibility. After trying everything to keep me a customer, I said "nothing you can do to keep me." So, they canceled everything, said it would take 2 billing cycles to show the refund of almost $500.

Well, 2 billing cycles later, I got a refund of only 200. Spent another day on live chat. They said that "you can only be reimbursed for the 149 and 40." I said I have the printout of the chat saying I would be reimbursed for everything. They said "fax it in to West Palm Beach". I did. Then 2 weeks later said the same thing. I threaten them with a lawsuit, within 3 days was reimbursed all 500. Should not take threats to be reimbursed what they promised. Should not have customer service representatives that do not know what they are doing. WORSE COMPANY EVER. DO NOT USE. HORRIBLE.

When magicJack placed the transfer request for my phone number they also included the internet service. The result was a loss of Internet service as well. So the internet phone service turned my internet off. Makes it very difficult to use an internet phone. Brilliant.

I have been with magicJack for years and it seems like every time it's time to renew I have problems! A LOT OF PROBLEMS!!! Every renewal I'm hassled about buying something new! This I really can't stand! Like I stated in the begin I have been with magicJack for about 8 years and this last transaction just might be my last renewal. With you can and ask the technician why has my phone been turned off and they tell you because you haven't paid the bill, but when I look at my account its says "paid up till 2019"!!! After 2.5 hours on with them and 3 technicians later I find out that the money was going to the wrong account! Stop making to so difficult to renew! Plain and simple.

Magic Jack has the worst customer service ever! I ordered MagicJack and received the device promptly. It really seemed effortless and the deal seemed "too good to be true." Well the deal was too good to be true. First off, I had another Voip service - I wanted to port my number from. I completed the activation of my magicjack device on line and hooked it up and disconnected my other Voip equipment. I did not cancel my other Voip service because I wanted to port my phone number.

I paid the additional $10.00 plus porting fee and completed the request form on line. It was several hours later I received an email stating the porting process failed because my address did not match the address on the other Voip service account. I verified my address with the other voip service provider and the address on my magicjack service. The address was exactly the same. I put in help tickets with magicjack and the other voip service provider attempting to get my number ported. I contacted customer support via their online chat several times. This was fruitless and a complete waste of time. I would have been better off talking to my beautiful painted walls in my home. After 14 days and several hours on the chat line help the situation had pushed me to my limits and I was getting the same run around daily.

I cancelled my service and completed the online RMA form. I printed it off and sent my device back to magicjack. The device came with a 30 day money back guarantee. I sent the device back with a tracking label to ensure it was properly returned. It has been nearly a week since the USPS confirmed the device was returned and I have played online some more with the online customer support folks and I still do not have a refund of the device, my porting fee that failed, or the fee I paid for the 911 service! Buyer beware! Avoid magicjack unless you want to customer support and no phone! This company is a scam! They stole my $100.00 and I was foolish enough to send them their device back thinking I would get my money back.

I want to start by saying that I have used magicJack for years. I have defended them against many who have dogged them. I bought one of the original magicJack device that can only plug into your computer. That device flat out died. So a few years ago, I bought the magicJack Plus. Used it and had no problem with it. I have renewed my subscription to a 5-year deal. Two years into it, my phone subscription said it had expired. So the device is working, but it was not communicating with their server. After hours of troubleshooting we finally found out what was the problem. Techs tried to reset my account saying it should be resolved, but that did not resolve the issue. I had to plug the device directly into my computer. It came back with invalid serial number. At first the tech told me it's not corrupt or else it would give a different error.

After continuing to troubleshoot, tech found that the serial number was indeed invalid. Now the tech changed his/her tone saying my device has gone bad. Technician's words, "Windows Update, router firmware or software updates, electrical power outage, internet connection outage or thunderstorm may have affect the magicJack's core information".

Even though I did not do any router update and my magicJack device was not plugged into my computer, I told the tech that a router update cannot affect the firmware of another device. Tech continued to argue the point. My point is that obviously magicJack made some updates and their servers are no longer recognizing old devices, but they did not warn me about it nor replace my device. They are sticking to the fact that my device is broken even though signs show nothing wrong with it. Stay away from this company. They do not care about their customers. I have been with them for over 7 years and they will not work with me. It's too bad.

WARNING. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. Magicjack is the worse company I have ever dealt with. They have NO product help. No live phone service. They have something that they call Live Assistance via an online messaging system but these people are useless. They have no idea what they are doing. They don't understand the simplest of questions or answers. They don't know the product or how to fix the simplest of problems. They will try to sell you a new product if you have a problem with your old device.

All service is done in a foreign country by poorly trained people. You can not extend your existing service if you buy a new device. You cannot port over your old contacts list or call history to a new device. Registering a new device is a gargantuan task. The service reps will disconnect you before you have resolved the problem. They will give you a bogus or disconnected call back number. HOW IS THIS COMPANY STILL IN BUSINESS???

My MagicJack stopped working this Spring. After being passed around their Customer Service Reps for over an hour... they could not understand English. I finally cancelled my subscription with one year left on the agreement (already paid for). They were supposed to confirm my cancellation within 24 hours... Nothing! I tried to use their text message system for customer service... but Trixia dropped me... and hung up. The original MagicJack ads showed the inventor with his daughter. They seemed very wholesome. Either they sold out... or stopped caring. Join MagicJack if you want to increase your blood pressure and frustration.

Called to say our phone is out and was put on several sites with live chats that we got disconnected with. Paid for 5 years. As have been until this time happy but since getting no calls in or out and tried to remedy this. Called a mJ no. that asked for additional money to retain my no. But it's a fraud and so very unhappy. Spent days trying to get help. We have had mJ for 5 yrs. Never problems till now and feel I have been taken and want the money back as no one is on a line to help... It's so very frustrating.

I subscribed over a year ago and until they upgraded but forgot to upgrade the unit for MAC, it worked fine. But now, though they tell me that their engineers have made the unit usable on MAC, I still cannot connect nor have I been able to use the unit for six months. I have a 5-year contract and they just keep renewing even though it is not working. I have spent hours and hours with what they call customer service (it actually has no relationship to customer service at all) and it is a complete waste of time. Find another service. This one will take your money and then act like you don't exist.

I have two magicJack devices and when they work, they work, most of the time... There are many phone calls I attempt that either will not go through for no reason... or at least no explanation. When I renewed my device, I renewed the wrong one. I wanted to call them to resolve it, but they don't want to be bothered by such calls. In fact, they offer a phone # to call, but when you call it, you are directed to the website. Here you are expected to resolve your issue by chat with reps that barely speak (let alone read or write English).

After spending 15-20 minutes trying to find a number to call, I accepted the fact that my only choice was to chat. I think what they do is teach these poor people to write two or three phrases, "Yes... I understand... Please allow me to work on that..." In the meantime, they do not understand the nature of the problem, let alone how to resolve it. I asked for a refund, and will not go back to this ** company. The owner is probably sitting on his private island laughing his fat ass off.

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Ellen Muraskin has been writing about telecom and IT since 1993 when she joined the marketing department of Dialogic. In 1996 she joined the editorial staff of CMP’s Computer Telephony Magazine, rising to Executive Editor before joining Ziff Davis Media to launch the VoIP topic center of their site. She served as senior copywriter for IT infrastructure company Raritan and has written and edited for several publications.    More about Ellen→

Sold in more than 25,000 retail stores, magicJack is an industry leader in direct-to-consumer VoIP services. It holds a number of foundational patents on which the VoIP industry is built and is part device, part service.

  • Deeply discounted pricing: Where other service providers charge a monthly fee, magicJack offers a variety of plans, with prices as low as $120 for five years.
  • Easy installation: Taking plug-and-play to a whole new level, all you need to do for installation is plug the magicJack between your router and your phone.
  • Service and equipment are included: When you buy magicJack for $49.95, one year of service is included in the price.
  • Calling on the go: Send calls to your home straight to your smartphone without using any of your plan minutes. Data speeds affect call quality, so be sure to use 4G or a Wi-Fi network.
  • Free magicJack-to-magicJack: While all local and domestic long distance are free, international calling is only discounted unless both caller and receiver have the magicJack. Any calls from one magicJack to another are free.
  • Best for Residential users and salespeople.

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