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Cracked my phone screen on 8/30 and initiated Uh Oh Protection. As the website and terms and conditions state, I was expecting a replacement phone to be on my doorstep in two days. It took 5. Remember, all I did was crack the screen, the first time I dropped the device without a case on it, mind you. Anyways, The whole process took from 8/30 all the way to 9/13 when I finally received my "new" device.

When I opened the repackaging, I was disappointed to notice that the entire left-hand corner of the device was completely unattached to the body of the phone along with some severe bleeding along the bottom portion of the device. The LEDs for the touch capacitive buttons were much dimmer than they were previously, and I could see the light even coming around the sides of the finger scanner.

Currently I am waiting for an email, which their customer support is not very good at sending emails promptly, and have been waiting for an email since Monday (9/26) and as I write this review it is Friday (9/30). All of this waiting just for the email with the address to send the phone to, the return shipping of which I have to pay for.

I love HTC devices. I love the software integration and I love the design of my HTC 10. But they shouldn't advertise Uh Oh Protection if it's this much of a headache to deal with. I have had no luck in getting any customer service rep to help me out in any sort of prompt way. At this point I am receiving one email a day if I'm lucky, and of course, they don't work weekends, so I won't get my email until next week. Again, the email is what I'm waiting for.

Overall, I'm so severely disappointed with the after sale support of HTC, and it makes it very difficult to consider the purchase of anymore HTC devices, at least with the current state of their customer service. You'd think when you shell out 600 dollars to a company for the promise of a warranty and customer service representation they'd treat you a little better, but I guess they already have my money.

On the 22/7/16 I sent my HTC M8 for repair it is still in warranty until February 2017. On 29/7/16 I received an email stating it was at the repairs centre. On 1/8/16 I was sent an email stating "Our initial assessment of your device indicates that the repair work required is caused by damage that isn't covered by warranty. Unfortunately, this means we must charge you for the repair." (The bill was 372.47 itemising the need to replace 20 components that were considered to be damaged, but not giving any reason what the damage was). I contested this with an advisor who said the reason was it was out of warranty, she contacted THREE mobile whilst I was on hold to confirmed it was in warranty and told me it would take another 72 for a decision regarding the repair. To keep a paper trail I sent a return email stating "I do not believe the reason my phone was not working was my fault and require further supporting evidence".

12/8/16 I contacted customer service via email, the reply was "Thank you for your reply and thank you for your patience regarding the matter. Rest assured that your complaint will be raised to the escalations manager handling your case. Any feedback I receive will be forwarded to you". I have no idea who my escalation manager is! 19/8/16 I went into a THREE store and asked if I could contact HTC, I was told by an HTC advisor that he did not have the up to date information on his computer and would get someone to ring me back. (No one did). 20/8/16 I was asked to fill in a survey about my experience, it allowed me the option for someone to contact me (No one did).

30/8/16 I finally got onto Web Chat after several attempts, a helpful person checked all my details and asked an advisor to contact me. I received a call within half an hour and was told my phone was out of warranty as it was water damaged and therefore it was up to me to pay for the repairs. I explained it has not been near water, steam or an excessively damp environment and contested this decision requesting photographic evidence. I was forwarded a picture of the inside of a phone which was visibly water damaged and my phones IMEI number printed at the top of the page.

I was told there are a number of reasons as to how I could have got my phone water damaged I.e. if I answered it if it was raining I suggested that if I could not use it in everyday situations then perhaps it was not "fit for purpose". During this phone call I was asked if I minded the advisor dealing with another customer concern. I suggested that I speak to the advisor who sent me the last email, who was on holiday and would be back tomorrow. I asked for confirmation via email that I would be contacted back. At this stage I am awaiting a call back, but feel extremely frustrated with the inconsistent customer service I have received.

I purchased an HTC One M9 last July as an early birthday present for myself. It seemed great; not only did it look and feel great and come with good speakers, but it came with the extra warranty that came from the company that claimed that you could replace it within one year free, or get money off of your next HTC. Anyway, it's a bit less than a year later and I'm working full time. The volume buttons on my phone stop working for the most part (I have to hold my finger across both of them and keep pushing until one of them decides to work). I'm 99% sure that the buttons stopped working because the case they sold me at Verizon bent them in, though that's a story for a different time.

I go online to customer support, and after chatting with the representative and waiting for her for about 10 minutes, she comes back and says she cannot verify my mailing address because some department is closed. Really? Well, fine. They tell me to call the next day, so I do, only to have my phone ring and ring and never even get put on hold. When I do finally get a hold of them a few days later since I've been so busy, they say that the time on my warranty expired and that there's nothing they can do for me, even though it was THEIR fault that I was not able to send my phone in in the first place. I think they do this intentionally to avoid having to replace their crappy phones, but even if not their horrible customer service is enough for me to know that I definitely won't be buying another HTC, no matter how much they take off the price.

I bought a HTC Desire 526gt in August 2015 for business purposes. The phone worked ok for the last 10 months. Before 2 weeks the phone display stopped working. After a day, I saw a air bubble form below the screen and now the display showed a bright light (see image). The phone was still in the 1 year warranty period. I took the phone to the Malad, Mumbai service center and asked them to repair the phone. After looking at the phone, their customer representative alleged that I had put pressure on the screen and hence the display is not working. I argued with them that I used the phone normally but the customer representative was not ready to listen. I met the supervisor but he was not helpful as well.

In my opinion, HTC designs and manufactures poor quality products and when the phone stops working during warranty, they blame the customer to void the warranty so that they can get money for repairing their poor quality product. In my opinion, there is no point buying cheap HTC phones. Rather buy a good quality phone. I am still using an iPhone 4 as my personal phone that I bought in 2011 (5 years and still going strong).

I purchased HTC ONE E8 from India. I opted for HTC as it offers international warranty and I purchased from EZONE who is authorized dealer for HTC. June 2015: Purchase date: 15 June 2015 (India) for Rs.23912. July 2015: I reached USA on first week of July 2015. Mobile worked for a week. After that sim slot one stopped working. Initially I thought it might be sim card issue and tried several sim card. None of them worked. Now I am left with only slot 2 which supports just 2G data and I hardly received any data in San Diego. Without data I couldn’t take my mobile anywhere. August till September 2015 (USA, raised first ticket but did not send it due to refurbished replacement).

As I was in US, I contacted HTC India through chat. It was a nightmare to even get hold of one customer service representative. The moment I tell them sim slot one is not working they would either disconnect the chat or provide me with some steps to troubleshoot. It went on for few weeks with no real support from HTC India. Then I contact HTC USA. Chat support was excellent and I was offered to get it repaired. HTC USA told me I might get a refurbished device if I opted for this service. I told them I don't want to get a refurbished device within 3 months of purchase and waited till I reached India in February 2016. (After 8 months of purchase, phone worked officially for 3 weeks.)

Feb 2016 (India, repairing for first time): In Feb 2016, when I reached India I visited HTC service centre and gave my device for repair. After 2-3 weeks I received my phone back. I had provided a brand new looking mobile for repair and while receiving sim slot area had scratches, even back had few of them (I received a refurbished replacement with a old casing) and even camera did not work properly. As my stay in India was limited for a month and sim slot started working, I took mobile back to USA in April 2016.

April 2016 to June 2016 (USA, repairing for second time): Once I landed USA and switched my sim card to US network, it stopped detecting sim card again. I contacted HTC USA. They offered me to repair camera and sim slot issue. I shipped it to HTC USA and I received after 1.5 months as HTC had to source parts from other countries. The received phone still had sim detection issue but now camera was much better. This time I received a beautiful gift along with my phone. Phone had a SD card in it full of pictures of HTC test centre and most embarrassing part is lots of personal pics of some employee which even has some really weird pics (very dirty). So now I knew where my mobile was used for nearly 1.5 months.

I complained to HTC USA about this and very coolly told me to format it and use it. My concern was that I trusted HTC to keep my phone within factory and not to be taken out for personal errands. Finally HTC asked me to email those pics which I did not do as some of the pics are really embarrassing. I still have the SD card with me.

June 2016 (USA, repairing for third time): I contacted HTC USA again and shipped mobile for repair. After a week I received it and again it has same issue. I think HTC never tested it and just send it back. My official warranty got over this week and still HTC could not provide me with a working mobile phone. I have used for just 3 weeks in this whole year. NEVER EVER PURCHASE HTC PRODUCTS. THEY KEEP FOOLING US WITH LOW-QUALITY PRODUCTS.

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HTC Desire 626 - This phone has NOTHING of value. The phone won't even make phone calls correctly. The programming is so messed up, it makes the phone useless. Go back to the OLDER phones, they work so much better.

I've got HTC 820 G+. I gave it twice for repair within the warranty period. On first time submission I was told some sound software was changed and on second submission, the motherboard in the phone was changed. Even after that, the problem that I reported of voice issue still persists. God damn it. I don't understand what more is in the phone to repair!

I called up the helpline no. but the person there was unable to address the issue. I talked to Shampa from Mumbai and some other male voice for more than half an hour. Shampa said she couldn't fetch any details about my complaints or mails that I wrote. All in all, I've visited the service centre 3 times, wrote them mails about my complaint, talked on the service centre no. twice. I fail to understand who's there to provide services to the customer if the customer is facing issues with the device. And they bloody call themselves a service centre! I'm bloody frustrated with the defective piece HTC provided. The problem has been there since the time of purchase. HTC surely fails to deliver quality products. I strictly recommend to stop buying HTC phones.

I am having a so much trouble with HTC Service Center in EDM Mall, 1st floor, plot no 1, Kaushambi, Ghaziabad. I am having a so much trouble. I am working person. I am getting a one weekly off and that week off is also I spent in your service center. I am having a phone of H.T.C. Desire 526G+ Dual Sim. I am having a problem in my receiver so I deposit my phone to service center. I told to them that I want a phone today because I am not having a another set. "Please make me fast." They told me "Ok sir." They me a time of 4pm. When I reach the center she told me that it's not possible to give today. It's not completed. When I talked then again they give me 6pm time. I already spent my 4 hour EDM mall. This is not good. I am going to complain to the consumer court regarding this problem. It's a completely mentally harassment. I am not tolerate this.

After having the HTC One M8 for 6 months it no longer charges. It literally has taken them a month and a half to finally accept the paperwork that I have for them to fulfill their part of the warranty which is to fix my phone. I have not gotten it back yet but supposedly it's been fixed and is on its way to me. I will believe that when I see it. My daughter's phone which is the exact same model as mine is doing the same thing so I sent over the exact same paperwork they used for mine with her info of her phone on there and they are "reviewing" it. At first one of the supervisors said that they could not accept the paperwork. And I'm like WTF, it's the exact same thing I sent for my phone to get fixed and they accepted that. So now it has to go through some other department for approval. These people will do everything in their power to not fulfill their warranty. This is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with.

Mind you they gave me 3 wrong email addresses to send my proof of purchase to and when I kept asking for the correct one the idiot on the phone said he could not give it to me. He said he emailed it to me which was not true because I never got the email. It's when I was able to talk to the supervisor that it was given to me. I was promised a callback this morning and of course that has not happened either. Please be wary of this horrible company. Do not purchase products from these people. They are literally out to get you and do not have your best interest at heart. Their tag line should be "HTC here to ** our customers, by selling them ** products and doing everything in our power to not fulfill our end of the bargain."

This was my 1 and only time I will buy a phone directly from I pre-ordered a phone and paid next business day delivery. The order was processed 2 days later, shipped Friday and was delivered Monday. After I received the phone and installed all of my applications the phone started to restart on its own. I did a factory restart and downloaded everything again. On Tuesday, after the phone continued to restart for no reason, I contacted HTC and advised of the issue and what I did to fix it. I was told to download their Sync Manager and wipe the phone again using that. The Sync manager isn't compatible with the phone because it is so new. I called HTC Again and they advised they'd send me a new phone but that I was have to give my credit card information again for a $599 hold which would be released until the defective device was returned. The phone was supposed to be rushed to me.

On Thursday I contacted HTC again to ask why the phone still hadn't been sent yet. They escalated the issue and advised I'd get a call back once the phone is shipped. On Friday, HTC called to advise that they would not be sending me a new phone - they were planning on sending me a used phone, but since the model is new, there were no used phones avail. In order for me to get a replacement phone, I'd have to send them the defective unit, they'd refund me, then I'd have to purchase a new phone on their website. I ended up going to a Verizon store and purchasing a new phone since I'm leaving the country and don't have time to wait for a new order. When I asked if they'd pay for the return shipping they declined.

My 3 months phone crash always - despite of resetting it still crashes.

I sent in my HTC to be repaired because there was a purple haze on the screen whenever I used the camera. This would show up on all the pictures. HTC tried to tell me that I had to pay $180 for labor. I refused as this should be covered since it was clearly a manufacturer's issue. After I refused to pay, then they tell me I have a "touch panel" issue and that it would be $180 and the camera issue would be covered. I never had a touch panel issue before that. How does that even happen? I told them to send my phone back since I was not paying.

Before I sent my phone in, when trying to remove the battery, which they said to do before sending in my phone, the top corner lifted up on my phone. Note: they should never tell customers to try and open the phone. This is near impossible without the proper tools. I eventually left the battery in and sent it with the case and all. I received my phone today. For one, the case was missing. Two, apparently they took it upon themselves to just tear the top strip that was lifted, right off of my phone. Most likely damaging the touch panel. So now I have a phone that doesn't work. The camera was never fixed either. Thanks HTC. From your once loyal customer. Hello Apple.

I faced an issue that my phone is dead, while playing music. I given to the service center. Then they are asking where I have done the last service. I asked them "why?" They said me that the previous service was done properly. It seems the screws are not fixed, antenna not fixed, also some other things. Then I said them I was given the same mobile in Authorized service center HTC for the last time repair and I asked them why it happened like that from an authorized service center. I am thinking if they have done well in the previous service well, my mobile won't be dead.

Returned a HTC 626 and it was received on Monday 03/21/16 to your return department with a tracking number. I have made 6 calls and have yet to receive my refund. Now supposedly I am on some type of escalation list about concerns of my refund with the ticket number and order number. This is the longest I have ever waited on a refund from anything that I have ever bought online. It saddens me because this was my first time purchasing from your store. To me this is just ridiculous how long it is taking to return my $190.79 that was took off my credit card but yet it only took your company 2 days to take my money and it's been 1 month that I still haven't received my refund.

I have made several calls (6) and still no progress. On my 5th call I was promised that I would see my refund today Thursday April 21, 2016 and still nothing. (I don't have money just to throw away or give away freely for that matter and I would greatly appreciate it if I could see my refund now or before this month of April is over.) I would like to know what am I suppose to do to get your company to follow through with returning my funds to me. So my question is am I ever going to get my refund or is this company into stealing from its customers? Thank you.

I am highly disappointed with HTC Service. I can't believe, they should reconsider of shifting to Manufacturing "GARBAGE" instead of mobiles. At least by this they won't trouble people, as they troubling by selling defective mobiles. Omg! I can't believe such MNC's can also cheat people. I recently bought this HTC Desire 728G dual sim, and not even a month over and it has started giving problem. Once I started getting problems in my phone then, I checked on internet its reviews and came to know about its bad service. HTC brand mobiles has always some or other problem. Such a cheater mobile brand. Orientation doesn't work, if you insert dual sim it gives networking problem and cherry on cake is its display problem. Despite being such pathetic brand people buy its mobile and these company become successful in looting people their hard earned money.

When give it for servicing they have all kinds of excuses not to give your mobile on time like; this is new phone, parts will take time to arrive and blah blah blah and keep your mobile for month. It's almost been 2 months these service center people haven't returned my mobile. It's so frustrating. Please if anyone is reading my review never go this HTC brand and waste your money instead give your money to some charity. I think HTC has got accustomed of hearing such insults, that is why they are not bothered about their customer's satisfaction anymore.

This is my first and last mobile from HTC, will never ever go for this brand. I committed mistake of not reading review and buying mobile. So anyone who is planning to HTC mobiles, please at least after reading this don't go for it. I think it's time now HTC should pack its bag from India and permanently shift their profession in Manufacturing dust bins instead of mobiles. Hope there they don't disappoint their users. HTC: H-Horrible, T-Terrible, C-Cheesy mobile brand.

I have a very bad experience with HTC Desire 816. Please make it sure that you will not get customer support. They gave fake assurance nobody is liable even the people sitting on higher position. Once your HTC product shows any fault buddy it's a suggestion please purchase another one rather than waiting to get your product repaired. HTC is the worst service provider you will ever see. They will give assurance that product will be ready in 7-10 days, please don't trust their verdicts. You have to wait minimum 40 days to get your product but still not sure it's the quickest time I have quoted because I have faced twice LCD broken (HTC Desire 816). First time I got my cell repaired after 47 days second time 40 days.

In future I will make it sure not to suggest anyone to go for HTC. People in support team know only three words, "Sorry for the inconvenience", "We can understand", "We are working on that" :). Our express team is working on your issue. This all are fake... So it's my suggestion go for HTC only if you have a backup.

In 7 months I've gone through 3 phones. I get in touch with my carrier. I told them I wanted a different phone. They tell me because of the warranty it has to be the same phone. IT IS USELESS. The first one the screen cracked. The second one lasted about 5-6 months and shorted out. The replacement I received on Friday cracked this morning.

Phone crashes and turns off at least 10 times a day. Worst phone ever and HTC won't help.

I too had very bad experience with HTC company/Customer Care. I have bought my phone in Dec 2015. Within 3 days my phone gets touch issue with my HTC E9S. I get it to service center. They told me submit it and take it after 10 day. Waited for 15 days no response from service center and finally I had to call customer care, but customer care team said we are processing your request and assigning to back-end team. Don't know till 15 days. So-called "customer care/service center" what are they doing?

To get my cell back I had called more than 15 times and had fight with customer care team. Every time customer team used to say new stories and new fake promises (guys are really trained well on provide fake promises). Every time they used to say, "Backend team will call you EOD" and trust me they will never call you.

Finally, I got call from superman in fake advice. "Mr. **" spoke with me and asked to wait two more day and he will update me exact status (this is to buy some more time to fix the issue). Till then I was so frustrated with the customer care because firstly they don't provide you the status on time. We need to call and get the status. Won't be having complete details too. They know only three words, "Sorry for the inconvenience", "We can understand", "We are working on that" :). After so many call finally I got my cell after 40 days. I never see such a worst service till now. HTC doesn't have professionalism. Doesn't care about customer and nowadays producing very bad products. Really it is my first and last HTC product. Hopeless people of HTC. Really need to improve their service. Final advice - don't go for HTC Product.

I have owned 3 devices with HTC and the last year and a half all three devices had the same issues, two HTC One M7 and one HTC One M8. It seem to me HTC making these devices extremely too fast and the devices not worth after a few months but also the devices functionally don't last. It seems always right when you get a system updated something else goes wrong with the charging of the devices. I'm sick of it. Too much money is spent with the company and you still have to spend money to get issues fixed.

Here are the facts... I recently experienced some functional issues with my HTC One m8. Being less than a yr old HTC agreed to swap for a refurbished one at no cost under warranty. They overnighted one that would not charge at all. I called immediately, was told they needed to investigate why this happened and I would be emailed swap instructions within 48 hours. This is almost 3 weeks now that I have not received a new phone. I have had to initiate every contact since and I keep getting bounced from dept to dept as I beg them to be a customer. All I have ever asked for was a working device. I've included a picture of it plugged in and the red charging light night on.

I had submitted my device HTC One E9S for repair for the LCD breakage on 19th Feb, 2016 at HTC Express service centre. Property No. 11/1, Pattalamma Temple Road, Opp. Pai Vista Convention Hall, Near Jayanagar South End Circle, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004. The person there told me I will get my device maximum in 7-10 days' time. During those seven days, I didn't receive any call from the call centre/service centre. I was following up continuously and they assured me I will get a call back on the update.

Neha from repair team called me that I will get my phone repaired by 4th March, 2016 by Friday. However then I received a call from Pradeep from service centre, Jayanagar that since there is delay in part availability for the original model I submitted, can they change the model whichever is available. When I said no and told that this is mental torture for customers, Pradeep shouted at me that I should talk to call centre or call on the torture number. I want my device to be repaired by 4th March as communicated and an apology from Pradeep who shouted and misbehaved with me. My whole family is using HTC since 10 years and people like Pradeep demean the whole brand by providing such bad customer service.

Hi, I just bought this my HTC Desire T-Mobile phone. I downloaded one app and two games. Now it's saying I have absolutely no room in my storage plus I only have 3 pictures. I'd like to take more but the storage TOO FULL... I rebooted this phone once because of that. Now I'm going through it again. I uninstalled apps and it's STILL saying full storage!! If I delete something else I wouldn't be able to get it back. So if anyone knows how to solve that problem please tell me. Thanks.

This WAS a great phone. There were many features and qualities that I needed for personal and business use. However, seven months short of my 24 year plan with AT&T, the phone no longer wanted to hold a charge. I tried several chargers including the factory charger and still had issues. Simple solution? New battery! Nope. The phone has an internal battery that cannot be replaced. Major disappointment. I do not recommend the purchasing of this product! I had to buy out my contract ($142), get a new phone and try to get see if I can eke out enough battery charge to get my business contacts off the phone.

I bought a HTC Desire 626 in October 2015. It's now February 2016 & already I can barely hear the phone ring & barely hear the person that I'm talking to & the phone constantly blinks out for no reason at all. Not to mention how it vibrates off & on causing the phone to go off & then shuts back on. What a piece of crap. This is the worst phone purchase I have ever made. I've had nothing but problems with this product from day one.

Very poor quality of hardware and software of HTC phone. Life is less than one year. Pathetic after sale service. Company is doing business through service center. I got problem of motherboard within one year of purchase of my HTC desire 816. Got problem of display just after warranty period of one year. When given to service center, I got my phone back after one and half month without repair with two more problem i.e. SIM tray and again motherboard. Now company is not responding as both the problems were created by their service center. Service center and company are making money by creating new problems and fetching money from the customers. I do not know what to do with my phone.

We purchased the HTC One mini. At 6 months, our family was playing tennis - the phone was inside a lightly cushioned tennis bag. Tennis ball hit the bag which also hit the corner of the phone. The weak screen cracked and spidered across the whole screen. We looked into repair but the cost was too high at that time. A friend told us that HTC offered free screen repair for this phone because they realized that the screens were not made very strong. I went through the process, they claimed that it was a 6-month promotion that offered the free screen repair and that we were past this deadline.

After a lot of effort on my part, they said that they would repair it. I waited for the return, prepaid mailing label that never came. I lost track through the busy holidays and a month or so went by, I contacted them and they said that they could not help us because the time lapse and that they had no record of my request of a prepaid return label and said that there was nothing else they could do. They offered to repair it for $120.00 but still could not mail me a return postage label. This phone cost us $420.00. HTC could care less about a customer because Verizon is doing their work for them by selling their junk.

I bought HTC Desire 826 mobile on 19 Jan 2016 and on 31st Jan its screen gone. I am really upset with this, want to change the phone, it's still in service station.

I hope this business goes out of business because from what I've read from reviewers they do not back up their products. I bought an HTC Desire 621 last June and soon after the volume button stopped working. Then last month the power button wouldn't work so I couldn't get the phone out of sleep mode unless I plugged it in to wake it up. I contacted HTC and they made me ship the phone, at my own expense, and did not give me a replacement to use while mine was being looked at. I just received an email saying it will be $95 in labor charges to replace the back cover. The phone cost just over $100 and they are telling me it costs $95 to replace the back cover. It's less than a year old and is under warranty. They are robbers!! Do not buy their phones.

I am on my 4th HTC phone now, from the M7, M8, M9 and now the A9 plus. What the plus stands for I don't know... plus problems I guess. So the design is great whether, in their unoriginality they decided to blatantly copy the iPhone or not, isn't my concern, but this seems to be the common belief... but anyhow, outside maybe like an iPhone, but I gather iPhones work, so that's where the similarity ends.

HTC have always had BAD battery life. We live with that... always carry a charger. OK fine, but how about the ability to use a Bluetooth? Surely in the current modern day this is something that we have taken for granted and expect. Well if you do, don't buy an HTC, because in their infinite wisdom and superior phone manufacturing skills, they can't apparently tune their software to actually make the Bluetooth work. I have purchased additional headsets and the same issue occurs. HTC have replicated the problem and acknowledge it is an issue, but even though they can't cure it, they believe a $50 voucher to be spent on their accessories is a fair compromise. Well, it's not HTC...

You need to sort your house out if you want to play with the boys. I had assumed international business skills would dictate that your standards in Asia would be as high as the rest of the world but apparently not. Maybe in Taiwan it is acceptable to sell someone a piece of kit, then when it doesn't work, say there is nothing that can be done... I don't believe that is acceptable and hopefully continued bad service like this will ultimately bring the end to your pathetic kingdom. I hope other users haven't had the same issues I have had... but if they have, best thing you can do is as me, use their Uh Oh Protection, get a new phone and sell the bloody thing on eBay.

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