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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Firefly?
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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 16, 2019

    Thought I had hired a car online, with all the usual insurance gumph, through Firefly. When I got to the front desk for my 6 o‘clock pick up it was rammed with people who had been waiting ages and were not very happy. I noticed people were taking at least 20 and sometimes 30 mins to pick up their cars and wondered why? It became obvious when I got to my turn at 7.05. As far as they were concerned the insurance that I (and presumably others) had taken out already, at the point of booking, meant nothing. They said that they owned the car and that I had to insure it with them (rather than online) for another 108 euros. I said repeatedly that I had taken out insurance and went on to prove it, but they said that if I damaged the car that that insurance would mean nothing and I would have to pay 850 euros. It was a very hard sell that I ignored and trusted the insurance that I had already taken out at the time of booking.

    Have to say that this really played on my mind, all through the holiday, every time I drove. I should have been content that the online policy covered me but the Firefly operative left me feeling very uncomfortable. I was then told that I had to pay 88 euros for petrol. This included the idea that someone had to fill the car up and that would cost 29 euros for them to do it! I said that I would fill it up. Take it away full and fill it up when I bring it back. He wanted me to take it away full, use as much as I could, and then bring it back it empty. We were never going to do that sort of mileage. Even though I filled it up I have still been charged 29 euros. It took nearly 2 hours to sort the car and others were going through the same. Please stay away from this company. Yours sincerely, John

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    Rated with 1 star
    Original review: Aug. 8, 2012

    They don't give you what you pay for, will flat out lie to you, won't respond to emails or calls, and their phones are junk! My little girl was so excited about her cute little pink phone. But months later, I'm out the money, and she has a crappy toy phone to play pretend with. I cannot stress this enough, don't buy from this sham of a company! You will regret it.

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      Original review: Feb. 26, 2011

      I ordered this phone for my son who splits time between my house and his dads. I chose it after researching cell phones for children online. It seemed like a great option. However, I received the phone in the mail with a user guide that said, "Refer to the label below during activation of phone". There was no label. I went online and clicked the link to activate the phone, and it told me that this particular phone/SIM card had already been activated and to call customer service.

      I called about 50 times. No joke. Not once did I get through. Every time, I hear a recording saying that the wait time would be 2 minutes. I would wait between 3 to 10 minutes each phone call before the line was disconnected. I tried pressing zero for operator, same thing. I called after business hours and it said to leave a message, but it never allowed you to. It just disconnected the line.

      I sent multiple emails to them using their online form, and I never heard a response. I cannot return the phone because the shipping slip says to call for an RMA number or no refund will be issued. Of course, the number to call for the RMA is the same customer service number that hangs up on me each time. I paid $50 plus shipping, handling, and tax on a phone that is unusable and non-returnable. I think some type of fraud is going on here.

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      Original review: Jan. 25, 2011

      I signed up for the automatic billing of $10 a month which stated that the minutes never expired. I had accumulated $34 so I decided to switch the account down to the pay as you go two days before my billing cycle so I wouldn't have an additional $10 added. When I switched, at no time did it say that I would lose the money or minutes I had accumulated under the old plan. I had selected the $0 option to add because as I stated, I had $4 credit so I assumed that once I got down no money, then I could add in increments.

      They took my entire $34 and when I called to explain what I did and why, they only wanted to give me $10 credit and not all of it. When I explained that it didn't say that I would lose the money, the lady said, "well, you will." This place is a waste of money and time. I sent emails and never get responses, which is why I just went ahead and did it online. I told them to cancel my service. The only reason why I went with them was because I bought the phone for a friend. I called AT&T, who is my provider, and they don't service these phones anymore--now, I can see why. I paid $10 a month and I can pay the same thing with AT&T so I am adding a line to my AT&T account and a free phone. Do not use this company.

      10 people found this review helpful
      Original review: Dec. 14, 2010

      I ordered a glow phone for my son's 7th birthday. It didn't work out of the box. After three plus hours dealing with customer service, I was given an RMA and told to return the defective unit for exchange of a working unit. That unit didn't work. After many attempts to contact their customer service without resolve, I finally contacted them via email again and was told to contact customer service. I wish to return the non-working unit for a refund at Firefly's expense and receive a refund for the non-working unit.

      13 people found this review helpful
      Original review: Feb. 21, 2009

      We purchased a firefly for my 8 year old for Christmas and signed up for a pay as you go plan. In January our credit card was billed $19.99 AT the time that we signed up it said right on the website.. MINUTES NEVER EXPIRE!! This was one of the reasons we chose this phone. After 2 calls to customer service over a 3 week span we were finally put in touch with a supervisor who basically told us that we signed up for the wrong plan and that the minutes we bought in December had expired and the ones that werre chanrged in January to our credit card were also gone. The reson the ones from January 23rd were taken away (eventhough it only February 16th) was becasue we went in and changed our plan on line. So basically since we were not allowing them to continue to bill out credit card they were not going to honor the minutes for the whole month and they would not refund the $19.99.

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      Original review: Nov. 15, 2008


      One would suppose that a company producing and marketing a product for young children would consider children. One might also suppose that childrens product company would consider child safety. And you might also think that a telecommunications company would be required by law to provide what they sell. Or, that a telecommunications company would remember that phones are for safety as well as for fun and games. Not so with Firefly Mobile, producers of the flyPhone and glowPhone for children. I am a grandmother. When a family crisis hit, I decided my seven year old grandson needed to be able to have easy, friendly, reliable access to family members and to be able to reach help, an adult or parent when necessary. The phone was principally for his safety and security. At the heart of a phone for a child, regardless of age, the telephone is a way to reach a parent or helper when necessary and much more than just a way to play games or try out ring tones when bored. Firefly seemed to have considered children and produced a phone that is user friendly for young children, so I ordered one and had it sent to my grandson in a different state. A WARNING BEFORE YOU RING IN A DISASTER FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILD: THE FIREFLY CELL PHONE FROM CINGULAR WIRELESS Four months, two hundred dollars, innumerable hours and several other problems later, I can accurately report that Firefly Mobile isnt interested in your child, your childs well-being, you, or providing the services that you paid for. Now, why am I spending my time to tell you this? Because sixty years later and forty some years in the world of business, Im still surprised and saddened that a company trading in the illusion of caring about children doesnt and that a communications company can sell communication methods that it doesnt provide. I purchased the firefly glowPhone with accessories and had it sent to my grandson. I signed up for their automatic refill option so that he would be safe, able to make calls whenever he needed to and would never run out of minutes. This plan refills the phone from your credit card whenever the balance is low. His parents and I spent several hours setting up the account online after the phone arrived, but the next day, the information wouldnt be there. We could never get the account to work and the phone worked for three days. After several thirty minute waiting periods to get someone in Customer Service, I finally did. The problem? The phone was out of money. I wondered how this was possible since it was supposed to automatically refill. I was advised that their software didnt work, but that it would be up and running very soon and they added some money to the phone from my credit card while I was on the phone. A very long story short, we tried for two months to get the account to work. At long last, I was advised that Firefly had no idea when the software would work. Their solution was that I could call in and wait the half hour for Customer Service to answer the phone and add refills verbally on my credit card on an ongoing basis. There was no way to know how much was left on the account without making the call. After needing to use the phone several times during a two day period, the inevitable finally happened. My grandson had an emergency and the phone didnt work because it didnt refill and I didnt know he had needed to use it as often those two days. Enough! The safety tool had become a liability. I called fireflyMobile, waited the allotted time to finally reach someone in customer service, added fifty dollars to the phone and was advised: We have no idea how long it will take to get this problem fixed. It could be a very long time. The only way we can solve this is to change the phone number and hope that works.? Needless to say, I got my grandson a different phone. One that worked. One he could feel safe with. So when I contacted fireflyMobile and asked to return the phone and get the balance on the phone account back, you know what they said? There are no returns even if we didnt provide you with the services we sold you. Even if we kept telling you the last three months it was going to be fixed.? Oh, the the balance? It disappeared from the account. Im thinking there are a lot of people out there who have had this problem. People who spent a ridiculous amount of time, money and their childs security on a refill? program that didnt work. I think this is called a class action suit. Im thinking this is child endangerment. Hansine Goran
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      Original review: June 9, 2008

      Their plans are deceiving and cost tripple the amount than what they let on about. You purchase 30 minutes of air time and you only are able to use 10 to 12 minutes of actual time. They do NOT inform you of this at the time. Their charges are leaning towards fraud. We have been dealing with them since Dec of 07 over 2 phones and have only been able to use about 20 minutes between 2 numbers.

      9 people found this review helpful
      Original review: April 4, 2008

      On or about the 23 of February, 2008 I contacted Firefly to cancel the automatic withdraw from my account of $9.99. At that time I was planning on going to a pay as you go where I could purchase the time through a card. On the 5th of March of 2008 the deduction was taken from my account. I called again and some how they had kept me on the automatic withdraw. At that time in Indicated to KC I did not want to remain with Firefly and wished my balance refunded to me. The balance is $10.16

      I am out $10.16.

      6 people found this review helpful
      Original review: Oct. 8, 2006

      My son got a firefly phone for Christmas 2005. His minutes ran out, we weren't notified even though we had done everything we were suppose to and the phone was canceled. They gave the number away. What a Waste of money!! I won't do business with that company again!. Consumers BEWARE!!!!! They did send me an e-mail 9/18/06 telling me the new plans to pay for the phone, I called only to find out I did not have a number any more.

      I asked for information on where to send a letter. I was told We are an internet company only. I finally got the information after be VERY PUSHY! The kid only used the phone 6 times of 25 cents a minute, so 6 minutes. $75 for 6 minutes. Something is wrong with that picture!!!!

      Economic Damage: The entire cost of the phone. It is useless now. The company wants 25.00 more to reactivate the phone. The phone was around 100.00.

      8 people found this review helpful
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