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I am a longtime T-Mobile (not the company I am complaining about) customer who needed a phone upgrade and was taken advantage of and misled by an Executive Cellular Associate. On 3/20/2012, I visited an Executive Cellular Branch at the Neshaminy Mall in Bensalem, PA. My intention was to see if I was eligible for an upgrade on one of my phone lines. I was assisted by Michele ** and she informed me that I was not eligible for any upgrades on my account (which was untrue, 2 weeks later during my interaction with T.M. customer escalation, I found out I had been eligible for at least a month before I visited the E.C. Kiosk). M.** also informed me that she had another option. She said I could open a Ghost Line (which is an additional phone line that does not get used) and that I could use the new phone that came with the new line for my existing line that needed an upgrade.

I told her I didn't want my monthly bill to go up. She informed me that since I had an unlimited plan, if I opened a new line, my bill would not go up, as this line would use no minutes, data, or texts. I took her up on her offer and trusted her word that my bill wouldn't go up. I paid $100.00 for a new phone to use for an existing line and had a Ghost Line I was told not to use. I received my T.M. bill on 4/5/12 and it did go up. I contacted M.** and was told I couldn't return the phone without a restocking fee and a line cancellation fee from T.M. I spoke to her manager (who was not the manager, M. apparently was), and he told me I should have never opened the new line and that I would have to pay the fees. Monica from T.M. Customer Escalation agreed that my experience was basically a scam, and that they are trying to cut ties with Executive Cellular for many similar problems.

Monica informed me she would cancel my line with no fee and she would make sure I did not have to pay E.C. a restocking fee or return the phone. I received no bill from E.C. Now, 8 months later, they put me in collections. I would like Executive Cellular to take responsibility for their Associate lying to a customer just to make a sale. I would, most of all, like them to take me out of collections with I.C. Systems for the amount of $350.00. I never received 1 bill from Executive Cellular and from my communication with Monica at T-Mobile in early April 2012, I understood the situation had been resolved. In late April 2012, E.C. requested that I return the phone I paid $100.00 for and pay a $350.00 restocking fee with no refund for my $100.00 purchase. So I would have paid $450.00 and have nothing to show for it.

Monica from T-Mobile contacted them again and told me I would not have to pay the fee or return the phone, as this whole situation was unacceptable and unethical. E.C. is telling me today that I agreed to return the phone and pay the fee. I would not agree to that. I have researched many other cases of the same things happening to people with E.C. When will this end?

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In April 2011, a representative of executive allowed a relative of mine, to place a cellphone contact in my name. I was told by the representative that I would be signing on as a co-signer, and that the billing would be my relative's responsibility. I assumed that after running my relatives credit, they were informed that the current credit score and rating were unsatisfactory, and would not be able to place a cell phone in their name. The representative then took it upon himself, ran my credit, saw that my score was satisfactory, and placed the cellphone account in my name. I did not become aware of this, until I checked my report 6 months later. I noticed that a T-Mobile inquiry was placed in April 2011, and I further investigated it. I then called T-Mobile to explore the reason for this, and they informed that I had an account with them, and it had been closed, and I owed a total of $607.19.

I than replied that I did not have an account with them, and wanted further investigation. I was then told they could only verify the information, and passed me onto their "Risk Assessment" department, who did a 1 day investigation, and stated that there had an incoming and outgoing phone calls, between my current number, and that I must know the individual, who placed the cellphone in my name. I then explained that I was told by Executive Cellular's sales representative, that I would be a co-signer, and would in know way hold this account in my name. T-mobile than redirected me to Executive Cellular, who redirected me back to T-Mobile, who than redirected me to their collection agency. I was forced to pay $759.23 to have this removed from credit report.

I am a full-time student, and to maintain the funding on my loans. My credit score must remain in satisfactory standing. I asked for verification, and never received it. I never received a bill from any of these companies, and I had to pay for unfair and illegal acts of the sales representative, who should have never placed the cellphone in my name in the first place, or allow someone else to sign the contract for me. I am wondering if it is possible to get legal assistance for this matter.

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I've been waiting over a month to get my refund check from Executive Cellular. They first told me they mailed out my refund check, but after 3 weeks of waiting, I still haven't received it. So I called to find out what's going on. They told me they would put a stop payment on it and would reissue me another one. A week has passed and still no refund check has arrived.

I called again and I was told the stop payment has not been approved and I would have to keep on waiting. I've called so many times that they have become rude with me and when I ask to speak with the supervisor or the customer service manager, I get disconnected. I'm am so fed up with the people at Executive Cellular.


On May 1, 2010, I purchased a T-mobile contract phone from Executive Cellular Phones. I was told that if I return the phone within 14 days of purchase, I would not have to pay any charges and my contract would be cancelled. On May 5th, I went to return the phone. The salesperson at the desk told me that the salesperson who sold me the phone and whose name is printed on the invoice should be present during the return. On 6th May around 8.30pm, I went again to return the phone and this time the salesperson who sold me the phone was present and he told me that he could not complete the return as their computerized system was down. And he told me to drop off the phone and he would complete the return once the computerized system came up.

A T-mobile representative was present over the phone with me and documented this conversation. I took a written note from the salesperson saying that the phone was dropped off to be returned. On 7th May, I received a call from Executive Cellular phones that the return was not processed as the phone seems to be water damaged, an accusation which I disputed as the salesperson had checked the phone when I returned it and didn't mention anything about water damage to me. The water damage can be checked by a sticker on the back of the phone which would have turned pink/red on contact with water, which I came to know on Aug 23 from my conversation with Jamie, the collection manager of the company. The salesperson had checked everything when I returned the phone and never mentioned anything to me about the sticker being pink/red.

On July 29, I received a letter from a debt collection agency I.C.Systems Inc. claiming $350 for the phone. I have called Executive Cellular phones and asked them to return the phone to verify the water damage claim. They initially said that they don't have the phone. Then after a week they are claiming that they have the phone but I doubt it. And while talking to Jamie, she mentioned that my account was being re-billed for returning the same phone to me which is unfair as I am already being charged $350 to be paid to the debt collection agency and I should be owing nothing to Executive Cellular phones. With this complaint, I want to make sure that this company gets reported for cellphone return malpractices and also I don't want to be charged again for the same cellphone which they are returning to me for water damage claim verification purposes as my account of $350 already lies with a debt collection agency.


I met a person by the name of Vincent Sophia, at least that's what he called himself and he told me that he was the owner of Executive Wireless and had a job for me as a district manager in his company. He offered me just about any salary for the position that I wanted. Now, I know that I'm pretty good at businesses and owners in the past have put a high value on getting me to work with them. No problem so far. Here is the funny business: He's quadriplegic and legally blind. He speaks quite eloquently so I was willed to over this except legally, he has to have someone with Power of Attorney to overlook his business dealings (which he doesn't).

Then there is the fact that I found out later that there is no Vincent Sophia as the owner of Executive Wireless, the real owner being Daniel Schaefer. So he told me I was on the wrong site and said the site is Executive Cellular Phones. So I checked that site, called a bunch of stores, and found out that the owner of that business is Rob, also not Vincent Sophia. I haven't found out what his scam is but I really don't want to find out.

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I went to this place of business to buy a Blackberry Bold for the price of 485.00. When I went to speak to one of the representatives in the morning he tried really hard to get my mothers, and fathers social security so that he can run the credit when we didnt want to. We left and returned at 530. At this time i spoke to the same representative who i spoke to with this morning and he was very disrespectful. I african american guy walked up to the same representative that i spoke to and told him when im done to let him know so that he can get my phone number and he looked like he was gonna do it. after a while i didnt get no help and was refused service from buying a phone. They have my information and im afraid they may do something to do which is why im placing this complait on file. please help.

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