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Digicel Prepaid Phone Card

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Last updated: Sept. 22, 2017

23 Digicel Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 22, 2017

I have had multiple issues with "missing data". I once purchased $30 in credits and the next day all the credits were suddenly gone. When we called customer service the representative just said that "maybe your data has a mind of its own". I also have used my "bonus" credits but the phone I assign it to doesn't get them. Where do they go? It is really sad that NO ONE in customer service is helpful, and there is NEVER any attempt to correct the situation. The only attempt you get is for them to make any excuse to get you off the phone. It is unfortunate that customers are just ** out of luck. Digicel is lucky that they have managed to be in a market in an area with little to no competition... And it is unfortunate that this is really your only choice for service. You pay your money and Hope for the best.

Original review: June 18, 2017

I have lost thousands of credit on my phone to Digicel. I cannot compare the company to any other except a scammer. I receive international credit and sometimes I buy online. When my data is expired or finished my credit automatically depletes without notice. I was told that the messages they send out when the data is expired is a courtesy message so it's not a must (which I don't get sometimes).

If I wanted data service I would activate one. A measure needs to be in place that once your data bundle expires there is a hold or freeze on the account until the owner activates one. Example I left my phone at home went to work. When I came back my data plan was expired. I tried to reactivate 1 but my credit was finished. I called and was told that I should monitor my phone. My entire 2000 plus dollars just like that was gone. This cannot continue something needs to be done.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 18, 2017

Purchased $5k on ROAM LIKE YOU ARE HOME PLAN, before travelling. In 4 days credit expired before trip was completed. Total time spent talking to my office was about 1 hr 15 minutes. So I called Digicel, rep said I did not log on to their sister company when roaming in USA and Canada as instructed on their website. WHAT BULL!!! the phone logs on to the country's compatible GSM cell network when you land at the airport, that's what smart phone do!! So I was charged international rates and not the rate plan I purchased, and now I owe an additional $3,600+ in addition to the $5k I prepaid the day before I traveled. This is not right, it's false advertising in my eyes. This happens every time I travel and I've had my Post Paid Account for over 7 years now. Well it's now time to switch carriers and lobby Government for more competition. We deserve better.

Original review: May 3, 2017

I added some credit to my phone and claimed my bonus. Checked the credit after and some was missing. I did not make any calls and I do not have a data plan. The rep told me it went to data charges! My data was not even on. It has been off for more than a week!!! I was transferred to a supervisor and the lady kept telling me my data was on, then when I got upset she got upset and was trying to hurry me off the phone. This is the worst network ever, they need major competition. All they do is steal customers credit and then blame it on data. It is always data that takes your credit. I just hate Digicel.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 9, 2017

They stole my credit from my phone and when I made several attempts to inquire about this issue, all I received was bad service. They claimed I subscribed to a service I know nothing about and then charged my account wrongfully. To make matters worst, the customer care agents I called hung up the phone on me and when I tried to contact via the social page, they didn't even read the message they asked me to send.

Earlier in the week, they "automatically" used my number to create a service they are offering and when I inquired, they claimed "a friend could have done it". I have another number that I purchased and I haven't given that number to anyone and the same happened with the "automatic creation" of which they stated a "friend" did it. How can that even be possible??? I tried endlessly to get some assistance and no one is responding to me so I am taking elsewhere to get some attention if I must! They cannot be trusted and are a bunch of certified criminals!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 24, 2016

I recently had someone connect me to a Digicel operator to enquire about getting internet service at my home in Jamaica. The operator checked my address and told me that only 8 people could get the service on my street and they were at capacity. I then asked her when would they be increasing their service to allow me to have service. She replied that she did not know. I asked to speak with the manager she said the manager would not be able to provide me with additional information. After insisting she said okay I would have to dial "145" I replied that I was on a three way call due to the fact that someone locally had conferenced me to her. She said that was the only way because the manager was located on a different floor from her and she could not connect me with him/her.

This does not make any sense. What kind of Mickey Mouse company is this and why are these people so uninformed and unwilling to provide good customer service? It is almost always a bad experience when dealing with customer service in the island of Jamaica. When will they step up to the plate and change their "that's just the way it is attitude"?

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 7, 2016

As a frequent international traveler mostly to Haiti when I don't travel, purchase calling cards to make international calls. Digicel is the leading company that provides most cell phone services in Haiti with the majority of government contracts having the green light to any preferred practice against consumers. I purchased calling cards from Digicel in Florida and the cards provide no connections, but Digicel won't provide a service representative to even look into the matter.

I purchased minutes online from Digicel top up and ding to use while in Haiti, to my surprise, Digicel keeps splitting minutes purchased from the US as a routine practice, and the customer service can only say they are sorry for the matter after they charge you per minute to talk to a service rep. This massive fraud is well-known in Haiti as people from outside of Haiti are the target under the guise of the Haiti's government who profits from the fraud. At last, I was told that my last card was taken away to finance the election in Haiti...

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Original review: Nov. 16, 2015

Contacted customer care to upgrade postpaid service plan and was advised that my credit limit was reduced due to security deposit used to cover a portion of the amount owing on the account as it had been in arrears a few months ago. Requested to speak with a supervisor to verify why it is that this amount was used this year and not before when I experienced a similar issue. And also why it is that I was not notified or being sent any form of correspondence regarding the issue so I would know what next steps to take.

Instead of receiving a definite answer I was muted, talked over on multiple occasions. Recalled clearly hearing this specific supervisor say "OH MY GOD" in disgust, used sarcasm as if it was a second language and refused to provide me with her id number as she stated she did not wish to do so. Instead she provided me with a name that I am not even certain is correct and stated that DIGICEL gives her the right to choose what information is offered to their customers regardless of their request. At no point in time did this poor excuse for a superior display professionalism, willingness to assist, efficiency, knowledge or understanding of the issue and lacked empathy. Bad representation of the company and I am very disgusted!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 14, 2014

I purchased (5) 3 dollar Digicel prepaid card (brought so many because I was stranded in snow storm). All the numbers that are listed to call to submit before making my call was not working. So I couldn't through. Now I'm left with the cards. I've tried to contact the toll free number (customer svc), phone hangs up after a few seconds. Also I experienced the same problem losing the rest of your minutes if you have a drop call. It's ok to use, if you're only going to talk in one shot.

Original review: May 17, 2013

I bought four $3 Digicel cards. The card rang and I heard the person at the other end, but they couldn't hear me. I stayed for probably 45 seconds waiting to see if they can hear me on the other end - no luck. So, I hung up to call again and repeated the same steps. The next thing I know, the card is expired. I called customer services and the rep answered and I can hear the rep perfectly fine. I explained to her what happened and she acted like she couldn't hear what I was saying. She was very rude. She kept cutting me off. I was upset and I asked her, I didn't use my 22 minutes. The rep did not want to listen nor want to help me. I thought the customer service was going to issue me another pin. They did nothing to satisfy my issues. I will never use a Digicel prepaid card. This is a scam! I work hard for my 3 dollars.

Original review: June 1, 2012

I bought four $3 Digicel cards. The first two cards gave me busy sounds before I finally got through. The third card did not ring and went straight to a voice-mail and I hung up right away. The next thing I know the card is expired. I called customer services and the rep answered as if he was answering his cell phone. He was very rude. He kept cutting me off. When I cut him off, he got upset. This rep did not want to listen nor want to help. I will no longer use a Digicel prepaid card.

Original review: Oct. 27, 2011

The calling cards are ripping people off. As soon as your call connects, it disconnects and your balance is zero. When calling the customer service department, they tell you to allow two hours and your time will be put back on your card. That's a lie! I've been robbed for over fifty two dollar this month alone. I know other people that this has happened to.

Original review: Dec. 13, 2010

Digicel is nothing but a piece of **. (That's not the word I really want to use). This company does nothing but stealing people's money. I called Haiti with the new piece of garbage that they came out with and the phone never rings until someone answers and I am able to talk. After one minute or so and sometimes seconds, I get disconnected and my balance is zero! I am so mad and furious that I wish I could just go to the main office and slap whoever is doing this to innocent people. I have lost more than 10 cards.

Tonight is my last night. I won't buy them anymore. When you call customer service, I stay on the line for more than six minutes until someone decides to answer, that is if I get lucky. If no one answers, then the automated system just hangs up on me. When I get the chance to talk to someone, he says that he can't do anything for me. It is company policy to not put the minutes back on the card. If they reimburse a customer, they will get fired and one of them has told me not to buy the phone cards because they are nothing but a bunch of phonies. I wish there was justice in this world. The rich and the powerful get to do whatever they want with the poor people. Why did they have to choose Haiti and Jamaica to do this to? I am extremely angry and I hope that these people pay for stealing.

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Original review: Nov. 23, 2010

I bought a $2 Digicel phone card to call my friend, who was sick, in Jamaica. The call dropped and when I called back, it said that I had zero balance. I got upset and called their customer service and the first rep told me that he cannot give any credit back and no supervisor was available. The second rep, after I explained my situation, was actually laughing. When the supervisor got on the line, he told me it's a one-time use card but the card does not say that! I was upset because I spent my money and wasn't able to talk to my friend who needed me there at the time. I was stuck at home so I couldn't get another card.

Original review: Nov. 15, 2010

I was never connected after I dialed the overseas number. The operator came in and said that I have no balance left. I called customer service and was told that After I was connected for 5 seconds, the minutes are taken out and that I was connected for 7 seconds or more. Therefore, they cannot replace the value of the card.

I called to speak to my son in Guyana. I haven't spoken to him for about 2 weeks, now I am unable to talk to him for another week. I am so frustrated with this company that is making money over hard working people's sweat.

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Original review: Aug. 16, 2010

Trying to get a customer service is a long wait and a waste of time. Sometimes, communication is not clear enough. When you finally get through, they are very unprofessional and other times, they'll hang up on you. This card is deceptive and the company is ripping us off. This needs to be addressed. I am extremely upset about this.

Original review: May 19, 2010

I think buying Digicel calling card is just another way to waste your money in these hard times. I bought a $2 card to call JA. When I got connected, they told me I have 30 minutes. Within a minute of my call, I was told that I have 0 remaining balance. When I called customer service, they hung up on me. I called back seven times before I was rudely told that it doesn't matter how. I can't get a refund because I talked for 1 minute and their system is automated so I will have to buy a new card if I want to make my call. Never, never again.

Original review: April 8, 2010

I was trying to call Haiti since I have a prayer meeting every Wednesday night over the phone. I used a first phone card talk for six minutes and the call was disconnected. I try to call customer service, but couldn't find anyone. I stayed on the phone waiting for a customer service rep for 6 minutes until the automated machine said goodbye and the call was disconnected. Since, I had another phone card I decided to use it because the prayer meeting was very important to me. It took me a while to get connected to Haiti when I finally got connected 54 seconds into the call the call got disconnected.

I call customer service and requested that I got my balance back. He told me that there is nothing he could do. I insisted on speaking with a manager but he told me that they were no manager available, and he said, “goodbye and have a great day.” Eventually, he hangs up the phone. I called again and requested the same thing and he told me to call again in four hours to talk to a manager.

I am aggravated. The company doesn't even have customer service representative that are trained well enough to help you out. All, they say is once the call got disconnected they have no way to get you your balance back. It doesn't matter if you only talk for 54 seconds and if the company is at fault for the disconnection of the call. I missed my prayer meeting with my soul mate something that is very important for both of us. I felt like Digicel let us down. I ended up texting him my prayer and him texting me his prayer. I also lost $4.00.

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Original review: March 22, 2010

I brought a 2 Digicel prepaid phone cards. While making a call, I got disconnected; tried again, I am told it is zero balance. Trying to get customer service is a waste of time. You get disconnected several time before someone answered you (wait time 1 hour or more). This really frustrate me because I am trying to make funeral arrangement to bury who died in Jamaica.

Original review: March 9, 2010

This company is full of it! When you call someone, they interrupt the conversation and when you try back, you're left with no money on your card. They're like a thief. They set up a fake customer service number to call that you'll never find nobody to complain to. After five minutes of music, they cut you and that's the worst of it because you can't talk to no one about your loss.

Let's say you had only $5 to purchase a card to make an urgent call, you lost it because of that. And you can't have any news of your relatives in Haiti until you can buy another one. Why does the company like United have a valid customer service number and Digicel doesn't?

Do something about it because I already lost 5 to 7 cards like that. I don't want others to experience the same.

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Original review: Feb. 21, 2010

Buying a $2.00 Digicel card is a waste of money. I never get connected the first time whenever I call Jamaica. So whenever I call, the card is used up before I get to talk to anybody. Therefore, I just wasted the walk to the store and the $2.00.

Original review: Feb. 13, 2010

I purchased a $2.00 card today and called my sister-in-law in Jamaica. I spoke to her for 1 minute. I decided tonight to make another call when I dialed the connection number, it said I had zero minutes left. I called the customer service number the associate asked for my pin. He informed me I had zero minutes left and he could not refund anything. He further informed me this was a one use card.

This is not stated anywhere on the card. He said it informs you this when you purchase the card, dial the connection number, scratch the pin then it prompts you that this is a one use card. When I dialed, I heard nothing of the sort. This card is deceptive and the company Digicel is ripping consumers off. This needs to be addressed. I am extremely upset about this. I’m unable to complete my calls. Money lost.

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Original review: Nov. 21, 2009
These card is not effective and do not give you any minutes at times This has happened to me on eight ocassions where the cards had no minutes on them and when i finally called the company was told there is nothing that could be done

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