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I am very new to this site but I have to tell you the whole story. One of my relations who used to work in Convergia wants me to sign up a long distance plan just because he wanted to make a sale, so I signed up for a month and canceled their contract because my relation who used to work there also quit. So I paid for one-month service that I didn't even use but anyhow, it happened in 2008. Five years later, they sent me a bill for $1.89 saying I owe them. They sent this bill from nowhere. My daughter personally visited the company, paid $2 and asked them to close the account. Their manager wrote on the back of his visiting card "account closed". But we kept getting a bill every month saying with interest now $8. This is a total fraud company who tries to rip off money from people. Stay away from them. I am preparing to file a complaint to CRTC and BBB. I thought saying something about this company may at least save some people's money.

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Beware of this company! We have been a customer of theirs for over 5 years and we recently discovered that they have been charging us long distance for local calls! Each time they have done so, the amount is very little, $0.04-$1.00 at most; however, multiply this over 5+ years and it adds up! Repeated calls to them either go unanswered or I'm promised that someone will look into it and get back to me (which never happens). Scammers!


I always get my phone cards from here because they are the cheapest here. Not only that but there is always a clear connection. Just make sure to ask the employee what phone card is the best for the place you're calling because they always give you the best advice.


A bill from the company arrived at the home of a relative. A call to this company indicated that this $16.00 bill was for long distance on a Sprint mobile phone. Sprint knows only that this is an off-shore company and that there is no relationship with it. Our only long distance call in the past month was to Mexico and it was on the regular Sprint billing. This particular billing was addressed not to me, but to a mentally handicapped woman with a very limited income.


Convergia called our home for a free calling card. They cheated and changed the long distance career to their name. We came to realize this only after three months when they called with account past due. When we called and tried to explain what happened, they threatened to go for collection. I decided to pay initially. But when I checked with my wife to know exactly what happened and also looked on Internet to learn about how many more got cheated, I got convinced and decided not to pay instead--fight for righteousness.

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I got a call multiple times from their customer service from India to join an unlimited international calling plan to India for 69.95 USD per month. Convergia salesperson asked me if my existing phone provider was Comcast, Verizon etc and not optimum.I confirmed that I have a phone connection with Comcast. After this I joined the international calling plan to India. I was told that my phone will be enabled in a weeks time and I can call their customer service (1866 669 4357) to check if my phone is enabled with Convergia.

I called the above customer service number and the salesperson (Jade) from Canada told me that my home and cell phones were enabled. I was advised to make calls to India from my home phone by dialing 01191xxxxxxxxxx and use toll free number 1866 662 6349 to make calls from my cell phone .

On 03/27/2008 I was not able to make calls to India from my cell phone for which I called their customer service and they told me that my service was discontinued because of a non payment of monthly bill and I paid the same through my credit card over the phone. I was told that by COB 03/27/2008 my service will be restored..

I again called their customer service afternoon and I was told that my service has been discontinued permanetly.The reason I was given was my usage was high and their network could not support me. I did not find their reason to discontinue my service far from satisfactory. Also note that the minimum wait time for their customer service is 40 minutes. Even if someone picks the phone they will never answer your questions and simply transfer the call to another person in their organization or disconnect the phone.

On 03/29/2008 While trying to pay my monthly Comcast bill I was surprised to find that my bill included around 400 USD for international calls made to India. What I understand now is my home phone was never enabled by Convergia for international calls, instead my Comcast network was being used.

On 03/29/2008 when I called Convergia and explained them my situation, again Jade the customer service person told me that only few days back they found that my service was rejected on my home phone. When I asked them why I was told otherwise... she told me that it takes couple of weeks for them to find it out and they only got the information few days back . Again this answer was not satisfactory. When I asked them why she is telling me today and not try to inform even few days earlier, she had no answers.

I tried calling them multiple times and the customer service representative simply transfers my call to someone and thats it.

Convergia Networks is not ready to cooperate. I am left with no option. I have also filed a complain with BBB.

Please note that I received couple of hundred dollars bill again from Comcast which I had to finally pay.

Please be aware of the fraud this company is committing and amount of stress people have to go thru because of them in these trying times.

Please make sure you do not get duped by this company and do not go through what I am going. Any help in this regard from anyone will be greatly appreciated.


I have not signed up for the service and not used the service. Still they charged me and sent the invoice. When I contacted them many times, they said I should talk to a collection team from Convergia. I couldn't reach them many times and left a voice message. They never called me back. Once I was able to talk to them, they threatened me that "all we need is money otherwise, you go to a collection agency and you deal with it". I explained that I have not used the service and in fact, my invoice shows that I made zero (0) calls. The manager "Andrew" told me that I used Convergia service. I know for sure that I have not used the service because I don't even know the number to dial for long distance using their service. So he was threatening me with a fake report. It cost me lots of time and frustration. This bad business practice should be punished.


This is an international phone company. I opened an account on 10-14-2008. After many times trying to use or make a phone call, I decided to cancel on 10-20-2008. At that time, I didn't receive any confirmation number. After six days, I called to the credit card and disputed for 30 dollars. After 30 days, I got my credit back and now this company Convergia has been calling me for a $15.75 charge for cancelling the payment. According to them, this charge is because the credit card are charging them for stop payments. I called the credit card and they said they do not charge for that kind of a depute. Now Convergia is calling and threatening me to send to collection if I don't pay the amount.


Convergia is a communications company that provides long distance services. They also operate under the name of Cogniworld. I had long distance service with Cogniworld several years ago through my business (719-635-1885), however, for at least the past 2 years I have had long distance service through Qwest. I started receiving invoices from Convergia (Cogniworld) again last fall (2005). Upon calling Qwest, I was told that the "pic code" had been changed on my account allowing Convergia to once again become my long distance carrier. I related to Qwest that I did not authorize a change to my long distance service, and evidently Convergia authorized the change directly. Convergia has made repeated attempts to collect a past due balance of $110.13, which unbeknownst to me, were the charges I incurred while the unauthorized pic code was on my account. I have repeatedly told representives from Convergia that I have no intention of paying the past due balance, since I did not authorize long distance service from them last summer.

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