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An accidental "over" purchase was made, due to the lack of experiencing in reading advertisements, hence one of the mobile device was not valid to receive the special deal held in the advertisement therefore, must be return in order to receive a refund. When we brought it back to Costco, we were clueless who to return the mobile device to. Turns out the device had to be delivered by "us" to UPS. If the cellular company knew this and knew that we wanted to return the mobile item, why didn't they just give us a return slip prior to wasting our time in both the Cellular kiosk and the Costco return line.

We are sadden how this was handled and expected just a little apology or a validation from the Costco manager that they could have handled this better. We also mentioned multiple times to the manager on duty at 3/17/16 @ 6:20 pm, that this particular issue needed to be resolved so that other customers would not have to endure such poor service of inefficiencies from all Costco reps: cellular employees, customer service reps, and a senseless manager. I felt the manager could have showed some consideration of my time and effort in helping his employees learn their jobs and just simply apologize for the mistake, instead he asked, why was I still there, and that if it was him, he would have already left to UPS to ship the merchandise, so that he would get his money back already. Evidently, poor management is the bottom line.

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Had a blackberry with rogers. In September '11, the phone would shut off. Then one day, it never came back. Went to find out why at a rogers store. The man turned and hit it off the counter. Said he would send it off to be fixed. Gave a in warranty handset (blackberry) charged 35.00. January 24th 2012, I received a letter stating that I owe 250.00 not including that 35.00 charge. Plus taxes for the handset they gave. They said due to physical moisture damage or missing moisture damage indicator, it couldn't be repaired.

They showed 2 pictures. One looks fine and then another one that could be anything. They said the smartphone would not be returned as they destroy them. So I called and said I want to see the phone because I don't believe them. They said no but I still owe for the replacement phone. Why the phone I owned. They should return it if they couldn't fix it. I asked if I could give back the replacement. Again a run around. So I want this dropped. No 250,00 and want my 35.00 back from rogers. Or they can repay me my 250.00 for a phone they decide to destroy. This is absolute theft.


I bought cell phone to have here in my vacation from a store in Queens. The guy told me that this is "Verizon"phone and I need to charge every month. When I tried to refill my cellphone in Verizon store, I've been told that this number is non-existent in the system and I need to purchase phone plus sim. I'm traveling and meeting friends, I need to buy a new phone. But I will be very happy if you will check it out to avoid more situations like this.


I went in the store to activate a phone I had because mine quit but the salesperson, Trip **, talked me into getting a new phone and upgrading my contract. He told me that for thirty dollars, I could get a new phone so I agreed. I used the phone for about two days when it would no longer connect to the Bluetooth device. I took it back to the store which has a 30-day return policy. However, they do not want to honor the 30-day return policy because the holster I carry it in left some scratches on the back and battery cover. They told me they cannot take it back because of the marks; they can't put it back in their inventory and resell it.

Why would they resell it? So they all got together to decide it had water damage because of a flaw in the screen that was there when I got it. My phone has no water damage because my phone has not been around water. They always say that when they don't want to make good on a product. I had Suncom tell me that once and the problem wasn't even about water. Then two prongs in the battery compartment broke off for no reason. How does that have anything to do with water?

Anyway, I saw the spot in the screen when he was activating it but I thought it was the protective plastic on it and even that I was willing to live with, but I need the Bluetooth to work. So they proceeded to tell me to wait thirty days, then call to see if they will warrant the phone at the mfr. So it seems to me like I'm being taken advantage of here. Cellular Sales got thirty dollars of my money for a phone I can't use, Verizon got a service upgrade and I got nothing. I tried to work it out with Verizon and they refuse to help me so I would like to form a grievance against them too.


I ordered cell phone on the internet mototorola L6 unlocked pink phone also battery charger also phone case. Total charge was $122.41, i made my order on feb 3rd, for valentines day for my wife. on the 1oth of Feb. They send me electronic message,States that the product in hgh demand and its in back order i will get it soon, Here i'm still waiting back and forth electronic messages, no action no phone as of now has been delivered,

Unfortunatly this action has nbeen done to many people from a web site posted under the name of the company mentioned, im curently serving in the Armed forces in Iraq, That was my wifes gift for Valentine's. Please help me to resolve this issue with these Crocks. No product delivered

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Went into what I thought was a Verizon store but was actually Cellular Services Inc. The sign on building is very misleading with Large Verizon sign. So I purchased two cell phone cases with belt clips for at $25ea to later find out the cases don't fit phones properly. Return the next day and store would not return because the boxes had slight 1/4 tear on the corner where original manufacturing sealing tape was used. Store said because box had slight tear that they would not do nothing for a return.

Consumers are being misled by use of large Verizon sign as they are an independent company. Store won't stand behind anything they sell and consumers are left with worthless products.

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