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I purchased a Blackberry online last September. My card was charged for the full amount of the phone. And then, I received an email saying that my Blackberry has been back ordered. This went on for the next few months with them, offering me a free car charger. I called the number they listed. They never answer. It’s just a machine. Try their website. It’s always under construction. Someone needs to stop these people.

I did not receive my phone because they did not have it in stock. Currently, I am still waiting for it to arrive.

I purchased two Nokia cellphones, "N91," since November 2007. My debit card was charged but I never received my phones. I have made several attempts during the past three years to get my money back or to receive phones of equal or higher value of $800.00. All my inquiries go unanswered, and I am unable to contact them by phone, and they do not respond to my letters. I thought this was an honest and trustworthy business, but it has proven otherwise.

I ordered a Blackberry phone in 11/10 and I paid $94.83 plus shipping. Until today, I have not received my phone. I have been calling no answer, mail box always full.

Last October 29, 2010, I ordered a cell phone and it came up to $189.88. When I was trying to track my order, they didn't let me so I called them and it was an answering machine full of messages. Then I tried to e-mail these guys and the website is under construction. I don't know what that means, all I know is that they got my money and I didn't get my phone. This is not the first time I made business with these guys, but this will be the last.

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I placed my order for two phone cases on 12/03/10 and I have not received them as of 01/04/11. I attempted several times to contact them through their website, which proved negative. It cost me $20.00 to find out that I shouldn't have ordered anything from them.

This is my second email to you. I paid for a BlackBerry 8700 on 10/10/10, for $107.90, but up to now, I have not received my phone. On 11/24, I got an email from them that it was back ordered. I have been calling them, and sending them emails, but they never returned my e mails. Is there anything you can do?

My order no is **.

I ordered a phone and charger on Nov. 24. and never received anything. I tried to cancel order. There's been no response. After finding all the complaints on line, I let the credit card company handle it. I went to Cellular Emporium, and am happy with my new phone and accessories.

I ordered a BlackBerry phone on 10/10/10. I paid $107.90 but I never received my phone. I have been calling them. I sent them a letter. I tried emailing them as well, but up to this day, I have not heard from them. I am not giving up. They won't rob me.

I ordered a cell phone on May 2010 with express shipping which was an extra $40 so altogether I am out of $298. They never sent the phone and they won’t answer the phone and they won’t respond to emails. I am a 19-year-old and I saved my money and they had a note online that the phone was back ordered. Why didn’t they say it was in? So I paid the express shipping for it so they never had it to begin with. I’m very angry at how they can keep doing this to people and get away with it. We aren’t talking about a foreign country. Shut them down and get our money back, and I do have a bank receipt where they took the money 6 months ago.

Got cell phone cover that looked nothing like the color of one on internet, no responses to 4 emails and 3 phone calls. I did receive product but not as appeared online. $8.95, I feel like I just threw away.

I ordered a BlackBerry 8700 Unlocked GSM cell phone on 23 April 10 and I have never received my phone or a refund back in my account up until now. Whenever I give them a call, they always ask me to leave a message but no one ever calls me back. I also tried sending them emails but I have not received any response. I believe that they are just scamming people and stealing their money from their account. This procedure or process makes me not to trust anything on the computer. And I would be very happy if necessary actions would be taken against these scammers so we can get our refunds back--and for them to be prosecuted.

I purchased a phone via online in December 2008 which was to be delivered before Christmas, it never came. I inquired and was told it was on back order and would come after the 1st of the year 2009. I have tried to call repeatedly and only get an answering machine. Through emails, I spoke with CSR and they told me it would be resolved. Now almost 3 years later, no phone and no refund.

This place, I tried to email them about not receiving my phone I've purchased with a card, but my email cannot go through. I also tried to call them, but it was an answering machine. I told them to return my call, but no one ever did. I guess I might have to go through small claims if nothing is done about the situation.

I ordered three phones in April 2010 and waiting for a whole month for those phones. Never did get them. Got emails saying that they were shipped and then back ordered. I finally canceled my order and asked for a refund and still haven't gotten this refund of $199. What a huge mistake on my part.

I ordered a phone months ago online, and I still don't have a phone. Also, they do not answer the phone. I have asked for my money to be returned, and I am being ignored.

I ordered a cell phone from them on 08/07/2010; it has been 10 days and I have not received it. The company does not answer my phone calls and when I email them, "Kelsie" said that she didn't know what I was talking about since it shows that my item had been shipped. I called USPS with the tracking number and they have no information of the package; I already called my bank and I just have to wait and see what happens.

This phone was for my niece; she had to babysit all summer to get this money to get a new phone and now I am going to have to give her $130 out of my pocket so that she can buy another one. Can somebody do something about this company? I have read complaints about them dated 2007 and they are still in business scamming people.

07/23/2010 - Ordered new unlocked cell phone Motorola Razr V3; 08/02/2010 - Sent "cancel the order e-mail"; 08/10/2010 - After many complains, unreturned calls, received refurbished, stripped down (less memory, slower chip?,limited menu etc) cell phone without Motorola logo cheap clone of previously owned Motorola Razr V3 for $72.83 (promised new unlocked Motorola Razr V3!). Charge made by third party: Hot Cloud Mobil.com, Oxnard, California.

In May 2010, I ordered a plastic case for my Dad's new cell phone, a Samsung 437. I shortly received an email saying that the item was out of stock but would be available soon and I would receive free accessories to compensate me for the delay. I got a few of these emails but then my credit card was charged on the same day that I received another of these updates. That prompted me to contact them since most companies don't charge your account until they ship the merchandise.

After a few assurances and promises of additional accessories, I asked them to cancel the order. I have been speaking to Kelsey at their website. Finally, she said that she would credit my account on June 24 but that it would take 10 to 14 business days. To date, no credit has been issued. I Googled the company today and was linked to **** where I learned that I am not alone in my problem with these people. If you can help me, please let me know!

I placed an order for a cell phone on March 24, 2010 and requested over night delivery. I was charged overnight but received it 3 days later. It was locked, no battery, no instructions, wrong color. I emailed and requested a Return Authorization to get the correct phone that would work. Two weeks later, I received the return number. I sent it back - I heard nothing for a week so I emailed. They had never sent anything.

I then upgraded to a more expensive phone and they debited my card the same day for the up charge of another $80. I stated that I wanted it unlocked, with a battery and in working order. A few days later I received an email that it was out of stock and they would send a car charger for the inconvenience. Finally on May 17, I canceled my order and Kelsey confirmed it had been sent to the credit dept. They have $198 of my money.

I commented daily to Kelsey and she continually apologized and told me it has been sent to the credit dept. I have since filed a complaint with IC3 Internet Complaint Dept. This company is certainly a scam. Anyone that has been taken by Cellular Blowout should file a report with IC3 and together we can get them shut down. I was scammed out of $198 plus shipping costs.

I ordered two phones from this company over two years ago. All emails and phone messages go unanswered. I paid over $200 for these phones that they said were out of stock. I believe they are obsolete now.

I ordered cellphone on 05/11/10. They charged my credit card on 05/11/10. I waited for couple of days and then called their customer service to ask why it's taking so long to get my order out. I could not talk to a human being. The customer service is a voice recorder. I left a message and nobody returned the call. I have been trying to leave messages since then and nothing is happening. I think Federal government should investigate this company because I believe it is a scam.

On May 14, 2010, I placed an order for a Blackberry phone (plus accessories of additional memory card, protective cases and AC/DC adapter/charger). My browser didn't seem to complete the final part of the order, so I used another browser to initiate the order. Sadly, both orders went through and a grand total of $483.54 was deducted from my account. I immediately sent an email explaining my error and asking that the duplicate order be canceled and the $240.77 returned to my account. A "Kelsey" emailed that they would cancel the order and that the money would be refunded in 3-5 days (whereas it only took then seconds to steal my payments).

Since 5/21 I have been fruitless in getting any kind of a response from these crooks. If only I have used my usual research to investigate before I threw hard earned money down the toilet. But the one comfort I have is knowing that nothing good will come of their efforts--theft, lying and fraud--every thing they touch going forward will surely fail. Going forward they will lose in everything they attempt to gain. From the complaints I've seen in the past couple days, I guess David ** (if my memory is correct this is the business/corporation owner's name) thinks he cannot be touched. Sadly, others who walked in his shoes (i.e. Bernie **) can attest that his fall will come. Cannot a class action suit be brought by all those who have been ripped off? Isn't there a way the Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau, or somebody can have the Cellular Blowout.com and its affiliate companies Wildcat Communications, etc., flagged as fraud? Do not visit the site or purchase any listed products.

This is a follow up to my earlier complaint. Cellular-blowout.com is owned by Strathmore Investments. David Bleeden is apparently the owner of both.

I too ordered 2 cell phones from them. My credit card was charged within 24 hours. After a couple of weeks, I e-mailed and was told the items were back-ordered. I canceled the order and asked for a refund. "Kelsey" e-mails that she is notifying the "refund department." Nothing has happened.

I'm glad I found your website on Google under the listings for **. Since so many people are having the same or similar experience as me, it certainly seems like a scam is going on. Perhaps the LA City District Attorney's office might be interested? According to the webpage for the CA Secretary of State, the agent for service of process is David ** of 29399 Agoura Rd., in Agoura CA.

Assuming you could even get to Calabasas, a small claims action would probably be futile. I doubt they have any assets and "Suite 227" may be just a mailbox. I will definitely visit "Consumeraffairs.com" before making another internet purchase!

Scam artists. I ordered a phone over a month ago for my 75-year old mother. I waited two weeks, never received it then got an email telling me the item was backordered. I tried calling their toll-free numbers and left messages for about another two weeks. They charged my credit card when I placed the order. I'm off to the bank tomorrow to dispute the charge. Still, I haven't heard from anyone there. They charged my credit card for a phone that I didn't receive.

I ordered a cellphone and micro SD memory card on 04.03.10. They charged me on 04.05.10. I waited for a couple of days and then asked them why it's taking so long to get my order out, and if they will not hurry up, I will cancel my order and go somewhere else. They offered me upgraded shipping and free accessory. So I agreed to wait little longer. A week later ,I called them to see what was going on because they didn't give me any updates on order status. They said that the cellphone was out of stock and they were waiting to get it for me. And I was promised that they will ship it next day delivery by Friday. I waited again and nothing happened.

So on 04.19.10, I wrote to customer service that I wanted to cancel my order. They said that it has been canceled and that my information has been sent to refund department. I asked how long will it take to get my money back and I was given time frame of 3-5 business days. Once again, I waited and once again, nothing happened. I called them 8 days later and a guy said that he will send my information to refund department immediately and make sure I get my money back right away. And of course, it was just another lie from them. It has been now 10 days total since I asked them to cancel my order and give me refund. I am done talking to them because it doesn't do anything for me. I called my credit card company and opened dispute on the charge that Cellular Blowout placed. They will work with me to remove this charge. Please, s tay away from Cellular Blowout. They are nothing but a scam!

I purchased a cell phone, did not ring in. It took a while to get an rma from them. I sent it back, and I got another one worked for a week. Then, it has no screen and wouldn't charge the batteries. I e-mailed them again and again, no answer. They sent me some old e-mails and took $5.99 out of my debit card. Still no answer from them. The phone was a Motorola PEBL. What do I do to get some resolve on this matter.

There's no physical damage, but I'm out $69.95 plus $5.99. I would like my money back. It seems like they sell nothing but junk, and they seem not to be honest.

I bought a new cell. Cellular Blowout never sent me an email confirmation with order number. If you don’t have an order number, the website will not transmit any customer service inquiries. The toll free numbers are useless to try. They immediately charged my credit card and I still haven’t received the product.

I have ordered two cell phones from this company. One was ordered on February 15, and the other on February 18. One was a blackberry model 8700, and the other Blackberry model 8800. Till February 23, the company sent me an email where they said my order was on hold. I told to cancel my two orders. On February 26, they confirmed that my two orders have been cancelled, and they have submitted my request to refund my money.

It has been more than two weeks. I don't have my money. One BlackBerry model 8700 is $97.88, and the other Blackberry 8800 is $149.88. I haven't got my refund. I used a MasterCard. I have called and left messages, but no one answered and returned my calls. I feel I have been ripped off.

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