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Why no one gets service working -- I work for a large phone company. We get orders to provide Blue Casa with dial tone and a circuit to their customer's address. They get very low wholesale pricing from us. They resell it to their customers at a higher rate. We cannot by law connect the wires of their customers at the apartment's main panel, unless they are labeled. We tag the line at this demarcation point and let them know they need inside work done. Instead of hiring a vendor, they make a repair ticket with us every time the customer reports that it is still not working. We charge them very little compared to what the consumer pays.

When a technician eventually feels sorry for the customer and makes it work (at the risk of suspension or even termination), they claim they did nothing inside and we must have been renting them a bad circuit the whole time and they get a full refund of every penny they ever paid us. That's what they count on, and that is why we are told not to do courtesy connections with threat of termination. Now you know. Your wires need to be tagged, marked, or already connected to the assigned binding post, or you call someone who can tone your wires to the demarcation point and connect it.

This company is full of it. I lived in an apartment complex and my neighbor apparently ordered service with only my address information. I was able to prove this but because they had the phone line connected to both apartments without my knowledge I have been held accountable for a $428.00 bill I had nothing to do with. Tried to get help from the company and they tell me it’s nothing they can do. I am still trying to fight this from 2007. They report it to my credit report every year. They suck...

Purchased product 2009 after 1 (one) week called, cancelled service. They requested return item blue casa all will be okay. 01/27/2014 got call from collection agency requesting $398.00. The product didn't work.

My parents got this service about three years ago and they thought it was going to be a great deal. Promo was a catch only. BEWARE they lie... Every month they disconnect their phone and then charge them ridiculous fees. On Saturday, he owed $187.50. I did not believe my dad. I drove over to their house and yes, they have been paying more than $100.00 on a monthly basis. This company is the worst. Please don't get it. I call Time Warner and got a deal! Please, if your parents are thinking of changing, not this company. You can make no long distance calls. I wish I was an attorney to sue them. Please read all the reviews. They are awful.

On 11/08/11, I received the same service as the other consumers' (no disconnection notice or anything, just a silent phone). The representatives are not very helpful and you will not get to speak to anyone of authority. They are taking advantage of people and this has to stop. So, not only am I filing a complaint here, I'm also filing a compliant with the BBB. See if they can get some answers.

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I called to start a new service with Blue Casa, explaining that Verizon was my previous provider and that my service was disconnected with them. I asked the sales rep if I would need to make a call to Verizon to cancel or do anything else about my previous service with them. She stated that it would be taken care of by Blue Casa.

Today is October 12, 2011, and I still had not been able to get phone service with Blue Casa. And I called their customer service four times in the last 2 weeks, claiming my service. I was told that one of the report orders was cancelled, because there was no answer. It was due to the wrong number that they had. I was told that the previous calls were correct, and they spoke to me about the call from a Rod.

I spoke to one repair service man who told me to call Verizon and get a disconnection confirmation number and call back with it. That was what I was told, and what I did. When I called again today, I was told that I would have to pay $75.00 for the repair man to split the line. I stated that the problems and incompetent sales representatives and customer services representatives did not help but aggravated me more regarding their service.

I cancelled my line today, and I asked for a refund due to my service never working. But they denied my request for a refund. They stated the phone service was working and even though I never had phone service in my apartment, I had to pay. I never had any phone service, and Blue Casa wanted me to pay for either their repair men or pay for my own to split the line, so that I could finally get service in my apartment. I cancelled my service today.

Blue Casa was very incompetent with taking "vital" information down as well as communication. They never provided "live" phone service to me yet, kept my $19.99 start-up fee, which I am confident they must do to many other innocent consumers who are sold on their unfair, deceptive sales tactics. It's unfair that they will not refund $19.99 and have the audacity to advise that there will be a future "bill" for charges based on what? They never provided a "live" wire so I may make a real physical actual phone call to anyone?

The reason I chose to cancel service was because they provided no verbal nor written contact to me with regards to possible needed extended "indoor" service which would have cost me in excess of an additional $75.00 per hour, if needed. My simple fact is that they are trying to charge consumers for fees that do not provide "services" rendered, more so scam to take money from good consumers who mean well. I never thought that a company willing to provide a communication service could get away with such "deceptive" practices. I wonder if their CEO, Don Oas is aware of business's ill and unfair practices. How many more consumers will be ripped off by Blue Casa?

I have had this phone service since July 2007. Numerous times, I have had to go online and report them to the FCC. I have had unlimited calling package paying $37.99 with them. They disconnect my home phone stating I went over the limit of 1,500 minutes per month. When you ask them what are they talking about and say it is unlimited, how do you want to charge me for minutes they come up with some excuse? I had a bill my son had run up for $425.00 which I paid and left a balance of $130.

Now they disconnected the phone for $185.99 and when it was $400.00 it was not disconnected. Every year since, I have had the service the phone gets disconnected in December for no reason. When you ask the customer service reps, they are rude and most do not speak English so they do not understand what you are telling them. The person I call at the head office Melanie tells you lies too how they will connect your phone and this does not happen.

okay i recieved service from this company, my bill due date was 10-31-09 a rep called me on 11-2-09 saying my payment was due for 79.00 i told her okay i will pay that amount on friday, she never once said that my services was going to be disconnected the next day. she said okay that was fine.

on 11-3-09 my services was disconnected, so when i called they are telling me that i owe 168.00. i never recieved any notices about disconnection the rep did not say anything about the services being disconnected unless i would of paid right then and there. i called again to speak with a supervisor and i was on hold for a hour a whole hour no one called me back after leaving my number on the system. i called again on hold for another 30 minutes.

i'm very upset because they disconnected my services over being 5 days late with no notices. this company has alot of complaints someone needs to look into this.

I had services with blue casa a few months.they offered me to pay electronically then time latter I asked them to cancel it. They said it was canceled. when I got the bill I paid it and they also took it automatically.I decided to cancel services and went to another company. Blue casa said They would send me a check by mail for $30.97 I never received it since December 2008. September 22/09 I called to ask and they don't have an answer.They put me on hold to speak to a supervisor. I was on hold two and a half hours. And I still don't have an answer. besides that when I called to cut services the representative was rood treated me bad and has no manners.

i got my phone disconnected and called Blue Casa. They said i needed to pay $28.15, and assured me it would be connected in 24 hours. I spoke to four representatives for almost a week. My phone still had not been connected, and everytime i called and asked for a supervisor the representatives either hung up on me or left me on the line for an hour, multiple times. they were rude and unhelpful. I was told i will have to pay for this months payment as well. still, currently at 09-09-09 my phone is not connected yet. A representative told me i would only be able to get $10.00 as a recompensation for the long wait.

Have tried to cancel service form my dad (99 years old), they keep transferring me around and then disconnect. They have been taking money out of my dad's credit card account. (He had set up Automatic Payment). I just want them to stop, I had told them that I have Power of Attorney. All I want is to cancel my dad's service and to cancel the automatic bill service. I asked them to send me a closing bill and I would pay it.

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