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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

When I signed up I was told I would have a $40 sign up fee and my monthly bill would be $59 a month. I paid the $40 right then, so I was expecting to just get a bill $59. So I was more than surprised when I got my 1st bill for $140! I went back and spoke to the manager at the store I signed up and he told me the associate made a mistake and that my service is actually $79 a month once all the taxes and monthly fees are added, and that there are more start up fees than I was told. So, I asked him that if I pay this $140 that moving forward my bill will be $79 a month, including all fees and taxes. He said yes and that there will be no more surprises.

Well, that was a lie because my very next bill came and it was $110. So, I went to the same manager and he looked at my bill and said that he doesn't remember me from the month prior but that my bill is correct for the $110. I told him that I would have never signed up for such an expensive plan and he told me that I'm already locked into the contract so I can either pay the $110 a month or break the contract pay hundreds to do that. I called corporate and they said they won't do anything... They are complete scam artist and liars.

I have attempted to work with AT&T - Digital Life customer service and field staff to get this resolved but end up paying early termination fees. Because customer service/technician keep asking to give them a chance to fix the issue, but unable to resolve it. I requested to cancel the service and very disappointed to be charged: early termination fees (for the service that has not been installed) and working and bill for month (for the service that has not been installed) and working. I humbly request to refund early termination fees ($630.18). And the monthly service charges (78.30 before taxes).

Below are the details of my experience. I am available if you need any further feedback. Field Services: Technician Name - Micheal **. Service Date: 06/25/2016. Outcome: Garage Door not working. Cameras not online. Contact Sensor not working. Front door lock jams. Customer Service: Contacted customer service and after 1:45 mins on hold talked to: Leticia - She offered me a promise to resolve the issue. And put in in contact with Julian and Charles **. Promised to resolve all the issues.

Technician Name - Joe **. Service Date: 07/04/2016. Outcome:Garage Door still not working. Cameras still not online. Front door lock jams. Customer Service:

Contacted customer service again about the issues. They offered me a credit and promised again. Charles ** - Visited the property and promised that all can be fixed on the next visit and will send a new tech with a lead supervisor. However, same tech showed up and his first comment was, "What seems to be the problem this time." Technician Name - Joe **. Service Date: 07/30/2016. Outcome: Garage Door still not working. Cameras still not online. Front door lock jams.

I have been having issues for at least 3 years. Prior to that they have never gotten the billing correct but it took more time & effort to call & complain something than it did to pay it. The real issues started when I signed up for their cell service, I had to cancel due to lack of cell reception. Because I canceled within the first 2 weeks I didn't have to pay an early termination fee. I did however have to pay an early termination fee to Verizon even after AT&T told me I won't get charged. I was told when I send my husband's cell phone back I would be reimbursed for it once they received it, that never happened. I also have internet through them, they continued to screw up the bill, I would call & they would say they will reimburse me but that wouldn't happen. It went on for years.

Recently I signed up for internet & DirecTV, I was told internet was 30.00, DirecTV was 50.00 for 4 TV's. Because I didn't need 4 TV's she said they deduct 7.00 for every TV so I went with 2 TV's. Bill should 66.00 according to my math but not according to theirs. Again, first month I paid because the 90+ dollars, second month it was less but still more than it should be. I called, she reduced it for the upcoming month. Told me she was also going to give me a 25.00 discount because every time you call in you get passed from one person to the next & then your call is dropped so you have to start all over again. Anyway, as it ended up, the bill was back up to 90+ dollars, but with the 25.00 discount it was 67.00. I didn't realize that was the scam, I didn't look over the bill, I was just happy it was finally the price they originally quoted me. The happiness soon ended, the next month the bill was up to 90+ again.

I hate AT&T- they train their people to be very kind & helpful & to tell the customer what they want to hear just to get them off the phone so they can screw the next customer that is on hold. In the end I called & told them I was severing all ties, cancel my internet & DirecTV. They forwarded me to Doloris in AZ and she was very kind & understanding. Made me feel all warm & fuzzy! She spoke with someone and they said they would waive the cancellation fee from DirecTV. Sure, she just wanted me off the phone. I got an email within 12 hours saying I will be receiving a fee for early cancellation. I can't believe there isn't a lawsuit against them. What a bunch of scam artists!

I was promised a credit on my account of $340.20. I paid the bill up to but not including that amount. I did not want my credit affected by lack of payment. I was getting multiple calls about the past due balance of $340.20. I trusted it would get resolved. I contacted AT&T's chat line and then called them. I was assured the account had been zeroed out (Aug 4th). Today (Aug 9th) my service was cut off. I have been on the phone with them for 3 hours and it is still not back on and the credit hasn't been applied yet. This company is incompetent and lacks good customer service. I had the regional manager of the local AT&T store asking for the account to be credited and they wouldn't go it for him. It was amazing to witness. How can they run like this? We are powerless against this inept giant.

You really have to watch every little detail on your bill. I put my DirecTV and cell phone on one bill with internet and house phone to save. Thought I was set for the year. Sure enough went through the yearly nonsense of them raising the bill and shame on me I didn't look at my detail on the July bill. They raised my internet and house phone so much that when they screwed up the DirecTV bill, it was missing from that bill. I didn't notice it. Plus they charged me a $5 late fee when they didn't process that bill through auto pay for DirecTV. This is really unethical behavior. After a lot of yelling I got my bill straightened out. I know AT&T was fined for these types of activities but their actions continue. Not a trustworthy company.

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I cancelled the service for my alarm system and AT&T continued to billing me for services that were cancelled. I was for 2 hours holding with the billing department - they never answer my call. I don't know what to do or where to call to get this problem resolve.

I moved to a different city back in December 2013. I set up bundled service with AT&T and DTV. I fell for the deal hook line and sinker, because it was the easiest way to go. From that time it has been nothing but errors and loads of wasted time. It would take me months and too many calls to count to get something corrected. There was always lots of promises and sickeningly deceptive language that would make you think that they cared and that "this time it WILL get corrected". A correction would happen once or twice, but the rest was a bunch of excruciatingly, frustrating games being played at my expense. The internet service was atrocious and was intermittent on a regular basis... strange since we are less than a mile from a hub. Even their technicians told us that their modems are awful and that they have to be replaced often. That was about the only true thing I ever hear from AT&T.

So, skip to the present. I could not take their billing errors, promises and weak service anymore. They raised my monthly service bill by 33%. They kept promising to lower it back to where it should be through an extended 2 year agreement, but they knew they could mess with me or I would leave and they would be able to extort the $120 fee that was based on their way of doing business... I couldn't take it anymore, so I cancelled my service. I thought that I would be done with them at this point, but that would be too easy, right? After everything was calculated they owed me. The problem was that they did not want to unbundle the service. This meant I got a bill from DTV directly that would be less than what AT&T owed me on their side. BUT because it is still bundled they claim I owe money that I do not owe on the DTV side, which is stated on DTV's own bill.

AT&T wants me to pay them money I do not owe and then they will pay me back... wink, wink! That will be the last conversation I ever have with them. I kept the chat transcripts with the two bills to show the fraud and I can only hope that a class action lawsuit comes along. I see so many other people here with the same or similar problems. Do not get me wrong... I hate class action lawsuits, but if they did not exist then big companies would continue to pound on their customers until there was nothing left. Now I have to get another mobile service while AT&T tries to collect money I do not owe them by their own admission... joy! Stick a fork in me, because I am done!

I recently called AT&T to purchase a new cell phone. During the call, the agent stated that since I have been a long time loyal customer, AT&T wanted to give me a free tablet. Since my grandsons's iPad stopped working, I thought why not. So I said I would take it. The next thing I knew I was being charged $10/month to own the tablet and a $45 activation charge. The $10 is due even if I turn off the cell service and use only my WiFi. I contacted AT&T about the charges, 2X. I stated I was never advised that I would be required to pay these fees for what was supposed be a free tablet!

AT&T acknowledged my issue and removed the $45 activation fee and the first month $10 charge. I said that was great, however, I said I should not have to pay the $10 fee any further because this was not described to me at the time I agreed to accept the free tablet. I was told I could return the tablet or continue to pay the $10 fee. I said I could not return the tablet, because my 6 yr. old grandson would not understand why Poppop was taking away the tablet I just gave him. AT&T then said that I would have to continue to pay the fee for 24 months.

I tried unsuccessfully to convince AT&T that they are making me pay fees I was not aware of for a free tablet that they offered me that I did not ask for. I was further told that the Terms and Conditions I accepted via email, included the charges. I said that they created a situation where I accepted terms that are not traditionally part of the acquisition of a tablet. I fully intended to use the tablet on WiFi so I never thought other charges would be incurred. Beware my friends, that this is a deceptive practice and is designed to sucker customers into accepting charges that were never discussed as part of a free gift. So beware of companies offering free gifts!!! Lesson learned. I hope to leave AT&T as soon as my current is up.

I have been an AT&T customer for a few years now. I just opened up a new business and decided to use their phone service. They over charged me for a bill over a month ago. And I had to fight tooth and nail to receive my refund which I still haven't received. I woke up this morning to my wireless phone being disconnected due to non payment. I knew they were wrong because those payments were debited out of my account. So I paid $500 to restore services that should have not been disconnected to begin with.

On top of that they put me on hold for 2 hrs only to continue to give me the run around. Seeing all of these poor reviews shows that this company really needs to get their act together. Their service is poor, their staffing is poor, and their customer service is horrible also. I think a huge company like AT&T should not put their customers through this. I believe AT&T should be shut down. Once I get this situation cleared up I am no longer doing business with them period. You should do the same!!!

I was with AT&T for 2 years under contract. I paid my bill on time every month. In May like a month or two before my contract was over my phone began to give me problems. I was satisfied with them so I called to see how much a replacement would cost and if I could afford it. I was told that they were very customer centric and I was sure they could help me out. Seeing as my contract would soon end I thought they would want me to extend. However that was unfortunately not what happened. I was given options which would cost me more than my current monthly plan which was already about $100 with only one phone. So I asked when my contract ended and decided to start looking for other companies.

I found one and decided I would keep my number so I waited and canceled on July 2 which I believed to be the day of my contract ending with them. After I even called since I received my last bill to ask if that would be all I would have to pay. I was told that was correct and that there would be no other charges. I then received a month later a bill for $112 in cancellation fees. I was more than surprised and called to see why I was being charged that. When I did call I was told that I was lucky because they didn't charge me something about 22 days of usage and that yes that charge was because the contract ended on July 3. So apparently I was being charged for canceling a day early. Now other than that being ridiculous because I mean seriously it's a day only, I'm upset because I called before making the last payment to confirm there would be no other charges and I was told that no that would be all I had to pay.

I am very disappointed on the lack of importance a customer has to them as they did nothing to keep me as a customer and even then they charge me more for leaving. Either way all they wanted was more money. I feel lied to since I made sure to cover my bases and confirm that no other charges would be made. I can only hope this is the last bill and they won't charge me even more for the so called 22 days the customer rep mentioned.

I can't stand this company. We signed up for bundled service in April, and it's been nothing but a headache. We got a call from the DirecTV side this Wednesday telling us that we owed for three months of service and that they were shutting off service on Friday. Come to find out, our services had been unbundled without our knowledge or permission. Add to that, our first bill showed a payment for DirecTV, but AT&T never allocated that money to that account. Now here we are, either three months or five days, depending on how you look at it, and STILL can't access our bill to pay.

In addition to all that, we've been told four different amounts due on three different days through two different emails and two separate phone reps. There is NO way I'm paying some arbitrary amount that is given to me over the phone, since that gives me yet ANOTHER amount, and be charged $5 for the "convenience" to boot. I have the right to see my bill before I pay it, and I AM keeping track of every interaction and attempt to resolve this issue so that when I leave for a company that will actually do what they say they will, AT&T can't hit me with even more fees, due to the fact that the Breach of Contract will be on their end, thus rendering any contractual agreement void by federal standards.

This company has very disturbing practices: Since neither you nor your staff are available on Saturday per your voicemail messages, I will utilize email to relate this saga as it has become one. Most recently, your specialist left four voicemail messages explaining to me that the issue has been resolved per her review of your existing billing information. Once again, I was having a parallel interaction with your representative who professed to know the facts without even talking to me. And since you have expressed your interest in providing a "premium experience" let me relate my experience with AT&T to you.

I have been an AT&T customer for over 3 years. I pay my bill in full and on time as your records will confirm. Three years ago, I was convinced by one of your in-store salespersons to "bundle" my landline, internet, and television services. I have had the same landline phone number for 30 years and it is the only solid reliable connection I have to remain in daily contact with needy elderly relatives for whom I am responsible.

After my services were bundled, it took 4 months to connect my landline. I talked to as many as 10 AT&T representatives who promised to remedy the problem by upcoming dates that came and went to no avail. Someone from your company actually took it upon himself to change my number as if that was the solution. No one knew what the problem was. Ultimately, I went to the previous service provider who told me they controlled the phone number and I had to request to have it released to AT&T. No one in your company knew this? The experience was exhausting.

Over the duration of 3 years we have had a few issues. The most notable was that services were interrupted over a long holiday weekend and AT&T could not come out to remedy the problem until Monday. My husband is 70, on disability, with knee replacements and relies heavily on the television for entertainment as he cannot do much else. Otherwise all was well for 3 years. My bundled services cost approximately $169.00 a month for the duration of the 3 years. When I negotiated that contract, I was told that I could renegotiate a new contract when it expired.

In June 2016, and to my surprise, I received a bill for AT&T services in the amount of $256.00. I was not informed that my contract had expired, that my services could be interrupted if I did not negotiate a new contract, nor agree to the increase which would be the ethical business practice. I used the AT&T chat line and negotiated a package for approximately $169.00 for 3 months. I was told that the difference from the $256.00 which I was advised to pay would be reflected on my July bill. I took you at your word. That would mean that my July bill would have been $87.00. However, my July bill was $213.00. I used the chat line again and was told the bill could not be adjusted. I was referred to a supervisor who phoned me and stated that the bill would be adjusted on my next month's bill (really) and advised me to pay what I agreed upon originally, the $169.00. I have impeccable credit and want to keep it that way.

Further, the supervisor went so far as to tell me that the person on the chat line had documented my agreement to a bundled package for $169.00, but applied a different bundle costing $213.00. Not trusting that my bill would be appropriately adjusted, and wanting to resolve the issue of a 3 month contract for which I was being overcharged, I went to the AT&T Store, in Davis, CA and spoke to a representative. He suggested a bundle including "DirecTV" a product I had and was familiar with prior to my original contract with AT&T. When we began to write up the contract, he ask my social security number to check my credit (really?). I have a solid 3 year payment history with AT&T. Do I need to explain why I don't freely give out my SS#? He stated I would otherwise have to provide a non-refundable deposit to secure services. (Really, you want more money?)

Exhausted, I relented and gave my SS#. However, due to security measures I previously placed on my bank accounts due to an attempted identity theft, the credit inquiry was blocked. While I did not have the information to unblock it with me and am leaving for an out of State trip in August, and did not want to unblock it, I was unable to negotiate a new contract with the sales staff. He then referred me to the "retention team". This was an interesting experience as I was not allowed to talk directly to the retention staff but had to talk through the sales staff and interpret what the service package would look like which was difficult and caused further problems. The internet connection I was given did not accommodate my computer needs causing me further stress and frustration as I lost a very important VPN feed that took several hours to re-establish. Once home I had to call a representative again to increase my internet services.

Currently, as negotiated, I have a one year contract to continue my services at a rate of approximately $169.00 a month. Of course, I have yet to receive an August bill and that could reflect any amount given your history. Please refund my $87.00 and explain to me your definition of "premium". My experience cannot be unique as it went wrong at every turn. You are a consumer nightmare. My calculation are $256.00-$169.00=$87.00 overpaid.

Back in December of last year I got a black tablet with my phone and they gave us a monthly charge on the bill with a number. My dad took that tablet away so I later bought a new Amazon Fire. In June 2016 I went to Japan and I used my Fire. When the bill came by I noticed a big charge from the black tablet number. How was this possible? My fire usage in Japan made the phone bill so high. Anyone got any reason why this is? I am just baffled and confused.

Well this is just a nightmare. I finally got the installation fee(s) corrected. When I first took the service I was told 49.50 was the total install fee and had to pay up front. I did, then I got my 1st billing. YIKES... 3 payments of 33.00 were being billed for install. And the worst part my 49.50 did not show? Kept calling and calling and being told it's not showing so no credit. Finally I talked with a Supervisor... and got the credit. Now I look again at my billing and I am being billed from the 13/14th of the month to the following month. That is the date on my first bill... 4/13/16 to 5/14/16. I find that amazing as I was not installed until 4/22/16!

I have spent the better part of my day on the phone waiting, waiting, then went to the internet... yeah good luck with that. Just the worst. Plus I took a "bundled deal" $99 per month. Not even close... I'm at 134 per month for basic, no movies, no sports, and nothing special. I am not to the point of returning the recent bill with notes, and questions, and asking for a revised bill. It's just got to be quicker than sitting on the AT&T phone with that ding dong noise.

I have never been treated as poorly as I have been with customer service here. I have been hung up on, lied to and put back into the automated cycle multiple times while trying to fix an issue I had with my bill. The issue was in regards to being quoted $132 and getting a bill of $190. The first call seemed to fix the issue until I realized that my TV services had been downgraded in order to fix the bill... This was never told to me. Now 3 hours in on day 2 and I have been hung up on at least 5 times.

I have been with AT&T for over 2 years. I was super excited that my contract was up and I was about to get out of it then my company decided to get a discount through theirs by extending out to try and promote their business. I decided to stay with them and then decided to take on a two additional tablets to just my single line. I automatically have rollover with 3 gigabytes when they activated my new phone with my iPads. I was charged for the iPad activation which I wasn't supposed to be after 3 weeks and being on the phone with these people we shall see saying that they would go ahead and take off the $90 activation fee when I ask to be compensated for what I had to go through for this.

They basically laughed at me so then I asked to cancel and they've told me about the penalties - at this point I told him that discriminated against me. They did misconduct by having to the representatives act as if they were supervisors to try to get me off the phone and they were definitely not supervisors and they were still wrong about my bill. I am waiting to hear about their correspondence who is possibly more powerful than their supervisor about waiving my $900 cancellation fee - yes $900. I will never ever come in this company to anyone not even my worst enemy and I can't imagine how this company has not gone Thunder. I will find a way to Sue this company.

Let me start off by saying I am a long-time customer of AT&T wireless and home phone, Internet and cable. I've never been so upset with AT&T until this point. I called in and spoke to a young man at the end of June or the beginning of July about my bill being high. The young man was in the customer care department and I will switch to him from customer service because I was upset about my bill going up so much. And was thinking of leaving AT&T when I was transferred to the customer care department. The young man went through my bill and saw where the discrepancy was after months of talking with other people about my high Bill.

This young man stated that my promotion on my Internet had expired and it caused my bill to go higher and that someone changed it and he said that he would be able to fix that problem and give me the credit on my next months bill but it would not show up on that months bill which was last months bill. I stated OK. I asked him how much my next months bill would be. He said it would be $104. When I got my bill this month to pay the allotted amount that I set out for my bills that my bill was more than $104. So I then called back and asked to speak to someone in that department to help me with the situation. The young lady I spoke to said she could not help me but she would transfer me over to a manager.

I spoke to your manager and explain to her the situation that had happened and what the young man had told me. The manager that I supposedly had spoke to is Ms. ** & asked Ms. ** to play the call back so she could hear what her customer care person that actually told me. First off she came on the phone very rudely and abruptly as if to say she was not wanting to help me at all. She stated that she would not play the call back and that she would not help credit the account and was very rude about the whole situation. I have worked in customer service before and have pool calls back to make sure that my employees were telling the customers right and that I could hear with the customers were saying so I don't know calls can be pulled back.

She then stated that the calls were only held for 60 days and I explained to her that if she was listening to me when I first came on the phone with her that I told her I spoke to the gentleman at the end of June or the beginning of this month. She did not bother to even listen to what I was stating and said that she would not be doing anything. This type of management does not need to go on. A customer needs to feel wanted and cared about and listened to. People help pay her salary and everyone else is. I am a consumer and was asking for her to at least listen to what her young man had actually stated. She never bothered to even listen. She kept saying that I was not listening to her which naturally in turn was making the customer which would be me mad as well. This should not have taken place.

This is not good customer service good management skills and not a good way to keep a customer happy and keep the customer and your family because now I would like not only to pool my accounts from you all - I would like to begin to pool my son's my mothers and fathers. At this point of being upset with AT&T because I don't like the way I was being treated and talk to not to mention what I was told By your representative that I took in good faith. I did ask her to have her manager call me but if this is the way her manager is even want to speak to me and to talk to me and not bother to listen I don't want that to happen. Someone needs to be able to stop this chain of reaction continuing to go on.

I have absolutely no trust in AT&T, for many reasons. The latest is that they changed the U-verse box and are charging me the $7.00/mo (because "everyone else is paying it"). The box was their fix for an AT&T line problem. I did not ask for it and do not want it. AT&T personnel keep moving me from one phone number or group to another. None of them can help, and probably don't want to do so. Your opinion?? Do you think that we have to pay for charges (and "penalties") for service for which we did not ask? Can any of you list the Post Office addresses of: Director of U-verse Finance, VP of U-verse Finance, Director and VP of U-verse Customer Service? Sending AT&T and email is an exercise in futility. I want to send certified postal mail to these people.

The biggest mistake to go from T-Mobile to AT&T! We signed up for 4 new phones for buy one get one free last March 2016. Until today - July 2016 nothing is right with AT&T most especially our monthly bill. The stress from getting the reimbursement of two phones that they promised they will pay T-mobile whatever is outstanding for the 2 phones. AT&T did not pay the whole amount of the phone. It took four months to get the gift card supposed to be the reimbursement for the phones.

We have to call AT&T and DirecTV every month that we get our monthly bill. DirecTV have charges that is not suppose to be on our account. AT&T really is charging us for four phones so Forget About their promo of buy one and one free. If you go to the store or call AT&T they answer your problem differently. Poor customer service. Overprice and you can't talk to anyone who really knows their system, promo, or billing! I'm just waiting for all these phones to be paid but would definitely go back to T-Mobile or go Verizon. Never sign up for AT&T.

U-verse Internet usage - AT&T has decided to be more greedy than normal by no longer having unlimited usage, unless you pay an huge sum of money. I was told they added an additional 50gb to our 250 and we should be fine. In fact the representative told me she has a family member who is a big gamer and never went over. So the 1st month I told my children to use the internet A LOT so we could see what our usage was. We used YouTube, Netflix, Xfinity, Facebook, Instagram and Xbox. We did not exceed 300, but INTERESTING 2nd month we have exceeded by 25 and still have 3 days left. We have not changed our internet habits. I firmly believe we are being scammed by AT&T who is overcharging for usage with the hopes that we all add an additional $30.00 to our monthly bill for unlimited usage. I am sure then we will not exceed the 300gb. This needs to be investigated... sick of being overcharged and abused by multibillionaire companies.

Combined our new DirecTV contract with our AT&T phone and internet for a combined bill in April 2016. The first bill for $112 came and was correct. The 2nd bill came and was $185 with a lot of confusing additions and changes to the contracted amount. After finally getting a live person on July 1st at AT&T she did not know who or why the changes were made. After trying to go back to the original agreed upon costs she came up with a final combined billing cost of $119. Waiting to see what the next bill will show and if I will need to call again. Combining the billing seemed reasonable but now I am wondering if it was worth the headache.

I used AT&T as my wireless provider for 2 years and then decided to cancel. I had no contract but went in to a store to find out what I needed to do to cancel service and if my final month would be prorated if I canceled mid billing cycle. I was told by 2 different reps that yes, it would be prorated. I signed up with my new provider and then called AT&T customer service to verify my account was canceled and ask about my final bill. They told me I'd receive it in the mail and it would be prorated. Now, I had no problem waiting until the end of the cycle if they didn't prorate. But because I was told it did, I canceled when was convenient for me. After a week I called again and was told by another rep that my bill would come soon. Also prorated.

Then I received the final bill and I was not getting any discount for the early cancellation. I called their customer service and was told that they, under no circumstances prorate their final bills. I told them that because I had been told differently by a total of 4 of their employees, I think they really should send me my money for the part of the month I wasn't a customer. I asked to speak to a manager and was told one would call me back in 10 minutes. I never received a call.

This is atrocious customer service and I am very glad I do not support this business any longer. They always treated me great while I was a customer, but the moment I cancel service, I was treated terribly.

I done the norm. At the end of May, I called AT&T cell phone finance department and I asked to schedule a payment arrangement with the right department so that I could pay my bill at a later date. The representative gave me a confirmation after stating that the June 10th, 2016 date I requested would be fine. He added that this set payment arrangement prevents any "Interruption of my service" as long as I do NOT break my P.T.P., which means "Promise-To-Pay". So, I went on with my life.

On June 6th, I'd been using my cell phone all morning and after lunch I decided to take a nap. When I woke and went to make a call, my phone would not work. I asked my son to let me use his cell phone (he's with Verizon) and I called my cell # and a recording came on saying that my AT&T service was temporarily disconnected. I called AT&T immediately!!!! I spent hours on the phone with their various reps and departments being "Pinged-Ponged" around, back and forth to different departments and with my repeated attempts of begging for someone to help me and also their rep's kept REFUSING to let me speak to a supervisor too, as well as, putting me on hold or hanging up on me, or they were just being plain rude and even went as far as to BLAME me for my phone service being turned off.

Even though several of them agreed that when a customer has set a payment arrangement - that AT&T's policy is that "Services cannot & will not be interrupted before or on a payment arrangement date, unless the customer failed to keep the payment arrangement in-full on that scheduled date". Now, remember, my payment arrangement was set for me to pay my bill on June 10th, 2016, but, they turned my service off on June 6th, which is 4 days earlier than my payment arrangement date was set for. So, I was so scared that no one at AT&T was going to help me! They said to me themselves that they could see my arrangement was set for June 10th, yet, they refused to turn my services back on, even though it's now June 6th.

I'd been blamed, told I was a liar, was transferred repeatedly and even left on hold with those people who never have any true intentions of ever putting me through to a supervisor. I was hung up on and I kept having to repeatedly call their number back, meanwhile, repeating my story over and over again. I just about had enough and I was really feeling like giving up because I saw that those reps were never going to help do right by me and turn my services back on.

Now they wanted me to pay that bill that I arranged to pay only on June 10th and they said I'd also have to pay an upcoming bill too but I reminded them that they haven't even mailed the new upcoming bill to me yet, plus they said I'd also have to pay a "$40 restoral fee" in order to get them to turn my cell phone services back on again that same day. I was not ever going to do that, because I knew they were wrong... And of course I did not have those kinds of funds, and that was the whole reason I scheduled to pay my bill on June 10th once I got my next check. Absolutely ridiculous!!!

With my son's words of encouragement and hugs because I really was so upset and crying, well, I dialed AT&T for one last desperate attempt and plea for help that same day. My son told me that he was going to record all my calls to AT&T so that we'd be able to have proof of what AT&T reps were doing to me!! Love my son!!! Smartest thing we could've ever done!!!! So, now I called AT&T back and continued with my pleas for help, even begged two more reps for help and they still refused me the right to speak to a supervisor and they both stated that that day someone had placed notes on my account for all reps to not turn my service on, not to allow me the right to set any future arrangements for the next 6 months, and not to pass my calls to any supervisors or managers and to not give me any credits or adjustments on my account/bills. Boy, did hearing that from them really sting me?!!!

But now... This pissed-off momma was not going to cry anymore. I held back my tears and decided to be strong and fight back! I called and asked for tech support through the automated system instead of those various departments before. The automated system passed me to a rep whom she said she believed everything I told her and she listened to 1 of our recorded calls that my son recorded himself of what was taking place all day. We were able to prove to her that everyone acknowledge our date was set for June 10th and she agreed that our service was not suppose to be interrupted earlier than our arrangement date. She apologized sincerely for the way I was treated and she went out-of-her-own-way to stay on the line with me while she transferred me to a supervisor herself so that she could get me the help she & I knew I needed.

That honest rep lead the call herself and explained what had happened to the supervisor and the supervisor agreed and he turned my cell phone service right back on again within moments after he read that my scheduled arrangement date was really for June 10th, and he too stated his own apologies that this happened to me. He said that no premature interruption of my services should have taken place. The supervisor also told me that it was actually another supervisor that placed those horrible notes on my account so that all reps would not help me.

This supervisor told me that he removed all of those blocks/notes on my account. He also said that he notated my account himself stating that I was to be allowed any necessary credits & adjustments owed to me now and in the future, as well as, they were not to ever try to charge me any $40 restoration fee for turning my cell phone services off because he notated that my service was prematurely interrupted and that I never broke any "Promise-to-pay" so now they could not prevent me from ever setting any arrangements in the future if I need one. That supervisor told me he believed me and I felt so relieved that he turned my services on and he said I did not have to pay anything until of course in 4 days when my original payment arrangement date. What a relief!!! This nightmare seemed like it was finally over... Boy was I wrong!!!

So, I kept my payment arrangement on June 10th as I had intended to do. Only later, I find out that I was being charged the $40 restore fee on another bill for them cutting services off, even though they weren't suppose to turn it off. Now I call AT&T believing that it'll be so darn easy for them to remove that $40 fee off my bill because I knew that there were going to be those notations on my account made by that good supervisor on June 6th, you know, the guy who actually turned my cell phone service back on and he required no money for me to pay that day.

So here's how my call went. Again after being "Pinged-ponged" around, well, I finally get rep's and then even a different supervisor who now refused to remove that $40 restoration fee. She said that it was a valid charge. She told me that the supervisor who had turned my phone back on the same day it was disconnected, well, she said that he/that supervisor never placed any notes on my account showing them to remove the fee or that I'm not suppose to be charged that fee. I told her either way, they cannot bill me that $40 restore fee because AT&T admitted that they made an error and that AT&T turned my service off prematurely and that they are the ones who actually broke the arrangement, not me!!

This supervisor could care less!! I offered for her to listen to all of our recorded calls and she flat out refused. I told her that AT&T has their own recorded calls and that she could look at the dates and times and pull those calls and that way she can hear it for herself and then she'd be able to see that I should not be force to pay a $40 fee that she & I both know I should not have to pay!! She said she was not listening to any recorded calls. She repeated it was a valid charge and said I must pay it or my services will be cut off. Now no one will override her decision and they said I will lose my service if I do not pay it. We even recorded that call and we have saved all of these recorded calls since June 6th, the day they turned phone off but turned back on the same day without me paying them anything to do so.

AT&T... You really do s-u-c-k!!! I cannot wait till the day I'm finished paying off my cell phone on my plan, because that is the day I tell you deceitful group of liars to "Kiss my behind"!!! Your drop calls, lose service always sucked anyhow. My son is with Verizon and soon I will be too. He never experiences dropped calls, and never has to go through the kind of mess ya'll put customers through. I hope that you AT&T get to read this. You owe me money now!!! I'm sure I'm not the only victim to your deceit!!! I will jump on board with the first action, claim or lawsuit to help others like me, even if I'm not the one getting paid later. I'm so ready for it!

My wife chatted online about finding a way to lower our bill, since a promotional period had ended. The representative talked to her about combining AT&T account and Directv account but she told them we were going to discuss this before making that decision. They went ahead and combined accounts anyway. When I called to question this, I was told they have no record of "CHAT" conversations and that it would take two billing cycles to be able to just change it back to the original billing. I am fed up with people who don't know what customer service is!

I'm being billed almost $700 for calls that I did not make on a landline at my vacation home. Nobody was at the home, yet there are hundreds of calls to the same two numbers. These calls lasted two minutes, and were made every two minutes for weeks on end. Obviously, this is something that would be next to impossible for a person to do. The phone numbers being called isn't even a good phone number, it's a disconnected number! Yet AT&T still thinks it's ok to bill me $700 for these calls. Absolutely ridiculous.

I have spent several hours on the phone with AT&T. At the end of every call, I am promised a call back. I have never received a call back. I have not gotten any answers from AT&T. I have posted on AT&Ts social media, and have been promised by them to receive calls as well. I have not been contacted by them either. I've been trying to get AT&T to respond or give me answers for over two weeks now with no results.

For the first 6 months I had the AT&T/DirecTV bundle I had to call every month because my bill was wrong. This was a minimum of an hour each call. Then of course there was the spotting service with DirecTV going in and out. The final straw was this morning when it went out and I was told that they disconnected me because I was past due with my payment. My bill is due the 23rd, today is the 17th. No one at Direct could help - they told me to call AT&T. AT&T said they can't see my bill because their server is being updated. They don't seem to have any communication with each other, but isn't that the point of bundling? I am done. I hate getting nasty with the poor people who answer the phones, but I am just so frustrated.

No one knows how to handle anything. We've been overcharged for the past 8 months, for the service. We cancelled twice and returned equipment, and somehow they still continued charging for months, and now two weeks in a row I've calling talking to different people, explaining over and over and over, hours on the phone, and 7 different people, 5 hours of my life wasted on the phone, result is still waiting, for...

Just plain ridiculous. Didn't even gave me frame time, a week, two, she didn't know how long will it take to resolve the problem, not even manager. Who do you talk then??? Don't get U-verse tv with them. Perhaps don't get anything from them. After I get my money back, I'm cancelling all my services with them. Worthless company at this point. Very, very, very disappointed. After being with them for over 15 years, you treat your loyal clients like this. At this point I just to let the whole world know how bad your company has become!

I took a bundle of DirecTV & AT&T during promotion and bought a home box internet. I wasn't home. I was charge for every gigabyte. Never alert for a whole month. Send 3 bills for different plans. Now my phone is suspended. Three day early I paid the bill. According to them I have a past due. They never fix the account and keep dragging it.

At&T is has the worst customer service and their policy regarding account notation is a joke at best. I have been with Uverse since Feb 2016 and it's been one headache after another. The billing department applied not 1 but 2 different credit card numbers to my account both of which they used as autopay for my account. Of course both unauthorized cards declined and who was left with the charges... ME and when I called about it, it literally took 3 days for me to get a person who actually listened to my issue. I was hung up on by 2 different supervisors because they kept trying to transfer me without notating my account.

The 3rd day I spoke with fraud. The lady there was finally able to get a 3 way call to billing and get my account handled. That was in May. Here we are in July and when I call in to make payment, the bill is wrong, my account hasn't been notated since April... no wait May, no wait June 1, no June 10 and then finally they only see note from May and what happens when I speak with a supervisor Ms ** barely listened, constantly over talked, spoke down and when I asked to speak with her supervisor she said, "sure", put me hold and disconnected the call. Save yourself the headache, don't use Uverse, don't call customer care because they don't care, don't call billing because they have fraudulent charges on your account and whatever you do don't speak with a supervisor thinking they will notate or help because like me you will end with less than before.

My husband had AT&T like 3 or years ago but he dropped them because the bill was getting too high and now they want him to pay. He should not have to pay for an old bill. AT&T are the worst cell phone company. Everybody has problems with them. I wish we would all band together and try to get AT&T shut down. Their customer service stinks. They don't know what they are doing. They always raise their prices, their cell rates are high and I also heard that their cable services stinks too. I want to get them closed down. People can't afford to pay old debt. This company is no good. That's my opinion. I never liked this company. They are the worst. They are rude on phone and their phones prices are high too. Please. We need to do something about this as soon as possible.