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Back in May '99, on a Sunday morning I was watching an infomercial on T.V. and placed an order for two Red Devil Portable Grills ... as a special offer for phoning in within the alloted time, I was supposed to receive barbecue utensils for both stoves as a bonus, and for an additional $4, I was to receive a picnic table.

I received the stoves mid June, but never received the picnic table, nor the tools as I was promised...Also I was charged more than $70 shipping for these stoves, which are portable and quite lightweight...

The true problem now, is the aggravation and inconvenience I've been suffering since I've gotten myself involved with this company. I just received my recent credit card bill for which there were charges ($12.99 and $49.98) for which I have no record, posted by this company...and worse than this, they are now sending me items (a vinyl picnic basket with 4 plastic plates, forks, and cups for $109.98, and a portable grill system for $92.98), both of which I never ordered.

I telephoned the company, both times nearly holding on for half an hour, and then receiving the same incompetent individual who I truly feel was just a message operator and knew nothing about the company. I had asked that all further charges to my credit card be stopped, and to stop sending items that I never ordered.

I have asked that UPS pick up these items, with a return slip at their expense, and they told me that they don't do this, and that I would have to go to the Post Office and return these items, advise them of the postage that I paid, and they would credit my credit card. I asked to speak to a Supervisor and was told there were none available..and that I had no choice but to return these items myself...

Because of this company's illegal use of my card, I have now been forced to spend time in phone calls between them and my credit card company...I have to take time to repack and ship these items, because I opened them thinking they were the tools and to see the packing slips...and to deal with the aggravation of thinking..what is it I'll be receiving next, and knowing this Company has my charge number, and is using it freely to their advantage.

I told them unless they would let me speak to a Supervisor that I would be making this complaint, but they did not seem to care, and told me there was no one I could speak to, or nothing I could do, but to return the items as they arrive...I do not understand why I have to accept this from this Company and will not stand for it...I want these charges to my credit card, and other than the tools and picnic table which I'm still owed, but never received, I want all additional items will billed and shipped to cease immediately...The credits to be made to my credit card at present are: $12.99 - $49.98 - $109.98, and $92.98.


Around April of 1999 I ordered what was called the T-Fal Ingenio fat free plus cookware system from Quantum Television, which was supposed to be around $170 in three installments billed to credit card, with two free items included. The operator tried to sell me a host of extras, which I declined.

Two month later nothing had arrived save for a charge on my credit card bill, which i disputed however i needed to get in touch with the company.

At some point later, i received a box via parcel post left on my step, about three pounds, it was a lid from Quantum TV to some "Expressware set" that I had not ordered but that is all I received.

I tried in vain for months to contact Quantum, and was told there was no such order. I have faxed and emailed them and was told to contact Everything4Less, which I have written also.

I never received anything but have been charged over $500 for something unordered and unreceived, and have been given nothing but grief, increased interest on credit card, and no response.

If this happened to us, we would be in Small Claims Court the next day.

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