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Last updated: May 22, 2017

35 Vivitar Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 22, 2017

Made out of Ice Blocks. - Vivitar DVR 794HD - The 'Ice Block" melted in my hands after holding only 2 charges. Freezing is eminently available. Battery will not hold charge, charge port is a mess and the early stages of frustrations I had to hold at an angle to get a charge. I have no idea what to do with this.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 11, 2017

My 8 yr old son just got a camera for his birthday and was thrilled. Now he is so sad because the camera a Vivitar Vivicam 54 that he received is broken and he only took maybe 10 pictures. The USB port is inside of the camera so that there is nowhere for him to plug it in and there is no SD card since the pics can only be retrieved via USB. He can take pictures but has no way to print or save them. You can hear the USB port shaking inside the camera. I didn't expect great quality or anything for such a cheap camera, but we did expect it to at least work. When I called customer service, they said they will replace the camera fully, but first I had to pay shipping and tracking costs. Why should I have to pay to get the camera fixed that is their broken piece of junk??? I am not satisfied and will make sure others know how Vivitar's camera ruined my little boy's birthday.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 12, 2017

Bluetooth Headphones - My son received this for a Christmas present and when he went to plug his phone into the Jack the Jack push right out of the headphone... Product broke. Some Christmas gift this was... We wouldn't recommend this product or any product from Vivitar...

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 6, 2016

I purchased a DVR786HD while on a vacation in Arizona. I immediately charged it and attempted to use it while in Sedona. Once on, it would freeze and not turn off unless the reset button was pushed. This was difficult as I am on the side of a river and not that easy to find a tiny stick. I attempted many times to use it and almost every time it would freeze. I contacted your company asking if there was an update for the software. I received an email telling me to remove and replace the battery? I responded by questioning how I would remove a rechargeable battery that was built in. After many emails I was told to send in my camera and they would replace it with a new one, but I had to pay shipping (one way) and also wait up to 3 weeks. I told them that was not going to work for me. After another week or so, they sent me another camera.

I received the replacement camera a couple weeks ago and immediately charged it. Once charged, I turned it on and it goes to the frozen screen? I push the reset and try again, Frozen screen. I believe that once out of the 8-10 times I tried it it actually turned on. So now, I have 2 cameras that do not function (at least with any consistency). I have managed to take 10ish pictures and 2 videos. Two months, many emails and 2 cameras later I still do not have a functioning camera. All I want is a functioning camera that takes photos and videos in wet conditions. I would be content with a good working replacement, a full refund or the advice to spend the extra money and buy a GoPro. Right now I have nothing and MANY hours of frustration dealing with this.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: July 4, 2016

I bought the Vivitar Vivicam xx16. The camera will not charge. I put in brand new batteries and they showed as low charge. No way to charge with cord. There was a card inside the package, saying to call them before returning the camera. The phone number they gave was disconnected. I looked for a customer service number online and it was the same one. There is no way to call them. I was lucky to be able to return it at Walmart. I told them about the problem, but I am sure they will keep selling it. I hope some people read this and are warned. I read review that others have this exact issue. Something needs to be done.

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Original review: Feb. 13, 2016

This company doesn't care. They are still selling crappy products and ripping people off. I bought this camera in October to take on my son's make a wish trip. This camcorder wouldn't stay charged to even use. I think this company should be taken out of business.

Original review: Aug. 2, 2015

I've bought a few things from Vivitar before and they all sucked. Years ago I bought a camera, took it on a vacation that I wanted to take photos or videos of. When I come home I find out the camera doesn't record sound... No mention of this on the camera's packaging anywhere so precious videos that I would keep most of my life were completely ruined. Second product: a USB injector that I received as a present when I got my DSLR. Was good for about a month until it stopped working. No computer was accepting it as a found USB drive. Went and exchanged it and the same thing happened again. Returned and bought a different brand.

Third and most disappointing product. Your selfie stick. I went to a once in a lifetime concerts two nights ago and bought your selfie stick so nobody would get in the way of my videos. I went and took everything off my phone and reset it just so I could record the whole concert. I was so excited that I was able to record the whole concert but what happens? After the concert I want to share some videos on Instagram and Twitter hoping to get a mention back or a follow from the people who preformed but what do I find? A video that was over an hour long with NO SOUND, just a little buzz. I know it wasn't the sound system or my phone since I recorded the opening acts via snapchat and my camera with no selfie stick connected and the sound recorded. But when I went to take the video I had the white cord in my camera so I could control when to stop and start the videos though the selfie stick.

I then decided to take a video of me talking in the car connected to the stick and disconnected. Guess which one had sound, yup. Not the selfie stick. So this tells me that Vivitar's selfie stick is yet again another product disappoint. When purchasing this selfie stick I never thought of Vivitar in a negative manner, I just knew it was the best quality selfie stick at the store and wouldn't drop my phone. But now, it's a complete different opinion since I know that I know it doesn't even record sound when it's connected to the built in shutter and that I remember these previous disappointments. So Vivitar has now ruined two of once in a lifetime events for me. Vivitar - Make your products better or put disclaimers on the packagings.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 26, 2015

I have a Vivitar Camcorder that stopped working under warranty. I called technical help and found they had no knowledge of the products and immediately started to accuse me of damaging the camera and kept badgering me. I called, again the operator told me to hold (less than thirty seconds) and then proceeded to tell me that I told the first operator that had recorded me stating that I had dropped the so called sports, action camera and that I could therefore not return the camera for inspection and for repair. The package only states that the camcorder has a one year warranty, inside the package it states that it only covers defective parts and assembly during the production process and denies any malfunction of the camera even if it was not physically damaged.

The last operator (who claimed to be a supervisor) I spoke with stated that I had "man handled" the product and refused to help me, claimed that Sakar was not affiliated with Vivitar at all (Sakar bought out Vivitar) and that my warranty was voided. I had to badger him for the corporate address and phone number. He gave me a 800 number and told me that they only took calls on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I called the number to see if it was even real. The recording did not state any company name, only that operators were only available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Updated on 05/24/2015: This is a follow up to my first Vivitar/Sakar Warranty complaint: I was finally able to speak with the Vivitar/Sakar H.Q. and talked to the "Head of Technical Support" who would only identify himself by the name **, I later found out his last name was ** when he gave me his corporate email address **. Over the telephone he stated that the damaged camcorder I was sent was in error and would send me the next model up and asked if there was anything else, I asked for prepaid shipping labels so that I could send back the original camcorder and the broken one they have sent me and I told him that I could just throw them in the trash and save them money in doing so (to which he agreed).

On 5/18/15 I was sent an email from ConsumerAffairs state that my complaint was approved and publish. I checked the link and in the comment below it stated that ConsumerAffairs were still awaiting a response from the above mention company. On 5/22/15 I received a response from an email that I had sent to Vivitar/Sakar H.Q. about the damaged replacement they had sent me, their reply appeared to me be threatening under guise of the words "We request you to get back to us with your shipping address so that we can assist you further."

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 3, 2014

I bought the wireless remote control light system through "Whatever Works". The first didn't work at all. I sent it to your company and asked for one that did work. I received the same product and it didn't work either. I call the company and asked them to test the product before sending me another one. They didn't test it but at least one of the remotes worked 'kinda'. The lamp will come on but it will go off before I want it to do so leaving me in the dark. This, of course is dangerous if I am moving around. The second remote will stay on all night but if I enter the room to use the light, it goes off. I turn it on and it will stay on a few minutes and then go off. It does this day and night. At times it will burn all night even when I try to get it to turn off. The only thing to be done is to disconnect from the outlet, which of course defeats the purpose of the system. The system is a great idea in theory but someone needs to go back to the drawing board and fix the bugs.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 7, 2014

Camera VT426 - The instruction leaflet and accompanying CD were useless. I was unable to open the battery/SD compartment, so telephoned the company. After keeping me waiting for long time, they told me to seek help from a camera shop. This is going to be difficult as I bought the camera from a warehouse.

Original review: Dec. 30, 2013

Bought Vivitar telescope/microscope set for my daughter for Christmas. Neither item worked when we put it together. It is all plastic and of course made in communist China. When will our government crack down the junk coming from this country. Fair trade is a crock of **.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 8, 2013

The Vivitar 925HD video camera has an LCD screen that intermittently flips upside down and the audio records a steady beeping noise so you can't clearly hear people talking in the video. Problems from day 1. The warranty card in the box says to mail the camera to the nearest repair center. Sounds easy. But what is the address of the repair center? I called their toll-free number from the warranty card several times, but NEVER got a human on the phone; just sat on hold forever. I looked at the Vivitar website, but it lists no addresses on their 'support' page. Also, the website lists the same toll-free support number that I already tried. The website does have an email address (, but I have emailed it 5 times so far and every time, my email gets returned to me the next day as deliverable. This company has no phone number, no mailing address, and no email address! And their crappy camera never worked correctly. Unfortunately, I got the camera online, not from a retail store, so I have no way to return it. Lessons learned: Never buy anything Vivitar and never buy anything online.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 4, 2013

I wish to complain about the way that Vivitar company works. I phoned the technical services on 0800-917-4831 all day yesterday and again today, with no reply to my phone call. Please can someone in this company call me on ** as I have a question to ask? Thank you.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 10, 2013

I just purchased a Vivitar ViviCam T027 HD 12.1 megapixel with 4X digital zoom. The plastic package states “Vivitar - We make it easy.” I opened the package and correctly loaded 3 AAA batteries of mine. I pressed the power button and it did not go on. I checked the batteries and they were good. I checked the enclosed literature and a yellow insert card stating to not return the camera to the store but call their technical support number.

The 800 number had a menu asking if you bought your item at Walmart or a few other selections and then Vivitar. After another sub-menu, I was connected to a courteous person from an Indian call center. From him, I discovered that the camera will only work with a memory card, which the consumer must supply. This important fact is not mentioned on the packaging or the instruction manuals. The camera sells at Kmart for $59.95 but was on sale for $34.95. It has absolutely no value since it is an incomplete camera.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 12, 2012

I ordered a Vivitar Digital Recorder 510N from Young Explorers in November 2010 for my daughter's 10th birthday in December. The recorder worked fairly well for a few months then began to not hold a charge. By April 2012, it would not even turn on. We tried everything. I called the tech support at (877) 397-8200 and spoke to Sharon who advised me to try brand new rechargeable batteries. If that didn't solve the problem, call back. I was already leery, but I tried it. Of course, it didn't work so I called back and Sharon assured me that I should send it back and Vivitar would repair or send me a new one free of charge. She was very detailed in the instructions: photocopy receipt, brief description of problem, etc. I was told it would take 3 to 4 weeks from when they received it. It was mailed to Sakar International Inc. in New Jersey on 4/23/12.

When we hadn't received anything in June, I called the 877 number again. I was told they did receive it, had record of my previous call, and the part needed was on backorder. It would be another four to six weeks. I called again on July 10 and spoke to Robin. She told me that it had been mailed and I would receive it by July 14. When I didn't, I called on July 17 and was told by a Mika that there was a delay with the United States Postal Service, but I should receive it within two business days. Of course, I didn't, so I called again on July 25 and spoke to Sandy. She gave me a new date of receipt, August 3. On August 17th, I called and spoke to Shawn. He indicated that it must be lost, so Vivitar would send me a brand new one free of charge. I can expect it by August 24.

I called again today, September 11, 2012, since of course I have received nothing. I got Shawn again and I immediately asked for his supervisor. I got the same runaround as others. No supervisor available, but if I would just call back in an hour, the supervisor would be happy to help. I informed him I am done and plan on filing a complaint and taking legal action. I would like an attorney to contact me. I'm hoping there is a class action forming because there seemed to be many people getting the same **. I will tell everyone I know to never buy a Vivitar anything. I never will again. I also plan on contacting the company I bought it from (Young Explorers) and encourage them not to carry Vivitar products.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 11, 2012

I am very dissatisfied with their tech support. I sent off a camera in October 2011. Now it is July 2012, and I'm still getting the runaround about the status of my camera. I purchased a Vivitar DVR548HD back in September 2011. It stopped working in October (The record button got stuck.). I called and had it sent back to be repaired. It's up to 8 weeks to return. I called in December. They were not finished with it and said to call in 3-4 weeks. I called in January. They had no records on the status. They said they will send me a new one out. I should get in a few weeks.

I called in February. They told me that it was back-ordered and to wait 3-4 weeks. I forgot about it till May and called. A guy told me he would send one and I will get it in 2 weeks. This is the first week of July, so I called again. This time, another guy told me it was back-ordered, but he will have it to me within 2 weeks. This is 10 months in waiting on a replacement. I am calling the number 1-800-592-9541 (the number given to me by Wal-Mart). I purchased the camera from Wal-Mart online.

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Original review: July 7, 2012

I bought a camera and the quality of pictures was terrible. They told me to mail it to them and they would send me a replacement (I paid shipping). It's been a while and they tell me it's in the mail and gives me fake tracking numbers. When I ask to speak to a manager, they say there are none there. Every time I call, they say someone will call me back and they never do! When I speak to the "finance department", they say they can't help me even with getting my money back. When I ask what she does then, she says she's not authorized to tell me. I'm going to see about suing this company. I have absolutely no clue how they are in business! Terrible, terrible. Fake!

Original review: May 18, 2012

My Vivitar DVR 550 camera was not charging. I checked everywhere for a new battery that they claim is so common to no avail. I then tried to call the phone number that came with my camera. It's another joke. I finally found another phone number and called. I did get the company this time (if you want to call it that) to be totally surprised to be told that they would send me out a charger right away without a charge even. Shock. I had ordered this, because I got a new puppy and wanted to have pics of it growing up. I told this to the lady.

2 weeks went by, and there's no charger. I called again, and of course, I got another agent who promised that it was sent out and I should be getting it anytime. 2 more weeks with nothing, and I called again. This time, I'm given some cock and bull story about something. (Like everyone else, I have a hard time understanding them.) But I should be getting my charger.

I called again on 5/10/12, and I was informed for the 1st time that it takes up to 4 weeks to get stuff and that I would definitely have it by Friday. Still, there's no charger. My puppy's (Mastiff) already gained 25 pounds, and I have no pictures to remember his childhood or fast growth by. Because of their out and out lies, I have missed everything.

I bought my camera on the HSN, and I hope that they will stop selling their products because of the poor, disrespectful customer service and the way this company treats its customers. I will never buy another Vivitar anything, and after reading all of the other complaints, I'm surprised that this so-called company is still in business. I do not appreciate nor deserve to be lied to over and over again. If there is anything legal that I can do to get these guys out of business or help anyone and everyone take care of this company and hopefully make them pay something, please let me know. They should not be allowed to be in business in the US, especially since no one in customer service knows how to speak English. Thank you for your time and any help or information that you can give me.

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Original review: Jan. 24, 2012

Bought a digital camera for my daughter and it was defective. It only would take two pictures and then the whole unit would turn off. I called the 1-800 number included with the camera because you could not return it to the store. They told me to send it to them and they would replace it in 3 weeks. It has now been 2 months and every time I call to check the status, they claim that a new one was sent out but I have never received a new one. I also asked for a refund and they claim this cannot be done; when I ask why, they change the subject. I believe I will never see a new replacement again. I have contacted the Attorney General in my area and am filing a complaint against them.

Original review: Jan. 6, 2012

I bought Vivitar camera in 2010. The picture never comes clear. I call them and they replaced the camera and send me upgrade (model f529). But there’s the same problem in package. Instead of printed instructions, I got a CD. Set it according to the CD, but nothing changed. I still can not get clear picture. I tried to call them again. Same answer: “We will call you back.” I never got a call. I am disappointed and I suggest you never ever buy a Vivitar digital camera.

Original review: Dec. 19, 2011

I bought a camera last December 2010 which was defective. Returned camera and received another defective camera. I’m still waiting for replacement. I have called every month and starting the end of September. I have called every week to be told "it's in the mail". I never receive anything, so I called again and am told the same thing. For the 15th time, I was told it was shipped out and I should have it in 3 days. I have spoken to a supervisor one time because the rest of the calls were made when the supervisors were "busy". I was told twice they would return my call within 48 hours and I never received a call.

Original review: Oct. 10, 2011

My son's camera, which he received as a birthday present, took horrible pictures.

I had an ongoing email correspondence with the company from April until June. They claimed that I would receive a new camera within a few weeks. It's October now and I still got nothing. I copied all the email communication and mailed it off to their home office.

At this point, I don't believe they will do anything about it. This company has a horrible customer service and I will never buy anything from them again.

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Original review: Aug. 12, 2011

I sent in my daughter's brand new camera since it wouldn't turn on. They said they would send a replacement within 6-8 weeks. 8 weeks later, I started calling since I received no camera. Finally 11 weeks later, they said it has been shipped. Customer service was horrible with information, one person would say it was already shipped, next would say one more week. They will also tell you that if you want to talk to a manager, you have to call back later but they won't give you a time. This company lacks business morals and is dishonest. I will NEVER purchase from them again!

Original review: May 14, 2011

I bought a camera in August 2010. Battery wouldn't charge after two months. On 12-16-2010, I called and they said they would send a new battery. Twenty-one calls later, no battery. They sent a shipping label to UPS on 4-13-2011 but have not sent the battery for shipping.

Original review: Dec. 10, 2010

Last night my son, who’s in the 6th grade, and I purchased a less expensive digital camera (as requested by the school) for a school trip to Kennedy Space Center. For us this was an exciting trip since we just moved here from another state. Here was a small, sleek looking digital camera for a fair price of $19.00 good to take up to 120 photos. We figured this was better than buying a disposable since we can just download it onto our computer at home. Perfect! Off to the space center today he went, so excited to take lots of pictures with his friends. I went to the school to pick him up after the trip; though he had a great time, he was so saddened that he went to change the batteries on the way back from the trip and all the photos had been deleted!

Quickly he takes some fun shots of friends on the bus and out the window as they were driving off from the center. I told him not to worry, we'll go home and take a look with the USB and maybe they are stored in the memory. Upon checking with the USB, my computer would not show any photos. I realized to download the software; my computer would not download or run the program no matter what I tried. My husband came over and takes a look at the camera and says there’s an SD card inside and opens the battery compartment. Oh, boy! Those pictures were deleted. This model doesn’t come with a SD card option. Now I was upset. I looked thru the package again, here’s a big yellow tag inside which states, "Please do not return to the store if any problem with this camera. For any questions you have, please call our technical support number ** to access our technical support information on the phone."

I called the number to see if I might have skipped a step somewhere and the gentleman, whom was difficult to understand thru his accent, mentioned the USB cannot be plugged in while downloading the software. While he was speaking I quickly tried to download it again, not working. Then he proceeds to tell me that the photos need to be downloaded before changing the batteries; otherwise the photos will be lost. This fits the situation. Okay, why isn't there anything on the package stating so—no owner’s manual in the package. He said the manual is on the disk. Oh, I said, the one that won’t load onto my computer which is compatible? Now I'm real upset and asked to speak with his supervisor, maybe one who doesn’t have such a heavy accent. I can’t understand half of what he was saying except, "I’m sorry, ma’am." So I have Mr. **, tech support supervisor, on the line now.

My son just lost some really good memories he will not be able to replace. I've never heard of a camera losing pictures just because you change the batteries. Even if I bought a disposable $5.00 camera, I send it away and it comes back with pictures. Are you kidding? Deleting photos from a battery change. They said I should have read about it in the manual, you know the one which won’t even come up on my computer. The supervisor mentions he can mail me a hard copy. What good does that do now? All electronics come with paper manuals even in today’s technology. I was blown away by the idea this camera will also take short video clips, comes with a USB, carry strap, even a 1 year warranty but be near you computer before the batteries die out on you! I said I would like a refund. They said, "No refunds." Flat out no.

Hmm, I'm no average cookie sir. I've worked many years in the retail industry and there are laws protecting my purchases. A consumer has a right to a full refund within 72 hours from time of purchase. I have every right to sue your company because of your refusal. Or at least that’s close to what I mentioned. It’s the purpose of the matter at this point. I requested they send me an upgraded camera which does not delete photos in that fashion at no additional cost to me. It’s the least they can do being we had already lost those memorable pictures. The camera is really junk and is not worth the $19.00 by any means. Walmart should not support this company’s lower end model. Upon better inspection of the packaging, the front cover states an instruction manual is included. Where is it? What about the back where twice it mentions having a manual. Still don’t see it.

The supervisor said he will call me back with a yes or no on the upgrade. When I asked how long will I wait for an answer, he said within the next 48 hours. I said, "Really, so your going to wait out the 72 hours I have for a refund, nice!" So, highly doubt I'll get a call back with any good news, though I will wait it out. Don’t suggest taking the camera on any family vacations or long enough trips for the batteries to die out, you will lose pictures. Children will be heartbroken and with Christmas coming up, anyone will be devastated. I feel consumers really are getting ripped off with this product. I'm tired of being the consumer who says it’s just $19 bucks and eat the cost. We're talking about the disappointment on a child’s face when they've lost all the fun they just had all day snapping photos just to lose it all because of the batteries!

I absolutely have no satisfaction from even the supervisor. My son is upset and is worried about taking anymore pictures. I'm not upset about paying $19.00; I'm upset at the price my son paid just for doing the right thing of changing batteries in a camera he figured might be low and losing all his fun times. You see, we lost so much already when our home burnt down almost 2 years ago. Pictures are worth 1000 words and more so. In this case, nothing. It’s so sad when companies feel they can get away with stuff like toying with emotions.

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Original review: Dec. 11, 2009

Compact flash card will not work. I put it in the camera and it doesn't work so I got another and another. None of them work on it.

Original review: Dec. 5, 2009
Original review: Sept. 21, 2009
Original review: Nov. 14, 2007

I purchased my daughter a camera for Christmas last year. Purchasing a Vivtar camera was a huge mistake! We are on our third camera, and I've been waiting for 3 weeks for a replacement battery charger (the one they sent was defective - not surprising considering what I've been through with their customer service!). Everytime I call I am on hold for at least an hour. The last time I called I requested to speak with a supervisor in an attempt to get accurate info so I wouldn't have to call back. I spoke with Jeanette. She wouldn't give me her last name - but did give me her ext. # and told me I would have the charger beginning of this week (10/29). I just tried to call - the extention number she gave me was invalid. I held for an hour and spoke with someone who told me the charger hadn't been shipped yet. When I asked why he told me he didn't know. Nice customer service. I asked to speak with his supervisor - Jeanette. She was on another line, but would call me back as soon as she got off the phone. That was almost 2 hours ago - still no call back. As he was transfering me to her voice mail, I heard him laugh at my frustration - once again...nice customer service. I've left messages in the past after holding for an hour in the general customer service voicemail box - I have yet to recieve a call back. Is it to much to ask for polite, prompt customer service and products that work? At this point I am so disgusted with Vivitar I don't know what to do! Enough time lost with this!

Original review: Feb. 8, 2007

I purchased a Vivitar 6150s Digital Camera from the Army & Air Force Exchange Service website. Never having previously owned a digital camera, and having limited computer knowledge, I did not know how to transfer the photos from the camera to my computer. I read the appropriate page, in the camera's User Manual, however the information was not clear to me, and the way it is written, the author assumes that the purchaser has had previous digital camera experience, and has extensive knowledge of computer usage. The Vivitar website has two e-mail and

I sent an e-mail letter to each of the provided e-mail addresses, however each letter was returned by the Mail Delivery Systemwith the following message: "A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error." I then sent a fax to Vivitar (805 981-2421 on 1/5/07. I advised them that their e-mail addresses failed to deliver the e-mail sent. I advised them of the problem I was having transfering the photos to my PC, and requested that someone e-mail me step-by-step instructions since I felt that their User Manual provided insufficient instructions. My fax was ignored. I sent follow up fax's on Jan 6,11,12,20, & Jan 24th, but my requests were ignored. The Vivitar website indicates that Syntax-Brillian Company is the parent company of Vivitar. On 1/26/07 I sent a fax to Syntax-Brillian and included every fax I sent to Vivitar, and requested their help. To date I still have not received step-by-step instructions, via e-mail, from Vivitar.

The Vivitar 6150s digital camera is useless to me, since I cannot transfer photos to my PC. I cannot ask the Army & Air Force Exchange Service for a refund, since the camera is not inoperative. Vivitar doesn't believe in providing customer service, and I am stuck with a product that I cannot get full use from it.

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