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I bought my Sony Xperia Z5 compact at the end of January 2016. Within a few months the camera had stopped working. I sent it to Sony for repair who were at this time helpful. Received the handset back and it worked. Within a few months it had the same issue - the camera wouldn't work and it was over heating. So it had to be sent off again... revived it back and less than 24 hours later the handset is broken again! Obviously I was furious by this point. I called in and was told I would have to send it off yet again. I was told it would be a 3-5 day turnaround.

Well here I am on day 10 and still no phone!! They are not dealing with my complaints at all and the best they do is say sorry. Sorry just isn't cutting it anymore. I have now been told I will be sent a replacement handset but that it will be a refurbished one. I do not accept this. The customer service people are horrendous and basically do not care at all. Would love to know where I can make a proper complaint!

I've owned a number of cameras - 35mm, medium format & a couple of inexpensive digital cameras. I decided, after some research, to buy a Sony a6300 camera/16-50 mm lens from Henry's (online). Initially I was pleased with the camera/lens package. I took a course (familiarize yourself with your digital camera) at our local college. The camera was excellent. The picture's good.

My problems started when I took the camera on a trip. The camera or should I say the lens worked when I got on the plane - it did not work when I got off of the plane. Henry's tells me that the camera was dropped - it was not. I have a letter from Henry's stating that they continue to have problems with this Sony lens. Neither Henry's nor Sony will honor the warranty. Henry's suggested that I contact VISA for warranty coverage. At Henry's, a replacement lens costs well over $400.00 (less than $200.00) on ebay. Henry's has lost another customer to US camera discounters.

Sony warranty is complete garbage. They would try anything as not to cover or fix the problems that exist. Example, a65 dslr camera, lcd screen coatings comes off which makes it hard to view the screen. This has been an on going problem for many Sony camera users. Mine was purchased from Henry's and so was extended warranty. They also likes to play the game, come up with reason/excuse not to repair the problem.

In my professional life, I had the opportunity to use a Sony DSLR. I liked it so much I bought one for myself. With some inheritance money I purchased my first brand new DSLR A55 from Henry's camera. It has served me flawlessly until this past summer. I had some issues with the Heat sensors. Recently I took the camera to Henry's to get the heat sensor looked at. I was shocked to find out that Henry's wanted $100.00 per hour just to look at it, and basically told me to go find my own service. I contacted Sony, and they referred me to MTC in Whitby. I took it in and was treated very well. The Big shock was the $800.00 repair estimate because of the cost of Sony parts. I am disgusted with post warranty support of my @sony_canada DSLR A55 from @HenrysCamera! I WILL NEVER PURCHASE A SONY PRODUCT AGAIN!

First of all, I was customer of Sony Cameras the last 5 years. I have spent at least $ 3,500.00 in Sony products between a HandyCam, cameras, lenses and the Action Cam. I bought the camera in a Sony Store on 01/16/2015. Six months ago I complained with Sony's Customer Services about my battery. It was lasting no more than 20 minutes. (It is recorded in Sony's system). According them, they sent me a battery, but I did not receive it. Also, they do not have any tracking to prove it as the representative of Sony explained to me in an email where that battery is, nobody knows.

I found a solution to my problem - buying another battery and a battery charge. Apparently the problem with the multiport was present in that time and it did not allow my battery charge completely. I do not use the camera really often. In my last trip I figured out that the problem was not my battery, the problem was the port which receive the cable to charge the battery into the camera. So I started a new claim which involved two telephone calls at least 20 minutes each and three e-mails to receive the response from Sony: my product is out of warranty for 10 days. While it is clear that the camera had this defect almost since the purchase.

I gave up Sony!! Now you have a new unsatisfied customer.

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I have purchased numerous Sony products, i.e. Laptop, T.V. & most recently, 2013, the Sony RX100 II. The camera itself works well! Unfortunately, the coating on the rear screen has almost worn off. This camera has always been placed in its very own camera bag after each use. Additionally, the MULTI port flap no longer closes properly. Sony doesn't care about its customers & is known for its myriad of excuses. Had a previous experience with my Sony laptop. They kept telling me it was my fault that the battery was draining too quickly. I discovered several months later that their battery was defective. Customer service had my laptop for close to a year before returning it & saying there was nothing they could do. If you want terrible customer service then buy Sony. Frankly, I've lost faith in the company. No more purchasing Sony products!

I contacted Sony about a break in the hot shoe of my flash HVL-F20M and they referred me to Precision Camera. The flash was out of warranty and Precision told me the cost of repair was $96.50 (new HVL-F20M is $149). I opted for the repair since the flash was in excellent condition and sent it to Precision Camera. After receiving it, Precision said the repair would cost $300 (twice as much as a new flash, go figure). I told Sony about Precision Camera's "tactics" (a minor repair for a few dollars, salable in "like new" condition). Precision contacted me a few days later and said they would return my HVL-F20M flash "at no charge" but three months later, I have yet to receive it.

This cameraaaa sucks!!! Won't import footage right, chops off my footage, blacks out, no audio, missing footage, and hard to use overall. I would not recommend this product. Shut down Sony. I hate you. Amen

I own an NEX7 and an A6000. Let me start with the positives, and there are many. Besides being small, compact and generally easy to use, the image quality, sharpness and potential file sizes are outstanding. The APS-C EXMOR CMOS sensor and 24 MP output is superb. The cameras takes great photographs. But that's it. Do not expect these cameras to grow with you. First, the NEX7 and the A6000 have different size hot shoes. Not major, but indicative of poor planning. Further post introduction accessories are even more problematic. Lens selection is sparse, and relatively expensive for everyday lenses. Image quality/sharpness ranges from fair, with very wide angle/fisheye to very good with their prime lenses. Their compact size takes some getting used to and practice if you're coming from 35 mm cameras. But eventually you will. That said, I still miss the through-the-lens convenience and feel of a 35 mm camera.

All those issues are minor however, compared to trying to find fully compatible, fully functional accessories. For example, I especially like battery grips. Their benefits cannot be overstated. Better camera feel, significantly improved battery life and improved weight distribution. This support is where Sony fails miserably. Many, what could be considered essential, accessories are neither produced by nor fully supported by Sony. Many, as in the case of battery grips, are from third party manufacturers. Their quality can be anticipated by their completely unfamiliar names, inability to trace their country of manufacture, and ridiculously low prices. (In addition to the poor reviews they receive.) Sony appears to have zero interest in rectifying these shortcomings and seems only to be intent on the introduction of full frame cameras at three times the price while abandoning those early supporters of their otherwise excellent products.

Direct complaints to Sony have resulted in simple lip service and no indication of any intent on their behalf to provide support to earlier cameras despite the excellent images they produce. From my perspective, I regret choosing Sony to augment my 35 mm cameras. Until and unless they provide top quality accessories for their entire line, my suggestion is to either wait or look carefully at the many alternatives that are becoming more ubiquitous. If you want your camera to grow with you, investigate other manufacturers.

I WILL NEVER AGAIN BUY A SONY PRODUCT NOR WILL I DEAL WITH A COMPANY CALLED 'KOGAN'. I am bitterly disappointed with my Sony RX100 camera. Takes nice pics but so many problems which others also have here. I am not alone. What is unchanging is that the company refuses to support its dodgy product. My problem concerns lens sticking and the battery cover, which fell off. I have been left to fix this myself, and because the camera was dropped once (on the other side), there is now a sufficient excuse to opt out of responsibility. Readers please note and pass on to anybody who is thinking of buying a Sony product. This company is morally deficient and should go out of business. Consumers can make this happen.

Digital Camera ILCE5100 - I purchase this camera from Costco, since is over 3 months I had to contact Sony support. I tell them that my camera, the body is pealing off and deteriorating. They tell me that I need to send the unit for repair at Precision Camera. They send it back in the same conditions without any explanation. I call Sony, they tell me to send the unit again to Precision Camera, it comes back the same. Now they tell me that the warranty does not cover cosmetic issues, this is a Camera that is worth 1100.00. If I had known that I would not purchase the camera from Sony. They lost a customer and just so you know, don't purchase any products from Sony, their warranty is no good. Next camera I will buy will be a Canon, I never had any problems with their warranty or cameras.

I bought the Sony HDR-AS100V early December 2014 on Amazon. My Sony cam turned out to be defective after 6 months of indoor use (never dropped, no liquid damage) - I called Sony and they send me to Precision Camera repair (their repair facility). The camera was received by them august 4th and I checked the repair status online August 14th... it says "please call our service", which I did right away. Apparently they want me to pay over $150 for the labor, only the parts are covered by the warranty. THIS cannot be correct! Why would I even have a warranty when I have to pay for labor?!?! This does not make sense at all! I am very upset! A Warranty covers parts and labor for a year by law!

Called Customer "service" again and was told that they would "take care" of it, I would receive an email from "precision camera" (repair facility) and receive my camera. Nothing happened - it's now Sept.1st; called them again and was dismissed with rude explanations of how Sony works. Well, I can tell you how Sony works; they do not stand behind their products! My camera was fine, except for the fact that the WiFi connection was broken, due to a failed part - does it take 2 hours to exchange this? NEVER. But they want $150 labor cost! So now, my Camera that failed to work properly after 6 months is GONE and after hours on the phone with the so-called impertinent "service". They won't even send it back to me! (is that called theft?)

I give up.. That's it, no more Sony products ever after being a fan for 30 years - the forums are full reasons why this company betrays their customers and does not care about their reputation. Thanks Sony, you have been nice but now you will receive what you deserve - customers turning their back! Oh, and not to mention Amazon - they could not care less either!

The screen of a brand new SONY DSC-W800 failed the second day I had it. The dealer, Henry's Cameras told me: "You broke it." I have had numerous phones and another camera with LCD screens, and NEVER broke any of them. Interestingly, the failure started with a quarter-sized dead spot and bled until the entire screen was black. I paid for a Dealer Warranty but the dealer insisted that screens are NOT covered under any circumstances neither by them or by SONY because people break them. This is simply ROTTEN! SONY used to be a premium brand. My SONY TV is still working in its 23rd year... BUT now SONY products are nothing but Chinese trash. I would never buy another SONY product.

A little cleaning fluid ran under the sensor-glass and I've sent the camera back to Sony for repair. Sony wants to replace the whole sensor for the price of £582! The sensor is covered by an outer glass which is clamped to it. Just a clean of the glass is all that is needed. Never will I buy another Sony product.

You will not get help with questions even when inquiring about info on purchasing thousands of dollars of equipment. You will spend hours on the phone getting nowhere but transferred again & again to incompetent people, whether in a call center in Asia or a manager in a store. There is NO customer service. You may as well call McDonald's and ask the fry cook your questions - at least you will get them on the line quick and they would be just as knowledgeable.

What a disappointment the Sony RX 100 has become. When new it worked fine, but alas it spat the dummy. After two years the lens got stuck and wouldn't operate. Error code states problem with lens. Repairer said cost of quote alone is $60 before starting. Lens replacement $185 plus labour. Repairer said it would be uneconomical to go ahead and I should buy a replacement. Well, I bought a broken down RX100 and DIY the lens. Yippee! The lens works again. However inside my camera I noticed RUSTED screws (4). Not impressed...'Sony'.

Mine was made in Japan. I hear in the forums, beware of the Chinese ones, as some screws are missing. Brilliant camera but Sony support woeful!!! My view on the stuck lens I believe was, “Camera turned ON by itself inside camera case. Showing battery 'exhausted'”. This was a genuine fully charged battery. Putting strain on lens as it was being forced to open. BEWARE. Cannon and Panasonic have similar cameras. Check the market.

I purchased a Sony camcorder at Best Buy in December of 2014. In April it stopped charging. I called Sony end of May/beginning of June. I spoke to a woman who told me the repair would be covered and that all I needed to do was pay to mail it to Precision Camera. I sent it to Precision Camera and they called and told me the cost of repair was $94. I told them that Sony told me there was no charge. I had only used the camera three times and it was less than 6 months old when it stopped charging. They checked with Sony and called me back with the same price. An American from Sony happened to call to check on my experience and I told him that I was on a plane going on vacation without my camcorder because...and I explained to him the situation. He was apologetic and hoped I could work it out.

I called Sony when I got back and got some department across the world. No one could help me or transfer me to a manager. "We can't do that," he said. I kept up and he finally went to talk to his manager. He came back and said the same. "I can't transfer you." The manager (or someone) called back the next day, at the time I said I was NOT available. He only left the 800 number and said "I hope you can work out the problem". I called back 5 minutes later and was on the phone for half an hour, trying to get transferred to a manager. He went and asked his manager and again I was told no. I asked him to get his manager and bring him to his phone if there was no way to transfer. He said "we don't do things like that will get a call back in 2-3 days. I was so frustrated I can't even begin to tell you. The camera was $159. They want $94 to fix it. They refuse to take customer service calls. I will never buy another Sony product.

Bought a Sony Cyber-Shot model DSC-HX20V in July of 2012 and by December of 2014 the lens would no longer open. I contacted Sony support and was given the name of their designated repair center. It was returned and the repair center told me the parts were no longer available. I asked them are Sony's support length and they, Precision Camera, said, "They have a 5-10 support length," which apparently is untrue. I sent several emails to Sony explaining my situation and asking what their product support life cycle is but have not received a reply. Only tech support sent me an email asking if I wanted to buy another camera. Of course I said, "No." Apparently Sony does not stick by their products and it should be made known they only support their products for less than two years. I have bought much cheaper cameras in the past that have lasted much longer. I will no longer purchase anything from Sony.

We are Sony family. In the past, we used many Sony brand cameras already. We used to like Sony camera, but not this one. I really hate the delay of this camera. After a few days used I was going to return it to Target store, but I can't find my receipt, therefore I can't return it, have to use it, even I really hate this camera. DSC-W830 is really disappointing us. I bought the bundle package, including case and Sony SD card from Target store.

Problem#1, when take a single picture, press a photo button, there's delay until the camera flashes.
Problem#2, when pick Continue shooting setting, press photo button, there's delay for continue shooting too.

Problem#3, and then there's message appear 'Recording' even only a few pictures by using image size 5M or VGA.

Missing a lot of good moments using this camera.

A sales "expert" told me what wide angle lenses to buy for my professional PMX FS7 camera and assured me they would be compatible. The first lens arrives and I can't adjust the aperture, focus, or zoom through the camera - all auto features are disabled. No aperture ring on the lens either. 4 hours trying to get someone on the phone, e service link on website sent me to the Canadian site 3 times, spent 15 minutes at a time on hold only to be disconnected or redirected by the prompts to some other company. When I did get someone they were unable to help me. Finally a complaint on their facebook page got a response and a number that worked.

I am the owner of a Sony Cyber Shot DSC-50 camera. I have been shooting with this camera for a year and had no problems with it until yesterday. I went to insert the memory card and it would not take. I contacted Sony and advised them of this situation and they totally ignored me. I tried to re contact them and after hours of phone conversations, I was informed that it would cost me nearly $200.00 to repair. Sony does not stand behind their product and I think this will be the last thing I purchase from that company.

I purchased a camera Sony DSC WX7/B E32. Some problem came in functioning of Camera. Then I handed over my camera to your Service Center located in Hisar, Haryana named Kamla Enterprises on 8/10/2014. On 5/11/2014, I received a call from service center that your camera has been repaired. Then I visited the centre on same day and camera was not repaired and lens were also not working properly because pictures were not clear. I did not receive camera from them and they retained it from repairing it again. Then the service center allotted me a new job number on next day. I got a call from centre on 1st December that "Your camera has been repaired." But when I went I realized that it had not been repaired and physical condition was also not proper.

Now I can’t accept that camera because it is not repaired in 2 months. And now I only want replacement as it is under warranty when I gave it for repairing. I have talked many times with customer care representatives and mailed many times. I did not get satisfactory response from you till now. So you are requested to resolve the matter as soon as possible as two months have already passed and replace the camera.

I have been trying to get address to get the camera replace under the warranty but they send me an auto email only and no one does a follow up email as the auto email says. This is a very $$ camera and lens so I would like it to work. The camera will not even take a pix without trying for minutes with the poor quality or over exposed or under exposed. Tried to contacted them for 6 months now. This is the worst customer service ever.

Sony a65 LED Screen Problem - My husband bought me this camera for Mother's Day two years ago. After about a year, I started to notice that the LED screen was looking blemished. (Just like the other photos on here) I always wiped/cleaned it off with those special cloths for eye glasses. I took it to Rockbrook Camera shop here in Omaha to ask what they thought the problem may be. They cleaned it and said that I may want to call Sony about it. That night, I called Sony and they told me that since it was almost two years old (at that time) and out of warranty, that I'd have to send it in and pay for the repairs out of pocket. I was quoted $250! Everything else on the camera works fine. It's just frustrating to use the screen. We paid a lot of money for this camera and I feel that Sony isn't standing behind their product.

Model: Sony DSC-RX100 E32 80809110, Serial no: 5268886. My camera Sony RX100 gets a strange problem where the lens gets stuck open and does not close. First it happened in March. Job no: **. Solution was realigned lens unit, updated the software. It again happened last week. Job no: **. While handing over to the service center I told that this is an expensive camera (cost me 35k). I do not want patch work for repetitive problem where there is clear problem in lens unit. Also, I cannot skip office to get it. I have to take half day off to drop it and half day off to pick it up. While going to collect it, I was surprised to see again they did the same thing - realigned and updated software. Pathetic service center who are so confused people on their reply to this problem. I don't think this will happen anywhere else. Such an expensive camera and not working every 2 months.

Please help me with this and get this faulty camera replaced as I do not have time to visit service center and also it is long travel for me to reach there. Got a call from service head. Doubt it was service head as this person didn't know proper English. His question is how can you predict that this will happen again. I had got the same question when it happened first time as well. He says this is common in camera. If some problem recurs for 2 times in 2 months’ time, there is definitely problem in the camera. Common sense dude. Try to keep patching the camera till it is out of warranty. Good strategy to save money. And it is India right - anything works.

I purchased this camera a few months. I've only used it no more than 4 occasions. Well, 2 days ago, I decided to upload pictures onto my laptop. I noticed the camera was ON but the screen had stopped working. The display only appeared in the cameras viewfinder. The only way for the display screen to work was with the FINDER/LCD. Luckily, I was able to exchange it since other users have had similar issues with this particular camera.

I purchased a Sony digital camera from model no-dsc-s750 e37 from Angul, Orissa, India with job sheet no. **. I lodge a complaint in Sony customer care on my complaint registered mobile no. **. I visit Rajpath Sony authorized service center on 21.02.2014 and I am not satisfied with their behavior and delivery. Till now there is no response from anyone in spite of repeated request. Mr Rajpath Sony service center, Bapuji Nagar DID not turn up for repair. I don't want to waste my precious time. Finally which I will file a case under consumer protection act.

I had two of these SONY TS-20 Bloggies that failed. One was repaired under warranty in Laredo, Texas but they stole my original box and case and strap. When I complained, they told me it was being "recycled". The second Bloggie I was told suffered from "corrosion" and could not be repaired - isn't that special??? Many others have heard the same phony response from Sony's Laredo repair facility.

The most important thing I WISH TO STATE - Is that Sony repairs are a crap shoot and yes, they cannot be trusted with any accessories, or original receipts. PLUS THIS IMPORTANT FACT: USE A CREDIT CARD!!!! ALL KNOWN VISA and MASTERCARD, credit cards extend or DOUBLE your warranty period, I think AMERICAN EXPRESS also does the same thing. It doesn't matter if your VISA, MASTERCARD, or AMERICAN EXPRESS card was issued by The Bank of America, eBay, or Friends of Wildlife.

So if Sony screws you over (as they will!!!!), Complain, Complain, Complain (!) to your credit card company and know your facts - date purchased, where purchased, make and model number, etc. You may just get a credit for part, or in full, or FULL REPAIR by a third party agency, courtesy of VISA or MASTERCARD, or AMERICAN EXPRESS - the credit card company. Yes, most likely you will have to mail out the unit again, and it may take some time.

On the case of Retailers, such as: SEARS, KMART, WALMART, etc, If at first you don't get anywhere, request to speak to a SUPERVISOR, or someone whose title is 'Vice President' OF THE CREDIT CARD DIVISION. Sears has a BLUE RIBBON SERVICE, who tries to expedite problems for things bought at Sears, especially if you also used a Sears credit card.

Always be aware of limitations - like Sears 30 days exchange to replace defective electronics if you declined the 1-year / 2-year / 3-year extended warranty. MAKE YOURSELF MULTIPLE COPIES OF ALL RECEIPTS AND WARRANTY AND EXTENDED WARRANTY PAPERS. Just in case you need them one or two years later. Never throw either the item or its paperwork away! When or where a retailer says they can't do anything for you, or if you emailed the president of the Sears holding company and got no response, call all the 800 or 888 phone numbers and make a pest of yourself! Maybe they will settle with you by offering a $100 or $200 GIFT CARD, just to get you off their back.

I have several Sony cameras and two TVs. My last purchase is a nightmare. After selling my NEX-5 I decided to upgrade it to the NEX-7. They had an offer for a bundle and it included 2 lenses with the NEX-7. I bought that in addition with another lens, a macro lens for which I paid $279.99. The box arrived with a missing 16 gb memory card which was supposed to be included in the bundle and missing the other macro lens. The box was placed in a brown shipping box same size as the camera bundle box. There was no space for the additional lens.

I tried to communicate with Sony via phone and email. When I called on the phone, I was waiting for 51 minutes (due to unusual high call volumes)... Finally I got someone who said they will check and email me. I also received an email saying that they checked with the warehouse and that everything seemed okay. Now they are going to check with FedEx. But FedEx delivered the only box they were given. There was no space in the box for the other lens. I am very unhappy as someone is lying and I don't want to waste about $300 on a lens I never received.

It is hard to speak with someone at Sony... very bad service. I will never ever buy anything else again. When you buy over the phone, they take your credit card number and promise to put the reward points in your account and they never do. That's another thing that I was lied about. The special was about getting 5x points and I was told by the customer service person upon ordering on the phone this camera that 'she will put that in my account'. Then I discovered I never had created a rewards account and only had a Sony store account and the camera purchase was not showing in the Sony store account. I am very disappointed and have contacted my credit card company. Today is another battle day. I will speak on the phone with my credit card company and see if they can give me my money back after initiating a dispute with Sony.

Not impressed with Sony service. They obviously have either a thief in their warehouse or someone very incompetent who marks things as packed when they are not. Or maybe they don't know how to read an order properly. I wish I never bought this camera. I don't even feel like using it now.

I purchased a Cyber Shot Sony camera in January 2013. Quit working in August 2013, "frozen" in place. Sent to repair facility in Laredo with findings of "corrosion" which conveniently voided the warranty. Their solution was to return the camera or I could buy a refurbished one for $250 after paying nearly $500 for the original. Was not happy with any response from customer service. Will not purchase another Sony product.

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One of the leading electronic manufacturers in the world, Sony is an international entertainment company with a branch of its development devoted to cameras and video recorders.

  • Cyber-shot cameras: Cyber-shot cameras have fixed lenses designed to deliver professional-grade images from a compact device.
  • α E-mount cameras: The α (Alpha) line of Sony cameras is designed to perform like DSLR cameras but without the hefty size and weight. Like full-size DSLR cameras, these cameras feature interchangeable lenses to adapt to the user’s need.
  • Lens-style cameras: Sony’s line of lens-style cameras link up with the user’s smartphone to extend the range and focus of the phone’s camera. The user can also outfit this camera with compatible E-mount lenses.
  • Exmor sensor: One of the key features of Sony’s camera products is the Exmor sensor. This sensor lowers image noise to reduce grain, producing a clearer, more focused image.
  • G Master lenses: Sony’s latest G Master lenses are created for top-of-the-line performance. They are designed for faster focus and comprehensive user control, and they are resistant to dust and moisture, making maintenance easier.
  • Best for Sony cameras are best for users who value versatility in performance and customization.

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