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i also purchased the polaroid 37" lcd and had the same problem as everyone else. so after getting nothing from walmart and polaroid i decided to try and fix it myself. i found this website and it explained how to fix it and it worked.


My son bought me a new Polaroid digital camera the T 1035 with the touch screen. I was really excited about the touch screen since I love tech things. After I installed the software I took some tests shots to become familiar with the camera. I took two still shots & uploaded them to my PC & to save internal memory space on the camera I deleted the pics from the camera; and then I took two short video clips & uploaded them to my PC & again deleted them from the camera to save internal memory space. All went well so far.

Since I was going on vacation I decided to take one more still shot before I went & got two error messages one that the 'memory was full' & then the second 'replace/recharge battery'. I was mystified by both error messages. I took out the battery & recharged it & when it was recharged I placed it back in the camera & checked to see if there were any pics still in the camera & got the 'no images' message which means there were no pics in the camera so the memory full message was still a puzzle. I emailed Polaroid but got no response so I called their customer service number & the gentlemen told me that the camera without an additional memory card being purchased would only take 4 pics you would think after paying

$ 140.00 for the camera it would take more. I told him I had deleted all of the pics I took from the camera so memory shouldn't have been an issue. Also I asked about the 'replace/recharge battery' error message since the battery was fully charged. He wasn't able to answer that question but told me to recharge the battery again & if I got the message again to call back but I told him if I got the message again I was returning the camera. I did some research on the Internet & that the touch screen which this camera has & I loved uses up a lot of the battery charge (and probably the memory too) & causes the battery to need charging often.

Well it's pretty hard to charge a battery if you're away from an electric outlet. The camera takes great pics & videos but it's offset by this battery problem & memory problem. At $ 140.00 you would expect better results especially from Polaroid. The only reason why I wanted a new camera is because my Polaroid Land Camera which I dearly love & never even changed the batteries in it for almost 25 years no longer had film available for it thanks to Polaroid. Taking the digital T 1035 back today & will buy a digital camera with traditional batteries (no rechargeable) no touch screen & more internal memory use. I plan to upload my pics & videos to my PC & store them there so this memory part shouldn't have been an issue at all.


Polaroid.com said to contact the above telephone for digital camera accessories for a t830 digital camera. I am trying to find a replacement battery. I have tried everywhere and cannot find one. All they could tell me is they don't have it. What good is a digital camera if you cannot find replacement batteries.

Even if they discontinue the camera you should be able to get batteries. And, if they discontinued the camera, they should let that be known before you buy the camera. I just bought this camera just about a month before and wanted a backup battery. I feel this is very poor business practice.

Just cannot use camera for a long period of time because the battery goes dead.


I purchased an I830 digital camera 11/23/07. It stopped working. I tried trouble shooting with no luck.4/22/08 or there about, I called the number on the warranty,they tried toubleshooting,no luck. They told me the camaera was manufactured in september 2007, my purchase date was november 2007, they told me I was well within warranty as the warranty for this product is 1 yr from purchase, and the camera itself was not a yr old. I was unable to locate the receipt.Otherwise I have the box and all of its content intact.When I told Frank I didn't have the receipt, he said he could not honor the warranty. The warranty clearly states proof of purchase to determine if the product is within warranty time frame.

I pointed out the fact that the product itself is not even 1 yr old, therefore any purchase before september 2008 would have to be under the warranty time frame. They gave me an address to send an appeal letter. I mailed that letter this morning 5/2/08 I then called them again this time for an address to send the camera to. they asked me if I had sent the letter, I said yes. I did not tell them I just mailed it this am. They put me on hold for awhile then told me they received my letter and it was in the review process. they told me they could not give me the address unless I had the receipt or approval by the appeal.

My concern is I know they haven't gotten the letter yet.It makes me very uncomfortable about their honesty and effort to resolve this issue. but most importantly, if the product didn't exist until september 2007, it is a no brainer that the product was purchased less than one year ago, therefore making it's warranty effective. If the purpose of the receipt is to prove the time frame for the warranty, it can't possibly be an issue at this time.

I am out over one hundred dollars, and have missed out on numerous photo opportunities

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