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Last updated: Oct. 4, 2017

23 GoPro Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 4, 2017

Bought a 400.00 plus GoPro 5 - it quit working within 4 months I contacted GoPro and they agreed to replace. They replaced it with a scratched up NON working refurbished GoPro. Horrible simply horrible. I immediately contacted customer service that day and told them of my finding a supervisor from Manilla Philippines Rey said, "You either accept another refurbished GoPro 5 or forget it." I have sent countless emails to every email address within GoPros email listings to absolutely NO avail.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 13, 2017

I bought a GoPro 5 last year and I used it for some time and it worked fine. But then one day there was water inside the front monitor screen. At first it kept on working, but after a couple of days it just stopped working and wouldn't turn on. I called them and I was told that they do not warranty water issues with the camera and simply hung up on me. I have had it for less than a year and they guaranteed a waterproof product which they did not deliver. I am very disappointed with the company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 12, 2017

Bought a Karma bundle with Hero5 Black and stabilizer along with GoPro Care. Second time use it, it drop from sky right after it take off. In order not to harm anyone or anything on the ground, I grab it with my bare hand. It hurt my hand and one of my finger's nerve was damaged. Called GoPro support, never ask about my injury only care about how bad the drone got damaged and they refuse to do anything. Give me very complicate forms to fill out and took them about a week to reply any email. Their goal is to consume my patience and they succeed. They call my wound "scratches", what a joke. I send them pictures about my wounds, my blood was all over Karma drone.

I was stupid enough to believe it was my own mistake and I bought replacement part and fly again, after a few success flight I trust this product again and try to do a shot from sky above the lake. I did all the required recheck and rotation. It drop off sky and into water again. Weather could not be better, no wind, no influence. So I called GoPro care again and right now I’m still waiting for someone to reply on me, been on their customer phone call had been like over an hour now. Still listening their beautiful piano music. Do yourself a favor. Don't buy GoPro care. Someone from third world country will answer your phone call. You tell me they care or not.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 19, 2017

I purchased a HERO 5 3 months ago, took it diving for the 3rd time and it stopped working, I noticed a drop of water inside the front LCD screen. I called tech support and I was told that it is user error. So it is not covered under warranty. How can it be my fault when the camera was inside a case that will not close unless the battery and connector lids are closed. This is outrageous and I will never purchase a GOPRO product.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 25, 2017

I've bought every GoPro product for years now. I've never needed anything from them until recently. They don't even bother to offer support on their products! They stonewall you so they don't have to honor their warranty! They do nothing! No support, way to contact them, none at all! You cannot get through to anyone. I have been trying for a week. Their chat never works and they put you on hold for over an hour on the phone. It's a total scam. Isn't this an American company? Very disappointed. I've been a loyal customer but it's time to drop these clowns.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 8, 2017

First one I purchased didn't work. Returned to Costco. Was told I was the second return today of this POS GOPRO HERO 5 SESSION. Bought a second one. Not pairing. Support in Canada and USA not answering phone. ON HOLD 30 MINUTES EACH. I HAVE SPENT ALMOST A WEEK TRYING TO GET THIS PIECE OF ** GoPro working. Support not in the same universe apparently. GOPRO YOU CAN KISS MY ENTIRE **.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 28, 2017

I have 3 GoPro Hero 4 Silver. All are working great. So I decided to do the trade up to Hero 5 Black. Sent the Hero 4 Silver and received 100.00 towards the new camera and paid the 299.00. After 2 weeks, the wifi connection will not work on the new Hero 5 Black. Decided to just return it and buy it at Best Buy who are selling it at 350.00... took two weeks to get a refund 299.00 but what happen to the Hero 4 silver??? You don't get that back!!! I sold two Hero 4 Silver cameras on eBay for 200.00. Do yourself a favor and don't go for the Trade up. YOU WILL LOSE 100 to 200 buck!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 19, 2017

I'm no longer stoked because GoPro Customer Service sucks. Let me explain. I waited excitedly for the re-release of the GoPro Karma. The day it was released I ordered one, and added GoPro Care. The drone arrived about 10 days later and off to the skies I was. On April 2 I experienced accidental damage and immediately called GoPro Care. Javier ** explained he'd take the claim information and forward it to a Karma Expert. A day later I received an email asking me to file an accident report. I did, and waited.

On April 7th I received an email from Paul **, Team Manager EMEA Karma Support stating, "We'll drop the replacement(s) in the mail shortly," and I waited. On April 10th I emailed, and the next day Paul replied, "The factory is on backorder." On April 20th I called Customer Support inquiring as to the status of my parts. I was told, "The factory is on backorder." Yup, more waiting. On April 26th I was notified of parts shipment and they arrived April 28th! Yea, except I received two front arms versus a front and rear arm, aarrgghh.

Wednesday May 3rd I chatted with Rosalie **. She was going to make everything right, just look for her email within 24 hours (Note: I purchased the replacement directly from GoPro so I could get back to flying.). The email came asking for my shipping address, I replied promptly. On May 7th, an email from GoPro Support saying "we haven't heard back from you". On May 15th, from Rosalie **. "I appreciate your patience on this. I am just waiting for an approval on what is the best option that we can provide regarding this. One thing is for sure, I will get back to you as soon as I have the accurate information."

May 16th Maricel ** emailed asking, "Please send us a sample photo of the items you've received. About the replacement arm, please send a close up angle. I photographed and emailed." Then, I telephoned and was asked to send the serial numbers from all the arms I had received. Wow, my stoked was choked. Last night this, "I would like to let you know that I've checked on your support case number and your sales order number about the items that you've received. And, I can see here that the representative who processed the replacement seems to sent out the right items." Double WOW, now Customer Service for me, a priority GoPro Care customer, is telling me, the customer, that it seems I'm wrong to think I received the wrong part

"Fly with no worries. GoPro Care offers accidental damage coverage," really? REPLACEMENT PARTS INCLUDED? ("Propellers, arms, and landing gear can be replaced and are included with your coverage.") Wait, I have that, and RAPID DRONE REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT? ("We'll fix your drone or send a replacement wherever you are.") Hold on, what if I get the wrong replacement part? PREMIUM CUSTOMER SUPPORT (Direct access to GoPro expert assistance via priority phone, 24/7 chat and email). OK but how many calls, reports, photos, serial numbers and I'm going to put you on hold will it take? Well, apparently I don't know because my issue remains unresolved. I see other customer have been treated this way. What will it take for me to get resolution. Class Action?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 3, 2017

I have 3 GoPro Hero 4. Whilst the camera is great the motorcycle clips mounts are useless and continually break. I have replaced them several times. Now it is very difficult to buy original replacements and GoPro authorized dealers in Thailand are selling only copy product with GoPro logo on the packets. I even notified GoPro of this and they were totally disinterested. I find that incredible.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 15, 2017

I bought my GoPro hero 4 silver edition back on September, after I used it in a trip to Mexico it just stop working. I order a new battery and still not working. After I contacted GoPro support, they ask me for a receipt of purchase which unfortunately I didn't have. They didn't want to send me a replacement because of the receipt. Good customer service, but I will not buy any GoPro items again, instead I will buy a DJI drone and DJI a osmo.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 31, 2016

As a long time GoPro customer I am happy to see that GoPro is a company that stands behind its product as well as its customers. I have owned probably six or seven different GoPro cameras as well as the Karma. I purchased the Karma the day it was released and had many great days with it. During a trip to the Keys we were filming near the 7-mile bridge when the, now recalled, Karma went down and sank immediately with a full battery.

GoPro investigated the matter (via flight logs, GPS, etc.) and refunded my entire order almost immediately. They also rewarded their loyal customers with an "I'm sorry, we'll do better next time" gift. Which they did not have to do due to the amazing customer support they provided. I thought about purchasing a different drone but I will definitely await the Karma's return and continue doing business with a company that stands behind their customers as much as their products. Thank you GoPro and I look forward to future purchases.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2016

I love how GoPro continues to promote their cameras being used in these beautiful and remote places. GoPro updated their remote app for controlling the camera with a new app called Capture. GoPro requires a login that they claim only needs entered every 30 days. Unfortunately, if the app updates in the background on your smartphone or you are logged out, you can't use the app to tether to the camera from your phone. Forget to login before your trip, you won't be able to use the App. There is no bypass when there is no internet.

I bought my GoPro specifically for the tethering capabilities. I owned previous models, but tethering was a significant reason to upgrade. Why is this significant? Nick Woodman says this about product upgrades. "Our approach is to envision a "total solution" rather than think about each new GoPro as a "product". Products are standalone things. We want to build solutions that help solve problems for people. So, when deciding which features to included in a new GoPro, Karma, or any new software we think about the total solution and experience we're creating for our customers and not as much about the individual product itself." --Nick Woodman (Reddit)

I specifically bought my GoPro to use my smartphone as a tether almost a year ago, worked until the new app. GoPro didn't respond to support requests for over a week, when they did it was a scripted, rushed, and inadequate. GoPro's support community forums are moderated with scripted generic responses. Phone support is better, they at least seem frustrated and knowledgeable to a large number of people complaining about the required login. Check the App Store, Facebook comments, user forums, and product reviews. GoPro has alienated their customer base with the new app.

In the month since, I haven't held back trying to have a dialog with GoPro. The moderators on The GoPro community forums provided this statement. "GoPro made the decision to require the login as it will help us better gauge how our customers use our products, and allow us to identify pain points customers may have so we can improve our future products." Here's a pain point. Users can't use the tether capabilities if they forget to login or have a login issue. As further response, Customer Service said "Capture isn't the only app that exists that requires login."

Why is this an issue for me? I was out capturing the fall color in the Eastern Sierras of California a month ago. I was planning on filming using my go pro mounted on the hood. Before pulling into traffic I went to enable the camera and realized my GoPro App had disappeared. Thankfully I had internet, so I discovered the app changed names. The app came up in my search and when I opened the app, it looked all nice and new, but there was something new, a login. I wasn't sure what to enter but my general GoPro username/password from the website logged me in with no issues and I was good to go. I figured this was a one-time login, but the the nightmare comes later...

I used the app for a couple days, returned home before heading out for the next leg of my fall color trip. Without my knowledge, the app updated again and logged me out. So 6 days later when I reached my second destination and prepared my GoPro to use my smartphone as a remote tether on my 28' Photomast, I discovered the login screen returned. I spent the next hour troubleshooting and looking all through the settings, clicking on all the words in the app, everything I could think of to bypass the login. My shot was missed, I had to pack up with no footage. The next day I had to drive back towards civilization to find a cellular connection to login once again. For the remainder of the trip the GoPro worked fine.

What do I want? I want GoPro to remove the login to the Capture app or provide the old app for existing customers who bought into Nick Woodman's full package deal a year ago. It is a matter of principle, I should have to remember to login to an app to use a tool on in the field. Imagine if you will, bringing survival tools on an expedition to find you can't use it because whatever the tool you brought doesn't work as they require a login. If I could get internet access, I'd have access to help. It makes no sense.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2016

Over all my experience with this product was pretty good! Now $500 can be a little steep as far as the amount of money being spent, but I have to say it was quite worth it. The camera has great qualities, for example when shot in 1080p it has a great picture, and the fact that you can change between 30, 60, and 120 fps can really help when filming. Also when shooting at 120 fps the slow motion videos don't look too bad. Now in order to get your videos in slow motion, that requires any kind of video editing app they will be able to do that editing for you.

One thing that does irritate me a little is the battery life. If you continuously film from when you put the battery in until it dies, you`ll probably get at least 1 hour to about an hour and a half of filming in before it dies. If not filming continuously then you`ll most likely get about an hour and a half to two and a half hours roughly. The one major downside that I have experienced is the Wi-Fi. For me it took the camera about 6 months from when I bought it for the Wi-Fi to completely stop working. Now I can still use the camera, everything else works fine, but I can't connect to the "GoPro App", nor can I connect to different devices through Wi-Fi, but other than that this is a good camera for action purposes.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 21, 2016

GoPro has a very nice performance. I mainly use it by putting it on my helmet and recording myself do bike tricks. One of the premium options on the market. I think that the price is a considerable amount based on its performance. From my experience there isn't a cheaper option on the market that can come close to the performance of the GoPro. To me it looks like a high quality, well built camera. It isn't about the looks. Just like the saying don't judge a book by its cover. I personally have the Hero4 GoPro and I think it is a decent size. I don't think they can make it any smaller and have it still perform as good as it does.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 19, 2016

It worked just like I said it would and the quality of the picture was outstanding. It was better than I thought it would record and we have told all of our friends and family. It was a little high in price but it was worth it in the end. If the price does goes down however I would like to own another one for another child and I would buy and give for gifts. It looks classy and it's not too big and bulky. Would be nice if they could make it a little smaller so it doesn't get knocked off as easy. I think they could make the Gopro a lot smaller. This one is ok but a smaller one would be better for all uses. It does kind of stick up too high on dirt bike helmets.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 17, 2016

The camera was awesome to use. The experience was a lot of fun. I like exploring so the camera was great to use during my trips. I love to keep my memories. The cost was great for the type of camera it is. I really enjoyed using the camera. I like keeping the memories. And the cost was amazing. The appearance of the camera was sleek and lovely. I like carrying it around. And I love to take pictures in public. The people comment a lot on it. The size was good. Loved it. Couldn't ask for better. It is small. Easy to carry around. Thanks a lot! BEST CAMERA EVER.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 15, 2016

I'm a big time snowboarder and I always try to explain to people how it feels to snowboard and what I do and ever since GoPro came out and I was able to buy one I now can share all my videos online with friends and family. It is awesome. When GoPros first came out is when I purchased mine and they were the first of its kind so it was a little spendy but it was well worth it and I would buy another one even if it was more expensive. I love how convenient it is, how small it is, the carrying device that came with it and how durable it is. You could not ask for a better product. I had mine for 5 & a half years now. Like I said before it is so convenient and small you can bring it anywhere with you. It doesn't take up a bunch of space. It's not heavy to be caring it around everywhere. You don't even know this is there but it comes in handy so many different times.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 14, 2016

I would recommend this brand especially when you want to video record your adventures. Be it land, water or air, gopro is perfect for it. Always high quality and not shaky. I would recommend this base on value. Although it is a little expensive, it is truly worth the price. Quality product and features are amazing. I would recommend this based on appearance. It is very handy which allows you to carry it lightly and conveniently wherever you go. I like how small it is yet delivers a very good quality. Sizewise I would recommend GoPro. It is perfect to bring on any adventures you'll be doing in your life. Very handy and easy to carry and store.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 12, 2016

It is simple and easy to use with no big amount of buttons to try to figure out and takes high quality pictures. I use it for outdoors and it is very durable. It costs about what you would think something like this should cost but some stores are cheaper than others so people needs to shop around. It look fine for what it is. Small and compact and very easy to keep up with. Most people would like something like this item. Even small children can use it, and it works very well.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 6, 2016

When you use the video it's like you are watching it in real life. The picture is crystal clear. It's like you are watching the event happening right then. The video is worth what you pay for it. It has the clear picture and sound for everyone to watch the stuff like they are there where it happened. It's small enough to carry and hold in your hand easy and can play on any tv. The color is good. Anyone can use it enough if they have a large or small hand. The screen is big enough to watch.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 5, 2016

The GoPro is good. I like how it works. I like how it functions. It takes good pictures. And it is a good price for the GoPro. The GoPro has had great reviews on it. Family has liked it. The value of the GoPro is great. The go pro has a good flash. The appearance of the GoPro is awesome. It looks stylish and the color of it is good. Lots of people have it and they say it is a nice pretty stylish GoPro. I like the size of the GoPro. It is small enough to fit in a purse and it is easy to handle. Not big at all. The size of it is fancy to use anywhere.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 31, 2016

It works fantastic. It is easy to use and has a great lens. The recording and video is vivid and has an excellent picture. It works great for on-the-move activity. I would highly recommend any GoPro camera. It is a fantastic way to capture live action and memories. It is a way to share experiences. The appearance is great. It is small enough to mount. It is comfortable to wear while on the go. There are so many accessories to make it a perfect fit. The size is just right. It doesn't get in the way of activity. It fits nicely in place and it is like it isn't even there. I think the size is perfect.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 30, 2016

Great performance in such small package. Will likely outlast most people! It will continue to last as long as possible. Charging is just a breeze if you do manage to go longer! The best on the market for the price! Absolutely no alternative in the industry. With its sleek design and performance you won't look further than the GoPro. Its small and modern design will never go unnoticed. Several accessories are available to give it your own personal touch to make it stand out even more! Be careful! This device is small but durable! You will be able to fit this in the most coziest of places. With its industrial design it may even add to your style!

GoPro expert review by ConsumerAffairs

GoPro manufactures action cameras that give amateur photographers access to professional photography angles. They are mountable and are built for versatile use in extreme conditions.

  • GoPro Hero: The Hero line of GoPro cameras is the main fixture of the company. These cameras can be outfitted with a number of mounts that cater to the user’s activity.

  • GoPro community: Due to GoPro’s popularity, there are a wealth of uploaded user videos and photographs to give consumers an idea of what GoPro offers. There are also numerous apps and devices that work with GoPro cameras from third-party manufacturers. GoPro’s website has a comprehensive list of these devices.

  • Omni sphere array: The GoPro Omni is a spherical camera array designed to capture 360-degree footage. These spherical videos can be experienced in GoPro VR, a virtual reality program in development to work with VR headsets.

  • App support: The GoPro App works with laptops and mobile devices to edit and share photos and videos as well as to control the user’s GoPro camera remotely. Other apps, like GoPro Quik and GoPro Splice, simplify the editing process for a more user-friendly experience.

  • Karma drone: Currently in development is GoPro’s Karma drone. The drone will give the user access to an aerial perspective, and the device is reported to shoot footage in 4K high definition.

  • Best for: GoPro is best for athletes and active users who want to record sports and other activities.

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