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I bought a Fuji XP80 several months ago. The battery compartment was very difficult to open and after fewer than 50 shots, there was a dark spot on the screen that would show in the photos. I sent it in for both problems to be repaired. It took two weeks to be returned. The spot was gone. The battery door had not been fixed but the camera would not shut off without removing and reinstalling the battery. I got repeated notices that the access door was not closed though it certainly was completely closed and still very hard to opened and at one point there were multicolored horizontal lines across the screen. I put it in FedEx with their supplied shipping sticker on July 23rd.

When I inquired about the status two weeks later, I was told it was being replaced with a new camera and going out that day. A week later I inquired again and was told it would leave that night and to expect it by Aug. 7. Today, Aug 12 I was told that it won't arrive until Aug. 16. This whole process, if it actually arrives on the 16th will have taken three and a half weeks. This isn't just bad service. It is inexcusable service. I liked the camera. I hate the service.

Early last year I got a Fujifilm Instax mini 7s as a gift. It came with 2 packs of Instax films and I used 1 right away. I like my camera's color which is white and blue and that its sleek look and feel although at one angle its shape looks like a deformed behind of a huge person. It's easy to operate because it's a point and shoot camera and doesn't have so many settings to choose from. It's lightweight and simple. My nephews had fun using it and it seems easy for their small hands to grip. I have an issue with its focus though. We had several shots where the subject is way to the side. Maybe it takes some getting used to with this camera. The colors of the photo on the film are sharp but the quality may be affected by the age of the film as once we loaded a pack that's near its best before date of use and there's a difference with the color.

The shots on dark or low lighting is not very dim which is good and shots on bright environments seem best. I find the films a bit expensive but for its type, I think it's worth it. We had some visitors in church once and two of them had Instax cameras, an old man and a female teenager. The man's camera is all white while as the teenager's is pink. I think the camera fits any type of age and personality.

I have always dreamed of using a Leica M to shoot street but it's certainly way out of my price range. I owned a massive camera then and it can be useful in certain situations. After lots of fiddling about with the camera, messing about every place and a couple of pairs of shoes worn out, I found that I enjoyed shooting street the most. After realizing this, I began to feel that the camera I used then was not the best tool to use for my kind of shooting. It was "loud" - loud shutter and just the size of it made it hardly discreet for me to shoot naturally.

Not long after, Fujifilm introduced the X100 with its rangefinder-like aesthetic and function and the camera world went nuts upon its arrival. I'm not one to believe the hype, but as I did my due diligence I found that it fits into my type of a camera. After a considerable amount of time staring at my bank details, I decided to give in to my senses and get the camera - a gray one at Hidalgo. Yes, I drank the kool-aid and it's delicious!

Very sleek, retro design coupled with function made it a perfect combination for street shooting. The optical viewfinder, which I preferred over the EVF, is perfect. It's relatively small size and non-existent shutter sound made for a discreet shooting experience, giving me nerd chills on more than one occasion upon the first week of owning and shooting with it.

From that moment, the X100 stayed at my bag and the DSLR, at home. It was not without its flaws, like the flimsy back button and the slow focus speed, but shooting wise, the back button doesn't really matter. The slow focus speed, I found a workaround with zone focusing or the AE-AFL button for quick focus, so it was not a problem at all.

Actually, the best thing about Fujifilm was they listened to their patrons. They addressed a lot of the issues brought up by the users concerning the slow focus of the X100 by way of releasing firmware updates. They had respectable success in doing so, and though not every customer was fully satisfied, they made everyone fully aware their engineers and the company itself made a conscious effort to improve their product, which is how to assure customers they stand behind their product, and subsequently, to maintain and boost profit, of course.

Up until now I feel very responsible to my Fuji X100. This is a camera that deserves to be gripped by your hand with your finger on the shutter, ready to take a photo. It has suffered a lot of dents and the built-in lens had deteriorated in condition now (even if it wasn't really that sharp to begin with), mostly because of my relatively rough usage, but I still have it in my bag wherever I go.

YOU SUCK FUJI and FUJI REPAIR NORTH AMERICA!!! I bought this for my then 8yo daughter for Xmas 2014, figuring an essentially indestructible Camera would be good. It served us well till I used it for what they said it was for. I went snorkeling with it at Waikiki beach and wanted to show the girls what they were missing. So I swam out and took a couple pictures of fish and swam back 15 minutes no deeper than 6 feet. By the time I got back the camera had failed.

I bought it at Costco so I talked to them. They talked to Fuji and recommended I send it to the repair shop and they would see what they could do. The repair shop is in New Jersey. I am in Washington. It was difficult to connect with them during their business hours. They have no way you can contact them via the web. I finally was able to talk to them about their estimate. They generously offered to repair the camera for 117.49$. I found it new on the web for 106$. It took multiple attempts to contact them because of long wait times. Every time the techs were polite.

Told me they needed to push it up to their manager. The first time he never got back to me, not sure the message ever got passed on, I was told I would get a call or and email which I never got. The second time I was able to leave a voice message he emailed me back that the camera was being returned due to non-response, even though I specifically stated I didn't need a non working camera returned in the message. Most likely I will never buy a Fuji Product again, or if I do I will vigorously test it while it is in the warranty period. I put more $$ of my time by far into simply contacting these guys than the camera is even worth. I guess saying "YOU SUCK FUJI and FUJI REPAIR NORTH AMERICA!!!" is the best I can do. Doesn't feel like enough.

I've been using the FUJIFILM X-E1 camera for two months now. I bring it with me every day. It's light, but compromising on its build. Just like what other reviews say, the sensor of the camera is great. The FUJI colors really do exist. The colors are amazing, but the black and white are even better. I shoot street photography and this camera that shoots great black and white is a really enjoyable thing to have. The only drawback is the autofocus is not as fast as I want it to, but I do understand that this is an older model. FUJIFILM seems to have improved on that with their newer ones. All in all, the X-E1 is still a good starter camera if you want to make the move to FUJI.

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Absolutely the worst customer service and company I have ever dealt with. Worst management service as well, Dan **. They do not stand behind their camera nor their warranty. I had mechanical issues with my camera that was still under warranty. They refused to fix it without me paying stating I plugged the charger in the wrong port. First off, it is not possible to plug anything into the wrong port. The ports are completely different shapes and sizes.

Worst customer service. After requesting my camera shipped back to me without repair, I never received it. Two weeks after it was suppose to be shipped I called them back, inquiring where my camera was. I was informed that it was not shipped and still sitting on someone's desk. I requested the camera be rush shipped and was told I needed to speak with a manager. Manager, DAN **, would not return my phone calls or come to the phone to speak with me. Repair answer line said he told them that I would need to pay for rush shipping even though their company dropped the ball on getting it shipped back to me.

After calling SIX times, Dan spoke to me informing me that he shipped my camera earlier that morning and I would have to wait another 3-5 business days to receive it. I have another company waiting on my camera to fix it and due to them dropping the ball and not sending it back as requested (and refusing to rush ship it since they would have to pay extra) I now will not be able to get my camera repaired before the holidays. I will never buy another Fuji film camera. This is the first film company that I have had who does not stand behind their camera and take care of their customers. I highly recommend NOT to buy their products.

WARNING!!! I was given a Fuji water Camera FX-XP70 as a gift. Upon putting the strap on it, the screw holding it broke off. I thought "no problem" it is "under warranty" and we can get it fixed. Long story short, Fuji said it broke due to "Excessive force" and it would cost $115 to fix it. The camera retails for $150. Fuji also stated that it had Liquid damage. Really? How would that happen? I didn't even get to use the camera. I fought, wrote letters, begged and they won't budge. I started looking at reviews and this is a COMMON PROBLEM WITH FUJI! I read review after review that stated Fuji claimed the defective was due to the user. $115. I'm not repairing it. I refused to give Fuji more money. I would rather buy a Canon or Nikon. SO IF YOU ARE IN THE MARKET FOR CHRISTMAS CAMERAS I HIGHLY SUGGEST NOT BUYING FUJI. THE WARRANTY IS WORTHLESS! If you take it back to where you purchase it, they will tell you to contact Fuji.

Purchased a fuji fine pix s8200 five months ago, the camera worked fine, however; about a week ago the mini usb port came loose and the camera will no longer connect to the computer. The camera is in like new condition and under a warranty. Called the repair center and then shipped it to them. Received email today for $115 estimate, so much for warranty. After reading posts here, it seems this is a common practice by this company. They do not cover their product with a warranty. Fuji is a shame and a fraud and now I'm out $200. Never again Fuji, yes Fugi and not Fuji.

My 9 year old daughter saved her money to buy this waterproof camera. We bought this camera at Costco, 6-15-2013, knowing that most items bought at Costco will be backed. She has used the camera a max of 5 times. It even looks brand new. I went to plug the cord into the port and the prongs are bent. I was told by Costco to go to the manufacturer which they helped with through the concierge desk at Costco. The camera was sent to Fuji 5-20-14. Camera was sent to Fuji. A few days later, I received an email stating to repair the camera, it would be $117.

I still have the original packaging which states 1 year warranty. I called and was told that because the prongs are bent, the warrant is no longer valid. I am beyond disgusted and mad at the fact that this company thinks I am stupid enough to pay the same price "my 9 year old" paid for the camera. What kind of company thinks they can charge this kind of money, when I can have her save her money and buy another camera from a legitimate company that will back their product. I will make sure that Costco and everyone I know will not buy any product made or backed by Fuji.

Defective HS35EXR. It’s the second one I sent back. This one had a defective sensor I was told by Fuji repair and to send it in, which I did. They accused me of gluing the eyepiece back on which fell off on me, but all I did was put it back on and that was not why I sent it back as above. It was because it would only take a few pictures. Then I had to take battery out for 5 min and put it back in to take a few more shots. They will not fix it under warranty. It’s only maybe 6 months old… Help.

I had bought a FUJI camera for my son . He took it out of the box and charged it for the specified amount of time and then started snapping pictures with it. I showed him how to look at the pictures he took which was no problem until we saw what the pictures looked like. I thought that maybe it was the camera chip so I tried it in my camera and the pictures I took looked just fine. When I took it back to the store they tried to fix it but ended up just giving me a new camera. Soooooo...we charged that one and again he went to take pictures and the camera wouldn't even turn on. The only way that it would turn on was if he had the camera plugged in. The camera would not keep a charge. Called FUJI Film and they told me to send in the camera and make sure that I had a tracking number. I'm sorry but why should I send in the camera when the thing was only 1 day old!!

Trying to get a complaint heard by this company is a joke! The website spins you around in circles as you attempt to find an email address or postal address to do this. Finally, I found something but not sure if it will get sent to the right people.

Recently, I sent my camera (FZ-JZ300) in for repair. I have had this camera for less than a year and have barely used it. When I say barely, I mean I would be surprised if there are more than 50 clicks on it. As a pro-photographer, I wanted something small to carry around with me for personal events, kids at school, family get-togethers, etc. I picked Fuji because I trusted that I was buying a quality product.

This summer, I took my children to Disney. I brought along my Fuji camera. It was packed away in the luggage until we got there. After unpacking, I grabbed the camera and turned it on. It opened up and immediately gave me an error code. The camera screen said I needed to turn off the camera, so I did. Well when it attempted to turn off, the telescoping lens would not close. I attempted some troubleshooting, but no luck. Our one-time family vacation to Disney had to go on with only the cell camera. After calling Fuji Film and attempting more troubleshooting, I finally had time to mail in my camera after the holidays. The camera is still under the 1-year manufacturer's warranty and I assumed I would have no issues. I was pleased to have received an email upon arrival of my product, but then shocked to receive an estimate of cost on repair. I am confused as to why I would have to pay for a warrantied product that was barely used and had an obvious defect.

The remarks section of my estimate states that the camera is in good condition (as it should be) has a turn off and on error message (as I stated), but it also says that there is impact damage on the top right corner which I completely deny! If there is impact damage, then it happened in your care and not mine. I have dropped plenty of cameras in my life; twice resulting in a similar lens problem but this is not the case here. My family vacation went without great photos because of your faulty product. I refuse to pay anything to fix the camera and am angry to be accused of something that never happened, let alone try to charge more than the camera is worth. How many hours of labor totals $100 anyway? As I started this complaint, I purchased Fuji because I thought it was a reputable brand and now I will avoid all Fuji products because I know it is not! I refuse this estimated cost. Please ship my unit back repaired.

I purchased my digital camera, Model FX-JX50O, at the Air Force Exchange at Malmstrom Montana on July 20, 2012. I was only getting about a 10% view on my LCD screen and notified Fuji on February 11, 2012. I sent the camera to Fuji by FedEx on August 20, 2012 with all the required documentation for repair. While I was at my 50th reunion, I was notified that they needed $79 for repair and freight. As soon as I got home, I called Fuji and was told I was responsible for the repair (I had already paid FedEx $20 so I could ship and track). I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told the same thing. I feel I did all the right things a consumer should do and was totally mistreated by Fuji. Sayonara Fuji!

On or about March of this year (2012), I sent in my digital camera, FujiFilm model FX-A345, for repairs as the zoom was not zooming out. The camera was bought several years ago from eBay and it was believed to be out of warranty at the time of repair request. It was sent to FujiFilm, North America Corporation, 1100 King George Post Road, Edison, NJ 08837-3731 via priority mail and they received it on 3/8/2012, according to my returns documentation paper.

On or about 3/24/12, I received an invoice entitled repair estimate totaling $89.04 for the following charges: Labor $75.00, tax $5.04, freight $9.00. I authorized a payment via my checking account with my debit card. They ran pre-authorization of $1.10 but never took out the $89.04 for their repair payment. According to my bank, debit card authorization are only good for 5-7 business days after they acquired my authorization for payment. At that time, my repair status was changed to "in process" from "pending."

Shortly thereafter, I sent them an email from their website asking for the status of my camera repair. No reply. Later on, I called the repair department and being hearing impaired, it was difficult to fully understand what was being done. Apparently, my camera was beyond repair as part(s) were not available and it was strongly suggested that I upgrade to a newer model, possibly an AV-200 for another payment of $25 to $30. Not fully comprehending the situation, I terminated the call and was wondering if this was a bait and switch business model.

Several weeks later, I again sent an email inquiring upon the status of repair. Again, no reply was received as none was received the first time. On or about 8/22/2012, I received an email from FujiFilm stating my camera was being returned to me. The camera was received on 8/24/2012 and the shipping document stated the camera was being returned because "NRTE: No Reply to Estimate." Gee, I won't buy Fuji products to anyone.

I tried for 3 days to get through to customer service to file a claim on my 3-month-old digital camera. The shutter will not open. On call 1, after trying to navigate the automated system, the agent then transferred me to hold until the call just dropped. My camera stopped working when I was out of town and I bought a new one, thinking I could take care of it when I returned. After finally speaking with a very rude agent, who told me to download a claim and mail it to Fuji, I will return my new Fuji camera and never do business with this company again. Terrible customer service!

Poor quality in their camera products and customer service. I would never buy anything from Fuji again. They failed to follow through with the state of repairs with warranty and tried to convince me that I overlooked very visible damages that were not there when I sent in the camera. I replaced my first camera with the shutter lens button failing to work. The second camera did the same thing. I sent them both back exactly in the same condition. The newer camera ended up with a crack and steel markings around the screw along the side.

I am convinced that there is something going on with this company in their repair warehouse facility under fraudulent actions due to the many complaints over the internet. I have followed up with research and also reading about other customer complaints and experiences with this company. The photos they sent me of my camera were very hard to swallow and very violating as the additional damages would have been very easily for me to recognize.

I write this with pure integrity and honesty. I would never buy anything from Fuji again. I will also remind myself, friends and family ahead of time as I will be very diligent next time and make sure what I am buying and who from. I hope you find this helpful: before you buy any camera on the market do your research! I will walk away knowing that no matter what I will not be convinced to say I’m guilty and pay more for something I am 100% innocent for.

Three years ago we purchased a ValueJet 1608 large format printer for our business. Within 4 months, Fuji had to replace it with another because it broke down all the time. Now 3 years later, the longest production time we had was a 60-day time frame just this October and November. As of Dec. 1, we have been broken down and are only getting apologies. We have lost business because of missed deadlines, we have had to outsource client's work and lost countless dollars and employee production costs because the printer simply is not reliable. In 2010, we had service out some 30 times to replace 50 parts on the printer.

I bought a new camera, model JV100. I used it for two weeks. Then, the photo shooting button fell off. It just popped when a photo was being taken. I went to the dealer in Egypt mentioned above. They said it's not their problem. The warranty does not cover it, and the camera fell off. They want to charge me 150 pounds just to replace the button. Even if what they say is right, which is not, the button will not fall off. It could break, but the button will not pop off. I took the camera and decided to complain to Fuji International first. It's very frustrating after choosing the brand over many others, that the quality is that bad, and the after service is even worse.

1 year and 1 month just out of factory service, zoom stuck. Sent to fuji 167.21 to fix. Paid 179.95 for d camera. Looked online. Lot of complaints of zoom stuck. This is not right. Thanks.

I bought a Fuji Dighital Camera from Home Shop 18. But i not get Sales Invoice and also my Warranty Card is Blanck (means there is no any Agents Stamps). Now i need to get some services from the Companys Service Center but they ask me about Sales Invoice.

I Complain to Home Shop on date 09.11.09 but they not take any action yet. also i talk & E-mails to Fuji company but they tell me that i only talk with my Dealer.

Now what i do if i not get any reply from them. I have my Order No. & Demand Draft Copy. Camera Does not Zoom In/ Out During the Vodieo Shooting mode.

i would like to add to the list, my complaint about the FUJI A850 digital camera. i have owned the camera for just 39 days and have used it only one time., the second time i went to used it, i tried to turn it on and it would not power up. i replaced the batteries with two different sets and it will still not work.i tried to return it to WALMART where i purchased it and they told me , i was (9) days passed the 30 day limit for returns and they would not accept it.i contacted FUJI by e-mail ,but i have yet to receive a reply. even if they honor their warranty, i still feel people should know not to purchase this camera.do to the poor quality .

Bought a Fiju A850 Digital Camera...after two uses...it just wouldnt work.....Surfed the net for information and found that most of these cameras have the same problem...Think this should be reported so other people arent buying FujiA850 Digital Cameras.

No Economic or physical damage...just annoyed to spend that much money on something that is defective..and lost out on a lot of good family photos

On the internet I have constantly request a lost manual on Fujitronic Model FR--803 and they refuse to respond. Impossible to use without the manual.

My failed camera is a Fuji Fine Pix S7000. The CCD circuitry failed. I live in a high humidity and heat environment in central Texas. I contacted the Fuji Repair Department On October 15, 2007 and the telephone assistant will not provide any specific information other than telling me just to send it in to them.

I carried the camera to Fujifilm's camera repair center in San Antonio, Texas (Havel's Camera Service). Havel's Camera Technician examined the camera and within one minute explained to me that the camera was failing because of a known defective CCD imaging circuitry problem. He explained that the CCD in question was sealed in epoxy that dries in high humidity and high heat areas. When this happens, humidity is allowed to reach the CCD and imaging circuitry and it corrodes the circuitry. The CCD circuitry then fails. He suggested that this has happened to several brands of digital cameras and that they should have used glass to seal the CCD circuitry in.

There are known product recalls on many models of digital cameras including Fuji digital cameras. There is a classs action suit against Canon and another manufacturer for this problem but I am not sure Fuji is included.

At that time, I was informed that the repair bill is $275.00 plus to fix this problem, although it should be replaced free of charge!

When I contacted the support person at Fujifilm USA on October 15, 2007, I was treated very arrogantly by a female assistant. First, the person I spoke with was rude and evasive, told me I was talking too loud ( I have a hearing problem left ear) and she was not helpful. I mentioned all the recalls and she would not comment.

These companies are ripping consumers off and they should make good on their products. Especially since consumers were paying huge dollars$$$. My camera cost in excess of $700.00 when I purchased it.

Not only will I never purchase a FUJI product, I am probably going to avoid any purchase of digital cameras because I have learned that these corporations are not ethical and will lie to consumers and consumer protection agencies.

I have owned that camera for a bit less than three years when the CCD circuitry failed. The technician at Havel's told me it was the imaging circuitry. When I suggested CCD, he responded, Yes, CCD circuitry.

I don't know who to turn to, but I should never have to pay for a defective part or labor to replace it. I am agreeable to shipping costs but that's it.

I have lost $700.00 and now, I'll have to replace that camera because one is frequently required. That will require an outlay of another $400.00 or more to purchase another camera. If I have to fix the defective camera, I can expect to pay $330.00 with shipping and insurance to fix something that I didn't break and should not have failed. It is a defective camera with defective parts. I will lose several weeks of ownership during this ordeal.

When I purchased the camera from Ritz/Wolf Camera in San Antonio, Texas, I asked the salesman if the camera would be suited for indoor AND outdoor use in Texas during all seasons. He agreed it was a great camera. I agreed to his full sales price based upon the fact that it would be usable and fit for my stated purposes. Today, the camera will not work because humidty and Texas heat destroyed the CCD. Nobody mentioned the problems the other models were experiencing and I found other S7000 cameras with the same failure via Internet searches. My camera failed with the same problem experienced by several different brands of cameras and Fuji cameras.

I purchased a Fuji LCD monitor FP-988D from tigerdirect.com, on 9/27/2005 and submitted the rebate forms along with proof of purchase and invoice copy on 10/6/2005, well with in the rebate submision window. I have still not recieved my rebate. I have repeatedly called MinMaw Int'l Inc and resubmited the rebate form along with supporting documentation, each time I was assured that rebate is on the way. I have not recieved the rebate as yet.

I have not recieved the rebate of $90 and ended up wasting my time trying to resolve the issue.

$90.00 rebate never rec'd. I have written both Newegg (where purchased) and FujiPlus (Vendor). No response to three attempts with FujiPlus. Newegg has responded but not gotten any results. Product was purchased in December of last year and rebate was filed at the same time.

I would not have purchased the product without the rebate.

Filed a rebate on November 2005 for $80.00 and, as of today, I have not received the promised amount by the company. I have called them numerous times and all they say is that their checks were not available/printing problems so there is a delay. According to them, the checks are in the mail, but I habe not received it.

I paid $300 for the 19 LCD monitor hoping to get the rebate. I would not ha purchased the product if there was no rebate.

I sent in two seperate rebate claims for a $3 rebate on a 2 pack zip disk. The rebates were advertised receive your rebate in 20 days. I never received either rebate ever! Both times they said they never received my info. Neither was returned to me so they must have lost it in their own mail room. How convenient. My guess is this is just a marketing scam to get you to purchase their crappy products.

Well, their non-rebates just cost them a customer for all their products, and hopefully more after I tell a bazillion other people. It isn't the $3 or $6 that bothers me, but the principle of not letting them get away with what amounts to false advertising. I followed their instructions to the letter, but there was never any intent on their part to pay the rebates. What a scam.

I bought a Fuji Digicam DC8. After 3 months, the flash was not working so I brought it to the Philipippine Fuji shop. They said they could not repair since I bought it in Malaysia (in spite of warranty card). I brought it to the L.A. Fuji center. After 1 month they told me they could not repair it.

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